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Anyone see Jonathan Creek yesterday?

Or Jonathan Creep as Mrs C describes him. All a bit too convoluted. I used to think it was so much better when Caroline Quentin was there to add a bit of weight to proceedings...

19 Des Custard 06.04.10 4:00am
I just need to sit down quietly for a moment

Oooh, that's better. 'Ee what a day. There's been an awful racket going on. Maybe they've got the builders in. Music blaring, fights breaking out. I don't what the world's coming to. [Inhales...

14 malgor 06.04.10 2:26am
My PC just told me to "slow down - you move too fast"!!!

I added a post to the Jonathan Creek thread, clicked "Send Post" and hit the back button when up came this message. Bloody cheek I call it! That's not what we fought the war for...

11 theumpire 05.04.10 11:19pm
The All New Jeni B
Open Letter 6 rikkor 05.04.10 9:40pm
A surprising dearth of big,successful armed robberies reported in the Daily Wail

Not really the tally of reportable suicides, either. One is inclined to be suspicious they're gussying up the Gnus. Since we last spoke here has been another Spaggiari job in Paris, and, it's...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 05.04.10 8:33pm
Hunter F. Thompson

I'll 'fess up. Could be me this week!...

15 Scroat 05.04.10 6:03pm
Open letter to Malgor

Sorry old man, this was addressed to you; must have opened it by mistake...

1 wallster 05.04.10 3:15pm
NEAT- O Challenge : Wrecking Ball

This weeks word is 'wrecking ball'...

11 edward hack 05.04.10 12:49pm
edward hack
Unfortunate Naming Not the best name for an author of this article subject...

0 RichT 05.04.10 9:20am
Is comedy.....

[url=]a horse race?[/url]...

8 Hunter F. Thompson 04.04.10 6:24pm
Hunter F. Thompson
A partial apology

I am genuinely sorry if I caused people offence by my recent posting. I had no intention of engaging in 'bitching' or bullying: people who know me also know that these are not activities I generally...

8 PluckyMunky 04.04.10 7:05am
A little off-topic but great FP Neal !

I shall forward to my former colleagues at a certain French cosmetics company renowned for having no sense of humour (well they are French). They might even steal your idea...

12 MADJEZ 04.04.10 12:28am
The All New Jeni B
Do I still qualify for a place on here?

Despite the kicking of the last 24 hours, I am still very fond of the old place...

12 PluckyMunky 03.04.10 10:08pm
Another sleepless night.

I'm still not sure who's side to be on and it's starting to bother me., I can't sleep. I'm confused., Can anyone help me decide please?, I don't want to side with one and then find he's the loser,...

6 edward hack 03.04.10 4:38pm
Are there any scientists on here? If we each got a large mirror and directed .

all the sunlight at one person, could we make Piers Morgan spontaneously burst into flames? The same principle works with a magnifying glass. Are there any laws against this? Please help. I've got...

7 StoopyDeGunt 03.04.10 1:20pm
Mary's bump

Mary just realised you must be fast approaching due date. When is this? we can all keep everything crossed. Oh, and the Klan threw me out. Something about being a Communist. I don't mind though....

5 Scroat 03.04.10 1:14pm
The All New Jeni B
I see we've been visited by the 'fart in a colander' fairy again. 0 MADJEZ 03.04.10 1:02pm
Ooh! When I was locked up at the mental institution....

A very, very chic and intellectual one, don't you know. Well, anyway. We inmates played at draughts all day long, and there was a string quartet that feautured selections from the most obscure and...

9 rikkor 03.04.10 12:23pm
The All New Jeni B
Farewell and thanks for all the fish.

I am off now. It seems that criticism, on here, is a one way street. Anyway, thanks for a good few months and thanks to the person who has been supportive. Best wishes, Plucky. xxx...

5 PluckyMunky 03.04.10 8:38am
To fit in, this would be the point where I posted:

Please, silly old queen with phantom illnesses and phantom trips to sunny climes, don't go! Can't do it...

3 rikkor 02.04.10 11:59pm
Ali Desai getting a hard time in prison

I read a newspaper story bout disgraced cop Ali Desai, who is getting beaten up and taunted in prison. The thing is, according to the story, for his own safety he's in a special prison, normally...

12 StoopyDeGunt 02.04.10 10:56pm
Open letter to Rikkor - 2

I fully appreciate that what happens in this chatroom may not be to your taste. This raises two questions, for me. First, why do you come on here to read such tripe? Second, why do you not attempt to...

48 PluckyMunky 02.04.10 10:55pm
Seven Million Cigarettes Seized From Lorry At Ferry Port

Police dismiss driver's claims they were for his own personal use...

1 Mr Glover Lover 02.04.10 1:01pm
Mr Glover Lover

Thursday seems like a Friday, Friday seems like a Sunday, Saturday is relatively normal, Sunday is another Sunday, Monday seems like a Saturday, Tuesday seems like a Monday, All very confusing...

3 Scroat 02.04.10 12:58pm
Mr Glover Lover
Hello, lovely Biscuits :)

I left, went to U.S, ate some fried chicken that was served between two doughnuts as part of the breakfast menu in a diner in Georgia, realised my trip would never get better than that and so came...

11 shitsu_tonka 02.04.10 11:04am
Oooh! What has happened?

My Chat Room suddenly went ape! I'v recently installed Opera as my browser, and now I can't see any formatting macro buttons in the new post box. Also, the listing of topics shows the five...

1 theumpire 02.04.10 9:58am
Does anyone know how to re-edit an old posting?

Once it's a few days old, it seems as if you can't reopen the posting an finish it off. I'LL FINISH THIS LATER Well no, actually, I won't...

2 StoopyDeGunt 02.04.10 9:33am
Open letter returned to sender due to insufficient postage.

Less bitching and more nob gags soon...

1 MADJEZ 02.04.10 12:49am
Dilemma - do I start an Easter topic or add to My Ass Hurts?

My favourite Easter Card

5 brownpaperreporter 01.04.10 11:26pm
Gordon Brown accused of 'data misuse'

Wasn't that called something else at one time., Where would Pinocchio be today if he had only 'misused data'?, Exactly., The data misusing bastard...

2 edward hack 01.04.10 11:24pm