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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Brexit Would Cause War Says US Diplomat

An American diplomat has stated that it is essential for Britain to remain part of the EU, in order to stop war breaking out. "Look, the United Nations only allowed England and Belgium to take part...

Titus 13.02.16 10:57pm
Trident to be used if Russia attacks Isis supporting Turkey 0
Dun Dunkin 13.02.16 10:43pm
Dun Dunkin
Stopping 350k migration a year 'threat to national security' says Cameron. 0
Dun Dunkin 13.02.16 10:40pm
Dun Dunkin
Berlin wall to be rebuilt in 'new cold war' 0
Dun Dunkin 13.02.16 10:39pm
Dun Dunkin
US Forces secure rock and sand dune outside Raqqa

US airstrikes supported by thousands of Kurdish rebels and Saudi elite soldiers are believed to have been instrumental in the capture of a rock thrown at a F15 jet and may have been responsible for...

throngsman 13.02.16 9:36pm
Brutally honest vet believes in calling a spayed a spayed 0
Smart Alex 13.02.16 9:27pm
Smart Alex
Macca writes emoji tunes for Skype ;-/ 0
throngsman 13.02.16 8:40pm
Gunpowder plotters warn "it's no more Mr Nice Guy" 0
sydalg 13.02.16 4:55pm
Cher lookng good for 69 but boyfriend already asleep. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 13.02.16 2:22pm
Shock as Jeremy Hunt’s frontal lobotomy secret is revealed

Details have emerged that the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt was the subject of a full frontal lobotomy on his return from working in Japan in the 1990’s. The shock news reveals,...

Dick Everyman 13.02.16 1:15pm
Dick Everyman
Fashion house aims at overweight clientele with new Estée Larder range 0
sydalg 13.02.16 12:33pm
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Text12 13.02.16 12:09pm
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birjukumar 13.02.16 11:01am
Full Range of Services of Packers and Movers

It is the very first and foremost step towards shifting. The most important and risky process is operating and unloading. It is always advisable to do this work with the help of professional experts...

birjukumar 13.02.16 12:09pm
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birjukumar 13.02.16 10:25am
Global warming caused by gravitational waves claim climate skeptics. 0
Al OPecia 13.02.16 10:12am
Al OPecia offering a huge range of Packers and Movers Pune professionals unde

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birjukumar 13.02.16 10:11am
Al OPecia
Packing and Moving shifting services in Mumbai-Expert5th

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birjukumar 13.02.16 9:41am
Concern as gravity moves to online only

More to follow...

apepper 13.02.16 9:32am
"UK spending £100 billion on Trident is brilliant idea" - says US

More to follow...

apepper 13.02.16 9:28am
Local Reporter Fined ₤27000 In Toddler Football Match Fixing Scandal

February 12th, North Williamstown, NEWFOUNDLAND- Local tabloid newsman and problem drinker/gambler Elliot Cooper-Smith has confessed to fixing football matches in the high-stakes 6 year old or...

Takos1021 13.02.16 4:58am
Internet to become online-only

The Internet has announced that it is to cease publication of its daily print editions this week, while winding down its weekly editions with a view to becoming online-only by the end of the month....

Adrian Bamforth 13.02.16 12:44pm
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Adrian Bamforth 13.02.16 12:06pm
Dick Everyman
Junior doctors press government to ban hounding with Hunts. 1
deskpilot3 13.02.16 8:15am
Dick Everyman
gaijintendo 12.02.16 11:56pm
Al OPecia
The Daily Telegraph to finally cease being a newspaper. 0
Mandy Lifeboat 12.02.16 9:50pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Kanye West says of wife,he made that whore famous.

Whore soon...

marlon bando 12.02.16 9:44pm
marlon bando
Gravity Waves Translated - Also Another Mystery Solved

Closer examination by scientists of the recently detected gravitational 'blip' from the collision of two black holes 13 billion years ago show that this 'blip' is actually a highly compressed stream...

Titus 13.02.16 10:49am
Eagles to be used to combat drones, Fleetwood Mac may also assist.

More soft rock later...

virtuallywill 12.02.16 9:19pm
Independent says Newsbiscuit's success swayed its online only move 3
StanleyMizaru 13.02.16 2:09pm