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PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS FORUM IS MOVING (save your work before it is deleted) 0 Wrenfoe 22.08.21 12:30pm
Resurrected Panel Show Now Seasonally Adjusted: 'Never Mind The Equinox' 0
Titus 22.09.21 8:25pm
Back up Your brain but not now! - 23789

Scientists who are intellectually challenged, announced an important step forward today, this being that in 2 decades from now, when the vast majority of us, will be in wooden overcoats, we will be...

Kazytc 22.09.21 8:17pm
Companies Awaiting Solution To CO2 Shortage Told 'Don't Hold Your Breath'

Hat-tip to nickb ...

Titus 22.09.21 8:17pm
PM to appear on one-off Jeremy Kyle special

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to appear in a one-off hour long Jeremy Kyle special. Tory intern Henry Hootington-Hurst said 'We think it's three wives and six kids, but to be honest, there's...

stewartbarclay 22.09.21 6:57pm
Nationwide candle shortage after Government assurance of no power cuts

(I regret having a flexible tariff)...

gaijintendo 22.09.21 6:45pm
CO2 Shortage: Government urges people to breathe out more and breathe in less

The fizzy drinks industry can breathe more easily thanks to the latest plans to solve the carbon dioxide crisis, which has meant millions have gone without their fizzy pop thanks to a shortage of...

nickb 22.09.21 6:30pm
Govt re-opens coal mine to make more CO2 for food industry 0
Sinnick 22.09.21 4:40pm
Someone, who was in something you used to watch, has died

A famous actor, who was in that thing, you know, with oojamaflip, has passed away. They first made their name appearing with whatsit in that thing about the whatchamacallit, and went on to star...

Ian Searle 22.09.21 3:51pm
English Premier League standing trial in January 0
stewartbarclay 22.09.21 3:22pm
Kabul-based Housemartins tribute band releases Taliban of Love CD 0
Jim Skinz 22.09.21 2:04pm
Jim Skinz
Taliban ban Matalan; Matalan bans Taliban

The Taliban and Matalan have increased the distance between each other in an act of mutual banning. ‘The Taliban-Matalan ban pre-dated the Matalan Taliban ban’ claimed Mohammed Smythe, the...

nickb 22.09.21 1:37pm
Lactose intolerant pastry chef forms not-for-Profiterole organisation 5
Ian Searle 22.09.21 1:05pm
Librarian of the Year Award in chaos after winner asks noisy audience to leave. 0
dominic_mcg 22.09.21 12:12pm
US-UK trade deal: Yankee Doodle No 0
Paul L 22.09.21 12:11pm
Paul L
HS2 has 'no end in sight'? Surely some sort of platform would work?

The never-ending railway development, is set to last longer than re-runs of 'Friends'. Tracks continue to be laid for no other reason than they were there, a bit like Uni students at Fresher's Week....

Wrenfoe 22.09.21 12:02pm
Sir Lupus
Crisp addicts form Snack Lives Matter campaign group 1
Jim Skinz 22.09.21 11:34am
Sex sells confirms prostitute 0
stewartbarclay 22.09.21 10:30am
Afghan translators concerned about spam emails

With the release of 250 email addresses of former Afghan translators by the MoD, many are living in fear of being targeted by spammers, phisheres and other nefarious abusers of online abuse. 'I've...

throngsman 22.09.21 10:02am
Proofreader at Argos Stores admits a catalogue of errors. 2
Ian Searle 22.09.21 9:27am
Bronze Age golf course found in Lincs

Archaeologists believe they have found a found a prehistoric burial site at a golf course. The remains are thought to be of a high status individual. They claim that the object he was buried with was...

Lockjaw54 22.09.21 9:18am
Russian Government denies involvement in the Opal Fruits/Starburst name change

A spokesman for Vladimir Putin has categorically refuted the claim that it was Russian interference which resulted in Opal Fruits changing their name to Starburst in 1998. Despite evidence uncovered...

dominic_mcg 22.09.21 9:00am
Boris HAS been involved in an accident that 'wasn't his fault'. Several, in fact 1
deskpilot3 22.09.21 8:56am
Chicken-runners smuggling KFC into Auckland caught licky-fingered

Strict laws regarding access to takeaways in New Zealand have led to organised gangs running illegal KFC hot rods into Auckland. But in a successful police swoop, flutter and cluck, 12 herbs and...

SteveB 22.09.21 8:51am
Protestors block M25 again; motorists retaliate by parking on pavements. 0
deskpilot3 22.09.21 8:50am
Person who put up 'You don't have to be mad to work here' sign is sectioned 0
Ian Searle 22.09.21 8:14am
Ian Searle
Hirsute beautician admits to being Anti-Waxxer 0
Ian Searle 22.09.21 7:37am
Ian Searle
Johnson claims success as UK reduces CO2 ahead of COP 0
throngsman 22.09.21 7:35am
Taliban has a better chance of striking deals than Boris 0
Ian Searle 22.09.21 7:29am
Ian Searle
Government "Fuckwit Registers" to be established world wide

Following the discovery of larger than anticipated pockets of fuck-wittery in societies around the world, governments are moving towards a voluntary register. The registers will be open to people who...

sunner 22.09.21 5:29am
Sick of Government's Imperial Measures? Weigh in by writing for Newsbiscuit 0
camz 21.09.21 11:05pm