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Truebiscuit Had to be Chatham....

6 riesler 04.12.10 5:02pm
'Almost half of Britons believe in aliens'... (Daily Telegraph, today)

I wonder if any of them contribute to Newsbiscuit? Mentioning no names, of course...

9 Dexter 04.12.10 3:34pm
Ed, re: spam

I think it is super-easy to add one of those swirly mystery word checks before allowing an new ID set-up and the first post. Should stop your spam iss-shoo...

23 rikkor 04.12.10 2:47pm
Oil West Noel - 2

Isn't anyone going to arrange a Christmas drink then?...

34 Des Custard 04.12.10 12:17pm

4 bonjonelson 03.12.10 7:52pm
'Ello, 'ello, 'ello

what's going on 'ere then?, A new contributor?Spends 4 mins on site. Doesn't get any stars but gets a FP. Hope there's not been any bungs in the process., I'm sure it's a fine piece, Ms, but I...

6 ramblesnake 03.12.10 1:03pm
Thank God for corruption

Surely I'm not the only person to breathe a sigh of relief at the UK not winning the World Cup bid? If only we could hand back the Olympics too...

10 MrChigleysAunt 03.12.10 12:38pm
Any enthusiasm for a Neat 0 Christmas Special

no, thought not., Maybe get all previous WOTM to take part in a one-off -winner -takes -all Neat O Jamboree...

0 Gerontius 03.12.10 11:19am
Putin couldn't be bothered to go to Zurich, but still won out.

Perhaps it was entirely his "I can't really be bothered" attitude that impressed the committee. A bit like when I applied to go to Manchester University - I got an invitation for an interview,...

8 bonjonelson 03.12.10 8:57am
FIFA stands for... 5 Scroat 03.12.10 8:49am
WoM late again.

Did 1992 Acura parts spam win? Just arseking...

0 rikkor 03.12.10 12:14am
Sorry wrong forum

Reposted in the correct forum...

1 dotdash 02.12.10 10:15pm
Taiwanese Animated history of Ireland Or Eire

4 StoopyDeGunt 02.12.10 7:02pm
the coarse whisperer
Whining northern jessies

Bloody typical ain't it? Every year Scotland and the North of England get a small flurry of snow and they're off and whinging about how bloody cold it is, how they can't get to work or school, how...

26 Phlegm 02.12.10 2:24pm
WikiLeaks? Sorry, I'm just too bored to care.

They had about 10 pages of dense text in the NY "Times" about it this AM. Could someone do an executive summary of the most interesting bits for me, please? What a shocking surprise that our State...

8 rikkor 02.12.10 1:48pm
Nick Clegg's promised land turns out to be Ireland... 1 deskpilot3 02.12.10 6:36am
Hunter F. Thompson
Despite the snow

It's a lot warmer in here today. Hmmmm...

6 Phlegm 02.12.10 5:33am

Nation gripped by blizzard of journalistic hyperbole...

5 Petrus45 01.12.10 6:46pm
The All New Jeni B
OJ`S lawyer,Robert Karshadian who dies of a throat disese

he dosen`t think his cocksucking daughters will fall Victim to it...

18 arrghgarry 01.12.10 6:07pm
The All New Jeni B
Mercury turns birds homosexual

We all knew Freddie had an impact upon Elton John et al

1 simonjmr 01.12.10 5:58pm
Good front page today! 4 ronseal 01.12.10 2:33pm
Shares in Toilet Duck rise

ahead of beer tax increases...

0 Bismarck 01.12.10 10:17am
Global warming slowing down, what ? are you sure ? Arrghgarry was right ? - 2 I am sure you pricks that were spouting off ,will even deny this ...

44 arrghgarry 01.12.10 8:17am
New game: celebrity couples - 2

If you're bored, try creating unlikely married couples by finding celebrities that share the same surname. The odder match the more points., Starters for ten:, Mr and Mrs Williams: Robbie and...

52 dicky37 01.12.10 8:11am
Tabloid shock as cute snow pictures turn out to be the same as last year's... 0 deskpilot3 30.11.10 8:12pm
Writer of the Month is Arrghgarry - Congratulations and No Hard Feelings Mate

Not really...

8 De-scribe 30.11.10 7:25pm
'Bad Sex Award: Irish author Rowan Somerville beats Alastair Campbell'

Now, that I would like to see...

3 Dexter 30.11.10 5:43pm
RIP Leslie Nielsen

Just heard that Leslie Neilsen - star of Airplane, Police Squad (in color) and Naked Gun has died., He was a great comic actor and will be remembered for some great lines and impeccable timing...

10 antharrison 30.11.10 1:53pm
My guess is you'll either love or hate this

I don't mind either way. [url=]I really like Christmas[/url]...

2 andhrimnir 30.11.10 11:53am
Silent (kind of) protest time.

Please mark all spam as five stars. If spam is all of the Top Ten, maybe those in charge will take notice...

5 rikkor 30.11.10 7:34am
Zadok the second