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Guess who this lovable guy was

(His first wife) She went off to Italy with someone I'd had an affair with and my sister had been fond of, so he'd had the whole family...

23 arrghgarry 27.08.10 11:06pm

Jeremy Clarkson, Simon Cowell, Tony B. Liar, President Sarky, all the local garden centres for running out of seed potatoes, Yves Saint Laurent for discontinuing Rive Gauche eau de parfum (Mrs...

6 Scroat 27.08.10 10:09pm
Nation in panic as Friends fails to appear in TV schedules for a day

Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his Cornish holiday to deal with the growing crisis gripping the UK following the shock disappearance for a day of hit US sitcom Friends from TV schedules....

0 27.08.10 8:35pm
Nation in panic as Friends fails to appear in TV schedules for a day

Prime Minister David Cameron has cut short his Cornish holiday to deal with the growing crisis gripping the UK following the shock disappearance for a day of hit US sitcom Friends from TV schedules....

0 27.08.10 8:34pm
Newbie giddy from achieving first NiB misguidedly quits job

Oops. Didn't really think that one through. The offers will roll in though, won't they fellow Biscuiteers? Hello? [Tumbleweed] It's dark and I'm frightened. So frightened...

6 dicky37 27.08.10 2:51pm
How do the tags work?

I see the tags box, but what does it do? Should I treat it the same was as metatags, ie. words which relate to a post? I'm new here, so excuse my ignorance...

8 27.08.10 1:25pm
Ludo, you're on fire....

No, really, put it out, quick Lovely brace of FPs. Made me smile in the thankless, small hours of the night as my breasts were masticated by a small, bald entity. I really must teach Mr Mary some...

2 Mary Evans 27.08.10 11:53am
Well done Ludo

This must be one of your best FPs. Great stuff...

4 Scroat 27.08.10 10:26am
Norflok Police Guide to "Is Your child a gangster?"

Proof that Newsbiscuit produces the news before it happens. Remember ianslats great sub and here is the real...

0 Sharpehunter 27.08.10 8:03am
Teacher trying to get kids thinking in an imaginative way.

[url=]Not your usual lesson[/url]...

1 thackaray 26.08.10 11:42pm
This link is very pleasant with morning coffee, in almost any weather.

[url=]The Big Blue Sea[/url]...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 26.08.10 4:47pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Super FP thisisadrill!

Your first? Welcome to the new world of cliques and toads, shut the door behind you. My school had ideas above its station and I did fencing for PE some terms (it was indoors, didn't involve wearing...

5 nealdoran 26.08.10 3:39pm

Years ago, I remember hearing R4 references to a program about grumpy folks with bladder control problems and I remember thinking, well I'd be cross, an' all, if I suffered that. Then I was driving...

15 sauce 26.08.10 2:01pm
Wikileaks was closed so I thought I'd post this here.

I found a sheet of paper on the underground near the South Bank. At first I though it was an MI 6 document, then i realised it was even more top secret than that! It's a page from the sript of the...

1 Ian Searle 26.08.10 12:25pm
Cracking FP Ludo

Have some stars. Of course you will be struck down by The Almighty One, as will anyone who finds it funny. But who believes that stuff anyway? It's not going to hap...

5 Scroat 26.08.10 8:17am
What your favourite piece of content?

Writers: If you wanna get on in the Arts business, you've gotta learn to write 'engaging content'. Don't take it from me. I heard it from an Internet guru and those guys set the agenda in the arts....

10 StoopyDeGunt 26.08.10 12:09am
Who is the sales genius who persuaded someone at Jilbabs...

that this would be a great site to sell burqas on? And would he like to sell ads on my magazine?...

2 Oxbridge 25.08.10 11:27pm
"Kent fire service warning on rubbish fires in Gravesend"

Oh come on, they're not that bad!...

1 riesler 24.08.10 10:12pm
I hope it's not quiet here because you're all watching Big Brother...

If so: FOR SHAME...

2 thisisall1word 24.08.10 10:09pm
Anyone know the traffic rankings of UK satire/spoof news websites?

Or do sites keep their un/popularity a secret? Come to that, how much traffic does this site get? Anyone know? Or rather, does anyone who knows care to share? Yours interestedly...

11 la maga 24.08.10 9:09pm
Fringe Festival Fringe Festival as viewed from over here. Once again, take it for what it's worth...

1 rikkor 24.08.10 6:02pm
Des Custard
Pissing NiB

Just popping back from retirement to observe that today's pissing NiB (by Guest) isn't a patch on the ...

14 Stan 24.08.10 4:49pm
Passers-by thought it was a tumble drier.

2 riesler 24.08.10 2:41pm
Is anyone else getting spammed with shit from fenling ling 1 arrghgarry 24.08.10 11:54am
Hunter F. Thompson
For fcuks sakes JP!

A ticker, a NiB and an FP, running simultaneously! Either you stop being such a talented bastard or I'll stop you for you! You are this week's temporary editor and I claim my five pounds...

6 QorbeQ 24.08.10 7:57am
Take this for what you will.,28804,1916164_1916186_19161 Supposedly the top 10 old-time British crimes. It has the usual degree of accuracy of a US magazine, 20%...

26 rikkor 24.08.10 12:21am
I've been away.

Anything happened?, No TotW?, No Neat-O?, Is Scroatella thriving?, Does the Pope still shit in the woods?...

3 Scroat 24.08.10 12:08am
Thanks Zadok...

For the FP - almost entirely your work. I owe you one mate...

1 ChrisHarrison 23.08.10 12:28pm
Zadok the second
The Secret of Comedy (according to science-types)

So now we know we can be funny all the time and every sub will be glorious, yes? [url=]The seekrit[/url] Like the Ken...

15 shitsu_tonka 22.08.10 2:00pm
All watching "Celebrity Masterchef" then? 10 FormerlyAlOPecia 21.08.10 9:31pm