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Red, Red, are you there?

Had an idea for spoof ad on FP. I've noticed that cllicking on any of the 'psychic octopus' stories yields a banner ad of 'dial a psychic' variety. How about a spoof 'dial a psychic' ad featuring...

9 Skylarking 14.07.10 1:41pm
The All New Jeni B
Loving the enhanced clarity of the new BBC News website... Well done BBC!...

3 red 14.07.10 1:41pm
I almost wish Lord Volderqueen were back.

That's how boring chat is...

8 rikkor 14.07.10 12:01pm

You surpass yourself red! Nice story too...

12 Des Custard 14.07.10 10:10am
Total fcuk UPS

I was sent an email by a friend this morning (which had gone round the houses already)entitled, 'New sponsorship deal for England team.' Lo and behold it was only Rick Westwell's NB story image...

3 JayGee 14.07.10 9:05am
It beats throwing stones at them.....

[url=] Mooning at trains[/url] I suppose what we could do in the UK is set up a dogging site next to the WCML, for when a Virgin train goes...

1 Mr.3374 13.07.10 1:20pm
I didn't mean to put this in here

less sooner...

0 virtuallywill 13.07.10 11:31am

Make that Twats of the Week and I'll nominate anyone in the Church of England who opposes the ordination of women bishops. I know they haven't got the vote on the Isle of Wight yet, but this is just...

41 Scroat 12.07.10 10:48pm
***NEAT-O-TOPIC - The Result***

O.K. I've read though the entries and I've decided that this weeks winner is Zadok The Second. So over to you Zadok. The Neat-O is all yours...

0 Svendo 12.07.10 8:12pm
Truebiscuit? Reckless Tory MP etc etc...

1 fernandomando 12.07.10 3:05pm
Seppidaphiles mob Padstow as Stein launches cephalapod lucky dip dip dip

sorry, wrong room...

0 andhrimnir 12.07.10 9:22am
Same bloody football game on BBC and ITV!

I half expected Channel 5 to have a re-run of the Lady Di funeral...

1 ramblesnake 11.07.10 9:59pm
dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear - 2

Someone posts a piss take of a standard sub, it gets taken down, he tries to discuss it intelligently, everyone jumps on him. Someone tries to discuss why a nib was not seen as overly offensive,...

32 o b sensible 11.07.10 9:47pm
Voting for one`s self

Can anyone please tell me why this system is in place ? I thought it was a joke and yet when I tried it ,my vote was registered .Which seems very strange .It would be like giving a politician to...

1 arrghgarry 11.07.10 10:09am
Anyone for a Raol Moat conspiracy theory or ten?

David Icke's chatroom abuzz with them: "RaoulRa-Egyptian sun god,and owl-Bohemien Grove"? "Sue Sim - an anagram for, 'misuse' (of police powers)?" "let's not forget Paul Gascoingne aka, "Gazza"...

1 Skylarking 11.07.10 9:48am
Apple invent telephone you can carry in your pocket

Hot on the news that it has become the world’s biggest manufacturer of hand held computer devices US technology giant Apple has unveiled its latest gadget - the ‘HiPhone’, a telephone you can...

0 The i-moderator 10.07.10 1:17pm
The i-moderator
Eating Raoul

Recent events have reminded me of the film Eating Raoul. Anyone else seen it? And, more importantly, did you see it at the cinema and so see the short supporting film about the dead body in the...

1 MrChigleysAunt 10.07.10 12:55pm
The All New Jeni B
Is everyone else glued to the BBC News Channel too? - 2 44 The All New Jeni B 10.07.10 12:54pm
The All New Jeni B
News from the Isle of Wight - A genuine email

I just received this on email. It seems a rather odd way of raising money for charity. Where's the value in what they're doing? Am I being too cynical? BIKE 4 BRA'S!, The team from Solutions 4...

9 StoopyDeGunt 10.07.10 9:13am
edward hack
I see that Gazza has once again been called in to negotiate peace

This time in Rothbury. However, a month ago I was writing about his escapades in Israel,

1 fernandomando 09.07.10 10:35pm
The All New Jeni B
What really gets up [i]your[/i] nose? - 23

What really gets up [i]your[/i] nose? For me, it’s cables that tie themselves in knots. Every Christmas, I put the tree lights away neatly in the box, in the loft. But next year they can take...

62 theumpire 09.07.10 8:56pm
The All New Jeni B
What's Going On ?

Turner painting considered an investment on the same day schools building programme axed., Am I missing something, When the rich start shouting MEMEMEMEMEMEME doesn't life always seem to get...

2 edward hack 09.07.10 5:25pm
Love the front page today

Yes, I do (the system makes you write something in the Post section. You can't leave it blank. So you have to think of something to say, even if you just want to write a title. Probably something to...

6 StoopyDeGunt 09.07.10 4:43pm
Stunning FP this morning

once again - a brilliant pic - top work all round...

9 Mrblacker 09.07.10 2:44pm
Mary Evans
Congrats to the Total fcuk UPS coalition...

That story and pic has been sent to me so many times - it's like, gone totally viral, man Also delighted to see one of my favourites from Babs' back catalogue on the Archives. Come back Neal, we...

0 Mary Evans 09.07.10 1:21pm
Mary Evans

Sorry but I've been spammed on Facebook and may have passed this on to all my contacts. So if you get some sort of prompt from me, just ignore it. Bloody technology. Had I been awake this morning I...

21 Scroat 09.07.10 8:39am
Mary Evans
Positive note

Sorry to be a bore and post something positive in the chat room, but the NiBs have made a terrific start this week. Good subjects, sharp editing (own up please) and nice pix...

5 Des Custard 09.07.10 8:38am
Mary Evans
Hi Ed - NIB - The Jamie Oliver guide to brain surgery

Please could you credit QorbeQ and Golgo13 as they helped to develop the idea., Cheers...

5 antharrison 09.07.10 6:05am
I've got it!!!!

(No, not that, the Penicillin worked a treat), Sue Sim, the Acting Chief thingummy of Northumbria Police, looks just like the plasticine lady in the Nytol ads. It's been bugging me who she looked...

5 The All New Jeni B 08.07.10 11:20pm
Psychic Octopus predicts Derren Brown

0 taigawooo 08.07.10 3:37pm