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Sending Jade Rabbit to the moon 'not a euphemism', Chinese government insists 0
Oxbridge 13.02.14 8:57am
Alex Salmond Demands Right To Leave Home But To Continue To Use Bank Of Mum&Dad 1
Titus 13.02.14 8:49am
BBC to build on failure of "Reginald Perrin" by screwing up other comedy classic

Following on from the success of the revival of "The fall and rise of Reginald Perrin" with the "Reginald Perrin" series, the BBC have announced they will attempt to screw up other old comedy...

footinmouth 13.02.14 8:32am
BBC rocked by "blew Peter" scandal 0
sydalg 13.02.14 4:24am
Siemens finds second reason not to locate factory in Staines 0
sydalg 13.02.14 4:22am
Ed Miliband: Under Labour, money would be even less an object

In a statement today, Labour Leader Ed Miliband pledged that a Labour Government would be less prudent with money than the Tories when it comes to flood relief. "The government's disregard for the...

Adrian Bamforth 12.02.14 11:12pm
Adrian Bamforth
Staines on Thames renamed to Thames on Staines 0
AReader 12.02.14 10:59pm
Cornish Bishop transfers his allegiances to Poseidon; suggests others follow 0
Adrian Bamforth 12.02.14 10:32pm
Adrian Bamforth
Holland fails to flood, no questions asked.

Despite not having David Cameron in charge, Holland continues to cope with the extra rain falling this winter. It's a total mystery., "They appear to build actual dams and dykes that work as opposed...

vulture1 12.02.14 9:10pm
Venice tourist industry "losing millions" as gondoliers re-locate to Slough 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 9:09pm
Floods caused by God's anger over existence of Chris Smith at Environment Agency

God is hopping mad with us for appointing Chris Smith as head of the Environment Agency, according to sources. Rumours emerging from heaven indicate that the recent floods were revenge for giving a...

ronseal 12.02.14 8:54pm
Flooded Somerset tampon warehouse "gently expanding, widthways" 1
grumblechops 12.02.14 8:53pm
UKIP demands Foreign Aid Budget be slashed -Salmond protests. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 12.02.14 8:51pm
Manager fluent in jargon returns to school to learn English 0
Dumbnews 12.02.14 8:49pm
Sun says to wind “It's my turn now to see who is the strongest." 1
carlosmanwelly 12.02.14 8:44pm
Al OPecia
Partially deaf Somerset man faces divorce after buying wife a posh sandbag 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 8:44pm
15ft-deep hole appears on Eric Pickles. 2
carlosmanwelly 12.02.14 8:36pm
Paul Daniels re-enacts Houdini water escape in his own living room 0
Adrian Bamforth 12.02.14 8:32pm
Adrian Bamforth
Bad weather to end after Facebook campaign gets 1000 likes. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 12.02.14 8:26pm
Energiser bunny celebrates another win over Jade Rabbit 0
Not Amused 12.02.14 8:23pm
Not Amused
Jade Rabbit rover declared dead. Man in the moon to blame?

Police want to interview man in the moon about his whereabouts at the time of death...

carlosmanwelly 12.02.14 8:20pm
Salmond: Independent Scotland would have Super-strength Cobra Committee 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 8:05pm
Michael Fish declares 2014 "driest year since records began".

Never forget...

Adrian Bamforth 12.02.14 8:00pm
Adrian Bamforth
Staines, renamed in 2012 to Staines upon Thames, is renamed Staines under Thames 0
Not Amused 12.02.14 7:30pm
Not Amused
100 mph winds and floods an "almost unparalleled opportunity for hyperbole". 0
Al OPecia 12.02.14 7:27pm
Al OPecia
Fossilised sandbag uncovered at believed 'Atlantis' site 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 7:20pm
"I am not to blame for tree falling" Insists the wind. 0
carlosmanwelly 12.02.14 7:16pm
Opening Thames barrier could lead to disappearance of stubborn Staines 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 7:16pm
Makers of 'Pledge' launch 'Dredge' 0
Underconstruction 12.02.14 7:14pm
Husband killed by wife after lighting Yankee candles during power cut.

A woman killed her husband after a furious row about him lighting the Yankee candles during a power cut. Carol Rees was “upset and furious” that husband, Tony Rees lit the expensive candles...

carlosmanwelly 12.02.14 7:06pm