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An interesting article of what stephen Fry knows about women

0 arrghgarry 31.10.10 10:45pm
Did anyone else know this American swimmer called Misty Hymen ?

I had to check it out after hearing it a comedy youtube clip by Adam Hills...

2 arrghgarry 31.10.10 9:37pm
Hallow'en horror

[url=]Nailed![/url] [quote]One thing for sure. Most people in the (over)developed world think the connectivity and speed of the algorithms behind the...

4 Hunter F. Thompson 31.10.10 9:25am
Hunter F. Thompson
Good FP, Fin!

I remember Filofax at work (actually, mostly Franklin planners here). They were used by the most hopeless, disorganized and annoying "young career people on the go"...

2 rikkor 30.10.10 8:49pm
I wish Red would show us a picture of a Turkey Headscarf

In the gnus, but the simple mind lilts listlessly between a bird in Hermès headgear and a chador.Which is it and why would we care? Wait! Is it a headscarf made of Turkey skin, like a Red Indian's...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 30.10.10 7:18pm
Hunter F. Thompson
The Apprentice

Don't know whether the Junior Apprentice version of this ever got off the ground, but watching this last night it struck me that a Senior Apprentice programme might be fun. All the hopefuls would...

8 Scroat 30.10.10 7:10pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Adverts from the Potuguese

I'm getting Portuguese adverts now. Luckily, it is one of the several languages I can scream at waiters in the present tense...

17 rikkor 29.10.10 3:30pm
Nice FP, Westy. 6 rikkor 29.10.10 3:28pm
Well done you! NB toadying goes multi-choice this month

Congratulations [Insert Name Here] on your latest [FP/NiB/ticker/release from the institution]! I personally found it particularly [topical/hilarious/clever/insightful/poignant/sexy] and look...

1 dicky37 29.10.10 8:38am
NewsBiscuit discussed on Radio Scotland

In case anyone is interested NewsBiscuit was plugged much better than the book I was supposed to be promoting when I went on Radio Scotland's comedy cafe this lunchtime....

16 editor 28.10.10 3:20pm
FP: Site getting weaker, can't get air....

gasp, gasp, clunk...

0 rikkor 28.10.10 2:42pm
Bloody hell...

From the BBC:, [quote]A mother who stabbed her daughter before dousing her body in acid unlawfully killed her, a jury has found[/quote] Did they deliberate for long? I haven't got the heart to...

1 rickwestwell 28.10.10 12:57pm
Do you know what I fucking hate about new technology? - 2

It's not the nerds. Fair play to them, they probably suffered in school. So they deserve a bit of license to be hoity toity. I don't mind the early adopters and the enthusiasts. Someone has to...

37 StoopyDeGunt 28.10.10 11:19am
Pabst Blue Ribbon
JOF on the Today programme today

Last 5 minutes. "Things can only get bitter"...

1 Scroat 28.10.10 8:54am
Brain full of red cabbage?

1 FormerlyAlOPecia 28.10.10 7:01am
Great spin-off book

Am always a bit dubious about books that cash-in on the popularity of a TV program as they're often pants - League of Gentlemen I'm looking at you - but...

4 shitsu_tonka 28.10.10 12:13am
Puffin twatting - a mystery solved?

Of course it may not be a mystery at all, but surely this is the first ever recorded mention of the celebrated Faeroe Islands pastime? In 'Attention all Shipping', a moderately amusing travelogue...

4 Oxbridge 27.10.10 3:55pm
The NB Apprentice Game

Your task is to organise a piss up in a brewery. The Brewery charges £5 a head for an all-you-can-drink tour for 40, and you have a £200 kitty to start you off. So teams, how big a mess can you...

3 Quaz 27.10.10 9:12am
Jon Snow sticks rocket under striking fireman

Looks like Ch 4 News have triggered face to face talks in the London fire dispute: Hold yer fire Faulks! They could seal a deal+ no strike!...

0 Pubteam 27.10.10 12:36am
Jane Austen couldn't spell, her turn of phrase would make you yell

[url=]Red meat for Rikkor[/url]...

8 Hunter F. Thompson 26.10.10 8:28pm
Truebiscuit - Dad always told me to take precautions!

7 riesler 26.10.10 8:18pm
Love this morning's FP

Well done that coalition...

9 Mary Evans 26.10.10 8:16pm
One reason not to get a tattoo

1 thackaray 26.10.10 3:47pm
Voluptous Dawn french was granted a quickie divorce on grounds of lenny henrys

refusal to tell lies when asked "does my arse look big in this ?"...

0 arrghgarry 25.10.10 9:58pm
Daley Thomson - discus

Also shot put...

6 rickwestwell 25.10.10 6:46pm
Wayne Rooney - discuss

£250,000 a week. And he's not even very good at what he does, as John Humphrys observed the other morning. And he's not going to endear himself to the Old Trafford faithful. Can you really see the...

5 Scroat 24.10.10 9:08pm
Beth Tweddle - discuss

great gymnast but Oh dear! She looks like Freddie Mercury and Shergar's love child...

7 riesler 24.10.10 11:30am
Lovely FP antharrison

I knew there was a great post-rescue story waiting to be written, and leaving the iron on was it. Super stuff...

10 Genghis Cohen 24.10.10 8:20am
Moribund Site...

Once again, it's that time of the month. Get ready for mucho pleasantness and toadying...

15 rikkor 22.10.10 10:58pm
Great music online

1 Scroat 22.10.10 8:28pm