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Cakes banned as "classes getting bigger"

You couldn't make it up:

0 beau-jolly 18.02.11 4:15pm
Big shoes, big..., Oh, come on! Not feeling inspired at the moment so I'll gift you all this one...

2 beau-jolly 18.02.11 3:52pm
Anna Nicole the opera

Saw on the breakfast programme this morning that a new opera about Anna Nicole thingy had sold out at Covent Garden. Its writen by the guys who did Gerry Springer the Opera and is about the busty...

12 beau-jolly 18.02.11 3:46pm
What did I come in this room for? 5 18.02.11 3:04pm
Zadok the second
TrueBiscuit Made me smile - as I'm not in a queue on the M3...

5 Chip Paper 17.02.11 4:44pm
Excellent Moonpig FP

Just to say that the Churchill card pic is inspired. [i]Very well done[/i], red...

2 pinxit 17.02.11 7:02am
Why would they want to stop children's hearts?

2 riesler 16.02.11 7:37pm
Arrggharry I was right... And sit back and watch them roll in...

1 FormerlyAlOPecia 16.02.11 7:36pm
Doran claims sheldonprice archive item shock

'OK, it was very much in my style and I hoped no one would notice,' said a distraught etc etc...

1 Des Custard 16.02.11 2:08pm
Milliband refutes "Methode Champenoise Socialist" Jibe follow.stuff about ownership of modes of productionthe French (of course) and how the price point of Methode Champenoise at Waitrose means that anyone could be such a socialist but only the...

27 maurice0c 16.02.11 12:55pm
Bored Attenborough says most wildlife were “just showing off”

Veteran natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough announced his retirement from wildlife TV to fellow regulars at The Bears Head public house today, claiming that “most wildlife is...

2 Banking Escapee 16.02.11 9:13am
Hugo Chávez embraces Twitter to fight online 'h8rs'

0 Dumbnews 16.02.11 5:33am
Return trip to Tunis

L'aller-retour Ambassadeur, l'homme n'est pas cuistre:,...

6 Hunter F. Thompson 16.02.11 12:02am
World shocked to learn man in charge of Russia lives in a big house!

1 riesler 15.02.11 4:13pm
Chip Paper
An interesting typo from a story about Michael Douglas and his dirty shirts

Scroll down to photo of wife .

0 15.02.11 9:25am
West Yorkshire Police admit blunder over Aldi's sale of 1500 Stollen Cakes

In an embarrassing climb-down, the case against Aldi foodstores crumbled yesterday. Insiders blame a combination of thick regional accents, and confusing 'trendy' new cake products for the gaffe....

1 14.02.11 10:56pm
Lovely FP Stan

Hope you got a result one way or another...

4 Gerontius 14.02.11 8:54pm
Beyonce to headline Glastonbury

.it sold out in less than 5 hours this year. Yes Sir, indeed it did., Does she even know what Glastonbury is (was)do you think she’s a big fan of the outdoor festival in downtrodden, rain soaked...

8 Gerontius 14.02.11 6:26pm
Newsjack seeking material for new series

[url=]Newsjack (Radio 7) seeking submissions[/url]...

11 malgor 14.02.11 5:50pm
Chip Paper
Marking everything to 5* again ?

Is that you, "and another one", again ? Apologies if it's not you, but .. well, it's only you & me logged on, and I know it's not me. Please cease and desist. There's no point, it annoys me, it...

6 Sinnick 14.02.11 2:00pm
MPs commit Political Suicide

MPs commit Political Suicide, In an unprecedented move guaranteed to cause outcry and outrage, members of Parliament were discovered slumped lifeless in the House of Commons, in the early hours., A...

0 The Icon 14.02.11 1:26pm
The Icon
Sorry, forget it. 0 and another one 14.02.11 12:15pm
and another one
Radiohead - new album

[url=][/url] Breaking news. I know a few folk here are fans...

0 Zadok the second 14.02.11 10:02am
Zadok the second
Weak, weak, Gypsy FP.

Nothing against the writer. Could be better, though...

13 rikkor 13.02.11 5:01pm
Newsbiscuit rip off

Apologies to whoever wrote the NIB about Microsoft and Nokia, I'm afraid I borrowed your idea...

0 StoopyDeGunt 13.02.11 3:42pm
You could not make it up

"When a fountain of blood spurted from a member of the parliamentary rugby team after a tackle in a match against the Welsh Assembly, the cry went up for a doctor. Up stepped rugby-playing Tory MP...

0 13.02.11 11:39am
I'm Spartacus - the game is up

Dear NewsBiscuit friends. After a number of tags on my articles suggest that I have multiple user names I feel I had better come clean. I am Ludicity, Golgo13 and Skylarking. Weirdly I am not Curbie...

12 OllieP 12.02.11 12:38am
Well Done Ludicity. Great FP

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you And you Red...

5 saltire 11.02.11 4:52pm
An uprising in Malawi over new Flatulence laws has spawned a new leader

I fartbecus...

0 11.02.11 7:55am
Fine work Saltire

Well done! Any idea what the 'Premiership' is btw?...

7 Des Custard 11.02.11 7:49am