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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
The Clash 'Should I Stay or Should I Stay Go' adopted as new UK national anthem. 1
ron cawleyoni 15.12.18 11:01am
Disaster For Britain As We Miss Out On Eurozone Crisis 6
Titus 15.12.18 10:55am
Al OPecia
Cyber Security Expert in India

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Mukesh Choudhary 15.12.18 10:10am
Mukesh Choudhary
Strikers Union embroiled in Brexit row with Goalkeepers Union. 0
ron cawleyoni 15.12.18 9:41am
ron cawleyoni
'Brexit Not Chaotic Enough Yet, So Involve Labour' Says Amber Rudd 0
Titus 15.12.18 8:04am
'Our Riots Are To Show Britain The Delights Of EU Membership' Says Macron 0
Titus 15.12.18 7:45am
The Referendum Caused Chaos, So Wahey! Let's Have Another!

More chaos later ...

Titus 15.12.18 7:41am
Hotel maid sacked after putting four tissues in dispenser

Renata Rodriguez, a 35-year old hotel maid was unceremoniously sacked yesterday by Hotels International Group PLC after she accidentally placed four tissues into an empty hotel room tissue dispenser,...

antharrison 15.12.18 1:32am
What You May Have Missed, During Brexit

As another ice age begins to spread across Hell and the Brexit negotiations, debates, arguments, evasions, obfuscations, delays and postponements begin to approach the beginning of the end, it might...

Titus 14.12.18 11:18pm
2nd Referendum Delayed While Project Fear Is Worked Up To Project Catastrophe

More gloom, doom and disaster soon. Just like when we didn't join the Euro ...

Titus 14.12.18 10:38pm
Straw man wakes up and realises he's lost the argument

After many years of surviving in a coma, a straw man today regained conciousness for the first time since his accident, only to learn that he's completely lost the arguement. He didnt really know...

MzWibble 14.12.18 10:35pm
Gender stereotyping? Women shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about it 1
Smart Alex 14.12.18 10:04pm
Now, At Last, Cheaper To Go To Wales Than To Europe

But bigger language problems ...

Titus 14.12.18 9:10pm
CIA Meeting Bullet Point: Get Crooked Donald. Michael Cohen takes bullet. 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:41pm
Simon Paul Miller
Chairman of 1922 Committee sad. Not received as many Xmas Cards as he thought. 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:38pm
Simon Paul Miller
Factory chocolate leakage covers road: Special offer; buy one, get one freeway. 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:35pm
Simon Paul Miller
Skywalker's Lightsabre Genuine? Owner claims he cut off own son's hand to get it 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:32pm
Simon Paul Miller
May told 'no room for renegotiation’ but there is stable. 2
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:30pm
Kirsty Alsopp's potato peeler forced to return to Poland 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:28pm
Simon Paul Miller
Trump not worried about impeachment; doesn’t know the meaning of the word. 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:27pm
Simon Paul Miller
28 heads chopped in two years, Trump Admin's well oiled machine is a guillotine. 0
Simon Paul Miller 14.12.18 8:26pm
Simon Paul Miller
King of the Jungle says he would have signed Lineker instead of Bruce for QT.

FX: WINDS CAR WINDOW DOWN: "They should have waited till January window and got Gary..if you ask me in my honest, opinion"...

ron cawleyoni 14.12.18 6:41pm
ron cawleyoni
Killer Dog Owners Say Pet Was Radicalised While In Kennels 0
Titus 14.12.18 6:16pm
Lost Episode Of 'Up Pompeii' Found, Featuring New Character 'Nebulus'

Magis deinde ...

Titus 14.12.18 5:57pm
Brexit tsunami warning: Councils preparing

The dept. of environment today issued a tsunami warning in the event of a hard Brexit. "As Britain suddenly moves away from the continent, the channel will become wider and deeper. The consequent...

MzWibble 14.12.18 3:28pm
Britain disappointed with third place in ‘Most Embarrassing Country’ competition

Members of the UK's Most Embarrassing Country Committee (MECC) have expressed their disappointment at only coming third this year, despite their best efforts since their winning 'Suez Crisis' entry...

Mother 14.12.18 3:10pm
Carney predicts sterling to fall again at weekend..Guardiola says he's no diver. 0
ron cawleyoni 14.12.18 2:17pm
ron cawleyoni
May confirms 'I take nebulisers for Chronic Obstructive Parliamentary Disease' 0
Bronaghmorris 14.12.18 1:38pm
Tampon & Bra Adverts Banned After No Men Found To Model Them 0
Titus 14.12.18 1:38pm
Referendums Or Referenda?

Parliament is split on this, and the division of opinions continues right through all the major political parties, with the exception of the Liberal Democrats. A directive from the EU announced that...

Titus 14.12.18 12:52pm