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Great FP Rustler

It's all in there. Style reminiscent of Mary Evans. Excellent stuff...

8 Scroat 03.11.10 12:39am
No Writer of Month.

Another telling sign of decline...

13 rikkor 02.11.10 9:19pm
US Election Update

Just wanted NB-ers to know that I have cast my vote for any and every candidate to the right of Mussolini. It's the only way to bring about change I can believe in...

4 rikkor 02.11.10 5:22pm
Zadok the second
Song title truebiscuit


3 Zadok the second 02.11.10 3:14pm
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Product dissing and tag challenge

No positive comments please. Want to advertise on here you can pay like everyone else. I shall award points and points mean prizes (and I promise it won't be a bottle of Glayva)....

0 andhrimnir 02.11.10 2:08pm
Dead Sea scrolled off ?

Perhaps I've missed something, or maybe I'm jumping the gun, but has the following been on the front page ?...

3 Sinnick 02.11.10 11:30am
The Trip

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon were very enjoyable last night in the first of this six part series. May not be fast-paced, but I'm a sucker for anything with dry stone walls in it. Also catch Coogan's...

0 Scroat 02.11.10 9:02am
I don't like to be picky but

I though today's FP wasn't up to scratch. Fair headline followed by lots of gay jokes. satire?...

26 riesler 02.11.10 8:49am
Zadok the second
Pumpkin tip

Yes, I've been conned into converting a perfectly good vegetable into an evil mask, in recognition of an American celebration. But, all is not lost. While delving into the 18" monster, I realised...

27 Sinnick 01.11.10 10:50pm
Free advert space

If you're a newbie, don't know anyone here, and by the way want to advertise something, please stick it in this thread where no-one will mind. No-one will read it either. Thank you...

4 Sinnick 01.11.10 10:23pm
Welcome to Auntie Jeni's Cookery Spot.... - 2

over on FB, I've just introduced the lovely Shitsu to the culinary delight which is 'Stovies'. Now I don't expect anybody apart from the Scottish biscuits to know what they are, but it got me...

44 The All New Jeni B 01.11.10 6:06pm
The All New Jeni B
Went to a Halloween party last night.

Horrified to learn that a good 10 people atttending considered themselves to be stand up comics. Hilarity did not ensue. Just cringe-making. Most of the guests averted their eyes and moved to...

6 rikkor 01.11.10 1:52pm
Adieu grim august

Adieu grim August possibly, in welcome to University term? (9,6) G - - - E - - - S / - - - - - -...

3 Scroat 01.11.10 8:01am
What's you street age man? I'm 25. Apparently this is "sick man."...

1 Scroat 01.11.10 7:25am
Young man wants to delve into Joseph helliers mind by reading

his signature novel but runs out of money...

0 arrghgarry 01.11.10 12:10am
An interesting article of what stephen Fry knows about women

0 arrghgarry 31.10.10 10:45pm
Did anyone else know this American swimmer called Misty Hymen ?

I had to check it out after hearing it a comedy youtube clip by Adam Hills...

2 arrghgarry 31.10.10 9:37pm
Hallow'en horror

[url=]Nailed![/url] [quote]One thing for sure. Most people in the (over)developed world think the connectivity and speed of the algorithms behind the...

4 Hunter F. Thompson 31.10.10 9:25am
Hunter F. Thompson
Good FP, Fin!

I remember Filofax at work (actually, mostly Franklin planners here). They were used by the most hopeless, disorganized and annoying "young career people on the go"...

2 rikkor 30.10.10 8:49pm
I wish Red would show us a picture of a Turkey Headscarf

In the gnus, but the simple mind lilts listlessly between a bird in Herm├Ęs headgear and a chador.Which is it and why would we care? Wait! Is it a headscarf made of Turkey skin, like a Red Indian's...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 30.10.10 7:18pm
Hunter F. Thompson
The Apprentice

Don't know whether the Junior Apprentice version of this ever got off the ground, but watching this last night it struck me that a Senior Apprentice programme might be fun. All the hopefuls would...

8 Scroat 30.10.10 7:10pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Adverts from the Potuguese

I'm getting Portuguese adverts now. Luckily, it is one of the several languages I can scream at waiters in the present tense...

17 rikkor 29.10.10 3:30pm
Nice FP, Westy. 6 rikkor 29.10.10 3:28pm
Well done you! NB toadying goes multi-choice this month

Congratulations [Insert Name Here] on your latest [FP/NiB/ticker/release from the institution]! I personally found it particularly [topical/hilarious/clever/insightful/poignant/sexy] and look...

1 dicky37 29.10.10 8:38am
NewsBiscuit discussed on Radio Scotland

In case anyone is interested NewsBiscuit was plugged much better than the book I was supposed to be promoting when I went on Radio Scotland's comedy cafe this lunchtime....

16 editor 28.10.10 3:20pm
FP: Site getting weaker, can't get air....

gasp, gasp, clunk...

0 rikkor 28.10.10 2:42pm
Bloody hell...

From the BBC:, [quote]A mother who stabbed her daughter before dousing her body in acid unlawfully killed her, a jury has found[/quote] Did they deliberate for long? I haven't got the heart to...

1 rickwestwell 28.10.10 12:57pm
Do you know what I fucking hate about new technology? - 2

It's not the nerds. Fair play to them, they probably suffered in school. So they deserve a bit of license to be hoity toity. I don't mind the early adopters and the enthusiasts. Someone has to...

37 StoopyDeGunt 28.10.10 11:19am
Pabst Blue Ribbon
JOF on the Today programme today

Last 5 minutes. "Things can only get bitter"...

1 Scroat 28.10.10 8:54am
Brain full of red cabbage?

1 FormerlyAlOPecia 28.10.10 7:01am