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I'm selling access to Princess Margaret Rose for US$50...

Doesn't talk much and has rather a "dry" sense of humor. But, as she still drinks and smokes like anything, can be the life of the party. Seriously, feel vy. bad for your Queen. Can't be a nice...

1 rikkor 23.05.10 3:08pm
Des Custard

Cracking convalescence weather! Ta to whoever arranged it!...

7 QorbeQ 23.05.10 2:26pm


9 Scroat 22.05.10 9:45pm
Kiss, 'pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear'

Some kiss! "Couples are advised to 'proceed with caution.'"...

0 PluckyMunky 22.05.10 7:23pm

Here it is

2 Crow 22.05.10 6:23pm
Someone lamented the lack of positive journalism

I do agree but check out the mayor's delightfully daft positive comment at the end of this piece...

0 Crow 22.05.10 5:42pm

No idea. Maybe the editor of the local rag, with an amazing headline over a story about Paul Daniels: I'm NOT a sex symbol says magician Paul, 72...

8 Scroat 22.05.10 11:54am
I'm a great fan of Chuck Berry

I just thought I would share that. I saw him live in the 60's. Unfortunately, like a lot of us, he is past his best, now...

2 PluckyMunky 21.05.10 8:41pm
shameless self pleasure

from the archives is TIA1Ws favourite from back in the day when he wrote proper stories and didn't refer to himself in the third person...

1 thisisall1word 21.05.10 7:06pm
Zadok the second
How's the throat, Mr Q?

Are you feeling a bit better today?...

4 PluckyMunky 21.05.10 6:28pm
Was the Essex Earthquake story a FP on NB?

It's now doing the rounds of the ether. One of my FB 'friends' has just posted it (no attribution)...

4 sauce 21.05.10 6:15pm
Where are Plucky and Freud when you need them eh?

I'm assuming clockwork apple is one of your patients? He's in the other room, looks like he's stopped taking his lithium...

1 andhrimnir 21.05.10 4:08pm
Is it just me, or does Theresa May's collar make her look like a Judoon?,

11 MrChigleysAunt 21.05.10 3:28pm
It didn't do Ford Prefect any harm...

1 riesler 21.05.10 3:15pm
Zadok the second
More Faith Schools, God help us...

..but we still aren't allowed to set up Atheist Schools...

5 FormerlyAlOPecia 21.05.10 12:00pm
2012 Olympic Mascots

Not being the target audience I asked my nieces, aged four and six, what they thought about them. They replied thusly: 'Boring, not cuddly.', 'Can I have some crisps?' Which I think says it all....

15 shitsu_tonka 21.05.10 9:48am
Jamaica Star

A while back a collegue showed me the website of a newspaper in Jamaica, called the Jamaica Star. Every so often they have some fantastic 'truebiscuit' stories. This is one I remember from last year...

2 Peter 21.05.10 7:53am
Doesn't anyone want to take the piss? - 2

I did lose the semi-final you know...

47 Oxbridge 21.05.10 7:53am
I really don't know what this chatboard is coming to

Hours pass without messages. I know I have been advised to 'get out more'. Well, I stood outside the back door for 10 minutes, this afternoon and when I got back there were still no messages. I...

8 PluckyMunky 21.05.10 6:38am
Lembit Opik

Is apparently going into stand-up comedy. I'm completely lacking in inspiration today. Come on someone!...

10 Scroat 20.05.10 9:37pm
The Hedgehog and the Swithy Tove

The Hedgehog and the Swithy Tove have bedded down together., The way they look, we know they are of quite a different feather., They made us wink, they made us shrug: their discomfort is a given,,...

3 Hunter F. Thompson 20.05.10 5:32pm
True Biscuit - Aussie Ninjas foil muggers

Ten worst locations to carry out a mugging: Number 1

0 Mr Glover Lover 20.05.10 1:21pm
Mr Glover Lover
Happy Birthday nealdoran!

and did you get what you wanted, even so?...

2 allmyownstunts 20.05.10 1:17pm
BBC Writersroom: Five days in May

[quote]Five Days in May Do you have a rapid response to the general election? Were you compelled by the five agonising days between polling day and the formation of the new coalition government?...

2 sauce 20.05.10 10:30am
How come it's always David and Ed Milliband and never Dave and Edward?

Is Ed 'the cool one'?...

2 ianslat 20.05.10 10:12am
How are you feeling today Mr Beq?

Have you had some ice cream?...

4 PluckyMunky 20.05.10 10:06am
Hello, everyone. It is quiet, again, tonight

I have tried singing, suggesting music and poetry and offering general pleasantries. I am not entirely convinced that any of them have been hugely succesful. Apart from generally telling me to fuck...

6 PluckyMunky 20.05.10 6:14am
Before I give up on the musical suggestions, give this a listen

Sublime, I would say.

1 PluckyMunky 19.05.10 8:38pm
Zadok the second
Shedding a tear

I've just finished watch The West Wing and have to admit to shedding a tear over the death of Leo McGarry, Jed Bartlet's CoS. It got me thinking who Biscuiteers would shed a tear over from our...

2 Mrblacker 19.05.10 7:53pm
The All New Jeni B
BA to Strike

I ain't getting on no plane fool...

6 IRC 19.05.10 3:31pm