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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
NewsBiscuit dominated by BBC agenda: Brexit, Burkinis and Corbyn. 2
silly billy scotland 27.08.16 3:08pm
silly billy scotland
Strike 2: Mystery Biker Unseated by M20 Bridge Collapse

Richard Branson's current whereabouts is unknown...

silly billy scotland 27.08.16 3:07pm
silly billy scotland
Labour forgets head after unscrewing it

In the latest of a series of blunders and mishaps, Labour appears to have gone out having forgotten its head, after unscrewing it earlier in the day and forgetting to put it back on. Following hot on...

andyiong 27.08.16 2:54pm
Britain prepares for Autumn as DFS announces Sale of the Summer 0
Jodster 27.08.16 2:42pm
Pressure mounts for Porcini to be banned from French beaches

There are calls today for deeply threatening and inappropriate clothing dubbed 'Porcini' (colloquially 'Cuntkini') to be banned from public places including French beaches. People relaxing all over...

Squudge 27.08.16 2:16pm
Bather decisions too close to call as French police call for hemline technology

The baiting of conservative dressers should no longer be restricted to human judgement, fans of the sport say, as calls intensify for new hemline technology. In the age of professional bather...

ronseal 27.08.16 2:09pm
Diane Abbott forced to wear a Berkini. More soon. 3
Al OPecia 27.08.16 1:28pm
'Ping-pong ding-dong sing-song' says table tennis playing campanologist chorist 0
Robopop 27.08.16 12:31pm
Dead man "was a bit of a shit" claims brother

The brother of a dead man has made the shock claim that he "was a right nob actually", after reading his obituary in the paper. John Rushern, 43, of Greater Manchester, was moved to make the claims...

andyiong 27.08.16 10:29am
National Health Service to be rebranded National Half Service

Plans for a radical rebrand of the National Health Service make genocide look like Jaffa cakes, it has emerged. Leaked confidential papers drawn up by the Secretary for Sickness, Jeremy Hunt, show...

Jodster 27.08.16 9:38am
Donald Trump promotes....Donald Trump!

In shocking news, Donald Trump has promised a change to the American Flag. If he is elected the stars and stripes as we know it will have a neat little addition, Donald Trump's face. His campaign...

Feldman 27.08.16 9:37am
Kidnapper of Mars CEO has Bounty on his head.

I'll get my coat...

Maverick 27.08.16 9:28am
Both Tories & Labour Deny That Proposed NHS Cuts Will Leave Nothing To Privatise

More confused allegations and denials about our Notional Health Service later ...

Titus 27.08.16 9:24am
Safe Movers and Packers in Faridabad

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mangalpanday 27.08.16 8:32am
Mad hatter has a price on his head. 2
Maverick 27.08.16 7:58am
Harry jubilant as French court overturns beach Nazi uniform ban 0
cinquecento 27.08.16 7:44am
Good Movers and Packers in Ghaziabad

[url=]Packers and Movers Ghaziabad[/url] Watching for specific packers and movers in Ghaziabad? Then you definitely don’t have had to look as you...

mangalpanday 27.08.16 6:49am
British towns come of age with triple-barrelled names

Cities, towns and even small villages across the UK have joined in a new craze of giving themselves updated triple-barrelled names of the kind enjoyed by Kingston-upon-Thames or even more. Among the...

Oxbridge 27.08.16 6:27am
Branson's bike seat 'now vacant', Corbyn's press team confirms 0
Squudge 27.08.16 6:22am
Corbyn found in possession of bicycle spanners and a smirk. 0
Maverick 27.08.16 6:15am
Commuters 'furious' at the preferential treatment shown to Jeremy Corbyn

Commuters on the Kings Cross to York line were said to be ‘furious’ at the preferential treatment shown by Virgin Trains to Jeremy Corbyn yesterday. “I’ve had to sit on the floor numerous...

baron la croix 26.08.16 8:22pm
'Burkinis' fine if tight-fitting and made of rubber... 0
Loundshay 26.08.16 6:54pm
Reading Festival a Massive Disappointment, complain Librarians 4
Jodster 26.08.16 6:52pm
Britain Considers Banning The Burberrykini, Just To Keep Up With The French

Hat tip to Squudge...

Titus 26.08.16 5:57pm
Corbyn: "I told you you'd better not check the CCTV, Branson" 0
Sinnick 26.08.16 5:40pm
Virgin boss unseated by Corbyn Curse. Owen Smith gone into hiding... 0
silly billy scotland 26.08.16 2:40pm
silly billy scotland
Virgin boss unseated by Corbyn Curse. Owen Smith gone into hiding... 0
silly billy scotland 26.08.16 2:39pm
silly billy scotland
Untidy cupboard under your kitchen sink looking forward to relaxing Bank Holiday

Your untidied cupboard under the kitchen sink will enjoy yet another relaxing extended weekend chilling in its own cluttered mess, it has confirmed. The news comes despite it being priority number 1,...

chrisf 26.08.16 1:08pm
Tommy Cooper exhibition at London Museum. Victoria. Albert. Albert. Victoria. 0
dominic_mcg 26.08.16 12:51pm
Owen Smith fails to find seat at Corbyn rally

Leaked video footage shows the Labour contender trying to squeeze through a throng of Corbynistas at a recent leadership event, only for Mr. Smith to produce a fake disability badge and ungraciously...

Wrenfoe 26.08.16 10:24am