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Dear Nice Admin Lady...

I know you've got a lot on, but when do you envisage completing the switchover to the new forums, ie losing the old ones? Just wondered really. You're doing a grand job...

2 Scroat 23.02.10 11:06pm
This one's crying out for biscuitification

[url=]BBC demotes Royal Family members on 'death list'[/url] If only my brain was working at the moment...

2 jp1885 22.02.10 11:48pm
So now we've got gravatars,

is it time to vote for the member with the stupiest? I suggest using the current NB system, this leading to further arguements...

1 Mrblacker 20.02.10 2:38pm
Dining experience truebiscuit

1 sauce 20.02.10 2:35pm
Thank you, F of F Friends!

I have made it to the blue box. You are all the wind beneath my wings...

6 rikkor 19.02.10 11:29pm
The All New Jeni B
Click on Nice Admin. Lady's avatar (photo).

It takes you to the old NB front page. Extensive testing (three half-assed tests, actually)has proved that her avatar is unique in this power...

1 rikkor 19.02.10 7:24pm
Nice Admin Lady is Revealed

With the revealing of avatars I thought I should create a proper account for myself. I will set up a 'How to' guide for how to use them, but hello, this is me. (The tech and admin people had been...

4 Nice Admin Lady 19.02.10 6:34pm
Mayan "Long Count" Calendar

Just had to tell a NB newbie (great writer!) that adding Fists of Fury as the tag line to every post is de rigeur. It is the only known method to avert the world-wide devastation that will occur at...

0 rikkor 19.02.10 5:51pm
Gravatar "sticky" topic should be...

titled "Add a profile pic using Gravatar". I believe this will stop annoying questions like mine re: this topic...

0 rikkor 19.02.10 5:37pm
J'Accuse (myself)! Starting to like NB Nouveau.

I was wrong and stuck in my old ways. Try the avatar and private message features. And remember: always add "Fists of Fury" as your message tag. The whole new system may work without this added...

0 rikkor 19.02.10 3:18pm
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be

Do you like me avatar? A little trip down memory lane. In those days, 160Mb hard drive and 12Mb of RAM...

4 Scroat 19.02.10 3:08pm
Go to Gravatar site to add profile picture to NB.

Nice Admin. Lady said that she would set up a FAQ. But, it's more than easy. Type Gravatar into search, follow instructions there. Have to use same email as in your NB profile. Takes 5-10 minutes...

0 rikkor 19.02.10 3:00pm
How do I add a picture to my profile? 4 rikkor 19.02.10 2:52pm
Fists of Fury

Just wanted to see if this shows up in the little blue box. Chat is dying a slow, painful death. Luckily, I have almost nothing better to do...

10 rikkor 19.02.10 11:41am
Nice Admin Lady
I bet this was designed by a woman

or a chap who thinks Doris Day is absolutely adorable. Everything in its place in tidy, neat compartments. Has it got its own nag?-Put your posts in the right drawer. Pick your dirty words off the...

6 ramblesid 19.02.10 12:03am
Mr Hack! Where have you been?

We have all been worried about you...

8 PluckyMunky 19.02.10 12:01am
Hello everyone! I got in!

I hope it is as pleasant here as at the old place. It is nice to see you again, Scroaty. Now we just have to track down Mr Hack...

5 PluckyMunky 18.02.10 7:10pm
Mr Hack! Where have you been?

We have all been worried about you...

0 PluckyMunky 18.02.10 6:48pm
Oooohh! Ooohhh!!

I've just noticed that underneath our names on our posts it now tells whether we are on or offline!, Excellent. (NB This contributor is always most amused by trivial things like this, and it is in...

4 The All New Jeni B 18.02.10 5:31pm
The All New Jeni B
Currency exchange bureaux eat your hearts out - we have a £ sign!

USD, GBP, JPY are so NB mark 1. If there's only one reason to vote in favour of /forum, then this must be it:, [center][size=12]£[/size][/center]...

17 malgor 16.02.10 11:02pm

Yay, the curling starts today - I've got chums in both the men's and the women's teams, so I'll be glued, I tell you, glued to that screen, wishing I was there. Go Team GB, and all that., Do make...

7 allmyownstunts 16.02.10 6:34pm
the coarse whisperer
The austerities of Lent...

Why seekest thou me here? Seek me not among the living. With the holy season of Lent approaching, I feel that I may have to half my posts and ripostes. I may be so caught up in penances that my...

2 rikkor 16.02.10 2:52pm

ok so there's probably a good reason for the move but for heavens sake move the IDs too. How do I know I'm me?...

3 andhrimnir 16.02.10 10:23am
The All New Jeni B
Finally made it...

and [size=+2] didn't have to revert to my alter [size=+2] EGO. Playing[s]with [/s]effects and stuff[list=1]and [/list]cant[list=1]get[*]my [center]head straight...

1 Jammydodgers 15.02.10 7:14pm
What about adding a private chat function?

for those of us (alright, me) who'd like to flirt without making tits of themselves?...

1 Mrblacker 15.02.10 3:37pm
My 10,000 junk emails

Following this debacle last weekend, realised yesterday that I hadn't erased all these messages. Knuckled down yesterday afternoon and managed to delete them, and things are back to normal. A...

0 Scroat 15.02.10 8:47am
Hello Biscuiteers...

Welcome to the new chatroom. Obviously we are hoping to decorate it in here - get some pictures up on the wall etc, but thought you might like a nose around before the builders left If I had more...

29 editor 14.02.10 4:17pm
up as well as down

Just to add to the wish-list (sorry to be a pest but): Please can we have a "back to top" button or similar on each post of a topic (or have I missed it?) Thanks for the "last post" link at the top...

1 sauce 14.02.10 3:38pm
I'm being thick - how do you edit posts you've already submitted? 8 jp1885 14.02.10 2:36pm
Who wants an avatar?

The very nice Admin lady says it's possible to have little avatar thingies under our names, and if we want them, to petition her so I thought I'd kick things off because I want one., Preferably one...

9 The All New Jeni B 14.02.10 2:33pm