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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
What Exactly Services Proficient Packers and Movers Deliver?

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susanrautela 09.02.16 9:19am
Excellent Packers and Movers Services in the City of

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susanrautela 09.02.16 9:19am
'More 100mph storms likely if Britain leaves EU' warns Cameron

David Cameron has warned British voters to expect even more storms to batter the country if they choose to leave the EU. 'We can expect the French to tear up our agreement with them to keep the...

ianslat 09.02.16 9:00am
Koh-i-Noor to be set into Oxford Rhodes statue. That'll learn 'em. 0
beckfordburger 09.02.16 8:49am
Chancellor admits having sex with taxpayers 0
Dun Dunkin 09.02.16 8:34am
Dun Dunkin
Wife blames Met Office as Storm Mitchell rips through marital bed

A Surrey housewife has blamed the Met Office for her husband naming his “storms of flatulence.” Susan Richards was speaking after Storm Mitchell was unleashed under the duvet this morning just...

StanleyMizaru 09.02.16 8:22am
Dyslexic Starbucks employee says tribunal win 'better latte than never' 4
harrypalmer 09.02.16 8:38am
Dick Everyman
Deepcut parent charged with ‘wasting police indifference’

Des James, father of Private Cheryl James who died in mysterious circumstances at Deepcut Barracks, has apologised to Surrey Police for asking them to investigate her death properly. “With...

deceangli 09.02.16 8:07am
Dyslexic Barrister sues Starbucks for loss of court earnings 1
maxey 09.02.16 8:18am
Stabrucks employee wins dyslexia case 0
Dick Everyman 09.02.16 7:45am
Dick Everyman
‘Racing certainty’ ‘Ground Fill Boy’ ‘rubbish tip’ 0
farmer giles 09.02.16 7:35am
farmer giles
"Far too many hoops to go through for a job interview", says circus performer. 1
Boutros 09.02.16 8:20am
Beyonce favourite for 200m gold at Rio Olympics

More to follow...

apepper 08.02.16 10:46pm
Met Office renames next storm Jake Shit.

"We know nothing about it yet", a spokesman explained...

Tammy Flugh 08.02.16 10:34pm
Tammy Flugh
Cameron denies trying to sign up Jeremy Corbyn for 'The Jump'.

All downhill after this...

deskpilot3 08.02.16 9:42pm
One dead, three seriously injured in Isle of Wight pop-up sex shop disaster

Shanklin police have arrested two men after a pop-up sex shop they were erecting in Regent Street exploded, resulting in the death of one onlooker. Three other people were injured as the pop-up...

Dick Everyman 08.02.16 8:57pm
Dick Everyman
World begs Trump to take part in The Jump

More to follow...

apepper 08.02.16 8:19pm
Poor students turn to armed robbery to get a decent education

David Cameron’s plan to create “reform prisons” in England and Wales has been welcomed by student leaders. Liverpool University Student Union leader Paul Mycock, 42, said: ‘For a student...

medici2471 08.02.16 8:18pm
Michael Gove and David Cameron Announce Prisoner Loans In a widely expected announcement...

bobski 08.02.16 7:53pm
Criminal Hopes to get into First Choice Prison

The overhaul of prisons promised by the Prime Minister has at least one fan. Gavin Beardmore, currently on remand for burglary, has been studying the new prison league tables and is hopeful of a...

james_doc 08.02.16 6:47pm
David Cameron denies scaremongering over bogeyman comments

Prime Minster David Cameron has dismissed suggestions of scaremongering over his comments that the bogeyman could set up camp in the UK if it left the EU. Mr Cameron said that if the UK left the EU,...

StanleyMizaru 08.02.16 5:24pm
Kim Jong-un's KN08 missile programme 'just penis envy'

Adrian Bamforth 08.02.16 5:46pm
Gary Baldy
Global warming to speed up if Brexit 0
Dun Dunkin 08.02.16 5:07pm
Dun Dunkin
"Corbyn to become PM if Brexit" 0
Dun Dunkin 08.02.16 4:45pm
Dun Dunkin
'France will declare Nuclear War on UK if Brexit' 0
Dun Dunkin 08.02.16 4:39pm
Dun Dunkin
Imogen storms cause motoring mess for anagrammatists 1
Midfield Diamond 08.02.16 6:36pm
Al OPecia
Kent bricks it at Cameron Brexit threat

The people of Kent reacted in horror today to the Prime Minister’s warning that the French would withdraw their cooperation in the event of Britain leaving the EU. Warning of the chaos that could...

Stan and Des 08.02.16 2:42pm
Stan and Des
Moth Wooes Crowd WIth Sexy New Outfit And Talks Of Future Projects

Chubby celebrity moth Dante Escargo dazzled on the red carpet last night, as stars met up, for the sakes of meeting up in a meet met by those who attended. The star known for roles in controversial...

Lexiconratchetbum 08.02.16 1:39pm
Football News

Rooney Tweets " Fantastic to see Zika Managed to beat transfer deadline, the move from Brazil to Spain is a game changer, a shot in the arm for the Spanish"...

billym 08.02.16 6:24pm
Dyslexic US sports fan enjoys bowl o’ soup 0
Midfield Diamond 08.02.16 1:06pm
Midfield Diamond