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In the name of science, I'm going to test out as many hangover cures as I can.

My personal favourite is lager. If that isn't available then Irn Bru and salt 'n' vinegar Hula Hoops usually does the trick. Does anybody else have any cures (ones that work that is!)?...

11 Psycadelic Squirrel 06.07.11 9:46pm
Al OPecia
Is it just me...

Is it just me or is the phrase 'is it just me' really annoying?...

2 writinginbsl 06.07.11 5:01pm
I'm so glad that William and Kate are having a lovely holiday, aren't you?

Can't wait to watch the 'news' tonight to catch up on what they've been up to. Hope there's not too much else of importance to take up the bulletin's time...

6 ianslat 06.07.11 3:30pm
Al OPecia
jellyfish NiB

How do Mr Editor, Please could you add a hat-tip to Al OPecia for adding some much-needed scientific credibility to my research? I forgot to declare my sources...

3 05.07.11 7:33pm
Al OPecia
June Writer of the Month - Ludicity

Congratulations to Ludicity who wins the June Writer of the Month award with a spectacular nine front page stories, including the superb 'Creationist school appears out of nowhere' and 'Panini...

20 editor 05.07.11 10:40am
"Stridulation"? I've been calling it something else for years.

1 Al OPecia 05.07.11 7:10am
Just when I was gonna' start making it up again... Been thinking about making a few subs again, then read this!!...

0 LostLad 05.07.11 12:44am
Let's hear it for penile stridulation!

2 riesler 04.07.11 10:14pm
Ant, great FP

I think I have the really bad fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. I will be out for at least six months...

1 rikkor 04.07.11 9:21pm
Eat American steel, Cornwallis!

Happy early Independence Day, everyone...

15 rikkor 04.07.11 7:12pm
People who 'go the extra mile'

Who are these idiots? Look, just stop where you want to stop. Otherwise, you're a mile away and are just going to have to turn around and come back again. Tchoh!...

5 Zadok the second 04.07.11 6:55pm
Woo Hoo!! 3 out of 4!

So I got the ticker first, followed by an entry in the Top Ten (8th, if you're keeping score). And today I spiked my flag in my first NiB (although to be honest it was heavily edited and most of the...

17 Mr Payne 04.07.11 4:09pm
Q. What do you get if you cross a lawnmower with a war criminal?

A. Atco Miladic. Boom boom!...

4 deskpilot3 04.07.11 1:27pm
Holy crap, we are all screwed

Here is an incredible clip of Ed Miliband from the BBC website. I think Labour's leader might be a complete moron. But when you have a medley of soundbites that good, anyone would be tempted to use...

10 OllieP 04.07.11 11:11am
Mr Payne
Would you pay to be taught how to be funny?

A friend passed this on to me - [url=]week long comedy course[/url] - they were being sweet, but writing the funny as I sometimes do and standing on stage saying...

20 shitsu_tonka 04.07.11 10:54am
Deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs are often featured at Fourth of July barbeques in the United States. (In this house, darling, it's pronounced bar-beck.) Ingredients 6 hard-cooked eggs, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1...

3 rikkor 03.07.11 11:08pm
I thought it was just one crack? And they have tried to hide it on the Middle East pages...

1 Al OPecia 02.07.11 9:46pm
TrueBiscuit: eggs

British woman cracks open 29 double-yolked eggs in a row Surely,...

13 Sinnick 01.07.11 7:19pm
be reasonable
160 million missing women. Discuss. Especially with any of your more enlightened friends from the sub-continent...

12 rikkor 30.06.11 9:56pm
I'm quitting Newsbiscuit.

Due to all the hurtful, anonymous tags. So wounding to my ego. Oh, sorry. That wouldn't be me. I'll just continue as before...

11 rikkor 30.06.11 1:57pm
Jellyfish Force Nuclear Shutdown I always thought it'd be the otters - more organised - but there you go...

3 allmyownstunts 30.06.11 1:36pm
The ultimate (genuine) Daily Mail headline?

Food parcels sent to a primary school as migrant farm worker parents keep their own children hungry in protest over benefits...

10 Oxbridge 29.06.11 9:26pm
I watched your young soccer lesbians...

battle it out with Las Chicas Lesbianas de Futbol Mexicanas today. Vy. interesting. (I think you call it football or rugby or something there.)...

10 rikkor 29.06.11 9:09pm
Twinning doubts for Hertfordshire town

The town of Baldock in Hertfordshire has been twinned with Eisenberg for many years, but Councillors recently confessed to having no idea where it is. The South African Mayor of Baldock, Per Plext...

0 Blindcwm 29.06.11 2:50pm
Conundrum after study finds there is often no record of when records began 0 Duncan Biscuit 29.06.11 10:23am
Duncan Biscuit
JohnA topic for the day

Chinese economist Wang and Bank of England's King discuss European debt crisis. This should get the juices flowing...

9 Des Custard 29.06.11 9:56am
The wave of funny

Yesterday, I had loads of comic ideas. Today I'm as funny as Saltire Is that a common experience or are some people just funny all of the time?...

25 JohnA 28.06.11 6:58pm
Theoretical mathematician accused of eating all the tuas

go figure!...

1 beau-jolly 28.06.11 3:30pm
Mr Payne
Protestors to hold demonstration on the Circle Line? "What do we want", "More pi!", "When do we want it" Mmmm more pie...

0 riesler 28.06.11 10:27am
Don't watch this just after eating ...

1 Sinnick 28.06.11 9:18am
blue peter