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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Daily Express: 'Nearly half of women unable to identify their vagina'

The full story: They can't distinguish holes in the ground from other orifices...

Renrag 31.08.16 11:34pm
Study shows drinking large glass of wine each night reduces chances of pregnancy

No no. It's the hubby who has to drink the wine, and two glasses work even better . . ...

Renrag 31.08.16 11:21pm
China to offer Trump second-hand wall, cheap, to keep out Mexicans 0
Renrag 31.08.16 11:12pm
6 yr old Syrian says new chemistry set and the house blowing up a coincidence 0
marlon bando 31.08.16 10:42pm
marlon bando
Wanna be starlet admits Chris Brown is no Phil Spector 0
marlon bando 31.08.16 10:34pm
marlon bando
Americans build wall while Trump is in Mexico. More soon. 6
dominic_mcg 31.08.16 10:32pm
marlon bando
Irish hold whip-round for Apple

The Irish Government has pledged 13 billion Euros from its Overseas Aid Fund to help cash-strapped Apple Corp. Prime Minister Enda Kenny has described Apple's plight as 'tragic' and has vowed to tax...

deceangli 31.08.16 9:19pm
baron la croix
Apple to buy EU

Apple Corp has decided to avoid spending its cash reserves on paying back taxes, and has chosen to buy the EU instead. "It'll mean Europe being controlled by an unelected, faceless organisation that...

throngsman 31.08.16 9:02pm
Anti-metrication hailed as biggest benefit of Brexit

Supporters of Brexit have revealed the first tangible benefit of leaping into the dark. "We can revert to Imperial measurements," said a key supporter. "Just think of it, twelve inches to the foot,...

throngsman 31.08.16 9:02pm
Pub where all the jokes happened forced to close

J.D. Wetherspoon has announced the closure of the King's Arms, a historic Victorian hostelry close to Lingfield Park racecourse in Sussex. According to regional director Trevor Lawrence, a series of...

Oxbridge 31.08.16 9:01pm
UK to stay in the EU via the front door.

More Brexshit soon...

Tammy Flugh 31.08.16 9:00pm
Tammy Flugh
Chris Brown just doing his 'thang'

The popular rapper and renowned topic of conversation at women’s shelters, has been outrageously targeted by police for doing what he does best – sabotaging his own music career and scaring women...

Wrenfoe 31.08.16 8:58pm
Shock waves from Apple's €13bn fine nearly downs passenger plane over Atlantic 1
silly billy scotland 31.08.16 8:07pm
President impeached for trying to sell Brazil to Sir Philip Green for £1 0
silly billy scotland 31.08.16 7:00pm
silly billy scotland
Curved screen technology just around the corner. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 31.08.16 5:59pm
Theresa May rules out second referendum, plans third

The PM, Theresa May, has categorically ruled out a second brexit referendum. "Forget about that; its not going to happen. On an unrelated topic, there will be a third referendum in a couple of months...

apepper 31.08.16 5:46pm
Reading Festival a Massive Disappointment, complain Librarians 11
Jodster 31.08.16 5:27pm
Prime Mover
Theresa May flashes her bush

The Prime Minister Theresa May was in recreational mood last week as she worked on creating some experimental pictures of her rose bush using reflected backlighting and an old 1940's flash gun...

Prime Mover 31.08.16 5:26pm
Prime Mover
Apple threaten to move their empty shed from Ireland

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has said that if Apple is forced to pay back tax in Ireland, he will consider moving their European headquarters (an empty shed with a brass plate on the door in a Dublin back...

apepper 31.08.16 4:00pm
Angry motorist didn't realise Vine was riding a bike

have you seen it??...

Gerontius 31.08.16 3:17pm
Mexicans lining up to drug, rape & shoot Trump

Hat-tip to Scroat...

Sinnick 31.08.16 2:32pm
Australian immigration is happy after Johnny Depp beats Pistol and Boo to death 0
marlon bando 31.08.16 2:02pm
marlon bando
9 Jp Alzeimers die in floods GM regrets not getting more to the 1st floor 0
marlon bando 31.08.16 1:57pm
marlon bando
Southern Rail to "re-introduce 119 rare trains" back into the wild 1
thackaray 31.08.16 1:53pm
Sir Lupus
IS boss killed in dronestrike keeps salary and gets job at Southern NHS Trust. 2
MADJEZ 31.08.16 1:51pm
Sir Lupus
Pregnant Women Clearly Need Better Protection 0
Jodster 31.08.16 12:45pm
Corbyn applauds TFL's 'Please offer me a seat' initiative

cinquecento 31.08.16 11:36am
Sacked Capita nurse admits setting up assault course for claimants. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 31.08.16 11:01am
Spanking more effective than suppositories

New research suggests that constipation is better treated with spanking than suppositories. A case study of the Isle of Wight village of Whippingham, so called because of its celebrated spanking...

Jodster 31.08.16 10:15am
Wetherspoons introduce blue Please Serve Me badges for the socially inadequate 0
cinquecento 31.08.16 10:07am