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As someone who has no allegiance and mocks both left and right

I have noticed on this site that if you do a sub from the left mocking the right, even if it's not funny, there's a big hurrah and pats on the back. Yet you do a sub from the right mocking the left...

24 Mr Charley 29.09.17 9:20pm
Imagine how much brighter and more entertaining the world would have been ...

if Hugh Hefner had become US president instead of Chump ...

2 Titus 29.09.17 8:39am
N Korea - One Small Step?

Not a major headline, but possibly the start of what could become one of the best bits of news for the world for a long time: ...

1 Titus 28.09.17 9:53pm
When Not Spamming NB

Some talented people are into music, but this is one of the things I do when I'm not busy annoying readers here: And no, this isn't...

16 Titus 28.09.17 6:43pm
The Kurds

If the Israelis can have their own homeland, why can't the Kurds? Just askin'...

18 Titus 28.09.17 10:11am
Truebiscuit: Mermaid banned from Bromsgrove swimming pool

8 Oxbridge 28.09.17 6:39am
Fab stuff.

5 Al OPecia 27.09.17 10:34am
What should we spend our £350million-per-week refund on?

(a) Buy Boris a decent haircut, (b) Compensate redundant bankers, (c) Re-build Richard Branson's house Any other popular ideas?...

11 Titus 26.09.17 8:58pm
4 days and 7 hours and still no sign of Titus

Should someone call the police? He's not been banned has he?...

27 the peoples poet 26.09.17 2:10pm
Is there an ex-Coronation Street cull going on today?

Two down, the rest must be nervous...

2 riesler 26.09.17 1:44pm
English Heritage To Take Custody Of NewsBiscuit Tickers

There are some great new ones up there. And a few, so ancient that it's hard to remember what old news stories they related to...

3 Titus 25.09.17 10:09am
Duplicated pest doleted 0 Titus 24.09.17 11:03pm
Music recommendations anyone?

I've got fairly catholic taste so any ideas welcome. Anything considered, so long as it's "good"...

28 Scroat 24.09.17 8:17pm

Newsjack returns the week after next., Submissions will be accepted from 7th Sept., There's nothing on the BBC website yet though., Sketch templates are here: ...

26 dominic_mcg 22.09.17 6:49pm
Not Amused
Toys R Us. Fake news?

Oh my God Toys R us have gone bust! Well no, not quite., The company was founded 60 years ago. In the 80s they expanded globally and rapidly and then in 2005 sold to private equity investors. It...

4 beau-jolly 22.09.17 12:53pm
Anybody watching Bromans on ITV2?

It's like gay porn with bromide in the shape of 'girlfriends' to make sure the guys are kept on the 'straight' and extremely narrow. [url=]Check it...

0 Dick Everyman 21.09.17 8:25pm
Dick Everyman
Boris Johnson

What can you say? He's beyond ridicule, comment or comprehension...

25 Scroat 20.09.17 9:21pm
Sir Lupus
. 2 Adrian Bamforth 20.09.17 10:11am
Why would you make a square cigar?

It just stuck me. I've been talking to my cigar suppliers recently and trying to get my head around the increasingly bizarre legislation., Cigars are covered by the same display restrictions as...

6 beau-jolly 19.09.17 3:47pm
Very Courageous, Mr Juncker Following Brexit, the EU could choose to continue on its way towards closer integration at...

19 Titus 18.09.17 11:18am
A New Religion

OK, what we going to call it? Should it have some commandments? If so, how many? Lets make it easy and pretend that it's a religion we would all be prepared to join. (That counts out my own...

25 Titus 18.09.17 9:29am

Wrong room...

0 Scroat 16.09.17 5:06pm
Lidl terrorism sub !

Bit too busy at the mo but sure someone can put something together., Noticed the Parsons Green terror bomb was in a Lidl carrier bag, the Borough Market one used Lidl knives. Maybe something around...

0 MADJEZ 16.09.17 10:29am
Ig Nobel 2017 I particularly like the 1st article "On the rheology of cats":

1 Sinnick 16.09.17 12:43am
This is the deep logical analysis us poor climate alarmists are up against.

Why didn't I think of this:

5 Al OPecia 15.09.17 10:07pm
Dick Everyman
Brexiteer Dyson Booms While Remianian John Lewis Slumps - Cause Or Effect?

[Probably more appropriate here than in the Writers' forum.]...

11 Titus 15.09.17 11:11am
We don't stand a chance against Truebiscuits like this

3 Scroat 14.09.17 7:01pm
the peoples poet
Boarding planes in Israel

No idea whether this is based on any kind of TrueBiscuit or is just a light-hearted piss-take, but I like the idea (forwarded on to me by a mate): [i]TEL AVIV, Israel - The Israelis are...

3 Titus 14.09.17 3:49pm
Brexit - 23

I might have lost my marbles, but I would be interested in discussing this mess with fellow Biscuiteers No name-calling, please. We all had a vote, we're all intelligent people, and nobody has...

63 deceangli 14.09.17 3:46pm
Adrian Bamforth
Four jailed for for raping girl, 16, in Ramsgate

[url=][/url] What do Newsbiscuiters think of this - is it a conspiracy by the right wing media?...

22 the peoples poet 13.09.17 5:17pm