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GCSE Science syllabus faces Gove revision

Leaks from the OCR exam board now suggest that the education secretary has insisted that significant changes are made to the GCSE Science syllabus to emphasize the contributions of English scientists...

Yuri G 27.05.14 4:01pm
Bob Crumpett
Ukraine warned that if they want to join EU they should probably hurry up 5
bonjonelson 27.05.14 3:18pm
'Peak compost' fears averted after scientists find vast peat bog in Congo

more John Innes No. 3 soon, if they get their mucky hands on it...

Sir Lupus 27.05.14 3:15pm
Sir Lupus
Jury foreman passes note to Judge after Harris sketch: 'ROFL' 0
beckfordburger 27.05.14 2:58pm
Christopher Plummer testifies: “Rolf will never be one of them” 0
Adrian Bamforth 27.05.14 2:50pm
Adrian Bamforth
Congolese pause civil war to celebrate discovery of vast bog 0
pere floza 27.05.14 2:19pm
pere floza
13th July 2014- UKIP leader congratulates four England players after win in Rio

Adding that we now have the core of a good side going forward to the Euros...

Underconstruction 27.05.14 2:08pm
Peat found in the Congo, Dave found in Cleethorpes 0
Underconstruction 27.05.14 1:59pm
Lib Dems to merge with Dignitas 6
nickb 27.05.14 1:56pm
Hospital mix-up led to Birmingham woman having "shit implants" 0
Underconstruction 27.05.14 1:31pm
Scientists create 'normal' mouse

Scientists in Oxford have created what is believed to be the first normal mouse to exist since genetic experimentation began in 1937. The mouse nicknamed 'Norman' has four legs a tail and just two...

Underconstruction 27.05.14 1:23pm
Outrage after new Marvel film has only 3 post credits scenes

"I don't particularly care who the caterers or paymasters were for the film" said one outraged fan, "but I usually stay till the end of the credits to get a hint about what might be coming next, or...

Bigglesworth 27.05.14 1:08pm
Blair Say Uk Has WMD [Weapons of Mass Democracy]

anything that worries Blair must be right as he is on the wrong side of every debate...

Dun Dunkin 27.05.14 12:52pm
Dun Dunkin
UKIP in talks with European far right over forming Eurosceptic zone.

"By working more closely with our European partners, and introducing new European legislation we can ensure another EU can never happen again"...

Bigglesworth 27.05.14 11:57am
Farage to lose French affectation by pronouncing name to rhyme with carriage

or even to rhyme with gay marriage...

Mark66 27.05.14 11:53am
Tony Blair unaware of irony of calling UKIP 'unpleasant and nasty' 0
Smart Alex 27.05.14 11:41am
Smart Alex
Britain's lurch to the Right brings it two miles closer to Europe 5
Bigglesworth 27.05.14 11:40am
70s BBC not my fault, says grateful Pope

As Pope Francis embarks on his 'World Tour of Apology', it is becoming abundantly clear that 'Mea Culpa is more like 'Tua Culpa'; with his own motto 'Miserando atque Eligendo' crudely translating as...

Wrenfoe 27.05.14 11:27am
Bird migrations within EU to be heavily scaled back 0
cinquecento 27.05.14 11:09am
LibDems launch scheme to help 16 year olds find work for Nick Clegg. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.05.14 11:07am
Gove bans 'un-British' letters from curriculum

Education Secretary Michael Gove has redoubled efforts to create a more traditional and British English curriculum by banning the use of any letter not found in ‘The British Isles’. The new...

jackc5755 27.05.14 10:59am
BBC Memo warns staff not to refer to Farage as insufferable cunt in BBC memos

A widely circulated BBC memo has warned staff not to refer to UKIP leader Nigel Farage as an insufferable cunt in BBC Memos. 'Mr Farage should not be referred to as a sinister little Englander, a...

nickb 27.05.14 10:48am
Main Parties Say Public 'Wrong' not Them

"Look if you do not vote for a main party you are a racist or crypto racist."...

Dun Dunkin 27.05.14 10:23am
Dun Dunkin
Toddlers to man emergency call centres

Toddlers are to be recruited to man emergency call centres for the ambulance and fire services. The move comes after a series of incidents where toddlers have successfully called the emergency...

roybland 27.05.14 9:27am
Clegg smears himself in butter, lunges for Farage 0
sydalg 27.05.14 9:23am
UKIP to back calls for unrestricted gun ownership. More soon. 6
Al OPecia 27.05.14 9:08am
Cameron, Clegg and Miliband promise to get Farage after school. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 27.05.14 9:02am
Politicians alarmed That Public Voting Might Actually 'Change Things' 1
Dun Dunkin 27.05.14 8:55am
Lloyds announces TSB flotation. Yacht and ferry builders express early interest 0
RobArmstrong 27.05.14 8:39am
Villians Delighted Police Only expected to Run 15m

Yoofs are delighted that new police 'fitness test' is on running 15m. "Most police i see need to step away from the doughnuts if you ask me. 15m is nuttin. I mean if they could run a mile i'd be...

Dun Dunkin 27.05.14 8:05am
Dun Dunkin