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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Full time blown for Jack Charlton. 0
Al OPecia 11.07.20 8:20am
Al OPecia
Chris Grayling, cleverest Tory MP ever, to head up Intelligence Committee

[Having a stab here at the news before it happens.]...

SteveB 11.07.20 8:15am
5G conspiracies result from snorting 5g 0
SteveB 11.07.20 8:06am
Ticker Submissions

'[i]NewsBiscuit Contributor Wins Prize For original Thread Title Suggestion[/i]', (Hat-tip to Vertically Challenged Giant), _ _ _ In other news: '[i]Met Accused Of Age Discrimination: Should Have...

Titus 11.07.20 7:52am
UK Government in chaos as PM given comb

Hirsute you sir...

Mirthless Evil C 11.07.20 7:32am
Mirthless Evil C
New requirement on Gove to wear bag on head at all times not Covid related

More mask news later...

Mirthless Evil C 11.07.20 7:28am
Mirthless Evil C
Grayling move creates vacancy for village idiot in Epsom & Ewell

More from that there London later...

Mirthless Evil C 11.07.20 7:16am
Mirthless Evil C
Start of Trump sentence fake news by the end 0
SteveB 11.07.20 6:50am
Trump sure to be president after election

Says he'll accept offer to be president of Ugly Animal Preservation Society -- 'I'm a shining example of biodiversity. Fact!'...

Renrag 11.07.20 2:32am
Governments "Eat out to help out" offer welcomed by Lesbians 0
thackaray 11.07.20 12:52am
Man who claims he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 'ticks all the boxes' 5
Adrian Bamforth 11.07.20 12:49am
Man without a racist bone in his body agrees that his brain is racist 1
Mick Turate 11.07.20 12:45am
Nation's Bodybuilders To Resume Having Personality As Gyms Open

Panicking meatheads across the country breathed a sigh of relief today as it was announced that gyms were to reopen. Nationwide closures 3 months ago had left many musclebound dum dums like Marcus...

ThomasWykes 11.07.20 12:43am
Police blow criminals’ massive ring wide open

Thanks to big knobs in the criminal nether regions flagrantly splashing it about, police are celebrating the successful penetration of an eye-wateringly tight undercover ring with ‘Operation...

Filthy Rich 10.07.20 9:58pm
Sir Lupus
Old hen falls down the pecking order in chicken run. 0
ron cawleyoni 10.07.20 7:43pm
ron cawleyoni
Discovery of magazine in downstairs toilet ends Which? hunt 0
SteveB 10.07.20 7:40pm
Kent Folk Delight Over Bisons - Now We Can Wash Our Faces.

Or should that be faeces?...

granger 10.07.20 7:02pm
Thick-skulled, belligerent bovines to be released across UK; mainly Westminster 0
Filthy Rich 10.07.20 6:26pm
Filthy Rich
Chris Grayling excited he will soon get to send James Bond on missions

Former minister and human discount voucher, Chris Grayling, who is expected to be appointed as chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee next week, has expressed his delight at the prospect...

A.Mantra 10.07.20 5:30pm
Shock: Trump to replace Sedwill as Head Mandarin

More job swap news later...

Mirthless Evil C 10.07.20 5:19pm
Mirthless Evil C
Holy crap! Miraculous Return of the Holy Grayl

What next?...

Mirthless Evil C 10.07.20 5:17pm
Mirthless Evil C
Travellers to UK no need to quarantine but should still get their head examined

warn health experts Open air theatre to resume.Comedy of Errors already in full swing.but most productions will be Far From The Madding Crowd...

Gerontius 10.07.20 12:49pm
Hampstead Heath dogging site renamed to Pubic Heath

hat-tip SteveB I'm sure there's a better gag there (ooh Missus), but I can't find it...

Sinnick 10.07.20 12:04pm
Brazilian leader has close shave

More hairy situations later...

Mirthless Evil C 10.07.20 12:00pm
Boots announces that after making 20% of cuts it will rebrand itself as Boot 8
oshaughnessy 10.07.20 11:57am
Chris Grayling sacked as Intel chair after releasing Russia report by mistake. 0
Mick Turate 10.07.20 10:50am
Mick Turate
Beauticians celebrate by going out on the lash 3
Filthy Rich 10.07.20 10:01am
Obi-Wan Kenobi on Cabinet: These aren’t the droids you are looking for

5 Star Wars????...

Mirthless Evil C 10.07.20 9:49am
Mirthless Evil C
Andrzej Duda: 'Polish Presidency essentially a battle over traditional vowels' 2
SteveB 10.07.20 9:44am
Mirthless Evil C
Homeopaths call for urgent watering-down of guidelines 0
Filthy Rich 10.07.20 9:40am
Filthy Rich