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Mercedes test 'bagpipes' exhaust system to address F1 noise criticism… More soon

Mercedes test 'bagpipes' exhaust system to address F1 noise criticism… More soon...

ick-head 14.05.14 9:57am
BA switches to biofuel; Richard Branson launches Virgin Olive Oil flights 6
Adrian Bamforth 14.05.14 9:12am
custard cream
'Last Man Standing' award for Tony Blackburn

After months of questioning, investigation and developed vetting, Tony Blackburn has received the Radio Academy Award for being the last DJ from the seventies still at liberty to work. Mr Blackburn,...

RobArmstrong 14.05.14 8:42am
People who bought a house in the 1990s 'still smug', confirms survey

All those who purchased a house in the late 1990s are 'still smug', according to a survey carried out by Halifax this week. The famous house price boom, which saw the value of many properties explode...

Jesus H 14.05.14 8:41am
IRA Activists to Sue Pub landlord

Following the disclosure that the Northern Ireland Police had obtained incriminating evidence of wrongdoing in the Troubles by asking questions is to be challenged in court. 'When I told a fella in a...

throngsman 14.05.14 7:30am
Gary Barlow registers other Take That members as 'offshore assets'

Gary Barlow has registered fellow boy band members of Take That as offshore assets in order to minimise tax liabilities towards funding his fellow bandmates. As boyband members, Barlow said these...

David K 14.05.14 5:58am
Efficient manager only does the 80/20 of the 80/20 0
Dumbnews 14.05.14 3:29am
EU must remove MPs if they are out of date or irrelevant, court rules 0
Not Amused 13.05.14 11:31pm
Not Amused
Turkey miners in giblet bonanza 0
Mork 13.05.14 9:06pm
Latest: Britain's Got Talent cancelled due too much Talent 0
vulture1 13.05.14 9:02pm
O'Farrell announces Boco Haram/Procol Harum amnesty until midnight.

The editor has invoked Newbiscuit's 'Flogged so far beyond dead horse we're into meat tenderising territory' clause. Contributors have until midnight tonight to add to the numerous hysterically funny...

MADJEZ 13.05.14 8:39pm
Independent Scotland to win World Cup within 3 years pledges Salmond

In what many observers are calling his most outlandish promise to date Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has pledged that an independent Scotland will win the football world cup within 3 years of...

bookiesfriend 13.05.14 8:33pm
Rolf Harris backs "right to be forgotten". 0
deskpilot3 13.05.14 7:57pm
Civil Servants expect Britain to lose the World Cup, Wimbledon, Eurovision...

Six Nations, Commonwealth Games, all games of Monopoly with Angela Merkel, Rock Paper Scissors, Marbles, Space Race, Stephen Fry, Astrazeneca. The list goes on...

deskpilot3 13.05.14 7:50pm
Euro Elections: Clegg sets out Lib Dem target to get into double figures.

That's not MEPs, just votes. Harsh? You decide...

deskpilot3 13.05.14 7:46pm
Thousands Volunteer To Implement Richard & Judy Death Pact 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 13.05.14 7:10pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Google hires 10 000 new staff as John Smith wins right to removal from searches 1
sydalg 13.05.14 6:08pm
UK Government agree plans to move the Isle of Wight to London

One of the first proposals to be agreed under the Coalition Governments new Biodiversity-offsetting scheme is the recreation of a better Isle of Wight in London. Under Biodiversity-offsetting rules,...

ick-head 13.05.14 6:01pm
German teacher wrecks washroom facilities in 'Breaking Bad' 1
sydalg 13.05.14 5:49pm
Lib Dems appoint Santa Claus as campaign manager

Lib Dems were on the offensive this week with another round of policies in light of the forthcoming elections in 2015. Proposals include promises of guaranteed profits with CoOp shares, the abolition...

Robert Koch 13.05.14 5:07pm
Robert Koch
Internet in turmoil as man called Google demands "right to be forgotten" 0
sydalg 13.05.14 4:52pm
Outrage as Nigerian hashtag bandwagon claims more victims

The UN today were poised to intervene after yet another atrocity in the case of the missing Nigerian schoolgirls. 'The situation simply cannot be allowed to continue', stated a UN spokesman, not...

Squudge 13.05.14 4:44pm
Chelses sign sponsorship deal with Costa after signing Athletico Madrid striker

more soon, A bit like when Man. Utd had a sponsorship deal with Sharp and had Lee Sharp playing for them...

custard cream 13.05.14 4:41pm
Turkey mine collapse latest : hundreds of turkeys feared dead 0
NewBiscuit 13.05.14 3:48pm
100% of billionaires "knob heads"

UK scientists have announced an exhaustive survey of the world's billionaires and concluded that all of them are knob heads. A spokesman explained; "at first we thought it was just Murdoch, but the...

apepper 13.05.14 2:51pm
Police arrest confused thieves after hold up at Glasgow Bitcoin store

Police in Glasgow have arrested 2 men following a botched attempt to rob a second hand electronics store which is taking part in a trial for use of the virtual currency Bitcoin. The trial allows...

bookiesfriend 13.05.14 2:30pm
Tourist who let stranger pack his bags admits he was "taking a chance" 0
sydalg 13.05.14 1:56pm
Conspiracy theorists silenced as Facebook removes 'wink' emoticon 0
cinquecento 13.05.14 1:53pm
Seventies celebrities revealed to be behind "right to be forgotten" campaign 1
sydalg 13.05.14 1:24pm
pere floza
Court backs 'right to be forgotten'

15 minutes of fame not all its cracked up to be...

Dun Dunkin 13.05.14 1:23pm
Dun Dunkin