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Just received yet another of the regular death threats from ...

the TV licencing authority, for the vicious crime of not owning a television. Does anyone know: will these threats stop when I reach the age of 75? Odds are, they will have abolished TV licences by...

5 Titus 17.06.16 2:22pm
Britain's departure from the EU may have a bigger effect in Europe than ...

it has in Britain. Despite all the dire forecasts of Britcollapse following Brexit, the impact in this country of independence is likely to be negligible, either financially or politically, and...

24 Titus 16.06.16 10:17am
It's interesting to speculate

what kind of structure people might want to build as a replacement if the Brexit vote succeeds and this eventually leads to the demise of the EU in its present form. Given that even the most ardent...

15 Titus 16.06.16 9:58am
Sir Lupus
I had an interesting chat yesterday... - 2

.. with a colleague from Europe who, with his wife from the USA, has contributed a significant amount to HMGs Exchequer for the last 14 years, and greatly enriched the intellectual life of our...

38 Al OPecia 16.06.16 9:55am
Who forgot to put the clocks forward?

Just noticed our postings are an hour behind - unless we are now working on European time to support Remain? Hang on.aren't they an hour in front?...

1 Dick Everyman 16.06.16 12:12am

Wrong forum. Again. [Sigh]...

0 Titus 13.06.16 9:36pm
Today I are been mainly baking

Well actually this bloody cake has taken 2 days so far., We are having a street party tomorrow with a cake competition. All the entrants will be the grande dames so I thought I'd put up a fight for...

5 beau-jolly 13.06.16 7:47pm
Hello! - 2

Just thought I'd say hello. I fell into the site earlier today and enjoyed reading all your posts so much, I had to join. :-)...

43 Anna May 13.06.16 6:12pm
Good front cover today about England's hooligans

Whoever wrote it said what I'd liked to have said. only much more pithily. Have cringed at so many England away fans. Ironically, on Saturday night, one of the TV channels was showing St...

0 ronseal 13.06.16 8:07am

Wrong forum. Grrr. Why don't we have a dedicated forum for people to wrongly post stories in?...

1 sockpuppet 12.06.16 2:00pm
Kimbo Slice dies at 42,Doctors unsure of cause,local drug dealer cancels new 4 marlon bando 11.06.16 11:01pm
marlon bando
Did anyone spot the Brexit broadcast tonight? - 2

I admit I'd only just sat down and the TV was on mute as Mrs T was on the blower to our daughter, but there were two cringeworthy facets as far as I could tell. First there was a competition to...

41 throngsman 11.06.16 4:35pm
I wonder what the record is ...

for the greatest length of time any sticker has remained in place?...

1 Titus 10.06.16 10:46pm

Hi guys. I have been writing for years, but this is the first time on this site. How many votes do you have to get to be moved from the writers room to front page? And do you have to include pictures...

19 tommysmith12000 10.06.16 9:58pm
Dun it again 12 throngsman 10.06.16 9:50am
More fake "data" from the Global Climate Conspiracy. C'mon Dun explain this away...

6 Al OPecia 09.06.16 5:11pm
Wot he said Genius...

3 Al OPecia 09.06.16 9:30am
you mean the ice is recent? Oh Noooooooooooooooo

as you lonely, melting ice reveals forests? How that happen? That is impossible according to the co2ers modellers "A few thousand years ago, there were no glaciers here at all," he says. "Back then...

1 Dun Dunkin 08.06.16 9:45pm
Al OPecia
Priestly Punch-Up (BiscuitTube) - You couldn't make it up

so I posted it here rather than in the Writers' Room: I find it difficult to satirise anything so gloriously ludicrous. Anyone else want to try?...

6 Titus 08.06.16 12:41pm
Midfield Diamond
John Major wants to remind us who was a court jester?

"WE NOW know that Sir John Major lied in his 1993 libel actions against the New Statesman and Scallywag, when he instructed his lawyers to say that there was “no truth whatsoever” in the...

0 Dun Dunkin 06.06.16 11:39am
Dun Dunkin
Historic NB Ticker Complains Of 'The Money We're Wasting Building Stonehenge'

And another story makes the case against the proposed 'Higher Stonehenge II' ...

0 Titus 05.06.16 8:34am
Nooo, not again 1 throngsman 04.06.16 9:40pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23303132

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

942 The All New Jeni B 04.06.16 8:36pm
If only Rikkor was still around...

I'd have someone to talk to at one in the morning...

3 Scroat 04.06.16 7:36pm
Father Jack is alive and well... DRINK !

[url=]Drunken priest assaults policeman and paramedic.[/url] 53 Units of alcohol !!! I take my hat off to that...

1 MADJEZ 03.06.16 10:09pm
Gary Baldy
As Billionaire pro EU Branson is on pro EU ads right now lets remember

I've been a tax exile for seven years, says Branson. Richard Branson’s group is one of 10 private health providers that have tax havens as part of their corporate structure. Just 20, he launched...

2 Dun Dunkin 03.06.16 8:58am
That old Swiss rail infrastructure joke.

[i]Excited fellow[/i]:, "I say, this story about the world's longest railway tunnel in Switzerland is jolly exciting. Just reading about it gives me an enormous thrill. I wonder what it's like to...

0 Mr Target 01.06.16 1:36pm
Mr Target

5 Al OPecia 31.05.16 5:17pm
Late Writer of the Month

Hello all, I hope you're all well. Just a little note to say that WotM will be done, but I'm mid- moving house and my calculator is somewhere under all of the bubble wrap. I've just got to move and...

14 Nice Admin Lady 31.05.16 1:26pm
Midfield Diamond
Oops 1 throngsman 30.05.16 11:08pm