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Something for the weekend

0 Scroat 16.10.10 11:27am
Sorry Ed

Can I get the credit for "brick in pool wins gold" ticker please I know its all me, me, me...

15 brownpaperreporter 16.10.10 9:35am
Apart from voting for your own stock how do you get on the leader board?

I’ve stuck to the house rules, all of my subs have been crap too., Where am I going wrong?, Who do you have to shag to get a leg up these days?...

5 Nobby Holder 16.10.10 9:34am
Scientific community baffled by failing Sat Navs

Four failing Sat Navs have baffled scientists, two have displayed the symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome, one has developed a stutter and another has problems in pronouncing its Rs. The one with...

1 hero2zero 16.10.10 7:40am
New Prisons Minister denies they are the New Improved Labour

0 arrghgarry 15.10.10 10:29pm
Rather than Leave it blank - let's have some tomato jumping Mind you I think I'm the only one on the board who can see my posts ;)...

2 IABP 15.10.10 4:24pm
Cage against the machine

Everyone's [url=]getting a bit excited about this [/url] It premiered in 1952 for...

3 Zadok the second 15.10.10 4:18pm
If you're an elderly man, don't try to jump girls that look like tomatoes.

[url=]You know it makes sense[/url]...

4 wallster 15.10.10 4:09pm
For a StandUp comic, the fun part about the worldwide financial disaster is

1. The banks made loans to guys who couldn't pay. How could they know? They sliced n diced and sold them off within days. They then sold slices of bundled up loans to each other, then sliced them...

16 Hunter F. Thompson 15.10.10 2:04pm
The most deflating moment when reading Page 1 of a novel.

A character named "Cain". Or, Able or Abel for that matter. Just happened to me with A. S. Byatt. Oh, spoiler alert: turns out the author is a woman...

5 rikkor 15.10.10 2:00pm
Son of Beowulff II >> Iceland is first to reach the bottom

Good news for Britain, bad news for [url=]Tory party fundraisers, sponsors and...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 15.10.10 6:20am
Hunter F. Thompson
It's easier than I thought to post in the wrong forum

Sorry. Hello everyone, anyway...

20 rickwestwell 14.10.10 5:49pm
Where's Edward Hack?

Haven't seen him around lately...

19 wallster 14.10.10 3:21pm
A Challenge, by Chief Constable Peter Fahy

Greater Manchester Police are today posting details on Twitter of every incident the force is called out to deal with over a period of 24 hours. , Chief Constable Peter Fahy hopes to demonstrate...

2 afternoonslow 14.10.10 9:51am
A challenge ...

Can anyone write a NiB on this story ?, There are so many possible gags, but I don't have the opportunity to write I'll provide 5* to the...

1 Sinnick 13.10.10 11:08pm
"Worry beads" in cars prevent serious injury - new report

A report released yesterday by the Department of Transport has proved the effectiveness of worry beads in cars. The four-year study, in association with the University of Lincoln, has shown that...

0 noddy1956 13.10.10 9:39pm
Miner 27 refuses to enter capsule because 'Number 26 has let one go in there' 0 RockhopperPenguin 13.10.10 9:32pm
Has President Pinera just let some sort of cat out the bag?

Ch. 4 News tonight, clip showing the Pres. Taking a call from PM on his mobile in odd moment between things at the mine El Presidente. (speaking in theatrical whisper whilst grinning to camera)....

0 afternoonslow 13.10.10 7:42pm
Anyone seen Sky News' Chilean miner ticker today?

[url=]Sky News[/url]...

4 ianslat 13.10.10 1:50pm
Live Satire, by a Damned Fine Chap

Mario Sepulveda ( the Union Rep,second man up), steped from the lift, greeted his wife and then handed out bits of rock to assorted officials. BBC radio reports that he also handed one to President...

1 afternoonslow 13.10.10 8:11am
Peer Review called off as most Lords too old to sing and dance

and none can tell jokes!...

0 Ian Searle 12.10.10 6:20pm
Ian Searle
Blunt to sing Taliban into submission

[url=]come on, own up, who wrote this?[/url]...

5 andhrimnir 12.10.10 5:08pm
For everyone who understands the relevance of today's date...

you may be interested in this website., I'm off to find my towel...

14 The All New Jeni B 12.10.10 8:34am
be reasonable
* 6 IABP 11.10.10 8:18pm
Liverpool FC receive another top offer

The bidding war for Liverpool FC took another unexpected turn today, when chairman Martin Broughton announced a rival bid from a new consortium. "I am pleased to say that a three man consortium...

0 custard cream 11.10.10 4:19pm
custard cream
Question re subs board etiquette

Hello all Though I'm a big fan, I submit very infrequently and am only just getting to grips with the new - and much improved - Writers' Room. What I wanted to ask was this What is the etiquette...

15 Chip Paper 11.10.10 4:01pm
autism and twitter

Closely related things perhaps, but if anyone is on Twitter there is a foolish man who is tweeting every 10 minutes for the next 60 hours. He is raising money the National Autism Society and can be...

0 fernandomando 11.10.10 12:08pm
Nice to see real headline echoing a Newsbiscuit story

'Stalker Wins a Medal at Commonwealth Games'...

0 IABP 11.10.10 10:19am
To those of you who had my contact number...

I now have a new one., So you know...

4 Mr.3374 10.10.10 5:38pm
Love the front page today. So much so, that you need a restraining order

Why are Zombies so (as the BBC Director general once said) "horribly white"?...

0 StoopyDeGunt 10.10.10 4:01pm