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Pop-up bookshop runs out of pop-up books 0
nickb 30.01.14 12:49pm
Government Sends Armed Forces To Somerst - Is This Gumboot Diplomacy? 0
Titus 30.01.14 12:37pm
Desparate Refugees From Somerset Beg Syria For Asylum From Flooding 0
Titus 30.01.14 12:31pm
Joe Dolce unveiled as centrepiece in new mental health strategy.

The government courted controversy today, as it announced that it's new strategy for helping the mentally ill was focused around getting psychologists and psychiatric nurses to recite the words of...

Electrelane 30.01.14 11:28am
January rainfall breaks records. "Yet another problem" moans DLT

more soon....

Not Amused 30.01.14 11:17am
Not Amused
Isle of Wight residents complain not enough done for those surrounded by water.

More complaints flooding in soon...

MADJEZ 30.01.14 11:11am
BBC news reader smiles!

A BBC news reader was suspended yesterday for smiling and saying "All in all, things aren't too bad are they? Have a nice day, I'm off for a cigarette and a pint of beer" BBC spokespeople were too...

vulture1 30.01.14 10:50am
GB athletes told not to wear team kit in Sochi. Because it looks 'a bit gay'. 0
MADJEZ 30.01.14 10:50am
SNP Rejects Scottish Independence From The British £Sterling 0
Titus 30.01.14 9:48am
People in Somerset Levels in state of de Nile. More soon. 4
Al OPecia 30.01.14 9:47am
Not Amused
Barclays to cut retail branches for the health of the economy

Barclays Bank today announced plans to reduce the number of retail branches in London by merging them with the hireable bike scheme it sponsors. New Chief Executive, Antony Jenkins, explained that...

Not Amused 30.01.14 9:47am
Not Amused
Salmond demands right "to continue to blame the English for everything". 1
Al OPecia 30.01.14 9:02am
Justin Bieber banned from smoking in cars 0
nickb 30.01.14 8:46am
Cameron's audiences with Queen 'a good chance to hone Yahtzee skills' 0
Electrelane 30.01.14 8:25am
Ecclestone extends double points to all F1 races 0
Bigglesworth 29.01.14 11:08pm
Carney threatens to 'take The Pound in' to stop Scots playing with it

Earlier today, Bank of England governor Mark Carney invited fury north of the border, saying in a speech that he 'would take The Pound in, so no one could use it', rather than share it with an...

Electrelane 29.01.14 10:22pm
Beautiful Netizen People Burn Butterfly Collector At The Stake

At woman butterfly collector who had the arrogance to write an article describing her honest if not sophomoric and misunderstood anxiety over seeing a chubby black woman at her yoga class has been...

deep trout 29.01.14 10:21pm
deep trout
Government sends wrong armed service to Somerset 0
Squudge 29.01.14 10:16pm
HMS Ark Royal on standby for deployment to Somerset 0
Kevin the Swan 29.01.14 10:15pm
Kevin the Swan
God to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone

God is set to grace the cover of Rolling Stone after its editors received a 'heavenly warning' following its current Pope Francis cover. The Pope features on the front page of the rock 'n' roll...

roybland 29.01.14 9:32pm
Iceland bin theft charges dropped, New charges of theft from finest range... 0
Bigglesworth 29.01.14 9:28pm
Spielberg Commander-in-Chief as troops prepare to enter flooded Somerset

As the Prime Minister ordered the mobilisation of troops into flooded areas of the West Country, concern mounted over the seething anger which is running high through the local population. ...

beckfordburger 29.01.14 9:06pm
UK To Accept Just 100 'Suitably Photogenic' Syrian Refugees 0
Titus 29.01.14 9:02pm
Suspended manicures for homeless

In a surprise move by Tara Palmer Tomkinson and a group of her more publicity hungry friends, the "celebrity" has launched a new campaign to help the homeless. "My heart goes out to all of those poor...

ianrbland 29.01.14 9:01pm
DLT 'I'm not a throwback, chicks just dig me'

More groovy stuff soon...

MADJEZ 29.01.14 8:53pm
Independent Scotland to keep huge sense of injustice over nothing in particular. 1
Ian 29.01.14 6:45pm
pere floza
Tarantino sues self for copying own misogynistic script

The legal team representing the Oscar-laden Director/Producer/12yr-old-stuck-in-a-man’s-body have uncovered a dozen scripts penned by a mysterious ‘Q.Tarantino c/o Beverly Hills ’ which bear a...

Wrenfoe 29.01.14 6:19pm
Rich, christian, tory Syrian refugees welcome in UK, says Cameron. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.01.14 6:15pm
Scotland to share pound with England : England to get 25p says Salmond

£££££ soon...

Gerontius 29.01.14 5:52pm
Government to abolish long rainy spells in the UK

In recent years, the Jet Stream has increasingly become stuck over the UK, causing prolonged periods of rain and extensive flooding. The Government has repeatedly dismissed demands for huge...

Starchy 29.01.14 5:39pm