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Top Election Tip...

For obvious reasons, my neighbourhood has recently been inundated by packs of roving canvassers, each touting their respective candidates, and extolling the virtues of their respective parties. ...

2 AdrianJ 01.05.10 12:09am
And we're into the final furlong with Cohen ahead by a nose...

Have I got my maths wrong, or are we looking at a genuine two horse race for WoM for the first time in living memory? (Well, since last year, which is about as far as my memory goes back). Ludicity...

19 nealdoran 01.05.10 12:06am

Whoever it was on whichever paper who wants us to believe that Gordon misheard the Rochdale pensioner and took offence when she asked him "where are they all flocking from?"...

12 Scroat 30.04.10 7:44pm
This is sooooo wrong on many levels

[url=]Who knew Little Britain's character Jason really existed![/url]...

2 thackaray 30.04.10 7:17pm
Hunter F. Thompson
People who don't get satire

I always wondered what goes through people's head when they see satire? My experience is that only a small chunk of society really understand and appreciates satire. For the majority who "don't get...

6 Dumbnews 30.04.10 5:08pm
Grey areas

Mr Sauce is of the opinion that the Beeb was unfair in making Brown's gaffe public; the comment was, after all, to his aid in the "privacy" of their car. Now, he was wearing a mic that he knew...

20 sauce 30.04.10 12:59pm
Des Custard
Typos - don't you just love them?

I was looking for things to do in my area this weekend and came across this - the Dawn Chorus Walk on 01-05-10 sounds VERY interesting,

7 Mr Glover Lover 30.04.10 11:43am
Mr Glover Lover

In Japan, they have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft Error messages with poetry. Haiku poetry has strict construction rules. Each poem has only three lines, 17 syllables: five...

26 Scroat 30.04.10 9:13am
Really enjoying the ELECTION REVIEW on the home page

There have been some mighty subs along the way...

1 edward hack 30.04.10 9:08am
Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I am 3 Oxbridge 30.04.10 8:21am
Dickens or Shakespeare

This weeks word is BREAKFAST and the deadline is Saturday 1st of May 9.00 a.m around breakfast time., Bizarreness and total obscurity count well with me., Good luck good people...

36 Basil_B 30.04.10 8:08am
Where are they now? - 2

How about a Captain Oates award for people who say they are just popping out for a moment and may be gone sometime., Can I nominate both Writer Ken and Ichabod, Ken did say back in the summer of...

34 edward hack 29.04.10 11:19pm
I've just noticed a sign in the foyer...

which states that our office is hosting a, "Prisoners of Conscience Dinner" this evening. Presumably low attendance due to lack of availability is likely to be an issue here, isn't it?...

11 AdrianJ 29.04.10 5:44pm
Missed Opportunity

It wouldn't have killed the BBC to change today's story 'Sex Counsellor's Appeal Dismissed' to 'Counsellor Loses Sex Appeal'...

1 allmyownstunts 29.04.10 4:26pm
Meaning of stardom

Not starting a topic on the self-confirmatory nature of celebrity (go for it if ya want), but on those sweet little yellow globs of ratings goodness. Is there a standard definition of what means...

18 QorbeQ 29.04.10 3:25pm
Nice work if you can get it, over £140 an hour!

0 riesler 29.04.10 3:16pm
Mr. Cohen basically owns the home page now.

Just how selfish is that! Didn't his parents ever teach him to share?, To add insult to injury, I’ll bet the greedy bastard will go and snatch WoM as well now...

8 AdrianJ 29.04.10 12:31pm
Piers morgan in league with the devil - £666 fine Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan has said he deserved a "red buzzer from the courts" after being fined for speeding in Brighton....

0 simonjmr 29.04.10 12:12pm
Realbiscuit "M&S said the pants had been independently tested"...

0 PluckyMunky 29.04.10 10:15am
Truebiscuit Pretty much sums up the average resident of the Medway Towns...

4 riesler 28.04.10 9:08pm
The All New Jeni B
Disgraced historian Figes becomes a biscuiteer 7 MrChigleysAunt 28.04.10 7:37pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Goldman Sachs

[url=]Excuses, excuses: The Top Ten by goldie[/url]...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 28.04.10 7:21pm
Hunter F. Thompson
A rant about journalists

After sedating the fraggles last night, Mr Mary and I took to our sofa for our customary late Sunday cuddle with the papers (it's okay, we are married). I was pleased to see the lead article in the...

25 Mary Evans 28.04.10 5:42pm
Very strong Home Page today

they are all crackers - don't miss ticker from dom-mcg...

2 edward hack 28.04.10 10:53am
Genghis Cohen
Who is your guitar hero?

I'm learning 'I Am Lonely, I am Lost' by Bert Jansch which is a beautiful song. I'm having to learn new chord shapes and a new fingerpicking style for this. Quite a shock to the system after all...

26 Scroat 28.04.10 10:19am
Zadok the second
NB freecycle

Anyone else subscribe to these local entertainments? We get rid of odds and ends of computer equipment and so on. I'm contemplating offering the kids, as no one bid on eBay. [quote]wanted: house...

6 sauce 27.04.10 6:17pm
What's happened to NewsArse??

Just went in and apparently 'this account has been suspended'. Have they gone bust? I know it's not a patch on this site but there have been some funny moments, notably when the US Masters decided to...

4 Oxbridge 27.04.10 1:57pm
BNP Party Political Broadcast

Some of the most toe curling telly I've seen in years. You'd be hard pressed to produce a better short film to show all the reasons NOT to vote BNP. All Nick Griffin lacked was the toothbrush...

6 wallster 27.04.10 1:53pm
Harry Potter: casting of "Extremelysmellyanus" spell cause of unpopularity 1 simonjmr 27.04.10 1:44pm
Mr Gor, can you help?

You seem to be clued up about stuff. Can you answer my query, below, please?...

2 PluckyMunky 26.04.10 6:32pm