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Happy Mahogany everybody...

365 days till New Year...

1 Scroat 01.01.16 9:02am
Letwin expenses included tennis court repair and aga servicing

After saying it was no good giving public money to black people because they would spend it on drugs we see what he spent the public money on...

0 Dun Dunkin 31.12.15 12:03pm
Dun Dunkin
Good stories that never made it?

This is the time of year when we sometimes ask which stories you think might have merited a front page or a NiB, but for some reason didn't make it. We're interested giving a second chance to stuff...

9 editor 31.12.15 9:04am
Not Amused
Unfinished stars

Just a point Sometimes stars look like they are a little lacking in colour - eg you think you might have five stars but, after a closer anally retentive examination, the right hand arm of the little...

2 Dick Everyman 30.12.15 10:58pm

if he had said that about jews would he have been sacked?...

4 Dun Dunkin 30.12.15 7:21pm
Dun Dunkin
Yet another reason to stay in the EU.

0 Al OPecia 30.12.15 4:22pm
Al OPecia
It has to be said... - 2

Merry Christmas one and all...

32 Scroat 30.12.15 3:30pm
EUSSR directive-why it floods 101

UK was forced to adopt the European Water Framework Directive in 2000 which said dredging should stop to 'allow rivers to ‘re-connect with their floodplains'. Dredging was transferred from the EA...

23 Dun Dunkin 30.12.15 2:22pm
Not Amused

Once again, while studying throngsman's excellent and much appreciated UWOTM chart, I am struck by the variety and differing degrees of imagination and inspiration shown by contributors in their...

24 Titus 30.12.15 2:13pm

[url=http://]a cracker from Germany[/url]...

5 Ironduke 28.12.15 9:57pm
Truebicuit: Pure Irony - camouflage and hi-viz

Wearing camouflage and hi-viz together !!

2 MADJEZ 27.12.15 8:14pm
Happy New Year to all readers

I could just have edited this to say "Oh bollocks, here is another twat who posted something in the wrong forum" but I didn't want to look foolish ...

0 Titus 27.12.15 7:29pm
Oh Kevin...

[url=]Gon with the Wind - Tweet of the Day[/url] Original feed of comments on the gonorrhea story on the BBC FB feed here:,...

4 Squudge 27.12.15 3:52pm
What to do when couples fight?

Just back from an awful evening in which my hosts spent the whole time bickering and criticizing each other. Apart from sinking under the table has anyone got any tips on dealing with such episodes,...

27 Dick Everyman 26.12.15 9:03am
I can't believe this log in isn't banned

just a brief return to wish a happy Christmas to all the old timers who look in every now and again to say to themselves “Christ! It was a damn sight better when I was doing it.” I’ve heard...

0 ramblesid 24.12.15 5:41pm
Beauty and Chewy

Now that Disney owns Lucasfilms, I think we should make a parody/fan-fiction story of Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast where Belle leaves Beast for Chewbacca. He is her type, after all...

8 Iscariot 22.12.15 9:11pm
Spam Room

Just a thought Should we open a dedicated SpamRoom at NewsBiscuit Towers?...

13 Dick Everyman 19.12.15 10:32pm
Apologies for the loss of service in your region.

This was only in your road and not anywhere else. And it certainly wasn't caused by a cock up by the editor, so you can discount that right away. Normal service has now been resumed and the man...

10 editor 19.12.15 8:21pm
Dick Everyman
Do you like Coins?

The best coins ever in the gold market good value read our testimonials are you ready for the next big wave in coins?...

0 Dun Dunkin 18.12.15 4:11pm
Dun Dunkin
Millionaire cleared of rape after claiming he ‘accidentally penetrated’ teenager

reminds me of how another joke judge let off a celebrity shoplifter because he claimed it was an 'illness'. Court system is some kind of funny farm....

0 Dun Dunkin 16.12.15 7:54am
Dun Dunkin
I'm not a Eurosceptic by any means but ...

[url=].. I do like Daniel Hannan's quote from this.. [/url] [quote]And the Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan told the World at One that the UK was "banging...

10 Not Amused 15.12.15 2:06pm
Not Amused
Who buys products from spam? click here 0 Dun Dunkin 15.12.15 9:40am
Dun Dunkin
Brace yourselves for the 'Major Tim' headlines tomorrow

0 Scroat 15.12.15 9:23am
NB Chat Room Publishes A Post Which Is Not Tedious Spam, Promoting Crap

Nah, only kidding more & more spam on NB to follow, for ever ...

0 Titus 15.12.15 9:10am
If ISIS got hold of a nuke should we nuke ISIS land before they can use it?

putin raised the issue. Cameron tell us would you nuke first or wait till london was ashes?...

6 Dun Dunkin 14.12.15 7:15pm
I'm back

No, don't get up. You didn't notice did you? Oh, you don't remember me at all.. I took myself into the Alaskan wilderness to study the under the tutelage of a grand funny master in a hut made from...

21 Iroquois Pliskin 13.12.15 8:10pm
Did Trump do a Ratner and just destroy his business brand? 6 Dun Dunkin 12.12.15 11:38am
Al OPecia
wrong room 3 S J Roe 11.12.15 4:07pm
S J Roe
Choose a wreath fit for a Prime Minister

This was the subject line of a junk email from a local garden centre. They were selling front door Christmas decorations, one of which is like the one at 10 Downing Street last year. Oh dear...

1 Scroat 11.12.15 10:32am
Online tool to help comedy writers find connections and ideas

I put together a tool to find related words and find connections between unrelated words . I wrote it last year but recently put some more time into it to make it faster ( though it is still slow ).....

2 Dumbnews 10.12.15 9:14am