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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
EU Demonstrates That It Understands That Brexit Means Brexit, Even If UK Doesn't 0
Titus 19.07.18 7:43am
Interpreting Trump's Statements Presents A Knotty Problem

Cue chorus of 'Oh no it doesn't' ...

Titus 19.07.18 6:28am
Diseases caught at airport could be terminal. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 19.07.18 6:14am
Johnson: It's not too late to save my career. Yes it is. 0
Al OPecia 18.07.18 10:48pm
Al OPecia
Starry-eyed Moses warned...never meet your Pharaohs

More basket news soon...

ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 10:34pm
Al OPecia
Mistletoe and Fine 0
Landfill 18.07.18 9:24pm
From Bonko Records: Classic hits for the Trump generation. (Left alert)

On LP and cassette from Monday all of Donnie's Favourite hits. Including: Woman, Cry by Bob Marley Yes, Yes, Yes by Dawn Penn Would It Be Nice? by The Beach Boys With such timeless classics as:...

dominic_mcg 18.07.18 8:13pm
Seaside resort comedians subject to Pier Review. 0
Maverick 18.07.18 8:11pm
Sex fiend attempts to open an account at Dogger Bank. 0
Maverick 18.07.18 8:05pm
Panama hat drains Kennet and Avon canal. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 7:38pm
ron cawleyoni
Shakespeare: I meant to say 'To be or not to be, that isn't the question'

More clarifications soon...

Skylarking 18.07.18 7:34pm
BBC deny having Cliff's house wired for sound 1
Adrian Bamforth 18.07.18 7:32pm
ron cawleyoni
Court case ends: Cliff in need of summer holiday as we don’t talk to BBC anymore

Hat tip to Adrian...

ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 7:31pm
ron cawleyoni
Wimbledon anticipate bumper 2019 as ticket sales up already by £210,00. 0
ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 5:59pm
ron cawleyoni
Public worry over council cremation cutback as BBQ takes place in local cemetery

Eee by gum its True folks...

ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 5:43pm
ron cawleyoni
It’s not too late to save my career, says Boris 0
StanleyMizaru 18.07.18 5:39pm
Big 4 tell OAPs to ‘BOGOF’ as discount vouchers set to be scrapped

Pensioners throughout the land are in a state of shock today as the nation’s big four supermarkets have announced they will no longer be accepting any special offer or two-for-one discount vouchers...

Chipchase 18.07.18 5:18pm
Cliff ruling prevents BBC's right to trial by social media gossip

Not to mention their ability to pay presenters stupidly high wages...

Badger Nadgers 18.07.18 5:06pm
Badger Nadgers
Trump owns up to multiple counts of serial mis-speaking

Donald Trump has caused a major problem for broadcaster NBC by throwing it into what media lawyers are calling a horrendous legal tangle when he spoke at yet another press conference today. Looking...

Chipchase 18.07.18 4:38pm
US intelligence services claim Trump is not out of the wouldn’ts yet

United States security services have expressed their dismay that US President Donald Trump sided with the Russian President Vladimir Putin with regard to Russian meddling in the Presidential...

Midfield Diamond 18.07.18 4:31pm
Midfield Diamond
Elon Musk apologises for tweet, says "I actually meant Cliff Richard" 0
bonjonelson 18.07.18 3:35pm
BBC Broadcasts Helicopter Footage Of Police Not Raiding Home

Following the complete absence of any complaints or allegations against Mr Richard Clifton, an accounts clerk, the BBC this morning broadcast exclusive, live footage of the police not raiding his...

Titus 18.07.18 1:26pm
Congratulations! 1
ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 12:29pm
Congratulations 1
LittleSpender 18.07.18 12:29pm
Asked about his taste in music Trump said anything by the Average White Band.

Hat tip to Titus obvs...

ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 11:35am
ron cawleyoni
Trump Mis-Speaks About His Favourite Music

When asked if had any particular preferences in music or a favourite band, President Trump is reported to have said 'Yes', but in a subsequent interview retracted that. 'Did you mean to say "No"?'...

Titus 18.07.18 11:06am
'Life' deemed too short as a password 1
fletcher 18.07.18 10:10am
Sightings of Donald Trump ‘jumping the shark’ in St.Ives dismissed as Hake news.

Or Fake optional...

ron cawleyoni 18.07.18 9:55am
Tesla’s new model appeals to Knobheads

A survey in the latest edition of corporate thought-jizz journal ‘Aspiring Executive’ suggests that Tesla is gaining popularity in company car parks across the UK – particularly in the highly...

fletcher 18.07.18 9:44am
Pool Pervert Apologises

A dyslexic boating lake attendant responsible to supervising the hiring out of small, two-seat, pedal-operated water craft has apologised after displaying a sign advertising 'Paedos for Hire', saying...

Titus 18.07.18 9:41am