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Nice FP Golgo

Got to be well in the hunt for WOM, although unlike some I wouldn't be so arrogant to suggest that you've won it already...

2 Basil_B 18.12.10 10:19am
Do people in the UK get CNN usually ?or is it just at Hotels

and Sky packages ?...

2 Malcum eggs 18.12.10 2:17am
Malcum eggs
Anti-snow falls in Kent

0 riesler 17.12.10 5:25pm
. 0 riesler 17.12.10 5:18pm
Seinfeld 3rd June O2 Arena London

Tickets went on sale 9:00am today. x2 = £221 inc booking fee. Is he 'avin a fuckin laugh or what ?...

4 saltire 17.12.10 5:16pm
Can I ask a stupid question?

I saw this posting on a job site New Statesman, [name witTheld] is now Assistant Editor of the New Statesman. She was previously a Commissioning Editor on the Features Desk at the Daily Mail. [NAME...

21 StoopyDeGunt 17.12.10 3:57pm
. 1 Doylem 17.12.10 2:48pm
Love the FP today.

Fine work IanSlat and Red...

3 Stan 17.12.10 10:48am
Melvin Bragg's 'In Our Time' newsletter today

Hello On my way in to In Our Time every Thursday morning I pass the Chinese Embassy. There’s always a solitary person outside, sitting on a board, protesting about the treatment of the Falun Gong...

0 Scroat 16.12.10 9:20pm
Golgo, great Santa FP. 1 rikkor 16.12.10 8:46pm
Tramadol Nights - 2

Is anyone watching Frankie Boyle's new show? It'sI don't know, boring mostly and entirely fixated on child abuse and anal sex. And I mean entirely in the first episode every single joke was about one...

32 shitsu_tonka 16.12.10 8:36pm
Can my lovely leopards net me my first christmas Number One

There doing ok at the moment and they are even holding off the great Mary., No one can say it's not topical because their still missing you know...

12 Basil_B 16.12.10 4:40pm
Odds are it'll be a white Christmas this year.

So we can all look forward to some lovely festive traffic jams I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, Just like the ones I used to know,, Where the brake lights glisten and children listen, To hear...

13 Zadok the second 16.12.10 1:58pm

It's always amazes me that the jocks get all uptight about keeping their oil but not so about their snow., It literally is that black or white...

17 Basil_B 15.12.10 9:23pm
"Cowshed Wench" I think it's worth reading the whole thing. Love, Cnut...

1 rikkor 15.12.10 7:15pm
Zadok the second
Civil War, Interregnum and Restoration in Gloucestershire, 1640-1672

..mentioned in the FP! And someone brought it up here in the chatroom not so long ago. Honestly, it's the Take That of the book world. Fine FP by the way Mr Stwell...

12 Zadok the second 14.12.10 10:05pm
Great FP Stan

I think Nigella uses "support garments" to make her appear slimmer. I have nightmarish visions of layers of cuddly chubbiness going in all directions when she disrobes after making a programme. ...

4 Scroat 14.12.10 7:20pm
Cameron to extend time limit for blaming previous government 2 mtskull 14.12.10 3:36pm
A suicide bomber is for Christmas, not for life

wrong door again other room...

8 brownpaperreporter 14.12.10 1:54pm
One-Nut Reg on University Challenge

There were 3 bonuses on offer for the answers copper, roentgenium and silver yesterday. Gold seemed to have gone missing...

1 Des Custard 14.12.10 9:36am
Wot no spam today ?

Well done, admin, seems like you've fixed it at the weekend. Take as many stars as you like...

10 Sinnick 14.12.10 8:20am
Zadok the second
Man and daughter walk into a bar

Am in London on Sat/Sun the 18/19 Dec to see sex god Mick Hucknall at the O2. I arrive in Euston Sat at noon-ish and leave on Sunday at 5-ish. Am staying at Ramada near O2 so need to knock-off...

10 antharrison 14.12.10 1:04am
Big Society opt-out form

It is with great pleasure that I attached a copy of our [url=]Big Society opt-out form[/url]. I must apologise for the delay in publishing this form; an...

0 Mateus109 13.12.10 11:10pm

I notice is littered with rather untrustworthy adverts. So what, surely this has nothing to do with [i]the[/i] Eric Pickles, or could it? Registrant ID:10686859432940, Registrant...

0 Mateus109 13.12.10 11:00pm
Any aspiring sitcom writer type Biscuits out there?

If you think you might be then [url=]go here[/url] and submit amazing things...

0 shitsu_tonka 13.12.10 9:21pm
Loadsa Newbies Today - What's Going On? 9 De-scribe 13.12.10 11:36am
America's Jesus Door beats the living crap out of...

your former Holy Thorn Tree, which was reportedly anywhere from 15 to 2,000 years old. Pictures don't lie. Eat our dust, John Bull....

18 rikkor 13.12.10 11:25am
Is there some nasty person on the board that does not like it if you have a go

at David Cameron...

16 Malcum eggs 13.12.10 7:26am
Malcum eggs
Vy. sad about Julian Assange.

Your government is toadying to the US by imprisoning someone because two women in Sweden are upset that he didn't call them the next morning?...

21 rikkor 12.12.10 11:37am
Hunter F. Thompson
Well done dogwheels

Fine FP on Climate Change jollies. Sums it up well...

0 Sinnick 12.12.10 9:44am