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So what do you think HRH Prince Andrew has been up to

It could be a good draw nearest guy takes the money., I`ll go for animal love...

7 arrghgarry 29.11.10 12:51pm
Criminal Element

I loved the article of the new criminal element, roentgenium, element 111., Science education, which is in serious trouble, can benefit greatly from this kind of material. Author of The Periodic...

10 scerri 29.11.10 10:15am
Tres amusant Eff-pay, Oxbridge.

Sartre's it...

2 rikkor 29.11.10 9:20am
Wikileaks latest 'not without precedent'

The following was written during the war from the British Ambassador to Moscow to Lord Pembroke in 1943. It was released under the Freedom of Information Act in 2003....

1 red 28.11.10 9:30pm
I have always seen the shocking price rises on the rail networks

and it must cost a fortune ,what percentage of your salary goes on transport in the south...

5 arrghgarry 28.11.10 5:47am
Bernie Ecclestone mugged...

how could they stoop so low!...

1 riesler 27.11.10 11:51pm
The All New Jeni B
For Christ's sake, do something about the bloody spam, ed. 8 Dexter 27.11.10 10:32pm
I love the one liner about the Face of Keith Richards found on a scrotum 7 ronseal 27.11.10 9:23pm
The All New Jeni B
BBC wins 'State the bleeding obvious' competition yet again... Given that all I had to do was look outside to establish this fact...

7 The All New Jeni B 27.11.10 8:25pm
FP Comedy AU, Stan and Des.

Vy. good job...

5 rikkor 27.11.10 11:11am
Des Custard
George Carlin Speaks from beyond the grave

12 arrghgarry 27.11.10 9:50am
Delia Smith to conduct Bernard matthews funeral

3 hrs at regulo 12 should do it, she says...

1 Bismarck 26.11.10 11:50pm

Maybe I'm being lazy (or busy), but surely someone can step up to the mark and pull these Bernard Matthews gags together into a quality FP ? It's just too good an opportunity !...

7 Sinnick 26.11.10 6:40pm
Very nice NiB Zadok

Apparently there is a new city in China called Sheffield, all so that 'Sheffield steel' can be put on its products...

6 Oxbridge 26.11.10 3:08pm
Surely it is too early to mocking the 29 dead in New Zealand - 2

these are not politicians or pakis they are decent people...

58 arrghgarry 26.11.10 12:55pm
Let's blame the Jews.

That normally works...

8 rikkor 26.11.10 11:52am
Flame Wars: Global Warming Edition - 2

Instead of positioning the argument as global warming or climate change: Why not make the argument "Don't you think it would be better for everyone if 6 billion people took steps to stop polluting...

51 rikkor 26.11.10 9:00am
Things that concern me, number 27.

I've noticed that on the newsbiscuit homepage Writers' Room comes before Chat Room, but once you enter either of them, the positions are reversed. This leaves me feeling a little uneasy...

3 bonjonelson 26.11.10 8:53am
True story. facebook may yet win the rights to the word Face

Facebook has this week been granted a ‘notice of allowance’ to trade mark the word ‘face’ by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). True. We should patent the English language....

8 StoopyDeGunt 25.11.10 10:00pm
Nice one Oxy

Excellent front page! Loved it! Great stuff from Red too...

3 Scroat 25.11.10 9:57am
H 6 bonjonelson 25.11.10 9:17am

More to this than meets the eye. This is what Mr Wiki has to say about pronunciation. Name in English In almost all dialects of English, the name for the letter is pronounced /ˈeɪtʃ/ and spelled...

1 Scroat 25.11.10 9:16am
Oh dear, what can the matter be

[url=] This old dear's got locked in the lavatory[/url]...

3 Mr.3374 24.11.10 11:26pm
Enduring power of attorney

Anyone got EPA for parents or an elderly relative? If so, when paying bills for them, do you just write a cheque as normal and sign it yourself?...

6 Scroat 24.11.10 8:39pm
Well deserved FP Golgo

great start to the day...

11 riesler 24.11.10 6:54pm
Des Custard
Are you cutting and pasting arrghgarry???

Because your posts all seem to have this weird space/comma thing going ,like this. It's much more disturbing that the content of the post itself...

3 Scroat 24.11.10 3:50pm
A miner point: time to Paki it in.

Hmmcertain people jumped all over my crap when I wrote how insensitive it was to make fun of the Chilean miners prior to their successful rescue. This recent flame war just proves how bad it can get...

6 rikkor 24.11.10 3:30pm
Internet Kill Switch

That was a trubiscuit back in the day

0 IABP 24.11.10 12:43pm
Scottish football referees

They're going on strike because people have criticised them apparently. If everybody who got criticised went on strike, then the politicians, policemen, checkout operators, journalists,...

6 Scroat 24.11.10 11:18am
Can you delete your entries on the writers page 15 arrghgarry 24.11.10 1:33am