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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Blacked up Morris Dancers forced to 'learn how to dance'

Representatives of the Black community have successfully argued against blacked up Morris Dancers performing at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. "To suggest that black men dance like that is...

throngsman 28.08.16 10:42pm
Ref Minor
Newsbiscuit to be re-branded as Torybiscuit or Titusbiscuit.

Too many tired old anti-Labour/anti-Corbyn slurs.I'm happy to read a range of contributions but feel that previous originality has deteriorated into too much partisan propaganda. Don't expect...

paulo 28.08.16 9:52pm
Proxima-B on track to get EU membership before Turkey 0
Dodderer 28.08.16 9:26pm
Mary Berry apologises to Church after comments about deep fat friars. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 28.08.16 9:13pm
Branson unveils his own brand of pickle 1
Jodster 28.08.16 8:25pm
Prime Mover
Police hunting prankster who sneaked bag of Haribo into a Warner Leisure Park. 0
Prime Mover 28.08.16 8:24pm
Prime Mover
Pressure mounts for Porcini to be banned from French beaches

There are calls today for deeply threatening and inappropriate clothing dubbed 'Porcini' (colloquially 'Cuntkini') to be banned from public places including French beaches. People relaxing all over...

Squudge 28.08.16 7:07pm
May returns From Restful Holiday & Asks 'Remind Me Again - What Is The EU?' 0
Titus 28.08.16 7:02pm
Corbyn's PR Team Seek Revenge By Questioning Branson's Chastity 0
Titus 28.08.16 6:42pm
All knights of the realm and anyone with an honour to avoid offending Corbyn

'Nice little knighthood you got there, guv. You wouldn't want anything unpleasant to - er -'happen' to it, would you, guv? Now, the boss, see, he don't like people - wevver they're knights of the...

Titus 28.08.16 6:23pm
I'm not under the thumb, says no-nonsense lad who loved Downton Abbey

A tough, no-nonsense lad has announced to male friends that he ‘takes no shit from his woman’; he also revealed that he really enjoyed watching a gripping period drama television series on ITV....

jonessgl 28.08.16 5:14pm
'Strip Richard Branson and Philip Green', says voyeur Shadow Chancellor 0
silly billy scotland 28.08.16 3:46pm
silly billy scotland
Duplicate post horror strikes Newsbiscuit 0
apepper 28.08.16 3:39pm
John McDonnell - "Give Owen Smith a knighthood so he can be stripped of it"

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has called for Owen Smith to be knighted so he can be punished properly by having his honour removed. "By standing against Jeremy, he has undermined the entire nation...

apepper 28.08.16 3:39pm
Airline pilots arrested for being high on alcohol.

Suspicions were aroused when they landed 10 minutes before the plane...

silly billy scotland 28.08.16 3:36pm
silly billy scotland
Ban on Victoria's coronet, but Albert's nougat wafer can go overseas 0
silly billy scotland 28.08.16 3:30pm
silly billy scotland
Philip Green to launch chain of BS outlets. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 28.08.16 3:20pm
silly billy scotland
Yorkshire Ripper NOT Paranoid. The other prisoners ARE out to get him 2
silly billy scotland 28.08.16 3:18pm
John McDonnell wins free ticket on Virgin's first space mission .. 1
spa99ers 28.08.16 1:40pm
Rumbelows and Woolworths eyeing up empty BHS stores. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 28.08.16 12:59pm
Religious Fundamentalists Outraged To Learn Women Are Naked Under Their Clothes 0
Titus 28.08.16 11:34am
France "to break off relations with Burkina Faso" after typo 0
andyiong 28.08.16 10:29am
Keystone Cops to Replace KGB As Security Providers At Labour Conference

More party-in-a-brewery-style organisation soon. Edit to add:, (Wondering whether that ought to be ' to replace Mossad' rather ' to replace the KGB' ?) ...

Titus 28.08.16 8:36am
Donald Trump promotes....Donald Trump!

In shocking news, Donald Trump has promised a change to the American Flag. If he is elected the stars and stripes as we know it will have a neat little addition, Donald Trump's face. His campaign...

Feldman 28.08.16 5:59am
French Islamic Terrorism cause French Identity crisis since they don't surrender 0
thackaray 27.08.16 10:33pm
Britain Considers Banning The Burberrykini, Just To Keep Up With The French

Hat tip to Squudge...

Titus 27.08.16 8:23pm
French Women Call For Bathing Machines To Hide Their Lack Of Nudity 0
Titus 27.08.16 8:12pm
Schoolboys disappointed as Juno probe makes close pass of Jupiter, not Uranus. 0
dominic_mcg 27.08.16 5:17pm
Scientists discover what all those TV input/outputs mean

It's up there with the riddle of the Sphinx and James Corden's career, but scientists have uncovered the mystery behind all the 'hole thingies' on the back on your...

Wrenfoe 27.08.16 5:16pm
Bather decisions too close to call as French police call for hemline technology

The baiting of conservative dressers should no longer be restricted to human judgement, fans of the sport say, as calls intensify for new hemline technology. In the age of professional bather...

ronseal 27.08.16 3:25pm