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Went to the recording of radio 4 sketch show last night

The producer of Recorded for Training Purposes (a radio 4 sketch show) emailed to say my sketch was in the running to be used. Of course, it wasn't. So getting off work and schlepping up into...

3 ronseal 14.03.10 11:32am
My ass hurts!

Not really. Just hoping to start a string of three thousand pointless back-and-forth pleasantries...

13 rikkor 13.03.10 8:13pm
My diflucan order all effed up.

I ordered the super-saver package for US$769. When it was delivered, no diflucan! all I got was 3 kilos of hospital-grade cocaine. What's up, Newsbiscuit?...

3 rikkor 13.03.10 4:08pm
Drop-down list on the Tags page

Bottom left of the Tags page is a drop-down list - choice of Newsbiscuit, Chat or Writers' Room. This looks useful, but doesn't actually take you anywhere. If this is site under construction, where...

0 theumpire 13.03.10 4:44am
Is NB getting spammed?

WHAT'S ALL THIS THEN? SPAM?* Those items are not in the Chat Room or in the Writers' Room. Only accessible by clicking the 'NEWSBISCUIT' link located after FORUM >> at the top of the page?...

7 malgor 12.03.10 11:32pm
Female porn director to be Lib Dem candidate for Gravesham

She is a banker really but thought it would offend people

1 riesler 12.03.10 9:33pm
My Goodness, not many votes being cast

Are they rationed or are we being charged for them?, Always beats me how some folk take the time to leave a comment but can't be bothered to give it a mark...

5 ramblesid 12.03.10 8:41pm
Re today's FP ; To medal or not to medal ?

Well done Adrian. Good FP but for that f****** 'verb'...

8 saltire 12.03.10 8:37pm
Psychic show cancelled due to unforseen circumstances

0 virtuallywill 12.03.10 5:28pm
What happened to the Forum and the blue box...

and all the bad misuse of apostrophes? I feel all lost...

2 rikkor 12.03.10 2:24pm
Another crank comment: Top 10 Subs missing (isn't it?)

Much more difficult to sort through all the dross when seeking gold...

2 rikkor 12.03.10 2:19pm
Happy Birthday...

You old scroat...

11 wallster 12.03.10 12:20pm
I still can't get used to this new place...

so I haven't posted a thing (well one) since the 'change'. I feel like I've wandered into my favourite boozer, The Kings Head or the like, and find that the comfy chairs are gone, replaced with...

16 Nick McCarr 12.03.10 8:52am
Radio 2 Comedy

Just rec'd this link, in case you're interested

2 Stan 11.03.10 10:34pm
Nice Admin Lady, I have a question for you.

I have just received a valuable training video entitled "Sexual Harassment At Work", which it might be helpful to place among your FAQ's in the Guidance for Contributors. I would like to email it to...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 11.03.10 9:53pm
delete: how do you do it? 0 PluckyMunky 11.03.10 5:25pm
Pink Flloyds Bank

Pink Flloyds TSB bonus bonanza row after winning EMI court battle...

0 Crow 11.03.10 5:03pm

Please, pretty please all you competition enterers - can you submit the STUMP entries here. Else your umpire will have to trawl the entire website searching for your works; while that may indeed be...

8 theumpire 11.03.10 4:00pm
Mandy insists Cabinet take out Insurance for fear of dangerous PM

Following the furore over dog insurance in the quite extraordinary belief that it will lead to a safer society, The Spin Master General, Peter Mandyson, announced this morning that "in a veiled...

0 Lord Lucan 11.03.10 1:16pm
Lord Lucan
Can anyone explain to me

the tags system, How it works, what it does and what it is supposed to do? I'm stumped...

3 theumpire 11.03.10 11:53am
McGuiness denies that Continuity IRA are just the "voices in his head". 3 11.03.10 9:34am
The Bob Geldof/Live Aid/weapons thingy

A representative of the Geldof camp has just been on Radio 4 condemning the BBC for carrying a story based on information from "people who have an axe to grind." Correct me if I'm wrong, but if an...

4 Scroat 10.03.10 11:12pm
The All New Jeni B
hello everyone!

i hope that all is well. jenni, sauce, stunts and shitsu are you all well? And ram and and all? i scored a nice round 0 on the writers' board, today, which is always fun. i am amusing myself...

20 PluckyMunky 10.03.10 10:24pm
another day , another zero

i slave for hours over these carefully crafted submissions. and yet it seems that they are not the side-splitters, nor the crowd pleasers that one would have hoped for. at least, under the old...

1 PluckyMunky 10.03.10 9:25pm
asda in new 'workhouse' initiative shock...

[url=]Asda offers teenagers 'real work'.[/url] No mention of 'real money'...

1 Zadok the second 10.03.10 6:52pm
Hunter F. Thompson
oh wow!

after my premature complaint, i have a 5! thanks, guysi am tired and emotional nowthanks to my family and love to all who know meplucky xxx...

3 PluckyMunky 10.03.10 6:46pm
Sapristi! Great FP Wallster

Especially liked Jenny Taylor, if this was intentional. Nice pic too from Red. It's got the lot really...

9 Scroat 10.03.10 6:08pm
edward hack
Does Daniel Finkelstein read newsbiscuit?

My uncanny comedy genius one week ago [url=]here[/url] his derivative column 3 days ago...

3 the coarse whisperer 10.03.10 5:56pm
Calling some folks "sub-literate baftards" makes them all...

testy and retributionishy...

10 rikkor 10.03.10 1:43pm
BaFtard is the Olde English way...

of expressing "bastard". I was trying to be amusing. I don't get the "faucet" thing. Do you call it a "tap" or something?...

7 rikkor 10.03.10 12:51pm
Zadok the second