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Titanic memorial cruise may not follow original route exactly 7
Mandy Lifeboat 3 years
Billy Zane's movie career the latest relic at Titanic exhibition 0
Iamthestig 3 years
Battleship showing cancelled after seats B6,7 &8 are booked and a destroyer sank 0
Ian Searle 3 years
Mega millions jackpot winners unveiled as UK's richest tax avoiders by Treasury 0
simonjmr 3 years
Old pepsi can still on display in Peckham Vending machine 1
paddyparkinson 3 years
Captain Hook to be extradited to Neverland 0
Tomfinger 3 years
Cameron admits he was a New Romantic in Japan 0
Scronnyglonkle 3 years
Branson calls in Tena to stem celebrity leaks 0
weematt 3 years
Osborne blubs, "mates won't tell me how to avoid tax" 0
Tomfinger 3 years
Beggars to strike over 'working conditions' 6
Perks 3 years

The union that represents all of the UK’s beggars, the Beggared Up Movement (BUM), has today announced they will strike following a ballot that took place in every public toilet last Tuesday. The...

Osborne 'shocked' to discover that not everybody is a millionaire 0
Scroat 3 years

More posh tosh soon...

George Osborne insists "I'm not the Prince of Darkness" 0
Scronnyglonkle 3 years
Publisher admits pop-up book on erectile dysfunction was "misguided". 0
Lemon difficult 3 years
God admits “possible error” in writing Bible in the 3rd person 5
Yikes 3 years

Well known Supreme Being, God, chose Easter Sunday to candidly reflect on his 10,000 year literary career. Noting the steady decline of Christian believers over the last century, God wondered if it...

Oxford University rowers to embark on 'memorial cruise' up the Thames 1
Perks 3 years

Members of the Oxford University boat race team that ‘sunk’ to defeat have announced they are to go on a cruise that retraces the route of their fateful voyage. Starting near Putney Bridge, the...

Diary entry questioned as Cameron mistakenly begins tour of ASDA. 1
weematt 3 years
PM To Visit Burma.... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

.Dave to provide the oil...

Dispute at monastery: Trappist Order has "No comment". 2
Mick99 3 years
M.A.R.R.S mars Marr's Mars 1
Mandy Lifeboat 3 years

BBC presenter Andrew Marr's afternoon tea and chocolate break spolit by loud 80's House music BBC spokesman reveals in desperate attempt at punnery...

Cheney’s health fragile following transplant 1
PhilThompson 3 years

WASHINGTON-- Former United States Vice President Dick Cheney was released from the hospital two weeks ago following his recent heart transplant, but his health remains in a fragile condition. Dick...

"The Voice" beaten in ratings by Channel 5's "Sing or Get Shot" 4
paddyparkinson 3 years
Man with two arseholes seeks closure after botched operation law-suit 0
AledW 3 years
Advert: BullVida Breakfast Chocolates 0
aalison 3 years

“I’m not eating chocolate instead of breakfast; these chocolates are made especially for breakfast.” This innovative breakfast food provides fast energy release from simple carbohydrates and...

Wind turbine complains of "eye-sore" of nearby Stockport 0
paddyparkinson 3 years
Mario Ballotelli buys pet iguana hovercraft for birthday 0
paddyparkinson 3 years
Student protests against early morning lectures turns violent 0
paddyparkinson 3 years
Rail line to link Rochdale to civilisation, world 0
paddyparkinson 3 years
Government concerned about increase in Prisoner Truency at jails 0
paddyparkinson 3 years
Katie Price arrested for smuggling immigrants into UK between breasts 0
paddyparkinson 3 years
‘Dear George’; newly elected MP for Bradford West helps with readers’ problems 15
3 years

George Galloway was sensationally voted in as MP for Bradford West last week, in an important victory for rampant opportunism. Now the Respect MP is here to empathise with your specific problems,...