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News Quiz...

Call me naive (hell, why not it’ll make a change from “cunt”) but I enjoyed the News Quiz just now. I know it’s cosy and Radio 4, but it made me laff in a way that Tramadol Nights didn’t....

6 Doylem 31.12.10 9:37pm
Genghis's "Honour Killing" bit from the archive is so funny.

For whatever reason, I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me over time...

2 rikkor 31.12.10 2:13pm
Sorry, wrong room.

As you were ....

4 Stan 30.12.10 11:15pm
Do you think that paisley makes her look fat? Don't even write any negative responses. I knew someone who had anorexia,...

6 rikkor 30.12.10 11:14pm
Newsbiscuit Christmas Number One – It’s Golgo13!

Merry Christmas pop-pickers. It’s the chart race that everyone’s been talking about and, despite a Facebook-led campaign to have Rage Against the Machine’s version of Bring me Sunshine named...

19 editor 30.12.10 9:49pm
SPAM ALERT: don't read anything from "Dan Brown" 6 bonjonelson 30.12.10 7:53pm
Geordie wants to post one liner ,fears someone will gerron to us. 4 Malcum eggs 30.12.10 3:55am
Malcum eggs
SPAM ALERT: don't read anything from "NEEDYUOO" 1 Sinnick 30.12.10 12:39am
Second coming...

Yes, it’s true, I flounced out of NewsBiscuit, but, thanks to the power of Google - and a schism in the space/time continuum that no-one could have anticipated - I am now worshipped as an...

24 Doylem 30.12.10 12:38am
Merry Christmas everyone.

I wish you all the best in 2011...

17 rikkor 30.12.10 12:36am
great work ed

in polishing my piece into my first ever solo fp. Looking back tgat looks a little wrong...

0 simonjmr 29.12.10 12:37pm
Snow (the rhyming version)

Snowed, we were snowed by the money-laundering banks, And banks of the white stuff spread far and wide:, In New York, Heathrow and Roissy no-where to hide, Unless slipshod and covered in a tinfoil...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 27.12.10 2:45pm
Tears of joy turn, when Octarian Hugh Hefner's bride-to-be sees Pre-nup. 0 melody 26.12.10 9:09pm
How many people have been and left this site ?

is it too many to mention ? Bitches ? There are a few writers that everyone admires and the others now and again post something nice and funny ,it does happen .If it was left to a few to come up with...

14 Malcum eggs 26.12.10 2:59pm
Should old acquaintance...

I think Our Garry has p-ssed off; that started me thinking of the greater and lesser lights who are no longer here. I was not here at the Big Bang of NB, I only remember Joan and Cloan Bloggs...

27 rikkor 25.12.10 8:14pm
Does anyone fancy winning a top of the range laptop? No obligations - honest

Security company Trend has finally realised that security is so boring that they have to bribe people to take interest. So they're giving away A Toshiba - Qosmio Laptop, (18.4" Display / 6GB Memory...

8 ronseal 25.12.10 8:12pm
Festive felicitations, one and all.

Here's to a nice peaceful Christmas, with love and joy and goodwill to humourous spoof news story writers of all faiths, persuasions and comedy preferences hereabouts. I've planned a game of...

2 wallster 25.12.10 8:09pm
How do you make an assistant in Clinton Cards wet himslf laughing?

Just be browsing for Christmas cards and overhear a customer ask "Do you have any stepmother cards?", "Yes" said the assistant "They're over there" as he directs the customer to the relevant area....

3 antharrison 25.12.10 12:12pm
Come on Basil

I've voted for your daft leopard sub in all the personas I've got today. Time to invent a few and get yourself top of the hit parade Xmas 2010...

4 ramblesnake 25.12.10 7:37am
Golgeau Treize
SatNavs are crap

We ordered one from Amazon and it took three weeks to get here. How shite is that?...

2 Scroat 24.12.10 4:37pm
Merry Christmas.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and healthy 2011. Right, I'm off to work. Broken people to fix...

0 victory V 24.12.10 6:21am
victory V
I know it's traditional to start saying 'the nights are pulling out'...

as soon as we get past the shortest day, but I'd swear it got dark earlier today than it did on Tuesday. Are the days going to keep on getting shorter? Is this some new phenomenon we should be start...

8 ianslat 24.12.10 12:00am
The All New Jeni B
Worth sharing

[url=]Best to click the 'full screen' button.[/url]...

2 malgor 23.12.10 5:30pm
pagan witch
X 25 bonjonelson 23.12.10 4:08pm
Bah humbug

Right, I'm off till the New Year unless I can find a valid excuse to be on the computer. Have a great Festival of the Unconquered Sun or whatever it is they celebrate in Biscuitdom...

0 Oxbridge 23.12.10 3:22pm
Ed, you've let yourself down with the FP

Surely every member of the Champagne-swilling elite knows that there is a 'c' in Veuve Clicquot!...

2 riesler 23.12.10 3:11pm
Malcum eggs
Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of...

when the previous incarnations of FaG and myself had our first, and for me, last FP. Not that I'm dropping [i]any[/i] hints that it'd be nice to see it again as an archive piece you understand...

12 The All New Jeni B 23.12.10 2:49pm
Saying Cheese at the Cheshire ....

Great evening and really good to see you all guys. Enjoying a pint or two are (left to right) DroleNoel, Golgo13, thisisalloneword, Stoopy, Des and Frodo. I think Ronseal was in the can when this...

14 Stan 23.12.10 2:14pm
Malcum eggs
I cannot think of anything unfunny to say ,Gerontious ,Moylem over to you 8 Malcum eggs 23.12.10 2:08pm
Malcum eggs
One biscuit might walk into a bar...

if anyone's around in London on Wednesday 12 January. Go on, you know you want to. How about the Chandos again? It's the most depressing week of the year apparently...

13 Oxbridge 23.12.10 10:04am