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Least funny comedian awards 2016 - 2

I'll open the nominations with. (drum roll and expectant silence).., Johnny Vegas...

34 Grandson of Barnabas 11.01.17 8:16am
Al OPecia

I get really agitated when people use the word 'Liberal' as a derogatory term. Theresa May did it today from what I gather. It says a lot about the political and moral standpoint of the speaker. In...

8 Scroat 10.01.17 12:26pm
Chez Scroat enters the 21st century

Just got a new smart radio - it does DAB, FM, talks to that there interweb, and connects to my iPod to play that music too. A bit of a learning curve though...

3 Scroat 10.01.17 12:13pm
Tesco champagne for £8

possibly one for BJ.. I couldn't resist this, even knowing in advance it would be crap - in the event it was drinkable with a big slug of cassis added. I'm curious however how any producer can...

5 cinquecento 10.01.17 12:06pm
Further evidence that 2016 was a terrible year for celebrity deaths

1 Oxbridge 10.01.17 11:58am
A single key flight features a fleet

The product quality staff with QUICKLY [url=]BC070 Pallet Dolly[/url] keeps quite a few market certifications, which includes AQS Certifications regarding Top...

0 xiaoxi123 10.01.17 9:54am
Straw Racism to Replace Godwin's Law

Now that everyone is familiar with Godwin's Law being the tediously predictable way for every discussion of a controversial subject to be derailed into a recursive spiral of non sequitur involving...

15 Titus 10.01.17 5:08am
Sex Education

My 14 year old son has sex education workshops at school this month. Do you have any suggestions for questions him and his mates could ask? So far we have: - Is it true masturbation makes you go...

14 Bogbrush 09.01.17 2:37pm
Peter Pan Goes Wrong 6 Wrenfoe 09.01.17 10:59am
Operation Corbyn progressing well...

McCluskey seems to have taken a small step away from Comrade Corbyn, referencing if polls stay terrible then he'd expect Corbyn to step down., The Tory government with its tiny majority is going to...

16 Ironduke 08.01.17 5:15pm
Trump (or similar) was predictable

Very interesting article about US (& western world) political direction. Note in particular the comment about Richard Spencer, who coined the phrase "alt-right" & wants the US to be a "white...

0 Sinnick 08.01.17 12:13pm
They need to find him and catch him - and soon.

1 riesler 07.01.17 11:28am
Thank You, O Masters

Just a brief thank-you note for - regularly republishing some of the most brilliant classic stories from the archives. Always good a for a laugh, and a reminder of the standards we should all...

0 Titus 06.01.17 2:44pm
' 2 Titus 06.01.17 1:44pm
Low UK productivity explained...

just got this from twitter. read carefully - it's all in the initial letters...

3 Sir Lupus 06.01.17 7:07am
Grandson of Barnabas
"It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To"

OK, you are a singer, and invited to perform at Trump's inauguration. You agree, but only on condition that [i]you[/i] choose the song. What song would it be? (My nomination is as above, but there...

16 Titus 05.01.17 8:24pm
Draining the swamp or going down the pan?

[url=]GOP fat cats get ready to rock and roll![/url]...

7 Dick Everyman 04.01.17 9:26am
New Year's Honours: Queen Says "Fuck Off, Titus" 3 Titus 04.01.17 7:47am
' 0 Titus 04.01.17 12:03am
' 0 Titus 04.01.17 12:03am
' 0 Titus 04.01.17 12:03am
' 0 Titus 04.01.17 12:03am
' 0 Titus 04.01.17 12:03am
Denis Lawson admits he's really Andrew Ridgeley,q_auto,w_710/la5os8ypv5tzyruqwiqn/denis-lawson.jpg,

0 Grandson of Barnabas 03.01.17 4:48pm
Grandson of Barnabas
Interesting R4 Programme on "post-Truth".

Well worth a listen:

5 Al OPecia 03.01.17 2:34pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23333435

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1048 The All New Jeni B 02.01.17 2:45pm
New Year Resolution For Our Masters: Update The Tickers At Least Once A Year 6 Titus 02.01.17 2:39pm

Look, I know this is really sad, but if anyone's going to be around at about 1 a.m. on New Year's Day, I might join them here for a virtual toast to the shitload of bollocks that was 2016. I will...

26 Scroat 01.01.17 11:53pm
Victoria Beckham's OBE for services to.....

Er, any suggestions?...

12 throngsman 01.01.17 10:48pm
ron cawleyoni
Well, that's a nice start to the New Year in the wrong room! 0 Dick Everyman 01.01.17 11:51am
Dick Everyman