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Mass and Energy – Einstein Got It Wrong

Clever chap, so they say, but if Energy = MC squared, why doesn’t my razor get heavier when it is charged up. If we cannot trust him, then what about that Newton bloke who discovered gravity, and...

Rumour Control 02.07.14 3:32pm
Harris career to be fully re-interpreted and discredited by next Tuesday 0
Bigglesworth 02.07.14 3:22pm
Game of Thrones Jokes banned for another ten months 3
Bigglesworth 02.07.14 3:19pm
Andy Murray's nationality arrives safely at the Scottish border 0
AReader 02.07.14 3:18pm
British hopeful Murray becomes Scottish loser. 2
Tammy Flugh 02.07.14 3:16pm
Murray becomes the first reigning British Wimbledon champ for 76 years to lose 1
Rootin Tootin 02.07.14 2:57pm
Sir Lupus
Andy 'celebrates' the bicentenary of 'the joke'.

McMore Soon...

Ironduke 02.07.14 2:36pm
France upholds full face veil ban. Apart from very ugly women, naturellement 1
RobArmstrong 02.07.14 2:27pm
"Whatever they said I did, I said was false..." 0
Bigglesworth 02.07.14 2:07pm
New Harris song: "Stairlift to Cell 43" 0
sydalg 02.07.14 1:41pm
What's that Skippy? - 't 't 't - He tied you down and did what? 0
Sinnick 02.07.14 1:30pm
Woman sells old bed for £2.2m

A Margate woman has sold an old clapped-out bed for over £2m. Miss Tracey Emin,50,said that 'for a bit of a lark' she'd put a £2 price tag on the bed which she'd left in her front garden. 'I...

roybland 02.07.14 1:14pm
Nazi Memorabilia Fanatic to Sell Harris Signed Book

"some things are just too extreme"...

Dun Dunkin 02.07.14 10:50am
Dun Dunkin
Producers Line up a season of 'my time in prison' reality shows

Followed by the shameless cash in 'path to redemption' books and dvds...

Dun Dunkin 02.07.14 10:48am
Dun Dunkin
“Of course Pistorius isn’t crazy – he just owns guns and shoots people” say NRA

The Court-ordered report concluding that Oscar Pistorius was suffering no mental disorder was welcomed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) who said it is insane not to own lots of guns to defend...

Yikes 02.07.14 10:17am
Rumour Control
Talkative pop star joins Irish nobility - all we hear is Lady O'Gaga 0
Sundialer 02.07.14 9:44am
Sundialer cashes in on World Cup fever with new ‘Christ the Redeemer’ logo

Payday loan shark hopes to soften, sanitise and sanctify recent bad-boy image. “It’s a play on words”, said a spokesman “though that may be lost on anyone stupid enough to think they are...

beckfordburger 02.07.14 9:33am
Wade Appoints Inverdale As PR Consultant 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 02.07.14 9:01am
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Trident replacement would require salt air to function properly 1
Bigglesworth 02.07.14 8:18am
Celebs still the Only People Who do not Need a CRB Check to Work with Kids

'It would hurt their feelings'...

Dun Dunkin 02.07.14 6:33am
Dun Dunkin
Harris 'borrowed extra leg from Oscar Pistorius' 0
Adrian Bamforth 01.07.14 9:15pm
Adrian Bamforth
Burger King to abdicate and let the burger prince take over 0
Ian Searle 01.07.14 8:49pm
Ian Searle
Thrones downgraded to 'naughty stools' 3
beckfordburger 01.07.14 8:44pm

redact quack...

Kevin the Swan 01.07.14 8:25pm
Kevin the Swan
Womens' pension increased after 75 - gain of crones 1
cinquecento 01.07.14 7:03pm
Lens Cap
RAF to clarify job description after pilot found to have a 'fear of flying' 6
RobArmstrong 01.07.14 6:57pm
Fish hold referendum to choose codocracy or haddocracy 0
sydalg 01.07.14 6:46pm
Size of Mid-Sussex Tory MP to be covered in documentary - Frame of Soames 0
IABP 2 01.07.14 4:36pm
"Oh What A Noble Mind Is Hero O'Thrones" (If You Prefer Hamlet to Macbeth)

Go, Shakespeare ...

Titus 01.07.14 4:30pm
New production of MacBeth will feature Thane of Scone 1
beckfordburger 01.07.14 4:24pm
Smart Alex