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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Celebrity MasterChef competitors to be eliminated by firing squad

Cooking really doesn’t get tougher than this! In a move to make the programme more competitive, Celebrity MasterChef contestants will now be eliminated from the competition by firing squad. As the...

Jodster 24.07.16 4:30pm
Terrorist 'significantly' fined for damage to hire vehicle 0
Underconstruction 24.07.16 4:12pm
6:45 from Euston arrives 10 minutes late - ISIS claims responsibility 3
Caiaphas 24.07.16 4:09pm
Hundreds queue to view 'pokey flat' 0
Underconstruction 24.07.16 4:08pm
'Ask Not Who Can Copy Your Speech, Ask From Whom You Can Copy Your Speech' 4
Titus 24.07.16 3:23pm
Labour MP complains corbyn supporter used their milk in the fridge 1
Dun Dunkin 24.07.16 2:10pm
Summer holidays start with traditional queue to get out the country 0
Dun Dunkin 24.07.16 2:10pm
Dun Dunkin
German Authorities Plan To Make It Unlawful To Possess An Illegal Gun

There - all sorted. Dunno why they never thought of that before ...

Titus 24.07.16 1:32pm
Pokémon Go players bring Dover to a standstill.

Kent Police appealed for calm, and for players yet to leave home to ensure that they bring a in-car phone charger with them. Police helicopters have been drafted in to deliver chargers to stricken...

Tammy Flugh 24.07.16 11:19am
Tammy Flugh
Pokéy Grindr sweeps the nation

Hot on the heels of the augmented realty success Pokémon GO, a new dating-app is allowing amorous singletons to locate the whereabouts of horny anime characters. Described a 'geosocial f@ckfest',...

Wrenfoe 24.07.16 9:37am
McLuskey "Labour abuse and antisemitism probably stirred by MI5. Or the Jews" 0
cinquecento 24.07.16 9:17am
Labour Pains - The Story That Just Keeps Giving

Titus 24.07.16 8:21am
How did this get here?

More in the other room ...

I Am Spartacus 24.07.16 8:20am
I Am Spartacus Too
Glum retro sweets enthusiast needs to find Mojo 0
chrisf 24.07.16 7:46am
English FA Admit to Long-term Usage of Performance-Inhibiting Drugs

"Don't look at the team and brand them failures : these guys are selfless guinea-pigs in the fore-front of medical research, bettering mankind's pharmaceutical understanding" Hot on the heels of the...

FlashArry 24.07.16 7:45am
I Am Spartacus II
Samwell Tarlydyce confirmed as England manager

The FA have confirmed Samwell Tarlydyce as the next England manager., The former Westeros and House of Tyrell defender has been given a two year contract by the FA, Some critics say that Tarlydyce...

Gerontius 24.07.16 7:42am
Black, but not been shot by cops yet? Write for NewsBiscuit while you wait 2
deceangli 24.07.16 6:05am
I Am Spartacus Two
Momentum IS Democratic: 'We Had A Vote & Decided 7 to 5 To Throw That Brick' 2
Titus 24.07.16 12:00am
Miami Cop says the retards truck was about to transform. 0
marlon bando 23.07.16 11:17pm
marlon bando
Lawyers reveal the group to most benefit from Brexit: Lawyers

Lawyers nationwide are celebrating after the part of the public that hate them the most unanimously voted for a decades long subsidy of the legal industry until all practitioners can shit gold. ...

Benvoleo 23.07.16 10:14pm
French border police offer glimpse of life after Brexit.

More queueing soon...

deskpilot3 23.07.16 7:16pm
Clinton Picks Dago Runing Mate Just To Wind Up Trump 0
Titus 23.07.16 6:49pm
Arachnophobia now considered to be a hate crime 2
cinquecento 23.07.16 6:05pm
Momentum energised by Corbyn's inertia 1
Sinnick 23.07.16 3:59pm
Russian balloonist's record in doubt after claims he was high. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.07.16 3:09pm
Hilary Clinton chooses Michael Caine as running mate. 0
MADJEZ 23.07.16 12:41pm
Three year old boy has birthday 1
Smart Alex 23.07.16 12:35pm
Due to 'a slight misunderstanding', Michael Caine changes name to Deed Poll

(puts on accent) Not a lot of people know that...

Smart Alex 23.07.16 12:31pm
Smart Alex
Daesh Condemn Secular Mass Killings & Suicides As 'Evil, Wicked & Pointless'' 0
Titus 23.07.16 12:25pm
Young German Mass Killer Reduced To Using A Gun As He Wasn't An Airline Pilot 0
Titus 23.07.16 12:21pm