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£56 billion - how would you improve infrastructure?

Let's imagine that the current 'consultation' on HS2 was more than a box-ticking exercise, and HM Govt actually gave a toss about the thoughts of the people footing the bill. Clean sheet of paper...

23 deceangli 26.11.16 4:13pm
not having been in the US during Thanksgiving...

can someone please explain why they deep fry their turkeys? it has never occurred to me to take a whole chicken, a leg of lamb or a large joint of beef, and deep fry the crap out of it did the...

4 cinquecento 24.11.16 9:29pm
Answers to a student project on Fake News... - 2

Nice Admin Lady was approached by a student doing a project on Fake News and forwarded these questions to me. I thought it was an interesting area, so have posted the questions and my answers below...

33 editor 24.11.16 4:37pm
Jo Cox's Murderer

Pity there isn't a way that he could be deprived of his British citizenship. Wouldn't make any practical difference of course since he will (thank goodness) remain securely banged up for the rest of...

5 Titus 24.11.16 4:34pm
Which sporting body will be the next to set up a sex abuse helpline?

Ladies Beach Volleyball Association? Any other ideas?...

0 Dick Everyman 24.11.16 3:29pm
Dick Everyman
Beginner's Guide To English Politics

England is run by two teams. On the pitch, the team which has possession is called 'The Government' and the other one, which wants to take the ball off them, is called 'The Opposition'. Over the...

3 Titus 23.11.16 11:57am
The boys are back and as good as ever

- Suck it up the left wing BBC, - Suck it up Oisin Tymon the incompetent producer who lost the BBC their most profitable show, - Suck it up Chris Evans you ginger headed failure, - Suck it up all...

13 Bogbrush 23.11.16 8:23am
And before any asks, no I haven't put the bins out - there's a good reason

If I do it now, it's all dark and I'll end up stepping in something OK? I'll do it in the morning...

1 ronseal 23.11.16 6:14am
I'm still wiping away tears of laughter

Nigel Farage, UK Ambassador to the US as suggested by Trump Discreet, loyal, experienced, circumspect, honest, sober, intelligent, diplomatic, eloquent - just some of the slight incompatibilities...

8 Sinnick 22.11.16 11:44pm
Democracy in action

Let's find out how democracy works: "Should Titus/sockpuppet/etc leave NewsBiscuit" Please vote below, then I'll count up on Monday morning...

11 Sinnick 22.11.16 9:04pm
Dick Everyman
National Toilet Day (yes, really)

Anyone else celebrated yet ?...

9 Sinnick 21.11.16 3:20pm
The End of 2016 - a warning

We've had Brexit. We've had Trump. We've had the death of numerous well loved entertainers and political figures from a better time. We've had the defenestration of a pitiful, pitiless Tory...

12 andyiong 20.11.16 2:25am
51st State

After noticing the now complex arrangement of the stars on the US flag shown as part of this morning's Front Page, I was going to write a silly story about the US sadly deciding that it could not...

3 Titus 19.11.16 1:22pm
Dumb Racists Voted For Brexit ...

While the smart ones, presumably, voted remain - being intelligent enough to realise that most Europeans are white whereas the rest of the world is mainly non-white. (Thought I ought to post that...

10 Titus 19.11.16 8:08am
What are the chances...?

Stephen Fry can be a bit irritating, but even more so when he gets things wrong. On one of his QI programmes he proudly boasted that he was going to do something that had never been done on...

5 Scroat 17.11.16 9:29am
Good news, bad news - we're not headed for the sun

Good news. I went to Munich last week to see driverless lorries in action. They can form themselves into a train of seven lorries and, since their braking reactions are twice as quick as the best...

12 ronseal 17.11.16 8:42am
First ladies

There's a picture going around of 3 first ladies (Kennedy, Reagan, Obama) plus, I assume a Mrs Trump posing naked. I was going to ask y'all whether it was a good thing or not...

12 beau-jolly 16.11.16 8:45am
Bullying - 2

Guys, I'm seeing quite a bit of bullying here at the mo. It's easy to become irritated with opposing views, but we're adults and there's no compulsion either to be here, or to react. We could,...

36 deceangli 15.11.16 3:08pm
Maybe I am just the suspicious type.

I may be cynical here, but why on earth would Lego want to take this particular stand just before Christmas? It's not as if the Mail has changed its views...

8 riesler 15.11.16 1:29pm
Please! Is there any way Trump can keep Farage on that side of the Atlantic?

5 Dick Everyman 14.11.16 7:19pm
Trump Supporters - 2

Apparently much of the unexpected support for Trump came, perhaps surprisingly, from women. Which might suggest that the feminists from whom we heard such deafening screeches of outrage during...

46 Titus 14.11.16 2:36pm
S J Roe
American Protesters

I'm not clear - are they protesting that the presidential election was somehow rigged or otherwise fraudulent? Or are they protesting against those of their fellow citizens who had the audacity /...

24 Titus 14.11.16 8:21am
Presume everyone has seen this ... A great piece of writing I thought...

5 Midfield Diamond 13.11.16 12:10pm
It would be funny if Trump was killed...

in a freak plane crash, helicopter crash or similar. a) he wouldn't be around to fuck things up b) all the conspiracy theorists in the world would spontaneously combust Win win...

26 Scroat 12.11.16 10:50am
Good Night Harold

Remember when this lot of defectors used to come over here and say how shit everything was? I thought I would have a look at their response to the biggest story of the last 10 years and this is what...

5 Bogbrush 11.11.16 9:29pm
Predictions? - 2

It's Hillary's. Surely it's Hillary's. Comfortable win...

57 Ironduke 11.11.16 7:46pm
Al OPecia
Meanwhile, over in Bulgaria...

I think we've got so bogged down with the rise of Trump that we've forgotten what's happening on our own European doorstep so here's a quick breakdown: Socialist-backed candidate Rumen Radev has won...

7 Dick Everyman 10.11.16 2:41pm
According to Trump this isn't happening

1 Al OPecia 10.11.16 1:12pm
Typos for fixing

I'll stick this here, if I may, for flagging of general typos and the like until someone tells me to bugger off....

5 Fles 10.11.16 1:01pm
I fear I have a psychic CD player

I swear this is absolutely true. For reasons I won’t bother explaining, I hadn’t driven my car for a few days until I got into it after work last night. As I walked across the car park towards...

0 Midfield Diamond 10.11.16 10:41am
Midfield Diamond