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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Remainians Still Struggling To Grasp That There Is A Big World Outside Europe

More shocking discoveries soon ...

Titus 25.04.17 12:36pm
'BikiPedia': If Wiki Can Produce News, We Can Produce Facts.

[This report contains unreferenced material and unsubstantiated statements of fact. This is deliberate; do not adjust your sets.] BikiPedia: a source of utterly reliable factual information...

Titus 25.04.17 12:33pm
Announcement of WikiTribune found to be fake news 1
Sinnick 25.04.17 12:08pm
Woman crumpling at end of marathon aided by friend who plumped up sofa cushions 0
maxine jones 25.04.17 10:37am
maxine jones
Facebook user consistently proves she has better life than friends

A social media user is winning the game of life through regular online status updates. Charlotte White, 26, has been providing copious evidence of a vastly superior lifestyle, destroying all...

jonessgl 25.04.17 9:56am
Wikitribune – the new ‘Newsbiscuit’

Wikipedia's co-founder, Jimmy Wales, has set out his intention to break the monopoly held by ‘Newsbiscuit’ on dubious facts, inept spelling and spurious tax returns. Mr. Wales hopes that...

Wrenfoe 25.04.17 9:53am
Wikitribune set to bring the same accuracy to News as Wikipedia does to facts. 0
PeterB 25.04.17 9:09am
Schoolchildren at risk of starvation after disappearance of Easter Bunny 0
DavidH 25.04.17 8:43am
'Her roots will soon show through' says Le Pen's hairdresser 1
maxine jones 25.04.17 7:13am
Arsene Wenger set to become his own statue

Arsenal Football Club have reluctantly agreed on a final 'compromise agreement' with manager Arsene Wenger, to facilitate his staged exit from the coaching staff at the club., The 66 year old...

Underconstruction 25.04.17 7:12am
Bananarama to stand against Theresa May in Maidenhead

The biggest girl group of the 1980s have announced that they are to re-form and stand against the Prime Minister Theresa May in her Maidenhead constituency. The group will campaign on an anti-Brexit...

harrypalmer 25.04.17 7:08am
Labour promise to rip up Tory Brexit plan...both fag packets set to go 0
Gerontius 25.04.17 6:32am
French cricket team vow to baton. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 10:10pm
ron cawleyoni
Ken Dodd to record with the Blockheads....'Hit me with your tickling stick'. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 9:46pm
ron cawleyoni
Anomaly blamed for £10,000 rail ticket. Should've been £12,000.

No reduced fares on any days with a Y in them...

deskpilot3 24.04.17 9:44pm
Biannual panic over Greek economy now overdue says IMF. 1
Maverick 24.04.17 9:38pm
New yo yo weight watchers board game..'Steps'...and Adders. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 9:10pm
ron cawleyoni
Nastase offered a safe haven by Ukip. 0
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 9:06pm
ron cawleyoni
New TV mystery series about banana republic made its a....Bananarama 4
ron cawleyoni 24.04.17 8:53pm
Le Pen stands down as party leader pre-election, interesting idea say Labour MPs 0
harrypalmer 24.04.17 8:52pm
Corbyn Wins: Ukippers Say ''Aaaggh - We'd Rather Be Ruled By Brussels"

More nightmare scenarios soon ...

Titus 24.04.17 8:39pm
'Trump 24 years older than wife' leads all news stories about his political coup 0
maxine jones 24.04.17 8:07pm
maxine jones
Man consuming fabric conditioner was just "Comfort eating" 1
NotNowCato 24.04.17 5:03pm
Science march to be peer reviewed

It was announced today that the so-called "science march", protesting against President Trump's alleged inaction in the face of climate change, is to be peer reviewed to check the validity of its...

YaBasta 24.04.17 5:01pm
"Harry, we know what you went through", say Prince Charles's magnolias 0
beckfordburger 24.04.17 2:19pm
Telly Lies - Adverts Pulled As Make Up Found Modelled On Pigs Heads

A chain of cosmetics adverts have been pulled from the telly after the company reveals their products have not been modelled on real people but on ghoulish ham composites sculpted from the flesh of...

S-Bahn 24.04.17 2:10pm
Painting naked bodies blue in Hull deemed unnecessary expense.

Volunteers for artist Spencer Tunick's project can now be seen hanging in local gallery...

maxine jones 24.04.17 2:00pm
Kenny G Coaxes Delta Flight Into the Side of a Mountain

Although many passengers were seen leaving the aircraft as soon as the musician stood up to play...

Jeff Glovsky 24.04.17 1:20pm
Jeff Glovsky
Music fan reckons Placebo gig was just as good as seeing The Cure 11
Smart Alex 24.04.17 1:19pm
Button admits depression 0
Underconstruction 24.04.17 12:41pm