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Does anybody know what happened to Writer Ken from Brighton

He was NB's very own Barbara Cartland - a regular contributor at one time...

6 edward hack 26.02.10 7:03pm
How to see who's on NB (it rhymes!)

Hit "private messages", tells you everyone who's on that moment...

1 rikkor 26.02.10 4:42pm
Des Custard
Des, vy. nice W. Side Story FP.

Vy clever. Don't know how to vote anymore, otherwise I would have given it two 5's...

1 rikkor 26.02.10 4:40pm
Des Custard

I'm going to tentatively start a new thread called TotW each Friday. Current favourite is Nigel Barrage...

8 Scroat 26.02.10 10:51am
The All New Jeni B
Getting better every day

Our new home is shaping up nicely - every time I pop in, someone's unpacked another box or put out some pot pourri. Well done all concerned, we salute you. Now either we have been treated to an...

14 Mary Evans 26.02.10 10:03am
Mary Evans
Great LA today, GC

I particularly like it because I actually live in a place called 'West Bank' - not [i]the [/i]West Bank (as it's in Scarborough) - and have had literally years of fun marking envelopes addressed to...

1 malgor 26.02.10 8:50am
Genghis Cohen
Hello, my name's Reg Dwight and I'm an idiot.

Is this a meeting of "burnt-out old fags anonymous?"...

6 regdwight 26.02.10 7:25am
Fists of Fury-licious blue box now missing.

I will be Bobby Sands-ing it until it returns...

7 rikkor 26.02.10 6:53am
Do you like my greenhouse?

9 Scroat 25.02.10 6:51pm
The All New Jeni B
Excuse me nice admin lady but

why does my 'gravatar' appear on my profile but not on my posts?...

7 wallster 25.02.10 5:13pm
edward hack
Last Poster

Is there a way to permanently credit the actual poster of the sub itself, rather than the latest commentator on the sub.or am I not pressing the right buttons., Maybe insert (name tag) at beginning...

5 edward hack 25.02.10 4:10pm
Error 404 - Not Found

Damn - we've lost that bloody error again. And just when I wanted to read more subs by "guest"...

0 theumpire 25.02.10 4:03pm
Great FP Ludo

'Unsightly creasing' is almost poetic...

8 Scroat 25.02.10 3:56pm
**** NEAT O ****

Discussed this with Mr. Hack this morning, and I have volunteered to bring the Neat O back. Probably on Sunday. I'll do a post in the chat room, and then all Neat O entrants can be replies. This...

4 Scroat 25.02.10 8:45am
edward hack
"Drunk Man Straddled Aeroplane"

The Chandos Christmas night out has finally hit the press:, Especially nice bit:, "Police on high alert arrived to find one of...

4 allmyownstunts 25.02.10 8:13am
edward hack
one liners vs longer pieces

Would it be possible to somehow distinguish pieces that are just a title from those that contain body text? Saves clicking on non-existant stuff...

8 sauce 24.02.10 11:55pm
Changed Password

I just changed my password and my new one is adjudged "good". That's the best mark I have ever got for any of my NB submissions...

2 theumpire 24.02.10 8:30pm
fun and games
Comment on new layout...

I get this new lay out, and think there's good ways to have structured discussions. A half-formed thought though Wondering if there is any way to introduce some sort of live update (RSS feed?) as a...

6 Jammydodgers 24.02.10 5:39pm
Ian Searle
how do you delete items on here, please?

i submitted the last one twice, by mistake...

0 PluckyMunky 24.02.10 5:13pm
i don't want to be nasty or nothing

we all have stories to tell but why should we be interested in the Coles?...

3 PluckyMunky 24.02.10 4:29pm
Can anyone direct me to the Post up a Story room please?

I know, I should have listened when they were telling us about these changes...

2 ronseal 24.02.10 11:41am
Bad news for Alistair Darling.

John Prescott has threatened to unleash the forces of Hull upon him...

0 jacques 24.02.10 11:35am
Blimey ... are we here for real now?

Like the quick links at the top - ty. btw, good FP, Mr Hack. I managed to read it, and laugh (no one on the left wing - v good), despite footie theme...

2 sauce 24.02.10 11:35am
Well done Mr. Hack!

Great FP - well done on popping your Newsbiscuit cherry!...

10 jp1885 24.02.10 11:33am
Dear Nice Admin Lady...

I know you've got a lot on, but when do you envisage completing the switchover to the new forums, ie losing the old ones? Just wondered really. You're doing a grand job...

2 Scroat 23.02.10 11:06pm
This one's crying out for biscuitification

[url=]BBC demotes Royal Family members on 'death list'[/url] If only my brain was working at the moment...

2 jp1885 22.02.10 11:48pm
So now we've got gravatars,

is it time to vote for the member with the stupiest? I suggest using the current NB system, this leading to further arguements...

1 Mrblacker 20.02.10 2:38pm
Dining experience truebiscuit

1 sauce 20.02.10 2:35pm
Thank you, F of F Friends!

I have made it to the blue box. You are all the wind beneath my wings...

6 rikkor 19.02.10 11:29pm
The All New Jeni B
Click on Nice Admin. Lady's avatar (photo).

It takes you to the old NB front page. Extensive testing (three half-assed tests, actually)has proved that her avatar is unique in this power...

1 rikkor 19.02.10 7:24pm