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Music lovers praise Cameron as he tells EU Commision Status Quo unacceptable 5
Scronnyglonkle 9 minutes
Fired Apprentice contestants offered new McDonald's franchises in Kobane. 0
Crayon 1 hour

More appetizing cannon fodder soon...

New Banksy graffiti inside15 police stations in London 0
Lemon_Melon 2 hours

After recent hoax allegations appeared in the news regarding the arrest of graffiti artist. The elusive Banksy took his revenge by targeting the inside of 15 different police stations in the London...

Tories to stop Santa migration by Christmas 0
Wrenfoe 2 hours

David Cameron has announced plans to curb the flood of European migrant workers, specifically 4th-century Greek bishops, from invading our homes. The Prime Minister has promised to apply an...

Never Mind TrueBiscuit - IncredibleBiscuit: 'Sex Was Invented In Scotland'. 2
Titus 3 hours

(Or is this 'IncrediBiscuit'?)

Man sent to Newsbiscuit infirmary for dodgy ticker 1
Iroquois Pliskin 5 hours
Advertising world takes stock following death of Lynda Bellingham 6
Skylarking 5 hours
X37B returns after two years. 'It's been a very naughty boy,' says NASA 1
throngsman 5 hours
Oxo Mum asked for her ashes to be sprinkled on a wholesome family meal. 0
MADJEZ 5 hours
Woman with incomplete tampon seeks guy for No-Strings-Attached fun 0
beckfordburger 6 hours
Gov't agree to keep freedom of movement as long as right to stop is removed 1
throngsman 6 hours
Dying comedians to be given untested jokes 1
apepper 6 hours

Edinburgh fringe organisers have announced plans for untested jokes to be made available to struggling comedians at next year's Fringe. A spokesman explained; "It's heartbreaking to see someone...

Tory Plans To Quit EU Exposed As Cameron Appoints Clarkson As A Commissioner 0
Titus 6 hours
Big Ron to author volume 1 of new Jim Morrison biography 'The Early Doors' 0
blacklesbian 6 hours
BBC's audio volume engineer finally found dead in basement control room. 3
Crayon 6 hours
Dislexic offenders to be given shorter sentences.. 1
MikeF 6 hours
ISIS Caliphate bans the full stop opening the way for much longer sentences 0
Thundi 6 hours
UK empathy with muslims 0
gillie 8 hours

In a bold attempt to identify with the retro Muslim culture, burning of witches will now take place on selected village greens every Tuesday...

Jeremy Clarkson caught for Speeding 0
gillie 9 hours

Following the news that Jeremy Clarkson has been caught speeding, it has been announced that speed cameras will now be called 'Clarkson Cameras'. Presumably because they can crop up anywhere,...

Ajinkya Rahane seeks consistency to secure India spot 0
ctom 11 hours

Cricketer Ajinkya Rahane has said he is working towards attaining greater consistency and is looking to convert starts into big scores to secure his place in the Indian squad. Opener Rahane scored...

Groom tells frustrated nympho bride: 'Even Jesus couldn't come twice' 0
Jim Garner 17 hours

No more, now or later...

Scottish Widows to follow Scottish Power's lead and refuse insurance claims 1
blacklesbian 18 hours

Following the success of Scottish Power’s ingenious plan to ‘refuse to pay’ monies owed to customers who had exactly followed the terms and conditions of their policies, sister company Scottish...

Trolls Complain of Trollism and Others Giving Them A Bad Name 1
Dun Dunkin 18 hours
Top-secret plane returns after two-year mission to avoid TV finales 1
Wrenfoe 21 hours

An unmanned US space plane has landed in California, having completed its task to see if circumventing pop culture references and season ends have any impact on our ability to enjoy life. Having...

Plague Ship Forced Back Out To Sea 0
Dun Dunkin 22 hours

what century is this again?...

Trolls could face two years in prison says Saruman 0
Dun Dunkin 22 hours

Dwarves and Elves need to watch it too...

Tesco Broadband announce 50 new jobs for Troll collectors 0
Underconstruction 23 hours

MTF unless the wheels come off...

Highways Agency to introduce Troll Booths 0
Underconstruction 23 hours

Internet trolls whose online comments offend half-wits, ageing media-types, squeaky-clean pop-stars, attention-seeking chefs or C-List celebrities, will face 'troll charges' on the nation's motorways...

Richard Madeley talks about living with a troll. 2
MADJEZ 1 day
Indian Mars probe threatened by Comet. Up to 20 Rupees' worth of damage expected 0
throngsman 1 day