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Waiter DNA Found in Racist's Beef Biryani

"I was only joking", said local racist Darren Smithfield. "I just axed the darky waiter if the beef biryani contained horse DNA. I don't know his name, I always call him Gunga Din". The restaurant...

deceangli 12.03.13 1:53pm
Those Falkland ‘no votes’ in full...

In a recent referendum, Falkland Islanders have voted overwhelmingly to remain British. The 99% ‘Up yours, Argies’ result suggests that just three people voted against the motion: Brian Alcock,...

Tripod 12.03.13 1:42pm
Falklands Islands in chaos as French pirates demand return of "Les Malouines"

The recent vote by the Falkland Islanders massively in favour of remaining a British Overseas Territory was thrown into chaos as a group of the descendents of the pirates of St Malo addressed the UN...

AReader 12.03.13 1:29pm
Argentinian army unveil new General Kirchner recruitment poster

Any chance of poster Pixel...

Scronnyglonkle 12.03.13 1:29pm
The outsourcer's tale

Imagine you were the ruler of a kingdom which had a magical machine that made beautiful objects, but the machine could only be operated by a select few who knew the correct magic spells. The only...

baron la croix 12.03.13 1:28pm
baron la croix
Chris Huhne to go down for 8 months, says new cell mate. 5
wallster 12.03.13 1:13pm
Falklanders demand Tierra del Fuego; UN Chief perplexed

and why not!...

camz 12.03.13 12:27pm
New Bugatti Has Every Luxury You Could Wish For

The "Blofeld Edition" of the new Bugatti Invader comes with every modern gadget and driving aid as standard, Fully autometed seats - covered in finest peasant-hide - automatically adjust to the best...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 12.03.13 12:19pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
UK Troops Stationed On British Camp As Argentina Claims "The Malverns" 0
Titus 12.03.13 12:17pm
Argentina Sticks Its fingers In It's Ears And Chants "La La La Malvenas La La" 0
Titus 12.03.13 12:14pm
Argentina demands recount in Falklands vote 3
Sinnick 12.03.13 12:10pm
Nigel Farage celebrates F.O.A.P. Falklands vote win 0
charlies_hat 12.03.13 12:09pm
Falklands Referendum: Argentina Demands Recount. 1
Titus 12.03.13 12:08pm
Rash of Jailed Tory Peers On TV Prove Conservatives "Still Relevant" - Cameron

The huge number of ennobled ex-convicts appearing on British media outlets proves the Tory party is 'still in touch with the popular mood', said David Cameron in a speech last night. Describing the...

Ablative Fabsolute 12.03.13 12:05pm
Ablative Fabsolute
Tesco to sponsor Cheltenham Gold Cup 0
medici2471 12.03.13 12:02pm
Abu Qatada In Shock Bid To Become New Pope

The famous hate-preacher is to stand for election thanks to a new EU "Criminal Rehabilitation Through Social Integration Programme". Costing just over 30 billion Euros, the scheme will see free media...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 12.03.13 11:55am
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
Witch hunt on for 'Las Malvinas 3' 1
pinxit 12.03.13 11:54am
New Film Planned: "My Big Fat Greek Divorce" - a Comedy Based On A True Story 0
Titus 12.03.13 11:51am
Speed cameras on alert for Huhne getaway bid 0
sydalg 12.03.13 11:47am
Revenge recipes: best eaten cold, followed by porridge... 1
Tripod 12.03.13 11:45am
"Don't choose pope on same day as Grand National", bookies beg Vatican 0
sydalg 12.03.13 11:39am
Mr. Toad buys a golf buggy; “it’s 'parp! parp!' for the course." 0
sigmund 12.03.13 11:36am
Police warn: Only drive if you need to take your child the 200 metres to school. 0
MADJEZ 12.03.13 11:28am
Huhne's seat not safe for next eight months 0
sydalg 12.03.13 11:24am
Huge drop in male fantasies about women's prisons after Pryce sentence 6
sydalg 12.03.13 11:22am
New pope to be selected by Crufts judges 0
sydalg 12.03.13 11:20am
Catholic TV addict ‘incensed’ that conclave is not on Papal View 0
Midfield Diamond 12.03.13 10:54am
Midfield Diamond
Music teacher adds Bavarian brass band to curriculum, its ommpah for the course 3
button 12.03.13 10:46am
Ahmadinejad entrapped by South American cougar

Iranian President Ahmadinejad was yesterday caught by a predatory sex attacker and tricked into a perverse sexual practice, cynically described by naïve Western media as a ‘comforting hug’....

12.03.13 10:21am
92% turnout proves Falklanders not British 1
Lucy4 12.03.13 9:36am