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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
BBC.....Baby Boomers Comedy.

Barry Cryer to help launch new government 'YTS' comedy course for the over 60s.., that's the..'Your Too Senile'.. for comedy...

ron cawleyoni 22.02.17 10:42pm
ron cawleyoni
Trappist-1 sets an other-world record 0
Sinnick 22.02.17 10:28pm
Fiddler had £1 million pound in tax free isis account. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.02.17 10:26pm
ron cawleyoni
Bull run on Wall St. 0
Maverick 22.02.17 10:25pm
Nasa discovers Earth-like planet Donald Trump is on 1
Adrian Bamforth 22.02.17 10:11pm
David Bowie wins Deathtime Achievment Award at the Brits.

More good career moves soon...

MADJEZ 22.02.17 10:09pm
Trump writes cold war spy thriller titled..'Melania in Entrapment'..True story.

Plus a follow up called..'The Oppressa File'another True story...

ron cawleyoni 22.02.17 10:02pm
ron cawleyoni
Who ate to one all the pies. 1
MADJEZ 22.02.17 9:49pm
ron cawleyoni
Wardrobe malfunction at Brit Awards.

Reports coming in of 'Wardrobe Malfunction' in one of the star's dressing room., apparently..a hinge..has come loose on one of the doors, causing panic and pandemonium, as the mirror on the door...

ron cawleyoni 22.02.17 9:41pm
ron cawleyoni
Farage proves reasonable people are fascists

In an eloquent speech today, marred only by the occasional chant of 'fuck off Farage, you twat', the former leader of UKIP explained why reasonable people are actually fascists. "Listen to them....

throngsman 22.02.17 9:30pm
Simple Simon arrested at Betfair 1
Underconstruction 22.02.17 9:00pm
ron cawleyoni
Metropolitan Police now officially run by a Dick. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 22.02.17 8:36pm
Putin, Mugabe launch Donald Trump Admiration Society

Membership to be 'highly exclusive'...

Renrag 22.02.17 8:31pm
'Possibility of excellent beer' on Trappist-1 exoplanets 0
cinquecento 22.02.17 7:56pm
Pineapple Wars.

Republic of Del Monte to declare war on Iceland.warns Asda Tesco Morrison et al you are, next!...

ron cawleyoni 22.02.17 7:20pm
ron cawleyoni
Cressida Dick has daughter, Corolla, and son, Crown. 0
Maverick 22.02.17 7:20pm
Ronald Fiddler turned to islamic terrorism after Carry On film work dried up.

More great names soon...

MADJEZ 22.02.17 7:11pm
Trump to hire Japanese zoo officials to cull invasive aliens

Following news that a Japanese zoo has culled 57 of their snow monkeys because they were found to have "alien genes" from crossbreeding with non-native species, the zoo's switchboard has been jammed...

Sir Lupus 22.02.17 6:52pm
BBC Scotland schedule to include "I'm a Vegetarian, get me out of here!" 0
Al OPecia 22.02.17 6:44pm
Al OPecia
Fiddler on the roof...and on the gearstick...and on the steering wheel... 1
beckfordburger 22.02.17 6:22pm
Ref Minor
Queen shot four times in head by police in bungled Royal protection operation. 0
Ref Minor 22.02.17 6:21pm
Ref Minor
DickHead of the Met 0
Smart Alex 22.02.17 4:29pm
Smart Alex
Colonexit "complete within months" says Trump

President Donald Trump announced that under his leadership he fully expects the United States to finally exit the British Empire "within months". The Colonies issued notice of intention to leave...

GrahamB 22.02.17 2:55pm
Newsbiscuiteer..accused of lack of pathos.

Author criticised over lack of pathos,said "I was not even writing about, 'The Three Musketeers' and secondly I have never been to the Greek Isles...

ron cawleyoni 22.02.17 2:36pm
ron cawleyoni
David Cassidy can't remember the last time he got any publicity. 3
MADJEZ 22.02.17 2:01pm
ron cawleyoni
British Terrorists Complain Of Reduced Government Grant Funding

'How can you be expected to run a serious terrorist cell on a mere £1m? This is discrimination against terrorists' says former Guantanamo trainee ...

Titus 22.02.17 1:50pm
Video footage shows Harrison Ford travelling much slower than 12 parsecs. 0
dominic_mcg 22.02.17 12:38pm
Escaped New York bull was released by ISIS, insists Trump. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 22.02.17 12:30pm
Fictional funding at an 'all time' high

In the face of further cuts to the public sector, the Government was keen to announce that ‘fairy-tale budgets’ were increasing, with services set to be funded by magic beans and letters to Santa...

Wrenfoe 22.02.17 11:42am
Melania designs Donald an invisible suit only really clever people can see 0
Ian Searle 22.02.17 11:19am
Ian Searle