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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Is Monarch Airlines going bust?

Speculation grows as Duke & Duchess of Cambridge tour Canada on Skateboard One...

silly billy scotland 26.09.16 9:10am
silly billy scotland
Turner Prize exhibition makes an even bigger arse of itself than usual. 0
silly billy scotland 26.09.16 8:42am
silly billy scotland
'Labour must work together,' says Andy Burnham as he gets into his car

The soon-to-be former Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham, has called for the Parliamentary Labour Party to 'Unite, or something,' as he prepares to leave Parliament for the next eight years, minimum...

Fred Fortune 26.09.16 6:01am
Anger at department stores all over Liverpool as they sell out of long knives. 0
freeryda 26.09.16 5:58am
Importance floor texture Huadiao

In home decor more human-oriented today, to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers, the market continues to introduce new floor, a number of floral color and reliefs and other art...

happywork 26.09.16 3:10am
Bake Off hosts in bitter custardy battle following divorce 1
farmer giles 25.09.16 11:27pm
marlon bando
Poll: "Most Americans Would Rather Eat Poisoned Skittles Than Trump Flavored Can "If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That's our Syrian refugee...

Andrewnino12 25.09.16 11:08pm
Chuka Umunna forced to take on English name

Chuka Umunna has been the first to fall foul of his declaration that immigrants should be forced to adapt to the English culture by being forced to change his name to Charles Umbridge...

Prime Mover 25.09.16 10:35pm
Prime Mover
Cop unimpressed with Moon walking black dude,shoots him,tough crowd 0
marlon bando 25.09.16 10:08pm
marlon bando
Fatboy Slim sheds weight 2
marlon bando 25.09.16 10:06pm
marlon bando
New series of Transatlantic Wife Swap underway 0
Sir Lupus 25.09.16 9:02pm
Sir Lupus
ITV to make 2nd series of 'Victoria'. A total of 64 annual series' is planned. 1
silly billy scotland 25.09.16 7:36pm
Separation caused by "embarrassment at being Zoe Ball-Boy Slim"

More to follow...

apepper 25.09.16 7:14pm
Brexit Job Losses Continue

French puppeteer Arsene L. Beaux has become the latest to lose their job as a result of Brexit. Mr. Beaux worked as the operator of David Cameron's sincere looking hands....

shaqiri oleary 25.09.16 4:35pm
shaqiri oleary
Trump declines opportunity to deny he has chlamydia

According to reports of ‘many people’ familiar with the matter, it appears that the medical records recently released by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump conspicuously do not...

DrTurmoil 25.09.16 3:40pm
Sir Lupus
‘Don’t mention dementia. I did once, but I think I got away with it...’ 2
satire1 25.09.16 2:40pm
silly billy scotland
Pippa Middleton ‘briefed, then debriefed by police’

“We are determined to get to the bottom of this without getting our knickers in a twist or fannying around” said Chief Inspector Seymour Bum, as photo-hacking allegations emerged. “At the risk...

farmer giles 25.09.16 1:13pm
farmer giles
Cruise comic says ship's funnel is ‘funnely enough’ 0
nickb 25.09.16 12:57pm
ISIS claims credit for Brangelina disaster that shook the world

As newsrooms across the globe descend into a Jolie-Pitt of despair, terror group ISIS has claimed credit for the catastrophe...

ronseal 25.09.16 12:00pm
Paul Hollywood ‘extremely flattered’ by Los Angeles sign 0
farmer giles 25.09.16 11:26am
farmer giles
Melania Trump accusations: Daily Mail ‘just being sarcastic’ 0
farmer giles 25.09.16 11:18am
farmer giles
Oh not not again 0
Sinnick 25.09.16 10:59am
Zoe and Ed Balls to split.

He is an internationally famous professional ballroom dancer who dabbled disastrously in centre left politics. She earned her fame on the radio by saying things about pop records, putting them on,...

nickb 25.09.16 9:55am
Brad Pitt gets PTSD movie flashback and attacks Viet Kun in mid air 0
marlon bando 24.09.16 10:34pm
marlon bando
Nation eagerly awaits naked Pippa Middleton

Seen rubbing their hands and other body parts with glee, the British public reacted positively to the news that online photographs of Miss Middleton have been stolen. If her iCloud collection is...

Wrenfoe 24.09.16 10:17pm
Balls on BBC and load of bollocks on ITV as Strictly & X Factor go head to head 0
chrisf 24.09.16 9:02pm
Pitt-Jolie divorce delayed by confusion over number of children

The ongoing divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has run into difficulties, as neither of the couple can remember how many children they've bought over the years. Jolie is said to be going...

YaBasta 24.09.16 8:16pm
Corbyn wins Keir Hardie's beard

With a stonking 61.8% of votes by registered Labour members and 100% of anyone vaguely socialist, Jeremy Corbyn has won the right to don the facial fuzz of the party's first MP. Replacing his own...

Wrenfoe 24.09.16 7:58pm
Jim Carrey to star in remake STD Detective 0
marlon bando 24.09.16 7:46pm
marlon bando
"Hey, you, get off of my iCloud." 0
satire1 24.09.16 7:37pm