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Doctor, I still can't get over how shit Newsjack is.

God, comedy is depressing these days. It's like watching Palace. You keep going back with hope, but you end up muttering at the end "never gain" Just listened to the first episode of Newsjack on...

16 ronseal 09.02.17 8:42pm
No Confidence It will be interesting to see how much support,...

0 Titus 09.02.17 7:00pm
Most effective/robust opposition?

The current Opposition seems spectacularly inept. Looking back, when have we had a really robust and effective opposition? Which party leaders or other senior political figures have given a good...

9 Ironduke 09.02.17 6:41pm
NewsBiscuit Advertisers

Where on Earth does NewsBiscuit dredge their ghastly advertisers up from? As a regular reader and occasional contributor, I am ashamed of the fact that the adverts on the home page are a greater...

0 Titus 09.02.17 5:05pm
Top te.... err... six?

Top ten is down to six subs that have the necessary number of ratings to qualify. Come on folks, the site is quite active at the moment, lots of people chipping in on chat, some new writers around,...

9 Spartacus 09.02.17 4:47pm
Carl Maxim

Erstwhile Biscuiteer Carl Maxim has made it into The Grauniad with a tweet about Corbin. Great stuff!!...

2 Scroat 09.02.17 10:47am
How do improv comedians come up with good one-liners on the fly?

I've attended a few improv shows and am amazed how quickly they can come up with clever one-liners. For example at one show they asked audience members to name an animal. One person said lion. Within...

14 Dumbnews 08.02.17 10:53pm
David Malcolm Rose
From the Archives

Not for the first time, I would like to express my gratitude to Our Masters for reprinting some wonderful material 'From the Archives', the latest masterpiece to be resurrected being 'Wife Puts...

0 Titus 08.02.17 2:25pm
I may agree with what he says - but I oppose his right to say it

The speaker of the House of Commons has a number of privileges - and many obligations. He has the privilege of being the spokesman of the House of Commons, and he has the obligation of being...

7 sockpuppet 08.02.17 1:58pm
if you could re-draw the global map from scratch.... would you do it? are 'countries' still a relevant concept, and in a progressive multicultural, multi linguistic society, what does being a country even mean? how do you cater for the clash of...

5 cinquecento 08.02.17 7:37am

Trumpolene sounds like some kind of lotion for soothing your hands after contact with something abrasive or toxic, but I reckon we need a definition for Trumpline. It sounds like it ought to be some...

3 Titus 08.02.17 6:48am
context sensitive NB ads

I'm a bit disappointed that the ads on NB haven't picked up on the constant Trump threads to deliver me some Trump-related offers. Twitter filters, terrorist detectors or the like. I'm still...

8 cinquecento 06.02.17 10:19am
Darth Sidious, anyone ?

I stumbled across this feature on Steve Bannon: a socio/psychopath if I've ever seen one, and holding the strings above Trump:

0 Sinnick 06.02.17 9:57am
It's got even worse! NewsJack has turned into NewsGoebells

You this Big Lie propaganda tactic the Gestapo used? Where you make up a lie and keep repeating it and repeating it endlessly, unless it is ingrained in the public consciousness. Like, say, saying...

5 ronseal 05.02.17 11:13pm
What's our cut-off point with Trump?

Are what point do any of us think Trump has gone beyond the pale? The state visit debate is interesting (given all the other dubious leaders we have welcomed in the past) but at what point would we...

27 Wrenfoe 05.02.17 10:44pm
Rong room - sorry. 1 Titus 04.02.17 7:36am
Just in case you missed it...

I have to admit that in the other room I made a statement correcting Titus but I was wrong!, Fair play. Pi is not exactly 22/7. I have been educated. Just a ploy to move a quite interesting...

25 beau-jolly 03.02.17 6:30pm
Truebiscuit - burglar caught after getting stuck in window "Nice of him to hang around" said the Police officer who arrested him...

1 Sir Lupus 03.02.17 4:32pm

The world is triangular, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at the Super Bowl Championship of 1865, Climate change only occurs on pansy continents like Europe, The Pope was born to a Jewish mother...

18 Dick Everyman 03.02.17 4:31pm
Gary Baldy
Trump's post State visit Twitter comments...

Great Queen, great Queen. She's doing a great job!...

3 Dick Everyman 03.02.17 2:41pm

Okay, he's in, he's putting America first and making it great again. Now, please let's leave them to it -change the subject - and re-visit them in another 4 years? Fuck 'em, we've got our own...

13 Dick Everyman 03.02.17 10:28am
"Always put brain in gear before engaging mouth"

Perhaps President Fart is simply unfamiliar with using a manual transmission? ...

0 Titus 03.02.17 8:51am
I'll say this for Trump. He's box office. He's the Lady Di of politics

Sign makers must love him He's great for property prices. (What better was to announce that you live in a safe middle class area than holding a Women's March? The local estate agents say an Anti...

2 ronseal 02.02.17 10:44pm
Al OPecia
If you're fed up hearing about Brexit all the time

why not call it 'The EuroFlounce'? I suppose that should be 'EUflounce' to avoid confusion with that currency thing, but that doesn't sound so mellifluous...

1 Titus 02.02.17 10:43pm
Al OPecia
'Cooperative' Tickbox

Dear Masters Why does the 'Cooperative' tickbox seem sometimes (but only sometimes) both unwontedly and unwantedly to tick itself when I make a new submission? I don't need no cooperation. All my...

3 Titus 02.02.17 3:23pm
Which would be worse: to live in the US under Trump, or the UK under Corbyn? 26 Titus 01.02.17 3:30pm
Are 'Populist Gestures' relevant or not?

Petition against Trump's State visit [quote]PM Theresa May announced the visit during her recent US trip. Downing Street has rejected calls for it to be cancelled as a "populist gesture".[/quote]...

24 Dick Everyman 31.01.17 10:08pm
Vegan wine and beer

Some friends have gone vegan for January. No, I don't know why either. But as we're going for supper on Saturday, what do we take in the way of wine and/or beer? I suppose the upside is that it...

6 Scroat 31.01.17 12:46pm
Keeping those dangerous (ie poor) Muslims out.

So Mr Trump has banned Muslims from 7 countries entering the US., 7 war torn and economically decimated countries, not the friendly (rich) ones and all in the name of national security. I checked...

19 MADJEZ 31.01.17 11:16am
editors/NAL alert: archive and FP mix up today?

Today's FP "Boris declares he's supporting Boris" or whatever should shurely be the archive story? i think there was another, genuinely topical, FP earlier but now it's vanished...

1 Sir Lupus 30.01.17 3:04pm
Nice Admin Lady