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Fantastic FP Stan

Brilliant stuff, Stan. A really charming idea, beautifully written...

6 SingingHinny 21.07.10 11:51am

Durex to be reamed Bang & Finish?

0 riesler 21.07.10 9:11am
does anyone want to be in a horror flick, being filmed in Iraq? A genuine advert, honest...

4 StoopyDeGunt 20.07.10 11:15pm
Anyone want to win a home in the countryside, with Channel 4?

1 StoopyDeGunt 20.07.10 11:14pm
Ferrari stories

[url=]214 kmh Paris Deauville[/url] and if they hadn't got caught,we'd never have...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 20.07.10 8:29pm

Have you sprogged yet or wot?...

17 Scroat 20.07.10 1:53pm

One of a local New Forest badger fisting gang misunderstood the boss when instructed to "Line up the badgers"

5 sauce 20.07.10 3:04am
Lovely FP JP

Well deserved, etc...

7 QorbeQ 19.07.10 9:44pm
Thatcher was misquoted claims Cameron

What she actually said was 'There are no such things as individuals, only One Big Society' and NOT the direct opposite...

1 MaverickRat 19.07.10 3:04pm
*** NEAT-O Number 1,786 probably ***

Hello all and thanks for the opportunity. In the finest tradition of Neat-o, you now have until midnight on Sunday to come up with your wittiest sub / one-liner on the following word or topic:...

7 Zadok the second 19.07.10 10:53am
Who handles the Vatican's PR, for Christ sake?

They are now saying that ordaining women bishops on a par with child abuse in terms of sinfulness. Oh. My. God...

2 Scroat 19.07.10 3:14am
Congrats to Jeni B! - 2

She is a Biscuit wot is all clever and that...

30 shitsu_tonka 18.07.10 11:33pm
Does newsbiscuit ever mention media outlets by name?

Just wondering if subs that attack media outlets by name are ever published on the front page or whether it's considered too risky. I put the Daily Express in a couple of subs recently (due to being...

6 la maga 18.07.10 11:15pm
Guilty secret

I am just off to the Isle of Wight for a holiday. Will I need to take my own electricity?...

3 FormerlyAlOPecia 18.07.10 11:03pm
The boss has been busy again ...

[url=]Here[/url] he's championing the left and the other day I heard him chatting on Women's Hour about the new Men's Hour coming soon to R5...

2 sauce 18.07.10 11:18am
Lord Mandy

Is it just me, or did he seem ever so slightly bonkers on the radio this morning?...

14 Scroat 17.07.10 4:41pm
The All New Jeni B
Fabio and Total Fcuk UPS

Just received the pic from the FP in an email, from a total muppet claiming it was all their own work. Ooh, did I put him in his place or what!...

2 The All New Jeni B 16.07.10 3:29pm
"Boris never talks about his private life" >> he just gets on with it....

The French Jesuit, Pierre Mendel, brought Han Chinese work on the soybean to the West. As I understand it, blonde hair and blue eyes are recessive traits, which means to say that when three...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 16.07.10 12:02pm
FP hat tipped - many thanks Golgo13 and good work

Writing small comedy news items about Bouncers is always fraught with tinges of fear, I remember a few years back when Tiger Tiger in London's trendy Piccadilly area was targeted by bouncer extremism...

3 thisisall1word 16.07.10 10:34am
Just a thought - 2

Suggestion, How about when we next post something/anything we ALL give ourselves FIVE stars, This will at least give the impresssion that, A: all our subs are absolutely hilarious, or, B: we are...

35 edward hack 16.07.10 12:55am
Raoul Moat has fans.

According to the Daily Mail website, which I would stop reading but I can't because it's so fabulously stupid, people are leaving fulsome tributes to the man as if he's some kind of hero.,...

22 shitsu_tonka 16.07.10 12:17am
Alone on the Island of Meh - 2

There are some comedians and comic writers who are universally acclaimed as being the masters of their craft, and to admit you don't find them funny marks you out as big ol' lump o' joylessness. So...

33 shitsu_tonka 15.07.10 8:26pm
Tip top FP today

Well done Golgo - a very funny and clever article!...

3 jp1885 15.07.10 8:41am
"Muslim veils to feature wearer’s picture" archive today

Bloody hell, red - that's a truly excellent story. Makes me proud to be here. Just thought it should be said...

5 rickwestwell 15.07.10 12:24am
Fragrant FP Ludi!

To be honest, the headline didn't grab me when I saw it on the subs board earlier, but the more I read the article on the FP, the more I like it - good stuff. Have 5 belated stars after the event...

8 rickwestwell 14.07.10 5:33pm
Whoever's ed of the NIBs this week

you're doing a grand job, particularly today...

1 ramblesnake 14.07.10 2:48pm
Red, Red, are you there?

Had an idea for spoof ad on FP. I've noticed that cllicking on any of the 'psychic octopus' stories yields a banner ad of 'dial a psychic' variety. How about a spoof 'dial a psychic' ad featuring...

9 Skylarking 14.07.10 1:41pm
The All New Jeni B
Loving the enhanced clarity of the new BBC News website... Well done BBC!...

3 red 14.07.10 1:41pm
I almost wish Lord Volderqueen were back.

That's how boring chat is...

8 rikkor 14.07.10 12:01pm

You surpass yourself red! Nice story too...

12 Des Custard 14.07.10 10:10am