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'Copycat' fan blames Coronation Street for his dull argumentative lifestyle 3
Underconstruction 3 years

A Cheshire man obsessed with ITV's Coronation Street is blaming the long-running soap for his 'meaningless and confrontational existence'., The man who cannot be identified for legal reasons claims...

Bolton request stop to recovery prayers as Muamba starts to develop super powers 8
charlies_hat 3 years
Olympic Travel Advice: Londoners Should Plan Extra Month Into Mass Migration 2
thisisall1word 3 years

Transport for London and the Olympic Organising Committee have revealed travel plans for the games for those lucky enough to have tickets to the events, and those meant to be working during the two...

Hollywood to make China murder movie "as soon as someone understands it" 1
nickb 3 years

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Danny Davito and Ewan McGregor are all slated for major roles in a Hollywood retelling of the Neil Haywood case, which is due to start filming in Pinewood and Chonqing...

Even Danish cartoonists "not going anywhere near" Breivik satire yet 1
grumblechops 3 years
Annie Lennox found alive and well in hotel bathtub 10
Gary Stanton 3 years

Tributes to the hugely popular recording artist Annie Lennox were pouring in last night after she was found lying in approximately eighteen inches of lukewarm bathwater, apparently none the worse for...

Damien Hirst delights art world with 'Giant Greggs Pasty in Cameron's botty' 0
antharrison 3 years

Celebrated artist Damien Hirst has unveiled what he believes to be a "True dovetailing of northern and southern britain" in his new work "Giant Greggs pasty shoved up David Cameron's botty" and which...

The evidence: Simon Cowell not full of Shit 0
newdave 3 years

Extracts from Tom Bowyer's forthcoming unauthorised biography have revealed that Simon Cowell is addicted to daily Colonic irrigation treatments. A source close to Cowell stated that the problem had...

Sex act ponders name change to avoid confusion with Austrian village 0
Yikes 3 years
Tibetan monks protest at high cost of petrol 2
Mandy Lifeboat 3 years
Isle of Wight "falling into information black hole". 0
Al OPecia 3 years

Agitated Juan Carlos abdicates owing to 'Elephant in the Tomb' 0
pinxit 3 years
King Juan Carlos misses elephant, shoots himself in the foot. 0
yussle 3 years
Spain Strikes Back following Argentina’s Annexing of Oil Company 0
HenryMJUK 3 years

Spain has today told Argentina to stop using Spanish as it’s language of choice (or give back the shares it has stolen YPF - the oil company owned by Repsol). They have until midnight to make...

London ready for 2013 Olympics claims government 0
apepper 3 years

More follows next year...

Mensa introduce associate member category “Lensa” for very attractive simpletons 15
Yikes 3 years

In a move publically stated to be to combat elitism, but privately acknowledged to be to increase their chances of getting a date, Mensa has created an associate member category called “Lensa”...

Juan Carlos tries to blame Ashley Giles. 'It was King of Spin.' he protests. 0
weematt 3 years
Olympic motto revealed: "London 2012 costing too much" 4
grumblechops 3 years

The BBC pretty much wrote that for me...

Council declares 6-yard box at Stamford Bridge as no parking zone 0
Ado 3 years

Més sobte...

"Bog It Up" Home Secretary, May, Heads To Heathrow Again..... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

To do 'tick, tack, toe' on some poor sucker immigration officer...

“Stroke turned me into Deputy PM” - Clegg 1
clicktingstampz 3 years

DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg told last night's BBC documentary “I Woke Up With Dave” how a stroke he suffered two years ago propelled him to power., He said: “I was with some other LibDem...

Italian museum director's suspected heart attack revealed to be just 'art burn' 0
Screenie 3 years
Employment Minister: Give a 'hoodie' your job. More soon 1
Old Hat 3 years
Boffins in tasteless gag breakthrough 0
clicktingstampz 3 years

Scientists say they have perfected a computer which can establish precisely how soon after the death of a celebrity it is acceptable to make a tasteless joke at their expense., A team from the...

Dave Should Go To Euros Says Mate 1
Hooch 3 years

After scoring the winning goal in the local Seven a side pub finals Dave’s mate has made the case for him to lead the line for England this summer. It continued his fine form this season, the peak...

Minister in hot water for boiling a homophobic swede. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 3 years
Onlookers horrified at Jim Davidson's cake on Sweedish Master Chef 0
Scronnyglonkle 3 years
London 2012 Games motto revealed: 'Our logo still looks utter shite' 0
pinxit 3 years
Government to excile Boris Johnson to Spain for period of 2012 Olympics 0
Scronnyglonkle 3 years
Robert Mugabe in ‘racist cake’ controversy 2
Old Hat 3 years

Robert Mugabe is facing hushed whispers to step down after he was photographed cutting a cake in the form of naked Swedish culture minister, Lena Adelsohn. The incident involving Mr Mugabe happened...