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What is your least impressive boast?

Following on from the success of the least impressive celebrity encounter, what is your least impressive achievement? Can it compete with my Butlin's cup for diving off the top board in 1965?...

17 riesler 24.06.17 1:37pm
Just been to a heartening talk by A.C.Grayling - Brexit is off! - 2

Fab stuff. The wheels have fallen off of the Brexit bus. Watch this space!...

47 Al OPecia 24.06.17 8:56am
Al OPecia
Remainers To Celebrate Anniversary Of Independence Day By Demanding A Recount 4 Titus 24.06.17 8:33am
'Run Over By a Bus'

Why do people, when discussing an unexpected demise or the possibility thereof, frequently mention 'being run over by a bus'? I recognise that buses are large and that being run over by one could...

0 Titus 24.06.17 8:11am
UK Brexit Negotiating Team assemble for a photoshoot.

1 Al OPecia 24.06.17 7:11am
What happened to the Day of Rage ...

when The People were going to rise up against the oppressive elite / Ruling Classes and by opposing, end them? Did it shut down London? What [i]did[/i] happen? Has there been an organised cover-up...

8 Titus 24.06.17 7:09am
what is 'terrorism' as opposed to 'hate crime', 'racism' etc. ?

I think dictionary definitions have been left behind, and certainly in the US there are court cases which may clarify there 'Terrorism' seems to have become loaded with a PR overtone. To my mind,...

16 cinquecento 23.06.17 8:49pm
Corbyn & May: Which is the Rock, and Which is the Hard Place?

Which is the lesser of the two wevils?...

3 Titus 23.06.17 4:56pm
Has this site always been like this?

Both left and right baiting each other? "Fuck you." "No fuck you!" It's so very boring What you lot need to realize is both the left and right are as bad as each other. Full stop...

22 Mr Charley 23.06.17 11:50am

Mind you couldn't get into writer room just now. Full of sub...

2 beau-jolly 23.06.17 11:45am
Welsh Film Puns

Not sure if already been done, but in case not, here we go, fun in the sun Dai Hard, Pale Rhayader, The Cruel Swansea, Moldfinger, Silent Rhyl, Dial M for Merthyr, How the haverfordwest was...

22 NotNowCato 22.06.17 10:44pm
Mr Target
Have you noticed that every country has its 'indigenous' people? At some stage -

- they must have had a massive empire. Oh yeah, they don't mention that do they?...

0 ronseal 21.06.17 7:02pm
Next PM?

I think most agree that May will not be allowed to enter another General Election. So, who are our odds on favorites? Corbyn has a good chance, provided the Conservatives do not rally behind a 'safe...

21 Wrenfoe 21.06.17 9:55am
Which would be the best football manager: Hitler, Stalin or Gandhi?

Hitler was apparently a gifted orator and gave some crowd pleasing speeches. No, no, I'm not excusing what he did, you must know that by now. The thing is, he seemed to be able to get people to do...

22 ronseal 20.06.17 4:32pm
I'm a PissAnt....Get Me Out of Here 5 Gerontius 20.06.17 2:35pm
Nothing like a good Mosque attack to take the focus off Tower Block scandals

Eh, Sadiq?...

3 beckfordburger 20.06.17 1:34pm
Have you noticed how these days the terrorism season gets longer and longer? 3 ronseal 19.06.17 2:39pm
Dick Everyman
The fascinating topic of Brits discussing gun deaths in the USA

Hi, I'm fascinated by Brits who insist on discussing gun deaths in the USA. Who wouldn't be? So I thought I'd start a discussion thread on the subject. All welcome...

13 deceangli 19.06.17 1:47pm
American Gun Death Threads

Is two sufficient, or do we need more?...

2 Titus 19.06.17 9:05am
What I love about Wigan is the Pieversity 1 ronseal 19.06.17 6:16am
. 0 sydalg 18.06.17 11:29pm
Palaces v Tower Blocks

Kensington Palace : Will and Kate refurbishment for a kitchen they don’t even use £6.5m,, Grenfell Road...

14 Gerontius 17.06.17 2:17pm
If you need just one reason why you should vote for anybody but the Tories.... - 2

.try this one,, Other reasons are available, Pure evil, Ok Tory boys, over...

40 Gerontius 16.06.17 10:56am
Just saying

I don't need to say it, do I?...

3 deceangli 16.06.17 6:14am
Editor Alert: Newsbiscuit Cabinet Meeting

After [url=] President Trump's Cabinet Meeting[/url] aren't we overdue for a round table update with our esteemed leader...

14 Dick Everyman 15.06.17 9:44am
can Boris return? - 2 40 cinquecento 15.06.17 7:25am
It's the latest 'must have' accessory for Tory cabinet ministers

They are all getting one,

5 Gerontius 14.06.17 10:31am
Some Slightly-More-Up-to-Date Tickers - 2

[How difficult can it be?] - Jeremy worships the ground Diane walks on – he even falls down the same hole - BA outsources its aerodynamics to Bombay Brickworks - Didgerididn't? - Corbyn points...

48 Titus 13.06.17 10:57pm
Behind the scenes at Number 10.

0 Al OPecia 13.06.17 5:01pm
Al OPecia

Presumably she wants the slippery little shit inside, pissing out...

23 Ironduke 13.06.17 1:46pm