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MI6 anxiously await outcome of 'body in a well' enquiry 3
medici2471 19.11.13 10:12am
Rootin Tootin
Tories' Big Idea For Pensioners' Winter Heating….

……Skipping ropes...

Jesse Bigg 19.11.13 9:39am
Jesse Bigg
O A P's Scared Of Crossing The Road?…..

….Well dither thee not, my friend, because the barrow boy's are with you. Just jump in for a jiffy and you'll be over the road in a niffy...

Jesse Bigg 19.11.13 9:24am
Jesse Bigg
Parliament to publish staffing levels

In a new initiative to eliminate poor outcomes for voters in the UK, from next April the House of Commons and House of Lords will be required to publish the number of members sitting in the house...

NewBiscuit 19.11.13 9:07am
Denis MacShane's expenses too Hi-de-Hi! 3
Squudge 19.11.13 8:29am
sponge finger
Catholic Church denies Pope caught having a quick "selfie" on BBC news website 0
irreverendJ 19.11.13 8:27am
Tories court young voters with "Labour isn't twerking" billboard campaign 4
Scronnyglonkle 19.11.13 8:25am
Kevin the Swan
Whirling Dervishes win Turner Prize 0
bonjonelson 19.11.13 8:23am
Men worldwide in state of shock as true definition of "a selfie" is revealed 1
irreverendJ 19.11.13 7:39am
Xmas Perfume Advert Successfully Deciphered

The meaning behind a pre-Christmas perfume advertisement has been successfully decoded for the first time in television history, it has been revealed. An expert team of academics, working with some...

jp1885 19.11.13 7:27am
Not Amused
Female serial killer's barrister ditched 2
medici2471 19.11.13 12:54am
Flowers investigation finds most jobs require better quality people.

more news, as we get it...

Squudge 18.11.13 10:41pm
sponge finger
Truckers' union confident of beating cyclist death record

"Death on Christmas Day in London a definite possibility" say union bosses...

disarco 18.11.13 10:33pm
Student of 'Breaking Bad' still doesn't get how to make blue crystal meth

Comprehensive school chemistry teacher Will Woods (45) still can't cook blue crystal meth despite having studied all five series of 'Breaking Bad'. 'I've diligently watched every episode', he...

roybland 18.11.13 10:27pm
A little weed grasses up Bill and Ben as Flower's pot men 3
irreverendJ 18.11.13 9:05pm
Adopt a FTSE director for Xmas

With winter approaching charities have been forced to make an appeal on behalf of neglected and unwanted company CEOs. As their average pay has only increased by a meagre £3.3m; it is feared that...

Wrenfoe 18.11.13 8:30pm
Al OPecia
Fair Trade ‘Charlie’ Pays Dividends for Co-Op

Taking inspiration from its troubled banking arm, the Co-Operative group has announced that it is branching out into the ‘exciting and lucrative’ market of ethically sourced narcotics....

jp1885 18.11.13 7:50pm
Conspiracy Theorist proved right death of JFK linked to Dr Who's birth!

Yes it is true Dr Who came to life within minutes of the death of US President Kennedy. Dr Who's birth team tried in vain to put the blame on Lee Harvey Oswald. Conspiracy theorists heard others...

2escapees 18.11.13 7:19pm
Root-and-branch review of Flowers 0
medici2471 18.11.13 6:11pm
Psychiatrist suggests insecure man change his password 0
Dumbnews 18.11.13 5:13pm
Search engines to end 'paedophile' spell check support

Leading search engine companies Google and Microsoft will no longer help users spell 'paedophile' in a bold move to block access to paedophilia sites. The internet companies are responding to David...

roybland 18.11.13 4:52pm
Record viewing figures for new series of ‘I’m a Filipino, get me out of here’

Across the country, millions of householders took to their armchairs last night to tune in and laugh once more at the misery of others. They watched as the latest mixed bunch of sad people were...

Midfield Diamond 18.11.13 3:51pm
Vatican installs air pump to test papal inflatability 1
sydalg 18.11.13 1:12pm
Politician praises the Cyruses as a typical hard twerking family 2
ronseal 18.11.13 12:47pm
Irish rugby players, “Don’t give a XXXX ®”

The Irish Rugby Union has criticised its players for not taking Saturday’s game with Australia seriously by turning up sober for the game., After the 32-15 drubbing in Dublin, Ireland’s head...

cinnahmon 18.11.13 12:06pm
Egotists stuck together boring viewers and each other. PMQs every wednesday 0
Not Amused 18.11.13 11:42am
Not Amused
Magners accused of "in cider trading". More soon. 8
Al OPecia 18.11.13 11:07am
Sun, Daily Express, and Daily Mail Merge

Busty blonde Tiffany (22) from Essex predicts coldest winter since records began. Blames immigrants...

Smart Alex 18.11.13 10:19am
Dopey banker gets smack on wrist for buying pot for Flowers

Bank worker Adrian Williams thought he’d carried out his boss’s orders when he returned to the branch with what he thought would cheer the place up a bit. But the manager, Methadonist Minister...

Midfield Diamond 18.11.13 10:17am
Dick Everyman
Road to recovery closed for resurfacing 8
jp1885 18.11.13 10:13am
Dick Everyman