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Banning the Burqa - is it a good idea?

I read today that France is banning the wearing of Burqas for 5m Muslims. Now, for one thing I can't imagine that there are many people, of [i]any religion[/i], who grow that tall. Secondly, assuming...

2 thisisall1word 15.09.10 6:03pm
Badger cull plans for England being unveiled

Shaving brush price collapses...

0 riesler 15.09.10 8:45am
Kermit ! love it

2 MADJEZ 14.09.10 9:40pm
May I commend you GC...

Not only on a lovely FP, but more importantly, on what is obviously a fine record collection...

7 nealdoran 14.09.10 8:40pm
top news from the isle of wight

4 fernandomando 14.09.10 11:55am
That "Date the elite" ad looks rather tempting

Can anyone lend me a fiver?...

4 ramblesnake 14.09.10 10:29am
Absolutely love the latest installment of the Blair diaries.

Just saying...

1 SingingHinny 13.09.10 8:49pm
Doctor Moptop
Whoo-hoo, Genghis!

Blimmin' brilliant FP with a killer final line...

2 Doctor Moptop 13.09.10 10:31am
Genghis Cohen
NB ad thread. F**k-it I'll date wealthy men I have no shame.

I'm poor and need the money so these ads were very well timed. Aparently if you really relax it's just like having your bum tickled...

3 MADJEZ 13.09.10 9:04am
Hi Ed, nothing to see here, please move along.....

.oh apart from a slapping fight between Ramblesnake and Scroat, bit like the Norwegians on the dockside in Monty Python. You might need to take their fish away...

10 FormerlyAlOPecia 12.09.10 10:14pm
From the bloodied fields of civil war arises a t'riffic FP

Well done, Dicky37. You must have some great party tricks...

4 SingingHinny 12.09.10 6:44pm
I've got a new @ 8 riesler 12.09.10 12:33pm
There's something funny about multi-culturalism...

and also an opportunity for literally puerile humour, all thanks to those good people at the BBC: It's a couple...

22 nealdoran 12.09.10 7:18am
Hunter F. Thompson
There is an advert asking 'How smart are you'

And offering me the chance to win an iphone 3GS. I am that smart that I know that there is something called an iphone 4 and have therefore not entered the competition about triangles...

2 fernandomando 12.09.10 12:49am
Superb Blair memoirs extract Doctor Moptop

Lovely writing and very funny - congratulations. Very much looking forward to further installments. And red, the Mills and Boon mock-up is pure brilliance. Never has Cherie looked so haunting. I...

7 Genghis Cohen 11.09.10 1:41pm
Chip Paper
Is this the new extreme sport? You've got to hand it to him, 81 years young...

2 FormerlyAlOPecia 10.09.10 10:52pm
I'm off on holiday to the Isle of Wight

I expect you all to have kissed and made up by the time I get back - whether you've fallen out with anyone or not!, TTFN - see you in a bit...

0 jp1885 10.09.10 8:46pm
How to write a sub

As I've learned today, start with saying somethiung outlandish & end with a punchline. Just trying to help...

2 Sinnick 10.09.10 8:02pm
BBC Writing Competition

Details here about a competition from the BBC Writers' Romm site

4 editor 10.09.10 7:24pm
Hunter F. Thompson
© 5 Scroat 10.09.10 5:15pm
I can do impersonations! Rory Bremner - pah!...

2 riesler 10.09.10 3:07pm
* 2 IABP 10.09.10 12:49pm
Whoever did the Nyar Zillund nib...

congrats. Best Nib of the year. Had me spluttering coffee in the office...

1 Oxbridge 10.09.10 11:48am
The Paper Ostrich
A message to Basil, sibl, or whatever he's called and also toady Scroatum,

while I'm here.Please don't send me any more private messages, if you don't mind. Instead of bothering me with your inability to read what I say to you; which has been pretty plain English a five...

5 ramblesnake 10.09.10 11:27am
Tags: how sad.

It appears to Constant Reader that some people here are actually entering tags so that someone (who?) could actually search for one of their subs in the future. Very sad. The sole purpose of tags...

10 rikkor 10.09.10 9:46am
Anyone else think 'A Journey' is rather a dull name?

Alternative suggestions? I'm thinking 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb'...

26 ianslat 10.09.10 5:39am
Hunter F. Thompson
I can probably just delete this

Indeed I can...

2 bonjonelson 10.09.10 12:00am
Golgo, great FP.

Although, homeopathy is almost unknown in the US. (We have so many other crackpot schemes, it has not gained critical mass.)...

4 rikkor 09.09.10 9:27pm

Must be Tony Blair, what with the book and all. And Fabio Capello for not going earlier. And anyone at the BBC who thinks Strictly Come Dancing is of the remotest importance in the overall scheme...

5 Scroat 09.09.10 8:20pm
Still got it 29 years later...

6 riesler 09.09.10 7:05pm