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Tulisa denies latest Sun allegations : I was nowhere near the grassy knoll

More tabloid lies soon...

deceangli 22.07.14 7:53am
Cameron calls for worldwide boycott of Russian dolls

Prime Minister David Cameron, in response to Russia's latest fascist groove thang, is calling on nations to stop purchasing, Russian dolls, which get progressively smaller as you open them up. ...

Gary Stanton 22.07.14 7:24am
Amazement As Black Boxes Show Airliner Was 'Suddenly & Unexpectedly Blown Up'. 0
Titus 22.07.14 7:22am
Cossacks Hand Over Black Boxes In Morning While Sober

'Drinking and fighting its a traditional way of life'...

Dun Dunkin 22.07.14 6:14am
Dun Dunkin
Overworked ISIS boys look forward to south-east Mediterranean beach holidays.

Selfies soon...

Crayon 22.07.14 1:29am
West Bank just an 'occupational hazard' says new Foreign Minister. 0
Crayon 22.07.14 1:27am
Griffin replaced by White Walker. Cat Tit replaced by banned teacher

Not funny really, i know ! Hopefully choosing a teacher banned for life will keep their electoral chances as slim as ever...

Not Amused 22.07.14 12:36am
Not Amused
One eyed leader resigns after "bigoted" rant. Chelsea crowned champions. 0
Ref Minor 21.07.14 9:02pm
Ref Minor
Crash investigation in hands of crack team of scrap metal dealers says Putin. 0
MADJEZ 21.07.14 8:53pm
Griffin resigns after election loss to "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists" 0
Ref Minor 21.07.14 8:50pm
Ref Minor
Nick Griffin deposed because being ugly and reprehensible isn't enough

More later...

throngsman 21.07.14 8:43pm
Nick Griffin steps down to spend more time being a cunt with his family 1
Adrian Bamforth 21.07.14 8:25pm
Sky’s Colin Brazier to host hilarious ‘Guess what’s in the Suitcase!’ quiz show 0
beckfordburger 21.07.14 8:22pm
In the Valley of the Racists, the one-eyed man was king 1
deceangli 21.07.14 8:17pm
"I haven't changed," says Blair, "I'm still a bit of a pratt." 0
cinnahmon 21.07.14 8:10pm
Russian military clears crash site of ‘unexploded Dutch people’

The Russian military has announced it has now completely cleared all remaining ‘unexploded people’ from the disaster site in eastern Ukraine after one of the pro-Russian separatists' missiles was...

Adrian Bamforth 21.07.14 7:52pm
Adrian Bamforth
BNP: Griffin took his eye off the ball, party needs more focused leadership 0
cinnahmon 21.07.14 7:51pm
Winstone Churchill's Terrible Shrinking Illness

During World War 2 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill contracted a rare growth disorder, and started started shrinking in size (it also gave him an inverted head). By 1943 Churchill was just 20...

Chris Turnbull 21.07.14 7:49pm
Chris Turnbull
BNP seek new specimen of Anglo-Saxon perfection following trip to Specsavers 0
deceangli 21.07.14 7:49pm
Nick Griffin : portrait in attic was actually worse 0
deceangli 21.07.14 7:42pm
Politicians pay tribute to Nick Griffin as he steps down as head of BNP.

He'll be sorely missed by er...

MADJEZ 21.07.14 7:34pm
David Baddiel hosts Don't make me laugh.

Says it all really. No more soon...

Robert Koch 21.07.14 7:30pm
Robert Koch
Gollum To Replace Paxman on "Newsnight" 1
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 21.07.14 7:20pm
Robert Koch
Cameron to Putin: 'Give us access to Ukraine or we'll stop buying your gas' 0
antharrison 21.07.14 7:04pm
New Poll Puts Prince George Ahead of Prince Charles in Race for the Throne

Prince Charles’s ascension to the throne was dealt a blow when a new poll, conducted outside Netto in Croyden, showed most people, who expressed a preference, would now put Prince George ahead of...

IABP 2 21.07.14 6:40pm
Government launches Health Tourist Gift Shops.

The Government announced plans today to set up special “health tourists” gift shops in every single National Health Service medical facility in England. NHS Junior Managers will asses patients to...

Chris Turnbull 21.07.14 6:38pm
Chris Turnbull
"What Airliner?" Says Ukrainian Rebel Holding A Broom And A Shovel 7
Titus 21.07.14 6:30pm
Government raids round up Green Blob

A series of raids took place early this morning as troops rounded up activist cells linked to the endemic spread of the Green Blob. The plans were brought forward admidst fears that comments openly...

marymole 21.07.14 6:29pm
Putin adopts 'Shaggy' defence

Say it wasn't you. Alright. Bloody NATO they caught me red-handed, Supplying the militia next door, Picture this, they had fired my missile, Boeing Triple Seven on the Floor How could I forget...

GreenCross 21.07.14 6:24pm
Tom Daley plane makes emergency landing in Russia. Judges award 8½ points. 0
beckfordburger 21.07.14 5:42pm