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William Hill Slashes Odds On Next Pope Being Taliban.

"It's official folks, God hates the British!" Said one smug Paddy Power employee...

anhodika 13.03.13 9:24pm
Giraffe found to contain burger meat 0
jamesr 13.03.13 9:23pm
Vatican loses eBay star as buyer "still waiting for delivery of used pope"

The Vatican confirmed today it had suffered further humiliation in the eyes of the world by failing to deliver a "Pope - one divine owner, recently recovered " to Jonny Sweetman of Chessington,...

SuburbanDad 13.03.13 9:15pm
Vatican denies runner-up cover-up

Alarms bells were ringing all over the Catholic world tonight as rumours that Pope Francis 1st was actually the runner-up. Pope Francis - Looking...

camz 13.03.13 9:10pm
The Sun readies 'Hand of God' headline for Argentine Pope. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 8:42pm
Cardinals elect gigolo as new Pope 0
custard cream 13.03.13 8:36pm
custard cream
Hand of God helps Argentina again 0
Not Amused 13.03.13 8:36pm
Not Amused
UKIP demand recount in papal election

"It's never someone from the South of England, so something must be done."...

camz 13.03.13 8:33pm
New Pope blocked from calling himself Pope Stanley

no more Falkland Pope jokes...

Not Amused 13.03.13 8:30pm
Bookies claim foul play as many bets placed on "Old White Guy" as new Pope ... 0
Kramaring 13.03.13 8:29pm
Francis: "I'd just like to thank my agent, the director, my parents, my fans ... 0
Titus 13.03.13 8:28pm
New 76 year old Pope confirms youth vote won 0
custard cream 13.03.13 8:26pm
custard cream
Falkland Islanders on lookout for Swiss Guard invasion. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 8:22pm
Argentina: You've Now Got A Pope, So Stop Whingeing About The Falklands 0
Titus 13.03.13 8:21pm
Falkland Islands cardinal claims to have spolied his paper 0
charlies_hat 13.03.13 8:20pm
Delayed New Pope Announcement: Amateurs. Bieber Spun It Out For 2 Hours. 0
Titus 13.03.13 8:18pm
Announcement Of New Pope Delayed While Fresh Sponsorship Deals Negotiated 2
Titus 13.03.13 8:13pm
Not Amused
Delay as winning cardinal rings wife & kids to tell of promotion. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 8:12pm
Is the Pope a Catholic ? A Newsbiscuit special report. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 8:11pm
New Pope Named - "Pope John Paul George Ringo" - Liverpool Rejoices

After a hard days night, a new pope has been chosen from the Cardinals' raffle. "Pope John Paul George Ringo", the title he has assumed, addressed hopeful crowds gathered at the Vatican and told...

camz 13.03.13 8:08pm
Belfast toilet roll factory wait for face they'll print on their 'Loyalist Line' 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 8:03pm
Tony Blair Not Disappointed Not To Be Elected Pope. "No, Look, Honestly ..." 0
Titus 13.03.13 7:42pm
Portillo begins tour of UK brothels

Former Secretary of State and TV celebrity Michael Portillo today embarked on a tour of Britain’s knocking shops for a new series that is to be broadcast on BBC2 this summer. Unlike his previous...

Landfill 13.03.13 7:17pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
No minimum price for alcohol, says Cabernet. 7
Boutros 13.03.13 7:14pm
Could Huhne and Pryce make money in Jail?

There aren't many ways of making good money while banged up in Jail - but there's one. Just like some other MPs who have found themselves languishing at Her Majestys Pleasure they could write a book....

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 13.03.13 7:14pm
Flash! Aa-aaaa!
Catholic Church takes the dramatic pause to new levels

With all eyes focussed on the Vatican, the reality-tainment industry has been awestruck by the procrastination master class currently being played out by the Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel. Aaron...

FlashArry 13.03.13 7:08pm
Cardinal who accidently voted after black smoke complains he was still charged 6
charlies_hat 13.03.13 6:56pm
Belfast toilet roll factory 'Ready whoever the new Pope is'. 0
MADJEZ 13.03.13 6:13pm
Scandal as cash for pope votes uncovered in PayPal 0
Actual Size 13.03.13 6:10pm
Actual Size
Tesco Put Neck on the Line With New Restaurant Purchase

They're having a giraffe, surely!...

victimms 13.03.13 6:10pm