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EU awarded Nobel Peace Prize for being too broke to start any wars... 2
Tripod 14.10.12 2:32pm
Campaign begins to highlight the 'detarmacation' of world's concrete jungles

Urban environmentalists have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the increased detarmacation of the world's concrete jungles. The mass 'soiling' of the world's towns and cities is the direct...

Perks 16.10.12 9:58am
Revealed: Not all Luton van drivers come from Luton. 0
Boutros 14.10.12 11:14am
Territorial Army to be renamed "The Army" 4
Nails UK 15.10.12 1:41pm
Rise in injured children blamed on new 'concrete jungle gym' 0
Perks 14.10.12 9:17am
Jimmy Savile's gravestone to be made into dance floor

More to follow...

apepper 14.10.12 9:09am
Portrait of Audley Harrison perfectly captures his face on canvas 2
charlies_hat 14.10.12 8:48am
Young Scottish voters to be given ‘What. Ever.’ option

Teenagers in Scotland will have several new choices added to their ballot papers if plans go ahead to give 16- and-17-year-olds a vote in the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum. While...

DustyBinLaden 14.10.12 9:03am
Cheetah fined for using special Wildebeest lanes

A Cheetah has received a record fine and faces having his license revoked after repeatedly flouting the new Concrete Jungle Traffic Management system (dubbed 'Moto-Moto' by CJ motorists). The...

Squudge 14.10.12 5:54pm
Why have a go at Audley Harrison? He never hurt anyone... 0
Tripod 13.10.12 10:35pm
The Chancellor mobilises the troops for spontaneous un-invasion

Defence chiefs are hurriedly drawing up plans for a faster withdrawal from Afghanistan, after George Osborne said so. Spooked by the latest random gesture from Gorgeous George, hardened soldiers are...

Squudge 14.10.12 7:27am
Reject Clone Gnu 0
Sinnick 13.10.12 7:27pm
Tourists despair at holiday scam

Holidaymakers have complained in droves to Offish, the official regulator of Foreign Inclusive Service Holidays, after a package tour advertising a Rain Forest experience on a Mediterranean Island...

Ironduke 13.10.12 7:44pm
BBC admits questions must be asked about Johnny Ball reveals all

He said think of a number, then he massaged my figures More soon...

simonjmr 13.10.12 6:56pm
bbc all clear in Saville as saville had no criminal records

Unlike Mr Glitter he did not own a computer on which to download such material and coumputers he did not own directly but could only have access to through personal service companies he could not be...

4ty2 13.10.12 5:20pm
Psychic claims she was violated by the ghost of Jimmy Savile. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 13.10.12 6:52pm
custard cream
Jimmy Savile impersonators left speechless. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 13.10.12 4:26pm
Neil Armstrong posthumously stripped of moonwalk 0
simonjmr 13.10.12 3:43pm
London set to emulate L.A's Shuttle excitement

virtuallywill 13.10.12 1:30pm
Dyslexic diabetic overheats after insulation overdose. 0
weematt 13.10.12 12:36pm
R Kelly 'believed he could fly' claim rejected by RAF recruitment team 0
custard cream 13.10.12 12:28pm
custard cream
MP calls for ban on "potentially lethal" Lava cocktails

The MP for Bristol South, Philip Cheesewring, has called for an immediate ban on the sale of cocktails containing lava after a recent incident where one of his constituents had nearly half a pound of...

bonjonelson 13.10.12 10:59am
Protestors at Milan Fashion Show clash with police over plans for third runway 1
bonjonelson 13.10.12 10:02am
BBC Reconsiders Royal Charter In Wake Of Plantagenet King's Child Bride Scandal

In a desperate attempt to pre-empt further accusations of complicity, in the wake of a series of child abuse scandals surrounding public figures associated with the broadcaster, the BBC today...

Nowherefast 13.10.12 10:08pm
'They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot' because of an error in the plans 2
Perks 13.10.12 12:22pm
custard cream
Scientists report suprise reactions to element 63's Nobel peace prize

One for the nerds. Hang on, that's all of us isn't it?...

charlies_hat 13.10.12 2:06pm
Welcome to the Mall

American hard rock combo Guns ‘n Roses have been forced to re-record a track off their 1987 chart topping album ‘Appetite for Destruction’ after an area of land featured on one of the tracks...

Gerontius 13.10.12 6:49am
The man from Santander, he says "no" 0
ginty 13.10.12 6:04am
Northampton: Kiddie Fiddler Capital of Britain

I was dismayed to learn that Northampton, a town previously famous only for shoemaking and homosexual chat show hosts, has now, apparently, become a haven for child molesters., I recently purchased...

arthurminnit 13.10.12 6:46am
The Secret Cabal
Man must sleep on street after following loft insulation advice.

"Every time they put up the price of gas, the advice the gas company gives is to add 6 inches of insulation to my loft," explains Mr Boon, staggering back from B&Q with eight rolls of yellow...

Boutros 14.10.12 10:03pm
Vertically Challenged Giant