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The book what I wrote

It started out as a kind of spoof Alastair Campbell’s Diaries with Jesus centre stage instead of TB (certain parallels), then evolved to take in ideas on cults, cognitive dissonance, faith healing...

4 Des Custard 17.05.17 7:02am
Des Custard
Can't bring myself to make any jokes about Brady. 7 Al OPecia 16.05.17 3:00pm
Gary Baldy
Polls, bookies and the stock market as election predictors

Which is most reliable these days? Polls are out of favour given Trump, Brexit and the last election - though they consistently underestimated the conservative (small c) voter, which could be added...

1 cinquecento 16.05.17 11:03am
Dead Pool 2017 - 2

Time to start a new one, with all due thanks to The All New Jenni B whom I recall from earlier times as Jenni B. The old one is getting bloated (not you Jenni!) and should be archived. Here's my...

45 Iscariot 15.05.17 9:30pm
This NHS hack...

Under-funding yadda yadda yadda., Well, yes to some point., Targeted, No I'm in no way an IT expert but listening to the wireless this morning my understanding is that this was not a targeted...

27 beau-jolly 15.05.17 7:12pm
Al OPecia
Stephen Fry on Cognition Obviously won't be understood by everyone...

2 Sinnick 15.05.17 3:50pm
Over 65s should not be allowed to vote. Unbelievable!!

Just when you think you've heard the most outrageous bollocks ever in the universe, someone comes up with this. This was mentioned in passing on Any Answers a couple of weeks ago, and Jeremy Paxman...

2 Scroat 15.05.17 2:49pm
Girl Athlete Grows Penis After Using Steroids. Anabolic? No, Just a Penis.

And what makes it worse, it isn't even original. So double apologies ...

0 Titus 14.05.17 11:20pm
Previously-Owned Labour

OK so what is the replacement Labour party which Labour MPs apparently want to create going to call itself? Can't be New Labour, we've already had that, and the label is contaminated by the Blair...

6 Titus 14.05.17 11:15pm
BBC Breaking News: Man makes ham and cheese sandwich

This has to be the most ridiculous news story I have ever seen. Ever....

3 Gary Baldy 14.05.17 11:11pm
Malware Hack

I hope this isn't a naive question, but but why do so many things have to be connected to the internet anyway - permanently / continuously, I mean? I can appreciate why some...

3 Titus 14.05.17 7:32pm
At least we are getting some policies the election...

Fair play to the Lib Dems, Greens & Labour - we do seem to be getting some provocative polices for once. In the past we often got watered-down versions of each others bland ideas, or worse - just...

15 Wrenfoe 13.05.17 9:19pm
BREXIT: Hard, Soft or Lightly Poached?

[code][url=]BREXIT: Hard, Soft or Lightly Poached?[/url] Prime Minister/Theresa May warns of a “Hard Brexit” preceding tough negotiations with the EU: but why “Hard” or...

1 Gunsatire 13.05.17 8:47pm

Just for the record: I've forgotten - when did she campaign against it, please? ...

2 Titus 13.05.17 9:04am
Al OPecia
Well, this is embarrassing.

Hope you're all well and that your vegetables are plump and your trousers sweet smelling...

0 SimonJJames 12.05.17 9:30pm

You'll NEVER have to be ALONE, So will it be a threesome or group sex?, Are they bugging the bedroom, have they installed overhead cameras in the light-fitting, is it a two-way mirror., What's the...

7 Gerontius 12.05.17 8:52pm
Promises. promises, promises

I saw a piece on the BBC yesterday, but didn't bookmark it unfortunately. It suggested that research shows voting is more floating than ever, that people are less inclined to vote the way they...

19 throngsman 11.05.17 11:14pm
UKIP's Lasting Legacy?

Apart from the obvious, what else will be the lasting legacy of the United Kingdom Independence Our-Work-Here-Is-Done party? Could it be a permanent change in people's lifelong voting habits? The...

18 Titus 11.05.17 11:04pm
Whose vote floats? - 2

Out of curiosity, who here has voted for two or more different parties in the course of their general election history? How many of us actually decide each time on policies and capability to...

50 cinquecento 11.05.17 10:35pm
BBC want me to sign in

in order to listen radio 4 programmes on the iplayer radio. i assume the BBC dont have the technology to track who is listening/watching but not paying a licence fee. what do folks know ?...

4 Robert Koch 11.05.17 7:46pm
Labour leadership challenge stymied by snap election?

If Labour lose massively, you would like imagine there being calls for the leader to resign. An effective vote of no confidence by the parliamentary party has rather been tried already, but no big...

19 Ironduke 11.05.17 2:22pm
Four new bank holidays and a hike in minimum wage?

Corbyn is really trying to get the small business owners onside, isn't he?...

16 Ironduke 11.05.17 10:00am
New low in car crash interviews - 2

Enjoy the feeling of your toes curling up tighter than Tim Farron's rear entrance. [url=]Diane...

32 cinquecento 11.05.17 9:27am
whoops 2 cinquecento 10.05.17 5:45pm
Movie/music mashups - 23678

I had an utterly random thought today. If you were to mash-up names of famous movies with famous(ish) music stars/groups, what would you get? Here's a couple of examples: Dial Boney M for Murder...

223 bonjonelson 10.05.17 3:38pm
Kelvin MacKenzie...sympathy?

My limited understanding is he described burly Everton midfielder caught out scrapping in a wine bar as a gorilla. Turned out he has a black grandparent, which without being too graphic probably...

8 Ironduke 10.05.17 2:57pm
Night of the Stonking Horn Mark Three

Oh good lord, it's coming isn't it? I'm not sure I can take another one so soon. Last time it didn't go down for a weekfrozen peas, ice water enemas, the collected work ps of Norah Battynothing...

1 Ironduke 06.05.17 8:22am
Given previous poll accuracy, I predict a dead heat this time

even if only between UKIP and the Monster Raving Loony Party for the quantity of votes which result in still winning no seats...

11 Titus 05.05.17 1:33pm
Truebiscuit, or why I work from home

1 Oxbridge 05.05.17 1:23pm
Unofficial Writer of the Month April 2017 - 2

God, this is awkward. Either I've learned to write (unlikely) or the editors are playing with me. Anyway, a good start to the competition with a record number of tickers posted meaning the spread...

36 throngsman 03.05.17 11:41am