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Elvis goes into hiding for own safety as armed police hunt impersonator 0
sydalg 27.06.14 1:42pm
Wild celebrations as west coast of Australia wins bid to host MH370 search

There were scenes of uncontrolled jubilation yesterday as the west coast of Australia was awarded the right to host the next phase of the search for missing Malaysian Airways flight MH370. At a...

bookiesfriend 27.06.14 1:33pm
Garmin apologise after man driving to Savile Row ends up in mortuary 1
Underconstruction 27.06.14 1:33pm
Rebekah Brooks Costs More Than The Entire Royal Family

Following the revelation that the Rebekah Brooks trial cost £100M, compared with the £36M cost of the entire royal family, Her Majesty has announced that "On the grounds of parity, we have have...

Titus 27.06.14 1:32pm
*Back in the EU-SSR* 2
Bigglesworth 27.06.14 1:17pm
Boko Haram captures Dover, English defence fails again.More world cup news later 0
Thundi 27.06.14 12:21pm
Global warming latest; Banana Daiquiri added to the at risk list, more soon 0
Thundi 27.06.14 12:17pm
Georgia & Moldova sign agreement to be the next two countries invaded by Russia

By binding themselves economically and politically with the European Union and the Ukraine (- or 'Greater Russia' as it is soon to be called), both eastern European nations have elected to be the...

Wrenfoe 27.06.14 11:37am
Elvis impersonator hunted by armed police for bad rendition of Heartbreak Hotel 0
sydalg 27.06.14 11:30am
Qatari Mohamed Bin Hammam is surprise winner in EU Presidential vote

Democracy works says new Ferrari owning delegate...

Thundi 27.06.14 10:57am
Uruguay: 'Suarez gives hope to anyone suffering from hypoglycemia'

In a bold statement, seen as response to the four month ban imposed by FIFA on the masticating-prone striker, the Uruguay Football Association have claimed that Luis Suarez's biting incidents were...

Wrenfoe 27.06.14 10:43am
Enquiry wonders why Jimmy Savile's phone wasn't hacked. 8
MADJEZ 27.06.14 10:35am
Savile accused of necrophilia with himself 1
Sinnick 27.06.14 10:15am
Cameron responds to EU pact with ex-USSR nations: 'Putin for President' 0
RobArmstrong 27.06.14 9:53am
Channel 4's Eternal Scrounger tops ratings

Channel four's one-off documentary [i]The Eternal Scrounger[/i] drew a massive 8 million viewers when it was aired last night. The documentary triggered immediate controversy for much of it's...

flash1189 27.06.14 9:37am
Liverpool sign new star striker Lou Swares with immaculate disciplinary record

Liverpool have moved to replace bad-boy Luis Suarez with a new front-man who will be available for the entire season., Lou Swares was a complete unknown to the world of football - being a late...

NewBiscuit 27.06.14 8:47am
It wasn't called the Swinging Sixties for nothing, get over it.

People are struggling to come to terms with the fact they lived through an era of debauchery and sexual liberation. Especially the ones who missed out at the time. A leading psychiatrist suggested...

vulture1 27.06.14 8:39am
The Irish Catholic Church to give up on despicable acts...

Jiimmy Saville has done most of them already...

ionb 27.06.14 7:53am
Kanye West will anchor the future, Obama resigns

The world is sighing in relief as it now has become clear that Kanye West will be anchoring the future. Humanity has been restless and in emotional turmoil not knowing who will be responsible for...

Deon 27.06.14 3:18am
Savile dug up and buried in solitary confinement after necrophilia claim 0
sydalg 26.06.14 11:00pm
Suarez To Seek New Sponsorship Deal With Colgate, Crest And Pepsodent 0
Titus 26.06.14 10:41pm
Abu Qatada as innocent as Rebekah Brooks

More to follow...

apepper 26.06.14 10:09pm
Fifa rules Luis Suárez must be fed before matches

After reviewing footage of yesterday’s incident in which Luis Suárez appeared to help himself to a chunk of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini, Fifa has instructed the Uruguay striker’s handlers...

Long Distance Clara 26.06.14 9:25pm
Paddy Berzinski
Cameron and Clegg to form 'sorry duet'

Agents for David Cameron and Nick Clegg have announced today that the talented pair of apologists will form a 'duet' to delight their fans with harmonised atonements and excuses. The pair are tipped...

Squudge 26.06.14 9:16pm
sponge finger
UKIP to disband if another week passes without a controversy 2
Bigglesworth 26.06.14 9:16pm
FIFA Puts Suarez On Diet By Keeping Him Away From Food Source For 9 Matches

(Do I win a prize for the 100th NB post about cannibal footballers? Love the Matt cartoon today, by the way: Wimbledon spectator shouting "Come on, Andy! Bite him!")...

Titus 26.06.14 9:07pm
Cameron defends Savile over corpse-sex allegations; vows to apologise if wrong

‘Look’ said Cameron ‘I do not believe that Jimmy Savile ever, ever, had sex with a corpse ‘Back in 2010, I called Jimmy into No 10 and said ‘Jim, have you ever, ever, had sex with a...

beckfordburger 26.06.14 7:52pm
custard cream
Poor half German couple living on benefits must give up central London house

British people are upset at Cameron's bedroom tax policy after finding out a poor, young half-German couple with a new born child are forced to move out of their central London house after officials...

ionb 26.06.14 7:51pm
Good news for Jimmy Saville

He was never caught visiting children's homes in Ireland.but probably wishes he did Sorry a bit sick, but Jimmy is certainly plumbing the depths of depravity even after death...

ionb 26.06.14 7:43pm
Jimmy Savile might have been a catholic priest as well!!!

As if it couldn't get any worse for the former most loved TV presenter, he could have been a catholic priest...

ionb 26.06.14 7:41pm