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Classic FP, Zadok.

Vy. amusant...

2 rikkor 08.09.10 11:12am
Zadok the second
Sunday Magazine: Philip Sollers's August Diary

Philip Sollers’s August Diary L’Oréal, Who could not be proud to be French knowing that we have L’Oréal, that magnificent world-wide cosmetics enterprise? Everything about L’Oréal is...

10 Hunter F. Thompson 08.09.10 6:29am
Hunter F. Thompson
Owl and pussycat NIB tasteless

You should never soak these animals in salt water.An owl should be hung for a few days in your gamekeeper's kitchen, then roasted. Pussycats are best curried...

4 ramblesnake 08.09.10 6:04am
Why aren't we all complaining about the iniquitous scoring system anymore?

Does this lack of whinge imply that it's actually working?...

11 Zadok the second 07.09.10 11:55pm
Vy. nice Civil War FP

We have them in the US as well. (For whatever reason, much more popular than American Revolution re-enactors.) Many fat middle-aged men playing the part of 18 year-old boy soldiers...

3 rikkor 07.09.10 10:49pm

A satirical site, profiled in today's New York "Times". Some funny stuff. Hard to navigate today as, most likely, tens of thousands are checking it out for the first time...

3 rikkor 06.09.10 9:13pm
Ask an atheist "where's your dead grandmother?"

They all become as steadfast in their beliefs as vegetarians who are occasionally OK with shrimp, fish, chicken, and bacon and steak when their friends aren't looking...

17 rikkor 06.09.10 2:23pm
How much Norfolk blood runs through N.i.B guest editors and W.O.M. winners ? - 2

I'm going to split my spleen with this rant, it's not personal to anyone, it's just my frustration on a certain situation I've noticed. Every winner of the W.O.M award deserve their Newsbiscuit mug....

50 cupid stunt 06.09.10 10:29am
Well spotted Pabst Blue Ribbon 6 ramblesnake 05.09.10 10:44pm
wrong room 2 Hunter F. Thompson 05.09.10 10:36pm
Scotland bound 2011

At the end of May of next year I'll be taking the family to a wedding in Aberdeen. My brother and his fiancee both live in Sydney, but she is from Aberdeen. I suppose if they are prepared to make the...

5 fernandomando 05.09.10 9:01pm
The All New Jeni B
Does anyone else (outside of Asia) get japanese ads

It was the first time I had seen one...

9 arrghgarry 05.09.10 2:19pm
Dun Dunkin
Do I have to watch the football? 10 FormerlyAlOPecia 05.09.10 1:50pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Special sunday serialisation section?

The gloriousness of Dr Moptop's recent post highlights that there is a kind of writing which might not get the exposure on this site that it deserves. I propose an special sunday feature, which might...

2 SingingHinny 05.09.10 12:13am
Doctor Moptop
Is it just me, or does the last line make this a really scary story...

2 riesler 04.09.10 12:09pm
Lovely Table Morris Dancing story

from the archives. Excellent stuff...

1 Scroat 04.09.10 10:51am
Hunter F. Thompson
Limericks from Leadsville

A notorious Middle East vandal, Wore a bullet-proof vest to a scandal, And was pelted with eggs,, With shoes and Nick Clegg's, Left flip-flop and someone's old sandal...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 04.09.10 10:38am
Hunter F. Thompson
Brill FP ianslat

I'm just sad I posted my one-liner after yours without realising!!!...

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 04.09.10 8:24am
I heart Simon Evans

Saw him as part of the Edinburgh comedy marathon. Why is that chap not better known??? Any other overlooked comedy geniuses I should seek out?...

3 Doctor Moptop 04.09.10 12:28am
So they won then, after all? 5 FormerlyAlOPecia 04.09.10 12:04am
Anybody in the Cambridge area fancy one of them NB gathering thingys?

In the spirit of pure alcoholic comedy cameraderie, you understand...

6 wallster 03.09.10 6:45pm
The All New Jeni B
Excellent FP ChrisHarrison

A great idea and funny all the way through. Well done...

4 Genghis Cohen 03.09.10 8:51am

I will have a hangover tomorrow., Great day folks, thanks for watching., Ok you didn't, but, hic, yeah, what a day to be a wire., zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

10 Mr.3374 02.09.10 9:12pm
The thing bugging me on the cat in the bin story...

No one seems to have asked the question, Why would the owners have a high quality CCTV system to guard their dustbins ???...

13 MADJEZ 02.09.10 7:52pm

My first NiB! Cakes are in the usual place. Help yourselves. If you find a crisp hair in the baklava, don't worry - it's not one of mine, it's just that the pastry brush chose to start shedding...

7 MrChigleysAunt 02.09.10 7:02pm
Writer of the Month - Guess Who?

Many congratulations to Ludicity for winning his third Writer of the Month award - putting him up there with the very top writers on this particular internet satire site going right back to when...

22 editor 02.09.10 2:25pm
How come my NiBs appear as posted by "guest" wheras others have the..

..proper attribution?...

15 FormerlyAlOPecia 02.09.10 10:54am
Gem from the Onion, just for once,17958/...

1 Oxbridge 02.09.10 10:43am
I'm on toady overdrive

Great 'father of cute baby' NiB, whoever is his/her NiBness today!...

1 jp1885 01.09.10 11:49pm
O'Farrell's Law

This states that anyone who wants to become Prime Minister in the UK or President in the USA is, by definition, the wrong person for the job. Scroat's Law doesn't have the same ring...

11 Scroat 01.09.10 11:42pm