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caryangeline set to win September Writer-of-the-Month 1 Titus 01.09.17 2:17pm
Boring serious post alert

Surely if it is desirable to reduce energy consumption, the smart thing to do is impose full-rate VAT on all energy plus an additional tax on top. And then use some of the revenue to increase...

1 Titus 01.09.17 12:53pm
Midfield Diamond
Good FP today

Just sayin'...

2 riesler 01.09.17 6:27am
NHS: Pre-Brexit dilemma and possible Post-Brexit disaster

[url=]and it won't stop here[/url] Recruitment campaign: August 2017, Interviews: September/October 2017, Daily Mail Rants: Throughout 2017/2018, Job...

0 Dick Everyman 31.08.17 5:19pm
Dick Everyman
Myanmar Refugees No satire and no joke but just an observation: any refugees fleeing [i]into[/i] Bangladesh must...

2 Titus 30.08.17 7:05pm
Shameful missing out of apostrophe

[url=]Grammar police needed[/url] What is the world coming to...

1 Dick Everyman 30.08.17 1:03pm
Nuts.... 1 JETFAB 30.08.17 10:28am
Rootin Tootin
Locusts next perhaps....?

You'd think The Donald would have gotten the message by now. 1 - a total eclipse of the sun 2 - floods turning Houston into a disaster zone Both on his watch. It's only a matter of time before the...

6 Scroat 30.08.17 8:06am
Hurricane Devastates Texas – Trump Condemns Violence On Both Side. More Soon

I really, really wish I could claim the credit for this one, which I think is clever and a superb example of genuine satire. However there is no record of me posting it and I can't remember doing so...

3 Titus 29.08.17 1:21pm

It gets tedious when careless posters keep posting 'Oh bollosck, wrong room!' so I shall refrain from doing so ...

2 Titus 28.08.17 10:15pm
It's a funny old game, this NewsBiscuit thing.

There was a time when I had a succession of people here begging me to shut up, to go away and to stop endlessly posting such a tedious flow of brainless, unfunny crap. Oddly enough at that time I...

10 Titus 27.08.17 7:33pm
the peoples poet
Oh bollocks 5 throngsman 27.08.17 10:55am
How to be a cnut in an independent shop

Only a second ago I had a classic example. Family of 4 VERY large hairy people plus a large hairy dog. All squeezed in to the beer and cider corner and spent 20 minutes talking among themselves...

23 beau-jolly 25.08.17 6:56pm
Spare Slot To Let After Deleting Story Posted In Wrong Room

No children, no pets, no wanking. References required...

0 Titus 24.08.17 9:06pm
US Presidents' Foreign Policy

NB's lead story today is a reminder how unexpected US presidents' foreign policies can turn out to be. Trump was in...

2 Titus 24.08.17 8:41pm
Dick Everyman
Watch out! There's a Sharpehunter about

I didn’t suspect, or even think about, Mr John Ffetch Cocksucker being Sharpehunter until he called me Saltire. Only Sharpehunter is obsessed with Saltire but JFR had had no contact with Saltire,...

28 yussle 23.08.17 8:17pm
Mr Target
Seen this?


3 beau-jolly 23.08.17 2:54pm
Outraged of Tunbridge Wells


3 Iroquois Pliskin 22.08.17 4:48pm
Al OPecia
Southern Rail tribute to Bruce Forsyth

This is NOT my brother

0 Midfield Diamond 21.08.17 4:38pm
Midfield Diamond
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23394041

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1211 bonjonelson 21.08.17 11:49am
NB Ads

How come all these women who have discovered the secret of how to make £3,000 a minute can only afford the skimpiest of clothes? They can't all be on the game, and even if they were, earning at...

5 Titus 21.08.17 12:49am
Paddy Berzinski
Are the Royals starting to slum it?

According to the Sunday Express, Prince Harry has been collecting his girlfriend from the tarmac of Heathrow - so she can bypass the queues at passport control. Has he been using a golden shovel?...

0 Dick Everyman 20.08.17 7:15am
Dick Everyman
How do I condense this into a ticker?

"Barrymore's Career 'Would Be Saved If Arrested By A Different Policeman' Claim." Barrymore claims that his career was destroyed by him being arrested. The basis of his legal action is that his...

13 Titus 19.08.17 11:21am
Vic Reeves

I'm sure he divides opinion, but I've always been a fan. Just recently he was Bob Mortimer's guest on the interview show "Chain Reaction". And it was a funny episode, as long as you like the...

6 Rootin Tootin 17.08.17 11:14pm
Favourite Sayings

In third place: 'Fuck off Titus' - Oxbridge. Succinct, and it's always pleasant to receive a unique, personalised salutation from a friend and admirer. In second place: 'What could possibly go...

27 Titus 17.08.17 9:33pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Oh what a numpty !!!!!! wrong room. 0 MADJEZ 17.08.17 6:49pm

Grr. Wrong forum...

0 Titus 17.08.17 4:54pm
Life about to imitate art

It's my daughter's A Level results today. Consequently I am not recycling this old standby: However, the local press...

5 Oxbridge 17.08.17 4:08pm
Al OPecia
What's happened to comedy? It used to be such a laugh. Now it's into politics

Does anyone remember comedy when it was a laugh? Not that long ago, I went to see American comic Sarah Silverman at the Hammersmith Apollo. She was magnificent. She told lots of tongue in cheek...

18 ronseal 17.08.17 3:51pm
sorry.. 1 cinquecento 17.08.17 8:02am
Al OPecia