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Manchester fans unite in grief at loss of plane, Maddie, players’ form...

After the club’s fifth home defeat this season, Manchester United has issued a timely statement. “Knowing what it’s like to lose something precious - like an enviable home record - our fans can...

Tripod 17.03.14 7:17pm
Copy-Cat Cameron, In Love Only With The South…..

….Now That's A Crime...

Jesse Bigg 17.03.14 6:43pm
Jesse Bigg
Putin Latest "It's my Party And I'll Crimea if I Want To"

Bare chested lookalike seen in Sevastopol Karaoke Bar...

Dun Dunkin 17.03.14 6:35pm
Dun Dunkin
Sky breaking news: Dr Evil ‘possibly hijacked missing vanished jet’

“MH370 could have been cloaked in an invisibility shield and forced to land in a secret location using a traction beam by Austin Powers’ arch enemy Dr Evil to participate in an as-yet-undisclosed...

farmer giles 17.03.14 6:19pm
'How do you like them apples?' big bang boffins tell young earth creationists 0
bookiesfriend 17.03.14 4:18pm
Putin demands referendums in certain parts of London and the West 0
farmer giles 17.03.14 4:14pm
farmer giles
Crimean population predicted to shrink by 3.4%.

Gulag population predicted verrrry similar rise...

Ironduke 17.03.14 3:57pm
Bingo callers to retire number 88, ‘out of respect for Two Fat Ladies’... 2
Tripod 17.03.14 3:55pm
5 tips to avoiding click-bait 3
Dumbnews 17.03.14 3:52pm
Man taking dog for walk in Derby finds missing Malaysian plane

more later...

jimmydodger 17.03.14 1:58pm
pere floza
Northern Ireland referendum "a mockery of democracy", says Hague

The UK government has said that it rejects the results of a Northern Ireland referendum as "a mockery of proper democratic practice." A total of 98.9% of voters in Northern Ireland supported...

jamsieoconnor 17.03.14 1:52pm
Moyes in line for "Large Bonus"

The beleaguered Manchester United manager David Moyes is 'very likely' to receive an eight million pound bonus and a salary increase in the close season, according to sources at the club., The...

Not Amused 17.03.14 1:39pm
Illness reported at Palace

A Buckingham Palace communiqué has stated that 'we are experiencing an unfortunate urinary infection. And when we say we, we mean the Royal Wee'...

throngsman 17.03.14 12:51pm
Amazon 'not unduly bothered' about Post Office selling off Postcode database

'Ours is probably better than the Post Office's, and we actually know who lives where,' said a spokesman, adding, 'if the Post Office wants a copy we can sell them one. If they use Amazon Prime,...

throngsman 17.03.14 12:49pm
Missing Malaysian plane - authorities rule out neknomination prank 0
custard cream 17.03.14 12:40pm
custard cream
Missing Malaysian plane used Ryan Air distance charts from airport to city 0
custard cream 17.03.14 12:39pm
custard cream
St Patrick's Day "ruined by connection with Ireland"

The organisers of the St Patrick's Day parade in the town of Little Chute, Wisconsin, have voted overwhelmingly to remove all references to Ireland from the parade and to ban Irish people from...

jamsieoconnor 17.03.14 12:25pm
newsbiscuit editorial team
Missing airliner mystery upgraded to 'Situationist prank' 0
johnnydobbo 17.03.14 11:34am
95.6% of Crimeans prefer Russian Dressing to Tatar Sauce 0
Dick Everyman 17.03.14 11:33am
Dick Everyman
Weightwatchers apologise for applauding Two Fat Ladies' 50% loss 0
pere floza 17.03.14 11:27am
pere floza
Authorities declare international airport 'missing'

Following the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370, red-faced international aviation authorities are now admitting that Hong Kong airport is "missing" after contact was lost several days ago.,...

NewBiscuit 17.03.14 11:26am
Charities 'Sponsor a Child' Scheme extended to Scotland

In preparation for the possibility of a 'Yes' vote in September, major charities are working together to ensure that should such an eventuality arise, the potential famine and further impoverishment...

John Roughty 17.03.14 10:49am
Kim Jong-un criticises Putin for poor election result 0
Sinnick 17.03.14 9:27am
Intense Malaysia search turns up 53 odd socks, a Nokia charger and Maddie McCann 0
pere floza 17.03.14 8:57am
pere floza
Paris smog found to be "just onion and garlic fumes"

I'm waiting for the "Lazy Stereotype" tag...

Sinnick 17.03.14 8:49am
pere floza
BBC now so sectarian it's only days from introducing a Marching Season 0
ronseal 17.03.14 7:53am
95.5% of Crimea votes to join Russia, other half yet to be counted. Or shot 0
Kevin the Swan 17.03.14 12:59am
Kevin the Swan
Father of 7 loses penis. Finally! 0
Maverick 17.03.14 12:55am
"A DNA test would have been less dramatic" claims Solomon 0
Bigglesworth 16.03.14 11:44pm
Chemists express surprise at UK plans to spend £43B on Hydrogen Sulphide 4
blacklesbianandproudofit 16.03.14 11:42pm
Guillermo De Snookio