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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Trump orders sacking of May for questioning over-sharing 0
maxine jones 25.05.17 2:01pm
maxine jones
Hostilities escalate as Middle Classes choose sides in Fake vs Natural grass row

Unsettling reports have reached us around the escalation and persistence of a row pertaining to the growing debate the middle classes are facing in regards to choosing either artificial grass for...

SimonJJames 25.05.17 1:59pm
Divisions as Nation's dog philosopher's finally rule on who is a good boy

At the penultimate day of the National Symposium of Dog Philosophy yesterday, the atmosphere became tense as Rex, a 14 year old cocker spaniel and President of the Bilateral Association of...

SimonJJames 25.05.17 1:21pm
Manchester Police to give sensitive information direct to Wikileaks

More time-saving measures soon...

Mick Turate 25.05.17 12:44pm
Mick Turate
Vicar’s wife likes cock, apparently

The wife of the vicar in a quiet parish in the Isle of Wight is more than a bit partial to cock, it has emerged among the congregation. Angela Danielson, 39, has been married to the Reverend Keith...

Oxbridge 25.05.17 12:32pm
Crack Met Police anti terror unit has stopped three tweet plots by Katy Hopkins 0
ronseal 25.05.17 12:29pm
People who like being photographed in the garden to be taken out and shot 1
NotNowCato 25.05.17 12:25pm
Owner of warped vinyl LP wants to set record straight. 1
NotNowCato 25.05.17 12:24pm
Morrissey suspends being a.. oh, too late 0
Adrian Bamforth 25.05.17 10:51am
Adrian Bamforth
Pope converts to birth control 70 years too late 0
sydalg 25.05.17 10:12am
Turns out, Pandas have been ‘doing anal’ all along

Scientists in the reproductive physiology department at the San Diego Zoo have discovered, through the use of thermal imagining, a general predilection for ‘black and white back-door action’ in...

Wrenfoe 25.05.17 10:08am
New "virtue signalling" app launched

In what's expected to be the next big thing on the internet, a Silicon Valley startup has launched an app which automatically posts to your social media that you feel appropriate and noble feelings...

YaBasta 25.05.17 8:59am
Trump Vatican visit: Pope advocates girth control 1
chrisf 25.05.17 8:41am
Man Utd wipe the floor with Ajax 2
harrypalmer 25.05.17 8:40am
May explains to Trump that photobombing is not a harmless prank 0
maxine jones 25.05.17 8:16am
maxine jones
Focus On The Accuracy Of Shifting Not On The Types Of Shifting Provided By The C

Many of the facilities are offered by a particular company, who is providing the shifting facility as they have to come with a package and they needs to have all different things with them so that...

reenasharma 25.05.17 8:14am
God responds to #prayfor hashtags and sorts it all out 0
cinquecento 25.05.17 8:13am
Theresa May defends plan to scrap school dinners: "Let them eat cake!"

Critics of the Conservative's plan to scrap school dinners have raised concerns that hungry children are unlikely to give a flying fidget about the mathematical value of x; the photosynthesis of...

Crayon 25.05.17 7:22am
Grieving families helped by smug Tweet

While Manchester attempts to recover from a terrorist atrocity, many on social media helpfully took the time to explain how pleased they were to be proven ‘right’. Fortunately, we have had...

Wrenfoe 24.05.17 9:38pm
Sir Lupus
Abbott "devastated" by death of 070

.more soon...

Hindari Banga 24.05.17 9:36pm
Conservatives regret 'subcontracting Abbott to calculate school breakfast costs' 0
throngsman 24.05.17 9:08pm
Mad World..Donnie Darko meets Franki Poperelli. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.05.17 8:36pm
ron cawleyoni
Dreadful joke on fake news site was NOT a terrorist act 0
Underconstruction 24.05.17 8:11pm
Grim reaper releases new line of cushions. 1
Maverick 24.05.17 8:10pm
Wikipedia celebrates 10 billionth edition

More revisions soon ...

History in the Making 24.05.17 8:05pm
Pope confirms Roger Moore to be made Saint 3
harrypalmer 24.05.17 8:00pm
Not happy with this - deleted 0
Smart Alex 24.05.17 7:35pm
Smart Alex
The Don makes Pope offer he can't refuse. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.05.17 5:34pm
ron cawleyoni
Pope denies that God is a supervillain

Pope Francis insisted today that - despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary - God was not an unscrupulous supervillain hell-bent on destroying the world. “God is infinitely wise, merciful...

ItsMeJack 24.05.17 4:55pm
Horror as Manchester teens slaughtered

Who's going to look after their kids?...

YaBasta 24.05.17 3:42pm