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Police investigate hoax call claiming Phil Neville's family mugged at knifepoint

Hopefully that will get him to return to Blighty!...

custard cream 19.06.14 11:03am
custard cream
Gillings' global dementia report found in the fridge 1
cinquecento 19.06.14 10:54am
custard cream
Volkswagon Golf Open halted as greens are unplayable after first round. 0
Thundi 19.06.14 10:23am
"‘terrible, long summer’ if England lose tonigh

"and Scotland will vote yes for independenceIt can not get worse!" says PM David Cameron In other news Alex Salmond and Carwyn Jones said that it'll be a "Terrible, long summer if England winjust...

ionb 19.06.14 10:07am
Letter Z to quit alphabet

In an unprecedented move, the letter Z is to leave the alphabet after centuries of loyal service. At a press conference, the 26th character said, “I’ve had enough. It’s been bad enough always...

Sundialer 19.06.14 9:59am
Plain Spain no longer reign 0
farmer giles 19.06.14 9:40am
farmer giles
New evidence,’ Hooligan’ Titanic Captain blamed for disrupting Iceberg migration 0
Thundi 19.06.14 9:11am
David Cameron to sell your grandmother to producers of natural gas 0
Ian Searle 19.06.14 9:05am
Ian Searle
Terror threat raised as fire brigade reveal location of Colchester Zoo

Essex Fire Authority apologised today for revealing the hitherto top secret location of Colchester Zoo. It blamed a 'failure to properly redact' the document entitled 'This is the way to the best...

RobArmstrong 19.06.14 8:51am
People forced to keep it to themselves that Facebook has crashed

More to follow...

apepper 19.06.14 8:20am
Winning scarecrow 'outstanding in his field' 4
Smart Alex 19.06.14 8:06am
Lens Cap
England players keep boredom at bay by following crisis in Middle-East

Roy Hodgson and his England squad appear to have resolved the age old problem of how to avoid boredom at a world cup by keeping a close watch on the unfolding events in Iraq. ‘Previous squads have...

bookiesfriend 19.06.14 8:02am
Salad sandwich ejected from Royal Ascot for breaching dress code 2
sydalg 19.06.14 7:41am
SOMEBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition as World cup holders out.

More soon.

MADJEZ 19.06.14 7:38am
Peter Robinson claims Rodney King beating was 'peaceful protest'. 0
No Beard 19.06.14 7:34am
No Beard
Losing Spanish Footie Team 'Were Demoralised By Abdication Of King Carlos'. 0
Titus 19.06.14 7:13am
Miliband Plans To Abolish All Welfare Benefits In Bid To Popularise Labour 0
Titus 19.06.14 7:10am
Spanish football team abdicate, ending their four year reign. 0
MADJEZ 19.06.14 6:35am
‘Saddam Hussein is hiding in my shed’ confesses Tony Blair

In response to the press backlash over his assertion that he had no direct link with the recent troubles in the Middle East, the former UK Prime Minister has revealed that much of his misguided...

Wrenfoe 19.06.14 6:21am
Robert Koch
George Lucas to collaborate with Tony Blair on new 'Start Wars' movie 10
Sundialer 19.06.14 6:09am
farmer giles
Spain Exit will put England Return 'into context'.

2 weeks in brazil is enough of a holiday...

Dun Dunkin 19.06.14 5:55am
Dun Dunkin
Labour realise what the country needs is an inquiry into the Miners Strike

More trips down memory lane soon. "Let's invade Iraq" That's another one. Lib Dem politician in sex scandal. Labour elect unelectable leader. Dr Who turns out to have been a documentary after all....

vulture1 18.06.14 10:37pm
Albanian Drugs Bust – Police Get Fit of Giggles

It is believed that there was unexpected change of wind direction as the more than ten tons of cannabis seized was being burnt off. This resulted in a considerable loss of control in the activities...

Rumour Control 18.06.14 10:20pm
Rumour Control
MP apologising for inappropiate behaviour actually only sorry about being caught 0
Smart Alex 18.06.14 8:17pm
Smart Alex
Vince Cable warns Bank of England: Don't choke off recovery

before the election.boom and bust...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 7:15pm
Dun Dunkin
Iraq calls on UK to unleash barrage of rhetoric. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 18.06.14 7:03pm
Dun Dunkin
White working class 'worst at school' is a Middle Class Observation

House prices will still go up...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 6:52pm
Dun Dunkin
Isis terrorists are planning attacks in Britain Says Cameron

He has a dossier. Look out for people in pick ups waving rpgs near the McDonalds in Birmingham...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 6:48pm
Dun Dunkin
MP sorry for 'inappropriate' conduct

"I never took money for questions, overclaimed for expenses or skived off on freebies"...

Dun Dunkin 18.06.14 6:45pm
Dun Dunkin
Dentist extracts tooth with first Phil Neville-induced anaesthesia 4
sydalg 18.06.14 6:03pm