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Heaven organizes the biggest, gayest, most outrageous party for Fred Phelps

It'll be hell...

AReader 18.03.14 9:46pm
Lottery winner "skint" as giant cheque won't fit under bank paying in window 0
Andy Gilder 18.03.14 9:45pm
Andy Gilder
Government to order cull of superfluous and inappropriate apostrophe's

Hat tip to Titu's...

AReader 18.03.14 9:30pm
Mountaineer Shagged Secretary “Because She Was There”

Mountaineer Ken Wardle has complained about double standards after he was publicly vilified for mounting his secretary. “It’s not fair. Last year I climbed K2, “because it was there”, and...

deceangli 18.03.14 9:12pm
Politicians in Paris Set an Example in Pollution Reduction by Not Using Cars

President Hollande himself, has been seen travelling around the streets on a scooter. Parisians were somewhat confused to see him dressed as a Pizza Delivery man, but with a shrug of the shoulders...

Guillermo De Snookio 18.03.14 8:19pm
Guillermo De Snookio
Fulham appoint Felix Baumgartner as manager

Wanted someone with experience of plummeting from a safe platform down into oblivion...

Andy Gilder 18.03.14 8:17pm
Mountaineer who climbed K2 arrested for mounting K9 0
AReader 18.03.14 8:09pm
BBC warns flash photography can occur 'in real life'

The BBC has warned that while it can warn people about news reports featuring flash photography, the Corporation is "powerless" to protect people from flash photography that occurs "off air" and away...

nickb 18.03.14 7:56pm
Westboro Baptists funeral picketed by gays wearing "God hates Phelps" t-shirts

We can only hope...

AReader 18.03.14 7:54pm
Stephen Moffat admits missing plane elaborate advert for next season of Sherlock

In the first of the new series, Benedict Cumberbatch will demonstrate three different ways in which he could have made the plane disappear, while hinting (with a wink to camera) that none of these is...

halfironmum 18.03.14 7:54pm
Kevin the Swan
Fresh suspicion over N Korean elections as 239 unidentified extra votes found 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 18.03.14 7:47pm
Heaven votes to join Russia as Fred Phelps approaches Pearly Gates 0
AReader 18.03.14 7:43pm
Prayers held in hope that EH307 mystery will "have a better ending than Lost" 2
quango 18.03.14 7:03pm
MH307 survivors run out of dead bodies and are forced to eat airline food 3
blacklesbianandproudofit 18.03.14 6:13pm
Fears grow for other celebrities with punctuation based names. 0
Maverick 18.03.14 6:01pm
Famous celebrity dies despite apostrophe in her name. 0
Maverick 18.03.14 5:57pm
Jagger struggling to remember from the thousands of women he's slept with.

' so we're talking after Jerry Hall right. No still can't place her'. Jagger's girlfriend eh, who knew ?...

MADJEZ 18.03.14 5:27pm
Anelka comments on sacking 'Quin Hell !' 0
MADJEZ 18.03.14 5:06pm
'Fantastic Voyage II' missing airliner found in man's small-intestine 0
Underconstruction 18.03.14 5:04pm
Creationists and Scientists declare a draw after God is spotted in black hole 0
Underconstruction 18.03.14 4:55pm
Child finds missing airliner during Easter Egg hunt 0
Underconstruction 18.03.14 4:23pm
Man United Spokesman Says "We Are Going To Rise Like The Phoenix"…...

…..Or was it pee-nix?...

Jesse Bigg 18.03.14 3:45pm
Jesse Bigg
‘I told you one day we’d be millionaires’ says South London's Mr Trotter 2
Midfield Diamond 18.03.14 3:34pm
Midfield Diamond
Anti Immigration Groups Say No to More English Speakers in UK

"Its alright for the Russians they have lots of land and not many russian speakers. Half the world speaks English. If they all came we'd be swamped'...

Dun Dunkin 18.03.14 2:44pm
Dun Dunkin
Moscow sends 'Bottle of Milk' for British Lion

it was funny in moscow...

Dun Dunkin 18.03.14 2:38pm
Dun Dunkin
Crimean Hokey Cokey

You put your left Putin, You get the opposition out, East in, west out, don't mess about, You have a hokey votey and you turn around, Vlad's what its all about Oooo the hokey votey, Oooo the...

Not Amused 18.03.14 2:31pm
Russian TV Guide Crimea Election Special.

6pm Location Location Location, 7pm Relocation, Relocation, 8pm Homes Under the Hammer and Sickle, 9pm To Buy or Not to Buy, 10pm Escape to the Country, 11pm Property Ladder...

Dun Dunkin 18.03.14 2:27pm
Dun Dunkin
Weird man does nothing weirdly 0
Dumbnews 18.03.14 2:21pm
Exhibitionist Convicted After Being Caught By 'Flash Photography'. 0
Titus 18.03.14 2:08pm
Qatar World Cup officials insist they only bribed the people they were told to 0
Spartacus 18.03.14 1:52pm