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Comedy Club from Hell - 2

Who would you have in it. 1.Bernard Manning, 2.Chubby Brown, 3.Jim Davidson...

45 Dun Dunkin 15.03.16 9:54am
Backup Brian
Crufts/Kennel Club

Crufts and the Kennel Club are to Canine Welfare as Pimps and Pornographers are to Gynaecologists and midwives. Same area of interest, but for one lot, exploitation only. Maketh my blood boil. On...

4 Ironduke 14.03.16 10:35am
DeadBiscuit "[i] the 64-year-old was reported to have died of natural causes when his body...

4 Titus 12.03.16 7:50pm
Call for writers on new BBC 2 pilot - 2

We are making a pilot for a new satire show for BBC 2 called ‘Unspun’. It will be a mix of political guests, jokes and special features. We’re looking for people to join us making the show;...

53 12.03.16 12:50pm
Al OPecia
True BiscuitNews

C'mon, guys - there's got to be some mileage in this:

1 Titus 11.03.16 2:42pm
Gary Baldy
Which one of you did that?

ISIS recruitment forms - pure satire on a stick. Wish I'd thought of it...

3 sponge finger 11.03.16 2:00pm
Mince for the Prince

Any other ideas to help motivate to population through rhyming? Puke for the Duke?...

22 Adrian Bamforth 10.03.16 10:06pm
Sir Lupus
Chubby Brown banned by council

What is the approved list?...

3 Dun Dunkin 10.03.16 9:36pm
BBC redoing Death do us Part?

Will Alf Garnett be transgender? BBC brave enough to not meddle?...

0 Dun Dunkin 10.03.16 4:30pm
Dun Dunkin
I'm not sure I understand the logic (behind the casting debate)

I get the debate that various ethnicities and demographics are not fairly represented across all industries. I also get that inherited wealth is the largest single barrier to social mobility for all...

24 Wrenfoe 10.03.16 3:09pm
Stop The Torture, Genocide & Carpet Bombing In France!

What, there isn't any? Then how can anyone (in a camp at Calais or anywhere else along the south coast of the English Channel) seeking to leave France be classified as a refugee? I quite understand...

21 Titus 09.03.16 6:20pm
Al OPecia
Happy International Women's Day!

How will you be celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women?...

9 Dick Everyman 09.03.16 5:05pm
Packers and movers website spammed by writers of spoof news stories. 0 sockpuppet 09.03.16 10:04am
Brexit leave/remain theme songs...

Your suggestions please...

24 Ironduke 08.03.16 4:02pm
Dick Everyman
Website amendment suggestions

Suggest the forum sort appears in writers’ room without having to log in and a search box added where visitors can type a word or phrase. Topic contents should also be in left drop-down...

12 farmer giles 08.03.16 12:39pm
Meanwhile, a few miles from Calais...

[url=]Another family tries to cope with freezing conditions[/url]...

7 Dick Everyman 08.03.16 8:29am
Dick Everyman
The Iplayer 'loophole'

or just that the bbc has refused for years to do what every other broadcaster does and put it, in this case, behind a login in screen linked to the licence fee number. the bbc original plan is to...

16 Dun Dunkin 07.03.16 10:15pm
Al OPecia
Chat room hit by pair of hit and run drivellers. 0 Al OPecia 07.03.16 5:17pm
Al OPecia
Website changes

Real life has freed us long enough to make a few changes to the site: 1) The blue overlay on the front page has been toned down., 2) The 'featured' (left alert, right alert or whatever it will end...

5 TechGuy 06.03.16 9:33pm
Idea to manage the movers and packers spam

Give all members of the site the ability to delete any thread if: The poster of the thread has been a member less than one day(or week)., The thread is less than one day old. Not sure if thats...

9 NotNowCato 04.03.16 7:35pm
Help catch these bastards, please.

14 bonjonelson 04.03.16 7:21pm
Brexit: less and more

In my opinion, Brexit (if it happens) will cause far more change in Europe than most people expect or can imagine, albeit less change than in Britain. It would give huge encouragement to the many...

15 sockpuppet 04.03.16 9:23am
Simon Brodkin (a.k.a Lee Nelson) - funny or stupid?

After his latest stunt involving "putting a cheat box" on a VW show car during a presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, is he genuinely funny or just a moron? I'm still undecided whether his stunts...

3 Gary Baldy 04.03.16 7:37am
Mr Target
BBC R4 news gem

"and a Catholic priest steps down after being filmed snorting cocaine surrounded by Nazi memorabilia" Some news stories have everything!!...

4 Scroat 02.03.16 6:55pm
NB Spamvertiser Invited to Pack and Move with extreme prejudice

Tedious twat. Fuck off...

1 Titus 02.03.16 3:17pm
Mr Target
BBC Comedy Writing Opportunity...

Just in case you haven't seen this: Good luck if you are thinking of giving it a go...

0 editor 02.03.16 12:52pm
February Writer of the Month 2016

Hello all! Pinch, punch, first of the month and all that jazz. February's Writer of the Month contest was bloomin' close. Really bloomin' close. In fact there is 1 point in it between the winner...

8 Nice Admin Lady 01.03.16 9:19pm
Apparently you can win one of Maggie's handbags with the Daily Mail tomorrow

An odd idea for a promotion, but one that got me wondering what other memorabilia from politicians the papers could give away. Any ideas?...

12 ianslat 29.02.16 4:51pm
Six missing posts

Interesting to see that the 'top ten' has only four posts listed, albeit with Al OPecia in (a well-deserved) first place. I wonder whether our masters can't count, or just couldn't be arsed, or...

7 sockpuppet 29.02.16 12:34pm
Mad Merkel's million migrants messed it up 0 Dun Dunkin 29.02.16 8:15am
Dun Dunkin