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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Londoners welcome the return of the unlicensed minicab pervert. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.09.17 10:48am
Hansom Cab Drivers Association celebrates ban on motorised taxis

Following a campaign lasting several years, the Hansom Cab Drivers Association is today celebrating the news that Transport for London has decided not to renew the licence to operate granted to...

YaBasta 23.09.17 10:16am
May Admits She Appointed Boris To Keep Up With World Silly Haircut Arms Race 0
Titus 23.09.17 9:26am
'Mad' - Trump/Jong-Un version

(to tune of Michael Jackson's Bad) TRUMP: Your butt is mine, Gonna tell you right, Just show your face, On state TV tonight, I'm telling you, On how I feel, Gonna hurt your mind, Don't shoot...

chrisf 23.09.17 9:24am
Dyslexic absurdist arrested on lay-by was "waiting for to dog" 0
sydalg 23.09.17 9:12am
The Maytrexit. 1
ron cawleyoni 23.09.17 9:11am
UK Credit Rating lowered to "Clueless". More soon.

All down to Brexit...

Al OPecia 23.09.17 9:09am
Al OPecia
Madden 18 Ratings: Dallas Cowboys Players Respond

The [url=]Madden ratings[/url] found in the game are taken for granted by most people. But the reality is that figuring out why these are...

JaCamin 23.09.17 8:36am
Trump To Build Wall To Keep Mexican Earthquakes Out 0
Titus 23.09.17 7:59am
Uber Daisy. 0
ron cawleyoni 23.09.17 7:28am
ron cawleyoni
Möbius striptease artist ends up still wearing clothes

More to follow...

apepper 23.09.17 7:22am
Al OPecia
UKs credit ratings downgraded by depression sufferers.

I thought things would have been better...

ron cawleyoni 23.09.17 12:24am
ron cawleyoni
TweedleTrump and KimJongDee resolved to have a battle

For TweedleTrump, said KimJongDee,, Might spoil his nice new rattle. Just then flew by a monstrous rocket, Big enough to flatten Japan, The world was far too scared to mock it, And peace went...

Loundshay 22.09.17 9:27pm
Theresa May presents 'Brexit - the Movie'

Theresa May has finally admitted she has drawn inspiration from countless rom-com movies in the Brexit debate, and has used her method acting background, revealed by her recent theatrical maniacal...

throngsman 22.09.17 9:04pm
Gender fluid football threatened by gender fluid found in shower.

Gender Fluid United is the first football team to feature players whose gender identity is undecided and can change from day today. But its existence could be under threat after as-yet unidentified...

nickb 22.09.17 6:30pm
the peoples poet
N. Korea unconcerned by White House threats thanks to Trump's grasp of geography 0
Smart Alex 22.09.17 6:24pm
Smart Alex
Basket weavers welcome launch of new website: wickerpedia, More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 22.09.17 5:52pm
L'Oreal tells Trump, Johnson and Kim Jong-un they're not worth it. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 22.09.17 5:27pm
Taxi drivers happy they've shut down competition that threatened their profits

Or public safety or exploitation or summink like that...

YaBasta 22.09.17 4:01pm
Uber Fails to Meet Minimum London Rip-Off Standards

US Cab-company Uber’s failure to meet minimum London taxi standards in key areas such as rudeness of driver, smelliness of cab, and expense of journey has cost it its licence. Uber came up short in...

daneade 22.09.17 3:59pm
Jacob Rees-Mogg 3D pop-up advent calendar rejected by publisher 0
DavidH 22.09.17 3:46pm
Future EU member states must sign pre-nup before 'consummatin their membership' 1
quango 22.09.17 3:46pm
Today Boris I'm gonna be.....Florence and The Brexit Machine! 0
ron cawleyoni 22.09.17 1:58pm
ron cawleyoni
Unter 0
cinquecento 22.09.17 1:30pm
Jacob Rees-Mogg denies advising Kim Jong Un on insults from medieval literature 0
Midfield Diamond 22.09.17 11:39am
Midfield Diamond
Tory law and order group to be known as "ladies who lynch" 0
sydalg 22.09.17 11:23am
Jonah spat out, suddenly loses interest in Save the Whale campaign 0
sydalg 22.09.17 11:20am
Uber's licence 'just around the corner' 0
DavidH 22.09.17 10:24am
RyanAir Offers Discount for Passengers Who Can Fly Planes

Holiday-makers who know how to fly Boeing 737-800s could be in for a windfall as Ryanair is prepared to offer up to 50% off if they fly the plane to their destination as well. With most of its pilots...

daneade 22.09.17 10:08am
Theresa May's Florence speech cancelled.

"We didn't realise who had made the booking", explained Padre Mico Turato, of the Church of Santa Maria Novella. "Then we heard the news that the UK PM was making a political speech, and a crowd...

Mick Turate 22.09.17 9:59am
Mick Turate