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Wiccans to be allowed to burn police, though not when giving evidence

Firelighters later...

virtuallywill 16.09.13 9:43pm
Batman fails to clean up Gotham City after accidentally donning futility belt 1
Smart Alex 16.09.13 9:35pm
UN inspectors likely to confirm that the Earth is NOT flat. 0
Squudge 16.09.13 9:15pm
Waterpark introduces slowest ride ever.

Al OPecia 16.09.13 9:15pm
Al OPecia
'If you love them, let them go' followed with tragic consequences at circus 16
fernandomando 16.09.13 8:52pm
Billy Connolly to record "If it wasn't for yer willies"

get well soon!...

Scronnyglonkle 16.09.13 7:53pm
Billy Connolly diagnosed as "appearing on the same Chat Show too many times". 1
Al OPecia 16.09.13 6:59pm
Barclays buys porn site, to instigate online sperm banking... 1
Tripod 16.09.13 6:59pm
Cuadrilla defeated by Godzilla 1
nickb 16.09.13 6:55pm
Al OPecia
What nothing yet about Billy's prostate op..shame on you world 0
irreverendJ 16.09.13 6:05pm
Salvage experts attempt to re-float Costa Brittania grounded by hopeless skipper

Marooned and half sunk, the Costa Brittannia has been left stranded for many months, after skipper Tony De Bushbitch steered it onto the rocks and abandoned ship, leaving millions in danger of...

ronseal 16.09.13 5:53pm
‘Peace feels an awful like getting shot’, says Syria

People were dancing on the streets of Damascus or energetically dodging shrapnel depending on your perspective, at the onset of the US-Russian accord. As peace reigned, bombs rained and Syrians...

Wrenfoe 16.09.13 5:48pm
Santa questioned in connection with historical offences under Christmas Tree

Scotland Yard today confirmed that a man believed to be more than 1,600 years old has voluntarily attended Bow Street Police Station to answer allegations of child abuse. Police would not name the...

Arthur 16.09.13 5:44pm
Nick Clegg and Vince Cable divided over whether they are divided

Nick Clegg and Vince Cable clashed at the Lib Dem conference today over reports that they were divided. 'We are not divided,' declared Nick Clegg from the conference centre, a phone box on the...

John Wiltshire 16.09.13 4:48pm
Defendant In Court Confused By Judge, Prosecution & Jury all Wearing Niqābs 0
Titus 16.09.13 4:11pm
IRA comes out against proposal to ban veils and face masks in public

A spokesman for the provisional IRA appeared on television -wearing a balaclava- to declare that the right to wear a balaclava was integral part of their lifestyle, from media appearances, funerals,...

steve_l 16.09.13 4:08pm
UKIP Undermine Democracy & Cheat By Offering Policies Which Voters Actually Want 0
Titus 16.09.13 4:02pm
New study finds people alter their behaviour while being studied 1
Dumbnews 16.09.13 4:02pm
Next Lib Dem government will rendezvous with Voyager 1

The election of a Lib Dem government is expected to occur about the same time Voyager 1 reaches its final destination through interstellar space according to astro-psephologists. 'We may have to...

roybland 16.09.13 3:56pm
Woman must remove kidney to give evidence

A court has rules than Sara Mohamed must remove her left kidney before giving evidence at court. The judge, who in an unrelated matter is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, has said that she...

tomholder 16.09.13 3:01pm
Rogue Gymnasts Reveal Role In Acrobatic Robbery

Last week’s raid on a local jewellery store in Hull came as a surprise to many local residents, but in another shock twist combined with a straddle split, it emerged members of Hull’s premier...

JoshBa 16.09.13 2:50pm
Culture news:’Veils to be banned for Muslims but made compulsory for munters.’ 1
FOAD 16.09.13 2:35pm
Nick Clegg rescued from Cameron by Anti-Trafficking Squad

Details are slowing emerging about a victim identified only as a “vulnerable male in his forties”, who is now in the care of Westminster Social Services. He was whisked to safety after officers...

sydalg 16.09.13 2:11pm
Mindless vandals tarnish Misterland's oldest character 1
Robopop 16.09.13 2:04pm
Benefit cheats threatened with en-suite room, games of pool and free Sky Sports 1
Jesus H 16.09.13 1:55pm
Nick Clegg to suffocate students with plastic bags

you can only get a first if you shag the 'tutor'...

farmer giles 16.09.13 1:26pm
farmer giles
Lib Dem party to be offered a zero hours contract after next election

As in 'We want you to spend precisely zero hours in government.'...

John Wiltshire 16.09.13 1:19pm
John Wiltshire
‘Power of Love’ not acceptable payment on train network

Mike and Laura Johnson, a newlywed couple from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight today issued legal proceedings against Huey Lewis and the News for ‘negligent mistatement’. The couple fell madly in...

fernandomando 16.09.13 12:25pm
Mr Target
Breaking Huey Lewis & The News...

Slick eighties MOR pop band ejected from Southern Railways after claims 'don't need money, don't need fame, don't need a credit card to ride this train' fail to impress ticket collector. More on this...

clench 16.09.13 12:21pm
Huey Lewis sues surgeon after 'prank' square hip replacement

80s pop legend Huey Lewis is suing his orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Nigel Trent, after being fitted with a cube-shaped hip replacement 'for a joke'. Lewis (61) nearly died during the operation, which left...

16.09.13 12:15pm