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Lord Janner

Mentally "unfit to stand trial over allegations of child sexual abuse spanning four decades" However, he can still vote on legislation in the House of Lords Discuss...

4 Sinnick 07.12.15 9:46pm
Why is this site so particularly vulnerable to so much tedious SPAM?

Just asking. And while you're there, can I interest you in any world cup football medals or fake designer watches? Are you sure? They're really very good, you know, and a highly competitive price....

3 Titus 07.12.15 11:00am
Confused Syrian civilians ask for bombs to be painted in national colours

Helps them to know who is bombing and if they should feel its good bombs [uk] or bad bombs [turkey]...

4 Dun Dunkin 07.12.15 8:33am
Al OPecia
Excitement Tomorrow - 23

Syrian air strike debate all day and Oldham results all night. I don't know when I'll have time to eat or even have a pee. I'm so tense with anticipation that I know I won't be able to sleep...

60 Titus 07.12.15 8:09am
Dun Dunkin
The Westminster bubble

What a wonderfully apt phrase. They seem totally divorced from reality. They don't seem to have noticed that nobody outside is in favour of bombing Syria. They also don't seem to have noticed that...

16 Scroat 06.12.15 11:23pm
TrueBiscuit, I think

[url=]Stolen circumcision ambulance found after tip-off[/url]...

1 Sinnick 05.12.15 3:28pm
Frankie Boyle... on song for once...

Just been reading Frankie Boyle in the Guardian. [url=]Here.[/url]...

2 Nomad 05.12.15 8:15am
Al OPecia
English Heritage Campaigns for Preservation Order On NewsBiscuit Tickers 2 Titus 04.12.15 5:46pm
Al OPecia
Portillo and his Bradshawes

Formerly a right-wing bastard, Portillo has reinvented himself as a charming dual-nationality tourist in an array of dazzling jacket-trouser combinations. Although, not a fan of trains in...

14 Gary Stanton 04.12.15 3:04pm
Gary Stanton

[url=]Scientists find a link between low intelligence...

1 Adrian Bamforth 04.12.15 1:53pm
Some music for a Friday

0 Scroat 04.12.15 11:59am
As much use as a chocolate Putin

A new one for the lexicon, to join chocolate teapot and chocolate fireguard. Do female homosexuals have a lesbicon, do you think?...

0 Scroat 04.12.15 11:33am
Blair says defeating ISIS is 'just the beginning'

Are we living in a bond movie? We decades away from defeating any islamists groups and Blair says its just the beginning?...

0 Dun Dunkin 04.12.15 9:31am
Dun Dunkin
The Middle East situation for Dummies.

For some reason, many people are confused by the Middle East situation. It's really quite simple. President Assad ( who is bad ) is a nasty guy who got so nasty his people rebelled and the Rebels...

8 Zen 04.12.15 12:33am
ANOTHER DELETED - Sorry 7 SimonJJames 03.12.15 8:22pm
Westminster old people's home

Listening to the debates was like listening to the detached talking in an old people home. Benn's speech was the worst sort of fiction. It was like he was hallucinating. Then all the zombies clapped....

10 Dun Dunkin 03.12.15 8:09pm
November UWOTM - 2

In an unprecedented move the leader board is headed up by a contributor who has only scored using NiBs, which is both interesting and good to see. Simonjjames got off to a cracking start this month...

47 throngsman 03.12.15 3:43pm
Dun Dunkin
I don't know why it took them so long to find Tutankhamen secret chamber...

anyone who played Tomb Raider in the 90's could tell you where the hidden door is.,

3 Adrian Bamforth 03.12.15 7:25am
Message of Hope

Can't think of anything funny or satirical to say about this, but I would like to say how impressed I am by her parents: [quote]Emma and...

1 Titus 02.12.15 6:51pm
New Cleaner

Our masters seem to have hired a new cleaner, and not before time. Even this one seems to work very restricted hours - masses of spam had been lying all around the place for ages before she cleaned...

3 Titus 02.12.15 2:23pm
Lovely FP today

Really good. Belated stars...

3 Scroat 30.11.15 4:58pm
Will I never learn to check the effing room? 3 throngsman 30.11.15 3:38pm
Sandi Toksvig on Desert Island Discs

Worth a listen (repeat on Friday) just for her luxury item...

0 Scroat 30.11.15 3:37pm

Dreadful as her new TV series is, she apparently whizzed some porridge oats in a blender to make oat flour. Tried this myself, and used the flour in my last batch of bread. It really works rather...

18 Scroat 29.11.15 2:45pm
Kevin the Swan
Deleted - wrong forum

Bollosck. >:( ...

0 Titus 29.11.15 1:16pm
Red Ken

Christ! Found myself agreeing with Ken Livingstone on Question Time last night. He blamed Tony Blair directly for the London bombings. If he hadn't gone into Iraq, they wouldn't have happened, he...

26 Scroat 28.11.15 4:21pm
Dun Dunkin
Syria is Suez part 2

The Aftermath of the Suez Crisis happy days of wishful thinking and incompetence...

0 Dun Dunkin 27.11.15 4:00pm
Dun Dunkin
What's the weirdest spam mail you've ever had?

Can you beat this offer of 'Bacon Scented Underwear?' [i]Hey, I thought you might like this. J&D’s Foods, makers of Bacon Salt®, is pleased to announce the launch of Bacon Scented...

7 Dick Everyman 27.11.15 1:30pm
Adrian Bamforth
A very appropriate soundtrack in a dangerous situation, not.

Guy drives through deadly bush fire with Logical Song playing on radio

1 Dick Everyman 27.11.15 9:01am
Don't want to sound like an old leftie but...

The sight of the baying Bullingdon front bench yesterday was a bit much...

10 Scroat 27.11.15 7:36am