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Daily Mail wins war on waste: See pages 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 50, 51 1
Adrian Bamforth 04.06.14 6:30pm
Smart Alex
Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction awarded to SexyLady1985 on 0
Adrian Bamforth 04.06.14 6:30pm
Adrian Bamforth
Jos Buttler astonished that popping crease isn't 1 yard wide

and the England team as well...

AReader 04.06.14 5:16pm
Queen 'already fed up with being called bag lady' 0
nickb 04.06.14 5:05pm
Maddie Cops find Andrew Mitchell 'Plebgate' confession at Portuguese resort

Police searching for the body of missing toddler Madeleine McCann have found a letter in scrubland near the resort where Maddie and family were staying in 2007. The letter, said to be in good...

nickb 04.06.14 4:39pm
Kent man struggles to recall being interfered with during the 1970's

Nigel Coggins, a 45-year-old office worker from Rainham, has told of his turmoil at trying to deal with the fact that he managed to live out his childhood years and survive the 'dirty decade'...

Robopop 04.06.14 4:09pm
North-East To Be Re-named "Forgotten England"….

…."Giz a job."...

Jesse Bigg 04.06.14 3:42pm
Syrian elections ‘fair and free, just like Russia’ says Putin 1
farmer giles 04.06.14 3:41pm
Three-way conception an elaborate pocket-money scam

Undercover reporters have discovered that the government’s backing for three-person IVF is no more than ‘an elaborate front’ for a fraudulent attempt on the part of children to gain access to...

Wrenfoe 04.06.14 3:33pm
Queen's Speech: Page boy faints at mention of Nick Clegg

here it is:

custard cream 04.06.14 2:54pm
Doctor who ate an apple a day fails to show up for surgery 0
Smart Alex 04.06.14 2:10pm
Smart Alex
Tories Just Following The Textile Magnets…..

….Just doling out the same old Shoddy...

Jesse Bigg 04.06.14 1:57pm
Jesse Bigg
Google to provide 'to hop out, text STOP' facility in driverless cars 0
beckfordburger 04.06.14 1:45pm
Tony Blair for EU President Campaign 'yet to take off' admits Tony Blair 0
custard cream 04.06.14 1:34pm
custard cream
Assad's Re-Election Will Lack Democratic Legitimacy Says Jean-Claude Juncker 3
Titus 04.06.14 1:19pm
custard cream
England Cricket Furious of Dismissal 'Within the Rules'

'If people start playing within the rules where will it end?'...

Dun Dunkin 04.06.14 1:14pm
Midfield Diamond
Deserter Sgt Bowe Bergdahl to be detained at Guantanamo prison

Recently vacated cells have become available...

custard cream 04.06.14 1:09pm
custard cream
Postman Pat emigrates and becomes Postman ex-pat

Hat tip to Idiot...

nickb 04.06.14 12:29pm
Heathrow Terminal Orange opens

Whereas most world cities have a very predictable numbering system for their airport terminals, London is more cutting edge and Heathrow is putting itself firmly at the forefront of 21st Century...

NewBiscuit 04.06.14 11:34am
Robert Koch
Body found in jungle

Ant and Dec stand down...

vulture1 04.06.14 11:25am
President Obama orders more hostages to be taken to help poll ratings

more releases soon...

vulture1 04.06.14 11:23am
England outrage as Sri Lanka gain unfair advantage by 'being better at cricket' 0
RobArmstrong 04.06.14 8:32am
Old Lady who swallowed fly to sue NHS 111 service

NHS 111 is to reconsider its protocols for fly-swallowing following a complaint from a Warwickshire patient who was initially advised to swallow a spider. “The spider wasn’t too bad”, Mrs...

deceangli 04.06.14 7:39am
Midfield Diamond
Good Morning Britain renamed ‘Hello Boys’ as Susanna Reid ‘goes commando’ 0
farmer giles 04.06.14 7:29am
farmer giles
. 4
bookiesfriend 04.06.14 7:17am
Qatar investigation fails to find missing 'u' 3
Smart Alex 04.06.14 7:01am
Operation Yew Tree officers arrest Mr Tickle

70s Children's Book favourite, Mr Tickle, has been arrested in connection with the Operation Yew Tree enquiries. Although the CPS has yet to make any formal comment over the case, it has been...

bonjonelson 04.06.14 3:33am
UKIP 'Just A Flash In the Pan' - Fail to Beat Assad In Syrian Election 0
Titus 03.06.14 11:44pm
Lib Dem's employ Bashar al-Assad's vote counters in last ditch election attempt. 1
irreverendJ 03.06.14 10:36pm
Everyone corrupt, claims report

A report carried out by the UN Anti-Corruption Agency has concluded that everyone in the world is now corrupt. This bleak assessment is summarised in the report’s conclusion, ‘having examined all...

bookiesfriend 03.06.14 10:32pm