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Tinker Tailor Corbyn Spy. 0 ron cawleyoni 15.02.18 1:14pm
ron cawleyoni
Radio Four at its best Also

0 Titus 15.02.18 10:16am
Br*xit - 2

Just a thought. If politicians are allowed to do U-turns, why not the electorate? It’s only fair, surely? Discuss...

51 Scroat 14.02.18 10:54pm
Your favorite satire sites?

Besides Onion and this site, what else do people read ? I am a fan of which parodies clickbait. I also read which parodies women issues. I mainly follow all this on...

21 Dumbnews 14.02.18 10:40am
The All New Jeni B
Well-Known NB Writer Wishes To Dissociate Himself From Similar-Sounding Charity 1 Titus 14.02.18 9:11am
A new thread - 'Great Lies of Our time'

Inspired by this: Nominations invited. Not really looking for the standard classics like 'I did not have sex with that woman'. More the everyday...

9 Titus 13.02.18 5:09pm
Social media site changes name to WrinkleFacebook as over 55s useage increases.

oops wrong room...

4 ron cawleyoni 13.02.18 5:03pm
Wrong room .. but hello from Bangkok anyway 12 cinquecento 13.02.18 2:30am
Nice Quote

on BBC Radio Four earlier this evening: 'There are two secrets for success in business - (1) never tell people everything you know.'...

0 Titus 12.02.18 7:55pm
Moronic Policeman Not Prosecuted, Sacked Or Even Disciplined Yet - Why Not?

Who was the stupid senior police officer who explicitly said, in a public statement, that evidence (offered by lying fantasist pervert 'Nick') was (not 'could be', or 'might be', or 'should be...

24 Titus 11.02.18 11:53pm
Truebiscuit: Woman forced to flush emotional support hamster down airline toilet

shouldn't laugh, but ...

9 Oxbridge 11.02.18 6:26pm
European Court reaches its verdict on referendum

(moved from writers room)...

2 Benvoleo 10.02.18 11:39pm
Al OPecia
Why do advertisers think NewsBiscuit contributors want to meet

Russian / Eastern European ladies? Reminds me of this Little Britain sketch -

5 farmer giles 10.02.18 5:36pm
Wrong room (every bloody time), so ... how long for May?

And, kicked out, resigns, or forces a vote after fortifying her position?...

20 Benvoleo 10.02.18 2:49pm
Tinker Bell
Poetry In Motion

I post [u][url=]this[/url][/u] for those who remember when we laboured to please each other, and for those of later generations who wonder why they get...

0 Arthur 10.02.18 1:41pm
Headline News in Titusville

3 Tit-Bits 09.02.18 3:46pm
Had this rejected by French satire site 'le Gorafi'

Thought it might be fun for any French learners, and I just wanted to show off. Dossier d’inscription du « repas gastronomique des Français » sur la liste du patrimoine culturel immatériel...

8 Benvoleo 09.02.18 7:39am
Dick Everyman
She looks quite fit, and definitely has a better haircut.

3 Titus 08.02.18 3:35pm
Craft Of Comedy

Well worth a look

1 Wrexfan 08.02.18 3:21pm
The NewsBiscuit Exchange - 23

It occurs to me that NB contributors have loads of junk they’d like to offload and so I suggest this thread, in lieu of expensive psychotherapy. With luck, it could go some way to replace the void...

84 Arthur 08.02.18 2:41pm
Jeff Glovsky
Anyone else had Windows 10 screwed up today?

Computer was running like a dog this morning, rebooted (can't beat IT department's stock suggestion) only to find start button doesn't work, so no access to metro tiles, and taskbar not hiwing what,...

11 throngsman 07.02.18 7:34pm
Reverse engineering The Onion through crowd sourcing?

I wrote a script to download all the headlines from the Onion. You can browse them here: Is there any interest in trying to reverse...

1 Dumbnews 07.02.18 6:28pm
IT Department
BBC Weather Forecast Crap

Are other correspondents as pissed-off with the stupid new-look BBC on-line weather forecast as I am? Who though that the space-waste of a graphical...

11 Titus 07.02.18 11:50am
Two SpaceX Passengers Around The Moon Not Yet named

A suggestion is that one of them might be the 'Rocket Man' himself, N Korea's Kim Jong-un, paid for by the US government, simply to get him out of the way and to stop making problems for a while....

0 Titus 06.02.18 3:45pm

If anyone is interested: there's nothing on the website or social media just yet, but I have it on good authority that Newsjack will be returning to BBC 4 Extra for its 18th series in early February....

25 dominic_mcg 06.02.18 12:32am
farmer giles
TrueBiscuit: Real life detectorists

[url=]The sort of thing that would have happened in the show[/url]...

3 Not Amused 05.02.18 7:16pm
The European Union

A question for all you enthEUsiasts: do you support the EU because it is one more small step on the path towards greater international peace, understanding, universal free trade, prosperity and...

9 Titus 05.02.18 6:52pm
Six Nations

Am suffering from plague at the moment and am housebound, so therefore missed seeing Wales piss all over Scotland and the excitement of Ireland [i]just[/i] beating France. I hope I will have the...

7 Titus 04.02.18 9:40pm
Very sad, but as predicted some time ago

4 Al OPecia 03.02.18 11:28pm
WOTM Competition Jan 2018

Happy New Year, and here we go again. Links to the successful subs so far this month can be found at the [url=]blog[/url]....

26 throngsman 03.02.18 4:05pm