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Moribund Site...

Once again, it's that time of the month. Get ready for mucho pleasantness and toadying...

15 rikkor 22.10.10 10:58pm
Great music online

1 Scroat 22.10.10 8:28pm
Did anyone see James Caan from Dragons Den on the news last night?

He's basically getting Pakistani villages destroyed in the floods to pitch for his assistance in helping them to rebuild their village and their lives. Not sure what percentage stake he's looking for...

3 ianslat 22.10.10 2:08pm
Hands up...

if you've already got an idea or two for subs in the tragic event of Baroness Thatcher departing this vale of tears at some point over the next few days...

26 shitsu_tonka 22.10.10 7:26am
Daily Mail song

Anyone linked it here yet?, I haven't spotted it, but was with a busted interweb for a week or so., So, sorry if it's another duplication , but[url=] here...

6 Mr.3374 21.10.10 11:15pm
On the plus side...

It's not just that we're getting less from our government, our taxes are going up as well...

9 Zadok the second 21.10.10 11:02pm
A challenge

[url=]German trains[/url] Can anyone come up with a one liner about this without mentioning Hitler, Nazis or beach towels?...

15 ianslat 21.10.10 1:36pm
Queen Elizabeth launches herself

Great. Waste of a bottle of champers. Witnessed by Ben Kingsley, Terry Waite, Alan Titchmarsh, Robert Powell and Jimmy Savile. Why ?? I even thought the last one was dead ! Perhaps she should have...

4 Sinnick 21.10.10 9:02am
I know that French Revolution Comics have been kinda done to death...

but I'm digging these; Traitor baby is a personal favourite...

2 thisisall1word 21.10.10 5:48am
Hunter F. Thompson
Best of British To Be Exported As Slavery Re-Introduced

The legalisation of slavery will form “a key part”, of the Government's economic strategy, sources close to ministers revealed last night. As part of the plans, benefit claimants who do not find...

0 Gareth 20.10.10 10:09pm
Bloody hell...100 hours 4 Golgo13 20.10.10 1:29pm
Potential task for Red:

Get naked photo of Canadian Air Force Pervert Murderer (no, the other one). Photoshop him wearing St. Edward's crown, the Garter and industrial-strength old lady underwear. Background should be...

3 rikkor 19.10.10 9:30pm
Be careful what you research...

Bastard computer. I am currently working on a new script, which has a storyline about Thai brides. A stranger to this curious arrangement, I started doing some research on how this throughly suspect...

18 Mary Evans 19.10.10 9:10pm
be reasonable
Satire can blow up in your face.......

Leaving the hideous truth exposed .. Fasicsts generally don't do satire, you need a sense of humour, some love for your fellow creatures and a modicum of humility for a start., This advert was...

6 afternoonslow 19.10.10 5:16pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Rum, buggery and the lash.

Nothing more here. Just remembering my weekend...

5 rikkor 18.10.10 11:28pm

Yes, fluffy squirrels, just ripe for licking., [url=] Then b3ta do this to them[/url], It's the latest image challenge, thought you'd like a peep, if you don't...

1 Mr.3374 18.10.10 11:25pm
Nice to see only pretty women protest in France...

9 The All New Jeni B 18.10.10 10:35pm
Pope’s teeth drop out 17 hero2zero 18.10.10 10:34pm
TrueBuscuit: Glastonbury 2012 cancelled 'due to lack of Portaloos'

3 Drofmor 18.10.10 10:23pm
Is this head line funny _?

£6,000 payout for wheelchair worker nicknamed Ironside by boss...

0 arrghgarry 18.10.10 9:52pm
Liverpool FC: shared humour

Picked up from a friend's comment on facebook (and slightly modified by me to suit the current position): The inscription on his statue in John Lennon Airport, Liverpool, reads: 'Above us only sky'...

3 malgor 18.10.10 9:28pm
I should have written it down...

There have been many times in my life that I have seen or done things that have prompted the comment "That is something to tell your grandchildren". The time has now come that my grandchildren are...

22 riesler 17.10.10 8:51pm
The All New Jeni B
Looks like

bots are posting on the subs board., Got to admit, even I'm funnier than them...

2 Mr.3374 17.10.10 8:44pm
be reasonable
Congratulations on your FP Skylarking

It falls to me to be the first to congratulate you.Well done., Who says the editorial team doesn't have a sense of humour ? *bloody editorial team*...

5 saltire 17.10.10 4:35am
Dear Editorial Team

I have sverall million sand dollars that are held in banks in a fascist junta - if you would kindly please provide me with your bank account details, my first Newsbiscuit solo front page and a WOM...

16 simonjmr 16.10.10 11:49pm
The All New Jeni B
Something for the weekend

0 Scroat 16.10.10 11:27am
Sorry Ed

Can I get the credit for "brick in pool wins gold" ticker please I know its all me, me, me...

15 brownpaperreporter 16.10.10 9:35am
Apart from voting for your own stock how do you get on the leader board?

I’ve stuck to the house rules, all of my subs have been crap too., Where am I going wrong?, Who do you have to shag to get a leg up these days?...

5 Nobby Holder 16.10.10 9:34am
Scientific community baffled by failing Sat Navs

Four failing Sat Navs have baffled scientists, two have displayed the symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome, one has developed a stutter and another has problems in pronouncing its Rs. The one with...

1 hero2zero 16.10.10 7:40am
New Prisons Minister denies they are the New Improved Labour

0 arrghgarry 15.10.10 10:29pm