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How did the logo designer sneak that in??? No kidding; here it is in its natural habitat.,...

8 riesler 05.06.11 9:28pm
The Periodic Table of Urban Biscuit Myths

Just stumbled across this - worth a brief dunk >

5 Ludicity 05.06.11 4:46pm
Something Fishy

Why is it taking so long to announce the Mug of the Month for May? Could it be those in charge are deliberating over the cost of shipping the crockery down to the antipodes? Or has the Ed taken a...

4 wallster 04.06.11 12:41pm
Babar Ahmad apologises to police for ‘running into their fists’ 0 Lemonrinse 04.06.11 2:46am

I don't get many Newsbiscuit front pages so would you mind awfully crediting me with 'Austerity-conscious Queen downgrades 2012 Jubilee to ‘Diamonique’ seeing as how I wrote it. It's been given...

2 evilsuperstar 03.06.11 7:16pm
absurd ways for councils to raise revenue

I am composing a Victor Meldrew type rant to my local paper about the tacky absurdity of hanging advertising banners from lamp posts to raise revenue for the council (their genuine proposed policy)....

5 fun and games 03.06.11 3:43pm
Thank you to whom ever edited the "monkey alarm" NiB.

You made it so much funnier, so I thank you...

0 SingingHinny 03.06.11 11:22am

[url=]Who managed to sneak "professional oboist" into this?[/url]...

3 andhrimnir 03.06.11 10:06am
be reasonable
and the winner of most oddly inappropriate comment is...


1 thisisall1word 03.06.11 8:54am
The impersonators are dying off, why can't she? - 2

32 The All New Jeni B 02.06.11 10:16pm
Al OPecia
I just can't wait until the whole of the NHS is privatised.

4 Al OPecia 02.06.11 1:03pm
Death by salad vegetable.

I'm beginning to wonder if Harold Camping was right, but wrong. Perhaps the end of the world will not be caused by earthquakes and other natural disaster, but by the evil non-believers being killed...

5 The All New Jeni B 02.06.11 10:37am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Olympic scandal worsens as mystery benefactor revealed as Sepp from Switzerland 0 ronseal 02.06.11 10:09am
Ludo, I want to pop you on a stick and lick you like a lolly

Super dooper FP. That is all...

1 Mary Evans 02.06.11 9:23am
Today's archive is rather special.

That is all...

1 SingingHinny 01.06.11 9:59am
bollocks 5 bonjonelson 01.06.11 8:58am
be reasonable
Is it still the eighties in Australia?

At least in this country we did the decent thing and got rid of them a long time ago. [url=]Hale and Pace[/url] Hate living in a world where they're still touring and...

2 shitsu_tonka 31.05.11 11:42pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Lovin' Mr Bland's work...

beautifully crafted NiB today. Hat's off...

0 ゴルゴ13 31.05.11 8:12pm
Essential 'special relationship' FP

I always said that man couldn't be trusted. We should definitely unfriend himunless he comes back with some flowers and chocolates...

0 Ludicity 31.05.11 7:11am
Sri Lanka discovers secret to getting Jonathan Trott out

Just let him get a double century and then bowl a decent delivery at the stumps. More soon...

1 JohnA 29.05.11 9:02pm
Best time to contribute?

Despite my obvious comic genius ;) seems that a lot of my contributions either don't get read or garner much interest. Was just wondering if there is a peak time for people visiting the forum so I...

10 acwanaut 29.05.11 8:59pm
OK, it got on the FP, but you should have put some John Prescott jokes in.

Or Abu Hamza. That's where the money is these days. I mean what you're doing is nice, but, there's this mate of mine who's put his kids through private school, yeah, and got his family woman's...

3 ゴルゴ13 29.05.11 6:27pm
They're still part of the EU, right?

10 rikkor 29.05.11 6:21pm
Al OPecia
3D porn movie so realistic it gets woman pregnant.

0 bonjonelson 29.05.11 12:10pm
Are Twitter a bunch of unreliable *****

0 ronseal 29.05.11 11:41am
Thanks for the unforgettable throbbing FP pic Red...

My burnished loins quiver with delight, I'm getting t-shirts printed., Nice edit job too - do I feel the gentle touch of an Evans?...

11 rickwestwell 28.05.11 4:57pm
Mary Evans
Love the tramp story today.

Lots of good stuff there. I imagine Julie Hartley Brewer would love to rip this one off. thing is, I didn't notice it before Has the headline changed?...

8 ronseal 28.05.11 4:54pm
newsbiscuit editorial team
Nice to see Louis Vuitton subbing more

Well done on your recent string of pithy comments - oustanding work for someone who's been dead for over 100 years!...

18 jp1885 28.05.11 5:09am
Rikkor my darling...

just for you:,

2 The All New Jeni B 27.05.11 11:00pm
Nice comb-over edit Ianslat

or whoever it is behind the silhouette...

1 Des Custard 27.05.11 7:30am