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Is this the future of satire?

2 Ludicity 01.08.10 9:33pm
This is naked discrimination.

2 FormerlyAlOPecia 01.08.10 7:29pm
The All New Jeni B
What are the standings in this month's WoM?

This polite enquiry is in no way to be interpreted as me avoiding doing my work at any cost...

14 Mary Evans 01.08.10 3:08pm
The All New Jeni B
Four subs today and not a star between them - damn this working life!

Little as I think of the starring system, this counts as an off day, and in fact it's been an off week. I just started a full time job (for the first time in two years) and I think it has stolen my...

4 la maga 01.08.10 12:45pm
la maga
Mah na Mah na 28 Mary Evans 01.08.10 8:30am
Ooops 2 euanc 01.08.10 7:48am
Man sadly reflects on his life and wonders where all the beers went, so quickly. 22 arrghgarry 01.08.10 12:37am
Anyone sick of the toady post yet?

It's fun to read for a bit. YAWN...

2 The Return of DroleNoel 31.07.10 4:56pm
The Return of DroleNoel
What were they thinking? You buy a ticket knowing .... surely

Seeing Dave Allen on the BBC homepage reminded me of when I went to see him on tour in the late 1970s. After 5 minutes the person next to me got up and said "I like him but not when he mocks...

3 brownpaperreporter 31.07.10 9:57am
Hello all...

I've got Mrs Scroat with me this evening...

11 Scroat 31.07.10 8:25am
The All New Jeni B
Hello, Dalai!

Vy. funny FP. Made me LOL...

2 rikkor 31.07.10 6:05am
Tristan Shout
Leonard d i caprio pulls out of Mel Gibson 0 arrghgarry 31.07.10 4:00am
Brokeback coalition?

Can someone help me out with whole 'brokeback coalition' thing? I mean, if I remember the film rightly, it was about a really lovely and poignant relationship between two individuals, who found a...

10 Zadok the second 30.07.10 7:07pm
The All New Jeni B
Crash test thespians

I know we're not allowed to toady any more, but this is really top stuff. Nice one Ludo. Excellent!...

8 Scroat 30.07.10 3:37pm

As ever, we're spoilt for choice!...

11 Scroat 30.07.10 3:30pm
How I love the human race... (part two)

The following took place at my local Waitrose this afternoon. I usually only go there to anally smuggle poultry, but with my daughter's 2nd birthday fast approaching, I realised I better get a...

27 Mary Evans 30.07.10 12:57pm
Truebiscuit from Freegle

"Wanted (really appreciated) Wheelchair and Bricks: Henley"...

0 Scroat 30.07.10 11:41am

After what must have been many agonising minutes deciding who had bought him more beer and/or chocolate in this mire of corruption that is life, jp1885 made me pick a new word. So, your word this...

4 QorbeQ 30.07.10 8:34am
Ooh I'm in here all on my own, now is there anything I can nick when

nobody's looking..actually it's a bit scary..where's that light switch..shit! who left that fucking chair in the middle of the room...

8 FormerlyAlOPecia 29.07.10 11:11pm
It's my birthday today, and nobody seems to have got out of bed to give me cards

and lovely presents despite me noisely banging crockery about and singing Happy Birthday to me. So I am in here instead. How sad is that?...

28 FormerlyAlOPecia 29.07.10 10:40pm
Labour MPs demand higher pay before offering Government any proper opposition...

They've been on strike since the election. You may have noticed...

1 deskpilot3 29.07.10 9:42pm
For Jeni, Scotland in the vanguard of trends.

2 rikkor 29.07.10 1:12pm
The All New Jeni B
Truebiscuit - Finger licking squirrel?

4 riesler 29.07.10 1:04pm
Cats That Look Like Hitler

13 rikkor 29.07.10 12:16pm
Zadok the second
Possessive pronouns don't have apostrophes, Ed

See the McDonald's sub on the front page for how not to do it...

10 exigo 29.07.10 11:25am
As a charity worker I'm soo looking forward to all the new Tory volunteers

who'll be leaping up to set a good example to the lazy, feckless, unwashed masses., (Do I sound a wee bit cynical?)...

15 sauce 29.07.10 7:02am
BBC to introduce television channel for apologises

The BBC have announced the introduction of a new television channel that will just be dedicated to apologies . The channel to be called ,"Whipping boy, "which will start transmission in September...

0 mrlemoncurry 28.07.10 11:39pm
Fine postmodern NIB

I love the way the burger NIB subtly alludes to and deconstructs the recent sub which referred to Truss and the greengrocer's apostrophe:, [quote]"Fast food giant McDonalds has stolen a march on...

3 rickwestwell 28.07.10 7:26pm
Blind Cricket Team falls fowl of safety legislation.... I'm mesmerised by this, having seen the team featured on Look North yesterday evening.. just can't think...

2 Sharpehunter 28.07.10 5:35pm
Mr Target
BP to build immigration cap

Due to the recent success of BP's cap building department it was announced today that they had won the tender to construct the immigration cap. The Prime Minister said that this gave him the...

1 MaverickRat 28.07.10 11:38am