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Facebook updates are back...

looks like the Newsbiscuit Facebook updates to published stories are back today - cheers to whoever does this...

0 chrisf 10.10.16 2:23pm
I see the Tories have joined Labour and UKIP in intraparty punch ups.

"Retreat, retreat!!!" Fab - total meltdown across the board, apart from the Lib-Dem Pub Quiz Team...

0 Al OPecia 09.10.16 12:08pm
Al OPecia
Back here ...

They said their shuttle would be here by now, but they had to keep a low profile and avoid Heathrow, They stack planes over Henley when the wind is in the wrong direction. Anyway, remember to stay...

4 Scroat 09.10.16 7:14am

/Users/davidcoxell/Desktop/08 The Carbondale Strut.m4a...

0 Scroat 08.10.16 11:12pm
Talk about an inappropriate turn of phrase ...

The judge in the Alton Towers case reportedly said that the victims’ lives have been turned upside-down. NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm reminded of the female Brighton councillor interviewed after the nudist...

10 Midfield Diamond 08.10.16 4:56pm
baron la croix
Trump keeps making me smile

He's awesome, isn't he? I just pray they go and elect him, so he can spend the next 4 years explaining why he didn't accomplish any of the things he said he'd do, while simultaneously bragging about...

9 deceangli 06.10.16 11:49am
Tickers - Hooray!

Congratulations and thank-you, O Masters, for the now very up-to-date tickers. There is some hilarious stuff there - well done, folks! Please keep the laughs coming...

0 Titus 06.10.16 8:11am
fishy pillow talk

2 Loundshay 06.10.16 4:41am
Trump's voice

What is it with Trump's voice? It's an odd mixture of camp, bossy & bitchy, and reminds me of someone - I just can't recall who (nothing wrong with "camp", before someone picks me up on it -...

7 Sinnick 05.10.16 4:03pm
As it's our brithday

Can we maybe change it to 'least impressive celebrity encounter"? Pretty please...

1 Scroat 05.10.16 3:17pm
If it's sex with a dinosaur you're looking for...or just plain old 'dogging'...

get your arse down to East Devon sharpish., it's all kicking off down here, sadly, the 'dogging' story has...

6 Gerontius 05.10.16 2:41pm
Is the Great Repeal Act with a slim majority asking for a commons defeat?

at which stage Theresa takes the question to the nation with a snap election, riding her honeymoon period and Labour disarray (and UKIP under anonymous new leader), nudges up her majority a wee bit...

9 Ironduke 05.10.16 7:32am
What if Hunt wins?

Junior doctors have lost a legal challenge to the new contracts, apparently they will start to be introduced to new starting doctors in two weeks, and then gradually come in as more new docs start....

2 Ironduke 03.10.16 9:06am
Irony of the week

From [url=]this[/url] article: Tube chat: The new badge encouraging commuters to talk...

1 Gary Baldy 29.09.16 7:28pm
Sir Lupus
Did the BBC censor news about £113 million Lloyds bank scam?

If you've read any newspaper this week, you'll have come across the verdicts on a huge phishing scam involving cold callers aided by insiders at Lloyds Bank. £113 million stolen, £66 million still...

18 deceangli 29.09.16 11:07am
Corbyn versus Trump?

If Britain had a choice of Crobyn or a Trump-esque figure, who would get in? Perhaps a sobering thought, but if one mainstream party can cartwheel towards its extreme, what if the other did...

19 Ironduke 28.09.16 11:38am
When does a guest become a member of the family?

Just wondering when a guest becomes a member of the NB family. For instance, cinquecento is still being labelled as a ‘Guest’, despite having lived here for five years, whereas nickb, who has...

10 Jodster 27.09.16 10:44am
Any other Labour leader won two leadership elections?

(He asks with a smirk)...

5 Ironduke 25.09.16 2:50pm
Al OPecia
The Next Government - 2

What if anything could the Tories do to lose the next general election? Teresa May does not seem to be a likely candidate for three-in-a-bed-lesbian-sex romp scandals, nor does she seem to be...

31 Titus 23.09.16 11:23am
Interesting move from BBC

BBC Comedy ‏@bbccomedy 5h5 hours ago, Want to be a comedy writer? Our producers will host a LIVE Q&A on our FB tomorrow, 2pm:

0 Wrexfan 22.09.16 8:49pm
I've started a petition

I've felt for a long time - since I was a member of the RAF - that the voting choices for Serving Personnel could be better. I never felt comfortable with the choice of inflicting my vote on the...

22 throngsman 22.09.16 3:46pm
Thanks for front page.

Don't want to put this in writers' room and no replies necessary but ta for Brookside front page...

0 S J Roe 22.09.16 6:12am
S J Roe
Periodic Thank You

Just to say thank you to whichever of Our Masters who chose to resurrect that brilliant 'Criminal Element' story - full of clever jokes all the way through, which had be laughing all over again and...

1 Titus 20.09.16 11:31am
Caption competetion

14 nickb 19.09.16 8:08am
Newsjack on Radio 4 Extra is back

Newsjack - Twitter, @NewsjackBBC 3h, We're back on the 8th of Sept @BBCRadio4Extra - if you wanna come and see our shows being recorded, click link below…, View details...

23 Wrexfan 18.09.16 9:44am
Call for writers on new BBC 2 pilot - 2

We are making a pilot for a new satire show for BBC 2 called ‘Unspun’. It will be a mix of political guests, jokes and special features. We’re looking for people to join us making the show;...

56 17.09.16 8:18am
Didn't we have that 'man vaguely remembers bloke' story a few weeks ago? 7 Jodster 16.09.16 7:37am
Love the archive item

"US Republicans disband after voters still don’t get the joke" Well, who's laughing now ?...

1 Sinnick 15.09.16 9:35am
Looks Like The Tickers Are Stuck Again

Is this due to threats from Daesh, caused by Global Warming or yet another consequence of Brexit?...

11 Titus 14.09.16 4:54pm
Will Now Cameron Become Middle East Peace Envoy, Or Just Give £100K Speeches?

3 Titus 14.09.16 11:30am