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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Fantasy Footballer Kraft Heinz Rummenigge turns down move to Unileverkusen. 4
ron cawleyoni 20.02.17 10:17pm
ron cawleyoni
Testicle-cradling fan of football giant-killing enjoying magic of the cup 0
chrisf 20.02.17 8:01pm
Trump diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome 1
cinquecento 20.02.17 6:56pm
Trump Sweden comments based on fake-news media. SAD! 0
thatwasbeast 20.02.17 6:54pm
Swedes 1 Trumpnips 0

There's got to be something better than this based on the "Swedes 1 Turnips 0" headline but I can't think...

Gary Baldy 20.02.17 6:27pm
Gary Baldy
FA Cup draw: White Hart Lane to be demolished earlier than planned. 0
Gary Baldy 20.02.17 6:26pm
Gary Baldy
Your malady 0
Bogbrush 20.02.17 5:41pm
Truss apologises for looking more like a teaching assistant than Lord Chancellor

Lord Chancellor Liz Truss is to apologise for her failure so far to look anything like a Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. ‘I do understand,’ Mrs Truss said, ’that many...

roybland 20.02.17 4:53pm
Trump vows to rid Washington of scourge of fake news street vendors

Donald Trump promised a crackdown today on the fake news vendors who continue to ply their trade around the US Capital. Congregating regularly around the White House, Jon Sopel, Katy Tur, and other...

chrisf 20.02.17 3:52pm
US man deported to China for whispering ‘atheism is great’ 0
farmer giles 20.02.17 1:46pm
farmer giles
Stoke by-election: ‘Gordon Banks is a close friend’ says Nuttall 0
farmer giles 20.02.17 1:43pm
farmer giles
Kraft drops Unilever takeover bid as half of Board just hates it. More soon. 3
Al OPecia 20.02.17 1:41pm
farmer giles
Trump ‘will hold next rally in Nuremberg, Pennsylvania’ confirms Fox News 0
farmer giles 20.02.17 1:36pm
farmer giles
Trump announces new press spokesperson Fay Knews. No one believes him. 2
MADJEZ 20.02.17 1:35pm
farmer giles
Trump to apologise for thinking doubling rape stats were indicator of violence 0
ronseal 20.02.17 1:26pm
Radical NHS Reform Plans Include Demands That 'People Be Less Ill' 0
Titus 20.02.17 1:17pm
BBC is NOT obsessed with itself, say s new report from BBC's BBC correspondent 1
ronseal 20.02.17 1:14pm
Trump Assassination Attempt Shock & Outrage: 'The Delay Is Shocking & Outrageous 0
Titus 20.02.17 12:55pm
Trump apologises for confusing Sweden with Chicago 0
Sinnick 20.02.17 9:59am
India Invited To Contribute Aid For Britain's Growing Space Programme 0
Titus 20.02.17 9:09am
Man breaks record for number of ways of saying 'thanks' in Tesco Express

A Telford man was celebrating today after breaking the record for the number of different ways to say thank you to a cashier as goods are handed over individually at crowded Tesco Express supermarket...

chrisf 20.02.17 6:53am
Kraft Heinz drop Marmite bid – lands buttered side down

Marmite bid is toast insist Unilever...

Gerontius 20.02.17 6:51am
St. Peter announces "extreme vetting" policy at Pearly Gates.

Students riot at Berkeley in protest...

Maverick 20.02.17 12:21am
Boris's arse. A ray of sunshine?

A research paper scheduled for the coming scientific meeting of the British Medical Association deals with the link between the sun and the Foreign Minister. The paper is entitled: "Solar radiation:...

Renrag 19.02.17 11:37pm
Trump loses Welsh Open....more fake news?.... you Juddge. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 11:31pm
ron cawleyoni
Trumps Shakespearean Tragedy........"Toupee or not Toupee"..... 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 11:21pm
ron cawleyoni
Eric was NOT...the laziest of the Pythons. 0
ron cawleyoni 19.02.17 10:34pm
ron cawleyoni
Trump: "Ich bin ein swede..."

oder ein turnip or rutabaga depending on location...

Dick Everyman 19.02.17 10:24pm
Dick Everyman
Trump voters thought they were part of a TV prank show 1
Plot126 19.02.17 10:04pm
Brevenge! French government to buy all British businesses and close them down.

Starting with Vauxhall...

deskpilot3 19.02.17 10:02pm