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Spare Slot To Let After Deleting Story Posted In Wrong Room

No children, no pets, no wanking. References required...

0 Titus 24.08.17 9:06pm
US Presidents' Foreign Policy

NB's lead story today is a reminder how unexpected US presidents' foreign policies can turn out to be. Trump was in...

2 Titus 24.08.17 8:41pm
Dick Everyman
Watch out! There's a Sharpehunter about

I didn’t suspect, or even think about, Mr John Ffetch Cocksucker being Sharpehunter until he called me Saltire. Only Sharpehunter is obsessed with Saltire but JFR had had no contact with Saltire,...

28 yussle 23.08.17 8:17pm
Mr Target
Seen this?


3 beau-jolly 23.08.17 2:54pm
Outraged of Tunbridge Wells


3 Iroquois Pliskin 22.08.17 4:48pm
Al OPecia
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23343536

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1052 The All New Jeni B 21.08.17 9:48pm
Southern Rail tribute to Bruce Forsyth

This is NOT my brother

0 Midfield Diamond 21.08.17 4:38pm
Midfield Diamond
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23394041

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1211 bonjonelson 21.08.17 11:49am
NB Ads

How come all these women who have discovered the secret of how to make £3,000 a minute can only afford the skimpiest of clothes? They can't all be on the game, and even if they were, earning at...

5 Titus 21.08.17 12:49am
Paddy Berzinski
Are the Royals starting to slum it?

According to the Sunday Express, Prince Harry has been collecting his girlfriend from the tarmac of Heathrow - so she can bypass the queues at passport control. Has he been using a golden shovel?...

0 Dick Everyman 20.08.17 7:15am
Dick Everyman
How do I condense this into a ticker?

"Barrymore's Career 'Would Be Saved If Arrested By A Different Policeman' Claim." Barrymore claims that his career was destroyed by him being arrested. The basis of his legal action is that his...

13 Titus 19.08.17 11:21am
Vic Reeves

I'm sure he divides opinion, but I've always been a fan. Just recently he was Bob Mortimer's guest on the interview show "Chain Reaction". And it was a funny episode, as long as you like the...

6 Rootin Tootin 17.08.17 11:14pm
Favourite Sayings

In third place: 'Fuck off Titus' - Oxbridge. Succinct, and it's always pleasant to receive a unique, personalised salutation from a friend and admirer. In second place: 'What could possibly go...

27 Titus 17.08.17 9:33pm
Iroquois Pliskin
Oh what a numpty !!!!!! wrong room. 0 MADJEZ 17.08.17 6:49pm

Grr. Wrong forum...

0 Titus 17.08.17 4:54pm
Life about to imitate art

It's my daughter's A Level results today. Consequently I am not recycling this old standby: However, the local press...

5 Oxbridge 17.08.17 4:08pm
Al OPecia
What's happened to comedy? It used to be such a laugh. Now it's into politics

Does anyone remember comedy when it was a laugh? Not that long ago, I went to see American comic Sarah Silverman at the Hammersmith Apollo. She was magnificent. She told lots of tongue in cheek...

18 ronseal 17.08.17 3:51pm
sorry.. 1 cinquecento 17.08.17 8:02am
Al OPecia
I am just waiting for Trump to call Kim Wrong 'Un a coward for not ...

firing his missiles at Guam. It's gonna happen. Bigly. Why haven't the Men in the White Coats come for him yet?...

11 Al OPecia 16.08.17 1:44pm
'Wrong Forum' Post Deleted Until Author Thinks Up Something Good To Replace It

Could be a long wait ...

0 Titus 16.08.17 7:12am
The world has gone fucking mad...

We all get moments when we feel this. I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people could say what prompted this visceral response. It's a gut reaction thing, a bit like TWAT OF THE WEEK...

4 Scroat 15.08.17 8:38pm
Ostrich burger

Had my first ostrich burger over the weekend. And on the same day buffalo chili con carne. The buffalo was well hung. It was in a field in Oxfordshire, a village called Cropredy. There was some...

14 Scroat 15.08.17 11:34am
is there an order of non-offending?

picking up on Sarah Champion's comment abut people being too afraid of being called racist to report sex abuse, and the fact that certain foreign cultures and religions are violently against certain...

14 cinquecento 14.08.17 1:47pm
Backlash As NewsBiscuit Tells Its Writers To Wear Gay Pride Badges While Posting

'One or more of our staff, members, founders or readers is homosexual' said NewsBiscuit's PR Department 'Probably. And we wish to display this website's solidarity and support for all members of the...

8 Titus 13.08.17 11:07pm
Why do the news stories struggle for likes?

Rarely do any of the stories get past 50 likes. To be fair most only get one or two likes. Is this down to the stories of does NewsBiscuit not have a great following like other sites?...

6 Mr Charley 13.08.17 8:43pm
Biscuit rip-off outrage - surely this is what Newsbiscuit should be all about What do other contributors think?...

0 farmer giles 11.08.17 6:56pm
farmer giles
Victim surcharge

Just read a story about a man who used his car to tow another man in a wheelchair, in Harrogate. To be clear, both men were up for this and were both prosecuted, one for dangerous driving, the other...

4 throngsman 11.08.17 2:04pm
Mick Turate
Truebiscuit: Alt Right boat protesting immigrant rescues has to be rescued.. Bless the poor little snowflakes...

1 Oxbridge 11.08.17 12:41pm
How do improv comedians come up with good one-liners on the fly?

I've attended a few improv shows and am amazed how quickly they can come up with clever one-liners. For example at one show they asked audience members to name an animal. One person said lion. Within...

22 Dumbnews 11.08.17 8:52am
What's Newsbiscuit's mission statement?

I don't know why I bother with Newsbiscuit. There's no corporate mission statement. No visions and values. What on earth is it passionately committed to? Does it deliver global humour...

22 ronseal 10.08.17 11:49pm
Adrian Bamforth