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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Thoracius - pineapple not delicious, using it pernicious. Be abstentious.

Not adventurous...

Maverick 21.02.17 10:20pm
May guarantees access to 'nostalgia market' after Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised that after Brexit the UK will still have access to plentiful supplies of nostalgia. 'Some Remainers have suggested that after Brexit, Britain will be poorer,...

roybland 21.02.17 10:10pm
Birmingham hospital rated outstanding as most patients out standing in corridors 1
Gary Baldy 21.02.17 10:03pm
Footballer Eats Bookmaker

A 20-stone footballer has resigned after being caught on camera eating a bookmaker during a football match ...

Titus 21.02.17 10:02pm
May concedes 'UK to pay EU pocket money until 2022'

Although the government is set for a hard Brexit it is finding some previous commitments are proving difficult to avoid. "We have to pay into projects we signed up for, even though they've not been...

throngsman 21.02.17 8:14pm
Trump’s state visit to take place on Isle of Wight 3
Buckingham Palace 21.02.17 7:58pm
Buckingham Palace

Sutton Utd goalkeeper said he was set up like a cornish pastie, and that he will, keep a stiff Pukka lip as F.A. investigate Pie-Gate..this could rumble on and on...

ron cawleyoni 21.02.17 7:39pm
ron cawleyoni
David Cassidy can't remember the last time he got any publicity. 1
MADJEZ 21.02.17 7:26pm
ron cawleyoni
Migrant riot in Stockholm proves Trump to be psychic as well as psychopathic 0
cinquecento 21.02.17 6:11pm
Angry wife of Sutton United goalkeeper reveals 'He refuses to eat pie in bed' 0
jimmydodger 21.02.17 6:06pm
Goebbels Represents VW At Select Committee Car Emissions Enquiry

Titus 21.02.17 5:54pm
CIA muse on use of fake celebrity game show candidate as assassin. 3
Ref Minor 21.02.17 3:48pm
Midfield Diamond
Oops, wrong 'un 0
Sinnick 21.02.17 2:46pm
Kim Jong Yum 'murdered' with Exploding Sugary Doughnut

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's cousin - Kim Jong Yum - has been found dead in a restaurant in Glasgow. Reports say he was 'seduced' by a woman with a premium 'Yum-Yum' designed to explode when the...

Tom Learmouth 21.02.17 1:15pm
Tom Learmouth
Trump’s mental health issue diagnosed as ‘being a cunt’

The American Psychological Association has halted months of speculation about what is wrong with Donald Trump by concluding that his problem is not actually malignant narcissism, sociopathy or...

Oxbridge 21.02.17 11:54am
Adrian Bamforth
Malaysia to take no flannel from North Korea over Kim Jong Nams death. 1
ron cawleyoni 21.02.17 8:56am
BBC is NOT obsessed with itself, say s new report from BBC's BBC correspondent 3
ronseal 21.02.17 8:46am
Jesus and God ‘non-existent social control devices’ confirms Santa

“Thanks for the latest gizmo mummy and daddy, but why can’t it be the season of goodwill all year round for everybody?” wonders child. “Well, it is here in our home honeychild, but we gotta...

farmer giles 21.02.17 8:15am
farmer giles
Next years FA Cup to be sponsored by Greggs followed by Gingsters Charity Shield 1
ron cawleyoni 21.02.17 8:06am
farmer giles
Reuters report of a new Ukip splinter group for fantasist and liars...Uthick. 0
ron cawleyoni 21.02.17 7:51am
ron cawleyoni
Ben...stokes the rupee. 0
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 11:22pm
ron cawleyoni
Ukip steal Free classic..'all Right now' anthem. 0
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 11:03pm
ron cawleyoni
"Kim jong pass us the flannel love"..."second thoughts I'll just rinse my face.& 0
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 10:56pm
ron cawleyoni
New Domino's Pizza....with End to End filling. 0
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 10:51pm
ron cawleyoni
Eric was NOT...the laziest of the Pythons. 1
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 10:27pm
ron cawleyoni
Fantasy Footballer Kraft Heinz Rummenigge turns down move to Unileverkusen. 4
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 10:17pm
ron cawleyoni
Testicle-cradling fan of football giant-killing enjoying magic of the cup 0
chrisf 20.02.17 8:01pm
Trump diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome 1
cinquecento 20.02.17 6:56pm
Trump Sweden comments based on fake-news media. SAD! 0
thatwasbeast 20.02.17 6:54pm
Swedes 1 Trumpnips 0

There's got to be something better than this based on the "Swedes 1 Turnips 0" headline but I can't think...

Gary Baldy 20.02.17 6:27pm
Gary Baldy