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Supply casting bronze graphite sliding pad oil sintered bearing

When using the [url=]casting bronze graphite sliding pad[/url] should pay attention to what place, Bearings are precision parts, so it was use...

0 bearingtypes 19.01.18 3:51am
JFB bronze graphite sliding bearing Supply

The characteristics of the [url=]JFB bronze graphite sliding bearing[/url], We see copper (copper) set in the using process of exactly what are...

0 bearingtypes 19.01.18 3:29am
POM Ball retainer plastic bearing Metal mesh with PTFE bushing Supply

INA principle of rolling bearing of application, [url=]POM Ball retainer plastic bearing[/url] configuration not only including the rolling...

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FB090 wrapped bronze bush,bronze sleeve bearing Manufacturer

According to the relevant state regulations on use of [url=]Hydraulic Seal Series[/url], the...

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Z92 F2516 bearing Du oilless bearing China Factory

[url=]Lock Washers,Bearing Lock Washer,Washer Lock[/url] classification and daily check, The importance of a, bearing on...

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Custom starter motor bronze bushing in oil sintered PM

This paper introduces the principle and its use [url=]starter motor bronze bushing in oil sintered PM[/url],...

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DX-H sleeve bushing sliding bearing China Manufacturer

Fluid lubricated bearing, (1) [url=]Filled and Modified Fluoroplastic Series[/url], Between journal and bearing working...

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Lock Plates,MS Locking Devices,Locking Devices,Nuts and Locking Device

What are the classification of sliding bearing?, 1. The [url=]BMB/L 1425 bushes[/url] completely, Commonly used form of grease, oil line and drip...

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DU-B bronze backing sleeve bushing DX sleeve bushing Factory

The characteristics of the copper sleeve and plays a role in mechanical equipment, [url=]DU-B bronze backing sleeve bushing[/url] is...

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Joint Korean Winter Olympic Team

Wouldn't it be wonderful to think that this might, just possibly, be the beginning of a slight thaw in the relations between N Korea and the Outside World? It would be ironic if this eventually...

3 Titus 18.01.18 8:57pm
Sir Lupus
Time for a Clear-Out?

I see from some of the currently-displayed NB tickers that Christmas will apparently soon be with us, and even the New Year! Is it not time for a massive pruning of the list, and perhaps adding some...

8 Titus 18.01.18 6:19pm
Those sad people among you ...

who do not regularly read [i]The Beano[/i] do not realise what you are missing: i.e., some real satire. Where else would any supermarket always be a 'W[i]i[/i]DL', or (a recent innovation) a popular...

10 Titus 18.01.18 12:27pm
A Profits Warning is not an Insolvency Warning

I offer the following comments as someone who is no kind of financial expert at all, merely an amateur tight-arse. The condemnation of Government departments for continuing to place contracts with...

3 Titus 18.01.18 12:16pm
Great line on Radio 4

Privatise the profits, but nationalise the debts. And while I'm here, heresa Ma says all is well with Carillion, and there is no crisis in the NHS. So that's all right then. Phew! I was a bit...

1 Scroat 18.01.18 8:44am
Why are cucumbers shrink-wrapped?

Does anyone have any inside information on this? I tried asking my supermarket greengrocery manager and he thought it was because they grow like that, in polytunnels...

24 Arthur 17.01.18 8:25am
'Nothing wrong with my covfefe function', boasts Trump 0 chrisf 17.01.18 1:04am
Bugger, wrong room 0 Dick Everyman 16.01.18 10:34pm
Dick Everyman
If I start a thread in the chatroom - 23 68 Gerontius 16.01.18 9:23am
NTA Comedy Nominees

Comedy Benidorm Peter Kay's Car Share Still Open All Hours The Big Bang Theory DISCUSS...

10 Wrenfoe 15.01.18 12:00pm

With great sadness, we report that the One-Star Fairy died this morning at 5.25am after a long illness. Relatives were at her side. No flowers, please. Donations to the NewsBiscuit gift shop...

1 Newsdesk 11.01.18 4:28pm
Emergency services in meltdown after a million satirists spontaneously combust

5 Squudge 09.01.18 9:53am
Northern Forest of 50 million trees to keep the poor away from London. More soon 8 dominic_mcg 08.01.18 8:56am
Who funds Daesh?

The silence on this topic is deafening. Conducting a military and terrorist campaign on the scale which Daesh does is very expensive. I presume that much of this is paid from from oil revenues. So...

20 Titus 08.01.18 1:03am

Satire (and the idea that it can bring about change), Born in Egypt 2000 BCE - died in vain 2017 CE...

6 Crayon 07.01.18 1:17pm
Keeping up with attitude change requirements....

I happened to watch Celebrity Big Brother, a show I'd given up on since the all time classic featuring George 'shall I be the cat now' Galloway, Meltdown Barrymore and Pete Burns. On this one,...

5 cinquecento 07.01.18 1:07pm
Can Trump survive until the mid-terms?

He's got until November 2018 to prove himself as a worthy contender for the 2020 leadership contest. Will he be running or running scared? Place your bets...

7 Dick Everyman 07.01.18 8:16am
Gentlemen, start your engines

Toby Young is a dreadful choice, but Boris as our senior diplomat, defending Toby? Some fuel for debate here...

7 Squudge 06.01.18 1:27pm
Trump on Twitter

Reading his tweets is sometimes jaw-dropping with the infantility of their content. The style of prose looks like it's straight from the vocabulary of an eleven-year old spolit only child. It would...

11 Chipchase 06.01.18 9:58am
Who funds Titus?

The silence on this topic is deafening. Conducting a pedantic right-wing campaign on the scale which Titus does is very expensive. I presume that much of this is paid from from rent revenues. So who...

24 Al OPecia 05.01.18 9:42am
Satire: Definiton

I suspect that I am in error here: Perhaps Trump's presidency is not satire, but rather a parody - or even a farce? How would NB readers define the...

13 Titus 04.01.18 11:21pm
Sir Lupus