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Hoo-Har about increased Threat of La Terreur

Somebody thought that the hoo-har this time would be about selling more of those obscene body scanners. There are some nice charts [url=]in this...

8 Hunter F. Thompson 06.10.10 10:09pm
be reasonable
Ed , Red or Whoever is on the Sunday Shift....hello ?

When you get back from church , would you please be kind enough to alter the credit for todays front page from Genghis Cohen to El Custard. Genghis deserves it more but El Custard was the ' brains '...

4 saltire 06.10.10 8:22pm
Victim Deficit Disorder :: nice one, Genghis

Smug, milky white, call-me-Dave thing and barroom dentistry. All of it nicely positioned. Bless...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 06.10.10 8:13pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Cameron upsets Cornwall with dismissive remark about river

[url=]Cameron upsets Cornwall with dismissive remark about river[/url] "It's the Tamar, not the Amazon" he states,...

2 therustler 06.10.10 6:32pm
3 Police Frogmen drown on 'Casual Friday'

'Casual Friday', a popular employment practice whereby employees are allowed to wear their off duty casual clothes for a small charitable fee has claimed the lives of 3 Police Frogmen it was revealed...

1 Kuifje 06.10.10 10:54am
Has alexc come back as Kazytc ? 1 Sinnick 06.10.10 10:36am
Twat(s) of the week?

"Upgraded chip" claim clinches con

0 curry muncher 06.10.10 10:01am
curry muncher
When the PC mob start accusing people of being racist maybe they should read

this first.

0 arrghgarry 06.10.10 2:24am
Anyone read The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson?

Never read detective fiction normally, but this is gripping stuff...

15 Scroat 05.10.10 11:35pm
Ed - can you fix that echo ?

I know, we all do it by mistake, or haven't read something that was published in NB some 137 years ago, but Christ (and that's strong from an atheist) some puns get repeated 18 times within 1 hour -...

2 Sinnick 05.10.10 11:15pm
Gee thanks (again) George - 2

Having already lost my daughter's Child Trust Fund by virtue of her being born after 1 Aug, I see now I am to lose my Child Benefit in a few years' time. I appreciate that families drain resources...

31 Mary Evans 05.10.10 7:42pm
The All New Jeni B
Thwe coalisten backs down and promises to help stay at home chums 0 arrghgarry 05.10.10 3:04pm
First time I cried at an Obituary ,no more MR Grimsdale

10 arrghgarry 05.10.10 2:13pm
Gove says something mad (again)

The Tories want headteachers to discipline pupils outside of schools. Isn't that like making them police without any of the fun body armour and lots of back-up easily summonsed by radio that the...

0 shitsu_tonka 05.10.10 12:49pm
"....Have you thought of learning English" FP :: Very nice indeed.

Goodonyer Zadok. Liked it in Turkish...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 05.10.10 7:26am
Common Ground

Could we unite factions of the left, right, anarchists, and just plain insane in a new coalition? In the spirit of the coalition government I wondered if it might be possible to bridge the...

0 Quaz 04.10.10 11:24pm
Tom Jones could have been ' 007 `anyone see this corker ?

if they had seen his effort in the alien attack film ,I don`t think he would have had many backers...

1 arrghgarry 04.10.10 9:20pm
Nothing funnier than England's brutal occupation of Ireland!

Pure comedy genius based on hundreds of years of prejudice. Every English person can now turn his or her righteous disdain toward other, more distant repressive regimes. Tibet and all that...

29 rikkor 04.10.10 7:30am
A deliberately invalid argument

To be fair to the writer, here is the article I plundered for sub this morning re fahion actually a much better rip-off of fashion writing than I could manage..the industry sending itself...

2 afternoonslow 03.10.10 11:51pm
Funny guy Tough cookie. Bad world...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 03.10.10 6:01pm
Hunter F. Thompson
I am and idiot

Bought "O Brother Where Art Thou" on DVD about 8 years ago, and never watched it. Just left it in the cupboard and forgot about it. Until finally two nights ago I watched it! I am now at the point...

2 bonjonelson 03.10.10 5:12pm
It's Just What You Need Before You Die

When you're choosing between eating and heating. You're cold, lonely and hungry. Dimentia is setting in along with a strange odour. You're not safe in your own home. You're not safe in a care home....

1 IABP 03.10.10 12:58pm
Headline from The Sun

"Flat suicide hooker had cop grudge" but apparently, she poisoned herself, wasn't a jumper. Very misleading...

1 bonjonelson 03.10.10 9:45am
Ideas for improving the writing experience

Hi All I’m going to be concentrating on other things for the foreseeable future but I wanted to leave you with a few ideas for improving the writing experience. They mainly relate to a general...

13 ChrisHarrison 03.10.10 3:45am
The All New Jeni B
David Milliband chooses favourite song for Desert Island Discs

0 riesler 02.10.10 4:29pm

2 riesler 02.10.10 3:55pm
What I don't understand is...

why the bear should be carrying a courgette in the first place.

19 The All New Jeni B 02.10.10 12:57pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Anyone like slightly confused dogs?

Let's face it, who doesn't? This fellow's clearly a bit dim, bless him:

7 nealdoran 02.10.10 12:37pm
Was Dr Evil, the Architect behind this "Death Ray" hotel ?

3 thackaray 02.10.10 12:32pm
Hunter F. Thompson
September Writer of the Month

Congratulations to La Maga, who nipped in ahead of the bookie’s favourite Genghis Cohen to take the title of Writer of the Month for September in a nail-bitingly close contest, after he received...

17 editor 01.10.10 10:20pm