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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Kim Jong Un’s and Theresa May’s chefs swop recipes. 0
tonymc81 26.03.19 1:40pm
May insists ,hosting Lunch for the ERG at Chequers wasn't a slimy thing to do 0
tonymc81 26.03.19 1:30pm
Pensioners Life savings wiped out after buying a second Coffee at Pret a Manger 0
tonymc81 26.03.19 1:19pm
Pentagon border wall to have ‘frickin lasers!’

By bypassing Congress, President Trump can now fund his wall with military spending, aided by blueprints left over from the Transformers’ movie. Civilian walls are restricted to bricks and mortar,...

Wrenfoe 26.03.19 1:18pm
Wrong room again 0
Dick Everyman 26.03.19 1:07pm
Dick Everyman
Man who randomly called 'heads' now willing to defend his decision to the death

Arthur Browne, a middle-aged accountant from Cheshire, has vowed 'glory or death' following a random coin-toss. "He really didn't have a strong opinion to start with", said his wife. "Just shrugged...

deceangli 26.03.19 12:43pm
Soap fans divided over plans to kill off 'Theresa May' character

Fans of the long-running TV soap opera 'Westenders' have expressed mixed feelings after a plot spoiler emerged online over the weekend. It is now said to be common knowledge that the long-running...

Oxbridge 26.03.19 12:17pm
EU Gets The Message At Last & Prepares For No-Deal Brexit 1
Titus 26.03.19 11:52am
Only 2,000 holes left in Blackburn, Lancashire. Fewer soon. 0
Al OPecia 26.03.19 8:50am
Al OPecia
Brexit to meet GDPR in the semi-finals 0
deceangli 26.03.19 8:44am
Angry Oddie left spitting feathers

Former Goodie, ornithologist and short-tempered old grumpy-guts, Bill Oddie, is understood to be livid after waiting at the foot of the iconic White Cliffs of Dover yesterday expecting to see...

Chipchase 26.03.19 8:30am
Guides for Discover the Suitable Flat Screen Printer

Looking for the suitable [url=]Flat Screen Printing Machine F1[/url] out there? In the world of printing, screen printing is...

flatscreenprinter 26.03.19 8:14am
Montenegro bows to international pressure and renames as Montepersonofcolour 0
bumtrinket 26.03.19 7:26am
PM's pet parrot is dead. Parliament suggests a Norwegian Blue replacement. 0
Dick Everyman 26.03.19 6:42am
Dick Everyman
MPs to back, crack and sack PM 0
Crayon 26.03.19 3:07am
Newsbiscuit suffers a "Denial of Satire" attack. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 26.03.19 2:35am
Impartial People's Vote To Ask 'Do You Want Brexit Disaster Or EU Paradise?' 2
Titus 26.03.19 1:12am
"Er, how do I retract an ironic petition signature" tops google search rankings 1
Benvoleo 25.03.19 10:12pm
No one cares about your fabulous kids - now get over it

A research study published today looks set to devastate the hopes and dreams of proud parents across the land, because if its findings are correct it appears that no one but these parents themselves...

Chipchase 25.03.19 9:41pm
Insect lovers condemned as Aracnophobic. 0
MzWibble 25.03.19 9:41pm
Theresa May's comeback planned, set to fight Merryweather in Vegas. 0
tonymc81 25.03.19 3:17pm
Theresa May's comeback planned, set to fight Merryweather in Vegas 0
tonymc81 25.03.19 3:01pm
Pro-Homosexuality Campaigners Condemned As Islamophobic 1
Titus 25.03.19 2:44pm
farmer giles
Majestic Wine to be rebranded as 'One is Disrobed' 0
Dick Everyman 25.03.19 2:42pm
Dick Everyman
Government Of Britain Hiatus While NewsBiscuit Is Off-Line 0
Titus 25.03.19 2:06pm

[Deplication diluted] ...

Titus 25.03.19 2:05pm
Inland Revenue Declines Contributions From Unfashionable Companies 0
Titus 25.03.19 1:56pm
Anti-May Campaigners Flummoxed When Asked 'OK, Who DO You Want As PM?' 0
Titus 25.03.19 1:20pm
Boris makes his bid

The media was ablaze this morning with the news that Boris Johnson had at last broken cover and with a vitriolic attack on Theresa May, made his bid for the leadership., Boris who was last seen...

tonymc81 25.03.19 12:26pm
Mueller concludes no Russian collusion, voters are ‘just dumb’

After two years of painstaking of investigation, Special Counsel has confirmed that no amount of electoral corruption can match the sheer scale of ‘stupid’ in the electorate. Robert Mueller's...

Wrenfoe 25.03.19 12:21pm
Sir Lupus