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More stand-up from Sean Spicer

Video doesn't work on Internet Explorer (as usual) I'm looking forward to the SNL take on this...

1 Sinnick 08.03.17 9:55am
Career Opportunities in AI

NewsBiscuit is seeking artificial intelligence. To apply, click [url=][u]here[/u][/url]...

0 Naomi 07.03.17 8:35pm
Got some naked pictures from Kate Moss wedding if anyone is interested 14 blacklesbianandproudofit 07.03.17 8:05pm
A moment of panic in Carphone Warehouse

Went in yesterday to get my phone upgraded as it's over two years old. The potential replacement iPhone looked fine and dandy. I asked if all the info from my existing phone would be transferred with...

4 Scroat 07.03.17 5:30pm
I miss The Bogs

quality gags and funny subs,, or, Veni vidi vici...

5 Gerontius 07.03.17 4:22pm
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

I am presently enjoying the advantages of BT's '1572' call management, which enables me to block calls from 'withheld', 'unrecognised' and overseas numbers in addition to numbers on BT's own...

5 Titus 06.03.17 5:50pm
Elderly and Annoyed
Sport Obssession

Why the current obsession with sport, and the pretence that it is beneficial for people's health? What is beneficial is [i]exercise[/i], which may - or may not - include sport. Not everyone is in a...

20 Titus 06.03.17 2:12pm

Unbelievable comments about "these foreigners" in the Lords yesterday. Coming from him, the word 'foreigner' suddenly takes on the weight and power to appall as the N-word or similar. I guess this is...

17 Scroat 06.03.17 11:33am
Paul McCartney delighted as Scouser wins fight against one-footed money-grabber

Sadly not original. I heard it on the radio but thought it was worth repeating on here...

0 Midfield Diamond 06.03.17 10:17am
Midfield Diamond
Colour Supplement

We in the Marketing Department thought it would be nice to brighten up your Sunday mornings with a colour supplement. Unfortunately, our first advertiser, offering genuine Rolex watches instead of...

5 Marketing Department 05.03.17 9:34pm
Staff Announcement
Greetings to everyone in this community - 2

Hi I am new here nice to meet you all :)...

50 Edna 05.03.17 5:39pm
Origins Of Words

A bit of research throws up the fact that the word 'cuntbabble' is a corruption of the old German word 'Kundtbabl' (meaning chatter, frequently about by and about children) which was widely used in...

4 Titus 05.03.17 4:02pm
Could we have a personal limit on entries? - 2

Dear Technical Geniuses, you know our IP addresses, could you stop us (and our sockpuppets) from endlessly posting shite stuff? I'll rephrase that - could you limit us to, say, 3 contributions each...

56 deceangli 04.03.17 10:09am
WR 0 Idiot 03.03.17 3:14pm
Brilliant front page!!!

We've got a tatty Skoda Fabia, a Waitrose and we're fucking overrun by big 4x4s. So this resonates like a tin can being totalled...

2 Scroat 02.03.17 6:34pm

3 Scroat 02.03.17 4:49pm
John McDonnell Ramblings

The Shadow Chancellor, who claims he is not a Marxist, except for when he said "I am a Marxist", has taken to rambling about unnamed traitors within the party causing Labour's current unpopularity,...

1 Adrian Bamforth 02.03.17 4:35pm
Arise Sir Nigel? - 2 31 Scroat 02.03.17 2:51pm
Titus Spotting

Join the latest craze. See if you can guess which contributors are Titus sockpuppets. Hundreds of prizes must be won...

13 221b Baker Street 02.03.17 1:15pm
Dick of the Yard
Peter Kay

I know he's not everybody's cuppa, but really enjoying the repeats of Car Share. Literally laugh-out-loud stuff. The urine sample last week, the dogging episode last night. The pace and timing is...

0 Scroat 02.03.17 9:14am
Why are the Lords so concerned about ...

EU citizens living in the UK, yet apparently indifferent towards UK citizens living in the EU? Reciprocity would seem a fair arrangement, and if the EU offers it I imagine the UK government would...

0 Titus 02.03.17 8:01am
Any astrophysicists out there?

Query 1: if these new planets are 40 light years away, we are seeing them as they were 40 years ago. I get that part, but what if you use an optical telescope, are you effectively getting closer and...

24 Scroat 02.03.17 1:04am
My good God, Dubya is beginning to look like a President.

6 Al OPecia 01.03.17 10:12pm
Top Ten

I always thought that to achieve a place in the top ten a sub had to have a decent number of stars and, critically, a number of comments. That is why, apparently, at quieter times of year (i.e....

8 throngsman 28.02.17 8:39am
Crystal Palace fans trash their own Team Coach - TrueBiscuit

Despite stiff competition, Crystal Palace fans have once again triumphed in a quest to find the most stupid set of supporters in the world. Their victory was sealed on Saturday when they vandalised...

7 Midfield Diamond 27.02.17 3:51pm
Sir Lupus
Apropos to nothing really

I thought that people on here might enjoy this pic

1 Rootin Tootin 27.02.17 2:13pm
Does The Membership Agree?

Does the membership agree that the NewsBiscuit editor is stooping to unwarranted depths in featuring a floating turd, or do you think it's a good idea?...

9 Oh, for Crying Out Loud 27.02.17 12:06pm
By Election predictions and fall-out.

Stoke- Ukip and Copeland- Labour. I cannot see Corbyn surviving if they lose both, he'll be dented if they lose either but will be able to trumpet a hold in Copeland whilst writing off the loss in...

26 Ironduke 26.02.17 5:43pm
I wish Ed Balls were Home Secretary right now.

"Dick and Balls to hold joint Press Conference"...

3 Al OPecia 26.02.17 8:14am
"Remorselessly Incompetent"

This was the striking phrase [i]The Times[/i] used today to describe the beleaguered Jeremy Corbyn. But is the relentless belittling of the Labour party's leader healthy for democracy? With a...

6 Titus 25.02.17 10:47pm