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Can we edit front page stories?

Rentaghost final para "To mark the imminent change on Prime Minister" ought to be "of"...

0 Fles 08.07.16 1:27pm
Disgruntled NB Member Flannounces That He Intends To NewsBisQuit 4 Titus 07.07.16 11:28pm
Newbiscuit gone downhill? - 2

I've been off for a long time, come back and it seems there is barely any interaction of a positive kind on new posts, some decent ones appear to slip through the net and then some just turn into an...

31 rorshach 07.07.16 11:08pm
Leadsdom Will Make A Good Future PM, But An Excellent Chancellor Meanwhile - 2

Just my forecast. What are other Biscuiteers hopes / expectations / predictions for the new Tory cabinet?...

35 Titus 07.07.16 3:58pm
Good to see that the usual NB editors are back from holiday, don't you think? 0 Opinion Poll 07.07.16 3:10pm
Opinion Poll
Hilary Benn is a little weasel

His smug response to Chilcot is that he would vote to support the overthrow of Saddam again. Firstly, that was not what the original vote was about - everyone wanted Saddam gone. The vote was to...

6 Wrenfoe 06.07.16 5:31pm
Al OPecia
never mind, wr 0 cinquecento 06.07.16 12:15pm
NewsBexit launched for those who want to flounce

(Or should that be 'NewsBecsit'?)

0 sockpuppet 06.07.16 11:37am
Blair wont be prosecuted for illegal war but soldiers will. Which is nice 8 Dun Dunkin 06.07.16 10:38am
Dun Dunkin
Surely Gove is finished?

The manner of his standing won't endear him to the party membership who liked Boris, and May has her own supporters. So even if he gets in the final two, he'll lose. And thenwho is going to find a...

6 Ironduke 05.07.16 6:17pm
Obviously, no-one posting on this site needs this. And they have omitted 'descrete'...

0 sockpuppet 05.07.16 4:06pm
Does anyone else abuse the private message link?

Whenever I get a spurious one star I click on 'private messages' and scroll to the bottom to see who is online - in a way pointless because I don't care how many stars I get, but interesting because...

8 throngsman 05.07.16 9:55am
Love this

Reported by the Beeb concerning various resignations, originating apparently from @AshleyBaker/Twitter: Chris Evans - Ginger, David Cameron - Posh, Roy Hodgson - Sporty, Boris Johnson - Baby,...

3 Sinnick 05.07.16 6:00am
Al OPecia
It seems that consequence-free unprotected shagging is still a thing

I can't quite believe my eyes, as having given the country a right raw shafting, both Boris and Farage simply wander off into the sunset without so much as a backward glance. Next week I predict that...

3 cinquecento 04.07.16 2:20pm
Dun Dunkin
Do you think brexit will actually happen?

Remainer or leaver not relevant to this, I am beginning to think this is just not going to happen. I am remain but I think a disinterested observer would say the stalling is a sign of nothing...

8 S J Roe 04.07.16 11:31am
Bully For Boris

In deciding not to stand, Boris Johnson has shown rare statesmanship and, by deciding that he is not the right person to be Prime Minister, demonstrated an unexpectedly shrewd judge of character...

22 Titus 03.07.16 8:58pm
Paddy Berzinski
What the Brexiteers and the Remainians have in common ...

is a dislike of the EU, at least as it is. I have not heard anyone (even the most ardent Remainians) defend the EU in its present form or with its present structure. And I suspect that few of the...

1 Titus 03.07.16 10:40am
Plea to Boris Johnson Supporters.

You lost your blond blue-eyed boy. Not only is he a palpable liar, he is demonstrably a coward. Get over it. Move on - he never intended to win the Referendum, but treated it as an intellectual...

18 Al OPecia 02.07.16 8:07pm
Al OPecia
Very Brexit Problems

I think this is "going viral" as I believe the youngsters say:

3 Sinnick 02.07.16 8:05pm
Al OPecia
No more mass debates...

RIP Caroline Aherne...

0 Dick Everyman 02.07.16 3:56pm
Dick Everyman
Truly bonkers

The public are asked to vote on something that governments should decide, but aren't involved in who takes control of the country. I know there is plenty of precedent for this with Major and Brown...

2 throngsman 02.07.16 6:59am
Michael Gove actually described his favourite Game of Thrones character...

"A misshapen dwarf, reviled for most of his life, thought in the eyes of some to be a toxic figure, trying to rally a small band of loyal followers on a hopeless charge"....

0 Adrian Bamforth 01.07.16 9:13pm
Adrian Bamforth
Teresa May Win May 1.5 : 1, Leadsom 5.5 : 1, Gove 8 : 1, Crabb 26 : 1, Fox 51 : 1 Can't find anyone offering odds on how long...

7 Titus 01.07.16 6:19pm
Dead ringers is good on the dead bit 0 Dun Dunkin 01.07.16 5:57pm
Dun Dunkin
Slam dunk for jc. 60k new members for labour party in last week

no wonder they dont dare launch a challenge and hope they can rattle him to quit...

8 Dun Dunkin 01.07.16 3:51pm
Chilcott Predictions

It's just going to be an extremely long document which people will take out whatever they want to take out (without reading it) right? Most people do actually seem to believe it will deliver a...

12 Adrian Bamforth 01.07.16 3:15pm
Adrian Bamforth
I wonder - would Boris accept the offer of a job as an EU commissioner? 2 Titus 01.07.16 9:12am
Britain's economy will stagnate

Due to the uncertainty following a recent political decision, we will become more isolated from the rest of the world, and we and our economy will all suffer as a consequence. No, not Brexit - the...

2 Titus 01.07.16 9:05am
. 1 red 30.06.16 9:22pm
Why don't the Tories cut to the chase

and just declare Teresa May, now, as Cameron's successor? She might turn out to be a quiet, competent PM like Clement Attlee. Probably what we need at present (And yes, I do remember Attlee. He...

2 Titus 30.06.16 8:57pm