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Yemen to legalise same-age marriage 0
sydalg 38 minutes
Newspapers in frenzy as boy born 12 months ago reaches 1st birthday 0
AReader 53 minutes

National newspapers pushed aside lesser events like the shooting down of a civilian airliner over East Ukraine or the Israeli assault on Gaza or even the collapse of the England team against India to...

Gove does a Macavity 0
custard cream 1 hour
Alice Cooper 'relishing' prospect of annual UK royalty cheque 0
Bravenewmalden 1 hour

Thanksgiving, Christmas and his birthday are all important events in Alice Cooper's calendar. But none hold as much pleasure for him as the day on which the majority of UK schools shut for the summer...

British Gas doubles tariffs ahead of Euro-Russian tit-for-tat trade war 0
beckfordburger 1 hour

‘Just a precautionary move’ says CEO 'We will be [s]lying through our teeth[/s] explaining to our customers that this is to help them avoid panic buying and that we only have their interests at...

. 0
IABP 2 2 hours
Judge realises two weeks into trial the fake sheikh is in fact not genuine. 2
MADJEZ 2 hours
Footballers's wives turn ugly - a wags to witches story 0
Smart Alex 2 hours
Giant wooden Allah built by Trojan school to combat 'Islamist agenda' 0
Thundi 2 hours
24-hour ceasefire announced in Gaza to celebrate Prince George’s 1st birthday 4
bookiesfriend 2 hours

Israel and Hamas have agreed a 24-hour ceasefire to allow both sides in the conflict to fully celebrate the 1st birthday of Prince George. The ceasefire was brokered by UN chief Ban Ki-moon and has...

Extreme beauty salon offering range from bikini line to the full Somalian 1
RobArmstrong 3 hours

Hat tip to pere floza...

Barry Hearn to spice up office jobs with entrance music and dancing girls 0
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 hours

A Bedford-based logistics company is working with renowned sports promoter Barry Hearn, in an attempt to make their office jobs more popular with the addition of loud music, rowdy live audiences and...

Remington withdraws Ladystrim range in response to FGM law 2
pere floza 4 hours
Millions of Brits feel confused as Nick Griffin steps down from BNP role. 0
Chris Turnbull 4 hours

As they desperately try to remember who he or a BNP is, or why they were ever in the news...

Shock as Sun on Sunday turns out to be as shoddy as News of the World 0
Wrenfoe 4 hours

Pop star Tulisa Contostavlos's trial over drugs allegations has collapsed due to evidence being tainted by ‘proximity to News Corporation’. In a landmark equality ruling, the Sun on Sunday (SoS)...

JudgementDave 5 hours

Didn't spot that someone else had already posted the same headline...

Mazher Mahmood poses as 'reliable witness' 4
Bravenewmalden 5 hours

Mazher Mahmood, known as 'the fake journalist', yesterday pulled off his greatest sting by posing as a reliable witness to expose the 'gross efficiencies and competences' at the heart of the British...

Ethnic Splits in Birmingham like 'Balkans' Says Minister 0
Dun Dunkin 5 hours

UN peacekeepers coming soon...

Child has birthday 2
Oxbridge 5 hours
Charity shop tat slick threatens Isle of Wight coast 10
Oxbridge 5 hours

It survived the French invasion of 1545 and even the influx of five Polish would-be migrant workers, who were eventually seized and burned at the stake in Freshwater in 2009. Now, however, the...

Concern From Body-Piercing & Tattoo Parlours As Govt. Opposes Female Mutilation 1
Titus 6 hours

More body graffiti later ...

Amazement As Court Rejects Evidence Of Witness Who Specialises In Deceit 0
Titus 6 hours

(Not new, but an attempt to make the point more vividly ...

Anti-Fascists Realise Fascism Is Quite Popular So Criticise Leader's Apperance 0
Titus 6 hours
BNP seek new one-eyed twat everyone hates. Gordon Brown throws hat into ring. 3
MADJEZ 6 hours
Ukraine's economy gets a boost from looted wallets. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 6 hours
French deliver Putin's $1bn football pitch size warships 'for football use only' 0
cinquecento 6 hours
‘Time for another Tsunami’, says feeling-left-out-of-the-news Japan. 0
beckfordburger 7 hours
Malaysians reveal crayon drawings of Ukranian fighter jets all over black boxes 0
RobArmstrong 7 hours
Tulisa denies latest Sun allegations : I was nowhere near the grassy knoll 0
deceangli 7 hours

More tabloid lies soon...

Cameron calls for worldwide boycott of Russian dolls 6
Gary Stanton 8 hours

Prime Minister David Cameron, in response to Russia's latest fascist groove thang, is calling on nations to stop purchasing, Russian dolls, which get progressively smaller as you open them up. ...