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Game of Thrones election casting

So if Theresa May is Cersei Lannister, and Jeremy Corbyn is The High Sparrow (both born to the role), who else do we have? Tim Farron - Sam Tarley?...

6 cinquecento 26.05.17 8:55pm
Blue-rinse backlash shock horror

The wicked stepmother is a dyed-in-the-wool Tory, never votes for anybody else, voted for Brexit etc. All the usual bigoted bollocks. She amazed me yesterday by launching a tirade against Theresa...

20 Scroat 26.05.17 8:44pm
Sunny Devon...hardly a cloud in the sky

Apart from this one,...

3 Gerontius 26.05.17 2:07pm
Polls - I'm confused now.

News reports today are all saying Labour has closed the gap to just 5 points. So I looked at the [url=]polls[/url] and the average over the last couple...

4 beau-jolly 26.05.17 1:56pm
Own up - who wrote this?

Someone please tell me this story isn't real anyone?...

6 LittleSpender 26.05.17 11:33am
Midfield Diamond
Paint names - 2

In a bit of a cob with a well-known DIY store last night, because the paint they sold me was rubbish, I hatched a plot to insert colour swatches with amusing names into their display. I know,...

35 deceangli 26.05.17 10:39am
Why don't the IFS start their own political party?

If they did, I'd seriously consider voting for them...

1 Scroat 26.05.17 9:55am
Oh bollocks 2 throngsman 25.05.17 10:49pm
Not Amused
I live in Rusholme...

and it's the only place I've ever seen people openly throw fireworks at each other in broad daylight. Take from that what you will...

5 Gary Baldy 24.05.17 10:29pm
What do you think was written on Trump's Western Wall note ? An advert? Wanted: Bricklayers for major US wall project...

4 Dick Everyman 24.05.17 10:11am
Have we had ... fifty shades of May ?

It didn't show up in the search but I can't believe we haven't done the story. She inflicts pain on the country but still we come back for more and we love it ....

4 Not Amused 24.05.17 8:00am
In case anyone was wondering what was happening in my quiet Herefordshire town..

Not much, other than the election of a convicted wife beater who got off a kiddy fiddling charge on a technicality as mayor...

7 Oxbridge 23.05.17 12:30pm
Midfield Diamond
New slogan : Strong and Seesaw government?

Whilst it seems a reasonable amendment to cap total care costs paid from an estate, it does rather suggest someone who's idea it was t call this election in the first place ought to have used the...

6 Ironduke 23.05.17 9:03am
I don't care who has access to my medical details

While I might prefer the details of my medical history to be reasonably private, I'm not actually all that bothered. What I am much more concerned about is who might [i]not[/i] have access to my...

6 Titus 22.05.17 10:35pm
Al OPecia
Truebiscuit: Church of Satan distances itself from Trump

0 Oxbridge 22.05.17 11:31am
Football fans of Sky generation struggling to cope with mass 3pm kick offs in PL 1 ron cawleyoni 21.05.17 6:40pm
ron cawleyoni
Front Page

Duno who the actress is 'just turning 40' but she is certainly very attractive! Thank you for brightening my day...

0 Titus 21.05.17 9:55am
Think I just experienced real fake news

Is James Hewitt dead or not?, I googled him after seeing a comment on FB. The "Breaking News" from what looked like a BBC link was which is actually News-CNN an American "News" site...

0 beau-jolly 20.05.17 10:47am
Remake a classic sitcom with politicians...

I would kill to see: Love Thy Neighbour starring Paul Nuttall and Diane Abbott Any other requests to the commissioning editors?...

4 cinquecento 20.05.17 7:58am
NewsBiscuit TV on the cards?

Everyone else seems to be doing it:

1 SimonJJames 19.05.17 12:32pm
I actually bothered to read an election leaflet

We’ve had quite a few flyers already and, irrespective of the colour of the leaflet, or whatever the vacuous soundbites say, or whichever Party Leader/Global Celebrity/Local Hospital Worker the...

3 Midfield Diamond 18.05.17 9:25pm
Bugger, here I go again 0 throngsman 18.05.17 9:03pm
Trump to meet the Pope...

Hope President Trump reads this 2015 address to Congress before his imminent meeting with the Pope. If you have a few minutes to spare it is worth reading it in full against the background of Trump's...

0 Dick Everyman 18.05.17 8:22pm
Dick Everyman
Another referendum?!?

Part of me is pleased to see the Lib Dems offer another referendum. Not because I like them particularly, I just think recent ones have been done so badly (not least because of the poor level of...

14 Wrenfoe 18.05.17 4:32pm
I'm working on a theory that this is in fact the best election ever

Far from it being the 'election no one wanted', in fact almost everyone wins. Think about it: Jeremy Corbyn gets to publish his manifesto and doesn’t have to be Prime Minister. Corbynistas get...

9 Adrian Bamforth 18.05.17 2:55pm
Who will replace Corbyn after June 8th?

I'd really like to see Jess Phillips up against the Headmistress - [i](cough)[/i]...

24 Dick Everyman 18.05.17 2:37pm
Anyone know what you do when you've forgotten your own Windows Vista password?


9 StoopyDeGunt 18.05.17 11:46am
Talk about shooting yourself in the foot - thisn guy should stand as MP

2 throngsman 17.05.17 2:16pm
Not Amused
The book what I wrote

It started out as a kind of spoof Alastair Campbell’s Diaries with Jesus centre stage instead of TB (certain parallels), then evolved to take in ideas on cults, cognitive dissonance, faith healing...

4 Des Custard 17.05.17 7:02am
Des Custard
Can't bring myself to make any jokes about Brady. 7 Al OPecia 16.05.17 3:00pm
Gary Baldy