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Thought you might like to know how my town is making the headlines My second chum, after JO'F,...

8 Oxbridge 22.04.16 11:50am
Spectator offering 1k for poem about Turkish president

There was a man from Istanbul, Whose pockets from migrant's money were full, He said its no crisis, That my friends are called Isis, and that i made the EU a fool. Ivor kashorczek...

0 Dun Dunkin 21.04.16 6:55am
Dun Dunkin
Clever tagging

Want more attention? This is how to tag ;0) [quote]comedy, Corbyn, DavidCameron, email, free, game, government, HarryKane, images, jam, jobs, JustinBieber, KimKardashian, Labour, London, lotto,...

6 Dick Everyman 20.04.16 4:37pm
super injunction on this post. You didn't see this, right. nothing here.

stop looking...

0 Not Amused 19.04.16 2:37pm
Not Amused

Millions of them...

2 Scroat 18.04.16 11:02am
Is this the most disingenuous statement yet?

Without taking sides on the EU debate I note that Gove has hijacked the "In" campaign about "a leap into the dark" if we stay in the EU, despite leaving being the one untested process. As NB isn't...

19 throngsman 18.04.16 10:56am
Celebrity threesome

The post in the writers room surely breaches the injunction...

14 Tammy Flugh 18.04.16 9:41am
Bloody hellfire !

Rebecca's back ! An unflattering photograph - the years have not been kind to her. Or me, for that matter...

5 FlashArry 16.04.16 10:59pm
If there is no society why pay taxes?

if one thought a civilised society a good thing why would you go out of your way not to pay taxes unless you were a freeloading miser?...

23 Dun Dunkin 16.04.16 7:58pm
Just like my dreams they fade and die. 4 Al OPecia 16.04.16 7:06pm
Al OPecia
Today's Left (right?) Alert

Brilliant - especially the 'No You in EU, no I in IN' Well done all...

1 throngsman 16.04.16 2:21pm
Could Tech Guy look at the PC Clock?

I suspect he hasn't put it forward a few weeks ago...

0 throngsman 15.04.16 9:15pm
Jan Böhmermann to be prosecuted

Its another reason to leave the EU - we don't want them telling us what jokes we can make!...

1 Rootin Tootin 15.04.16 12:36pm

A shit pun headline followed by a borderline offensive piece about how thick people in Hull supposedly are - seriously?...

25 Idiot 15.04.16 8:44am
'Archers' Miss A Trick

Not that I ever listen to the programme myself, you understand (I comment merely as someone who takes an interest in writing) but the writers and the producers, in their attempt to boost audience...

9 Titus 15.04.16 8:40am
New printer in the office

We’ve got a new printer in the office that you have to log into before it prints anything. So instead of just going over to retrieve your printout, you have to wander over, enter your details and...

10 Midfield Diamond 14.04.16 7:08am
Suggestions what to do with the Govt EU propganda booklet

Got mine today. What should i do with it? 1. read it and believe it, 2. ask for a copy in urdu and esperanto, 3. vote brexit...

10 Dun Dunkin 13.04.16 8:54pm
Intrusion of irrelevant posts in NewsBiscuit

The well-known and highly successful website devoted to all aspects of packing and moving, for some reason known as 'NewsBiscuit', has recently been hacked and a series of satirical spoof news...

3 sockpuppet 13.04.16 2:56pm
Why is this a ticker?

"PRIME MINISTER FINED £100 FOR LATE SUBMISSION OF TAX RETURN" It was not the Prime Minister. The far more amusing truth is that it was the leader of the opposition (who had been trying to besmirch...

5 sockpuppet 13.04.16 2:06pm
Corbyn Fined For Failing To Declare His Pathetic £1,850 Lecture Income On Time

Apologies for a TrueBiscuit mocking the afflicted, but it seems a fair demonstration of the wretched man's general ineptitude that all he could manage to earn by way of extra pocket money was less...

5 sockpuppet 13.04.16 12:28pm
Close up of you've never seen him before

But you might have to get used to it., Great pic, Oily, spotty, puffy, sweatythe real DC without the PR invisibility cloak.,...

12 Gerontius 13.04.16 10:46am
Oops 1 throngsman 12.04.16 3:52pm
Just listening to Jake Bugg.

Amazing, Nick Drake on steroids. And he's only 12...

7 Al OPecia 12.04.16 3:41pm
SHHHH EU membership gives access to tax free havens

what the pro eu dont want you to know is that many pro eu firms want it so they can register themselves in luxemburg etc and so pay no uk tax...

0 Dun Dunkin 12.04.16 10:43am
Dun Dunkin
The EU explained in FULL with SPELLCHECK (a collective LEFT ALERT)

Okay Folks, Building on Dun Dunkin's funny - [quote]Govt sends leaflet to every house titled "Become a tax free millionaire!"[/quote] what other handy/useful statements might the Government...

9 Wrenfoe 12.04.16 8:15am
Today's FP

Just wondering why there's no credit for Wrenfoe as the creative genius behind the Placebo story helped admirably of course by Titus? ;0)...

4 Dick Everyman 12.04.16 7:31am
Fashion - why is it...

that high ranking 'fashionistas' like Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour never change their look? Am I missing something?...

2 riesler 11.04.16 10:54am
English Heritage To Be Put In Charge Of NB Tickers

More fastidious preservation of ancient documents later ...

6 Titus 10.04.16 10:16am
Is today's FP a State secret?

All I'm getting is a blue panel, and have to stab aimlessly to get the Die Hard sub (sans title)...

3 throngsman 09.04.16 8:14pm
Less NIBs and Tickers more FP's please

Just an observation. There are some great NIBs and Tickers which could be expanded upon to make fine FP's - if you've never considered doing one then please think again and have a go. FFS let's...

10 Dick Everyman 08.04.16 5:01pm
Dun Dunkin