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Seventies celebrities revealed to be behind "right to be forgotten" campaign 1
sydalg 13.05.14 1:24pm
pere floza
Court backs 'right to be forgotten'

15 minutes of fame not all its cracked up to be...

Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 1:23pm
Dun Dunkin
Franklin Mint announces 'tribute range' of 200 Nigerian Schoolgirl figurines 0
pere floza 13.05.14 1:19pm
pere floza
Drug Bosses Ask Cable is it Ok to Bring 'da Bitches' to Commons Select Committee

'Dem hos like a bit a bling'...

Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 1:11pm
Dun Dunkin
NHS Births to Take Place in Supermarket Car Parks

New advice from NASTY is now suggesting that healthy mothers having a second child should give birth in supermarket car parks. Special soundproofed portakabins with a midwife in attendance, are to be...

Rumour Control 13.05.14 12:31pm
Drug firm chiefs grilled by MPs As They Get the Munchies 0
Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 12:26pm
Dun Dunkin
Boco Harem will free girls if Gina Yashere taken off TV. BBC gladly agree.

More amusing Nigerian voices soon...

MADJEZ 13.05.14 12:14pm
Tooth Fairy will leave at least £5 promises Milliband

Ed Milliband says that parents have been underpaying children for lost teeth under the coalition government. He promised yesterday that as Prime Minister he will ensure that child receive a minimum...

2escapees 13.05.14 12:13pm
Police interview David Cameron over "'swivel-eyed loons" remark.

Reports that this was part of Boris Johnson's plan to become PM were firmly denied this morning. "Perhaps it was UKIP." a spokesman suggested., We didn't report him" insisted Nigel Farage, while...

Tammy Flugh 13.05.14 12:05pm
Tammy Flugh
Lib Dems Pledge to “Do Better Next Time”

Following the success of the 2010 General Election Campaign, Liberal Democrat election strategists are having all Lib Dem candidates sign a pledge saying that for the next term of office, if elected...

Deimos 13.05.14 11:43am
Football hacks enter first stage of world cup coverage: hype.

Britain's football hacks have been criticised for their unimaginative and old fashioned preparation for the world cup, after they elected for the traditional formation of hype, hysteria hubris and...

ronseal 13.05.14 11:42am
Rootin Tootin
Euro Greens Demand Compulsory Cabbage and Sprouts for School Meals.

Under the slogan of [i]‘a sprout is forever, not just for Christmas’ [/i]the European Green Party is campaigning for the mandatory inclusion of cabbages and sprouts in all school meals across the...

Rumour Control 13.05.14 11:22am
Rumour Control
Vauxhall unveils 23-seater dormobile 0
beckfordburger 13.05.14 10:56am
PM goes to aid of collapsed Take That star 4
topfotogmw 13.05.14 10:33am
Missing Plane 'So last month' Looking for Girls is the new Trend.

from Saviour Complex Monthly...

Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 10:08am
Dun Dunkin
Red wine alleged health benefits need LOTS more research claim scientists 0
RobArmstrong 13.05.14 9:59am
Rooney to increase training. Inflatable granny-doll suppliers working flat out. 0
beckfordburger 13.05.14 9:37am
Pistorius allergic to guns and corpses claims defence

The case against Oscar Pistorius was thrown out of court today when his defence lawyer claimed that 'he couldn't possibly have done it' as he was 'a bit of a scaredy cat' when it came to loud noises....

RobArmstrong 13.05.14 8:18am
Terrified Boko Haram Protest At Threat To Send In St Trinian's Girl Troops

Titus 13.05.14 7:57am
Labour wards 'not for regular childbirth'; to be reserved for Labour councillors 0
NewBiscuit 13.05.14 7:50am
‘Tickly cough’ may be enough to trigger Richard & Judy’s suicide pact...

According to the couple’s agent, Richard Madeley is taking the suicide pact very seriously. “Since that celebrated ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the TV Awards, he’s been checking on Judy’s...

Tripod 13.05.14 7:31am
‘Gash refs next year’ says Prem League 0
farmer giles 13.05.14 7:11am
farmer giles
Rescuers Fed up Looking for Plane Go Looking for Girls 0
Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 7:08am
Dun Dunkin
Barlow ‘should keep oboe’ 0
farmer giles 13.05.14 7:01am
farmer giles
Axminster Carpet workers have rug pulled from underneath them. 2
godly1966 13.05.14 6:58am
And and Dec sign thumb amputation pact 0
sydalg 13.05.14 6:56am
1xtra hope no one looks at the lyrics of the songs they play

1xtra been playing homophobic, sexist, incitement to violence and law breaking for years and no one been sacked because that would be racist...

Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 6:48am
Dun Dunkin
Wearing Balaklavas at European Elections 'optional'

Officials played down a rumour that to vote these days you need to wear a balaklava...

Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 6:12am
If just one actor can shag a prozzie then loss of freedom of speech has all been

worthwhile. says Hacked Off activist...

ronseal 13.05.14 6:08am
I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here abandons plans to film in Nigeria. 0
deskpilot3 12.05.14 10:23pm