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This is really terrifying

1 Al OPecia 23.10.17 9:04am
N Korea v. Japan

Some in Japan are pushing for the abandonment of their 70-year-old constitutional policy of pacifism. Sad. I suspect that Kim Jong-un and his mates may have chosen to piss off the wrong bunch of...

1 Titus 23.10.17 7:48am
Adrian Bamforth
Not being tight but...

I recently picked up some friends from Birmingham airport. Cost me £9 for a 20 minute stay in the airport carpark. Luckily their flight was on time and they got through customs pretty quick...

7 Dick Everyman 22.10.17 12:39pm
Dick Everyman
Andy Hamilton

In talking of Andy Hamilton here I am reminded of some of his quotes, as contained in this article:...

4 Titus 22.10.17 11:27am
Adrian Bamforth
Has Godwin's Law improved internet debate?

I appreciate Godwin's intentions, but has it been a victim of its own success, to the point that it constitutes a form of censorship?...

7 Benvoleo 21.10.17 11:30pm
Lucy van Pelt
wrong room.. so, um, .... what if we scrapped the UN?

Robert Mugabe's appointment, coming after the previous farce of appointing Saudi to the Women's Rights Council, shows what a joke this organisation has become. The UN is staggeringly expensive - I...

1 cinquecento 21.10.17 10:26pm
It seems the Tory Brexiteers have nothing to offer aside from a load of ... - 2

posturing about "Roar! It's going to be a new International Britain, everything shall be well, and all shall be well, in all possible worlds.". Meanwhile Labour is offering some concrete policies -...

55 Al OPecia 21.10.17 5:48pm
true biscuit

From the BBC site. My bold. That's not a demonstration I'd want to watch! Sex life 'dead' after mesh implant, Stephanie Williams says she "can't do absolutely anything" after being given a vaginal...

6 cinquecento 20.10.17 2:06pm
Dogs with scarves...

What's that all about FFS?...

17 Scroat 20.10.17 1:39pm
I like this. Some won't though

5 Scroat 19.10.17 11:51am

more Morse code...

0 Dumbnews 17.10.17 11:27pm
James Corden's comedy masterclass

I know we're not in the same comedy league as Corden, who inadvertently gave a masterclass in bad taste last night, but I think some of the gags here are in worse taste than the one he presented. It...

5 Sinnick 17.10.17 12:24pm
Get over it – Why is this soundbite employed so often...

usually online to argue for acceptance of an existing or potential state of affairs, especially re Brexit? To frame the question, are these suppositions accurate?, - I imagine a user wants or...

10 Benvoleo 17.10.17 11:31am
Isle of Scotland?

The Ophelia trialed in Scotland main story is great, but why is it classified under "Isle of Wight News"? My geography is hardly my strong point but I'm pretty sure Scotland is not in the IoW. Ugi...

2 Ugi 17.10.17 10:05am
Jeremy Vine having nightmares...33yrs must be my fault...wrong room. 0 ron cawleyoni 17.10.17 9:23am
ron cawleyoni
Sean Hughes

Sad to hear that Sean Hughes has died. I had no idea he was ill., Loved Sean's Show in the early 1990s, one of my fave sitcoms/comedy shows...

5 chrisf 16.10.17 9:03pm
John le Carre on Brexit, very interesting.

0 Al OPecia 16.10.17 5:06pm
Al OPecia
Melting Pot Mass Murders....(NB Editors)

Love this FP..realy good especially if your familiar with words of the song,, the Blue Mink gang obviously been influenced by the Manson Cult of the time,, some great twist on the lines..'casual...

1 ron cawleyoni 16.10.17 11:14am
Rootin Tootin
Hey guys - I've been away for two weeks

Anything happen? I guess the Tory party conference went off without a hitch, and nobody has died of note Had a cottage in Northumberland, inland from Seahouses/Beadnell sort of area. Even went up...

9 Scroat 16.10.17 9:53am

It troubles me that people pronounce Weinstein as if it were spelt Weinstien. Any ideas why they do that, please?...

4 DIY Linguist 15.10.17 6:23pm
Al OPecia
why do some articles have names and others guest? 13 Mr Charley 15.10.17 9:54am
Upstart Crow - excellent

There…I’ve said it and now it can’t be unsaid., I realise it’s not hip or trendy (or whatever hip/trendy adjectives have replaced hip/trendy these days) to like Ben Elton stuff any...

13 Gerontius 14.10.17 6:06pm
the peoples poet
wrong room sorry

Sorry - wrong room. Rectified it now but my error remains here forever. Have a good weekend, all, whatever you are up to...

0 chrisf 13.10.17 1:38pm
Wrong room 0 cinquecento 12.10.17 12:52pm

Apparently some of the letters fell off the backdrop...

3 Gerontius 07.10.17 9:21pm
How long can heresa Ma last?

And what looney would want the job?...

9 Scroat 07.10.17 7:33pm
Female logic

I like to think of myself as anti-sexist but occasionally there are ways of thinking that are indisputably female, and exclusively so. As an example, Mrs D recently joined a gym so she went out and...

19 Midfield Diamond 07.10.17 5:49pm
the peoples poet
Just heard Useless Leadsome being kebbabed by Caroline Flint ...

on R4 Question Time - pathetic answer then could put her finger on the difference between "affordable" and "social" housing. It was both delightful and infuriating to hear. This bunch of Tories are...

0 Al OPecia 07.10.17 12:51pm
Al OPecia
Pics not on the articles again, or is it just my computer? 3 Mr Charley 06.10.17 6:43pm
Mr Charley
Sockpuppet reveals true identity 4 Me 03.10.17 8:37pm
My Sockpuppet's Foot