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Wackypedia website unable to control plague of serious and factual posts. 0 deskpilot3 27.07.10 7:40pm
*** jp1885's Adam and Jane NEAT-O challenge *** The results are in

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that we have a winner. It was a tough call, with a number of entries vying for the top spot, but in the end Advertisement shock as Adam tells Jane 'the...

1 jp1885 27.07.10 5:38pm
Being serious

I'll say RIP Alex " Hurricane " Higgins, a guy who made snooker watchable and popular 30 odd years ago., Flawed, erratic, compulsive viewing., Thanks for some great memories Alex, the game...

4 Mr.3374 27.07.10 5:34pm
The news that Wikileaks Military Whistleblower a young dashing cavalry man

is facing a 52 year jail sentence , was leaked today...

0 arrghgarry 27.07.10 2:36pm
Wrong room - 2 51 MrChigleysAunt 27.07.10 11:41am
Why men and women are incompatible, or just the funniest true story in ages

2 Oxbridge 27.07.10 11:40am
What a fucking arsehole.

Sleazy Dave wins this week's Tony Blair Award for sucking up to America., Prick.,

22 The All New Jeni B 27.07.10 6:46am
Is Ed Miliband cloned from Andrew Ridgely and Curt Smith?

He has something of an Early '80s pop star about him, and not in a good way. I think they may have created him to bring about the revival of two piece synth pop acts. It's just a short step from...

5 Quaz 27.07.10 6:40am
How many pages would be appropiate for a little book about

fake priesting in Japan 100 pages ? need photos?Id appreciate opinions advice, thanks ...

5 arrghgarry 26.07.10 11:47pm
Bit of Spam on the Forum list?

If you look at the Writer's room or the Chat room, for some reason they don't show up, but if you look at the Forum list which lists all submissions of either kind, there are a few dodgy postings...

1 Pabst Blue Ribbon 26.07.10 11:06am
Zadok the second
Hey JO'F, are you going to sue The Onion's ass?

'The news before it happens' - they've started using the phrase in their videos, or maybe they always did. The swine...

9 Oxbridge 25.07.10 9:27pm
Mock The Week scoring system is fucqed up

Says it all. It's just completely unfair. I've watched it a few times and Dara O'Briain just seems to give out points at random irrespective of how funny they were., And since Franky Boyle left,...

1 Mr Target 25.07.10 7:13pm
Books that make you lol - 2

Spent a lazy sunny morning rereading Bill Bryson's Notes From A Small Island, which was nice. The first words on the back are 'Laugh Out-loud funny'. I do think it's a great book and a pleasure to...

55 shitsu_tonka 24.07.10 11:31pm
Hello everyone

Just popping in to say 'hi' and to hope that everyone is in good shape. I trust that all is well, Mary and good luck with your course, Jeni., Best wishes,, Plucky...

8 PluckyMunky 24.07.10 12:42pm

15 edward hack 24.07.10 8:39am
Truebiscuit - a beer and squirrel combo... I do like a nice head on my beer!...

3 riesler 24.07.10 8:29am

And a very funny pic too. Nice work...

5 wallster 23.07.10 10:15pm
*** jp1885's Adam and Jane NEAT-O challenge ***

This week's Neat-O challenge Viewers in the UK may already be aware of/bored/nauseated by the antics of Adam and Jane, the soon-to-be married couple that feature in the advertisements of a certain...

12 jp1885 23.07.10 7:45pm
Keith in grief over chief thief belief.

Bloody tea leaf. Apparently. [url=][/url] Can anyone claim ownership of their comedy writings, (or 'comedy'...

15 wallster 23.07.10 1:12pm
Great Left Alert ...

I must admit to being a little tired of Moat stories, but this is one to keep and treasure...

11 Stan 23.07.10 7:46am

Stop hogging the front pages...

11 The Return of DroleNoel 22.07.10 7:20pm
TV criticised for lack of positive portrayals of gays on screen...

in totally unrelated news, Tom Cruise is to appear on Top Gear...

1 riesler 22.07.10 6:19pm
Zadok the second
Bollocks, I posted this in the wrong place

Mel Braveheart Gibson, the movie star who liberated Scotland, has got in touch with his feminine side - and punched her lights out...

6 StoopyDeGunt 22.07.10 4:29pm
Rant of the day.

Right, the British Judicial system is imperfect, but am I alone in being increasingly pissed off by the current Brit Bashing going on with that paragon of legal virtue, America?, I have this sense...

20 The All New Jeni B 22.07.10 3:57pm
Headline of the Week?

12 Doctor Moptop 22.07.10 3:45pm
Doctor Moptop
Eco-Car fuelled by vegetable oil collides with potato truck......

Resulting explosion feeds hundreds...

0 finneyp 22.07.10 12:13pm

[url=]Lewes police say 'This chap gives us the willies'[/url] Last paragraph especially...

0 sauce 22.07.10 9:19am
Truebiscuit - do I detect the hand of Rikkor?

My ass hurts!,

8 riesler 22.07.10 1:05am
Job opportunity for Red...

[url=]I think the Metro is in dire need of your services.[/url]...

1 AdrianJ 21.07.10 11:25pm
Hey Stoopy!!!

I see you have a link to your 'Brown Facebook Tribute' story on the excellent Guido Fawkes website: hat tip to you sir.,

5 riesler 21.07.10 12:38pm