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Headlines of two unrelated stories on the Beeb's 'Most Read': 5. Vatican clarifies condom comment 10. 'Sorry' Bishop asked to withdraw You couldn't make it up...

1 danmmurphy 23.11.10 5:14pm
Sad, sad, sad.

Only five people decided to log on here today. I think the Shakers have more active members. PHWOAR! Members. Seriously, even the spammers can't take the time anymore...

28 rikkor 23.11.10 12:05pm
It's not cricket but...

..quite fun to find an old, not very funny sub, and make a comment which resurrects it to the top of the writer's room. I know it is immature, childish and pointless and all the other things my wife...

22 riesler 23.11.10 9:42am
Classic Masterchef video

Apologies to those who might have seen it already

1 antharrison 22.11.10 10:48pm
"If you fart, they steal it."

Quote of the day on the Today programme, from a disgruntled council house occupant...

2 Scroat 22.11.10 8:06pm
The All New Jeni B

I'm so glad that the front page stories are tagged with "satire" and "spoof news", it's very handy for when I want to search the site for satirical stories...

5 bonjonelson 22.11.10 4:23pm
Great Space FP, B.N. Malden.

Made me laugh. It's sad, but no one gives a crap about space exploration in the US these days. I swear to God that they create mini-crises to get some news coverage. As in "Ooh. We have to go...

0 rikkor 22.11.10 4:02pm
When reading News biscuit ,do you ever, for one small moment

forget it is a satire , and feel as though it is the real news you are reading...

12 arrghgarry 21.11.10 10:08pm
I'm interested in these spam adverts

How do they actually appear? I know there are software packages that allow you to update multiple web forums at once. Ah, there's the answer...

3 StoopyDeGunt 21.11.10 6:51pm
Ads: McD's "On the Road Again"

Just has me thinking of my late step-dad's version, when he fronted pub C&W band "Indiana"., Still got his album "Coffee Black", it's on there., He sadly succumbed to cancer 18 months after...

6 Mr.3374 21.11.10 6:13pm
Thanks Editor, for your stirling work on the FP

Or should I say editor. (It could have been 'someone of the female persuasion' if you'll pardon my french. We all have to be politically correct these days) I lazily bashed out a half baked idea...

5 ronseal 20.11.10 8:50pm
The All New Jeni B
OMG my first FP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Sooooooooooooo like excited!!!

Special thanks to sauce for the Newsbiscuit equivalent of a Radio 1 playlist ban!...

5 De-scribe 20.11.10 6:53pm
You're wearing well Sauce,considering..

Gizza kiss & a stanzax...

2 saltire 20.11.10 2:39pm
Re - Ticker..

Children in Need have never had it so good says Tory peer. It's true. Isn't it ?...

3 saltire 20.11.10 12:14pm
Blair launches own brand SatNav: 'Ok we're lost, but things can only get better

Tony Blair has clinched a deal to launch a new range of socialist Information technology and yesterday launched his own brand SatNav at a House of Commons reception., Parly the Satnav (abbreviated...

0 ronseal 20.11.10 8:09am
Grapefruit juice and...

Tequila? White rum? Malibu? Vodka?...

15 Scroat 19.11.10 3:16pm
This post intentionally deleted

oops, wrong forum...

1 Sinnick 19.11.10 3:02pm
Typical Ronseal, bloody Front Page Outrage, who the bloody hell do you think you

are? I can't believe that writing like this is breaking out all over, it's the end of our way of life, I.oh, hold on a minute. Superb Ron...

7 FormerlyAlOPecia 19.11.10 11:00am
Truebiscuit: You MIght Want to Pull that NiB Story!

[url=]"Incident in Berkshire"[/url]...

3 De-scribe 19.11.10 9:11am
The Top Ten Appears to be Regressing....

.. is that because things get funnier the longer you think about them?...

2 De-scribe 18.11.10 11:46pm
A man with nice teeth and no ring on his little finger ...

. . .is a good thing. And a relief to the whole nation in this time of judiciously placed austerity., How many men in public life have not so good teeth, and adorn their little finger with a ring?...

2 blujah 18.11.10 2:23pm
Not satire, just a thank you

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for my first published credit for a bit of input on "Tawdry souvenir industry welcomes Royal engagement". It means so much to me to be recognised as an old cynic...

1 MC One R 18.11.10 2:19pm
Another Fine FP Stanley.

Good work Red. [would a real leaded window have cost so much more ?]...

2 saltire 18.11.10 1:17pm
Hint: the more upscale humor sites don't have spam.

I'm just saying...

12 rikkor 18.11.10 10:59am
and the other thing . . .

Are The English Speaking Welsh, the most sarcastic of the British? I enquire, ingenuously, as many broadcasters, excluding the erudite and urbane Mr. H of R4, who actually is Welsh, who assume the...

1 blujah 17.11.10 10:16pm
The fall and rise of Esther Rantzen

Is anybody else as disturbed as I am by the way a dazzle-toothed Esther Rantzen keeps sliding up and down on that accident test banner ad? Disturbing, hilarious. Like so many things...

1 The Paper Ostrich 17.11.10 4:26pm
I was a little surprised to see that George Eliot actually looked like a man 0 arrghgarry 17.11.10 9:54am
Royal wedding - Further postings on this subject are prohibited

or possibly not. But now we've had the obligatory front page story on the subject, can we perhaps let it die?...

5 bonjonelson 17.11.10 8:36am
Middleton parents 'unsure' about Prince William's hip-hop past The parents of Kate Middleton, bride-to-be of Prince William, were said today to be delighted at the news...

2 J-Bird 16.11.10 7:59pm
Labour would have sneaked I.D. cards through with today's euphoria

Anyone noticed what the Tories, sorry, the Coalition have done?...

1 ramblesnake 16.11.10 4:58pm