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Achilles FP - papagalos v papalopagos

Just curious but why change 'sick as a papagalos' to 'sick as a papalopagos'? Papalopagos is a very nice word but papagalos does translate as parrot (I think). Nice WAG work Oxbridge...

4 Ludicity 17.03.10 10:54am
Great Beckham FP Ludicity.

Was worried when yours popped up on Monday you'd pip me to the FP. Luckily the Beckham story will run and run and there's room for multiple angles...

1 MADJEZ 17.03.10 10:52am
Photo Quiz : Name as many famous faces as you can before the music runs out

Friday Night : Written and Performed by Robert 'Coops' Cooper,

6 edward hack 16.03.10 10:55pm
Oldham calls off nuclear strike on Pakistan 0 roybland 16.03.10 10:14pm
Truebiscuit - Man assaulted female police officer with penis

9 simonjmr 16.03.10 8:56pm
The All New Jeni B

This week's wonderful winsome word is AARDVARK Entries in this thread please, by midday Saturday...

11 Scroat 16.03.10 5:12pm
edward hack
Idea for grabs

Working overtime at the mo so no time/energy to write [i]but[/i] there's a lovely juxtaposition today of Beckham's injury (well, not lovely for him, but this is NB) and a call for footie sperm donors...

5 sauce 16.03.10 1:17pm
John Square
Is this a new definition of irony?

I'm off to Kent in the morning for a course where the BBC will teach me how to report on a riot. Only this afternoon, live on air, I was reporting from a rundown area of Coventry and the glorious...

4 Mrblacker 16.03.10 1:18am
Supermarket beer

Latest favourite tipple is a heady mix of a can of Abbot Ale and a (smaller) can of Mackeson. The trick is to mix them in a jug about an hour before drinking. This gives the gas a chance to escape...

8 Scroat 15.03.10 10:58pm
Buy diovan hct

Shouldn't this be on the subs page? I think the punchline could be stronger...

8 15.03.10 10:55pm
Why? Eh? Did no one think this idea through?...

0 John Square 15.03.10 5:45pm
John Square
Nice Leaders' Wives FP Ludo 2 Des Custard 15.03.10 5:13pm
Beckham injury - hairdressing industry devastated. 0 Stan 15.03.10 1:23pm
Fine 'Torch bearing mob' FP Stoopy

Topical, funny, clever. Good stuff...

3 Des Custard 15.03.10 12:15pm
fun and games

I'm out tomorrow, hence posting this now. Suggestions welcome...

6 Scroat 15.03.10 11:51am

posted on the other thread...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 14.03.10 9:11pm
Hunter F. Thompson
NEAT-O (Stump) Result

Thanks to you all for your entries. You have confirmed my feelings that there are some macabre people out there. Simon – your mnemonics gave me a smile or two – but although a cricket stump...

4 theumpire 14.03.10 1:37pm
Went to the recording of radio 4 sketch show last night

The producer of Recorded for Training Purposes (a radio 4 sketch show) emailed to say my sketch was in the running to be used. Of course, it wasn't. So getting off work and schlepping up into...

3 ronseal 14.03.10 11:32am
My ass hurts!

Not really. Just hoping to start a string of three thousand pointless back-and-forth pleasantries...

13 rikkor 13.03.10 8:13pm
My diflucan order all effed up.

I ordered the super-saver package for US$769. When it was delivered, no diflucan! all I got was 3 kilos of hospital-grade cocaine. What's up, Newsbiscuit?...

3 rikkor 13.03.10 4:08pm
Drop-down list on the Tags page

Bottom left of the Tags page is a drop-down list - choice of Newsbiscuit, Chat or Writers' Room. This looks useful, but doesn't actually take you anywhere. If this is site under construction, where...

0 theumpire 13.03.10 4:44am
Is NB getting spammed?

WHAT'S ALL THIS THEN? SPAM?* Those items are not in the Chat Room or in the Writers' Room. Only accessible by clicking the 'NEWSBISCUIT' link located after FORUM >> at the top of the page?...

7 malgor 12.03.10 11:32pm
Female porn director to be Lib Dem candidate for Gravesham

She is a banker really but thought it would offend people

1 riesler 12.03.10 9:33pm
My Goodness, not many votes being cast

Are they rationed or are we being charged for them?, Always beats me how some folk take the time to leave a comment but can't be bothered to give it a mark...

5 ramblesid 12.03.10 8:41pm
Re today's FP ; To medal or not to medal ?

Well done Adrian. Good FP but for that f****** 'verb'...

8 saltire 12.03.10 8:37pm
Psychic show cancelled due to unforseen circumstances

0 virtuallywill 12.03.10 5:28pm
What happened to the Forum and the blue box...

and all the bad misuse of apostrophes? I feel all lost...

2 rikkor 12.03.10 2:24pm
Another crank comment: Top 10 Subs missing (isn't it?)

Much more difficult to sort through all the dross when seeking gold...

2 rikkor 12.03.10 2:19pm
Happy Birthday...

You old scroat...

11 wallster 12.03.10 12:20pm
I still can't get used to this new place...

so I haven't posted a thing (well one) since the 'change'. I feel like I've wandered into my favourite boozer, The Kings Head or the like, and find that the comfy chairs are gone, replaced with...

16 Nick McCarr 12.03.10 8:52am