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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Hillary Clinton's strong grip goes back to wringing Bill's neck over Lewinsky 0
thackaray 23.08.16 9:45pm
Jeremy Corbyn easily manages to find empty seats at Shadow Cabinet table

Or: Jeremy Corbyn fails to recognise empty chairs from Shadow Cabinet table...

Adrian Bamforth 23.08.16 9:40pm
Twiddling your thumbs until Tokyo 2020? Write for Newsbiscuit instead... 0
Smart Alex 23.08.16 8:40pm
Smart Alex
Virgin demand Corbyn apologise, without reservation 0
bookiesfriend 23.08.16 7:52pm
IOC welcomes new Italian martial arts, Guido. 0
Maverick 23.08.16 7:13pm
Official: Dominatrix is new speaking clock: 'At the third stroke, it will be..' 1
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 6:23pm
Ruby Kakkar | Best Girl in Delhi | Delhi Girl

I am the best and independent girl in Delhi if you to a girls just call us we will give you a perfect service in Delhi and your identity will be hidden.,...

purvamathur522 23.08.16 5:46pm
Britain's 2012 Olympic team criticized for poor medal performance at home. 0
MADJEZ 23.08.16 5:32pm
Virgin Challenges Corbyn: 'You didn't go ALL the way, like you told your pals.' 0
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 5:31pm
silly billy scotland
Official - Corbyn doesn't know his arse from his heels. 1
Maverick 23.08.16 5:28pm
RMT agrees to driver-only working, 'but only if trains are passengerless'

'Now we're getting somewhere' says Southern Rail...

silly billy scotland 23.08.16 5:22pm
silly billy scotland
Same-Sex Couple Blessed With Triplets: 'One of each' 3
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 4:59pm
MyWife teams up with MyMatesGirlfriend to corner nagging market

MyWife plc, a leading supplier of optimised ear-bending solutions for modern women, has announced that it has established a technology alliance with MyMatesGirlfriend Ltd., another major player in...

Oxbridge 23.08.16 4:22pm
Something for the weekend Mr Hunt? 0
Jodster 23.08.16 3:58pm
Study shows insanity hereditary, you catch it from your kids.

An oldie but a goodie...

Maverick 23.08.16 3:47pm
Mystery chickpea dip was "Anonhoumous". More soon. 2
Al OPecia 23.08.16 3:23pm
'I'll get Grimshaw next time' says Chris Evans' ginger cat 0
Articulation 23.08.16 2:38pm
Ofsted chief resigns after Isle of Wight residents chase him with pitchforks. 1
dominic_mcg 23.08.16 2:15pm
silly billy scotland
Tesco dumps Saltire flag from food packaging. Scots retaliate with new slogan:


silly billy scotland 23.08.16 2:09pm
silly billy scotland
Critics call for introduction of Gold Plus medal

Gold medals are easier to attain than they used to be, say critics, who have called for the introduction of a Gold Plus medal. "Gold medals used to be a real challenge, a show of real skill, when I...

LondonTom 23.08.16 2:07pm
Team GB receives ecstatic welcome! 67 medals won! Record haul! Proud nation!

In other news,North Korea today dropped a nuclear bomb on...

silly billy scotland 23.08.16 1:28pm
silly billy scotland
Croydon tax office relieved to learn that Christian Benteke is not Lionel Messi 0
Midfield Diamond 23.08.16 11:51am
Midfield Diamond
Thousands of BBC hacks face sack as newsroom installs Automated Brexit Blamer 0
ronseal 23.08.16 10:49am
Ofsted chief retires to his Isle of Wight ghetto with his wife/cousin. 0
MADJEZ 23.08.16 10:38am
Britain Seeks Longer, Even More Dreary National Anthem To Piss Off Olympic Crowd 1
Titus 23.08.16 8:43am
Obama endorses 'sit-down pee' to quell gender identity bathroom crisis

Barack Obama has given a public seal of approval to urinate in a seated position, in light of America's ongoing gender identity bathroom row. The announcement came yesterday as a federal court in...

jonessgl 23.08.16 8:15am
Pundits believe that Donald Trump could be beaten if Ryan Lochte enters race.

Presidential race, obs...

deskpilot3 23.08.16 7:58am
BADGER CULL TRIAL: Jury Still Out. 0
silly billy scotland 23.08.16 7:39am
silly billy scotland
Sycophantic Olympic Journalists Fly Home In Special Brown-Nosed Airliner 1
Titus 23.08.16 7:21am
silly billy scotland
New Speaking Clock Will Say 'So It's, Y'Know, Like, Well Late, Innit' 0
Titus 23.08.16 7:13am