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Quite scary the old Jewish

If you click on the advert and enter your ideal partner as something like the following: Your gender - Male, Looking for - Men, Age Range - 40 - 65, Country - UK, City - London It...

7 Sharpehunter 19.08.10 11:55pm
Nice take on Exam results meedya coverage

4 pinxit 19.08.10 6:45pm
Cry me a river

[url=]CRY ME A RIVER![/url]...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 19.08.10 6:12pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Vy., vy. cutting edge for IOW.

4 rikkor 19.08.10 6:04pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Scroll down the page for the eye-popping video

[url=]amazing bull[/url]...

3 Hunter F. Thompson 19.08.10 5:38pm
Dog to sue little girl over damaged turd

FFS, I managed to post it in the wrong forumagain. Try the writer's room instead :(...

2 finneyp 19.08.10 5:32pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Pakistan Nukes Australia - Blames Failure of Aussies to Vote in Greens

In a shock move against long term cricket rivals Australia, Pakistan has launched a nuclear strike blaming the floods that have devastated the Punjab province on the failure of Aussie voters to elect...

0 MatthewT 19.08.10 2:16am
Just noticed I've got two tickers today

Next world domination...

6 simonjmr 18.08.10 11:06pm

Sorry I keep posting these in the wrong forum. Is there a way to delete the post entirely? If not, here is some morse code to add to: ....

3 Dumbnews 18.08.10 5:43pm
JP, you're much too good for this place!

Original and vy. funny...

3 rikkor 18.08.10 1:53pm
Truebiscuit story sort of writes itself

3 riesler 18.08.10 1:01pm
If you could choose, which Newsbisuiteer would you like to meet? - 2

I've met quite a few, but I'd love to meet Rikkor for a whisky or two...

52 fernandomando 17.08.10 10:19pm
Congrats Biscuit O Barrel.

A fine FP if ever there was, although I notice that there was clearly an editorial decision made to change the name of a certain Surrey resident...

15 The All New Jeni B 17.08.10 9:22pm
If you could have dinner, drinks and a shag with any sports personality.. - 2

who would it be and why?...

30 Sharpehunter 17.08.10 6:52pm
Don't know if the boss is back from his hols yet,

but may I just say what a splendid job the temporary editors are doing in his absence...

1 malgor 17.08.10 4:20pm
Jesus found or is he / she ?

A christian friend of mine opened a tub of margarine & saw an image of Jesus. He showed it to a Thai friend who said "I can't believe its not Buddha"...

3 Charlie 17.08.10 2:42pm
Onion's parody of BP oil spill,17875/ I am amazed how such obvious irony was not spotted by anyone on this board? Or did someone have something...

5 Dumbnews 17.08.10 10:51am
fun and games
Great FP, Ludicity.

Tres, tres amusant...

5 rikkor 17.08.10 9:58am
*** NEAT-O, NEAT-o, Because.. NEAT-O ***

September, seventy-seven. Right, your next NEAT-O challenge is Aggregate. Please do not turn on your thinking caps until instructed to do so. You have until 6pm on Sunday 15th. Go!...

8 Zadok the second 17.08.10 8:09am
Morning! Good front page today.

What's the weather like in Cornwall? I'm off in a minute...

5 StoopyDeGunt 16.08.10 9:50pm
Again, can I be semi serious?

You girls get a coffee or a wax, this is sport talk., Freeview is losing the right to show Sky Sports News, which was basically a channel plugging games on Sky., I rarely watched it, maybe Sunday...

5 Mr.3374 16.08.10 6:44pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Baby Biscuit... - 2

Well I'm just chuffed to buggery to announce the late arrival of Stranglewank McBadger-fist Puffintwat Evans (Ms) who graced us with her presence at home this afternoon. She's an utter corker and we...

41 Mary Evans 16.08.10 11:08am
Gary Stanton
oops, wrong forum

delete if you like mods...

2 la maga 15.08.10 10:25pm
Irish police have still not found the youths that jumped out of a car

and attacked James Galway with his own instrument as he was doing an impromptu show in the High street., The police described the attack as a drive by fluting ...

0 arrghgarry 15.08.10 8:41am
Irish police have still not found the youths that jumpd out of a car

and attacked James Galway with his own instrument as he was doing an impromptu show in the High street., The police described the attack as a drive by fluting ...

0 arrghgarry 15.08.10 8:39am
Upsetting people on the Isle of Wight, how could she !

You wouldn't find us saying things about the Isle of Wight....

3 MADJEZ 15.08.10 6:02am
Goosed by a duck?

1 riesler 15.08.10 5:57am
Only in America...?

Fcuk me!

9 pinxit 14.08.10 8:49pm
NB Code of Conduct

Now it occurs to me as I see some more fisticuffs has broken out over the weekend (smacked bottoms and naughty step the lot of you) that we need be rather more British about this whole affair and...

22 Mary Evans 14.08.10 1:33pm
What has happened to Jeremy Hardy who used to write for the Gruniaud?

Until they changed the contact system, I used to write in every week to ask that he be put back to workies...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 14.08.10 1:28pm