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Funeral of prolific stuntman to be "an epic fight sequence to the cemetary"

Terry Richards, a stuntman who appeared in numerous films including "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Zulu", "Star Wars" and several Bond films, died last week aged 81. In tribute to his career, his...

AReader 26.06.14 7:36pm
Salmond rejects "Scot's passport for Jimmy Hill" / Sterling Currency Union deal.

Jimmy Hill citizenship is NOT a matter for negotiation post referundum, insists First Minister...

Jammydodgers 26.06.14 7:23pm
Uproar as spontaneous tennis match breaks out at Wimbledon Grunting Championship

With this year’s grunting championships well underway at Wimbledon, spectators at the All England Club are becoming increasingly vocal about the tendency for competitors to follow up their grunts...

TheNewsWalrus 26.06.14 6:16pm
Housing Bubble Blindness Strikes Before Elections Again

boom bang a bang...

Dun Dunkin 26.06.14 4:53pm
Dun Dunkin
Jaws on 4 month 'no human flesh diet' 0
Dun Dunkin 26.06.14 4:50pm
Dun Dunkin
Celebrations after poor country loses bid to host next World Cup 0
Dumbnews 26.06.14 3:58pm
Woman dead in flat for six years 'probably not a Savile victim' 0
RobArmstrong 26.06.14 3:31pm
Analysis of Neanderthal poo shows Gillian McKeith older than first thought 4
Andy Gilder 26.06.14 3:10pm
PM says something without seeking legal advice

The Prime Minister once said something in public without first seeking legal advice, it has emerged. Mr. Cameron uttered the unofficial communication last year, while eating with his family at a...

Mickyelvino 26.06.14 3:07pm
HuffPo admit bribing Luis Suárez in "Headline of the Year" fixing scandal

Good day sports fans. I thought of a sports headline. Yay!...

gaijintendo 26.06.14 2:53pm
French ATC strike over two days ago.

Nobody noticed...

vulture1 26.06.14 1:50pm
Police advise Savile corpse-sex victim: ‘You have the right to remain silent’ 0
beckfordburger 26.06.14 1:41pm
FIFA announce Blatter and Suarez as their ambassadors to Guinea and Sierra Leone

As part of efforts to fully embed the beautiful game across the whole of Africa, FIFA today announced that Sepp Blatter and Luis Suarez would be appointed as 'Special Envoys' to Guinea and Sierra...

RobArmstrong 26.06.14 1:35pm
Leeds General Infirmary accused of putting the lid on Savile corpse sex claims 0
beckfordburger 26.06.14 11:53am
Celebrities Call for Drug Legalisation

then got the munchies...

Dun Dunkin 26.06.14 11:35am
Dun Dunkin
'Abu Qatada' means no worries as he's found not guilty by court of terror plot 0
Thundi 26.06.14 11:18am
Top Ursinologist brands Wonga barefaced liars in Usury claims furore 0
Thundi 26.06.14 11:08am
Kim Jong Un outraged over film in which Kim Jong Un is outraged over a film 0
Adrian Bamforth 26.06.14 10:49am
Adrian Bamforth
FIFA verdict: Suarez to be humanely destroyed.

Manager admits player allowed on park without muzzle...

Actual Size 26.06.14 10:41am
Actual Size
Government announce return of Trial by Combat to kerb CPS wasteful spending 0
Thundi 26.06.14 10:01am
Cameron uses RAF in daring raid on Juncker's 88 key supporters 0
Thundi 26.06.14 9:55am
Satirists starved of material as Suarez goes on hunger strike 0
sydalg 26.06.14 9:52am
Cameron makes Coulson statement to Commons: ‘I did not have sex with that man’ 0
beckfordburger 26.06.14 9:35am
UK stuntman Terry Richards dies after career in film

One of the UK's most prolific film stuntmen, Terry Richards, died suddenly on Saturday. He was 81 and had been ill for some time. Richards, who appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark as the Cairo...

AReader 26.06.14 9:19am
Lens Cap
Abu Qatada texts Rebekah Brooks, thanking her for the loan of her lawyer 0
RobArmstrong 26.06.14 8:23am
NHS re-named Nonce Help Service

Just like when you go to your GP with a great big seeping wart on your nose, nobody saw anything wrong. Saville was advised to "come back in a weeks time if that itch doesn't go away", and he did,...

vulture1 26.06.14 8:20am
Jury Deny Being 'Influenced' As They Saddle Up And Gallop Away From Old Bailey 0
Titus 26.06.14 8:17am
Suarez To Meet Mike Tyson In Next Round 0
Titus 26.06.14 8:12am
England win World Cup Pissing Contest

England have won the World Cup Pissing Contest Award after lavishing over £2m on their 72 man entourage say UEFA., Despite there being over two weeks of tournament football still to play,...

Gerontius 26.06.14 8:10am
Replacement England physio arrives in Moscow to get acclimatised. 0
rogerg 26.06.14 7:30am