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Why does this story have four legs?

Watch and learn about Riri and Floflo, because they're worth it! It's in vernacular French, and study notes can be made available., [url=] Lily...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 10.10.10 7:46am
Hunter F. Thompson
' Louvre suffering 'pangs of doubt' from the archives.

Missed it first time around. Superb Malgor...

2 saltire 10.10.10 5:34am
Public sex please, we're British Giving dogs a bad name. Grrrr...

3 rikkor 09.10.10 12:44am
Posterboard for Hertfordshire Mercury seen today:

"Drunk man grabs girlfriend, spits at mother." How do you even start to parody that as a news headline? Obviously I understand it was an important event in the life of Hertford, but should I be more...

1 la maga 08.10.10 10:24pm
The All New Jeni B
Google's great today.

Happy Birthday John...

3 Scroat 08.10.10 10:20pm
In vitro veritas...

Nice line Red! And story to match of course...

3 Scroat 08.10.10 9:21pm
What not to do


0 Hunter F. Thompson 08.10.10 7:47pm
Hunter F. Thompson
On the subject of posterboard headlines

I was with some American friends a few weeks ago in the Lake District, and had to explain the background (before they burst out laughing in the high street) when we came across a posterboard stating:...

0 bonjonelson 08.10.10 6:22pm
Gary Stanton

Great, original FP...

5 rikkor 08.10.10 6:05pm
Gary Stanton
Top-notch NB today ladies and gents.

Top to bottom, I'd say...

0 SingingHinny 08.10.10 3:58pm
MEPs: EU must act to save species (BBC)

While we're considering jokes (in the broadest terms) on the word "act", I wonder what performances the EU should do to save critters: "Cats" to save tigers, "Parrots of Penzance", "Elephant of...

0 Sinnick 08.10.10 2:37pm
Alison Pearson (multi million selling author) moans re: lost her child benefits

I love it when mega rich, snooty columnists (who spend half their time sneering at the unfashionable types in the suburbs and the provinces) talk about how they have to economise. Alison Pearson,...

16 StoopyDeGunt 08.10.10 9:20am
Making electircity from urine (BBC)

I think the BBC are taking the piss

7 Sinnick 08.10.10 1:08am
Duplicate sex act stories. 1 rikkor 08.10.10 1:01am
Sex acts

Anyone else noticed that in tabloid-world, people 'perform sex acts'? Do they get stage fright? How do they audition for these acts? Do they get equity minimum? Anyone with experience of this,...

19 Zadok the second 08.10.10 12:52am
Duplicate stories

I've noticed recently a flood of very similar or almost identical submissions in the writer's room. Is there any way we can fix this? Thanks...

6 bonjonelson 07.10.10 9:39pm
Duplicate stories

My ass hurts...

12 rikkor 07.10.10 9:37pm
Duplicate stories

I've noticed recently a flood of very similar or almost identical submissions in the writer's room. Is there any way we can fix this? Thanks...

19 FormerlyAlOPecia 07.10.10 9:35pm
Grumpy bastard David Bailey on Radio 4 this morning

Was it just me or did he come across as someone who had mistakenly been asked to promote his new book and charity work against his wishes. Put me right of buying it becuase of his attitude. Bloody...

1 simonjmr 07.10.10 5:03pm
Chip Paper
Great FP wallster 2 Sinnick 07.10.10 1:43pm
Osbourne attempts to redress rich/poor balance by introducing an 'Oik' tax. 0 Ian Searle 07.10.10 11:23am
Ian Searle
Call me cynical but...

I refuse to believe this isn't spin-doctor instigated bollocks. It's far too Malcolm Turnball to be true. ...

9 shitsu_tonka 07.10.10 11:09am
Great FP Wallster.

Duplicates are so in this month. 4 and counting...

5 saltire 07.10.10 9:12am
Can I have a prize, please

for the most follow-up posts from a single innocuous & constructive comment ? I'd be very appreciative...

5 Sinnick 07.10.10 8:50am
Great FP Wallster 1 Stan 07.10.10 8:08am
Well, it makes a change from licking them.

3 wallster 07.10.10 7:36am
Great FP Wallster.

Well done that man.There's a drink in for you.Hopefully this achievement will help to compensate for having your child benefit docked. Great work Red,have a drink. Croak croak...

2 saltire 07.10.10 7:14am
Great FP Wallster 1 Scroat 07.10.10 7:07am
Echoes of Gallic humour

Latvia: [url=]the desert called peace.[/url]...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 07.10.10 6:07am
Hunter F. Thompson
Duplicate stories

More soon, probably...

7 Des Custard 06.10.10 11:06pm