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Bognor Regis declared on-shore tax haven by UKIP. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 15.04.14 6:21pm
Al OPecia
Terror As North Korea Declares War On South Ealing

Titus 15.04.14 6:18pm
Al OPecia
'I have been servicing the community for years', Berlusconi happy with sentence

no more soon...

Not Amused 15.04.14 4:50pm
Not Amused
Milan OAPs call Dignitas, learning Berlusconi doing community service with them

No more soon...

Skylarking 15.04.14 4:32pm
Silvio Berlusconi promises to 'give your Nonna a good seeing to'

Italian homes for the elderly will soon be visited by the 'creosote crooner', otherwise known as 'Ol' Gropey' by his adoring under-age fans and tax accountants. The former Prime Minister has been...

Wrenfoe 15.04.14 4:20pm
Dadsnet website suffers more debilitating version of Heartbleed bug 2
Adrian Bamforth 15.04.14 4:02pm
Moscow Airport Lav' Doors….

….Back to Cold War Easy Limbo Dance size...

Jesse Bigg 15.04.14 2:55pm
Jesse Bigg
'Help-to-buy' to be extended to cover rail season tickets

Latest leaks from Whitehall indicate that the government is planning to extend the help-to-buy scheme - which has allowed thousands of people to join the housing market with only a 5% deposit - in...

NewBiscuit 15.04.14 2:48pm
Not Amused
"Outrageous, ridiculous, absurd" - UKIP 5
Not Amused 15.04.14 2:24pm
Adrian Bamforth
Noise Abatement Society calls for all lawnmowers to be tuned to Middle C

The popular pastime of relaxing in the garden listening to all the neighbours cutting their grass at the same time is set to become a more harmonious experience. Sonic environmental group the Noise...

Midfield Diamond 15.04.14 12:59pm
Midfield Diamond
Daily Mail seeks inspirational Hypochondriac to edit Good Health Section

The Daily Mail is seeking to appoint the UK's most innovative Hypochondriac to take over the Editorship of the 250 strong team that creates our award-winning Good Health Section. Here at Good Health...

Lenny Bee 15.04.14 12:20pm
Lenny Bee
Syria was sooooooo last year!

Despite entering their third year of civil war many Syrians are starting to look drab, unwashed and unloved in comparison to fashionable parts of crisis-torn Eastern Europe. Once considered 'quite...

Wrenfoe 15.04.14 11:05am
Fathers unable to bond with their kids without shared Star Wars knowledge

A study of young parents has revealed that new fathers are unable to relate to their children without a shared knowledge of the Star Wars universe, with many refusing to take part in their upbringing...

Adrian Bamforth 15.04.14 8:54am
Giant rat found in cabinet office

Take your pick...

Underconstruction 15.04.14 8:23am
EU committee confirms sea 'definitely made of water' 0
RobArmstrong 15.04.14 8:18am
Manning - Confirmed Placement at the University of The Sore Bum.

Former Private First Class, Bradley Manning, now inmate 89289 (Chelsea ?) Manning has made a few major mistakes in his/her life, firstly by leaking 250,000 diplomatic cables and 500,000 army reports,...

Rumour Control 15.04.14 8:12am
Rumour Control
Farage - abusing expenses is only way to be taken seriously as a politician 0
throngsman 15.04.14 7:33am
Alleged Islamic takeover of schools 'can't be worse than Gove'

A Birmingham inquiry into a hard-line Muslims taking control of city schools, it set to conclude that a fundamentalist rejection of 21st century learning 'can not be more detrimental' than the...

Wrenfoe 14.04.14 10:46pm
Village thrown into disarray as plumber arrives on time

The small Dorset village of Fromley has been thrown into turmoil in recent weeks after a local plumber carried out a series of small jobs in a punctual, efficient and inexpensive manner. Many...

bookiesfriend 14.04.14 9:16pm
'Bloody men' responsible for 'Mumsnet' security breach

MTF (I'm just putting the kids to bed)...

Underconstruction 14.04.14 9:08pm
New animal slaughter laws "insensitive" to humans 0
Dumbnews 14.04.14 8:50pm
Pistorius's Valentine Message

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Why do you spend, So much time in the loo? Violets are blue, Roses are red, If you don't hurry up, I'll shoot you dead When I see red, Violence I do, To all...

Titus 14.04.14 6:13pm
Coulson tells jury 'I loved journalism so much I slept with red top' 0
bookiesfriend 14.04.14 5:30pm
Pistorius trial suspended in order to extinguish underpants fire 2
NewBiscuit 14.04.14 2:12pm
Rise in London Marathon deaths : DWP suggest unemployed take part 0
camz 14.04.14 1:55pm
'Germans' With Snow On Their Boots Build New Wall In Berlin To Deter The West 0
Titus 14.04.14 1:07pm
Ofsnack claims some take-aways are being run by radical muslims. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 14.04.14 12:43pm
Putin: Balaclava-wearing Kiev-botherers are Pussy Riot fans 0
Adrian Bamforth 14.04.14 12:39pm
Adrian Bamforth
Amazon drone strike wins over Taliban leaders

Early reports indicate a stunning success in what's seen as a unique contribution between American military experts and online giant Amazon. USAF Commander Chuck Hagen said, "We sent it a shipload...

custard cream 14.04.14 12:31pm
Adrian Bamforth
Bansky-style stencil packs on sale up north in bid to push up house prices

A revolutionary plan to increase house prices in the north of England was unveiled today – DIY Banksy-style stencil packs. House price analysts have noticed that whenever the world-famous...

farmer giles 14.04.14 12:13pm