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Second contributor in humour failure.

More expected soon...

1 The All New Jeni B 17.12.16 7:55pm
Preview feature when submitting posts?

Is there scope for a preview feature when submitting posts? ie, so you can see what it looks like before actually submitting? Okay, posts can be edited if, for example, there's an error using the...

1 malgor 17.12.16 7:52pm
Stick Tuckers

Looks like the stuckers are tick again...

1 Titus 15.12.16 9:51pm
Never put your daughter on the stage...

I thought I'd dip my toes into the murky pool of stand-up comedy. This is what a cobbled together last night I have no plans to...

26 Wrenfoe 15.12.16 4:27pm
S J Roe
Christmas Problem Page

Dear Aunty NewsBiscuit Delivered with my milk this morning there was a Christmas card signed by 'Gary - your milkman'. I have never met Gary because he delivers the milk at about 3:00am when most...

5 Titus 15.12.16 3:12pm
Leadership Poll

Who would you rather have / have had as your national leader: Trump or Castro?...

20 Titus 15.12.16 1:48pm
Festive gripe #3

Piped music in Tesco. In fact, piped music anywhere. Especially bagpiped music come Mahogany...

5 Scroat 15.12.16 1:43pm
Labour and Southern Trains

As the official political voice of the trade union movement, has the Labour Party made any formal statement about the present disruption to rail travel?...

9 Titus 14.12.16 10:28pm
Daily email ...

I'd be grateful if someone could direct me to where I can register for the daily email. I used to receive this, but for reasons unknown, to me at any rate, I am no longer finding these little nuggets...

2 Phat Tone 14.12.16 6:19pm
The David Nobbs Memorial Trust Comedy Writing Competition

The £500 prize isn't great but could get you through a few doors: The David Nobbs Memorial Trust has been established by comedy producers, performers and people who knew and loved David, with the...

0 Adrian Bamforth 14.12.16 5:55pm
Adrian Bamforth
Festive gripe #2

Smug round robin letters that come with Christmas cards. Some are useful as they have important info about family developments. But most are so self-satisfied it's just not true. One from a 'friend'...

4 Scroat 13.12.16 5:51pm
Festive gripe #1

Perfume adverts in the run up to Christmas, starting about September. Inane, pretentious rubbish. As a copywriter, they have me shouting at the telly every time I see one...

11 Scroat 13.12.16 3:22pm
Quelle suprise UK Boards appear to be more focussed on maximising short term dividends than long term innovation and growth. British Industry is clearly investing to...

4 Al OPecia 12.12.16 8:20am
Al OPecia
Snobbery List - 234

ADD YOUR SELECTIONS TO THE LIST. AND BOOT SOMEONE ELSE'S. Kate Bush has new live album out and I’m firmly of the opinion that if you don’t ‘get’ Kate you’re a soulless Luddite. ...

102 Wrenfoe 12.12.16 7:49am
Nice FP story Throngo

Just saying...

8 Scroat 11.12.16 10:16pm
Too Much Trouble

I've been here for a while now, and although I'm usually busy with other things I try to visit the Biscuit frequently - occasionally to write but more often to support fellow writers by awarding...

13 Paddy Berzinski 09.12.16 9:24am
Remainians May Not Have Thought Through This Court Appeal

The appeal to the high court demanding that Parliament, not just the government, should discuss the terms of Britain's withdrawal from the EU, may (if successful) have different consequences to those...

22 Titus 08.12.16 8:56pm
Cry me a river

Some great stuff here from a Scottish website about how to take advantage of people struggling to pay their mortgage. Of course if you were an MP who did something despicable like this and as a...

0 Bogbrush 08.12.16 7:13pm
Top Ten

Once again we have a Top Ten which is completely absent of female contributors and members of any race apart from middle class, middle aged white men. Surely it is about time someone else was given...

7 Bogbrush 08.12.16 6:59pm
Supreme Court Commentary

I understand that the Supreme Court's consideration of the constitutional process for Brexit is being televised. Is some footie fan here going to write a spoof soccer-style anticipated commentary,...

8 Titus 08.12.16 4:46pm
Which is more likely in Sleaford ...

UKIP to win, or Labour to lose their deposit? Any other wild forecasts?...

6 Titus 07.12.16 12:40pm
This is a fab story So is Trump suggesting that climate change only affects Ireland?...

2 Al OPecia 06.12.16 11:05pm
Biscuit News

2 Sinnick 06.12.16 7:08pm
Trump trumped by Obama over Taiwan?

[url=]Click here [/url] to put Trump's 'phone call to Taiwan into perspective ;0)...

17 Dick Everyman 06.12.16 7:53am
Dick Everyman
One for Titus

I really shouldn't provoke him but I couldn't resist., [url=]Explains a lot[/url]...

0 Midfield Diamond 05.12.16 8:07pm
Midfield Diamond
Tweet epiphany

Evening all. How's my driving? link to the screendump to save eyestrain:...

2 Squudge 05.12.16 9:09am
Zaphod Beeblebrox is alive & well & running as Republican presidential candidate 3 Titus 04.12.16 11:18am
The future of industrial action

Regarding Titus' ticker saying that that NHS email caused more disruption than the doctors' strike, I think it raises an interesting point about the future of industrial action. I've long thought...

29 Midfield Diamond 03.12.16 9:48pm
Al OPecia
Equality Commission Begs MPs Not To Abuse 'Racist Scum' Who Voted Brexit - 23 71 Titus 03.12.16 11:05am
Captions please... I'll kick off [i]No, I'm not allergic to Nuttalls[/i]...

15 Dick Everyman 02.12.16 5:29pm