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Shock as James McCormick also supplied lie detectors to 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'.

Doubts have also been cast on the results of their DNA tests after Luke Skywalker is proved not to be Darth Vader's son, and Tesco burgers are 100% beef...

Ian Searle 23.04.13 9:53pm
Ian Searle
Whoops 0
Ian Searle 23.04.13 9:49pm
Ian Searle
Men who sold fake promises to Iraq still at large 0
Sir Lupus 23.04.13 9:43pm
Sir Lupus
ITV censured for decades of lightweight programmes 0
Sir Lupus 23.04.13 9:38pm
Sir Lupus
Up to half of all designer label bomb detectors fake, warn police 0
sydalg 23.04.13 9:11pm
Fake bomb detector seller found on beach 1
victimms 23.04.13 8:19pm
Al OPecia
Deep-fried Mars bar ruled out as unit of Scots currency 0
sydalg 23.04.13 7:51pm
Whipsnade Zoo removes sign referring to Leighton Buzzard 0
custard cream 23.04.13 7:33pm
custard cream
American shoppers boycott muslin fabric in protest at al Qaeda bombing 0
custard cream 23.04.13 7:29pm
custard cream
How I adore Vulgar Latin derived Indo-European languages! 0
Ironduke 23.04.13 6:33pm
Natural world ‘only fit for agricultural economy’

Government Ministers today put the case for environmental reform, saying that nature is ‘outdated’ and is sponging off the hard-working taxpayer. Addressing a small audience of stunned...

monkeyrepublic 23.04.13 6:25pm
Al OPecia
Brits celebrate St George's day but some complain festivities do drag on 0
topfotogmw 23.04.13 6:24pm
Rolf Harris to release new single "Stairway to Evan"

hmmm chicka huumm ha...

Scronnyglonkle 23.04.13 6:05pm
Chemist who tried carbon dating claims his new wife is 'a diamond' 0
LensCap 23.04.13 5:53pm
Lack of stable upbringing blamed for horses turning to drugs. 2
godly1966 23.04.13 5:49pm
Research shows I'm Voting UKIP signs more effective than No Cold Callers signs

At keeping people from ringing your door bell...

Ian Searle 23.04.13 5:32pm
Ian Searle
Lance Armstrong enters Grand National 0
antharrison 23.04.13 5:18pm
Chinese detectives Ro Ve and Lo Mance deny on the job affair


Dick Everyman 23.04.13 4:21pm
Dick Everyman
olddoc 23.04.13 4:16pm
Dick Everyman
Sweethearts admit to having candy crush 0
Midfield Diamond 23.04.13 4:13pm
Midfield Diamond
Syrian government considers using force to make people run Damascus marathon 0
sydalg 23.04.13 3:13pm
Cameron Undermining Never Tires

Or just the initials...

B.E.P. 23.04.13 2:38pm
Scotland's New Currency - The 'Jock?'

And if it hits hard times - 'The Jock Strap?'...

Jesse Bigg 23.04.13 2:37pm
Dyslexic Parisian detective still hunting Moulin Rogue 1
sydalg 23.04.13 2:08pm
Athiest particle discoved to wide shouts of disbelief from scientific community 2
irreverendJ 23.04.13 2:06pm
Trainer admits injecting horses with herbs and spices

Yet another top name has been dragged into the horsemeat scandal after a trainer at the Godolphin stables admitted injecting thoroughbreds with a cocktail of flavour-enhancing herbs and spices,...

grumblechops 23.04.13 12:46pm
Independent Scot's currency to be called The Dole 1
A.A.Arkwright 23.04.13 12:36pm
Heston Blumenthal to experiment with Suarez method of dining 0
Scronnyglonkle 23.04.13 11:27am
Man Utd launch new App - “Win it Like Fergie”

In the heady wake of securing their 20th League Championship - MUCK - the Commercial arm of Manchester United FC - today launched it's first ever App, predicted to earn several billions of pounds...

23.04.13 11:27am
Harry Rednapp gave his name as "Vicky Price" to Devon Cops. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.04.13 11:05am
Al OPecia