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A deliberately invalid argument

To be fair to the writer, here is the article I plundered for sub this morning re fahion actually a much better rip-off of fashion writing than I could manage..the industry sending itself...

2 afternoonslow 03.10.10 11:51pm
Funny guy Tough cookie. Bad world...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 03.10.10 6:01pm
Hunter F. Thompson
I am and idiot

Bought "O Brother Where Art Thou" on DVD about 8 years ago, and never watched it. Just left it in the cupboard and forgot about it. Until finally two nights ago I watched it! I am now at the point...

2 bonjonelson 03.10.10 5:12pm
It's Just What You Need Before You Die

When you're choosing between eating and heating. You're cold, lonely and hungry. Dimentia is setting in along with a strange odour. You're not safe in your own home. You're not safe in a care home....

1 IABP 03.10.10 12:58pm
Headline from The Sun

"Flat suicide hooker had cop grudge" but apparently, she poisoned herself, wasn't a jumper. Very misleading...

1 bonjonelson 03.10.10 9:45am
Ideas for improving the writing experience

Hi All I’m going to be concentrating on other things for the foreseeable future but I wanted to leave you with a few ideas for improving the writing experience. They mainly relate to a general...

13 ChrisHarrison 03.10.10 3:45am
The All New Jeni B
David Milliband chooses favourite song for Desert Island Discs

0 riesler 02.10.10 4:29pm

2 riesler 02.10.10 3:55pm
What I don't understand is...

why the bear should be carrying a courgette in the first place.

19 The All New Jeni B 02.10.10 12:57pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Anyone like slightly confused dogs?

Let's face it, who doesn't? This fellow's clearly a bit dim, bless him:

7 nealdoran 02.10.10 12:37pm
Was Dr Evil, the Architect behind this "Death Ray" hotel ?

3 thackaray 02.10.10 12:32pm
Hunter F. Thompson
September Writer of the Month

Congratulations to La Maga, who nipped in ahead of the bookie’s favourite Genghis Cohen to take the title of Writer of the Month for September in a nail-bitingly close contest, after he received...

17 editor 01.10.10 10:20pm
Arundells to become grocer's shop 1 roybland 01.10.10 8:36pm
Ooh Matron!!!

Seen in latest issue of the RCN Bulletin "Handling injuries still hit members"...

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 01.10.10 8:07pm
Mr & Mrs Newsbiscuit

In the wake of Mr and Mrs Lottery, the computer generated images of what a typical jackpot winner looks like, do we have a Mr & Mrs Newsbiscuit. Obviously Mr Newsbiscuit will be wearing a top...

2 IABP 01.10.10 5:30pm
Fine Commonwealth Games FP Stan!

There's a counterfeit 7-month-old congratulations thread doing the rounds. Ignore it...

1 Des Custard 01.10.10 9:36am
'Tough' mackerel stance welcomed after talks (BBC)

I'd have thought having a fish talk would be newsworthy in it's own right, let alone having a "stance"...

3 Sinnick 01.10.10 9:21am
Good front page today

Very good front page today I thought...

4 ronseal 01.10.10 8:38am
NB Copyright ?

This is something I've wondered about, the appearance of the shop on the front page, along with the ticker line re “comedy gold” has raised in my mind at least the question of copyright..and...

16 afternoonslow 01.10.10 12:03am
Great FP, la maga

I couldn't have liked it more...

24 shitsu_tonka 30.09.10 10:17pm
la maga
70s Flashback... - 23456

walking the YM to school this morning, our route took us past the local Police HQ, the periphery of which is border with some scrubby, shabby gorse type bushes., Halfway along the pavement, I...

153 The All New Jeni B 30.09.10 6:39pm
Call me naive or evian ,but when someone dies of an overdose of prescription

medicine ,are they just taking too many legal drugs to get high and then just fuck up ?...

2 arrghgarry 30.09.10 3:02pm
Google news redefines 'Entertainment'

3 antharrison 29.09.10 9:22pm
So, what do you think David Milliband really said to Harriet Harman?

Suggestions anyone?...

22 ianslat 29.09.10 3:33pm
There's Hope For David Miliband Yet And the new Labour Leader is., [i], It's not Ed. Don't say Ed[/i] .. Ed...

0 IABP 29.09.10 11:24am
WoM wide open going into the final furlongh?

Just had a glance over the FPs for the month, and from my rough calculation of trying to put a name to a headline,it looks like the most open race in agesNone of this business of one or two big...

22 nealdoran 29.09.10 9:55am
Overtaken by real life

Don't you find it's getting virtually impossible to find ridiculous subjects to write about here? I mean, there I was all prepared to write a bizzare sub about Trained monkeys guarding athletes at...

4 Son of Barnabas 29.09.10 9:38am
The All New Jeni B
As well as running NewsBiscuit...

Ed's now leader of the Labour Party. He's going to be busy...

1 Scroat 29.09.10 8:01am
Nobby Holder
D'ya know.... - 23

since Toadygate, there seems a degree of reluctance to congratulate the FP. Or perhaps everyone thinks they're all crap. Well today's is most certainly not - well done Peter90210 - lovely idea...

81 Mary Evans 29.09.10 7:11am
Top 10 unaswerable questions - your comedy answers

1. What is the meaning of life? 2. Is there a God? 3. Do blondes have more fun? 4. What is the best diet? 5. Is there anybody out there? 6. Who is the most famous person in the world? 7. What...

24 simonjmr 29.09.10 6:41am