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SNP Abandons Referendum Following Grangemouth Closure 1
Titus 23.10.13 9:38pm
Auric Goldfinger wins BBC's latest quiz show - Criminal Mastermind 0
Smart Alex 23.10.13 9:35pm
Smart Alex
Grangemouth workers not included as godparents to Prince George

INEOS chairman, Jim Ratcliffe, has made it clear that unless the petrochemical workforce adopt reduced pensions, double-barrelled surnames and a taste for white truffles they will not be invited to...

Wrenfoe 23.10.13 9:32pm
Jesus H
Researchers find no difference between left twix and right twix 1
custard cream 23.10.13 8:45pm
Obama tells Merkel 'Vee haf vays of hearing you talk' 0
MADJEZ 23.10.13 8:02pm
Accused jockey asks for 10 other fences to be taken into account 0
cinquecento 23.10.13 7:55pm
High apple price blamed on windfall tax. 1
godly1966 23.10.13 7:54pm
Orchard owners face windfall tax 1
Ian Searle 23.10.13 7:52pm
Chemists near Gypsy campsites report an increase in sales of black hair dye 2
Scronnyglonkle 23.10.13 6:38pm
Shoppers’ dilemma deciding between cancer research and a local swimming club

The Waitrose shoppers of Buckingham have been faced with a truly daunting moral dilemma this week, as they vote whether the shop should pledge money towards Cancer Research UK or a local swimming...

TobiasBV 23.10.13 5:14pm
Crematoria 'to help supply national grid' says PM

With energy costs at their highest yet, David Cameron has announced plans to link crematoria across the UK to the national grid. The revelation followed a question by opposition leader, David...

Dick Everyman 23.10.13 4:57pm
Dick Everyman
Business boasts less negative reviews than competitors 0
Dumbnews 23.10.13 4:24pm
Man writes a positive online review 0
Dumbnews 23.10.13 4:07pm
92-year-old Greek benefits tourist caught in company of man "not his real son"

Police are questioning a Greek man who they say has been “living on benefits since he landed in England around 70 years ago” and is suspected of having abducted the 64-year-old man he claims is...

sydalg 23.10.13 3:53pm
Lens Cap
Creationists celebrate Universe's 6017th birthday 0
sydalg 23.10.13 3:04pm
Govt. announces 'Blonde children and gypsies' repatriation Taskforce 0
custard cream 23.10.13 2:49pm
custard cream
2014 Tour de France to be made more challenging by using square wheels 0
custard cream 23.10.13 2:38pm
custard cream
Get Anthea Turner 'adopted' by gypsies petition reaches over 1m signatures 0
custard cream 23.10.13 2:35pm
custard cream
Oh yes and I was also stolen by gypsies, claims Amanda Holden 2
medici2471 23.10.13 2:33pm
custard cream
Another posting policy u-turn. Facebook management acting like headless chickens 0
weematt 23.10.13 12:27pm
After listening to 70 million calls the NSA confirm the French are dull too 0
gregle 23.10.13 10:35am
Aussie bush fires 'best hope' of regaining the ashes. 3
Gary Stanton 23.10.13 9:50am
Gary Stanton
Big Take Up For Scottish Dancing Classes Amongst Foreign Oil Executives.......

As the "jilt" is their delight...

Jesse Bigg 23.10.13 8:55am
Jesse Bigg
Abu Hamza and Richard Dawkins named as Prince George's godparents

More to follow...

apepper 23.10.13 8:42am
White Van Woman, In A Mess Again...

Can't count, won't count - "I know, I'll blame it on the underlings as usual."...

Jesse Bigg 23.10.13 8:28am
Jesse Bigg
Spain snap-up disused 'Go Home Vans' to rid Costa Del Sol of 'pissed-up English'

The Mayor of popular Costa Del Sol resort town Fuengirola has been quick to invest in over thirty disused 'Go Home Vans' from the UK today, in a last-ditch effort to stem the influx of drunken and...

Jesus H 23.10.13 8:07am
Pleb Complains Of Ministerial Slur 0
Titus 23.10.13 7:20am
Police Arrest Minister For Illegally Taping Police Investigation 0
Titus 23.10.13 7:11am
John Major calls for reintroduction of two pin plug

Former Prime Minister John Major has intervened in the energy price row by calling for a 33% reduction in the number of pins on UK electric plugs. "Many other countries get by with only two pins,...

nickb 23.10.13 7:10am
'Global Warming Caused By Australian Bush Fires' Claim 0
Titus 23.10.13 7:03am