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Wills & Kate 'do a Jacko' & hang baby out of window for publicity.

MADJEZ 30.03.14 2:11pm
Boom in meth labs blamed on unsuccessful teachers’ strike

A sharp rise in the production of the highly addictive stimulant crystal methamphetamine has been directly blamed on last week’s national teachers’ strike, which unions deemed largely...

Jesus H 30.03.14 11:50am
Tuition Fees for Accountancy Grads to be cut by Dp = (1-N√R/C)*100% 0
camz 30.03.14 11:50am
Prince Andrew - 'teach children to fail, use me as an example'

Prince Andrew has revealed that failing is one of his core skills. 'I'm basically a fuckwit,' he admitted to reporters as he launched his new initiative aimed at destroying the entrepreneurial spirit...

throngsman 30.03.14 11:37am
God delays smiting gay marriage participents due to statutory day off. 3
irreverendJ 30.03.14 11:37am
Al OPecia
Labour to 'cut tuition fees by a third'

Ed Milliband, Labour's caretaker leader until the next election defeat, has announced that under Labour student tuition fees will be cut by a third. 'We're shortening degree courses by a year and...

throngsman 30.03.14 11:00am
Tourette's sufferers wish women "Happy Motherfuckers Day"

Yes I know I did it last year as well...

antharrison 30.03.14 10:56am
Not Amused
MH370 search extended to down back of sofa. Fourteen pence found so far. 1
throngsman 30.03.14 10:43am
Putin’s just a ‘loveable scamp’, says Steven Seagal

Arthritic hard-man Steven Seagal has defended Vladimir Putin’s illegal annexation of the Ukraine as “just the kind of jape Vlad gets up to”. He told reporters “You people should leave Vlad...

deceangli 30.03.14 10:41am
Middle East countries appeal to Britain to cull TB as envoy 0
Not Amused 30.03.14 10:40am
Not Amused
Youtube backs plan to cull humans to safeguard cats

Internet video giant, Youtube, has announced plans to cull humans as there is a "significant risk" of passing TB to cats. "Cats are our core business.", explained a Youtube spokesman, "I know it...

apepper 30.03.14 10:39am
Not Amused
Prisoners 'getting high on works of William S Burroughs' - Grayling

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has defended his policy on books being sent to prisoners in England and Wales by claiming inmates were getting high on reading - and sometimes smoking - the works...

roybland 30.03.14 10:15am
Race is on for first gay divorce

Gay couples who wed under a new law allowing same-sex marriage in England and Wales will be allowed to divorce just like man and woman marriages. The prime minister said it was an 'important moment'...

roybland 30.03.14 10:10am
IPCC Bust UP With Disputes Over Who is the Keeper of the Talking Stick

Raven walked out when Crow said it was his turn to be 'Keeper'. A Gaia intervention and purification retreat was recommended to restore healing and harmony to the group...

Dun Dunkin 30.03.14 9:44am
Dun Dunkin
Network Rail blames passengers

'It's not so much that we've been late,' explained a spokesman this morning, 'it's the passengers arriving for their trains early that's made our timings look tardy. It really isn't our fault if...

throngsman 30.03.14 9:35am
DEFRA Apologises to badgers, cats get worried 1
throngsman 30.03.14 9:08am
Tuberculosis gives cat to family

The government has issued a general public health warning after a family in Worcester are reported as suffering from cat following contact with tuberculosis. Following the diagnosis, public health...

jamsieoconnor 30.03.14 7:14am
Schoolboys to cull cats in bid to stop spread of TB

Licensed schoolboys across the country have been brought in to help stem the spread of cat to human TB the Government have announced. Under plans unveiled at a packed news conference the cull of...

Mandy Lifeboat 30.03.14 7:11am
Unfunny comedian gets jest implant 2
sydalg 30.03.14 6:53am
Roger Moore to star in Greek tragedy Oedipussy 1
sydalg 30.03.14 6:50am
Indian Gods "up in arms" about gay marriage. 0
Maverick 30.03.14 1:09am
Bridal outfitters to promote new range '50 shades of Gay' 3
Squudge 29.03.14 11:45pm
Facebook reveals secret to getting many 'likes' is be good looking 0
Dumbnews 29.03.14 10:59pm
New MH370 search area 'as large as something or other'

A new area of the South China Sea where it's believed the MH370 aircraft may have disappeared, is as large as something or other according to experts. Earlier estimates said the search area was the...

roybland 29.03.14 9:28pm
Flight MH370 search - Northern Hemisphere tour dates announced

The search for missing flight MH370 currently touring in the southern hemisphere will be extended to include additional dates in the northern hemisphere it has been announced. The search is currently...

bookiesfriend 29.03.14 9:18pm
Noah movie only to be screened in cinemas within a 50 mile radius of Sumeria 0
Idiot 29.03.14 9:18pm
50 Shades of Grayling to be allowed in prisons for darts practice 0
Not Amused 29.03.14 8:55pm
Not Amused
Numerous complaints as BBC show Carol Klein trimming her bush before watershed. 0
Zen 29.03.14 8:34pm
Big Cities to be ranked by quality of their subway musicians 2
Dumbnews 29.03.14 8:29pm
Oedipus snaps up remaindered Valentine's Day card for tomorrow 2
sydalg 29.03.14 8:13pm