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Suarez to bite someone in the second half, three to one - have a bang on that 0
bookiesfriend 25.06.14 9:49am
Kicking, stamping, punching, gouging ok-ish, but no biting say FIFA

After a week of minor punishments for a variety of thuggish behaviour FIFA are expected to show their teeth today with a long ban on someone who nibbled a shoulder. Confirming the game is as safe as...

vulture1 25.06.14 9:32am
Cabinet ‘criminals who have Cameron’s confidence’ 1
farmer giles 25.06.14 9:25am
Des Lynam ‘the only man left you can trust’, say Yewtree investigators

Officers investigating allegations of sexual abuse by notable figures from the 60s and 70s have concluded today that, the only man currently alive that’s ‘completely trustworthy’, is veteran TV...

Jesus H 25.06.14 8:57am
Game Of Football Suddenly Breaks Out During Lull In Cannibalism Tournament 0
Titus 25.06.14 8:44am
"You're doing it all wrong", Jeffrey Dahmer tells Suarez 0
sydalg 25.06.14 8:35am
Thousands lose weight with groundbreaking ice cream diet

People across the country are flocking to get their hands on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream after thousands of success stories since the brand launched its Three Scoops To Success diet campaign, proving...

Arjan K 25.06.14 7:49am
Arjan K
'Rebekah, any chance you could text me your lawyer's number? Thanks, Luis' 0
bookiesfriend 25.06.14 7:47am
Surarez says that Italians taste like chicken 0
ionb 25.06.14 7:46am
Blackpool and Brighton to develop Pier to Pier network. 0
Maverick 25.06.14 7:42am
GCHQ denies hacking Coulson phone 0
farmer giles 25.06.14 7:41am
farmer giles
Vagina statue student feels "born again". 0
Maverick 25.06.14 7:40am
‘Chiellini smeared his shoulder with caramel spread’ claims Suarez 0
farmer giles 25.06.14 7:38am
farmer giles
Brooks cleared of 'ever having been married to Ross Kemp'

In what is being seen as a complete character vindication, Rebekah Brooks was today cleared by the High Court of all allegations of 'marriage to a soft shite mockney lovey'. In a statement read on...

RobArmstrong 25.06.14 7:28am
Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Cork - sinking 'not likely'

More later...

throngsman 25.06.14 7:06am
Houdini asks 'How on earth Did Brooks escape?'

Even a great illusionist is baffled...

Dun Dunkin 25.06.14 6:55am
Dun Dunkin
Cannibalism At World Cup

Latin american football is a little different where the winners get to eat the losers...

Dun Dunkin 25.06.14 5:51am
Dun Dunkin
Blair to Employ Brooks in 'Dream Team'. 0
Dun Dunkin 25.06.14 5:48am
Dun Dunkin
Rooney blames ineffectual performance on hunger and fatigue

Wayne Rooney has responded to criticism of his World Cup performance, citing malnourishment from eating nothing but vanishing cream, and fatigue from excessive intercourse with elderly Brazilian...

Mork 25.06.14 4:31am
Student remains tight-lipped about how he got stuck in vagina statue 0
sydalg 24.06.14 10:14pm
Suarez describes opponent as "al dente" 0
sydalg 24.06.14 9:42pm
Suarez: 'I just fancied an Italian' 0
Jesus H 24.06.14 9:17pm
Jesus H
Mike Myers vows to retire comedy creation Luis Suarez after World Cup

Comedian Mike Myers has revealed that this summer's World Cup in Brazil will be the final outing for his popular comedy character, Uruguayan football star, Luis Suarez. The larger-than-life creation...

The Last Detail 24.06.14 9:12pm
The Last Detail
FIFA reacts to Suarez bite, places parmesan on banned substance list 1
Andy Gilder 24.06.14 8:43pm
To get english language certificates illegal immigrants cheated and lied....

In yet another scandal to hit the Home Office, it is believed that the total number of fraudulently obtained English language certificates obtained by immigrants to the UK is "likely to be higher"...

hardev 24.06.14 7:58pm
One point wonders 0
godly1966 24.06.14 7:40pm
Daniel Sturridge under investigation for ‘Biting a Sub’ at half-time

Liverpool and England striker Daniel Sturridge has been accused of taking a hearty bite out of a sub at half-time during a recent England match in Brazil. The scorer of one of only two England goals...

kga6 24.06.14 7:36pm
BitBySuarezCoin floats on currency market 0
beckfordburger 24.06.14 7:33pm
Mickey Mouse delighted with his Roy Hodgson watch 0
beckfordburger 24.06.14 7:24pm
Conservatives narrowly beat Labour in 'Worst Evah Spin Doctor' poll 0
Squudge 24.06.14 7:14pm