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Red faces as UN only brings three peace sweets to four way talks 0
Not Amused 24.07.13 7:55am
Not Amused
St Mary's hospital to open second hand ladder shop. 0
Ian Searle 24.07.13 7:39am
Ian Searle
Manager chides "if wasn't for paperwork, the Nazis wouldn't have been a success" 0
Al OPecia 24.07.13 7:24am
Al OPecia
Global warming "still happening" despite birth of Royal Baby. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.07.13 7:19am
Al OPecia
PM unveils curbs on 'exploitative, degrading, irritating' Royal baby coverage

Every household in the UK is to have endless, vacuous reporting of the birth and infancy of the Royal baby blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it, David Cameron has...

The Paper Ostrich 24.07.13 7:11am
Well-spoken man, slightly thinning on top, spotted visiting several bookies...

in the Buckingham Palace area to place bets on name of new royal baby...

Smart Alex 24.07.13 7:00am
Smart Alex
Barrier Reef bombing inspires worldwide Scunthorpe Convention

After the recent unfortunate incident involving US jets inadvertently dropping four 500lb bombs on the Great Barrier Reef, a multinational crisis meeting has been hastily convened to prevent further...

Squudge 24.07.13 6:14am
Native American racoons steal Royal baby's chocolate 0
ChairmanMouth 24.07.13 4:12am
Typographic error results in smart Neat-O judge wearing 3-piece suit 0
Arthur 24.07.13 2:43am
Honey on knife makes three peas sweet 0
Arthur 24.07.13 2:39am
Dinner lady with economics degree serves 3p sweet 0
Arthur 24.07.13 2:37am
Compounded DFS sale offers results in 3p suite

and still not worth it...

FlashArry 23.07.13 11:56pm
Isle Of Wight Delighted To Hear Kate & Wills Are Expecting Their First Child 3
Titus 23.07.13 11:56pm
Trident party-poppers the 'third way'

In a surprise announcement this morning the Treasury Secretary, Danny Alexander, has disclosed a 'third option' for the austerity Trident programme. Rather than cutting the committed contracts for...

Squudge 23.07.13 9:41pm
World's most gullible royal born yesterday

[url=]Recycled![/url] and only useable for a few hours!...

beau-jolly 23.07.13 9:31pm
Gazza arrested after wetting baby's head 0
Dick Everyman 23.07.13 9:16pm
Dick Everyman
Wills vows:"I want my lad to have everything I never had - and more". 1
Drylaw 23.07.13 9:02pm
Cows "call each other by name". "Moo" seems to be the most popular 2
Not Amused 23.07.13 8:13pm
Local website with shopping cart module ready to take on Amazon 0
Dumbnews 23.07.13 7:06pm
New Prince to be called Symbol. 2
MADJEZ 23.07.13 6:59pm
Isle of Wight proposed as London's one hundred and eighty-seventh airport. 0
Al OPecia 23.07.13 6:50pm
Al OPecia
Pervert Priests Described As "Porn Again Christians" 0
Titus 23.07.13 6:31pm
Earth continues to revolve on its axis without acknowledging the Royal birth

Whats wrong with it?...

AReader 23.07.13 6:29pm
Badgers To Be Paid £500 Each To Move To England

"It's a tough call" said Mr Mochyn Daear, of The Sett, Llwynycaedu "Be vaccinated and stay put, or get paid £500 and move to England. Council tax is higher in England, isn't it, see? And there's...

Titus 23.07.13 6:21pm
New study finds how you look determines how miserable you are 1
Dumbnews 23.07.13 5:59pm
Queen turns down role in Queen movie

Her Majesty the Queen has announced she will not appear in the new biopic about rock band Queen. “One is totally gutted about this, one really fucking is,” the British Monarch told Variety, the...

CulchaVulcha 23.07.13 5:59pm
Lord Sugar irons out business wrinkles

After several days in hiding Lord Sugar has emerged completely wrinkle free following an intensive botox course courtesy of Apprentice 2013 winner Dr Leah Totten. The new look multi-millionaire was...

Dick Everyman 23.07.13 4:45pm
Dick Everyman
Misunderstanding As McDonalds Refuses To Serve Horse

Rider And Her Horse Thrown Out Of McDonalds But Menu Remains Unaltered [Wahey! Another horse news story - remember them?]...

Titus 23.07.13 4:37pm
Carole Middleton: the family are 'disappointed'

After visiting her new Royal grandson Carole Middleton made a statement to the press saying 'despite the hype our first grandson is an ugly little thing and the family is really disappointed. The...

sillybugger 23.07.13 4:31pm
Paedophiles looking forward to photos of Royal baby on internet

Religious leaders The Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury sent their congratulations and best wishes to everybody concerned with the Royal birth and assured the World all their members (many of whom...

farmer giles 23.07.13 3:53pm
farmer giles