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Less NIBs and Tickers more FP's please

Just an observation. There are some great NIBs and Tickers which could be expanded upon to make fine FP's - if you've never considered doing one then please think again and have a go. FFS let's...

10 Dick Everyman 08.04.16 5:01pm
Dun Dunkin

This one from the Daily Mash really tickled me up. I know we're sort of competitors, but respect where it's due :...

1 deceangli 08.04.16 3:28pm
Grrr... If one of those global elites walked into our pub.... I'd do time for it

There's the Metropolitan Elite, The Liberall Elite and now these Global Elite yobs. Where's it going to end? I went back to Croydon recently to watch Palace, and even my old area has got the bug....

10 ronseal 08.04.16 11:24am

Show us your nibs! Where are they?...

1 Iroquois Pliskin 07.04.16 3:07pm
Dun Dunkin
"And what do you do?" "And what do you do?" "Modelling work, mainly, for postage stamps and banknotes."...

2 Titus 07.04.16 12:15pm
1623 First Folio Of NB Tickers Found In Scotland Is 'Identical To Current Ones'

More archaeological news later much later ...

1 Titus 07.04.16 8:08am
Muppet of the week

BBC article: [url=]St Ives residents to vote on second home restrictions[/url], [quote]On 5 May, the council will ask residents to vote on a new town plan, which...

5 Gary Baldy 07.04.16 7:42am
Is it a buzz word?

You know how it is, you hear the same word twice on the same day in a completely different context and you start to think you're witnessing the birth of something very irritating. It happened with...

11 Dick Everyman 06.04.16 8:45pm
Dick Everyman
Truebiscuit : Want to study at ASSoL ?

[url=]Law school embarrassed over name change.[/url]...

0 MADJEZ 06.04.16 4:25pm
Writer of the Month March 2016

Hello everyone, how are you all? This month was one FP away from it being a draw. It is tense and nail biting stuff for me, adding these up, but I really love going back through the month and being...

8 Nice Admin Lady 06.04.16 11:26am
Adrian Bamforth
Unopened Crates Of WoM Mugs Found, Stashed Away In Panama Office

"We were just protecting the would-have-been-winners from any tax liability" said an offshore NewsBiscuit spokesman...

0 Titus 06.04.16 9:55am
You say Kolkata I say Calcutta - 2

Don't know where I've been but I've just learned that Calcutta was renamed Kolkata in 2001. Anyone else care to share any significant changes that have escaped their attention?...

32 Dick Everyman 05.04.16 11:46pm
Kevin the Swan
Sorry, wrong room. Carry on with your arcane practices.

Are we doing WOTM month this month? I have bunting set up for Wrenfoe...

8 SimonJJames 05.04.16 10:27pm
Al OPecia

Have these been disabled, or have I just forgotten how to put them in?...

2 Scroat 05.04.16 10:54am
NewsBiscuit To Offer 'Joke Explanation Service' On Its Site

Appointment already made...

7 Titus 05.04.16 8:54am
Rootin Tootin
Today's Front Page

I don't get it? Am I being comedically mistuned? Or is it an April Fools joke that we are actually reporting the news?...

21 SimonJJames 04.04.16 9:07am
Al OPecia
Ronnie Corbett

Fucking Grim Reaper strikes again! Doesn't he ever have a holiday!!!!...

20 Scroat 04.04.16 8:07am
Al OPecia
Obama warns of terrorist nuclear attack

Thank the Lord for Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign. If he succeeds we'll all be able to sleep safely at night...

2 Dick Everyman 02.04.16 9:14am
Dick Everyman
Looks like the stuckers are tick ... yet again ...

More updates maybe eventually zzz...

3 sockpuppet 01.04.16 10:18pm
Al OPecia
Man of the people Sajid Javid talking to some Welsh guys

Back off Taffy., This suit cost more than you earn in a year., Do I look like someone who gives a fuck about South Wales……New South Wales yes, I was having a lovely time there until you lot...

4 Gerontius 01.04.16 9:06pm
Writers' Room stretching incident...

Is it my PC or is the writers' room page stretched beyond its normal borders?...

11 Dick Everyman 01.04.16 2:51pm
Dick Everyman
The Competition

Just noticed that NewsThump are advertising on the London Comedy Writers Newsletter for new writers: "The spoof news site NewsThump accepts submissions of 250-300 words and offers a share of ad...

8 SimonJJames 01.04.16 2:21pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Almost truebiscuit : Putin and Murdoch

[url=]Boutros was almost right[/url]...

0 Not Amused 01.04.16 7:36am
Not Amused
Is it me, or does ...

it look like he is straight out of the Midwich Cuckoos? Just saying...

8 Al OPecia 01.04.16 6:11am
{Warning! This is a suicide post. No-one move, or else....}

As you will see, the title of this post is wearing suicide brackets which will be detonated if the following demands are not met. The forum has been hijacked by the Terrorist Underground Rebel...

0 sockpuppet 31.03.16 6:28pm
Did any of you know the Daily Mail had a Braille edition?

[url=]And it's online![/url]...

11 sydalg 31.03.16 7:28am
London Citizens Shocked To Learn Kightsbridge Gold Supercars Owned By Saudis

Is this funny to anyone. Saudi humor anyone? Pretty fertile ground for funny if you ask me...

0 Takos1021 30.03.16 9:30pm

Oops - sorry, wrong room. (backs out awkwardly, wearing sickly grin.)...

0 sockpuppet 30.03.16 3:39pm
Anything happened while I was away? 5 Scroat 30.03.16 3:30pm
Giant cod One question, how could the BBC journalists write this story without giving in to the temptation to use the word "codzilla"...

4 bonjonelson 30.03.16 1:43pm
Iroquois Pliskin