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Horses meet at Tesco - a tragic love story

More soon I felt left out not posting something about tesco and our equine DNA stsrters...

Not Amused 16.01.13 8:21am
Not Amused
Do you want fries with that?

Neigh. I'm dead funny, me...

JonnyJP 16.01.13 8:16am
Tesco To Change It's Name To.....


Jesse Bigg 16.01.13 8:08am
Jesse Bigg
Tesco investigation moves to France as frog and snail DNA found in fish fingers 0
flyerblade 16.01.13 8:08am
Tesco guarantees new 'Finest Soylent' range burgers will be horse meat free 0
flyerblade 16.01.13 7:50am
Tesco admit selling French beef 2
Perks 16.01.13 7:36am
Tesco to investigate presence of meat in burgers 0
TerribleTim 16.01.13 7:31am
Tesco introduce Jockey Clubcard 0
medici2471 16.01.13 7:29am
No pig DNA found in Tesco pork sausages 0
medici2471 16.01.13 7:10am
Administrator Deloitte hopes to sell HMV - on eBay or Amazon, possibly Gumtree 2
antharrison 16.01.13 7:07am
"Dreamliner mishaps just an excuse to use the inflatabale chutes", says Boeing 1
Dumbnews 16.01.13 7:06am
Beef found in French horse burgers 0
Dick Everyman 16.01.13 7:03am
Dick Everyman
Tesco's 'every litter helps' plea welcomed by animal rescue centres 0
tedweasel 16.01.13 5:43am
Tesco launches new luxury range of burgers with No Added Shergar 1
ronseal 16.01.13 12:08am
Lens Cap
Shergar to play bit part in new telco advert

Tesco today revealed they had signed Shergar to play a bit part in a new advert...

tonyhill 15.01.13 10:58pm
Lens Cap
Government warns Isle of Wight residents not to worship snow 0
SJM 15.01.13 10:51pm
Easyjet to charge Christian passengers "crucifix tax". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 15.01.13 10:22pm
Araucaria: "No morose chum ton" (Anag. 3,4,4,4). 1
Al OPecia 15.01.13 10:20pm
Mandy Lifeboat
"Dobbinburger" Stories Just Anti-EU Propaganda Claim Europhile MPs 0
Titus 15.01.13 10:15pm
European Court of Human Rights allows Peter Hitchens 'to wear a cross face'

more later...

dvo4fun 15.01.13 10:07pm
Humans 'may die out' as internet generation fails to reproduce by bukkake, anal - 2

Many modern parents are relieved that the easy availability of pornography on the internet means they no longer have to have the difficult 'Conversation' with their offspring about how babies are...

rickwestwell 15.01.13 9:45pm
Man Pays £840 for Eight Haunches of Venison But Clams It Was Two Deer. 1
Titus 15.01.13 9:39pm
Lens Cap
It's the vinyl countdown 8
Perks 15.01.13 9:35pm
Lens Cap
Tesco drop The Galloping Gourmet from future TV adverts 0
bonjonelson 15.01.13 9:26pm
Thirty year BeefShergar project unmasked 2
Pharcite 15.01.13 9:05pm
British Airways unveils first ‘Happy-Clapper’ Air Bus

Christians throughout the world are today united in joy at the announcement by British Airways to operate the world’s first Christians only Air Bus. Affectionately known as the...

Dick Everyman 15.01.13 9:03pm
Dick Everyman
Aldi burgers found to be sweetened with large amounts of Shergar 2
charlies_hat 15.01.13 9:03pm
John Smiths to water down their beer, “to save landlords the trouble”... 2
Tripod 15.01.13 9:01pm
Shergar finally found. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 15.01.13 8:55pm
Al OPecia
Luvvies boast they're one adaptation away from wiping out PG Wodehouse for ever

Luvvies are killing PG Wodehouse's memory one adaptation at a time - and its no accident, says a shocking expose on BBC. With a series of buttock clenchingly awful televised abominations, the luvvie...

ronseal 15.01.13 8:49pm