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Call for writers on new BBC 2 pilot - 2

We are making a pilot for a new satire show for BBC 2 called ‘Unspun’. It will be a mix of political guests, jokes and special features. We’re looking for people to join us making the show;...

56 17.09.16 8:18am
Didn't we have that 'man vaguely remembers bloke' story a few weeks ago? 7 Jodster 16.09.16 7:37am
Love the archive item

"US Republicans disband after voters still don’t get the joke" Well, who's laughing now ?...

1 Sinnick 15.09.16 9:35am
Looks Like The Tickers Are Stuck Again

Is this due to threats from Daesh, caused by Global Warming or yet another consequence of Brexit?...

11 Titus 14.09.16 4:54pm
Will Now Cameron Become Middle East Peace Envoy, Or Just Give £100K Speeches?

3 Titus 14.09.16 11:30am
I've got a new passport

It had a yellow sticky label on the last page, which I was instructed to remove. Under this is a small RFID component, which I'm guessing was used during production of the passport. So when I...

3 Scroat 14.09.16 10:48am
Environmental Consultant: Can anyone help?

A friend of mine has had a massive oops moment with their house oil tank and would like to talk to a friendly doesn't-charge-a-huge-amount-in-fees environmental consultant. I know it's a bit cheeky...

10 shitsu_tonka 13.09.16 7:47pm
Where the Hell is Dun when we have a day like today?

I had my stick ready and everything...

0 Al OPecia 13.09.16 5:45pm
Al OPecia
Packers and Movers

The original post here has now been carefully packed and moved to the correct forum ...

0 sockpuppet 13.09.16 8:22am
So - Grammars and Faith Schools

What a great way to heal the rifts in society and make Britain "One Nation". Back to "Divide and Rule"...

14 Al OPecia 12.09.16 2:18pm
Last night of the Proms

I already get a bit uncomfortable about this, but there has been talk of it being taken over by Brexiteers and used as an anti-Europe (aka Fascist) platform. Much every other year in other words....

13 Scroat 11.09.16 8:36am
Al OPecia
As you were 1 Major Tom 10.09.16 9:11am
An amusing true story from school

Partly to distract everyone from the education debate in the other room, here is an absolutely genuine story from school. During the interview process for a new Reception Class teacher (ages 4-5)...

2 Midfield Diamond 09.09.16 10:06pm
Adrian Bamforth
MPs' behaviour

Naturally enough, misbehaviour (of any kind) by public figures such as MPs tends to attract headlines. And it is perhaps not unreasonable for voters to expect higher-than-average standards of...

20 Titus 09.09.16 8:56pm
Is Titus-Sockpuppet a Medical Marvel?

The world's first recorded case of multiple-personality disorder where all of the personalities are exactly the same?...

1 Al OPecia 09.09.16 1:48pm
BBC sitcom reboots

To mark the anniversary of Hancock's Half Hour, the Beeb has done one-off remakes of some well known past sitcoms. Anyone seen these? I stumbled across Porridge, which has the original writing team,...

9 cinquecento 07.09.16 10:39am
Rootin Tootin
Hats off to Keith Vaz

For reviving the tradition of silly-season Westminster sex scandals. Years ago they were cropping up all the timeHarvey Proctor, Alan Amos, Ron Daviesif you threw a net into Hampstead Heath any night...

2 sydalg 06.09.16 8:57pm
Sir Lupus
Karimov joke

He's not generally a very funny subject - in fact the reverse - but just thought i would share this that i saw somewhere on social media: uncertainty over the health of the President of Uzbekistan...

5 Sir Lupus 04.09.16 10:29pm

Slow news day in Grimsby This is better than...

6 andyiong 04.09.16 10:05pm
Prime Mover
New Olympic Sport?

What sport should be added? Of COURSE - why didn't we observe this before? FLOUNCING! Should there be different categories: lightweight / middleweight / Waylandsmithy-class? Or should it be...

2 Titus 04.09.16 9:02am
No new FP several days ago.

Fer Chrissakes...

3 Al OPecia 04.09.16 9:01am
Wrong forum 0 Titus 03.09.16 10:03pm
Alright? How's it going?

I've been away for a (non-flouncey) few months and wondered what's been happening? Things seemed to be on the up after the site upgrade and new look and WOTM revamp etc. Has it all been going...

17 SimonJJames 02.09.16 8:17pm
'Dogs Carrying Ticks' - just needs pic of a dog with Nike running shoe in mouth 1 Titus 02.09.16 12:46pm
Sign o'the times

[url=]Squudge Tweet - jihadi pigeon rocks[/url]...

2 Squudge 31.08.16 10:39am
FIFA 17 Can Be Easy When Using These Tips

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0 rsmarks 31.08.16 8:01am
Excellent Tips To Help You Get Up To Date On Maplestory Cheat Codes

The world of gaming offers something for everyone. There are Maplestory 2 specifically geared towards preschoolers as well as adults. Review the piece that follows to gain additional knowledge about...

0 rsmarks 31.08.16 7:59am
Wasps' Picnic

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the resurrection of this delightful, brilliant story. Thank you!...

0 Titus 28.08.16 8:47pm
Super video and a paper demonstrating that betting against climate change is irrational:...

9 Al OPecia 28.08.16 2:11pm
Scilly Isles

Anyone been? Are the pubs any good? Any recommendations?...

7 Scroat 27.08.16 11:53pm