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Happy voting and if u vote out do it in INK not the pencil they supply

plenty warnings online to vote in ink. they heard people like al might be counting them? lol...

20 Dun Dunkin 23.06.16 9:51pm
Well, I voted. And of course I voted for the safe, sensible, intelligent option

which I am sure everyone here will agree, was the correct thing to do. I was reassured to see that the polling station was well protected by a contingent of UKIP stormtroopers and UKIP Youth, who...

2 Titus 23.06.16 2:46pm
Gary Baldy
If you're undecided, why vote? It's not compulsory.

Would be a shame if the vote of someone who had done a lot of research, given it a lot of thought and who passionately supported one side was swamped by two votes from a couple of people who either...

27 Titus 23.06.16 2:37pm
Most dont know what they voting for.

The EU project is about creating a single superstate with a single government. if you dont want that its dishonest to vote for it...

0 Dun Dunkin 23.06.16 2:22pm
Dun Dunkin
Can anyone find the thread where we made predictions about the referendum outcom

Be interesting to check back and compare, and what's the thoughts now?...

0 Ironduke 23.06.16 8:18am
I wonder if the Glastonbury folk remembered their postal vote?

Possibly 200,000 non-votes right there...

4 Wrenfoe 23.06.16 6:30am
Don't know if this is true

Just seen a tweet supposedly from Gove stating that if we stay in the EU he'll leave parliament. That should be given much wider publicity...

10 throngsman 23.06.16 1:52am
How low can you go

David Cameron ‘used Jo Cox’s death’ to campaign for Remain tut.tut....

1 Dun Dunkin 22.06.16 6:39pm
Ref Minor
Let's talk about the weather

A front-page article in today’s Daily Telegraph quotes a YouGov source saying that rain forecast for polling day will reduce turnout and that, because leave voters are more determined, it will go...

2 Opinion Poll 22.06.16 5:30pm
Disappointed Woman wakes up to massive python and we've got nothing to say about it? That's what's wrong with this place, too blody sophisticated...

0 deceangli 22.06.16 5:24pm

(I posted in wrong room again so may as well start a topic..) Everyone has strong opinions about the referendum, but how many here are actually placing a bet? The bookies are still calling Remain...

5 cinquecento 22.06.16 3:01pm
Dun Dunkin
3 good reasons to stay in EU asks Queen. No one could answer.

maybe because they couldn't lie to her like they do to the public...

2 Dun Dunkin 22.06.16 2:54pm
A sense of humour goes with a sense of perspective,which the PC police lack

twitter post by John Cleese ‏@JohnCleese is he right?...

9 Dun Dunkin 22.06.16 11:44am
CO2 heresy latest- Climate is due to earth tilt - 2

"The orbit-climate connection squarely puts Earth's climate into the context of the fluctuating gravitational field of the solar system. The planets wandering across the heavens may not control our...

31 Dun Dunkin 22.06.16 7:37am
Al OPecia
more real EU facts- 4 million homeless people in Europe.

"Europe cities include rising housing and utility prices, a shortage of social housing and a rise in the number of homeless people. A 2012 EU survey of 79 European cities revealed that more than half...

3 Dun Dunkin 22.06.16 7:14am
Al OPecia
only 2 EU countries have lower unemployment than UK.

21 million EU unemployed looking for work. There is and can never be an upper limit to migration to uk from EU...

2 Dun Dunkin 21.06.16 5:41pm
Quickly Removal Packers and Movers in Pune in Possessions

Packed and moved by Admin movers and packers...

7 manish12t 21.06.16 5:37pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Superb put down of a bigot!


5 Dick Everyman 21.06.16 3:16pm
Super stuff

4 Al OPecia 21.06.16 2:30pm
If this EU vote was to JOIN rather than STAY or GO.... - 2

Would your vote be any different?...

31 Gerontius 21.06.16 11:51am
John Cleese on Twitter is being hassled by the pc brigade

got to love this knob "@JohnCleese some call it PC, rest of us call it social awareness, aspect of privilege is never needing to bother learning social skills" it got 22 hearts maybe the pcers...

0 Dun Dunkin 21.06.16 11:07am
Dun Dunkin
Packers & movers complain of spam about some referendum disrupting their threads

More packing and moving and less referendumming soon. (Hmm - scope for a possible story about referendumbing-down?)...

1 sockpuppet 21.06.16 7:51am
EU promise to stop moving jobs out of UK with EU grants or maybe not.

Cadbury to Poland 2011 with Eu grant, Ford to Turkey 2013 with Eu grant, Peugeot to Slovakia, Uk tanks and trains to Spain with Swedish steel with EU grant so after 41 glorious years of EU...

6 Dun Dunkin 21.06.16 7:02am
We don't have a world government

This country - like others - enjoys good trade (and cultural and social) relationships with most other countries around the globe. We - and just about every other country - also enjoy the benefits...

0 sockpuppet 20.06.16 10:04pm
Brexit would lead to climate change

Which is, of course, nonsense. We all know that climate change is entirely due to racism. But far be it from me to try to stir things...

2 sockpuppet 20.06.16 11:36am
the politicisation of a death - 2

funny how the in campaign before the body was cold was quick to make out anyone who wants out is liklely to be a deranged killer. the in campaign is sick...

32 Dun Dunkin 20.06.16 10:26am
soz, WR, move along.. 0 cinquecento 20.06.16 9:21am

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

11 bonjonelson 18.06.16 6:21pm
At the risk of sounding a pompous grammar nazi, shouldn't it be Len's Stadium

I know there are terrible things going on in the world, but I think apostrophes in the wrong place are still massively important. Not least because they give me a chance to assert myself over someone...

6 ronseal 18.06.16 5:30pm
Just received yet another of the regular death threats from ...

the TV licencing authority, for the vicious crime of not owning a television. Does anyone know: will these threats stop when I reach the age of 75? Odds are, they will have abolished TV licences by...

5 Titus 17.06.16 2:22pm