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Which would be worse: to live in the US under Trump, or the UK under Corbyn? 26 Titus 01.02.17 3:30pm
Are 'Populist Gestures' relevant or not?

Petition against Trump's State visit [quote]PM Theresa May announced the visit during her recent US trip. Downing Street has rejected calls for it to be cancelled as a "populist gesture".[/quote]...

24 Dick Everyman 31.01.17 10:08pm
Vegan wine and beer

Some friends have gone vegan for January. No, I don't know why either. But as we're going for supper on Saturday, what do we take in the way of wine and/or beer? I suppose the upside is that it...

6 Scroat 31.01.17 12:46pm
Keeping those dangerous (ie poor) Muslims out.

So Mr Trump has banned Muslims from 7 countries entering the US., 7 war torn and economically decimated countries, not the friendly (rich) ones and all in the name of national security. I checked...

19 MADJEZ 31.01.17 11:16am
editors/NAL alert: archive and FP mix up today?

Today's FP "Boris declares he's supporting Boris" or whatever should shurely be the archive story? i think there was another, genuinely topical, FP earlier but now it's vanished...

1 Sir Lupus 30.01.17 3:04pm
Nice Admin Lady
Where is the international condemnation? - 2

Now that Trump has stated overtly, as US President, that they should practice torture. I'm not naïve, just because states officially condemn torture and most publicly denounce it, I accept it...

35 throngsman 29.01.17 2:55pm
Al OPecia
The Rejected Newsjack Submission Amnesty Thread - 2

After getting close to being included last week, here's my latest unused sketch. I couldn't easily find a punchy ending for this one. Feel free to add your own: NISH:, It's been a busy week for...

46 Adrian Bamforth 29.01.17 11:51am
If you were about to give evidence against the mob which would be safest ?

Witness protectionor winner of The Voice...

0 Gerontius 28.01.17 9:24am
Gonna Have to Serve Somebody...

You may call me Slocombe, You may call me May, You may call me Cru-ella, You may call me Tresemmé, You can call me anything, I won't take the hump, Just so long as I don't have to meet, That...

0 Scroat 27.01.17 11:32am
Dead Pool 2017 - 2

Time to start a new one, with all due thanks to The All New Jenni B whom I recall from earlier times as Jenni B. The old one is getting bloated (not you Jenni!) and should be archived. Here's my...

36 Iscariot 26.01.17 3:43pm
Is it just me or is La La Land just, well, quite good. But not life-changing.

I sat through the whole thing waiting for the moment when the amazing thing happens, but it didn't. Don't get me wrong, Mrs O'Pecia and myself thoroughly enjoyed it, but well, y'know what I mean? ...

10 Al OPecia 26.01.17 2:16pm
Midfield Diamond
UKIP's Suzanne Evans

Have you ever seen her in the same room as Piers Morgan? There...

3 Scroat 26.01.17 1:36pm
Dick Everyman
Anger, shame, guilt - the effects of painful sex - is it news?

[url=]Painful Sex[/url] This 'story' has been on the front page of the BBC website for past few days - is it news? I'm wondering how big an issue this...

2 Dick Everyman 26.01.17 11:11am
Dick Everyman
I see the Trump Administration is in full climate "Bearing False Witness" mode.

Dun must be ecstatic - anyone seen him lately?...

1 Al OPecia 26.01.17 10:07am
About Fishface Trump

There's a sub waiting to be written about the remarkable resemblance between the mouth of our beloved new president and that of a lamprey. For the benefit of the non-fishermen here, the lamprey is...

4 Renrag 25.01.17 2:54pm
Desert Island Discs at 75: David Beckham is anniversary show castaway

Apart from 'Wheels On The Bus' - which 2 year old Brooklyn taught him - what else will be on the Beckham playlist?...

1 Gerontius 24.01.17 7:54am
Dick Everyman
Wrong Room (I make this No. 3. Are you counting, Al?) 0 Titus 23.01.17 5:31pm
First WR of 2017 - expect plenty more 1 throngsman 23.01.17 4:35pm
Wrong room.. 0 Dick Everyman 22.01.17 11:08pm
Dick Everyman
Surprise Party?

Chaps, I just spend a couple of hours counting his submissions and I reckon that his next new post will be Titus' 10,000th. Surely there should be some recognition of this achievement? What can we...

21 Bogbrush 22.01.17 2:47pm
Al OPecia
Non-alcoholic wine

A somewhat random question, but anyone got any recommendations of a good non-alcoholic wine?, I don't drink alcohol, haven't done for 3 years or so (medical reasons I won't bore you with here). I've...

15 chrisf 22.01.17 2:22pm
Today's Protests At Trump's Inauguration Demonstrate Exactly Why He Was Elected

Like a lot of people, I was surprised, concerned and dismayed to learn of Trump's victory in the US presidential contest. But in America, many people were also baffled. [i]Why[/i] would anyone vote...

26 Titus 21.01.17 10:53pm
Sir Lupus
Laws of the Amazon?

I used to sell occasionally on Amazon so I thought I'd renew my account. This email came through after my re-registration and, after contacting them, I found out it wasn't a phishing scam! I'm...

9 Dick Everyman 21.01.17 8:49pm
When a bum bag just won't work... I'm really impressed how this guy squeezed Sadiq Kahn into the front of...

0 Dick Everyman 21.01.17 5:07pm
Dick Everyman
Slow Progress With Left-Handed Snail Sex This story is so good that it almost stands on its own as a TrueBiscuit, and I am posting it in this forum because, to my shame, I can't make up...

7 Titus 21.01.17 1:49pm
Religion in the inauguration

I've never watched one before, but I was struck by just how much religion was involved in the inauguration ceremony for a country where church and state are ostensibly separated. Is it always like...

2 cinquecento 21.01.17 1:00pm
'Un-Nuanced Language' - what a glorious phrase!

As used by an American commentator this morning, referring to Trumps inauguration speech...

0 Titus 21.01.17 8:48am
Lee Harvey Oswald

Your country needs you...

0 Scroat 20.01.17 10:37pm
Dry January? #TryJanuary #Ginuary

Last year the UK drinks industry lost 10% year-on-year in January. That's a big chunk for a big part of the UK economy. (BTW the [i]wine[/i] industry alone directly and indirectly employs 1 in 7...

8 beau-jolly 20.01.17 8:29pm
'World past Peak Satire? ...' Who wrote that ticker? Wonderful phrase! 0 Titus 20.01.17 12:41pm