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Hilarious collection of photoshopped riot photos. Not that I would ever laugh about this kind of thing because it's much too serious to make light of....

4 Textbook 18.08.11 2:46pm
Nice McFP, JP. 0 rikkor 18.08.11 1:10pm
Iran refuse to hand over lighter than air technology to the USA

A spokesman for the USA said we cannot allow the Iranian's to have sole control of lighter than Air technology (Magic carpet's)we believe these carpets are made from the local domestic goat wool....

0 pdonkyd 18.08.11 10:21am
Joey Barton Nietzsche NiB

It's good, but using it twice in the space of 10 days is a bit excessive isn't it?

1 Vertically Challenged Giant 17.08.11 5:35pm
Executive summary of News Corp. scandal?

I am clueless on what exactly they did. Any simple explanation available online? It seems every day new info. is found making it get more complicated to understand. I just want to know the bird's eye...

3 Dumbnews 17.08.11 3:53pm
Posting in the wrong room is for idiots

I know my place...

0 greg various 17.08.11 3:24pm
greg various
Cracking downing street eviction NiB

Just saying, is all...

0 Qoxiivi 17.08.11 8:43am
1066 And All That

Broke down and used my E-reader for the first time today. Owned it for 2 months, complete psychological wall built up. Got "1066" for first book. I probably read it first when I was 9 years old,...

17 rikkor 16.08.11 10:54pm
Rioters FP probably just posted this second...

But, the person who edited it should be immediately checked for signs of stroke...

1 rikkor 16.08.11 9:11pm
Truebiscuit Shame we didn't get there first, it would have made an excellent FP...

1 bonjonelson 16.08.11 6:04pm
Go 'ed Reg!

Made me all sentimental when I read this story. It's about the guy that played Reg Hollis off The Bill. He got sacked off the show before it finished and promptly went to his dressing room and slit...

3 Corrigan 15.08.11 6:45pm
Al OPecia
I think some of the Debs jokes are funny.

Like almost all jokes, they go right out of your mind. But funny...

6 rikkor 15.08.11 5:48pm

Newsbiscuit will always consider spellcheck the way the French do cleanliness, a fad that is certain to pass...

0 rikkor 15.08.11 4:45pm
The customer is not always right

Just had a lady from come in and say "This shop is called Shaftesbury Wines, so are all the wines from Shaftesbury or are they foreign 'cos I don't like foreign wine" FFS! The last person to ask me...

8 beau-jolly 15.08.11 1:17pm
Does anyone give a fuck about the Olympics?

Just listening to earnest debate on the radio about the riots and what effect it could have on the Olympics. I couldn't give less of a toss about two weeks of skipping and jumping and all that and...

23 shitsu_tonka 15.08.11 1:05pm
Dear Debs 3 Screenie 14.08.11 2:41pm
Al OPecia
Great FP Mr Frodo

It's all in there. Nice one...

2 Scroat 14.08.11 2:22pm

I followed the link for the bring back hanging e-petition advertised on the home page. Some of the petitions are quite amusing. Anyone can start one, so it's a bit of a haven for cranks., The...

1 Corrigan 13.08.11 7:16pm
Barbara Mandrill

Wayland, great FP!

2 rikkor 13.08.11 5:44am
Glorious twelfth

Just been reminded that the season for shooting grouse and ptarmigan (what?) opens today. Why is there a 'season'? What happens if you shoot a ptarmigan (eh?) out of season? And - natch - anyone...

11 Zadok the second 13.08.11 12:27am
This made me smile

Quote from a judge as reported in the DM today.. 'Nobody forced you to get drunk and pick up the violin'...

4 writinginbsl 12.08.11 11:55pm
Made meatballs tonight

Makes a huge difference if you use the beef/veal/pork mix instead of just beef. The veal should be particularly dewy-eyed to make the best meatballs. I bake them in the oven, then drop them into my...

0 rikkor 12.08.11 11:24pm
Bloody post it notes

Anyone seen the "Peckham Peace Wall" ? - - All of the post it notes are held up with a bit of masking tape - The proliferation of useless post it notes that...

6 charlies_hat 12.08.11 11:20pm
The Onion has started charging, it seems.

Has anyone else been shown the green screen? Seems if you look at more than 5 pages in a 30 day period, you get invited to pay $29.95 for an annual subscription, or $2.95 for a month of Die Zwiebel...

6 ゴルゴ13 12.08.11 3:36pm
Nappy Slapping

Just wanted to say that's a most excellent pic on today's FP. Congrats red...

1 pinxit 12.08.11 11:02am
I am off on jollybobs!

Just saying. Thought I'd start an uncontroversial thread. I haven't chosen 'travel sweets' yet...

10 11.08.11 8:14pm
Al OPecia
WHen it was revealed that the Seals that killed Bin Laden were themselves killed

weeks later,did the phrase "there is a God after all" pass thru your mind ?...

16 guffaw 11.08.11 8:12pm
Al OPecia
Sweet biscuits

It is young Stranglewank's first birthday tomorrow and as I was wading through some of her baby crap, I found all the lovely messages you good people wrote when I announced her arrival. You really...

3 Mary Evans 11.08.11 6:32pm
Mary Evans
Jusr found an old Bugatti on a plot of land barely covered up and open to the el

elements it is still in one piece as far as I can tell anyone hazard a guess of how much it could be worth

9 guffaw 11.08.11 2:32pm
Pup Pimping Update 2

I'm delighted to tell you that today we welcomed 7 live pups, and sadly 1 dead into the world. We have 1 white boy and 2 black boys, and 2 white and 2 black girls. All happy, healthy and feeding...

25 The All New Jeni B 11.08.11 2:21pm