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Gem from the Onion, just for once,17958/...

1 Oxbridge 02.09.10 10:43am
I'm on toady overdrive

Great 'father of cute baby' NiB, whoever is his/her NiBness today!...

1 jp1885 01.09.10 11:49pm
O'Farrell's Law

This states that anyone who wants to become Prime Minister in the UK or President in the USA is, by definition, the wrong person for the job. Scroat's Law doesn't have the same ring...

11 Scroat 01.09.10 11:42pm
two in the wrong room 2 MADJEZ 01.09.10 11:25pm
oh cock 0 MADJEZ 01.09.10 6:02pm
Top news from the Isle of Wight

2 fernandomando 01.09.10 8:08am
Abbas/Netanyahu not same person despite never being seen in same room together 0 Steve Wilson 01.09.10 7:41am
Steve Wilson
Top-notch FP Golgo

Nice to see you back on form after being so cruelly denied in July. I just hope that I can bounce back and write as well as this too!...

0 jp1885 01.09.10 7:29am
Anglesea set to host the 2012 Olympic Squirel Licking event

It's that time of year when the Squirrel licking season draws to a close and we look forward to the traditional seasonal finale of the lick'n'Conkers event (Squirrel licking combined with Conkers,...

0 Quaz 01.09.10 12:39am
Erm, Mr Editor... i know it's just a ticker but...

Can I have the portillo ticker credit? Ta muchly...

0 SingingHinny 31.08.10 11:40pm
Ticker s

Am I imagining it or have we had a couple of ticker repeats over the last couple of days? I'm thinking winter allowance and scottish cancer centres based subs. I could be wrong and just imagined it...

4 SingingHinny 31.08.10 1:06pm
I am trying to write a love poem, any suggestions..... helpful ones please... - 23

I want you to know I Love you,, I want you to know I care,, I want you to feel my presence,, I want you to know I’m here. I want you to know I have never felt this way,, A Love to nurture and...

61 virtuallywill 31.08.10 12:38pm

Towards Christmas I was going to suggest a 'Best FP of 2010' debate, but decided this would be impossible because of the consistently high standard and the number of candidates. However I honestly...

8 Scroat 31.08.10 9:48am
Lovely FP Insomnia, jp, rick

Great team effort and super photo as always red. Good to see foreign affairs making the front page - we need more international stories...

9 Ludicity 30.08.10 6:41pm
la maga
.. 3 MADJEZ 30.08.10 4:31pm
Question for Rikkor

Or any other U.S types who hang out here. Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly (especially Glen Beck who is alarmingly creepy): are they listened to or are they mocked in the States? I can't work out if...

5 shitsu_tonka 30.08.10 11:03am
Hunter F. Thompson
Watch out for those German strawberries

Fry and Laurie have an [url=]Englandgasm[/url] Was in the mood for some retro mirth...

1 shitsu_tonka 30.08.10 10:16am
Looks like one of our brethren has gone over to the Dark Side

11 Oxbridge 30.08.10 8:35am
Mary Evans
I had a weird dream last night where a NewsBiscuit football team...

were taking on Germany, and hoped to defeat them by satire alone. We did get one past them when I distracted their back 4 by taking them to a stand at the side of the pitch where I sold them...

2 FormerlyAlOPecia 30.08.10 8:14am
Hunter F. Thompson
"Ghost Hunter" killed by real train looking for ghost train. This is the funniest thing ever. Listen to the audio 911 (your 999) call on the right side of the screen. A person could have died of old age...

5 rikkor 28.08.10 10:49pm
New trade association created to represent trade associations

The Trade Association Trade Association (TATA) has been created to represent the interests of trade and retail associations which do not currently enjoy representation. Speaking about the new body,...

1 28.08.10 5:36pm
If you were in Guernsey

[url=]you might see this.[/url]...

3 Hunter F. Thompson 28.08.10 9:47am
Hunter F. Thompson

Nice one though, jealousy notwithstanding. Well done. Bitch/bastard whichever applies...

8 Scroat 28.08.10 6:48am
What is the point of being a slightly pissed saddo at nearly one in the morning

When no-one rips the piss FCS. I mean. Honestly. What's a bloke to do?...

1 Scroat 27.08.10 11:52pm
Guess who this lovable guy was

(His first wife) She went off to Italy with someone I'd had an affair with and my sister had been fond of, so he'd had the whole family...

23 arrghgarry 27.08.10 11:06pm

Jeremy Clarkson, Simon Cowell, Tony B. Liar, President Sarky, all the local garden centres for running out of seed potatoes, Yves Saint Laurent for discontinuing Rive Gauche eau de parfum (Mrs...

6 Scroat 27.08.10 10:09pm
Nation in panic as Friends fails to appear in TV schedules for a day

Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his Cornish holiday to deal with the growing crisis gripping the UK following the shock disappearance for a day of hit US sitcom Friends from TV schedules....

0 27.08.10 8:35pm
Nation in panic as Friends fails to appear in TV schedules for a day

Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his Cornish holiday to deal with the growing crisis gripping the UK following the shock disappearance for a day of hit US sitcom Friends from TV schedules....

0 27.08.10 8:34pm
Newbie giddy from achieving first NiB misguidedly quits job

Oops. Didn't really think that one through. The offers will roll in though, won't they fellow Biscuiteers? Hello? [Tumbleweed] It's dark and I'm frightened. So frightened...

6 dicky37 27.08.10 2:51pm
How do the tags work?

I see the tags box, but what does it do? Should I treat it the same was as metatags, ie. words which relate to a post? I'm new here, so excuse my ignorance...

8 27.08.10 1:25pm