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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
'Early sign to spot Parkinson's Disease comes too late for us'...

claim thousands of over-50s who purchased poor-value insurance plans promoted by Michael...

silly billy scotland 29.08.16 7:51pm
France wants new migrant deal with UK before transfer window closes. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.08.16 7:17pm
Physicists 'uncertain' if Schrödinger's cat collided with Mrs Slocombe's pussy. 3
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 7:17pm
Smart Alex
Newsbiscuit to be re-branded as Torybiscuit or Titusbiscuit.

Too many tired old anti-Labour/anti-Corbyn slurs.I'm happy to read a range of contributions but feel that previous originality has deteriorated into too much partisan propaganda. Don't expect...

paulo 29.08.16 7:16pm
Al OPecia
So many Pokémon related crimes that police pick and choose which ones to solve.

More soon. There's a joke in there somewhere...

dominic_mcg 29.08.16 6:43pm
Med Diet Better Than Statins, for Women Wishing to Grow an Italian Moustache 0
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 5:51pm
silly billy scotland
'Lightning Strike Kills 300 Reindeer'. Donner and Blitzen held for questioning. 0
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 5:40pm
silly billy scotland
'Stick in the Mud' Hen Party Overjoyed to See Cox on Lifeboat 0
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 4:34pm
silly billy scotland
Nottingham man enraged by his new shirts

Nottingham man enraged by his new shirts “They don’t do this with any other garment,“ raged irate Nick Warren of Nottingham. “I needed some new shirts and bought three for the price of two...

Nick Warren 29.08.16 4:16pm
silly billy scotland
10 minute consultations 'a real drag'

The British Medical Association (BMA) has criticised the Health Secretary's truncated care as an 'interminable bore', which becomes no more than a longwinded chat, punctuated with small-talk and...

Wrenfoe 29.08.16 2:48pm
An advertisement feature? Is there a place for this sort of thing?

Kids Ferry Trips to Hades! 1 x £2 Coin Per Child! Daily Crossings from Liverpool! Testimonials:, ‘Perfect for the school holidays!’, ‘Just the thing for our little Tommy. He didn't want...

Jodster 29.08.16 2:33pm
A Corbyn govt would 'erase Branson from all historical record' says McDonnell 0
cinquecento 29.08.16 2:00pm
Bloody Saga Louts want Age of Criminal Responsibility raised to 97.8 years. 1
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 12:31pm
BBC 'Revival' Sitcoms Prove Popular with Antiques Roadshow Viewers 0
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 12:06pm
silly billy scotland
New Calais migrant deal will be based on Top Trumps, says May. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 29.08.16 11:53am
New Brexit Hate Claim: 'Half of UK citizens hate Brexit' 3
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 11:01am
Banks give Holidays a Bad Name, or Do They?

In view of the entrenched skulduggery of banks, certain public holidays are questioning their traditional association with what they see as an ailing financial institution. ‘The activities of...

Jodster 29.08.16 10:38am
Banks give Holidays a Bad Name. More Soon. 0
Jodster 29.08.16 10:08am
Proxima-B on track to get EU membership before Turkey 1
Dodderer 29.08.16 9:21am
TV audiences ‘want more cunt jokes’ says BBC

With gags about ‘clitoris allsorts’, ‘Vulva estate cars’ and Grace Brothers asking for more ‘female ejaculations during staff meetings,’ the new series of Are You Being Served shows...

nickb 29.08.16 9:20am
In last 3 years, Greece has had more 'Bank Holidays' than any other Euro country 0
silly billy scotland 29.08.16 8:07am
silly billy scotland
Blacked up Morris Dancers forced to 'learn how to dance'

Representatives of the Black community have successfully argued against blacked up Morris Dancers performing at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. "To suggest that black men dance like that is...

throngsman 28.08.16 10:42pm
Ref Minor
Mary Berry apologises to Church after comments about deep fat friars. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 28.08.16 9:13pm
Branson unveils his own brand of pickle 1
Jodster 28.08.16 8:25pm
Prime Mover
Police hunting prankster who sneaked bag of Haribo into a Warner Leisure Park. 0
Prime Mover 28.08.16 8:24pm
Prime Mover
Pressure mounts for Porcini to be banned from French beaches

There are calls today for deeply threatening and inappropriate clothing dubbed 'Porcini' (colloquially 'Cuntkini') to be banned from public places including French beaches. People relaxing all over...

Squudge 28.08.16 7:07pm
May returns From Restful Holiday & Asks 'Remind Me Again - What Is The EU?' 0
Titus 28.08.16 7:02pm
Corbyn's PR Team Seek Revenge By Questioning Branson's Chastity 0
Titus 28.08.16 6:42pm
All knights of the realm and anyone with an honour to avoid offending Corbyn

'Nice little knighthood you got there, guv. You wouldn't want anything unpleasant to - er -'happen' to it, would you, guv? Now, the boss, see, he don't like people - wevver they're knights of the...

Titus 28.08.16 6:23pm
I'm not under the thumb, says no-nonsense lad who loved Downton Abbey

A tough, no-nonsense lad has announced to male friends that he ‘takes no shit from his woman’; he also revealed that he really enjoyed watching a gripping period drama television series on ITV....

jonessgl 28.08.16 5:14pm