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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Covid symptom of Loss of Taste confirmed - Mrs Brown's Boys Xmas special appears

More to follow...

apepper 05.12.20 6:26pm
Are you a high-value or low-value business traveller?

According to Grant Shapps, wealth and Bullingdon connections now makes one immune from transmitting Covid-19. You might have voted for Boris, but as a business traveller are you high-value enough in...

DavidH 05.12.20 6:13pm
Sir Lupus
Why not Sports’man’ Of The Year? Man seeks company after own personality atrophy

A Hereford man who had replaced his own personality with an angry mixture of the comments section of the Daily Mail, and, until they put up the pay-wall, the first, free paragraph of Telegraph...

Benvoleo 05.12.20 5:56pm
Starmer self-isolates after one of his aides tests positive for socialism. 1
dominic_mcg 05.12.20 5:38pm
Russia trials Covid injections in Salisbury. More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 05.12.20 5:38pm
Trump Boasts Of Being Bigliest Ever Loser Of Legal Cases In History Of Universe

er, 'FACT', obvs. ...

Titus 05.12.20 5:05pm
Something fishy going on

Returning back from another day of frustrating negotiations, Chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, younger brother of seasonal sibling, Jack Frost, has sought to enlist the combined thoughts and...

theboyinthebubble 05.12.20 4:51pm
Biden Tells Returning US Troops 'Don't Bother To Unpack' 0
Titus 05.12.20 4:44pm
Grave crisis as young buyers unable to get on the burial ladder

With so many excess deaths through coronavirus, cemetery space at a premium, and the cost of land soaring, young people are becoming increasingly pessimistic about securing a burial plot. Many seem...

Doctor Chutney 05.12.20 4:40pm
Man who viewed catsuit photograph on line now being offered buttplugs by Amazon. 0
Newsdesk 05.12.20 4:09pm
Clever, targeted Tory election campaign concocts 'Keir Starmer says you smell' 0
SteveB 05.12.20 3:46pm
Cher rescues Competition and Markets Authority

After her success in helping to save Kaavan the solitary elephant suffering in Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan, well-preserved pop-star, Cher, detoured to the UK to embark on another similar rescue project...

DavidH 05.12.20 3:31pm
Disaster as rescuers sift through wreckage of BA online crash site

(Hat tip to SteveB) British Airways has confirmed it may have lost a number of customers in a horrendous online crash. The fate of hundreds of buyers hangs in the balance as rescue workers arrive...

Doctor Chutney 05.12.20 3:27pm
Government to improve Daily Corona Briefing with sleigh bells..

The Prime Minister has hinted that the government's Daily Corona Briefing will take on a more light hearted tone as the countdown to Christmas progresses. In order to make the news a little more...

dominic_mcg 05.12.20 2:13pm
Trump's legal challenges "less productive than pissing into the wind" 0
camz 05.12.20 1:17pm
Trump offered role to host new game show - The Bigliest Loser 0
camz 05.12.20 1:14pm
Vaccine roll-out in doubt as Hermes awarded delivery contract

Proposals to begin a widespread Covid vaccination programme in the UK have been dealt a severe blow after the contract to deliver the vaccine was awarded to spectacularly useless parcel shipping...

harrypalmer 05.12.20 12:36pm
Waitrose and Lidl’s Naughty Lists Leaked

With the recent news that Tesco claims there is no naughty list this year, the naughty lists of other supermarkets have come under scrutiny. The Waitrose naughty list is people who serve wine at...

SarahTipper 05.12.20 11:18am
Worker shortage due to illness: Santa seeks support from National Elf Service 0
SteveB 05.12.20 11:00am
Mother in Law's recruited to deliver vaccine

The government has started to assemble an army of volunteers to distribute the covid-19 vaccine. One of the biggest stumbling blocks has not been storing the vaccine at -70 degrees centigrade, but...

throngsman 05.12.20 10:39am
France, Britain & Brexit-Total Agreement At Last:'No Deal Better Than A Bad One'

More and more and more later and for ever ...

Titus 05.12.20 9:15am
Christmas Cards Sent Exclusively by Old People and Stationery Lovers

The custom of sending Christmas cards is now enacted only by old people who don’t have the internet but do have a big address book by the landline telephone and people who really, really love...

SarahTipper 05.12.20 7:34am
Wildlife Trust Outraged By Herefordshire Bank Raid

Titus 05.12.20 3:32am
Trump to launch an unreality TV channel. More soon.

But what would it be called - and what shows would it feature?...

Al OPecia 05.12.20 2:06am
Feminist groups demand Xmas Hymns rebranded as Xmas Hers 0
Ironduke 04.12.20 11:13pm
After making exams easier, govt lowers parliamentary conduct standards too.

So that's all fine, Dom, Priti and everyone - you know who you are...

deskpilot3 04.12.20 11:10pm
German vegan admits sausage and cheese meal would be his wurst käse scenario 1
Smart Alex 04.12.20 11:00pm
Walter Eagle
Her Majesty insists "I'm the Queen of the Castle this year. Aren't I?" 1
Doctor Chutney 04.12.20 10:56pm
Walter Eagle
National Lottery win contract to distribute vaccine - It could be you 0
Doctor Chutney 04.12.20 7:22pm
Doctor Chutney
World Strangely Reluctant To Buy Russia's New Novaccine 0
Titus 04.12.20 6:21pm