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I almost forgot that you people...

insisted for the longest time that a billion was a million millions. Too funny.

14 rikkor 12.03.11 3:54pm
Japan earthquake/tsunami

I hope that Garry is OK. No stupid comments please...

6 bonjonelson 12.03.11 12:08am
Hey thanks guys...

For all the happy birthday FB stuff. I don't understand how to reply via FB, hence this. Sorry. Had a great day. Still sober enough to type this so hope hangover won't be too bad tomorrow. Thanks...

0 Scroat 12.03.11 12:05am
Read this. You could not make it up. Especially the suicide attempt part...

4 rikkor 11.03.11 9:57pm
BBC Local Radio

Firstly, a declaration of interest. I work in local radio and while my contract is up at the end of next month, the suggested plan to merge the BBC local radio network with 5live, would directly...

0 Mrblacker 11.03.11 8:33pm
Right that's better

A Front Page worthy of the privilege. Great topiciality in the UK and nicely crafted...

0 fun and games 11.03.11 9:38am
fun and games
[closed] This site is about to be...

unless people start submitting something decent...

8 rikkor 11.03.11 7:15am
be reasonable
Nice FP, 'admin'

No, honest. Some great edits...

11 Des and Stan 10.03.11 10:56pm
Tristan Shout
Perceived Wisdom was that Fat Kids were less at risk from 'Pedo's'

as they are usually not lookers., But a recent study by the University of Northumberland (FKA Newcastle Poly) appears to refute that. "Sure, Fat Kids tend to be overlooked by most Pedo's", said...

1 10.03.11 6:53pm
Sorry!1st time. 7 markmypaper 10.03.11 1:12pm
The All New Jeni B
Isn't it quiet around here without garry and doylem?

One almost misses them...

5 be reasonable 10.03.11 12:28pm
be reasonable
Medical slang, I just love the gallows humour of hospitals. Having spent a lot of time in the chemo ward with my partner, there are precious few belly laughs to be had.,...

9 beau-jolly 10.03.11 10:08am
be reasonable
My yog hurts

I think it's the bacteria...

1 markmypaper 10.03.11 12:16am

Is there anybody out there?...

14 Rizzo 09.03.11 9:54pm
Important Planning Notice.

In case you've not heard, it's last orders in the other bar. We've finally lost our fight against the planners and the council has decided to close it down. Seems they're pulling it down to make way...

7 wallster 09.03.11 8:49pm
Awww, bless you Rikkor! 1 riesler 09.03.11 4:47pm
The Health of Nations :: Libya

[url=http://]It is clear he's very unwell[/url] [quote]/// D'autres informateurs...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 09.03.11 5:47am
Hunter F. Thompson
[closed] I think I know who Describe is in real life,it was his Monkeys and typewriter

catchphrase that gave him away .he is from the north,he is funny,but an irritating arrogant prick who wears dresses,he appears on shows as a guest now and again...

17 08.03.11 8:08pm
‘Dick Dastardly’ Style Traps to Spice Up F1

‘Dick Dastardly’ Style Traps to Spice Up F1 Bernie Ecclestone announced today new incentives to make Formula 1 more exciting for the viewing public. Teams will be encouraged to try and remove...

3 Guy Incognito 08.03.11 3:29pm
be reasonable
'Ironduke is a cunt' tag posted on 'Flasher's union claim webcams halve carbon

footprint by allowing members to work from home. I'd really love to hear from whoever posted that charming tag for me, nice to have such an enthusiastic, though sadly anonymous, welcome...

4 Ironduke 08.03.11 11:44am
British fishing fleet to be decimated

3 riesler 07.03.11 8:07pm
Ian Searle
Protests as police force forced to police police protest

Inspired! A pint for this week's NiB editor, barman...

2 Des Custard 07.03.11 5:08pm
Des Custard
O2 mobile blocking Google Translate unless you're over 18!

Yesterday evening O2 engaged porn-blocking. Anyone trying to access adult sites from an O2 mobile are now asked to verify their age using a credit card. Fair enough I suppose but O2 have included...

3 Mateus109 07.03.11 4:42pm
Any North Londoners and/or people who can read and have access to money

Shameless bit of inappropriate pluggery ahoy -or- call to arms for all that is decent My local(ish) bookshop has been trying to keep afloat and is organising clever new strategies for indie book...

7 thisisall1word 07.03.11 2:49pm
Awful, awful Royal coin

Ermm haven't they got the names the wrong way round?

17 riesler 07.03.11 11:56am
Antiques Rogue Show FP...

Just to say gents, this is the best FP I've seen in my entire sojourn on NB. Most excellent! Can't wait to see part 2 on Spring's new series of 'KateHumbleWatch' F'narrrrrrr!...

1 pinxit 07.03.11 8:54am
When people take risks with cutting edge comedy

why do little people get jealous...

2 07.03.11 12:42am
How to add gravy, ta

pass the bisto jug, there's a love...

0 Ironduke 05.03.11 11:33pm
Writer of the Month for February – Stan Laurel!

Finally righting a number of near misses, Stan Laurel collects long-overdue congratulations after sneaking home as Writer of the Month for February with five excellent front page stories and a...

17 editor 05.03.11 6:39pm
Request to NB team/admin

I wonder if you might write some outstanding Front Pages and attribute them to me please. Ta...

2 FormerlyAlOPecia 05.03.11 8:53am