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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Nation votes to leave Supreme Court jurisdiction with Coxit. 0
Maverick 09.12.16 10:15pm
Leprechauns form new band, Little Micks. 0
Maverick 09.12.16 9:52pm
Next Android release to be named Offal. 0
Maverick 09.12.16 9:49pm
Doctors use sound waves to reverse the effect of Little Mix on teenage boys. 0
dominic_mcg 09.12.16 9:16pm
Fight at end of Mastermind after No4 shakes hands with No2 twice and misses No3

John Humphrys ends up with black eye as he tries to calm things down...

baron la croix 09.12.16 8:57pm
baron la croix
Kirk Douglas party confusion as everyone claims to "be Kirk Douglas"

More to follow...

apepper 09.12.16 7:51pm
'Racist' IOW Attacks Foreign Red-Tailed Hawk For Killing Native Red Squirrels One law for us, another for wild animals. Red squirrels advised to join the BNP ...

Titus 09.12.16 7:47pm
Russian Athletics Drug Cheats Have Been Taking The Piss 0
Titus 09.12.16 7:01pm
Test Match Special team visit the Supreme Court

‘Good morning everybody, and welcome to the Supreme Court for commentary on the final day of this fascinating test match, errr … I mean test case. England are in at the moment and we don’t yet...

Midfield Diamond 09.12.16 6:59pm
Man dies with family 'just down the hall'

85-year-old Gerald Wright died at home yesterday with his family temporarily not surrounding his bedside. After a long battle against cancer, Mr Wright breathed his last at 6.15pm, 'give or take a...

Bravenewmalden 09.12.16 6:58pm
Germany awarded Battle of Stalingrad after Russian doping disqualification 0
cinquecento 09.12.16 6:05pm
Jagger snubs Grannies 0
immacagain 09.12.16 4:58pm
Vegan rugby players ‘have cauliflower ears’ 1
farmer giles 09.12.16 4:54pm
Momentum hails Sleaford deposit retention as proof of Corbyn's divinity 1
cinquecento 09.12.16 1:53pm
Kirk Douglas at 100: 'I Am STILL Spartacus'

More for quite a while yet, we hope ...

Titus 09.12.16 1:50pm
Labour lobbies IOC to give medals for fourth place in future Olympics 0
cinquecento 09.12.16 12:47pm
Labour Narrowly Defeated In Sleaford By Just 14,207 Votes

UKIP were humiliated in the recent Sleaford and South Hykeham by election by gaining only 820 more votes than the Lib Dems and just 1,063 more than Labour. The formidable Linconshire Independent...

Titus 09.12.16 12:37pm
Midfield Diamond
Marine Le Pen channels Miss Trunchbull

In an attempt to fulfil Roald Dahl’s dying wish, France’s far-right leader has proposed an end to free education for foreign children, locking them in ‘chokey’ style camps and finally hurling...

Wrenfoe 09.12.16 12:32pm
Planet Earth 'not enclosing Xmas letter with card' this year

The planet has confirmed today that it won't be enclosing a letter detailing the high and low points of its year this Christmas 'due to being unable to condense the low points onto two sides of A4,'...

throngsman 09.12.16 12:25pm
Daily Mail calls people not voting UKIP in by-election "enemies of the people"

More to follow...

apepper 09.12.16 12:24pm
Hitler ‘still alive and living with Princess Di’ says Daily Express 0
farmer giles 09.12.16 11:59am
farmer giles
Football abuse seriousness to be classified as premier, championship or league 0
cinquecento 09.12.16 11:58am
Sir Cliff : Cops were searching house for Xmas song master tapes

Officers from South Yorkshire Police who raided the singers Berkshire mansion earlier this year say they were not looking for evidence of historic sexual offences but were looking for the master...

Gerontius 09.12.16 11:42am
Boris 'no longer trusted' with sharp objects

The government has been forced into an embarrassing admission that the Foreign Secretary is no longer responsible for anything to do with Foreigners. UK diplomats have subsequently child-proofed all...

Wrenfoe 09.12.16 11:36am
How many roads must a man walk down?(and other questions you were afraid to ask)

After several years of dedicated study, researchers have finally found the answers to many of those difficult questions posed by stars of the music world. 'We started with the easy stuff first", ...

Smart Alex 09.12.16 11:03am
Matt Ward
Gap in market for tradesmen who bother turning up to appointments, study finds

Roofers, plumbers and electricians could carve out a highly profitable niche for themselves by bothering to turn up for the appointments they've made, according to new research. In a study of 1,000...

Matt Ward 09.12.16 11:01am
Matt Ward
Other PG Wodehouse characters distance themselves from Boris Johnson

Several buffoonish characters from PG Wodehouse novels including Tuppy Glossop, Freddie Threepwood and Jacob Reece-Mogg have distanced themselves from Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. "Cripes", said...

apepper 09.12.16 9:23am
Poor attendance from winners at annual Mayfly of the Year Awards 1
cinquecento 09.12.16 9:22am
British Industry to consider using electricity. More soon.

But we don't want to invest in any research...

Al OPecia 09.12.16 8:31am
Al OPecia
Burger van selling condemned meat asked customers "Do you want flies with that?" 3
dominic_mcg 09.12.16 8:18am
Prime Mover