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Wrong room sorry 0 Wrexfan 23.05.16 9:19am
NB Correspondent Confesses To Tax Avoidance Shame

OK I confess! Sob. I have over £50,000 invested in ISAs, on which I pay no tax and which I have never declared to HMRC. I have moved house four times, and made a massive tax-free capital gain...

14 sockpuppet 22.05.16 4:38pm
Al OPecia
Looks like the stuckers are tick again.

This is a recorded announcement ...

3 Titus 21.05.16 10:02pm
I love the sentiment

Expressed by Eurostar that travellers are 'cautious about terrorism'. Whereas anyone scheduled to fly to Egypt on holiday anytime soon are probably 'cautiously shitting themselves'. What a nice way...

6 throngsman 21.05.16 4:07pm
Cup Final

They tell me there is a football cup final coming up. I thought Leicester United had already won this recently? I think there was something about it in the newspapers ...

0 Titus 21.05.16 8:05am
2 bonjonelson 20.05.16 7:16pm
Friendly EU 'Don' Junkers says Uk will treated like 'deserters' if Brexit

new eu anthem,

0 Dun Dunkin 20.05.16 2:36pm
Dun Dunkin
Watching Family Guy thinking Lois is pretty hot...I know it's not just me... - 2 52 Pabst Blue Ribbon 20.05.16 10:31am
Who stole the heat?

they seek it here they seek it there they seek the heat everywhere

11 Dun Dunkin 19.05.16 8:53pm
Al OPecia
the Co2 'Altar call'

John Houghton who calls himself an evangelical and basically set the co2 bandwagon rolling see his mission as bringing people to see Jesus in the world tending the garden and living by the bible....

7 Dun Dunkin 18.05.16 2:52pm
What's wrong with me? - 2

I’m 44 years old with a wi-fi and 2 kids, a decent job with a reasonable salary, a nice house, a reliable car, a bag for life and a B&Q club card. On paper, a fairly average sort of chap...

39 Robopop 17.05.16 6:15pm
Al OPecia
Move along now 0 throngsman 17.05.16 4:25pm
Its about arousal

"Introverts, it turns out, are more likely to get annoyed at both typos and grammos"

6 Dun Dunkin 17.05.16 2:55pm
settled science

2 Dun Dunkin 17.05.16 8:06am
This is illuminating.

28 Al OPecia 17.05.16 6:42am
Why Osborne?

Who, apart from Osborne himself (and, possibly, Cameron) thinks George Osborne deserves to be the next Prime Minister? Admittedly, the office most frequently held beforehand by many prime ministers...

13 sockpuppet 16.05.16 8:30pm
Super headline.

Headline on BBC news website: "Man Utd fake bomb 'devastating mistake'" - I'm not sure that's quite what they mean...

0 Al OPecia 16.05.16 7:48pm
Al OPecia
Poor dress sense

Compared with most other mad fascist dictators (or even with his own senior military officers) Adolf Hitler seemed to lack style in his mode of dress, often choosing dowdy, crumpled, cheap-looking...

0 sockpuppet 16.05.16 8:27am
Boris seems to be nailing his balls to Leave

which makes things more interesting. Previously he seemed to be positioning such that defeat would not destroy him, by declining to be the Leader particularly but now he seems to be far more...

10 Ironduke 15.05.16 7:01pm
What do vets use?

Not trying to make a point - just asking, out of curiosity. They seem to be able to dispatch all sorts of animals swiftly and painlessly...

11 Titus 15.05.16 11:07am
'You Couldn't Make It Up': I Don't Need To - Can't - Add Anything To This: and

0 Titus 14.05.16 9:16pm
I never learn to check 1 throngsman 14.05.16 9:05pm
If It's Close ...

Will Brexit enthusiasts be more anxious to continue their campaign if they narrowly lose the referendum, than Remainians will be to block or even reverse the decision if there is a narrow margin in...

11 Titus 14.05.16 12:28pm
Junior doctors talks extended

Hunt, J. has received a memo requiring him to get this wrapped up prontono bad press around the referendum build up...

0 Ironduke 13.05.16 10:16pm
Cameron Completely Wrong-Footed By Dignified Response From Muhammadu Buhari

Posted here because it's a TrueBiscit - not particularly funny, but noteworthy. Muhammadu Buhari's calm, dignified, courteous, positive and constructive response to childish, un-diplomatic...

4 Titus 13.05.16 9:27pm
Sir Lupus
Truebiscuit : HM Queen wins £50 Tesco gift voucher

Every little helps, I suppose

6 deceangli 13.05.16 9:24pm
Thread to Let. Enquire Within.

[space to let until I have a use for it, following transfer of post from wrong forum.]...

2 Titus 13.05.16 8:18pm
‘I Love Digong Even Though He Is Distantly Related to Mexicans’

New York. In a recent “make-up nice” interview with Megyn Kelly Donald Trump (AKA the Chump AKA TC) observed, “I mean you’ve got to admire a man who can publicly say, ‘Pope, son of a whore,...

7 lewtuck43 12.05.16 11:03am
Truebiscuit: China bans erotic banana-eating videos

4 Oxbridge 11.05.16 12:48pm

Bollosck - wrong forum ...

5 Titus 11.05.16 12:37pm