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Drunken Truebiscuit

[url=]Presumably not CID material[/url]...

0 Midfield Diamond 16.02.17 2:07pm
Midfield Diamond
Government petition - is there a point?

Many will be aware that a recent petition calling for President Trump's upcoming State visit be downgraded. It suggested he should still be allowed to enter the country but not be afforded a State...

10 throngsman 16.02.17 1:33pm
I deleted an entire topic...

because this is a comedy and satire site and someone made a joke about something that no one else thought was funny or deserving of satire and I agreed with them. Let's pretend it never happened and...

23 editor 15.02.17 11:37pm
Comedy standing the test of time

Taking a cue from some of the comments in the 'least funny comedian' thread. what's the oldest comedy material that you still find genuinely belly-laugh funny (as opposed to 'I've read the notes so...

27 cinquecento 15.02.17 10:55pm
Copeland Voters Even More Envious Of Stoke-on-Trent Voters

[quote][/quote] Voters in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by election not only...

0 Titus 15.02.17 8:45am
A Thank-You To NewsBiscuit's Advertisers

[quote] There's quite a few threads on this forum I don't feel inclined to participate in even 'Newsbiscuit advertisers'.[/quote] Well [i]I'm[/i] not so ungrateful. I would like to place on record...

1 Titus 14.02.17 5:08pm
This is great!!

1 Scroat 13.02.17 3:59pm
Creation Of Shadow Labour Party Delayed By Contest For Its Leadership 0 Titus 12.02.17 11:08pm
What's your Brand?

David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Tom Hiddleston, they've all recently damaged their 'brands'. If you could have one what would your special brand be? I'll kick off with Brand Everyman: Single and broke...

7 Dick Everyman 12.02.17 5:39pm

0 Al OPecia 12.02.17 10:27am
Al OPecia
John Bercow Needs To Decide ...

whether he wants to have the freedom, like everyone else, freely and publicly to express his own views on any issue, or to retain his position as the one person in Britain who does [i]not[/i] have...

0 Titus 12.02.17 9:19am
Who is Gilbert?

Been in my local pub all afternoon, watching (with excitement and satisfaction, obviously - the Micks beat the Ities and we beat the Taffs) the Six Nations. So who [i]is[/i] Gilbert?...

3 Titus 11.02.17 10:08pm
Good Brexit / Bad Brexit

"We have to be clear, this isn't Tony Benn Brexit, this is Donald Trump Brexit." Yes, Dianne Abbot actually said that! It brings back the glorious Good Aids/Bad Aids debate of Brass Eye fame....

10 Adrian Bamforth 11.02.17 7:41pm
I'm a male feminist, so I've bought myself a pussy hat

Mind you, I had to mutilate it, so as not to offend the ISIS community...

0 ronseal 11.02.17 3:53pm
All this cognitive dissonance is doing my head in...

We voted Brexit, but it's so wrong. End of. Chump was democratically elected but he's well, the list is so long. Let's just say it would have been good to have a grown-up in the White House. We...

15 Scroat 10.02.17 1:58pm
FA 'May Lose £millions In Government Funding'

Er, why is the governing body of a sport whose leading clubs can pay £millions to buy players and whose players can earn £umpteen thousands a week get [i]any[/i] government funding?...

2 Titus 10.02.17 8:18am

I would like to include photos along with my posts but can't figure out how to make that happen. Any help would be appreciated...

21 David Malcolm Rose 10.02.17 7:52am
Doctor, I still can't get over how shit Newsjack is.

God, comedy is depressing these days. It's like watching Palace. You keep going back with hope, but you end up muttering at the end "never gain" Just listened to the first episode of Newsjack on...

16 ronseal 09.02.17 8:42pm
No Confidence It will be interesting to see how much support,...

0 Titus 09.02.17 7:00pm
Most effective/robust opposition?

The current Opposition seems spectacularly inept. Looking back, when have we had a really robust and effective opposition? Which party leaders or other senior political figures have given a good...

9 Ironduke 09.02.17 6:41pm
NewsBiscuit Advertisers

Where on Earth does NewsBiscuit dredge their ghastly advertisers up from? As a regular reader and occasional contributor, I am ashamed of the fact that the adverts on the home page are a greater...

0 Titus 09.02.17 5:05pm
Top te.... err... six?

Top ten is down to six subs that have the necessary number of ratings to qualify. Come on folks, the site is quite active at the moment, lots of people chipping in on chat, some new writers around,...

9 Spartacus 09.02.17 4:47pm
Carl Maxim

Erstwhile Biscuiteer Carl Maxim has made it into The Grauniad with a tweet about Corbin. Great stuff!!...

2 Scroat 09.02.17 10:47am
How do improv comedians come up with good one-liners on the fly?

I've attended a few improv shows and am amazed how quickly they can come up with clever one-liners. For example at one show they asked audience members to name an animal. One person said lion. Within...

14 Dumbnews 08.02.17 10:53pm
David Malcolm Rose
From the Archives

Not for the first time, I would like to express my gratitude to Our Masters for reprinting some wonderful material 'From the Archives', the latest masterpiece to be resurrected being 'Wife Puts...

0 Titus 08.02.17 2:25pm
I may agree with what he says - but I oppose his right to say it

The speaker of the House of Commons has a number of privileges - and many obligations. He has the privilege of being the spokesman of the House of Commons, and he has the obligation of being...

7 sockpuppet 08.02.17 1:58pm
if you could re-draw the global map from scratch.... would you do it? are 'countries' still a relevant concept, and in a progressive multicultural, multi linguistic society, what does being a country even mean? how do you cater for the clash of...

5 cinquecento 08.02.17 7:37am

Trumpolene sounds like some kind of lotion for soothing your hands after contact with something abrasive or toxic, but I reckon we need a definition for Trumpline. It sounds like it ought to be some...

3 Titus 08.02.17 6:48am
context sensitive NB ads

I'm a bit disappointed that the ads on NB haven't picked up on the constant Trump threads to deliver me some Trump-related offers. Twitter filters, terrorist detectors or the like. I'm still...

8 cinquecento 06.02.17 10:19am
Darth Sidious, anyone ?

I stumbled across this feature on Steve Bannon: a socio/psychopath if I've ever seen one, and holding the strings above Trump:

0 Sinnick 06.02.17 9:57am