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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Pokéy Grindr sweeps the nation

Hot on the heels of the augmented realty success Pokémon GO, a new dating-app is allowing amorous singletons to locate the whereabouts of horny anime characters. Described a 'geosocial f@ckfest',...

Wrenfoe 24.07.16 9:37am
McLuskey "Labour abuse and antisemitism probably stirred by MI5. Or the Jews" 0
cinquecento 24.07.16 9:17am
Labour Pains - The Story That Just Keeps Giving

Titus 24.07.16 8:21am
How did this get here?

More in the other room ...

I Am Spartacus 24.07.16 8:20am
I Am Spartacus Too
Glum retro sweets enthusiast needs to find Mojo 0
chrisf 24.07.16 7:46am
English FA Admit to Long-term Usage of Performance-Inhibiting Drugs

"Don't look at the team and brand them failures : these guys are selfless guinea-pigs in the fore-front of medical research, bettering mankind's pharmaceutical understanding" Hot on the heels of the...

FlashArry 24.07.16 7:45am
I Am Spartacus II
Samwell Tarlydyce confirmed as England manager

The FA have confirmed Samwell Tarlydyce as the next England manager., The former Westeros and House of Tyrell defender has been given a two year contract by the FA, Some critics say that Tarlydyce...

Gerontius 24.07.16 7:42am
Black, but not been shot by cops yet? Write for NewsBiscuit while you wait 2
deceangli 24.07.16 6:05am
I Am Spartacus Two
Momentum IS Democratic: 'We Had A Vote & Decided 7 to 5 To Throw That Brick' 2
Titus 24.07.16 12:00am
Miami Cop says the retards truck was about to transform. 0
marlon bando 23.07.16 11:17pm
marlon bando
'Ask Not Who Can Copy Your Speech, Ask From Whom You Can Copy Your Speech' 3
Titus 23.07.16 10:18pm
Lawyers reveal the group to most benefit from Brexit: Lawyers

Lawyers nationwide are celebrating after the part of the public that hate them the most unanimously voted for a decades long subsidy of the legal industry until all practitioners can shit gold. ...

Benvoleo 23.07.16 10:14pm
6:45 from Euston arrives 10 minutes late - ISIS claims responsibility 0
Caiaphas 23.07.16 8:03pm
French border police offer glimpse of life after Brexit.

More queueing soon...

deskpilot3 23.07.16 7:16pm
Clinton Picks Dago Runing Mate Just To Wind Up Trump 0
Titus 23.07.16 6:49pm
Arachnophobia now considered to be a hate crime 2
cinquecento 23.07.16 6:05pm
Momentum energised by Corbyn's inertia 1
Sinnick 23.07.16 3:59pm
Russian balloonist's record in doubt after claims he was high. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.07.16 3:09pm
Hilary Clinton chooses Michael Caine as running mate. 0
MADJEZ 23.07.16 12:41pm
Three year old boy has birthday 1
Smart Alex 23.07.16 12:35pm
Due to 'a slight misunderstanding', Michael Caine changes name to Deed Poll

(puts on accent) Not a lot of people know that...

Smart Alex 23.07.16 12:31pm
Smart Alex
Daesh Condemn Secular Mass Killings & Suicides As 'Evil, Wicked & Pointless'' 0
Titus 23.07.16 12:25pm
Young German Mass Killer Reduced To Using A Gun As He Wasn't An Airline Pilot 0
Titus 23.07.16 12:21pm
Jury service to include stint on Shadow Cabinet 0
deceangli 23.07.16 12:14pm
Len McCluskey ruins his chances of being next Bond 0
cinquecento 23.07.16 10:31am
Munich Shooter May Be Prosecuted For Lacking Authentc Religious Motivation 0
Titus 23.07.16 7:27am
Deceased youth did NOT have his whole life ahead of him, obviously 1
Jodster 23.07.16 5:19am
“I didn’t say ‘Simon says’” explains Florida policeman

Charges against a Miami law enforcement agent who shot an unarmed black man whilst his hands were in the air are under challenge after video evidence shows the officer at no point says ‘Simon...

Benvoleo 23.07.16 12:36am
Trump to employ enough monkeys on speechwriting staff to plagiarise Shakespeare 2
Al OPecia 22.07.16 11:58pm
Al OPecia
Sam Allardyce sacked after miserable 2018 World Cup campaign

Sam Allardyce has been relieved of his duties with immediate effect after being unceremoniously dumped out of the World Cup, held in Russia. Pundits described Allardyce as being tactically naive and...

Gary Baldy 22.07.16 10:41pm
Gary Baldy