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CAPTIONS!!! "and I got these curtains in the closing down sale at BHS…"...

5 andyiong 08.11.16 10:24pm
MOBO Awards Oh, the temptation . . ...

3 deceangli 07.11.16 8:01pm
Lord Voldemort
Is it like this at The Daily Mash?

Asking for a friend...

8 Bravenewmalden 07.11.16 4:38pm
You should all be ashamed of yourselves Just stop it, you bastards...

9 Iroquois Pliskin 07.11.16 3:10pm
Nasty Trump images competition

This is quite disrurbing. Is there a more revolting image out there?,

8 beau-jolly 07.11.16 8:49am
Good Tickers

Couple of excellent, hilarious new tickers up there which didn't come from the Writers' Room - congratulations & thank you O Masters...

1 Titus 06.11.16 8:21am
Bottom Trumps

I came across this webpage earlier [url=]"Bottom Trumps" card...

2 Sinnick 05.11.16 10:03pm
You Article 50ers sicken me... - 2 37 Wrenfoe 05.11.16 11:01am
You Remainers sicken me - 234

which is a point of view some hold and I'm getting a bit sick of people saying because they've got a degree in the history of art their vote to stay in is more valid than my vote to leave. So come on...

110 ramblesid 04.11.16 10:49am
Views on new coins and notes?

What promted me to think about the introduction of new stuff was a supplier who makes Mead. His day job is selling cash-counting machines. He wants to give it up but it's too luctative at the moment...

11 beau-jolly 03.11.16 2:37pm

Thank you O Masters for making my '£2 Billion To Tackle Internet Hackers' sub an FP, and in the process improving it vastly, modestly without giving yourselves credit. Editorial changes are not...

0 Titus 02.11.16 1:54pm
I know we shouldn't link to other comedy websites, but ...

"Funny Donald Trump Pictures and Memes"

0 Sinnick 01.11.16 10:09pm
Was it footballers or FIFA who suddenly discovered poppies?

Boring serious question: how / why has this suddenly become an issue? Poppies and football have both been around for a long time. So what's new?...

0 Titus 01.11.16 7:39pm
Trumpkins - not for the faint-hearted

1 Sinnick 01.11.16 1:50pm
Well done Candice.

GBBO is an affirmation of how pleasant, friendly and helpful people can be towards each other. It's the epitome of hygge. It has its knockers, as does Candice, but I think it was a great programme. ...

5 Scroat 30.10.16 11:38am
Al OPecia
Does anyone have the recipe for 'gay cake' ? Thought it might work for Bake Off. - 2

Can't find it in any of the usual cook books. Expect it contains mince and perhaps Camp coffee...

34 MADJEZ 29.10.16 1:35pm
wrong room 0 godly1966 29.10.16 10:40am
"Just been robbed of $1m in jewellery? Why not write about it in NewsBiscuit?"

Does this relate to some new story which hasn't reached the press yet?...

3 sockpuppet 27.10.16 1:32pm
BBC Essex Girl story

Very much a non-story but is it just me that laughs out loud when reading the final sentence of [url=]this article?[/url] I'm not sure that Ms Andrews is helping...

6 Midfield Diamond 27.10.16 8:14am
Russian fleet to be refueled by Gibralter. More soon. 2 Al OPecia 26.10.16 7:27pm
Al OPecia
a nice faux pas juxtaposition from the BBC interns....

2 cinquecento 24.10.16 12:18pm
Iroquois Pliskin
The Tony Hart Memorial Dead Again Pool

Dedicated to those celebs who have just died again. I give you Leslie Nielsen:...

12 Al OPecia 23.10.16 1:07pm
Al OPecia
Is Satire Dead? Interesting piece, but what does it mean for us?...

14 Jodster 23.10.16 12:20pm
You Remainers sicken me

system stuck and pressed button twice...

2 ramblesid 22.10.16 9:37am
Truebiscuit "He said he developed PTSD after he began performing in Cabaret in 2012." Don't want to appear unsympathetic, but am I missing something here??...

5 Scroat 20.10.16 11:38am
Rich bastards finally feel the pinch... So we are all in this together, after...

6 Scroat 20.10.16 10:23am
Al OPecia
NewsBiscuit 10 years old today! - 2

Happy Birthday NewsBiscuit - Britain's first daily news satire website was launched on 16 September 2006. Many thousands of funny stories later we...

33 editor 17.10.16 7:56pm
writinginbsl 2.0
How To Guides - BB Code on the forum - 2

This forum can do lots of fancy things: here's how. [size=4]Post Images[/size] And you do that like this:,...

37 admin 16.10.16 8:01pm
baron la croix
The Rejected Newsjack Submission Amnesty Thread

After getting close to being included last week, here's my latest unused sketch. I couldn't easily find a punchy ending for this one. Feel free to add your own: NISH:, It's been a busy week for...

28 Adrian Bamforth 16.10.16 10:38am
Concerts for Corbyn

Suggested songs?...

11 Titus 13.10.16 11:32am