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Goldman Sachs

[url=]Excuses, excuses: The Top Ten by goldie[/url]...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 28.04.10 7:21pm
Hunter F. Thompson
A rant about journalists

After sedating the fraggles last night, Mr Mary and I took to our sofa for our customary late Sunday cuddle with the papers (it's okay, we are married). I was pleased to see the lead article in the...

25 Mary Evans 28.04.10 5:42pm
Very strong Home Page today

they are all crackers - don't miss ticker from dom-mcg...

2 edward hack 28.04.10 10:53am
Genghis Cohen
Who is your guitar hero?

I'm learning 'I Am Lonely, I am Lost' by Bert Jansch which is a beautiful song. I'm having to learn new chord shapes and a new fingerpicking style for this. Quite a shock to the system after all...

26 Scroat 28.04.10 10:19am
Zadok the second
NB freecycle

Anyone else subscribe to these local entertainments? We get rid of odds and ends of computer equipment and so on. I'm contemplating offering the kids, as no one bid on eBay. [quote]wanted: house...

6 sauce 27.04.10 6:17pm
What's happened to NewsArse??

Just went in and apparently 'this account has been suspended'. Have they gone bust? I know it's not a patch on this site but there have been some funny moments, notably when the US Masters decided to...

4 Oxbridge 27.04.10 1:57pm
BNP Party Political Broadcast

Some of the most toe curling telly I've seen in years. You'd be hard pressed to produce a better short film to show all the reasons NOT to vote BNP. All Nick Griffin lacked was the toothbrush...

6 wallster 27.04.10 1:53pm
Harry Potter: casting of "Extremelysmellyanus" spell cause of unpopularity 1 simonjmr 27.04.10 1:44pm
Mr Gor, can you help?

You seem to be clued up about stuff. Can you answer my query, below, please?...

2 PluckyMunky 26.04.10 6:32pm
Oh. My. God.

Watch out for St. George at the end. Priceless....

1 Scroat 26.04.10 6:25pm
i don't understand

i get loads of 'small grey' articles on the front page, but never ever headliners. Why is this? I don't think that all my articles are 'funny but not that funny'. Are they just a bit too short? ...

14 ED209 26.04.10 5:43pm
The All New Jeni B
Bruce Willis: Large Hadron Collider Discovers the Fifth Element, Surprise

The Large Hadron Collider yesterday uncovered the existence of a previously overlooked new element besides the more well-known and widely accepted list of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. At a press...

5 gafflegates 26.04.10 4:15pm

Given that I am currently bored, I wondered if we could have a section on interesting uses for a biscuit in popular culture and the real world. This was triggered by my first nomination : Doctor Who...

22 MADJEZ 26.04.10 3:34pm
Is there nothing these bastards won't claim expenses for .


0 MADJEZ 26.04.10 10:51am
Guilty pleasures

The Guardian supplement on Saturdays has a brief interview, with someone more or less well-known, in which one of the questions is "What is your guiltiest pleasure?" As it's a family magazine, the...

22 MrChigleysAunt 26.04.10 8:38am
Mary Evans
Grab your green eyeshade, and crank up your PC by Merchant Ivory

[url=]The Victorian Gearless Desktop Thinking Device.[/url] [Scroll down the page]...

6 Hunter F. Thompson 25.04.10 10:37pm
Another markless day

I have zero points again today. I suppose it highlights the need for subs to be amusing, really. Bless us all. I hope all are well...

5 PluckyMunky 25.04.10 9:12pm
ISIHAC Remembered

Having exhausted my creative juices with a meagre, measly, unfunny contribution to NEAT-O, I turned this evening to YouTube for a little light relief. Imagine my joy to find hours of ISIHAC, just...

0 theumpire 25.04.10 8:29pm
Fight for fairness....I wish

New Labour style,, Blairs estimated personal fortune stands at around £18million, Labour's overall debt stands at around £18million,...

1 edward hack 25.04.10 4:25pm
A question about seeing Paul McCartney

Me and Mrs Munky want to go to his concert at the Millenium Stadium, in June. On the net, I have been quoted £100 a ticket, by seemingly reputable sites. I admit to not having been to a big gig for...

4 PluckyMunky 25.04.10 2:27pm
Do we have a Biscuiteer in the FO?

[url=]Just don't let him anywhere near the kids[/url]...

4 AdrianJ 25.04.10 9:37am
Kids twisted lyrics

Im sure Im not alone to have a sprog making up their own words to tunes. Mrs P-R and I often comment on "Poppadom Bridge" (Poppa dont Preach) and from Love the Thought by Simply Red "like a little...

13 brownpaperreporter 24.04.10 11:10pm
What are you doing at the moment?

I am typing a vacuous question in the chat room of NB...

16 PluckyMunky 24.04.10 6:28pm
The All New Jeni B
Excellent FP Stoopy. Back with a vengence.

'..futility of struggle..' more please...

0 saltire 24.04.10 5:15am
NEAT-O Challenge Winner - Life begns at Forty

The final three are andhrimnir - 10 Across: Scores held after ale binge fist mixup (4,6,2,5), edward hack for his batchelor tipped man nostalgia, Basil_B - Life begins at 40 but if your lucky you...

3 simonjmr 23.04.10 9:30pm
Truebiscuit- IOW and David Icke and Satanism

Just have a look here:

2 fernandomando 23.04.10 7:59pm
A few of us have discussed these boys...

and I think we should adopt them as the "house" band.

7 The All New Jeni B 23.04.10 6:07pm
The All New Jeni B
Idiot posts in wrong section. 1 Ludicity 23.04.10 5:31pm
Great FP Genghis

I see Ryanair are refusing to cover all their passengers' ash incured costs, despite EU legislation. I do so hope the government - or SOMEONE - takes the arses to court...

8 sauce 23.04.10 12:42pm
Newsbiscuit merchandise.

I do think the 'Error 404 - Not Found' logo on the new mugs is a bit confusing ! Hope its only termporary. How is the search coming ? I'm not nearly talented enough to come up with one but if anyone...

0 MADJEZ 23.04.10 10:41am