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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
French Burkinis: 50% OFF!!! 0
silly billy scotland 24.08.16 1:27pm
silly billy scotland
France resumes nuclear explosions on Burkini Atoll 0
Sir Lupus 24.08.16 1:12pm
Sir Lupus
French beach police order Muslim women to get their kit off 1
Wrexfan 24.08.16 1:10pm
Sir Lupus
Auction of Truman Capote's Ashes: 'Blown away by interest', claims Sotheby's 0
silly billy scotland 24.08.16 1:09pm
silly billy scotland
WIFE KILLER, 87, GETS 6 YEARS. Defended by Oscar Pistorius lawyer.

'Asking me to take the stand with my zimmer frame was genius. It took years off my sentence.'...

silly billy scotland 24.08.16 1:01pm
silly billy scotland
Office worker traumatised by interrogation about prepared lunch

An office worker is in a critical condition following an onslaught of questions, comments, criticisms and recommendations about the lunch she brought to the workplace. Sarah Denton, 27, from London,...

jonessgl 24.08.16 11:43am
UK public queuing up to do dressage after Olympic triumph

Criticisms that the Olympics only serve to enrich a small number of elite athletes and deliver no pull-through benefit in mass sports participation are set to be firmly rebuffed as dressage clubs...

cinquecento 24.08.16 11:16am
Cyclists bemoan lack of floor space for bikes on East Coast Mainline trains 0
Nowherefast 24.08.16 10:33am
Team GB receives ecstatic welcome! 67 medals won! Record haul! Proud nation!

In other news,North Korea today dropped a nuclear bomb on...

silly billy scotland 24.08.16 10:26am
Corbyn floored by shameful video of him riding Virgin 1
Wrexfan 24.08.16 10:19am
silly billy scotland
UK papers reveal 'Gay Gordons' dropped from Mandela visit to avoid offence...

he was offered a 'Dashing White Sergeant' instead...

silly billy scotland 24.08.16 9:49am
silly billy scotland
After Olympic medalists return, second freighter used to carry all the medals. 0
sockpuppet 24.08.16 9:29am
Farage disgusted by overhearing train passengers "talking Socialism". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 24.08.16 9:11am
Al OPecia
Owen Smith will demand repeated General Elections until Labour elected 1
sockpuppet 24.08.16 9:08am
Al OPecia
Train passengers put coats on empty seats to keep Jeremy Corbyn away 0
sockpuppet 24.08.16 9:08am
Ruby Kakkar | Best Girl in Delhi | Delhi Girl

I am the best and independent girl in Delhi if you to a girls just call us we will give you a perfect service in Delhi and your identity will be hidden.,...

purvamathur522 24.08.16 8:58am
Extremists to bunk with Fletcher

Prisoners advocating Islamic State will now be placed in a 'special unit' under the watchful, yet benevolent eye, of Norman Stanley Fletcher. Having been instrumental in reforming 'young Godber',...

Wrenfoe 24.08.16 7:38am
Hillary Clinton's strong grip goes back to wringing Bill's neck over Lewinsky 0
thackaray 23.08.16 9:45pm
Jeremy Corbyn easily manages to find empty seats at Shadow Cabinet table

Or: Jeremy Corbyn fails to recognise empty chairs from Shadow Cabinet table...

Adrian Bamforth 23.08.16 9:40pm
Twiddling your thumbs until Tokyo 2020? Write for Newsbiscuit instead... 0
Smart Alex 23.08.16 8:40pm
Smart Alex
Virgin demand Corbyn apologise, without reservation 0
bookiesfriend 23.08.16 7:52pm
IOC welcomes new Italian martial arts, Guido. 0
Maverick 23.08.16 7:13pm
Official: Dominatrix is new speaking clock: 'At the third stroke, it will be..' 1
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 6:23pm
Britain's 2012 Olympic team criticized for poor medal performance at home. 0
MADJEZ 23.08.16 5:32pm
Virgin Challenges Corbyn: 'You didn't go ALL the way, like you told your pals.' 0
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 5:31pm
silly billy scotland
Official - Corbyn doesn't know his arse from his heels. 1
Maverick 23.08.16 5:28pm
RMT agrees to driver-only working, 'but only if trains are passengerless'

'Now we're getting somewhere' says Southern Rail...

silly billy scotland 23.08.16 5:22pm
silly billy scotland
Same-Sex Couple Blessed With Triplets: 'One of each' 3
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 4:59pm
MyWife teams up with MyMatesGirlfriend to corner nagging market

MyWife plc, a leading supplier of optimised ear-bending solutions for modern women, has announced that it has established a technology alliance with MyMatesGirlfriend Ltd., another major player in...

Oxbridge 23.08.16 4:22pm
Something for the weekend Mr Hunt? 0
Jodster 23.08.16 3:58pm