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Disappointed electric meter reader says power over rated as an aphrodisiac

That could be a Tim Vine type joke. I slept with the man who came to read our electricity meter. Couldn't stop myself. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac...

1 ronseal 17.05.11 10:30am
Fine FP on Trumping

You pulled together some excellent ideas, there, ed. Scarily not too far from reality...

1 Sinnick 17.05.11 8:45am
News on BBC: Thai couple name son 'Like' after Facebook button

Presumably they considered changing it to 'Unlike' when he's screaming at 2am? Frankly, it's the sort of embarrassing gush of emotion that would be more expected of a German family. Although I've...

0 17.05.11 8:01am
Funny Osama FP concept

Entire sub a bit strained, though...

3 rikkor 17.05.11 12:00am
Phwoarrrr, you don't get many of them to the pound, says foreign exchange dealer

A new British comedy, Carry on Exchange Dealing, looks set to disappoint a new generation of cinema goers with lame toilet humour and innuendo-based gags. Like all British films, the film will enjoy...

2 ronseal 16.05.11 9:04pm
I despair...

I just typed the words "Where is" on google while looking for info for an essay, and the first option that popped up, before I'd finished typing my question, was "Azerbaijan.", A sad indictment of...

13 The All New Jeni B 16.05.11 2:10pm
Cheers Bonjonelson!

ah, that's better...

1 ronseal 16.05.11 12:33pm
Complaint about controversial "raped chambermaid" NIB.

Excellent, funny, biting satire. My complaint is that Dominique Strauss-Kahn's first name is missing its second "i"...

1 The Paper Ostrich 16.05.11 11:45am
newsbiscuit editorial team
Chris Huhne's got a new song out....

Oh Vicky You're so fine, I'm a swine, you paid my fine Hey Vicky!...

1 ronseal 16.05.11 11:39am
Steweart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

It's back, and I had no idea until about an hour ago. See the forty-first best stand-up in the world doing his thing...

4 shitsu_tonka 16.05.11 11:25am
That joy/despair story on the front page

I think I enjoyed it even more the [url=]first time[/url] :-)

3 and another one 15.05.11 5:57pm
be reasonable
Took her by the hand and my heart was thumpin'

She said "Hey man, you crazy or something?"...

1 Scroat 15.05.11 4:19pm
Who wrote the story about Tesco launching a cut price super injunction service?

I love it. Why not do it as a full story?...

12 ronseal 15.05.11 3:29pm
Quiet in here, innit.

Saw "Attack the Block", very funny...

1 Al OPecia 15.05.11 9:21am
That Eastenders NIB...

[i]Soup[/i] Opera? Shirley some mistake?...

2 BillyBitzer 14.05.11 12:38pm
Lovely Blue Flag NIB, bnm!

Think I forgot to comment on this one at the time, so have some imaginary stars now. Could/should have been a good FP, imho...

0 rickwestwell 14.05.11 10:04am
Excuse needed

Dear Auntie NewsBiscuit, What can I say to get out of tonight's work do other than the truth which is that I find my colleagues desperately dull and don't want to waste a Friday night making awkward...

7 shitsu_tonka 13.05.11 9:49pm
Funny G. Michael FP.

Miss the glory hole in the original, though...

1 rikkor 13.05.11 2:11pm
A deb's plump midpoint (5, 10, 3) 5 Oxbridge 13.05.11 1:53pm
Writer of the Month for April 2011 – jp1885

Belated congratulations to jp1885 who was the runaway winner of April’s Writer of the Month contest with eight front page stories. He becomes the second writer to win the hallowed NewsBiscuit mug...

24 editor 13.05.11 11:08am
Today's FP - request to editor / admin team

Firstly, thanks for using this, and thanks to whoever once again edited one of mine to make it read much better. Sorry to be a pain in the arse, but could you please give a co-credit to JonnyJP on...

8 Vertically Challenged Giant 13.05.11 10:07am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Guardian Offers Peek Into Bin Laden's Diaries

1 Textbook 13.05.11 4:39am
be reasonable
A story that will warm your cockles - once they've been untangled

6 ronseal 12.05.11 7:34pm
Does anyone want to be Entertainments Editor of Esquire magazine

They're looking for an entertainments editor at Esquire, the men's mag for 0.00000001 per cent of the population. You'll need a talent for nepotism, desperate social climbing, a finely tuned herd...

11 ronseal 12.05.11 3:31pm
Mary Evans
Question about editing…

Just a quick one. How long after being posted in the writers’ room are articles/tickers etc editable for? It just helps when you come up with a ticker, that you think can be expanded upon, to know...

4 Qoxiivi 11.05.11 9:45pm
I thought your junior drag queens called them "kilts."

4 rikkor 10.05.11 9:46pm
Realbiscuit - Working makes you smarter

Story in Dutch - basically outlines a study by a Dutch university that says people that work tend to be smarter than those...

3 acwanaut 10.05.11 8:15pm
Al OPecia
What happened with your referendum?

Or, is it one of those things that has to be submitted to Brussels for consideration?...

13 rikkor 10.05.11 2:05pm
Its next door now... 0 MADJEZ 10.05.11 12:20pm
Nation's bullies consider rich possibilities of 'Clarkson fucks your mum' insult 0 Kuifje 10.05.11 11:14am