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blacklesbianandproudofit 15.08.14 8:56am
Sunni & Shia reuniting for one last farewell tour in Northern Iraq...

UN humanitarian aid effort aims to prevent them singing...

Walter Eagle 15.08.14 8:06am
Walter Eagle
Dyslexic fisherman has accident that wasn't his fault - calls Clams Direct

Hat tip to Sydalg...

Smart Alex 15.08.14 8:05am
Pulis to take over in Iraq

Outgoing Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis is now favourite to take over the vacate managers position in Iraq., The move could see Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki heading in the opposite direction...

Gerontius 15.08.14 7:54am
Iraq: Obama takes a stand (as no fences to sit on). 0
Ted King 15.08.14 7:33am
Ted King
ISIS overtake Nazis as lazy political analogy of choice for internet users

Islamic State, the militant group formerly known as ISIS, celebrated today as it overtook Nazi Germany as the standard comparative device for evil used on internet discussion forums. Where once...

Adrian Bamforth 15.08.14 5:25am
NHS faces legal bill after gouging incident

Scores of people have been left with impaired vision after an NHS endorsed ‘man with a spoon’ botched several eye operations. It has emerged that half of the 60 patients who underwent surgery...

Luke Tuesday 15.08.14 1:56am
Luke Tuesday
Dyslexic fisherman enjoys clam before the storm 4
sydalg 15.08.14 12:55am
Police Look for Bachelor Boy in Bachelor Pad 1
Dun Dunkin 14.08.14 11:57pm
Russian Aid Convoy Arrives In Ukraine

Titus 14.08.14 9:53pm
Smug Americans baffled as police violence fails to solve real issues behind riot 0
Bigglesworth 14.08.14 9:04pm
Sir Cliff Richard Denies That He Was Ever Assaulted By Anyone 0
Titus 14.08.14 9:04pm
Nicholas Lyndhurst's TV career mourned as he ends up on 'New Tricks'.

Millions of TV fans are mourning the loss of the former TV legend's career and self-esteem. Many were shocked to hear he would be joining the old stars home or New Tricks as it's known in the...

MADJEZ 14.08.14 8:12pm
Public More Concerned About Dickless Wonder Running Country Than One-Armed Pilot 1
IABP 2 14.08.14 7:39pm
Lib Dems to introduce squad numbering

Following revelations that a lot of the public can't remember which one is which, the Lib Dems have announced that they will introduce squad numbering for the 2015 General Election. Each existing MP...

GrahamB 14.08.14 7:23pm
Cliff Richard - an apology

Cliff Richard has explained that when he said he was feeling Hank Marvin, it was a colloquial use of rhyming slang and not an admission of any kind...

GrahamB 14.08.14 7:16pm
Suarez bites lip after latest ruling

“I must bite the bullet and train hard as my short-term career has bit the dust. Thanks to Barcelona for taking me on – I am sure I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew and the last thing I...

farmer giles 14.08.14 7:11pm
farmer giles
Flybe boasts three-armed pilot on Chernobyl route 0
sydalg 14.08.14 6:31pm
Man who hates only .0000000001% of gays accused of homeophobia 0
sydalg 14.08.14 6:23pm
Pepsi claim people would drink piss if it had their name on the bottle.

More idiotic marketing soon...

MADJEZ 14.08.14 6:21pm
Cliff denies allegations he has the haircut of a boy under 16 years old.

More age-inappropriate hairstyles soon.

MADJEZ 14.08.14 6:20pm
Jack and Jill to sue NHS 111

Jack Hammer and his partner Sue are sueing NHS 111 for what they claim was "wholly inadequate advice" following a fall they had while collecting water near their idyllic rural cottage. "We went up...

GrahamB 14.08.14 6:08pm
Police find no evidence of tasteful decor in Cliff Richard property 0
Bigglesworth 14.08.14 5:38pm
Luis Suarez apologises for biting judges

Luis Suarez has apologised for an incident when a judge of the Court of Arbitration for Sport claimed to have been bitten on his sentencing arm. "He slipped and fell against me," said Suarez. "It's...

GrahamB 14.08.14 5:28pm
Govt says there are 1000 Brits fighting in Iraq

Trouble is the govt didn't send them and they fighting on the wrong side...

Dun Dunkin 14.08.14 5:27pm
Cliff in Berkshire Hunt. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.08.14 5:14pm
Al OPecia
1970's music videos posted on YewTube. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.08.14 5:12pm
Al OPecia
Cliff and His Shadows Hit the Headlines.

Police give the operation the full tabloid exposure...

Dun Dunkin 14.08.14 5:09pm
Dun Dunkin
Mixed A-Level results; pass rate good, but mainly by ugly students

Today's A-Level results are somewhat mixed; although many students have achieved A and A* passes, most of these are mingers or at least spotty geeks...

apepper 14.08.14 5:00pm
Peter Pan of Pop a Paedo? 0
Ref Minor 14.08.14 4:49pm
Ref Minor