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John Major to auction his Magic: The Gathering card collection for charity

more soon. Actually, I meant it, if people like the idea I'll come back and flesh this out a bit...

bonjonelson 06.12.13 8:45am
Mandela "not immortal" shock

Global leaders have been left reeling from the revelation that Nelson Mandela may not live forever. There is a now a distinct possibility that people will look to them to actually make the world a...

Wrenfoe 06.12.13 8:43am
White South Africans help 'Ding dong the wicked witch is dead' to top chart. 0
MADJEZ 06.12.13 1:30am
Man feels like political activist after 'liking' Nelson Mandela on Facebook. 0
MADJEZ 06.12.13 1:17am
FW De Klerk demands refund over twenty year old polonium purchase.

More conspiracy theories soon...

MADJEZ 06.12.13 1:11am
Film producers deny Mandela was 'offed' to boost ticket sales. 0
MADJEZ 06.12.13 1:00am
Killer soldier named as A Blackman; EDL unsure what to say now 3
Oxbridge 06.12.13 12:58am
Not Amused
As Xmas looms man dreading relatives question on "what exactly do you do?"

Metaphors, anecdotes and comparisons with occupations from a bygone age are hopeless when explaining "what exactly is it you do", according to a new report. The verdict will make grim reading for...

ronseal 06.12.13 12:49am
Jesus H
Chancellor's Autumn Statement - text in full.

"Lalalalalalalalalalalalllallaaaalalal flowers sunshine recovery lalalalalalalalalala. Sod off povs lalalalalalalalalala flogging off Eurostarlalalalalalalalalalahappy happy dancelalalalalalalalalala...

blokefromstoke 05.12.13 11:04pm
Dead man dies at film premiere 0
medici2471 05.12.13 11:02pm
Grieeeeeeeeeeve....Nelson Mandela 0
irreverendJ 05.12.13 10:41pm
World in shock as several people die in a week

With the deaths of Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker and the victims of the Glasgow helicopter crash coming so close together, many are wondering, what is going on? There is a belief that several people...

Hooch 05.12.13 10:40pm
Cameron: 'On the good side he can't claim benefits here'

More soon[code]...

antharrison 05.12.13 10:27pm
R I P eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nelson Mandela

More like him soon. .. If only. ....

Not Amused 05.12.13 10:23pm
Not Amused
Review:‘The Three Little Pigs’ brings high potential but lacks energy and talent

The Three Little Pigs is a long-loved fable, a delightful bedtime story, and now hitting the stage at Westlake Elementary School. Printed versions of the tale date back to the 1840s, but it is...

simonjh 05.12.13 9:51pm
custard cream
Dad honing 'significantly edgier' leg or breast routine for Xmas lunch 7
cinquecento 05.12.13 7:46pm
RSPCA backs winter cull of "witless rentagobs"

The RSPCA have called for a "Humane Cull" of half-arsed contrarian columnists and commentators in the wake of Katy Hopkins remarks about the Glasgow helicopter crash. Inspector Ray Tweed told media...

blokefromstoke 05.12.13 5:56pm
Alex Salmond promises an independent Scotland will be less windy. 2
MADJEZ 05.12.13 5:48pm
Man arrested for Fast-Forwarding through Adverts

Giles Ingleby was yesterday arrested by police on suspicion of theft after continued use of his Sky+ box to fast forward through adverts in programs, thereby depriving the broadcaster of much...

james_doc 05.12.13 5:44pm
'What's a tax disc' ask puzzled Scousers

We thought DVLA was Welsh for 'car', No more very soon...

Gerontius 05.12.13 4:44pm
Economist claims, 'Large plasma TV's are best indicator of poverty' 3
Dumbnews 05.12.13 4:42pm
Moyes finally masterminds an Everton victory at Old Trafford 1
Midfield Diamond 05.12.13 3:48pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Munster Koach/Wacky races Gruesome Twosome car crash a freak accident say police 0
Ian Searle 05.12.13 3:46pm
Ian Searle
Unemployment latest, tax disc holder manufacturers announce job loses.

No more soon...

Kramaring 05.12.13 2:49pm
Judge rules Sant A can be named. 0
Ian Searle 05.12.13 1:41pm
Ian Searle
Gove Launches New NVQ in Pig Wanking

Fresh on the heels of PM David Cameron's Coup in securing a £45m export deal with China, for the much valued commodity of pig seamen, the Education Secretary has invested in a new initiative to...

John Roughty 05.12.13 1:39pm
Tom Daley announces he is in a relationship with a dolphin. 0
bonjonelson 05.12.13 12:36pm
Bankrupt Guardian sets up murder of Marine to boost sales.

More deaths soon...

FOAD 05.12.13 12:25pm
Policeman whose main job was opening gate may struggle to prove hes not a pleb. 1
MADJEZ 05.12.13 11:55am
custard cream
'New pension age not cost effective' warn critics

Older people with absolutely no chance of ever finding a job again may have to remain unemployed until they are 68 before picking up their state pension warned Chancellor George Osborne, As part of...

Gerontius 05.12.13 10:39am