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Clarissa Dick in the running for met job

I know this is like shooting fish in a barrel or stalking dairy cows, but can anyone come up with something less purile than me to kill it dead before I embarrass myself., Dick supported by Balls,...

4 beau-jolly 19.07.11 3:15pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Tevez adds further insult with 80s mixtape answers

Shoite. Wrong area...

0 f0zz 19.07.11 2:45pm
Spot Jenni B and Rikkor on the front page of the Telegraph website at the mo

4 button 19.07.11 1:13pm
I would like Waylandsmithy to be banned for life from NB

He's far too clever, and making us all look bad. I bet he wears socks with sandals and drinks red wine with his cocq au vin. I hope all of his caviar turns into fish eggs...

19 JohnA 18.07.11 8:02pm
How to watch the Daily Show online in the UK

I will assume that at least some of the people on NB are fans of the Daily Show with John Stewart, so hopefully this won't fall on deaf ears. As some will know, us lot in the UK can't access the...

1 OllieP 18.07.11 6:33pm
Today's football jersey swap ticker

I can remember the t.v. sketch from some time ago-buxom girls kicking a ball about and two blokes sitting in the stand watching- but I can't put faces to the blokes. The Two Ronnies? Marty Feldman...

4 greg various 18.07.11 2:08pm
Anyone else watching the women's world cup final?

Me and my super-hot Japanese girlfriend Akiko are glued to the sofa...

6 SugarTits69 18.07.11 1:32pm
Eric Pickles complains of being “under-satirised”

Community Secretary Eric Pickles launched a scathing attack on the entertainment media, talking to constituents in Brentwood and Ongar yesterday. “I am constantly disappointed by the low levels of...

3 nickb 18.07.11 12:54pm
be reasonable
NOTW debacle

I'm pretty sure that if this hapened in the US, many people would be doing decades in jail, if not being executed for treason. How is it OK that those whose job it is to protect leading figures in...

29 rikkor 18.07.11 10:15am
Zadok the second
Police silent over connection between Brooks and missing Dalmatians

Police arresting a 43 year old woman today would neither confirm nor deny any connection with investigations into over 100 missing Dalmatian dogs. Among evidence recovered from a London flat, it's...

1 nickb 17.07.11 6:09pm
Al OPecia
Love the 'medal or fucking something' NiB.

Cracking idea that...

2 Qoxiivi 17.07.11 7:12am
What is the alternative to a "face-to-face" meeting?

An arse-to-arse meeting?...

7 Al OPecia 16.07.11 10:52pm
Did a bomb go off?

For no apparent reason today has been the quietest day for about 2 years on this Dorset High Street. Not much happening on here either. Have I missed something massive. Did transformers invade? ...

1 beau-jolly 16.07.11 6:58pm
8 15 doggone 16.07.11 1:03pm
be reasonable
This just in from Twitter

[quote]jonronson , Rupert Murdoch just phoned to remind me of the rave the Sun gave my 1993 series The Ronson Mission and asked if he could count on my support[/quote]...

0 JohnA 16.07.11 10:02am
'Aggravated mayhem'...I should say so! - 2

33 Ironduke 15.07.11 5:45pm
Darkbill, great FP.

Whole concept made me laugh...

3 rikkor 15.07.11 10:21am
Zadok the second
Queen's Code Book Challenge I know that I'm well over 16, but I thought I'd do it for fun anyway. I think I got the first...

1 rikkor 14.07.11 11:48pm
Would it be more humane to just make them redundant?

0 antharrison 14.07.11 9:47pm
New voting argument.

I'm only going to give 4's and 5's for the material that warrants these high grades. Making everything a 5 seems a lttle bit too much like the way they grade students in US public schools. No...

2 rikkor 14.07.11 5:27pm
Sun problem page to feature photo love story of Rupert 82, and Rebecca, 30

Anyone fancy doing a Sun problem page style Photo Love story? If would feature Rupert, 82, a powerful businessman who makes grown men weep. Rupert has lost his marbles after meeting Rebecca, 30, a...

3 ronseal 14.07.11 7:29am
Zadok the second
WHat on earth is Golgo on about?

Don't people say the funniest things?...

28 ronseal 14.07.11 12:08am
Murdoch to punish Britain by raising the price of Sky subscriptions. 0 deskpilot3 13.07.11 9:04pm
Forgot to say ta for the great pig pic.

Is this the first acceptable combination of Red and bacon?...

0 13.07.11 7:02pm
Pastafarians get religious recognition!

[url=]noodly goodness[/url] I always thought...

0 13.07.11 6:25pm
Hugh Grant: Telling it like it is

His last line in this interview is total class -

2 JohnA 13.07.11 9:51am
What's your least impressive early sexual experience?

No more I met so-and-so on the street 30 years ago. I want the dirt...

23 rikkor 13.07.11 8:53am
The Ed is on R4 now

JOF on 'A Good Read'. I'm sure it'll be on Iplayer later...

2 Quaz 12.07.11 11:45pm
Great FP today

Excellent, proper bit of satire!...

6 12.07.11 12:40pm
ed, did I imagine this ?

I thought I saw an FP earlier today about the demise of the painting industry in Belfast, with some truly excellent work from red. Did you have second thoughts ?...

1 Sinnick 12.07.11 10:01am