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Tree that fell in woods accused of attention-seeking 0
sydalg 10.07.14 1:01pm
British Airways insist that passengers must be overcharged before flight

More to follow...

apepper 10.07.14 12:42pm
Usain Bolt to lead the line for Brazil in play off match 0
custard cream 10.07.14 12:04pm
custard cream
Teachers prosecuted for taking leave in term time 0
RobArmstrong 10.07.14 11:23am
Man discovers Piketty's 'Capital' is 'rubbish for pulling birds'

Economics student Jason Brand,19,says he now regrets spending £30 on Thomas Piketty's 'Capital' because the almost 700 page study of capital in the twenty-first century hasn't succeeded in getting...

roybland 10.07.14 10:44am
Dozens of British celebrities implicated in talent avoidance schemes

George Michael, Katie Melua and Gary Barlow are among a list of entertainers involved in massive talent avoidance schemes - all completely within the bounds of the law, according to a leaked report....

Adrian Bamforth 10.07.14 10:41am
Suspicious man wearing polyester suit in Carpet World is released without charge 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 10.07.14 10:06am
Robert Koch
Brazil requests 5 goal head-start in play-off

‘and we’d rather not come on until the 2nd half’ says Scolari...

beckfordburger 10.07.14 8:48am
Handsome news editors more likely to run stories based on research says study 13
ronseal 10.07.14 8:36am
Elephant in the room knocks over Duke of Edinburgh

More collisions soon...

vulture1 10.07.14 8:31am
Kick in the Boules for fair play, after death threats at Petanque championships 0
Thundi 10.07.14 8:18am
Passengers Must Be 'Fully Charged' For Flights

Airlines have put their prices up to comply with the USA demand everyone be 'fully charged'. The early ticket system has been scrapped. Everyone has to pay full fare...

Dun Dunkin 10.07.14 8:05am
Britain Grinds To Normality Due To Some People, Allegedly, Going On Strike

More-or-less later ...

Titus 10.07.14 8:03am
Sunny Weather 'Provokes' Public Sector to take a Day's Holiday

Pictures of people enjoying the sunny weather on the Tour De France and Cricket have 'provoked' the public sector to take a day's holiday while expecting everyone else in the private sector who pays...

Dun Dunkin 10.07.14 7:22am
Parasites Want 'More Blood'

Alf, Chairman of the Bed Bugs Union BBU said 'one bite is not enough'. Vampires however say there is plenty to go round if there was a system of redistribution...

Dun Dunkin 10.07.14 7:03am
Dun Dunkin
Author of bull-run survival guide gored in Pamplona.

What do you mean, satire?,

Maverick 10.07.14 6:42am
Rebekah Brooks hired by Homeland Security to do phone scans. 0
Maverick 10.07.14 6:39am
Brazil manager ‘executed’ for bald head and silly moustache 0
farmer giles 09.07.14 11:23pm
farmer giles
Holland & Argentina Give Visual Interpretation of Phil Neville Commentary

Snore soon...

IABP 2 09.07.14 10:55pm
Irritating show-off demands right to be remembered 0
Idiot 09.07.14 9:48pm
"Look, can we all just focus on the poverty?" says Brazil

Brazil has come out united in the fact that it's the country's disgraceful levels of poverty and inequality we should all really be focusing on. Home to around 23,000 street children, plus 23 other...

Qoxiivi 09.07.14 8:18pm
Germany 'We haven't beaten anyone that easily since France in 1940'

.. don't mention the war. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it...

MADJEZ 09.07.14 8:10pm
custard cream
Brazil President refuses to issues visas to German 2016 Olympic team 0
custard cream 09.07.14 8:09pm
custard cream
Kenya's Chris Froome crashes out of the Tour de France 1
Rootin Tootin 09.07.14 8:09pm
custard cream
World Cup stopped as Germany awarded trophy

No need for the final at this rate...

custard cream 09.07.14 8:08pm
custard cream
PM dithers over calling Butler-Sloss Paedo Tsarina or Paedo Finder General 0
custard cream 09.07.14 8:05pm
custard cream
Scolari: 'I think we still have a chance in the second leg' 0
custard cream 09.07.14 8:03pm
custard cream
Mrs Merton to deputise for Mrs Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will delegate her role as most powerful woman in Europe to Mrs Merton, from Stockport in a stress-busting temporary job swap. Mrs Merton told a Brussels press...

nickb 09.07.14 7:54pm
Traveller asked to prove that personal electronic device can turn her on 4
beau-jolly 09.07.14 7:51pm
sponge finger
Establishment Choose Mary Poppins to Investigate Pedos

Its a jolly holiday...

Dun Dunkin 09.07.14 6:40pm
Dun Dunkin