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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Scientists discover Google's financial ‘black hole’

Research, by the LIGO Collaboration, has revealed that a good accountant can warp space-time and your ‘tax bill’. A billion light-years from what everyone else pays, two black holes (‘what...

Wrenfoe 12.02.16 9:45am
Osborne family biggest c**t competition too close to call 0
harrypalmer 12.02.16 9:41am
Syria to be sold to highest bidder 0
Dun Dunkin 12.02.16 9:04am
Dun Dunkin
Choosing an Ideal Movers & Packers

Move is often a intricate however typical activity of humankind because very long time. Now separation is be a hard along with cumbersome undertaking intended for widespread individuals. The majority...

kakkarnehaom 12.02.16 7:57am
Jeremy Hunt answers your health questions.

Dear Jeremy,, As I've got older, I've found that I am not as healthy as I used to be. It all started very well -I was a much wanted child born in the late 1940s to adoring parents- and had attention...

S J Roe 12.02.16 8:46am
Girls: Shag A Policemen - Then You Can Get Compensation When He Dumps You 1
Titus 11.02.16 11:32pm
Dick Everyman
Gravity Wave Discovery 'Bigger Than Higgs Boson' - But Then, So Are Most Things

More Big/Small Science discoveries soon ...

Titus 11.02.16 10:33pm
Greater Anglia cancellations due to 'wrong kind of gravitational waves' 0
cinquecento 11.02.16 10:32pm
Homosexual Hell's Angel To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

February 10th, 2016, Gavindale, SOUTH CAROLINA- Thousands of bikers from around the United States gathered on Saturday in the small South Carolina town of Gavindale to witness Nikki "Stinkfinger"...

Takos1021 12.02.16 8:24am
S J Roe
Scientists discover Mexican waves. 0
Tammy Flugh 11.02.16 10:19pm
Tammy Flugh
Giant Nostril Discovered in Space

Physicists have announced the discovery of a ‘Giant Nostril’ in space. The enormous proboscis was first anticipated by Dave, a enthusiastic LSD user, nearly 50 years ago. Scientists have been...

TobiasBV 12.02.16 7:56am
Dick Everyman
Junior Doctors Tell Health Minister They Want A Second Opinion 0
Titus 11.02.16 10:04pm
Science Suddenly Become Cool As Dudes Surf Gravity Waves

More soon from our Science Correspondent ...

Titus 11.02.16 10:02pm
Prolonged junior Dr's strike: a kick to the Hunt claims minister 0
simonjmr 11.02.16 3:25pm
George Osborne struck off after inappropriate relationship with Beelzebub 0
Landfill 11.02.16 2:32pm
Ticket price hike was to cover Daniel Sturridge’s medical bills say Liverpool

Liverpool’s board have claimed that the increase in the cost of match day tickets to £77.00 was intended to cover the cost of the team of physios and doctors looking after striker Daniel Sturridge...

harrypalmer 11.02.16 12:45pm
Engage Specialist Packers and Movers in Chennai for Expert Moving Solution

Packers and Movers Chennai,, Going property through Chennai completely to another town of The indian subcontinent might be just about...

Devil2 11.02.16 11:54am
Beego Hedo no longer term of abuse in South America 0
Griffin 11.02.16 11:37am
Davina McCall diagnosed with severe case of over-exposure

After the grueling filming of her new nature documentary ‘Life at the Extreme’ and preparation for Alpine conditions in ‘The Jump’, Davina McCall was rushed into A&E with a severe case of...

Dick Everyman 11.02.16 10:38am
Dick Everyman
Jeremy Hunt to restrict time lords and Dr's to 1 regeneration

Hunt claims "greedy practitioners claiming 13 plus regenerations" More soon...

simonjmr 11.02.16 10:25am
sǝıʇıɹoıɹd ǝɔıʌɹǝS uoıʇnɔǝsoɹԀ uʍoɹϽ 2
beckfordburger 11.02.16 11:54am
Jeremy Hunt to impose new "no getting ill" contracts on patients

More to follow...

apepper 11.02.16 9:57am
Pizzaland, Carpetland and Furnitureland to form alternative UN

"We are shockingly unrepresented" Several "lands" are banding together to form a new United Nations after claiming they were being excluded from the existing UN body which was created in 1945. The...

apepper 12.02.16 8:43am
twitter character count to be reduced as populari 0
Iroquois Pliskin 11.02.16 9:53am
Iroquois Pliskin
Internet Passes Judgement on Unrecorded TV Show

With the BBC announcing the presenting line-up for the latest series of Top Gear, critics were quick to take to the internet to voice their disapproval. "Top Gear, more like FLOP Gear!" One wag...

james_doc 11.02.16 9:18am
Police 'should be neutered' in sex abuse inquiries, says Met head

Hmmmmm..Maybe a sub in there...

Gerontius 11.02.16 9:01am
Animal protection groups fail to celebrate increased squid survival 0
Adrian Bamforth 11.02.16 12:00am
Adrian Bamforth
Person reportedly takes train

A passenger has reportedly taken a train from King's Lynn to King's Cross in order to get from one place to another. ...

Gary Baldy 10.02.16 11:52pm
Gary Baldy
Liverpool owners avert crisis by cutting top ticket price to £76.99 0
deskpilot3 10.02.16 10:51pm
Twitter's 'we deny we are less popular' tweet retweeted twice 0
throngsman 10.02.16 10:03pm