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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Extension Rebellion announces 5-year sponsorship deal with Loctite 7
Chipchase 26.04.19 12:27pm
Sir Lupus
Government to skip 5G and move straight to 6G. 0
Mick Turate 26.04.19 12:09pm
Mick Turate
Trump tweet calls out Queen's 'hospitality snub'

President Trump who was believed to be seething after it was announced he will not be staying at Buckingham Palace during his state visit in June, has taken to Twitter to call out Her Majesty in what...

Chipchase 26.04.19 10:44am
New Bond movie : Octogenarian Pussy

Anne Widecombe as the 'love interest', I'd pay to see that...

Gerontius 26.04.19 10:39am
‘Daniel Craig is Bond’ in new sexy Phoebe Waller-Bridge creation..’Teabag’

Definitely 'Shaken and not Stirred'...

ron cawleyoni 26.04.19 10:27am
ron cawleyoni
Everyone Now Continually Asking 'Why Is No-One Discussing Brexit?' 0
Titus 26.04.19 8:32am
Anti-social fruit and vegetable merchant diagnosed with Asparagus Syndrome 3
Dick Everyman 26.04.19 8:27am
Leaks leaker leaked

A senior cabinet minister who preferred not to be named Philip Hammond at this point, has leaked a denial that he was the top level leaker in the Huawei leak scandal ‘It’s clear I would never...

nickb 26.04.19 8:19am
Kylie Minogue on stansted marketplace

Kylie Minogue located on luton sceneKylie Minogue to be found at stansted stadium move nights, decided catalogue and how to get ticketsAfter 30 a great deal of stick music domination, Kylie really...

egumarsh 26.04.19 7:53am
Human race to be' discontinued' after 2025

Climate scientists have concluded that it is the amount of humans on the planet that is the cause of climate change, not what they do. 'If there were, say, a dozen or so humans then things wouldn't...

throngsman 26.04.19 7:02am
farmer giles
G4S driver who stole 1m awarded new Government transport contract. 1
tonymc81 26.04.19 12:20am
New Bond movie...'Referendum..You Only Vote Twice' 2
ron cawleyoni 26.04.19 12:13am
Security Council leak 'Nothing to do with us,' say Huawei.


Newsdesk 25.04.19 9:13pm
Corbyn appoints Irma Grese as head of complaints 0
Guido Drapatolli 25.04.19 8:25pm
Guido Drapatolli
'If it weren't for us, you'd all be speaking Russian,' Trump tells the EU. 3
Newsdesk 25.04.19 8:13pm
New Bond movie...Leave and let Die. 0
ron cawleyoni 25.04.19 7:11pm
ron cawleyoni
Panorama to investigate itself after journalist sacked unfairly. 0
dominic_mcg 25.04.19 7:01pm
New Bond film to be named "On Her Majesty's Not So Secret Service". 0
Al OPecia 25.04.19 6:01pm
Al OPecia
New James Bond film to be titled "Brexit".

James Bond hunts the mystery mastermind behind the Leave campaign...

Mick Turate 25.04.19 5:47pm
Mick Turate
House of Lords have got it wrong says Tory MPs

Elite far right Tory MP’s, while welcoming suggestions from the House of Lords that money spent on Pensioners should be reduced or scrapped, they totally oppose the idea that any money saved should...

tonymc81 25.04.19 5:33pm
Rami Malek to play Killer Queen bee in new Bond movie The Sting and I. 0
ron cawleyoni 25.04.19 5:00pm
ron cawleyoni
Rami Malek part in James Bond thought to be ‘a little silhouetto of a man’ 0
chrisf 25.04.19 3:45pm
Brexit Party candidates suspended over non-inflammatory remarks

Brexit Party candidates for the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections are among those party members who have shared non-inflammatory social media posts including fact-based material. Flagrant...

Sugar Ray 25.04.19 3:24pm
Sugar Ray
Biden - His Time? 2
chrisf 25.04.19 3:13pm
Proud new DeWalt owner still looking for something to drill

'This roughty-toughty piece of pro kit cost me a hundred and fifty smackers,' said homeowner Alex Staveley, 'but I've yet to find a single bloody use for it.' Instead, he goes around the house...

Bravenewmalden 25.04.19 3:09pm
Man at barbers reveals football ignorance in record time

An investment banker from Hove today made plain his utter lack of football knowledge within seconds of taking his seat at a barbershop near his City office, witnesses claim. Asked by the barber if...

Bravenewmalden 25.04.19 2:58pm
Christians condemn bombings - prefer terror threats of hellfire and damnation 4
Crayon 25.04.19 2:32pm
Trump To Be Honoured With 'Very Special' Accommodation During His State Visit

At the suggestion of the Speaker of the House of Commons, and with the rumoured enthusiastic support of Her Majesty the Queen, security concerns surrounding the forthcoming state visit by one of the...

Titus 25.04.19 2:28pm
Sultan of Brunei to host LGBT Losing Governing Bastard Trump at Dorchester Hotel 0
Dick Everyman 25.04.19 1:35pm
Dick Everyman
Huawei Accused Of Embedding Eavesdropping Bugs In Cabinet Ministers' Phones 0
Titus 25.04.19 12:57pm