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I manage a sales team . . .

One of my account managers told me this morning that he's actually met his sales target on the Matt Hancock principle that during the year he sent out sales proposals which exceeded the target. If...

6 deceangli 06.05.20 12:55pm
Walter Eagle
May Day - 2

OK, come on all you Lefties - stand up and be counted! How many of you saluted with a clenched fist and sang [i]The Red Flag[/i] on this May Day morning, to show your solidarity with the...

30 Titus 05.05.20 10:10am
Sir Lupus
. 5 Wrenfoe 05.05.20 7:54am
Megharry Legal Case Decision Expected

The judge's decision on whether to accept the press's application to 'strike out' part of Megharry's case is due this week. Which way will it go?...

6 Titus 04.05.20 11:51pm
FFS 2 bookiesfriend 04.05.20 11:45pm
Death Of Stalin

"[i]Prime minister reveals in interview they had a 'death of Stalin'-type strategy in the event he died of Covid-19.[/i]" I don't quite think so, mate. But it betrays how Big Bad Boris perceives...

0 Titus 03.05.20 8:59pm
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map - strangely redolent of "Missile Command" - 23

72 Al OPecia 03.05.20 1:31pm

Is there any real need for BJ to come back from sick leave? Dominic Raab will never set the world on fire, but he seems a reasonably safe pair of hands who gets on with the job without making too...

15 Terry Bunn 03.05.20 8:46am

The government will announce a new miracle cure for Corona Virus at its next press briefing. A source close to Matt Hancock told NB that the government is on the verge of revealing a historically...

4 Terry Bunn 02.05.20 8:53am
Very angry Viewer

Dear Sir I have just had my enjoyment of the news coverage about the new Royal Baby completely ruined by the interjection of some feeble gush about the UK having among the worst virus death...

22 Terry Bunn 01.05.20 9:42am
Trump's sarcasm

With everybody so quick to dismiss Trump's defence that his disinfectant comment was sarcastic (just because he's clearly lying) nobody seems to have actually looked at what it would mean if he's...

19 Vertically Challenged Giant 30.04.20 10:18am
The NewsBiscuit Exchange - 234

It occurs to me that NB contributors have loads of junk they’d like to offload and so I suggest this thread, in lieu of expensive psychotherapy. With luck, it could go some way to replace the void...

118 Arthur 29.04.20 6:39pm
Sir Lupus
Newsbiscuit has mole inside government.

Surely it's the only rational explanation for this tweet from John Crace: "Priti Patel has just told Home office select committee that reason govt didn't ask air passengers to self-isolate was both...

4 oshaughnessy 29.04.20 3:42pm
'Follow The Science' Bollosck

Our politicians keep saying 'Follow the science' which is nonsense. Why don't they speak English?, There is no such thing as [i]the[/i] science. The difference between politicians and scientists...

4 Titus 29.04.20 1:03pm
This should be played coast-to-coast every day to remind US what they've done

For me this has broken the Internet today. [url=]Talking Trumps[/url]...

8 Chipchase 29.04.20 9:40am
Just so you know ....

This is Braille for "Do not touch." [url=][/url]...

3 Newsdesk 28.04.20 9:07pm
Important report

7 Al OPecia 28.04.20 10:45am
Al OPecia
. 0 Adrian Bamforth 27.04.20 11:26am
Adrian Bamforth
Mystic Mick strikes again.


0 Mick Turate 26.04.20 1:39pm
Mick Turate
Beyond satire

Please tell me I'm only having a bad dream. Tell me I'll wake up to find Trump is a stand-up comedian and...

21 Myke 26.04.20 1:37pm
Anyone else having lag problems on the site today?

Had pretty constant hanging of updates, especially when posting - but it could be just me...

9 SteveB 26.04.20 1:34pm
Al OPecia
Has Time cut and Pasted the Daily Fail, vice versa, or both C&P AP's copy?

Exhibit A: Exhibit B:...

2 Al OPecia 26.04.20 6:08am
Hope you're all ok out there

That's all. You think you're fine then suddenly a sound, chance remark or a piece of music can set you off. We miss our children and grandchildren terribly, and Mr Scroat's father is is care home so...

7 Scroat 25.04.20 11:32am
Midfield Diamond
Serious thread about democracy

If we can set aside tribal allegiances for a moment, could we suggest ways to improve our democratic system without mangling it beyond recognition? The 'system' hasn't delivered a great response to...

11 deceangli 24.04.20 4:41pm
Al OPecia

Wrong room...

0 Wrenfoe 24.04.20 11:37am
What is it with oldies and their reticence to take current Govt Covid-19 advice - 23

Over the past two days there has been a succession of sprightly oldies on TV & radio telling us things like 'I've lived through 'ard times. I ain't afraid of this thing. Hitler didn't get me and...

73 Chipchase 24.04.20 8:31am
Al OPecia
Borrowing for COVID

Just seen this: What I have never understood (being a simple soul) is who is it that we are borrowing [i]from[/i]? Since the whole world is doing it,...

6 Al OPecia 24.04.20 8:31am
Biscuiteers Dismayed To Learn Rebecca Now 3 Miles, 2 Yards, 6-3/4 Inches Away

Posted here because it's a bit of a NewsBiscuit in-joke ...

0 Titus 23.04.20 6:32pm
I bet we were doing this before anyone else.

1 Al OPecia 23.04.20 4:34pm
This could easily Grace our own front page

A biting take down of Branson and his ilk by Marina Hyde. [url=]Branson & Co.[/url]...

8 Chipchase 23.04.20 1:20pm
Al OPecia