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Nigel Farage and UKIP to star in remake "Dud's Army". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 29.04.14 2:02pm
Calculus expert arrested in pub for deriving under the influence of alcohol. 0
Al OPecia 29.04.14 1:36pm
Al OPecia
Man who lied about going bald confesses: "I have thinned" 0
sydalg 29.04.14 12:58pm
Reporters reporting on reporters outside Leeds school outside Leeds school

More reporters soon...

johnnydobbo 29.04.14 12:33pm
Vatican to introduce '2 Popes or Less' aisle for fast-track beatification

Or should it be 2 Popes or More?...

Adrian Bamforth 29.04.14 12:32pm
Adrian Bamforth
Murdered teacher only decade from retirement age. 0
Bigglesworth 29.04.14 12:19pm
Billy Connolly determined to shake off Parkinson's 2
Oxbridge 29.04.14 12:13pm
Adrian Bamforth
Coleridge renames Grime Of The Ancient Mariner after protests from sailors 0
sydalg 29.04.14 10:50am
FINALLY! Man planning to vote found.

After weeks of strenous searching, laden with difficulties, a person has finally been found that plans on voting in the next general election. John Davis, 34, has admitted that he wishes to vote,...

UnconfirmedHuman 29.04.14 10:45am
New Dad's Army movie to be gritty evocation of life under Nazi rule 5
custard cream 29.04.14 10:02am
Cornwall turns out to be a real place

Much to the surprise of cartographers, scientists and pasty lovers, the EU has confirmed that the ‘bit that stops Devon getting too wet’ is not just a fairy story told to children to warn about...

Wrenfoe 29.04.14 7:56am
Des Custard
World rejoices as Lloyd Webber announces retirement...

then realises it's Julian and not Andrew...

irreverendJ 29.04.14 7:24am
Rusia Promises Not To Invade Ukraine 'This week'. 0
Titus 29.04.14 7:08am
Londoners stunned to find manual escalators known as "pavements" 1
Andy Gilder 29.04.14 6:58am
Proposed Green-UKIP Coalition To Promote Self-Sufficiency 0
Titus 29.04.14 6:40am
Green party TV broadcast " A disaster" after cow dung-powered video camera fails

Activists supporting the Green Party have been forced to admit that they are unlikely to win any EU parliament seats after the cow dung-powered video camera used to film their campaign failed...

antharrison 29.04.14 6:38am
Vatican to strip all St Bernards of sainthoods

Following the recent canonisation of a couple of dead Popes for no apparent reason, it has been brought to the Vatican’s attention that millions of dogs are taking up valuable space in the upper...

Mork 29.04.14 6:12am
Gardeners Question Time, Stephen Hawking recruited to Radio 4 panel 1
Dick Everyman 29.04.14 12:31am
"It's all Greek to me", admits Max Clifford after first night in prison 0
sydalg 28.04.14 11:52pm
Rodgers accuses Chelsea of ‘not lying down and letting us beat them’

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has accused Chelsea of not letting his team beat them in the crucial Premier League match at Anfield on Sunday. Rodgers told assembled media after the game ‘it’s...

bookiesfriend 28.04.14 9:53pm
PR is on admits Max 0
Smart Alex 28.04.14 9:30pm
Smart Alex
Prisoners preparing 'positive spin' for Clifford

Choose a finger...

throngsman 28.04.14 9:24pm
Paul Simon to re-release "The Boxer". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 28.04.14 9:23pm
Al OPecia
Lying parrot fails pollygraph test 0
sydalg 28.04.14 9:19pm
*takes deep breath* 2
sponge finger 28.04.14 9:02pm
Police set to arrest hundreds as casting couch reclassified as Sexual Assault 0
MADJEZ 28.04.14 8:58pm
Crucible empties as Trump makes clearance but leaves brown on the table 7
blacklesbianandproudofit 28.04.14 8:54pm
Shock in court as Max Clifford's penis takes the witness stand

In a surprise move yesterday, Max Clifford's penis, Justin, dropped his anonymity to come forward at the hearing of 11 charges of indecent assault. Clifford has pleaded 'not guilty', and had since...

Squudge 28.04.14 8:50pm
sponge finger
New anti-spam technology requires mailing an actual letter to recipient first 0
Dumbnews 28.04.14 8:49pm
Would you Adam 'n' Eve it? Chas & Dave are really ABBA's Benny & Bjorn

The music world is in shock today following the startling revelation that the loveable rockney duo Chas & Dave are actually alter-egos of ABBA's Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. The sensational...

bookiesfriend 28.04.14 8:45pm