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I rang the Samaritans tonight

They were not very helpful...

13 Scroat 18.04.17 7:45pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Trump: We all know where this is going don't we?

Trump looses off an missile attack on Syria and everyone says "well done". So he then drops a mother fucker of a bomb on ISIS and everyone says "good chap". If he wants his popularity rating to get...

10 beau-jolly 18.04.17 12:19pm
Armageddon Lottery

Reference and, _ _ _ (1) Suggest a suitable prize for the winner. (2) Choose a date. I have...

6 Titus 17.04.17 9:37pm
Bugger it. I blame Throngsman... 5 Dick Everyman 13.04.17 2:36pm
Dear Real World

I wish to register a formal complaint regarding your recent behaviour. I speak on behalf myself and others who enjoy trying to write satire. As you will know, this usually involves picking a...

0 Titus 13.04.17 1:22pm
Duplicated Post

Bolosck. I blame Throngsman for this as well. Obviously. (But at least I managed to duplicate it in the right forum.)...

0 Titus 13.04.17 1:22pm
I'm probably going to regret this... - 2

Longer term contributors will remember the institution known as the Writer of the Month Competition. I was quite excited when I started writing on here about three years ago, coveting the...

56 throngsman 13.04.17 11:08am
Line of Duty not even nominated by BAFTA for best drama?!

Hard to believe but their judges must be even worse than yours...

2 blacklesbianandproudofit 13.04.17 8:30am
oh hell, I blame throngsman 2 cinquecento 11.04.17 4:24pm
Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water...

[url=]Jaws soundtrack please[/url]

10 Dick Everyman 11.04.17 12:29pm
Bugger 0 throngsman 11.04.17 12:21pm
Dun it again 0 throngsman 11.04.17 8:50am
Cheers to whoever edited my Croydon gang thing yesterday!

I like what you did., Funnily enough, I was away from my keyboard most of the day, shaking a bucket in a train station., Then I went and got trollied afterwards. Which looked bad, as it made it...

5 ronseal 10.04.17 2:45pm
Open season

Hi All, Having scored nary a "hat-tip" last month, let alone a ticker, I'd be grateful for feedback on some of my ticker attempts last month, none of which were successful so my judgement is clearly...

8 Al OPecia 08.04.17 2:00pm
I never would have had Paul Burrell down as gay - was anyone else surprised? - 2

I'm no bigot (terms and conditions apply - no human emerges from the womb as the perfect liberal, and we are all a work in progress learning to deal with our irrational fears) but I never would have...

45 ronseal 08.04.17 10:13am
Trump action against Syria = stab at popularity or humanitarian concern? 14 Dick Everyman 07.04.17 2:18pm
Could Disneyland be seen as an educational destination for a term-time holiday?

Surely kids could learn about stuff like the difference between rank commercialism and art, dead end careers in the entertainment industry and that it is sometimes okay for adults to dress up as...

7 Dick Everyman 07.04.17 12:27pm
Stretch for Health and Fitness

Women have a major influence on the overall health of all the members in a family. This is true whether the woman works inside or outside the home. In most households, women are the key decision...

0 adam2525 07.04.17 6:01am

Despite being a low-profile, tolerant Atheist I am also enough of a traditionalist to think it regrettable that the National Trust / Cadbury's failed to include Easter in the title of their egg hunt....

14 Titus 05.04.17 3:27pm
Cracking 'from the Archives' today

Just saying...

2 throngsman 05.04.17 1:16pm
Des Custard
Moyes to get slapped in the morning

Why didn't I think of that?!, Leicester fans were apparently singing it last night...

0 Midfield Diamond 05.04.17 8:47am
Midfield Diamond

So will every sub (apart from mine) automatically go to the ticker., Not sure there's enough quality to warrent that many...

2 MADJEZ 05.04.17 8:34am
I thought Titus' was older than that...

5 Al OPecia 04.04.17 11:35am
Taking the piss...

She did it in Scottish sand dunes [url=]When ya gotta go[/url] Trump preferred a Russian hotel room [url=http://www.mirror...

1 Dick Everyman 04.04.17 8:33am
The Tony Hart Memorial Dead Again Pool

Dedicated to those celebs who have just died again. I give you Leslie Nielsen:...

15 Al OPecia 03.04.17 10:22pm
Al OPecia
Wrong room 0 throngsman 03.04.17 8:36pm
[Wrong forum - bollosck. Might re-use this slot later.] 2 Titus 03.04.17 6:08pm
Congratulations to the Ed team

on the 'FINALLY ACCEPTED YOUR NOBEL PRIZE? NOW WRITE FOR NEWSBISCUIT ticker. Amazed no-one else has picked up this story yet. How many roads does a man have to refuse to walk down, before anyone...

1 Titus 02.04.17 7:16pm
True or False ?

Having embarrassed myself on another thread, what's the verdict on this ? It was published...

6 Sinnick 02.04.17 10:54am
Newsbiscuit downtime

Some of you may have noticed that newsbiscuit was out of action a couple of times on Friday. This was caused by the usual spate of denial of service attacks that happen fairly regularly and...

7 TechGuy 01.04.17 1:04pm
Mandy Lifeboat