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Rikkor, is there life after Glenn Beck?

Now the Glenopocalpyse has happened and he has been given the push is there anyone else waiting in the wings? You have a much better class of extremist nutter in the US, they are deeply...

19 shitsu_tonka 11.04.11 6:43pm
be reasonable
Do you suppose that Gbagbo is hoping that his Special Adviser is going to

come up with an escape plan?:

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 11.04.11 4:10pm
Corgi win rights to produce Royal Wedding action toys

Wrong room sorry haven't posted anything for months and even this isn't that good. Hisstigness...

0 Iamthestig 11.04.11 3:16pm
Hoe do you undo a sub?

Just posted the same sun twice. 3 times if you count the previous version. I've learnt to edit but how do you withdraw. I guess I could edit it down to nowt but is there a better way?...

9 beau-jolly 11.04.11 11:30am
Oh dear, I agree with Rikkor

I was going to concur with dear rik in the writers' room but that would have moved the Pulp fiction sub out of its inevitable obscurity...

4 beau-jolly 11.04.11 11:21am
What ever happened to?

Anybody know?...

2 Basil_B 10.04.11 9:13pm
Great FP

I know it was written by proper people and all that so this may read as a mild toady, but I thought it was splendid. Had me cringing in recognition. My Dad still insists on referring to his...

0 shitsu_tonka 10.04.11 6:45am

Just noticed that on the firefox tab for this page it says 'newbiscuit' not news. Just thought someone might want to know, not sure who though...

1 Screenie 09.04.11 9:44pm
Amazing Royal Wedding Twaddle.

You should see the stuff that "respectable" newspapers and journals are publishing here. I think the writers just sit down at their keyboards and let fly with whatever improbabilities come to mind....

2 rikkor 09.04.11 7:08pm
Thank G-d we are killing socialized medicine here...

before it even gets started. If we don't, Canadians with money who require routine surgery will have to fly to Venezuela instead. As it is, they cross a bridge to Detroit, which is only slightly...

2 rikkor 09.04.11 6:03pm
Nick Clegg caption competition Any offers?...

3 Scroat 09.04.11 8:01am
Whoever edited the Top Gear piece did a brilliant job!

I'm liking what you did, mysterious man or woman behind the scenes. Now go out and enjoy the sun! Or indeed The Sun. (There's a column by Jeremy Clarkson in there on Saturdays)...

0 ronseal 09.04.11 6:46am
I met a single woman on

who states in her profile "I love to get stoned." What do you suppose that means?...

4 rikkor 08.04.11 10:58pm
Spoken in jest

There is a saying that many a true word is spoken in jest. Reading some of the topics on Newsbiscuit It is sometimes hard to tell in some reports, where truth departs from funny fiction; which in...

2 OldThingy 08.04.11 7:02pm
Does anyone want a cement mixer? You have to pick it up though.

My friend's buggered off, and left me to clear out his lock up. Does anyone needs any roofing or guttering materials? Or wood? Tools? You can have the cement mixer free, as the wheel's a bit...

15 ronseal 08.04.11 6:53pm
Is it me...

or does Portuguese sound a bit Eastern European? Any enlightened soul like to comment? (Unlikely around here, I know, but worth a shot)...

5 FormerlyAlOPecia 08.04.11 6:52pm
The end of the world... a rant...

this morning I made the mistake of turning on BBC TV news. I heard a Doctor talking about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer refer to the oesophagus as 'the food pipe'. Dear God, what is...

9 be reasonable 08.04.11 6:32pm
Is it me...

or is there a trend for starting posts with 'is it me?'...

3 be reasonable 08.04.11 4:44pm
March 2011 Writer of the Month – Des and Stan!

With the royal wedding at the end of this month, it seems only right that we come together as a nation to celebrate another match made in heaven, that of previous Writer of the Month winners Des...

25 editor 08.04.11 11:37am
Utterly Butterly Brilliant FP this morning

Top of the class for all concerned. Or six of the best, whichever you'd prefer...

1 Mary Evans 08.04.11 11:12am
Is it br or has the screen just gone back to normal?

It's just got smaller and I can see everything again...

1 07.04.11 1:20pm
be reasonable
Is it just me, or has the writers room gone wider?

I have 'move right' to see who posted. Perhaps Cat hit the magic combination of keys which changes screenview...

9 07.04.11 12:59pm
Best Acronym of the year

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps)...

0 simonjmr 07.04.11 9:37am
Best headline of the day...

2 The All New Jeni B 07.04.11 9:20am
The All New Jeni B
Lovely FP stunts,

And not in the slightest based on real life...

6 The All New Jeni B 07.04.11 8:35am
King, cauldron, LOLZ

Strong FP and NiBs (x2) today. Toadying congrats all round...

0 pinxit 07.04.11 7:44am
Can anyone think of more disturbing lyrics than these?

I was hurtling along the autobahn this afternoon, listening to the radio, when I suddenly started paying attention to the verses of a song that was playing. The chorus was pretty standard "just you...

23 ゴルゴ13 07.04.11 7:18am
Anyone watch 'The Killing' on BBC4?

I have a question about the plot...

7 Scroat 06.04.11 9:47pm
Mary Evans
Saves on fuel costs if they don't take off...

Taxiing to the rescue?

0 riesler 06.04.11 1:23pm
Gotta be a gag in here somewhere, I was thinking along the lines of being well-hard., When thieves broke into a house in Salford, little did they know the owner was a naked...

1 beau-jolly 06.04.11 1:19pm