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Almost truebiscuit : Putin and Murdoch

[url=]Boutros was almost right[/url]...

0 Not Amused 01.04.16 7:36am
Not Amused
Is it me, or does ...

it look like he is straight out of the Midwich Cuckoos? Just saying...

8 Al OPecia 01.04.16 6:11am
{Warning! This is a suicide post. No-one move, or else....}

As you will see, the title of this post is wearing suicide brackets which will be detonated if the following demands are not met. The forum has been hijacked by the Terrorist Underground Rebel...

0 sockpuppet 31.03.16 6:28pm
Did any of you know the Daily Mail had a Braille edition?

[url=]And it's online![/url]...

11 sydalg 31.03.16 7:28am
London Citizens Shocked To Learn Kightsbridge Gold Supercars Owned By Saudis

Is this funny to anyone. Saudi humor anyone? Pretty fertile ground for funny if you ask me...

0 Takos1021 30.03.16 9:30pm

Oops - sorry, wrong room. (backs out awkwardly, wearing sickly grin.)...

0 sockpuppet 30.03.16 3:39pm
Anything happened while I was away? 5 Scroat 30.03.16 3:30pm
Giant cod One question, how could the BBC journalists write this story without giving in to the temptation to use the word "codzilla"...

4 bonjonelson 30.03.16 1:43pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Brexit 'Risks giving us freedom to protect or subsidise Port Talbot steel jobs'

More mad propaganda soon ...

1 sockpuppet 30.03.16 10:07am
Please Mr Tech Guy ...

Anything put in italics (with [i] and [/i] tags) seems to disappear when displayed - or is shown in a near-invisible colour. Is this a glitch, or am I doing something dumb, please?...

9 Titus 28.03.16 6:13pm
Pakistan park bombing shows Europe has a relatively minor terrorism problem

2 Titus 27.03.16 6:19pm
Alleged Monnet quote: fact or fiction?

Jean Monnet, father of Europe, allegedly stated in a letter of 30 April 1952: “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening.,...

14 Titus 27.03.16 2:20pm

First private message and I deleted it without reading it or knowing who it was even from. Can I have it back please...

9 Gary Baldy 26.03.16 9:32pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Cannabis Addiction

According to BBC news, the moron who killed a policeman by driving a stolen pick-up truck at him was a "cannabis addict". However I am frequently told that cannabis is not addictive. So who is...

6 sockpuppet 26.03.16 6:58pm
Al OPecia
Truebiscuit: Microsoft's teen girl AI turns into a Hitler-loving sex robot

Honestly, why do we bother?

1 Oxbridge 25.03.16 8:38am
Just seen that swivel-eyed loon Corbyn on the telly.

Piers, that is. The best foot forward of the climate change deniers, clinging onto an hypothesis discredited 10 - 15 years ago. He could not stop himself loudly interrupting anyone who had a...

20 Al OPecia 25.03.16 6:59am
Band break-up

Following the recent bust-up in that well-known and widely-heard (if not always wildly popular) band [i]The Cabinet[/i] - apparently due to 'musical differences' and with their bass player leaving,...

0 sockpuppet 24.03.16 9:05pm
Budget thoughts - 2

I always come away thinking "That sounds reasonable" and then those in the know tell me why I am wrong. However: North Dorset sent me a business rates bill of about £800 the other day. For the...

32 beau-jolly 24.03.16 8:09pm
Help us!

3 Al OPecia 24.03.16 1:05pm
I name this ship... - 2 I'll go for RRS Hardship...

30 Dick Everyman 23.03.16 3:52pm
Jeremy Corbyn running a close second? - 2391011

Blimey. Look, it's no fun winning if the other side don't at least try...

304 Ironduke 22.03.16 11:02pm
Al OPecia
Good to see our 'Beware the IDS of March' headline actually used

by one of the nationals. More stars to whoever did this...

3 Scroat 22.03.16 7:24pm
Disability campaigner Ian Duncan-Smith rages against the Bedroom Tax

Disability campaigner Ian Duncan-Smith has today renewed his attack on the government’s harsh policies towards disabled people. ‘It’s simply unacceptable that people with disabled children...

4 Candide 21.03.16 5:39pm
Try to create a fairer society run by a more humane government.........?

[URL=][/URL] What a ridiculous...

1 Scroat 21.03.16 4:16pm
Lost any under crackers anyone?

[url=]New Zealand's Most Wanted[/url] There's definitely a pattern emerging. PS Is Yikes' name sewn into the back of any of them?...

0 Dick Everyman 21.03.16 7:15am
Dick Everyman
Meanwhile...over the border

Introducing Guto Bebb the new under secretary of state for Wales following today's re-shuffle

8 Dick Everyman 21.03.16 7:06am
Dick Everyman
Prime Minister

Looking at the NB front page pic made me start thinking. If the wheels come off this government and Cameron were to quit, who would you least fancy as PM? Russel Brand, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris...

2 sockpuppet 20.03.16 9:46pm
Al OPecia
Been busy ...

watching the Six Nations, totally absorbed. Has anything interesting happened in the world (or, more importantly, on NewsBiscuit) while I've been otherwise engaged?...

0 sockpuppet 20.03.16 7:27pm
Sea World to thrill audiences with choreographed sea bass displays

Though it is, of course, the wrong room...

2 Adrian Bamforth 19.03.16 10:45am
Al OPecia
Breakfast radishes. Word phrases that-irrationally-wind you up

That's mine-radishes for breakfast (?!) FFS...

27 S J Roe 18.03.16 7:50pm