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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Theresa May threatens to "scweam and scweam until I am thick". More soon. 3
Al OPecia 22.09.18 9:29am
Strawberry copy cat attacks prompt caution near Haystacks. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.09.18 8:19am
ron cawleyoni
"Border's in Ireland have been closed for years" says confused bookworm. 2
Maverick 22.09.18 8:08am
or,-- evander shown he required to ask their particular momma

or,-- evander shown he required to ask their particular mommaHe believed he had been activity just about the in history ideal quarterbacks in their category. and this man were going to show...

hodoors 22.09.18 7:57am
May's Speech Translated For The Average Voter:'Fuck You And Your European Union'

Landslide re-election predicted ...

Titus 22.09.18 7:51am
Theresa May demands respect from the British public. 0
Mick Turate 22.09.18 7:42am
Mick Turate
Dismay as even the cat in 10 Downing St rejects Chequers

Theresa May has expressed disappointment as all the government pets have signed a declaration agreeing with the EU heads of state, every opposing MP in the House, any voter arsed enough to read it,...

throngsman 22.09.18 7:21am
Curry and other 'foreign muck' to be banned in post-Brexit Britain

A source close to a group of Conservative ultra right-wing nut jobs, has suggested that should a new administration be formed after they have stabbed Theresa May in the back metaphorically, then the...

Chipchase 22.09.18 7:00am
Midfield Diamond
Chequers Plan is the word of God says Theresa May

Britain’s Theresa May today warned EU leaders and rebel Conservative MP’s that rejecting the Chequers Plan was rejecting the word of God., Although initially reluctant to divulge the author of...

tonymc81 22.09.18 1:01am
May to ask Scylla & Charybdis what their alternatives are so we can discuss them

In a blistering attack on the Strait of Messina monsters, where she told them she expects to be treated with the same respect that she gives them, Theresa May said an attack by either monster "is...

Benvoleo 21.09.18 9:39pm
Salisbury public warned avoid all restaurants with 2 or more Zs in their name. 0
ron cawleyoni 21.09.18 9:12pm
ron cawleyoni
PM seeking new employment from bra manufacturer

Offers to do TV pitch for 'the darling buds of May'...

Renrag 21.09.18 9:03pm
Top 100 baby names also feature in the top 100 paint colour charts. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 21.09.18 8:39pm
Sir Elton John wins libel damages after allegations his wig attacked a child. 0
dominic_mcg 21.09.18 7:01pm
Theresa May declares war on the EU.

"It's just a negotiating tactic", a Government spokesman explained...

Mick Turate 21.09.18 6:40pm
Sir Lupus
Police Sting uncovers up to 60,000 illegal Workers in NHS Hospital. 0
ron cawleyoni 21.09.18 6:29pm
ron cawleyoni
Power failure at Number 10 'not a metaphor', says government. More soon 2
Oxbridge 21.09.18 6:26pm
Sir Lupus
Trump Told to Tone Down His Next Theresa May Speech 0
Jeff Glovsky 21.09.18 6:17pm
Jeff Glovsky
. 0
Sinnick 21.09.18 5:56pm
Labour Wants Nationalised Rail Chaos To Replace Privatised Rail Chaos 7
Titus 21.09.18 5:27pm
Pro-Brexit voters say any World Cup final result after 1966 'undemocratic' 0
Crayon 21.09.18 5:12pm
Russia plotted to poison Assange with Novichok and spring him from hospital

"It's got an 80% survival rate", a Kremlin spokesman said, "so it was worth trying."...

Mick Turate 21.09.18 4:17pm
Mick Turate
Baggage handler throws farewell party on runway 0
Myke 21.09.18 3:43pm
New White Hart Lane Construction workers defend drug use.

A number of workers employed on Tottenham’s new stadium have defended the drug and alcohol use which it has been said was rampant throughout the project., Speaking anonymously Joe a brick layer...

tonymc81 21.09.18 2:32pm
May demands respect. Nation unites in mass cringe and toe-curling 0
Myke 21.09.18 2:10pm
Russian spooks plotted to rescue Assange by throwing him off his balcony 0
Myke 21.09.18 1:46pm
* BREAKING* May to share her recipe for fudge live on Saturday Kitchen tomorrow 1
Chipchase 21.09.18 1:35pm
Man enrages partner by shop-testing sofas for suitability as second bed

A man has angered his partner in DFS today by insisting to try every sofa for its ability to function as a secondary bed. Gary Taylor explained, ‘I’ve calculated 42% of my time spent using a...

DavidH 21.09.18 1:26pm
Pop-ups for new iPhone only moderately ‘f$cking annoying’

Scientists have calculated that the average human being will see 1,000 adverts per day for Apple’s latest shiny bauble; but experience the same levels of irritation as if they were seeing James...

Wrenfoe 21.09.18 1:16pm
Lifting ban is a shot in the arm for Russian athletics 3
Myke 21.09.18 1:15pm