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Each war starts, using the weapons which won the previous one

[A boring, unfunny post, inspired by this: ] WWI ended when the British broke the stalemate of trench warfare by inventing the tank. So Germany,...

2 sockpuppet 06.05.16 10:41am
Election predictions?

What are we thinking? Corbyn 5000-1?...

12 Wrenfoe 06.05.16 8:11am
Truebiscuit: Tom and Jerry to blame for Middle East says top Egyptian Official

First comment: 'I must have missed the episode where Tom yelled 'Allahu akbar' before attempting to behead Jerry.'...

0 Adrian Bamforth 05.05.16 4:32pm
Adrian Bamforth
When do we start getting facts?

I can't say I'm overloaded with quantified facts from either side so far. Lot's of emotion, more opinions than a bus load of Daily Mail reading Mother-in-Laws and R L Stines can probably base his...

28 throngsman 04.05.16 12:56pm
Can't we tell the spammers to pack up and move off? 7 throngsman 04.05.16 6:54am
Dun Dunkin's - Don't know if you're antisemitic? Find out with this handy app.

Dun's post in the writer's room is probably worth trying to expand for a left-alert. So far he's got, [quote], Palestinians are terrorists - green light, There are two side to every argument -...

1 Wrenfoe 03.05.16 3:11pm
Sir Lupus
Top Ten down to Top Three

Let's see if we can get it lower umm...

3 Sinnick 03.05.16 3:06pm
Dear Ed

Don't we have a Significant Birthday coming up in September? Any plans? Sunday Lunch at the Olde Cheshire Cheese?...

15 Al OPecia 02.05.16 8:15pm
Or we could ask some Jews what they think

Just for a bit of balance, Not just the UK media - which might be just a teeny-weeny bit biased about these things....

28 Gerontius 02.05.16 11:55am
A. L. Shaw
Writer's Room Top Ten - There are only 5 entries....

has NewsBiscuit been burgled by people nicking stories ?...

4 thackaray 01.05.16 9:34pm
Bloody EU interfering with our stupidly high mobile bills again. These bloody regulations never help, always cost us more er oh hold on a mo...

6 Al OPecia 30.04.16 11:08pm
Al OPecia
The Three Degrees

My weather app informed me the other day that the top temperature would be 15 degrees and insisted it would 'feel cold'. I had to disagree, 15 degrees is a very comfortable temperature for me but...

1 throngsman 30.04.16 8:09pm
Should life expectancy be weighted in EU vote?

According to a survey by The Independent voters over 80 are most likely to vote leave and younger voters in their 20s most likely to vote to stay. given the comparative life expectancies, should...

8 throngsman 30.04.16 3:12pm
Obama could have a 2nd career as a stand up

[url=]Here are some routines[/url] But what I really wanted to point out was when you watch the clips the volume control goes up to 11. Some BBC...

0 beau-jolly 30.04.16 3:03pm
So they're happy then - 2

positively jubilant, even celebrating Now, I haven't followed the whole dreadful story in detail, and very obviously many appalling mistakes were made by several authorities. But, if I were one of...

48 Sinnick 30.04.16 8:04am
Wot no Birth Pool?

Maybe it's time to lighten up a bit in the light of all these celebrities checking out of this mortal coil. Who might be next to get up the duff or to adopt their next troupe of Vietnamese kids?...

8 Dick Everyman 29.04.16 11:27pm
And finally... the Taxes Pool

better cover all the three certainties of life eh? So - who's next in the news for sailing too close to the letter rather than the spirit of the law - if you catch my drift? Based on the BHS thing...

4 Sir Lupus 29.04.16 3:05pm
Wonderfully piss-poor performance on R4 by Priti Patel this morning

The usual "meddlesome EU regulations" bollocks and when repeatedly challenged to name a single EU regulation that, if removed, would help small businesses without hurting big business, she couldn't. ...

13 Al OPecia 29.04.16 2:06pm
Loving the tickers

I count thirty five tickers and currently it seems they are being changed daily. I'm guessing it's seven days' worth with the last five being displaced daily. The ticker archive still only shows a...

14 throngsman 28.04.16 5:51pm
Doctors' Strike

[Boring unfunny post health warning] Strong though the doctors' case may be / have been, as the strike appears - in the eyes of some commentators - to become more about 'defeating the government'...

11 Titus 26.04.16 10:15pm
Blimey, Lafarge and Johnson are getting desparate...

by repeating the lie that "Obama had the bust of Winston Churchill removed from the White House on Inauguration Day". That's a prime indicator of a lack of ammo...

24 Al OPecia 26.04.16 9:22pm
Al OPecia
Directors moved £400m out of BHS. Taxpayer gets £500m pension bill.

Another one who got their knighthood courtsey of Tony Blair fills his boots. So getting rich is nothing about 'working hard' or building 'a better mousetrap' its just transferring assets out to a...

4 Dun Dunkin 26.04.16 11:24am
Dun Dunkin
This - believe it or not - is the Labour PCC candidate for north Wales I dread to look at the UKIP candidate's manifesto...

7 throngsman 25.04.16 7:05pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23363738

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1127 bonjonelson 25.04.16 8:23am
Are we brave enough? Well I think he's a cunt even though I've seen Midnight Express...

5 Dick Everyman 25.04.16 8:08am
Dun Dunkin
How does an unregistered spammer get his/her posts on the Writers' Room?

And what's the betting it makes the FP...

2 throngsman 25.04.16 7:23am
Dun Dunkin
Obama said EU inaction on Libya was a 'shit show'

How a few days change the tune. From slamming the EU from intelligence failings to inaction and not pulling their weight now he is saying that model of bungling is the 'way ahead'. Obama speeches...

1 Dun Dunkin 23.04.16 11:10pm
Al OPecia
Dead Pool 2016 - 234

Time to start a new thread. Rules - we're allowed one pick per month, starting Jan 1st. If you get a 'hit' in month, you score 3 points. If your Feb selection carks it in a subsequent month, you...

114 Iscariot 23.04.16 1:35pm
Brexit would put Uk behind Iran.... 0 Dun Dunkin 22.04.16 8:29pm
Dun Dunkin
Pro EU American style in a sesame seed bun

"Shakespeare would turn in his grave if he knew you wanted brexit.."...

0 Dun Dunkin 22.04.16 6:55pm
Dun Dunkin