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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Austrian dictator warned: three Reichs and you're out 1
sydalg 23.02.17 11:19pm
Smart Alex
Fall in number of nets coming to UK last year 0
chrisf 23.02.17 10:51pm
Supermarkets to curb obsesity by making entrances 2ft 6in wide 0
NHS 23.02.17 10:35pm
What a..'Carry on Claudio'...."Infamy Infamy they've all got it in for me" 0
ron cawleyoni 23.02.17 10:32pm
ron cawleyoni
Wall Street volatile amid fears of Class A price rises 0
Mexico 23.02.17 10:22pm
NB Editor Tones Down FP From 'Trump Is Complete Cunt' To 'Trump Is Bit Of A Cunt 0
Titus 23.02.17 9:58pm
Man completes his 'ten a day' with Terry's Chocolate Orange 0
Smart Alex 23.02.17 9:57pm
Smart Alex
Extent of Leicester social care crisis exposed as old man booted from care home 0
Mandy Lifeboat 23.02.17 9:31pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Dyslexic judge lets West Yorkshire man keep licence despite having had 62 pints 0
Smart Alex 23.02.17 9:27pm
Smart Alex
Not so quiet on the Preston front 0
throngsman 23.02.17 9:16pm
New child freindly fire alarm to play ice cream van jingle. 4
Al OPecia 23.02.17 9:16pm
Daily Mail
Man eats tin of baked beans for his 287 a day. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 23.02.17 8:49pm
£1 million pound cannabis factory found in bunker 10 miles from Stonedhenge. 2
ron cawleyoni 23.02.17 7:40pm
ron cawleyoni
Met office explains a 'weather bomb' is not a Friday night out in Wetherspoons. 2
ron cawleyoni 23.02.17 7:38pm
ron cawleyoni
There Is Definitely A "T" In Trump

Donald Trump revealed in a recent interview that he believes he is not only doing a fantastic job as the newly appointed Commander in Chief but that his early success is being drastically overlooked....

Patrick Lawlor 23.02.17 7:25pm
14 year old boy hospitalised with tennis elbow after a week of 'ten a day' 0
cinquecento 23.02.17 6:55pm
Isle of Wight To Introduce Hard-To-Forge 12-Sided £1 Note 0
Titus 23.02.17 6:30pm
Man chokes after eating 10 bananas 0
Sinnick 23.02.17 6:05pm
From 5 - 10 a day.

"I was struggling on my 7th and 8th but by, The time I consumed my 9th and 10th grape, I began to feel so much better and healthier"...

ron cawleyoni 23.02.17 5:37pm
ron cawleyoni
Fury over Brits lack of diversity as Bowie fails to win some catergories.

.. thought he was a shoe-in for Best International Female., Maybe he'll get that one next year. More deification soon...

MADJEZ 23.02.17 5:33pm
10-a-day eaters may develop monkey-like features, research shows

People who eat ten portions of fruit and veg a day may live a longer life and avoid various diseases- but are also in danger of developing monkey-like features and behaviours, according to an...

roybland 23.02.17 5:00pm
Critics complain Windy Miller misrepresented in Martin Scorcese's Trumptown

Method actor Leonardo de Caprio is said to have spent six months grinding corn, fixing cogs and oiling the arms of a giant wooden wind energy capturing machine, in preparation for the part of Windy...

ronseal 23.02.17 2:01pm
Main parties getting ready to blame Storm Doris for losing by-elections. 0
dominic_mcg 23.02.17 1:24pm
Trump bans transgender golden showers

Donald Trump's unhealthy interest in all things urinary has now extended to a ban on transgender evacuations anywhere 'in the vicinity' of the Presidential face. Having revoked transgender student...

Wrenfoe 23.02.17 1:23pm
New solar system actually just reflection in mirror

Following a big announcement about a brand new solar system that looks exactly like ours, a NASA official has admitted they were actually just looking in the mirror. “We had moved our telescope...

Marie Maurer 23.02.17 1:21pm
Nuttall tells Carswell ‘Sort out face or leave the party’.

Tensions between under pressure UKIP boss Paul Nuttall and the party’s only MP Douglas Carswell boiled over earlier today and got rather personal. Exasperated by the MP’s seeming lack of support...

poopscooper 23.02.17 12:46pm
United accept giant panda in exchange for Rooney.

Speaking at a press conference at Old Trafford, United boss Jose Mourinho confirmed that ‘want-away’ striker/midfielder Wayne Rooney had finally been offloaded to Chinese League One side Qingxin...

poopscooper 23.02.17 11:49am
Trump concerned that the next pussy he grabs isn't one 0
Sinnick 23.02.17 11:46am
‘Storm Doris’ rages in Shanklin Bingo Hall after pensioner misses Full House

Several Isle of Wight residents have been inconvenienced after Doris Trensham, 79, became ‘very cross’ at missing out on a £23 win at the Bingo on Wednesday night. Insisting that she had called...

Midfield Diamond 23.02.17 11:44am
Midfield Diamond
Trump rescinds transgender bathroom rules after confusing pussy-grabbing trip. 0
dominic_mcg 23.02.17 11:27am