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i know it's early days

but the new star sytem doesn't seem to be very discriminating. people tend to end up with 5s or nothing. nice to see it back, tho and thanks to mr editor and ms nice admin lady...

12 PluckyMunky 08.03.10 9:22pm
Internet access is 'a fundamental right', I wonder if we can now invade any country with limited dial-up services and liberate them from their oppressive leaders...

5 gaijintendo 08.03.10 4:53pm
edward hack

Any nominations? Not me please...

23 Scroat 08.03.10 4:44pm
I'm trying to find....

the story about Tim Berners Lee being left on the train. Can anyone help please?...

3 Scroat 08.03.10 4:05pm
It's full of stars!

Good work Administrators/ettes. Nice way to get the scores front and centre. Now the race is on to see if the scores will get used...

0 John Square 08.03.10 1:33pm
John Square
This is brilliant check it out - sadly very true...

0 edward hack 08.03.10 1:10pm
edward hack
Yo Stan! 4 Des Custard 08.03.10 12:08pm

I think this is priceless. It has everything. Cycling Nazis, Boy Scouts, the lot. Ace.

0 Scroat 08.03.10 10:58am
Only on the Isle of Wight...

A COUPLE who met while walking their dogs, John Blanchard and Valerie June Rose, were married on the bridegroom’s birthday, at Northwood House, Cowes. A COUPLE who met while working for the...

3 Scroat 08.03.10 10:08am
John Square
Neat O Result

In my naivity, I thought we'd be looking at suggestiveness here, possibly even Oooh Matron. Nothing prepared me for the sheer depravity that resulted. Although there were only six entries, the...

5 Scroat 08.03.10 6:55am
edward hack
Top marks for FP image format continuity.

Triptych portraiture is [i]so[/i] today...

2 malgor 08.03.10 1:22am

Sunday 7th March:, The word for this week is STUMP. Entries, on a ten pound note, by next Saturday noon...

1 theumpire 07.03.10 3:37pm
battenburg is very expensive now

not having bought one for a few years, we paid £1.69 for one in Tesco's this morning...

22 PluckyMunky 07.03.10 2:23pm

FORUM » NEWSBISCUIT » WRITERS' ROOM, Quick links: NewsBiscuit Home • Chat Room • Writers Room From the "Chat Room" : Quick links: NewsBiscuit Home • Chat Room • Writer's Room...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 06.03.10 9:23am
Hunter F. Thompson

Latest news, please?...

5 sauce 06.03.10 2:40am
A Couple of items that might be of interest to aspiring comedy writers...

Sitcom Saturday RealDeal Theatre is looking for six 15-minute sitcoms for Sitcom Saturday, a professionally directed and acted script-in-hand rehearsed reading, open to the public, at Westminster...

2 editor 06.03.10 1:34am
Writer of the Month - Des Custard

Congratulations to Des Custard of Tunbridge Wells who was the runaway winner of February's Writer of the Month, with a very impressive nine front pages, not to mention a NIB or two along the way. Des...

22 editor 05.03.10 11:14pm
Lack of talent forces contributor to plead...

could someone with a bit of wit, intelligence, talent and flair do something with this, it's crying out for the NB treatment"US vote attacks Turkey 'genocide'" from the BBC website...

2 The All New Jeni B 05.03.10 6:18pm
A blast from the past

I'd just like to say thanks to whoever posted my 'welsh language made up' story as a NiB. I wrote that ages ago and was pleasently surprised to see it resurrected - it's made my week. Seriously it...

0 Mrblacker 05.03.10 4:46pm
Lovely FP Genghis - Praise the Lord

Resurrection soon...

2 Ludicity 05.03.10 3:34pm
Genghis Cohen
Mystery Behind Dinosaur Demise 'Revealed'

From Sky News. 'The asteroid - about the size of the Isle of Wight' ANYONE got time to play with this ??...

1 MADJEZ 05.03.10 3:11pm
The spokesman for the FAA was unavailable for comment this evening

as it's past 9pm on a school night. [url=]Another case of NB predicting Truebiscuit? [/url] I have a vague recollection of something in a...

3 AdrianJ 05.03.10 1:59pm
Corporate life

Friends- I have just come from my quarterly corporate lunch briefing, and I have this to share with you. As background, I work in the public sector, so none of what follows is because people were...

7 John Square 05.03.10 11:25am
TrueBiscuit - The headline alone is quite brilliant !

8 Stan 05.03.10 8:09am
Isle of Wight News goes missing

Chaos ensued late last night when NewsBiscuit's Isle of Wight news page went missing. Readers of the satirical website were unable to reach their favourite stories of the nation's largest offshore...

0 theumpire 05.03.10 2:03am
My new tag is "Separated by a coma".

Fists of Fury is so February, 2010...

2 rikkor 04.03.10 11:50pm
Lord Voldemort denies ever being in the Bullingdon Club 0 euankitson 04.03.10 11:07pm
>>> NEAT O

For newcomers, this works as follows. The setter, in this case me, provides a word which has to be incorporated into a submission. You'll pick it up as you reads submissions. If there are any. You...

6 Scroat 04.03.10 10:39pm
Love the hosepipe tangler

Hosepipe tangler story is inspired...

0 ronseal 04.03.10 8:55pm
Fine Kay Burley FP, Ludo.

Funny and entirely plausible...

3 Stan 04.03.10 8:33pm
Des Custard