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Just been over to 'the other side'

It's still there, looks a bit threadbare. Not much happening. Some tumbleweed just went past. So most seem to have come over here...

0 Scroat 01.03.10 3:57pm
I'm on the front page!

Yes I know your not meant to publicize yourself but seeing as my last one was about 2 years ago I can't help but feel chuffed. My life is no longer abject failure. grr, I'm a Tiger and all that...

1 RichT 01.03.10 3:39pm
for the more brave: my favourite piano concerto: bartok's 2nd. 1st movement

6 PluckyMunky 01.03.10 5:51am
Quick links is now "Writers room". Getting closer!

Just throw an apostrophe in at the end of "writers" and you'll be there...

9 rikkor 01.03.10 12:34am
Writers' Room held hostage: Day 17.

A nation mourns...

7 rikkor 28.02.10 9:48pm
Twitter writer in horror car crash

0 ronseal 28.02.10 6:34pm
a song from one of America's greatest:. charles ives you will either like it or not. i love it...

1 PluckyMunky 28.02.10 3:36pm
Losing my mind yet again.

Did I just imagine it, or was there also an earthquake (7.3) off the coast of Okanawa in Japan last night? I [i]know[/i] I read it on the BBC site last night, but now, there is no trace of it...

3 The All New Jeni B 28.02.10 7:18am

Mr Hack's rather lovely sardine story next door reminded me of the game of cyber sardines we played in my "bedroom" way back when I was a relative newbie. I don't think there's too many of the...

0 The All New Jeni B 27.02.10 8:17pm
The All New Jeni B
Did Lavinia Humphries die

or did I just miss her when I was in China?...

4 andhrimnir 27.02.10 6:17pm

if anyone want's t know how my broken shoulder is: it isn't very nice...

26 PluckyMunky 27.02.10 5:49pm
Blatant nepotism alert!

Dear gang, Hear ye, hear ye - episode 2 of my brother's podcast, The Snow Globe, is now online at...

0 jp1885 27.02.10 4:38pm
Quick Links: "Writer's Room" is back!

It's "Writers' Room"...

6 rikkor 27.02.10 4:01pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Nice to see Edward's Sardine piece make the NIBs

I like that one a lot...

1 wallster 27.02.10 3:35pm
Why we can't let the Tories win the next election

Some smartarse here will post a 'Toff at the top' headline...

3 Scroat 27.02.10 2:53pm
Tiger Woods loses Gatorade sponsorship.

Surely someone with 6 mistresses on the go is a perfect role model for an energy drink !...

0 MADJEZ 27.02.10 10:17am
Newsbiscuit's parallel Universe. . .

For a few scary seconds this morning, a casual click on Chat saw me take a warp-drive leap into what looked like the old NB website, and it was populated by very recent posts complaining that the new...

0 bang2rights 27.02.10 8:30am
A trip down memory lane - remember this?

Woman's Hour, Anyone catch this yesterday? Just the usual stuff about periods being a nuisance, and the embarrassing side-effects of poking a clove of garlic up your bum., Really. I kid you not.,...

1 Scroat 26.02.10 11:10pm
According to the Writer's Room I have 'one voice'...

how do they know? I do an excellent Michael Crawford "Oooh Betty!"...

0 riesler 26.02.10 9:39pm
Little does she know that I know that she knows that I know she's two timing me

Once you get a catchy song like that in your head it can be very hard to remove...

2 Des Custard 26.02.10 9:27pm
Does anybody know what happened to Writer Ken from Brighton

He was NB's very own Barbara Cartland - a regular contributor at one time...

6 edward hack 26.02.10 7:03pm
How to see who's on NB (it rhymes!)

Hit "private messages", tells you everyone who's on that moment...

1 rikkor 26.02.10 4:42pm
Des Custard
Des, vy. nice W. Side Story FP.

Vy clever. Don't know how to vote anymore, otherwise I would have given it two 5's...

1 rikkor 26.02.10 4:40pm
Des Custard

I'm going to tentatively start a new thread called TotW each Friday. Current favourite is Nigel Barrage...

8 Scroat 26.02.10 10:51am
The All New Jeni B
Getting better every day

Our new home is shaping up nicely - every time I pop in, someone's unpacked another box or put out some pot pourri. Well done all concerned, we salute you. Now either we have been treated to an...

14 Mary Evans 26.02.10 10:03am
Mary Evans
Great LA today, GC

I particularly like it because I actually live in a place called 'West Bank' - not [i]the [/i]West Bank (as it's in Scarborough) - and have had literally years of fun marking envelopes addressed to...

1 malgor 26.02.10 8:50am
Genghis Cohen
Hello, my name's Reg Dwight and I'm an idiot.

Is this a meeting of "burnt-out old fags anonymous?"...

6 regdwight 26.02.10 7:25am
Fists of Fury-licious blue box now missing.

I will be Bobby Sands-ing it until it returns...

7 rikkor 26.02.10 6:53am
Do you like my greenhouse?

9 Scroat 25.02.10 6:51pm
The All New Jeni B
Excuse me nice admin lady but

why does my 'gravatar' appear on my profile but not on my posts?...

7 wallster 25.02.10 5:13pm
edward hack