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Tiger Woods to bed many females "available for short time period only"...

.before the lawyers get involved. [url][/url]...

0 thackaray 22.03.10 6:09pm
Monkey Dust

This has probably been mentioned already, but try this:

1 Scroat 22.03.10 5:19pm
edward hack
That's a slightly disturbing pic today, Red

I can't help but wonder where William Hague's right hand is...

3 wallster 22.03.10 3:14pm
Adrian J - we salute you

For your meticulous detail to amusement. If it wasn't so wonderfully written I'd have suspicions that you have experience of accounts...

4 fun and games 22.03.10 12:11pm

Quick, before it sells or the ad gets removed.

3 Iscariot 22.03.10 7:30am
Further decline in education spotted.

I've been a tad busy this weekend, but had to let you know about a conversation I had with one of the Deputy Heads at the school where I work. Chatting in the staff room on Friday about a set of...

2 The All New Jeni B 22.03.10 1:36am
Missing NEAT-O result 20/03/2010

Has anyone seen Scroat today? He should have passed judgement on the "aardvark" NEAT-O by now. Perhaps something awful has happened...

3 theumpire 21.03.10 9:19pm
Budget Week Certainties: Death, Taxes and another Catholic child abuse scandal

Budget Week Certainties: Death, Taxes and another Catholic child abuse scandal...

0 hippogriff 21.03.10 8:27pm
French win: O2 sponsored England, RBS, la France

[url=]Insult to injury?[/url] Or the other way round?...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 21.03.10 12:03pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Odes to a knobhead

Lithuanian Marium Varinauskas, Thought he was handy with his proboscis, But the copper was ticked, Marium got nicked, And now he's stopped drinking those vodkas. There was a young man with a...

14 Scroat 20.03.10 6:43pm
Mastemind Part Deux

It is hereby announced that Oxy's semi-final of Mastermind is now apparently on Friday 2 April on BBC 2 at 8 p.m. Unless they change it again - it was originally not till 7 May. A check on the...

10 Oxbridge 20.03.10 4:37pm
The All New Jeni B
What a great FP Stoopy

And a great pic from Red. Top notch...

2 Scroat 20.03.10 2:23pm
Des Custard

A no brainer this week. It has to be any of the geeks at Microsoft who picked up on the NB story...

3 Scroat 20.03.10 1:33pm
If you like Taxi Driver, and you're driven mad by stupid rom-com film trailers

You'll love this

0 StoopyDeGunt 20.03.10 11:06am
Microsoft user group BELIEVE Newsbiscuit FP.

Friend of mine emailed this to me. It appears to be a bunch of techy geeks getting confused over the excellent FP 'Microsoft admits Windows Updates principally created to annoy'. ...

2 MADJEZ 20.03.10 10:36am
John Square
If it's Saturday it must be Bournemouth.

Isn't it this weekend ? It's all gone very quiet of late., Well unfortunately due to having a rather embarrassing birthday on the Sunday (you can all sing for me after midnight) my family have taken...

6 MADJEZ 20.03.10 9:47am
GAME: Trufax! - 2

Tell us an amazing fact about yourself...

51 John Square 20.03.10 9:31am
Gobby sort

Eeeek - was on Five Live Breakfast show this morning, talking about children on TV and found myself in a rather intense debate with Nina Steele, mother of Holly Steele, who famously burst into tears...

18 Mary Evans 20.03.10 5:42am
Gay Troops story


0 MADJEZ 19.03.10 2:52pm
A compaint to the Editor.

Dear Mr Ed (wasn't that a horse ?),, As I am currently working from home it is very difficult to persuade my other half that I've been really really busy when you go and put my inane ramblings up on...

7 MADJEZ 19.03.10 11:52am
Bloody hellfire... - 2

You turn your back for a day or two and when I return I am greeted by two virtual women having a snog on the Chat board. Jen, Stunts, is this you drumming up a bit of extra business? Or has the site...

33 Mary Evans 19.03.10 9:02am
The All New Jeni B
Love the Kate Winslett aspiration front page. Painfully accurate.

Obviously, I don't think that way., Hell no., It's those other saddos I feel sorry for...

4 StoopyDeGunt 19.03.10 6:40am
Hunter F. Thompson
Has anyone got a cure

for a bad case of the crabs . . .

3 theumpire 19.03.10 3:42am
Truebiscuit (Man assaulted female police officer with penis).

A real tea-snorter. [url=]BBC Newspenis[/url] At the risk of feeling inadequate, exactly how BIG was his penis (obviously if he was that...

5 MADJEZ 18.03.10 9:45pm
does anyone know about quarantine?

miss munky's dog may have to go into q. in SA. can owners visit thei animals durin this period?...

2 PluckyMunky 18.03.10 4:54pm
Pushy, domineering Vegan dubbed Alfalfa Woman

Scotland Yard's crack naming unit has finally come up with a handle for a 'most wanted' domineering Vegan who always seems to be first in the queue for everything. CNU19 (crack naming unit 19) is...

0 StoopyDeGunt 18.03.10 1:49pm

i am fed up with my shoulder. it hurts. it's just as well i never complain...

9 PluckyMunky 18.03.10 1:20pm
Kate Winslet FP / Truebiscuit

Great job jp1885, but look whats FP of todays Daily Star. If only you'd chosen Cheryl Cole that would have been really spooky, sounds like she's after a middle aged batchelor from Dudley....

1 MADJEZ 18.03.10 12:38pm
This is bloody genius

[url=]It's the dog's[/url]...

2 wallster 18.03.10 12:10pm
edward hack
Unfortunate Phrase in Beeb Story

Not sure if anyone else caught this, but in the [url=]BBC story about the Mephedrone review[/url], National Association of Headteachers spokesman said "The...

1 Dai_Happy 18.03.10 9:35am