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Jury verdict: 'not as thick as the first lot' 5
Squudge 08.03.13 12:38am
Engineer Bytes Bible Purists

[center][/center] Right-wing “King James Only” adherents, who claim their namesake is the only pure and perfect Bible...

Kurt Degerstrom 07.03.13 11:55pm
Filthmongers move into duvet sexploitation as EU propose blanket porn ban 0
FlashArry 07.03.13 11:08pm
Shetland Pony Found to Suck Life Out Of Witnesses

A CGI shetland pony has annoyed a great many people. The small horse appears in a television advert and "dances" around to a Fleetwood Mac record. The advert has driven many to rage. Pedro Sanchez...

Mik Bulk 07.03.13 10:52pm
Mik Bulk
Pygmy tribe find big lawyer to sue tobacco company for stunted growth theory

Up until the time Supermarkets were forced to cover the tobacco products with drab looking slices of laminated wood, it was never apparent that Pygmies were buying cigarettes. For almost a two...

Vanburger 07.03.13 9:52pm
Children sent home from World Book Day event for "50 Shades of Grey" costumes 1
Tristan Shout 07.03.13 8:47pm
White Castle Changes Name to More Culturally Diverse Name:

Due to multiple complaints by the NAACP , White Castle has decided to change their name to Everyone’s Castle. A White Castle representative was quoted earlier today saying “White Castle is a...

tman0823 07.03.13 8:46pm
Taylor Swift banned from Local Animal Shelter

Serial dater Taylor Swift, known to date such stars as John Mayer and Harry Styles has recently been banned from the Los Angeles Animal Clinic. After being unable to find anyone willing to date...

tman0823 07.03.13 8:45pm
Axed manager finds new job picking low hanging fruit 0
Dumbnews 07.03.13 8:37pm
Embarrassment as magic money tree is discovered at Bank of England

David Cameron was left red faced this evening as it transpired contrary to his earlier claims there was indeed a quantitative easing magic money tree at the Bank of England. Number 10 have yet to...

theinvisiblecitychannels 07.03.13 7:56pm
Documentary on speed cameras "May contain flash photography" , viewers warned 0
misterjingles 07.03.13 7:50pm
Eating bacon linked to early death in pigs. More soon. 5
Al OPecia 07.03.13 7:27pm
sponge finger
Huhne: No prison fears "Already used to Greek sex" 0
reforse 07.03.13 7:24pm
The hills are alive...... Doe a deer I’m just a deer, Ray has gone to get his gun, Me, some game to kill by stealth, Far - I need a place to run, So a...

Dick Everyman 07.03.13 6:41pm
Old man in park talking to children 'not a paedophile'

Police cars from the Wiltshire Constabulary raced to Lydiard Park in Swindon this afternoon when an old man in a long green overcoat was spotted talking to young children. “I seen him first”...

baron la croix 07.03.13 6:26pm
Gong of Fur
Vatican to introduce 50% cull to combat excessive number of Popes

Over-population is devastating resources of white frocks, jewellery and red shoes...

Titus 07.03.13 6:05pm
The Pryce isn't right

No ideas again...

Perks 07.03.13 6:03pm
Al OPecia
Pryce to 'share prison cell with former husband' claim denied 1
custard cream 07.03.13 5:49pm
Government denies campaign to recruit badgers to cull deer 0
custard cream 07.03.13 5:41pm
custard cream
Judge accepts mitigation that Pryce was 'married to a LibDem' 0
custard cream 07.03.13 5:40pm
custard cream
Derren Brown wins lottery for fourteenth time!

Why do you never see this headline?...

baron la croix 07.03.13 5:36pm
baron la croix
Overwhelming support for plan to cull 50% of English peer population 0
cinquecento 07.03.13 5:09pm
Vuvuzelas fall silent to mourn Hugo Chavez 4
button 07.03.13 4:09pm
Abstention from bacon linked to lack of joie de vivre among Taliban 0
cinquecento 07.03.13 4:07pm
Beef products predicted to become a bit deer this summer....

say inflationologists...

brd888 07.03.13 3:55pm
USA to open processed meat factory in Pyongyang...

meanwhile North Korean scientists link not eating to early death....

brd888 07.03.13 3:50pm
29 out of 30 premature deaths “nothing to do with pies."

Researchers caused jubilation and wild street-parties across the North today, when it was announced that out of every thirty premature deaths, only one was anything to do with eating a pie, bacon or...

sigmund 07.03.13 3:46pm
North Korea threatens nuclear war against ISP's blocking the pirate bay 0
Nowherefast 07.03.13 3:40pm
Street Battles Feared As Herds Of Starving Deer Attack Urban Foxes 3
Titus 07.03.13 3:24pm
Osborne In Tears at News 'There is no Magic Money Tree'


Sexton A Blake 07.03.13 3:19pm