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Excellent FP - that's more like it

a fine return to form and undoubtedly a truebiscuit waiting to happen., Plenty of bite in the tackle...

14 Gerontius 05.11.10 3:10pm
Not for those of a gentle disposition

4 Sinnick 05.11.10 2:12pm
Space for hire.

Actually, that gives me a chance to follow up an idea or two. Seem to recall someone suggesting some spoof magazine covers for the left alert area. It should be possible between us to come up with...

6 Stan 05.11.10 1:34pm
Des Custard

You'd think they would clean themselves up a bit before having their photograph taken.

4 Scroat 05.11.10 11:12am
Why do Americans call themselves Great Satan? Who do they think they are?

I remember reading the words of satirists like PJ O'Rourke (the republican party reptile) and being slightly ashamed of living in a 'country' that calls itself Great Britain. I used to think: Ouch!...

10 StoopyDeGunt 04.11.10 10:49pm
Hands off the BBC

Far too much righteous indignation flying around this morning. Michael Grade is an arrogant tosser...

16 Scroat 04.11.10 9:43pm
Zadok the second
Any resemblance...

Between the USA and pre-war Germany is purely coincidental...

27 Scroat 04.11.10 7:26pm
Come on Sooty - last clue

Neighbour is around missing nothing (4) A _ U _...

2 Scroat 04.11.10 4:41pm
Brilliant FP, The Paper Ostrich

Stuffed full of gags & satire. One of the best...

5 Sinnick 04.11.10 3:49pm
Red Indians Win: Canada to Rename Itself

The Congress of Canadian AmerIndians is suing the federal government for abusing its people through application of defamatory and libellous titles such as Aboriginal Peoples, Native Indians, First...

1 Rushin 04.11.10 1:40pm
Mention tea party...

and I make the immediate association with chimps, I'm afraid...

3 Scroat 04.11.10 7:16am
Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind

Drink it, ya asshole!

1 Pabst Blue Ribbon 03.11.10 5:50pm
Well done Rick great FP

Meteoric Mate, fab job and Bluey and Baz...

3 FormerlyAlOPecia 03.11.10 4:24pm
Fundamentalist muslims: you have to take your hat off to them - 2

Say what you like about muslim fundamentalists, but they have got amazing influencing skills. That lady who stabbed Stephen Timms was, by all accounts, quite a decent sort. She volunteered to teach...

31 StoopyDeGunt 03.11.10 4:05pm
Does the search feature work properly for anyone?

It finds posts that contain my search terms, but as soon as I click on any one them I'm returned to the most recent page of postings, rather than an individual article. Is it just me?...

2 dicky37 03.11.10 12:34pm
Zadok the second
Great FP Rustler

It's all in there. Style reminiscent of Mary Evans. Excellent stuff...

8 Scroat 03.11.10 12:39am
No Writer of Month.

Another telling sign of decline...

13 rikkor 02.11.10 9:19pm
US Election Update

Just wanted NB-ers to know that I have cast my vote for any and every candidate to the right of Mussolini. It's the only way to bring about change I can believe in...

4 rikkor 02.11.10 5:22pm
Zadok the second
Song title truebiscuit


3 Zadok the second 02.11.10 3:14pm
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Product dissing and tag challenge

No positive comments please. Want to advertise on here you can pay like everyone else. I shall award points and points mean prizes (and I promise it won't be a bottle of Glayva)....

0 andhrimnir 02.11.10 2:08pm
Dead Sea scrolled off ?

Perhaps I've missed something, or maybe I'm jumping the gun, but has the following been on the front page ?...

3 Sinnick 02.11.10 11:30am
The Trip

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon were very enjoyable last night in the first of this six part series. May not be fast-paced, but I'm a sucker for anything with dry stone walls in it. Also catch Coogan's...

0 Scroat 02.11.10 9:02am
I don't like to be picky but

I though today's FP wasn't up to scratch. Fair headline followed by lots of gay jokes. satire?...

26 riesler 02.11.10 8:49am
Zadok the second
Pumpkin tip

Yes, I've been conned into converting a perfectly good vegetable into an evil mask, in recognition of an American celebration. But, all is not lost. While delving into the 18" monster, I realised...

27 Sinnick 01.11.10 10:50pm
Free advert space

If you're a newbie, don't know anyone here, and by the way want to advertise something, please stick it in this thread where no-one will mind. No-one will read it either. Thank you...

4 Sinnick 01.11.10 10:23pm
Welcome to Auntie Jeni's Cookery Spot.... - 2

over on FB, I've just introduced the lovely Shitsu to the culinary delight which is 'Stovies'. Now I don't expect anybody apart from the Scottish biscuits to know what they are, but it got me...

44 The All New Jeni B 01.11.10 6:06pm
The All New Jeni B
Went to a Halloween party last night.

Horrified to learn that a good 10 people atttending considered themselves to be stand up comics. Hilarity did not ensue. Just cringe-making. Most of the guests averted their eyes and moved to...

6 rikkor 01.11.10 1:52pm
Adieu grim august

Adieu grim August possibly, in welcome to University term? (9,6) G - - - E - - - S / - - - - - -...

3 Scroat 01.11.10 8:01am
What's you street age man? I'm 25. Apparently this is "sick man."...

1 Scroat 01.11.10 7:25am
Young man wants to delve into Joseph helliers mind by reading

his signature novel but runs out of money...

0 arrghgarry 01.11.10 12:10am