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Denis Lawson admits he's really Andrew Ridgeley,q_auto,w_710/la5os8ypv5tzyruqwiqn/denis-lawson.jpg,

0 Grandson of Barnabas 03.01.17 4:48pm
Grandson of Barnabas
Interesting R4 Programme on "post-Truth".

Well worth a listen:

5 Al OPecia 03.01.17 2:34pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23333435

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1048 The All New Jeni B 02.01.17 2:45pm
New Year Resolution For Our Masters: Update The Tickers At Least Once A Year 6 Titus 02.01.17 2:39pm

Look, I know this is really sad, but if anyone's going to be around at about 1 a.m. on New Year's Day, I might join them here for a virtual toast to the shitload of bollocks that was 2016. I will...

26 Scroat 01.01.17 11:53pm
Victoria Beckham's OBE for services to.....

Er, any suggestions?...

12 throngsman 01.01.17 10:48pm
ron cawleyoni
Well, that's a nice start to the New Year in the wrong room! 0 Dick Everyman 01.01.17 11:51am
Dick Everyman
How To Guides - BB Code on the forum - 2

This forum can do lots of fancy things: here's how. [size=4]Post Images[/size] And you do that like this:,...

38 admin 31.12.16 8:46pm
Desert Island Disgust - 2

I'm loving Wren's 'Snobbery' list, but I've used up my choices, so here is something completely different. If your worst enemy were marooned on a desert island and there was an un-switch-offable PA...

32 Titus 31.12.16 4:35pm
Who stole your comedic virginity? - 2

Who first made you laugh? I'm not talking about childhood mirthbringers, children will laugh at anything. To this day I am haunted by the memory of myself when very young begging to be allowed to...

43 shitsu_tonka 31.12.16 3:24pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23394041

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1202 bonjonelson 31.12.16 2:33pm
Radio news messing with us now !

Listening to radio last night, news came on., 'Five time Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins has..' (very long pause) 'retired'. For a split second we were waiting for 'been killed in a cycling...

1 MADJEZ 30.12.16 11:17pm
Help this Ridesharing Article get to the front page

Would appreciate everyone's help getting this article rated 5 stars by as many as possible so that we can get it to the front page if possible.,

2 Seymour Derrires 30.12.16 3:23pm
I am going away for Christmas

Please do not post anything funny while I am away ...

16 Titus 30.12.16 3:21pm
2016 - It's not over yet

[url=]The clock's ticking[/url]...

1 Dick Everyman 30.12.16 9:54am
So how do they know one was sent?

Bradley Wiggins: British Cycling paper trail for medical package 'does not exist'

0 Al OPecia 29.12.16 3:14pm
Al OPecia
whoops, wr 0 cinquecento 28.12.16 1:22pm
Barney's Back again!

In a(n?) homage to Doctor Who, Long-standing Biscuiteer Barnabas has regenerated again for Christmas 2016. Having originally joined NB circa 2007 as Barnabas, and achieving a few front page stories,...

5 Grandson of Barnabas 27.12.16 2:07pm
Rant over

Nothing to see heremove along...

0 Gerontius 26.12.16 12:24pm
Celebrity Encouters (sic) and What's the latest on the dead pool threads

Have these been culled?...

2 Iscariot 25.12.16 10:32pm
The Trumpidity files

Before World War III and the nuclear holocaust, let's record how we get there with the help of the next White House incumbent. I'll kick off @realDonaldTrump "The United States must greatly...

4 Dick Everyman 24.12.16 11:48am
Merry Brexmas one and all!

Let's hope things get better in 2017...

12 Scroat 24.12.16 9:02am
Captions please... I'll kick off Now, where did I hide that pillow...

9 Dick Everyman 23.12.16 8:30am
The Emperor's New Clothes And The Small Boy

I have been interested recently to hear the first predictions for 2017. It is clear that the small boy's outburst had the effect of destroying the credibility of both the emperor and his advisors,...

4 Titus 22.12.16 7:47am
Do you think The Donald knows this?


9 Scroat 21.12.16 2:22pm
Fine FP by 'editor'

Excellent Maggie May pic too...

8 Des Custard 21.12.16 10:15am
good news for players

For the game player service is our aim, for gamers to provide the cheapest items for sale is our pursuit. Do you also lose a game for the equipment lost and lost it? You still can not experience...

3 Marklishuai 20.12.16 8:26pm
Sir Lupus
Most worrying thing about The Donald?

No sense of humour. Truly psychotic symptom of not being able to stand satire/mockery. He could end up nuking his own country...

11 Scroat 19.12.16 11:35am
Ethics Gradient
Second contributor in humour failure.

More expected soon...

1 The All New Jeni B 17.12.16 7:55pm
Preview feature when submitting posts?

Is there scope for a preview feature when submitting posts? ie, so you can see what it looks like before actually submitting? Okay, posts can be edited if, for example, there's an error using the...

1 malgor 17.12.16 7:52pm