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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Lloyd Webber defeats touts by writing shows no one wants to see

The music empresario and answer to the question 'what does a melted Hugh Grant look like?', has decided to stop over-inflated theatre prices, by continuing to make over-inflated shows. He has...

Wrenfoe 21.11.19 9:04am
Prince Andrew sues Queen for unfair dismissal. 0
Mick Turate 21.11.19 8:51am
Mick Turate
Labour to create new day of the week

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced plans to create a new day of the week on commencement of a Labour government. Bennday, named after the pipe-smoking left-wing politician from the internet,...

Adrian Bamforth 21.11.19 8:45am
Adrian Bamforth
NewsBiscuit writer receives 5 stars for repeating old jokes 0
Prime Mover 21.11.19 8:42am
Prime Mover
Conservatives to provide free full fibre breakfast cereal by 2020

The Tories made a bold election pledge today, promising a weekly 500g box of bran flakes or fruit and fibre for every household if re-elected. The news comes after new data showed that Britain is...

chrisf 21.11.19 8:40am
'Weird feeling, being stripped by an adult', says Andrew 0
beckfordburger 21.11.19 8:21am
New Trump musical review opens on Broadway - Lie by lie by Sondland 0
Chipchase 21.11.19 7:19am
If she'd have been a better shag I'd have remembered her - Prince Andrew

'What do you mean misogynist ?', More soon...

MADJEZ 21.11.19 1:25am
Prince Andrew pulls out..of a 17 year old. 'Well I'm not wearing a bally condom' 0
MADJEZ 21.11.19 1:22am
Prince Andrew quits Royal duties; Prince Harry and Meghan ask for advice 0
thackaray 21.11.19 12:03am
Lib Dems WinThe Election After Writing '£50 Billion Remain Bonus' On Side Of Bus 0
Titus 20.11.19 11:10pm
Prince Andrew Urged To Do The Decent Traditional Thing & Enter A Monastery 0
Titus 20.11.19 10:49pm
Who needs a health service asks Boris.

Boris Johnson’s claim today that a new Tory Governments first act would be to slash National insurance contributions for all tax payers, was greeted with unbridled joy today as basic rate tax...

tonymc81 20.11.19 10:37pm
More life in the Magic Roundabout than Magic Money Tree debate.....Time for Bed. 0
ron cawleyoni 20.11.19 10:25pm
ron cawleyoni
Poundland shops to be renamed,Lots of different prices land 0
tonymc81 20.11.19 9:47pm
Swinson promises to solve global warming problem by Nuking the planet 0
tonymc81 20.11.19 9:39pm
Russia accuses Tories of meddling in UK election 2
spa99ers 20.11.19 9:28pm
Lady Ghislaine sunk without trace. 0
ron cawleyoni 20.11.19 9:22pm
ron cawleyoni
Woking CCTV Solutions Ltd granted Royal Warrant 0
Crayon 20.11.19 9:21pm
Prince Andrews steps down from royal duties to spend more time in Pizza Express 0
Adrian Bamforth 20.11.19 8:36pm
Adrian Bamforth
Prince Andrew wakes up sweating from 'vivid' nightmare 0
thackaray 20.11.19 7:33pm
Prince Andrew "steps back" over cliff edge. More sooooooon. 0
Al OPecia 20.11.19 6:33pm
Al OPecia
Prince Andrew to "step back from pubic duties" for the foreseeable future 0
Walter Eagle 20.11.19 6:22pm
Walter Eagle
Tory android suffers major technical malfunction

The Tory Party has been forced to admit a secretly substituted android version of Boris Johnson appearing on last night's ITV Leaders' Debate suffered a technical malfunction, and that robotics...

Chipchase 20.11.19 5:49pm
Prince Andrew asks for kids menu - 2 54
Adrian Bamforth 20.11.19 5:07pm
Walter Eagle
Randy Andy off to Mount Helena whilst things settle down a bit 1
fletcher 20.11.19 5:03pm
Walter Eagle
Boris biopic to be renamed "No Bridges"

In an embarrassing climbdown for Hollywood, it was revealed today that "The Bridge", the forthcoming biopic about Boris Johnson's time as Mayor of London, has had to be renamed due to a mistake in...

YaBasta 20.11.19 4:52pm
Walter Eagle
Leader's Debate ruined by use of canned laughter 3
Ian Searle 20.11.19 2:35pm
Tories denie existance of Money Tree, its more a type of shrub says Raab. 2
tonymc81 20.11.19 1:49pm
Millions "mithing out on en aitch eth denthal treatment". More thoon.

… Ta Tone...

Al OPecia 20.11.19 1:47pm