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The end of the world... a rant...

this morning I made the mistake of turning on BBC TV news. I heard a Doctor talking about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer refer to the oesophagus as 'the food pipe'. Dear God, what is...

9 be reasonable 08.04.11 6:32pm
Is it me...

or is there a trend for starting posts with 'is it me?'...

3 be reasonable 08.04.11 4:44pm
March 2011 Writer of the Month – Des and Stan!

With the royal wedding at the end of this month, it seems only right that we come together as a nation to celebrate another match made in heaven, that of previous Writer of the Month winners Des...

25 editor 08.04.11 11:37am
Utterly Butterly Brilliant FP this morning

Top of the class for all concerned. Or six of the best, whichever you'd prefer...

1 Mary Evans 08.04.11 11:12am
Is it br or has the screen just gone back to normal?

It's just got smaller and I can see everything again...

1 07.04.11 1:20pm
be reasonable
Is it just me, or has the writers room gone wider?

I have 'move right' to see who posted. Perhaps Cat hit the magic combination of keys which changes screenview...

9 07.04.11 12:59pm
Best Acronym of the year

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps)...

0 simonjmr 07.04.11 9:37am
Best headline of the day...

2 The All New Jeni B 07.04.11 9:20am
The All New Jeni B
Lovely FP stunts,

And not in the slightest based on real life...

6 The All New Jeni B 07.04.11 8:35am
King, cauldron, LOLZ

Strong FP and NiBs (x2) today. Toadying congrats all round...

0 pinxit 07.04.11 7:44am
Can anyone think of more disturbing lyrics than these?

I was hurtling along the autobahn this afternoon, listening to the radio, when I suddenly started paying attention to the verses of a song that was playing. The chorus was pretty standard "just you...

23 ゴルゴ13 07.04.11 7:18am
Anyone watch 'The Killing' on BBC4?

I have a question about the plot...

7 Scroat 06.04.11 9:47pm
Mary Evans
Saves on fuel costs if they don't take off...

Taxiing to the rescue?

0 riesler 06.04.11 1:23pm
Gotta be a gag in here somewhere, I was thinking along the lines of being well-hard., When thieves broke into a house in Salford, little did they know the owner was a naked...

1 beau-jolly 06.04.11 1:19pm
Nice tune at lunchtime.

Sung by Georgian Conductor Jansug Kakhidze, with the Tblisi Orchestra. Found it on "Rites" by Jan Garbarek, Soprano Saxaphonist Lyrics lovely too:- My...

0 05.04.11 12:47pm
Disturbing image

Can't put my finger on it, but there is something a little worrying about the image on this website.

2 Scroat 05.04.11 12:38pm
Hello, first time plagiariser, I'm a bit nervous..... she's on the radio now!!!!

If you listen to LBC radio NOW (97.3 fm or you can hear Julie Hartley Brewer doing the afternoon show She's a big fan of Newsbiscuit. In fact, her column in the Sunday Express had a...

6 ronseal 04.04.11 11:15pm
Vajazzle FP front page pic- posed or photoshopped

now this pic shows magnificent talent. Either the editor has photoshop skills that include conforming writing to the undulations of the bare lady garden OR they have persuasive skills that include...

13 Ironduke 04.04.11 7:58pm
Fulham Football Club unveil Michael Jackson statue

What the?, Fulham Football Club unveil Michael Jackson statue just weird. Al Fayed said: "If some stupid fans don't understand and appreciate...

2 thisisall1word 04.04.11 7:48am
He keeps her tethered?

1 riesler 03.04.11 12:47pm
Camilla has to hang with her...

because she has 75 more titles than her mother-in-law. Text worth reading.

4 rikkor 03.04.11 12:45pm
I'd throw myself under a horse for Ed Milliband, Emily Pankhurst tells seance 4 ronseal 02.04.11 1:56pm
pineapple incident
The Archers

Very worrying. First Nigel, now Roy's job prospects. I blame Elizabeth. Selfish cow...

0 Scroat 01.04.11 6:10pm
Relax - We're All Screwed Anyway

Welcome to Britain in crisis. Most people fail to actually recognise that we're a nation in crisis, but Britain's largest organ, The Daily Male, insists that we are. As we wage yet another war in a...

11 Martin Shuttlecock 01.04.11 3:28pm
Elephant News Ticker

I've noticed the increase in elephant in the room subs over the last few days, but it was really funny to see them all pop up together in the newsticker!...

3 Danny 01.04.11 1:52pm
Assistance required

Hi chums, I've got a headline that's been rattling around in my head for a few days. I think it has 'legs', but for the life of me I can't think what those 'legs' are. Does anyone feel like...

17 jp1885 01.04.11 10:49am
Cameron and Clegg?

0 Scroat 01.04.11 8:39am
The demise of the offie...

Very sadapparently Oddbins have gone into administration today. The supemarket domination of the local offfie is nearly complete following the demise of Threshers and Unwins in recent years, just...

24 riesler 01.04.11 5:25am
Next in the Mail: People who look like Hitler

1 beau-jolly 31.03.11 3:49pm
How does other stuff for NB get submitted? - 2

There must be another way than just the Writers' Room - several times I've seen a ticker headline on the main site before it's cropped up in the Writer's Room. Almost as if they're chucked up after...

45 Qoxiivi 31.03.11 12:46pm