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Fears grow for Cara Delevigne after photo blackout reaches second day

Worries fans are bombarding twitter with the hashtag #helpfindcara after she has failed to appear in a photo news story in the press for two consecutive days., The previously ubiquitous...

NewBiscuit 20.02.14 8:33am
Brits overrun waiting for Bowie to negotiate steps to stage with zimmer 1
irreverendJ 20.02.14 8:26am
Lens Cap
Fukushima residents disappointed not to have developed superpowers 0
Smart Alex 20.02.14 8:15am
Smart Alex
New Google LiveView maps let you wave at yourself 0
Dumbnews 20.02.14 6:51am
Alex Salmond said to be mildly pleased with recent Independence polling

[url=][/url], [url=]image upload[/url]...

camz 20.02.14 5:40am
Assisted dying organisation launches Dignitasty Meat Pies 0
sydalg 20.02.14 12:25am
Would-Be Smoker In Car Asks Child Passenger "Are We Nearly There Yet?" 10
Titus 19.02.14 10:43pm
Ref Minor
Bowie wins 'Most Promising Newcomer' Brits Award 0
custard cream 19.02.14 10:11pm
custard cream
"And you'll have to get your own Clubcard", Cameron tells Salmond. 0
custard cream 19.02.14 10:10pm
custard cream
Sczcesny mistakes referee for Ozil, makes offensive gesture 0
GingerClive 19.02.14 9:13pm
Executive on LinkedIn keeps posting his action items for status updates 0
Dumbnews 19.02.14 8:56pm
Man sees psychiatrist to help him quit seeing psychiatrists 0
Dumbnews 19.02.14 8:28pm
Blair advised Brooks to invade the Daily Mail, claims witness. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 19.02.14 8:22pm
Curling to be replaced by more interesting Olympics event - watching paint dry

More spectator-friendly sports soon...

Smart Alex 19.02.14 7:38pm
Smart Alex
Pussy whipped by the Cossacks.

Strange but, unfortunately, true.

Al OPecia 19.02.14 7:28pm
Al OPecia
Glut of "nearly new" canoes appear on ebay

More soon (Edit - damn. That shoulda been : 'Ebay flooded with "nearly new" canoes')...

NewBiscuit 19.02.14 7:21pm
Al OPecia
99p Store stock flotation expected to undercut Poundland IPO by 1% 2
johnnydobbo 19.02.14 7:21pm
Al OPecia
‘High road/low road’ quandary set to decide Scottish referendum... 0
Tripod 19.02.14 7:00pm
Salmond delighted that an independent Scotland can enter Eurovision song contest 0
deskpilot3 19.02.14 6:46pm
Salmond attacks "Lord Snooty" and has a go at Bash Street's Fatty

Alex Salmond has broadened his attack on the "no" campaign to fictional children. Criticising Lord Snooty's intelligence he went on to slam Fatty as a "dangerously obese". Snooty, 10, was unavailable...

apepper 19.02.14 6:36pm
Middle East Convoy still hard at work

Rest assured nervous world, progress continues at its usual pace...

Robert Koch 19.02.14 5:30pm
Robert Koch
Sinkholes each contain 20 Bulgarians, warns Daily Mail 0
Oxbridge 19.02.14 4:51pm
Dog owners petition for civil partnership and marriage rights

Following the success of gay couples to get their union properly recognised, thousands of dog owners are now fighting to win exactly the same rights. Daphne Moran who runs the Dogs Are Forever...

Lenny Bee 19.02.14 4:24pm
Lenny Bee
Judge: "How did you lose your ear?" Actor: "Pardon?" 0
Son of Barnabas 19.02.14 3:58pm
Son of Barnabas
Aiiiiii! Wei Oh Wei did you smash my vase? 0
Son of Barnabas 19.02.14 3:46pm
Son of Barnabas
Kiev damaged in riots. Streets running with garlic sauce. 0
Son of Barnabas 19.02.14 3:44pm
Son of Barnabas
Adults with no children in car to be fined for smirking 0
Son of Barnabas 19.02.14 3:38pm
Son of Barnabas
Vanessa Mae comes last - accuses judges of fiddling 0
Son of Barnabas 19.02.14 3:37pm
Son of Barnabas
Brooks hacking trial : Blair advised "have the whistleblower killed" 0
Ref Minor 19.02.14 3:23pm
Ref Minor
If Salmond wins, will the rest of us have to become "Middle-sized Britain"? 4
Son of Barnabas 19.02.14 3:01pm
Smart Alex