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Both Cats And Pigeons Upset By Carswell Defection To UKIP

More and more later ...

Titus 28.08.14 12:15pm
Ray Cooney named as new England captain

The FA has denied confusion after naming 82 year old playwright Ray Cooney as England football captain...

apepper 28.08.14 12:02pm
Criminals reject calls for punishment

Rotherham criminals are claiming that calls for them to be punished is a witch hunt. Mr N. Wilkins, of Keep-yer-nose-awt Terrace, said; "This is a completely unwarranted intrusion into my business....

apepper 28.08.14 11:57am
Royal Family cyborg breakthrough - Duke of Edinburgh now redundant., (image from BBC) Advances in cybernetics have always been applied first to the British royal family, traditionally a...

NewBiscuit 28.08.14 11:52am
Rotherham mini cab companies forced to re-write drivers' job description

In a surprising after shock from the report on abuse of children in Rotherham, it emerged today that all mini cab companies in Rotherham were having to urgently revisit both their recruitment...

RobArmstrong 28.08.14 11:36am
After Shooting Her US Instructor, CIA Send 9YO Girl To Be Trained By ISIS

Or perhaps 'Terrified ISIS Firearms Instructors Refuse To Train 9-Year-Old Girl Sent to Them By CIA'...

Titus 28.08.14 11:28am
Winchester Woman Acused Of Hoarding Wasps In Order To Dodge 'Unused Bedroom' Tax And hat-tip to Ted King...

Titus 28.08.14 11:21am
Rotherham corner shops fear slump in sale of cigarettes and cheap vodka 0
beckfordburger 28.08.14 11:17am
Reality TV needs to be more inclusive for Eton & Oxbridge graduates

A Social Mobility Commission study has discovered that those who really run the UK are woefully under-represented on the only thing that matters to the British public - Talent Shows . As a new season...

Wrenfoe 28.08.14 10:44am
Cameron follows Carswell and defects to UKIP

More defections soon...

Tammy Flugh 28.08.14 10:41am
Tammy Flugh
Douglas Carswell joins ISIS

I may have mis-heard this...

RobArmstrong 28.08.14 10:31am
Pakistani Men In Rotherham Start Queuing Up to Become Roman Catholic Priests 1
Titus 28.08.14 9:10am
Confused Scotland voters to take the 'fuck it challenge' and flip a coin 3
Kevin the Swan 28.08.14 9:04am
TV Magician's Career Hanging By A Thread As It's Revealed He Can't Fly.

A young dynamic magician has stunned fans by revealing he can't actually fly, levitate or cut people in half and put them back together. He's asked for several hundred more tricks and illusions to be...

IABP 2 28.08.14 8:22am
Rolf Harris Abused Me Through My Stylophone

Rolf Harris abused me through my Stylophone[u] A man in his 40’s has today sensationally claimed that the convicted molester Rolf Harris abused him in 1977 via a Stylophone he received as a...

brynlaar 28.08.14 7:55am
BBC unaware that ‘Rotherham’ and ‘Pakistani men’ can be used in same news item 9
beckfordburger 28.08.14 6:19am
UK starts advertising for Scotland's replacement

In the aftermath of Alex Salmond shouting Alistair Darling into submission, the remaining parts of the British Isles have resigned themselves to the fact that its time 'to move on' and start seeing...

Wrenfoe 27.08.14 11:05pm
Sir Lupus
Tragedy shows that gun skills should be taught in kindergarten, if not the womb

The tragic death of a firearms instructor at the hands of an unskilled 9 year old girl reinforces the need for early gun education, say experts. “I’m shocked that she was only getting her first...

deceangli 27.08.14 9:31pm
Smart Alex
Child Sacrifice Price worth paying for Multiculturalism. 0
Dun Dunkin 27.08.14 9:11pm
Dun Dunkin
CPS says Prosecuting People Not in Public Interest.

"Creating a culture of finger pointing isn't helpful for social cohesion"...

Dun Dunkin 27.08.14 9:06pm
Dun Dunkin
Asian Gang Rapists Victims of Anti Women Brainwashing.

its called religion...

Dun Dunkin 27.08.14 9:01pm
Dun Dunkin
'Bullets & Burgers' - Parents Criticised For 9-Year-Old Girl's Unhealthy Diet 3
Titus 27.08.14 8:50pm
Al OPecia
ISIS advance brings Sunni Delight 2
custard cream 27.08.14 8:00pm
Kevin the Swan
Bucket challenge to end viral spread of ebola virus fails to go viral 0
Dumbnews 27.08.14 7:45pm
Kid "had tantrum" because she wanted the burger first. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.08.14 7:36pm
Al OPecia
EU Power Limit On Vacuum Cleaners 'Not Before Time'.

"These terror machines need to be controlled" said Derbyshire housewife Dee Moulish after she bought a powerful new German vacuum cleaner recently. "When I switched it on, all the furniture in my...

Titus 27.08.14 7:33pm
Apologetic 'Bullets & Burgers' outlet to offer vegetarian option in future 2
Squudge 27.08.14 7:29pm
NRA calls for all 9 year olds to be issued with Uzi guns 2
custard cream 27.08.14 7:28pm
Crystal Palace’s delight at finally appointing a universally hated manager

Neil Warnock, one of the most obnoxious individuals ever to be associated with the beautiful game, has been appointed as the new manager of widely-hated Crystal Palace. ‘Colin’, as he is widely...

Midfield Diamond 27.08.14 7:27pm
Midfield Diamond
British Firm Keeps The Flags Flying

British ingenuity and a keen eye for a quick buck at someone else's expense has brought success to an unemployment blackspot. It is frequently the case that as soon as an international incident...

Coffeemate 27.08.14 7:23pm