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With great sadness, we report that the One-Star Fairy died this morning at 5.25am after a long illness. Relatives were at her side. No flowers, please. Donations to the NewsBiscuit gift shop...

1 Newsdesk 11.01.18 4:28pm
Emergency services in meltdown after a million satirists spontaneously combust

5 Squudge 09.01.18 9:53am
Northern Forest of 50 million trees to keep the poor away from London. More soon 8 dominic_mcg 08.01.18 8:56am
Who funds Daesh?

The silence on this topic is deafening. Conducting a military and terrorist campaign on the scale which Daesh does is very expensive. I presume that much of this is paid from from oil revenues. So...

20 Titus 08.01.18 1:03am

Satire (and the idea that it can bring about change), Born in Egypt 2000 BCE - died in vain 2017 CE...

6 Crayon 07.01.18 1:17pm
Keeping up with attitude change requirements....

I happened to watch Celebrity Big Brother, a show I'd given up on since the all time classic featuring George 'shall I be the cat now' Galloway, Meltdown Barrymore and Pete Burns. On this one,...

5 cinquecento 07.01.18 1:07pm
Can Trump survive until the mid-terms?

He's got until November 2018 to prove himself as a worthy contender for the 2020 leadership contest. Will he be running or running scared? Place your bets...

7 Dick Everyman 07.01.18 8:16am
Gentlemen, start your engines

Toby Young is a dreadful choice, but Boris as our senior diplomat, defending Toby? Some fuel for debate here...

7 Squudge 06.01.18 1:27pm
Trump on Twitter

Reading his tweets is sometimes jaw-dropping with the infantility of their content. The style of prose looks like it's straight from the vocabulary of an eleven-year old spolit only child. It would...

11 Chipchase 06.01.18 9:58am
Who funds Titus?

The silence on this topic is deafening. Conducting a pedantic right-wing campaign on the scale which Titus does is very expensive. I presume that much of this is paid from from rent revenues. So who...

24 Al OPecia 05.01.18 9:42am
Satire: Definiton

I suspect that I am in error here: Perhaps Trump's presidency is not satire, but rather a parody - or even a farce? How would NB readers define the...

13 Titus 04.01.18 11:21pm
Sir Lupus
December WOTM competition - 2

Exciting start this month, with three vying for pole position. To access all the links for FP and niBs this week go to

40 throngsman 03.01.18 9:22am
Rioting In Iran

Is this yet another depressing manifestation of violence and disorder in the Middle East, or a hopeful sign that the rule of unelected religious clerics may eventually cease and a more modern,...

2 Titus 31.12.17 10:46am
Truebiscuit: I bet he doesn’t have the balls to try this again


2 Not Amused 31.12.17 12:04am
Nick Clegg, Duke of Earl

The New Year's honours are the usual joke. Some jobs or activities seem to come with a guaranteed gong, so why not make the honours fit? Give the luvvies the Order of Old Entertainers, the Order of...

5 cinquecento 30.12.17 11:57pm

I freely admit my ignorance here but I am intrigued by the lack of support from anyone much in the West for the Kurds, who (perhaps not unreasonably) want their own homeland and who have been some of...

2 Titus 29.12.17 2:05pm
Is The Sun playing us at our own game here?

This story came up as a news alert on my phone.

9 Chipchase 29.12.17 1:21pm
Should we condemn Renrag's fallacious defence of racist jewellery?

Talking points could include: Black Pete/Blackface morris dancers (easy to interpret as racist/steeped in cultural significance) Those marmalade Gollywog dolls (a shop in my locality a while back...

5 Benvoleo 28.12.17 10:28pm
New words for 2018

At this time of year you get news stories about new words in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary etc. Perhaps we could have a left alert on this theme? I'll start the ball rolling...

27 Sir Lupus 28.12.17 6:21pm
At last !

I've spent some effort over the last 18 months trying to understand the reasons for Brexit, to form an informed & balanced view, and until now I've only seen such vague notions as "take back...

17 Sinnick 26.12.17 3:04pm
Merry Christmas!!

Got the best present ever on Friday, in the form of a new baby granddaughter!!, Best wishes to all biscuits...

18 Scroat 26.12.17 8:24am
Merry Christmas from France

Hope Santa brings you what you want. I believe Rebecca is meant to be quite busy this morning...

3 Not Amused 25.12.17 3:20pm
Farage-o FP intervention required

Dear Ed team. I just read a couple of joyous articles on Nigel on here, including the FP with the poodle-puppy picture. If that is the one that has just gone up in the last 5 minutes (assuming so,...

3 Squudge 24.12.17 11:47pm
Lucy van Pelt
NB Pissup

Bit late to organise it now I suppose, but anyone up for an NB meet in a central pub over Christmas? The last meet-up was at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, 145 Fleet St, London EC4A 2BU, over the...

22 Titus 24.12.17 4:11pm
Grammar Nazis Festive Fun

Oh dear 5/12,

2 Gerontius 23.12.17 8:59am
Undercover Work?

Maybe one of us should apply for this, for all the wrong reasons Job Title: Intern, Working For: Grant Shapps MP (Welwyn Hatfield), Location:...

2 Crayon 23.12.17 8:29am
Nothing to see here...

move on please...

2 Oxbridge 22.12.17 1:39pm
The Algorithm
Kidney Patients Gutted: 'S B Wuz Here' (TrueBiscuit)

Yet again, the real world 'Pushing in on our manor' as Chipchase put it. Ealing may have householders with mad Christmas illuminations, but Hereford (the centre of the Universe, as Oxy will affirm)...

4 Titus 21.12.17 8:17pm
Ho ho ho / Christmas Lights / TrueBiscuit

Sent a link to someone I know, to the recent FP story about one household's ludicrously OTT Christmas lights fusing the National Grid. (Can't find a link to this story at present.) Can't win. They...

5 Titus 21.12.17 2:52pm
True-ishBiscuit: Bus has roof stripped off by bridge [quote]Double-decker bus has roof stripped off by bridge in Birmingham Commuters were shaken after the...

1 Benvoleo 21.12.17 1:34pm