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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Premiership football career dream shattered, admits Rolf 0
medici2471 12.02.16 4:08pm
Richard Dawkins says he will make full recovery from stroke, 'thank God' 0
throngsman 12.02.16 3:04pm
Rolf admits his return to Animal Hospital 'might be delayed' 0
throngsman 12.02.16 3:02pm
Doctors confirm music lovers worst fears...Manilow will sing again 0
irreverendJ 12.02.16 2:05pm
GSK to pay government to defer fine 0
throngsman 12.02.16 1:00pm
Glaxo Smith Kline board unable to cope with fine due to cost of anti-depressants 0
Smart Alex 12.02.16 12:57pm
Smart Alex
BMA finds clause in small print of new contract about washing Jeremy Hunt's car

The British Medical Association has reacted angrily to a clause in their new contract which requires junior doctors to valet Jeremy Hunt’s car whenever he visits an NHS hospital in England....

harrypalmer 12.02.16 12:27pm
Politician "suffered head injury, woke up speaking fluent bullshit" 0
sydalg 12.02.16 12:26pm
Hunt announces test to prove that lower pay rates lead to higher salaries

Incapable of doing the same sums as the prodigiously-intelligent, highly-trained academics that form the country’s junior doctor population, Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is planning to find out for...

Midfield Diamond 12.02.16 12:08pm
Midfield Diamond
Junior doctors impose new contract on Jeremy Hunt

The ongoing conflict between junior doctors in the NHS and Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary deepened even further today after an announcement from the BMA that Jeremy Hunt will be forced to submit...

HamishP95 12.02.16 12:28pm
Midfield Diamond
Tourists in Rio warned not to suggest a little head when in red light district 0
sydalg 12.02.16 11:29am
Gravity waves fail The Jeremy Kyle Ligo Detector Test. 0
Ian Searle 12.02.16 11:20am
Ian Searle
Assad launches urgent inquiry into public morale

Bashar al-Assad has launched an urgent inquiry into the Syrian public's morale and welfare as large numbers threaten to leave the country rather than accept being barrel-bombed to bits by his...

LondonTom 12.02.16 11:11am

Wrong room...

Scroat 12.02.16 11:13am
Survey latest: Live people outliving dead ones

More to follow...

apepper 12.02.16 10:23am
Scientists discover Google's financial ‘black hole’

Research, by the LIGO Collaboration, has revealed that a good accountant can warp space-time and your ‘tax bill’. A billion light-years from what everyone else pays, two black holes (‘what...

Wrenfoe 12.02.16 4:03pm
Outcome of Osborne family biggest c**t competition 'too close to call' 0
harrypalmer 12.02.16 9:41am
Syria to be sold to highest bidder 0
Dun Dunkin 12.02.16 9:04am
Dun Dunkin
Jeremy Hunt answers your health questions.

Dear Jeremy,, As I've got older, I've found that I am not as healthy as I used to be. It all started very well -I was a much wanted child born in the late 1940s to adoring parents- and had attention...

S J Roe 12.02.16 8:46am
Girls: Shag A Policemen - Then You Can Get Compensation When He Dumps You 1
Titus 11.02.16 11:32pm
Dick Everyman
Gravity Wave Discovery 'Bigger Than Higgs Boson' - But Then, So Are Most Things

More Big/Small Science discoveries soon ...

Titus 11.02.16 10:33pm
Greater Anglia cancellations due to 'wrong kind of gravitational waves' 0
cinquecento 11.02.16 10:32pm
Homosexual Hell's Angel To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

February 10th, 2016, Gavindale, SOUTH CAROLINA- Thousands of bikers from around the United States gathered on Saturday in the small South Carolina town of Gavindale to witness Nikki "Stinkfinger"...

Takos1021 12.02.16 8:24am
S J Roe
Scientists discover Mexican waves. 0
Tammy Flugh 11.02.16 10:19pm
Tammy Flugh
Giant Nostril Discovered in Space

Physicists have announced the discovery of a ‘Giant Nostril’ in space. The enormous proboscis was first anticipated by Dave, a enthusiastic LSD user, nearly 50 years ago. Scientists have been...

TobiasBV 12.02.16 7:56am
Dick Everyman
Junior Doctors Tell Health Minister They Want A Second Opinion 0
Titus 11.02.16 10:04pm
Science Suddenly Become Cool As Dudes Surf Gravity Waves

More soon from our Science Correspondent ...

Titus 11.02.16 10:02pm
Prolonged junior Dr's strike: a kick to the Hunt claims minister 0
simonjmr 11.02.16 3:25pm
George Osborne struck off after inappropriate relationship with Beelzebub 0
Landfill 11.02.16 2:32pm
Ticket price hike was to cover Daniel Sturridge’s medical bills say Liverpool

Liverpool’s board have claimed that the increase in the cost of match day tickets to £77.00 was intended to cover the cost of the team of physios and doctors looking after striker Daniel Sturridge...

harrypalmer 11.02.16 12:45pm