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Health inspectors find spice five years past expiry date in aftershave factory 1
sydalg 25.09.13 1:54pm
Genetically modified voters "could yield better election results for Labour"

Environmental campaigners are warning of the danger of a “Frankenstein electorate”, as sensational rumours spread that the Labour Party is secretly developing a new breed of citizen who will vote...

sydalg 25.09.13 1:32pm
Men who work from home wasting too much company time jerking off says report

A new report on office staff who work from home has offered a series of recommendations to prevent self abuse related downtime. Employer installed home CCTV cameras, specially adapted tags and...

ronseal 25.09.13 1:31pm
Campaign for Brits to learn 1,000 'funny' words hits snag

A campaign urging everyone in the UK to learn at least 1,000 words of another language has hit a snag. 'We are losing out on international trade and jobs because of our poor language skills,' Vicky...

roybland 25.09.13 12:14pm
Already been done 0
custard cream 25.09.13 12:13pm
custard cream
Di Canio hails success of his plan to escape from the North. 0
FOAD 25.09.13 12:08pm
Essex in Turmoil as Chessington Bans Animal Print Clothing

Chessington World of Adventures Resort has introduced a ban on animal print clothing, due to the animals in the park becoming confused by the apparent influx of Leopards, Giraffes, and Zebras amongst...

Flugelbinder 25.09.13 11:58am

removed for rewrite!...

Jesus H 25.09.13 11:58am
Jesus H
Utility boss threatens eternal darkness if Labour fuel price freeze goes ahead

A period of “eternal darkness” is “more than likely”, according to Centrica, the company that delivers most of the UK’s gas, electricity, water and air. Its chief executive Mike Smythe...

nickb 25.09.13 11:52am
Firemen vote to take strike action in their second jobs 2
Scronnyglonkle 25.09.13 11:48am
Lincoln spoiled Gettysburg Address by leaving out postcode, say historians 0
sydalg 25.09.13 11:42am
Cupcakes are just "sickly American fairy cakes" recipe reveals 0
Sfox 25.09.13 11:22am
Energy Bosses: "Milliband ignores complex issues in how much we like money." 1
phil_smith 25.09.13 11:21am
Whitehouse Intern Startled by Bono Clinton Impersonation 0
Flugelbinder 25.09.13 10:09am
Labour energy policy turns out to be a load of Red Bull 0
Backup Brian 25.09.13 9:47am
Backup Brian
New Apple phone features a wired connection and separate handset

Apple are set to revolutionise the phone market with their new IPhone 7 which features a base station which is plugged into a household phone socket and connected via a wire to a separate handset...

apepper 25.09.13 8:35am
Miliband wows crowds at Brighton Fashion Week

Labour's top boy fashionista, Ed Miliband, stunned a starless studded audience yesterday, as he walked out onto the catwalk at the Hilton Metropole, Brighton, dressed in a single breasted, one...

Robopop 25.09.13 7:02am
Ed and Dave seek 998 others to help form a band 0
Smart Alex 25.09.13 5:02am
Smart Alex
Miliband says Labour will lower the voting age & freeze the price of ice cream.

And sweet shops will be forced to sell Fruit Salads and Blackjacks at 4 for a penny, just like the old days...

deskpilot3 24.09.13 10:19pm
Voters still not convinced Ed Miliband would make good President of the USA 0
roybland 24.09.13 9:44pm
Ed Miliband copied MY speech - says scriptwriter for PPI sales call centre 0
ronseal 24.09.13 9:34pm
Benedict vs Atheist in WWE SmackDown

Francis to hold his coat...

Coco 24.09.13 8:50pm
Shamed snooker player Stephen Lee to play future matches blindfolded 1
custard cream 24.09.13 8:38pm
Keith Lemon’s agent denies Stephen Fry is lined up for Celebrity Juice

We might line him up, but he’ll probably get stage fright, what with his bi-polar and that. We won’t make him look any more stupid than he already is, don’t worry. Maybe if we get his...

farmer giles 24.09.13 8:34pm
farmer giles
Tian Tian contacts Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre in last minute adoption bid

Effort to save face

Coco 24.09.13 8:33pm
Woman who rowed for 150 days across the pacific finally won the argument 0
Not Amused 24.09.13 8:08pm
Not Amused
Miliband vows to cut Miliband at Next Election

In an unexpectedly violent move, Ed Miliband has vowed to silence critics once and for all by guaranteeing, during the election run-up, a knife fight with his brother ‘to the death’. Mr (Ed)...

SimonJJames 24.09.13 8:04pm
Iain Duncan Smith 'will wash the feet of the poor'

Iain Duncan Smith will wash the feet of the poor as an act of contrition and repentance for the bedroom tax, according to Catholic commentators. The Work and Pensions Secretary, who is a Catholic,...

roybland 24.09.13 7:19pm
World’s oldest gnat dies of gnatural causes

Doctors originally thought it was a killer brain bug attack. Most gnats bite or annoy humans. Midges are also sometimes called gnats. In North America the name is also applied to the blackfly, fruit...

farmer giles 24.09.13 7:04pm
Al OPecia
Disaffected youth says "I can't be bothered, ennuit?" 5
Al OPecia 24.09.13 6:48pm
Al OPecia