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Should decent people everywhere with a sense of humour make The Fringe their

Mecca or Hadj.(rhymes with Madge)...

4 guffaw 27.07.11 10:37pm
Miraculously, Amy Winehouse finds herself in Heaven

One of the first angels she recognises is Princess Diana. "Hi, Di" says Amy "how come you've got a black halo - is it a tribute to my album "Back to Black?", "You really are still out of it, aren't...

0 Iscariot 27.07.11 9:38pm
Sparky Marquis? Who's the hell has a name like Sparky Marquis?

4 beau-jolly 27.07.11 7:33pm
. 0 Sinnick 27.07.11 4:05pm
'ere - how's this private message thing work then?

Just discovered I'd one from 4 days ago (2 days too late to take up the offer of Dinner for 2 @ Le Manoir)...

1 dvo4fun 27.07.11 2:47pm
If you could cull anything at the moment what would you choose? - 234

For me it'd be those bastard insurance selling Meerkats...

100 Dick Everyman 27.07.11 2:13pm
The Late, Great William McGonagall

Almost since life began, I’ve been a dedicated fan, Of Terence “Spike” Milligan, (You know The Goons ‘n’ all), It was he, In nineteen hundred and sixty three, Introduced me, To the...

5 theumpire 27.07.11 1:52pm
Son of Barnabas
Amy whitehouse although having many problems did have more talent

than most and shes a loss and I think she dpes not deserve the nasty comments . she met the wron lose a, child is one thing to lose a genius is another ther...

16 guffaw 27.07.11 11:21am
be reasonable
Please read this if you ever hope to get a new job in the future. How would you feel if a low-level Human Resources person got to...

5 rikkor 27.07.11 7:17am
what do people do for a living? - 23

Just out of interest, what do people do for a living? I'm a technical author, I write really boring instructions so people can fix or use things. Does anyone else write really boring stuff? Just...

86 27.07.11 6:53am
Vertically Challenged Giant
For Rikkor: to go with his 'Graveside Pranks'...

3 The All New Jeni B 26.07.11 11:10pm
Damnedest thing just happened...

As some of you know, I renamed my dog in honour of Mr Westwell's now legendary piece about the new name of the dog in the Dambusters movie. We've just been for our daily walk down by the river, and...

4 FraserWords 26.07.11 6:30pm
As America has just deported nearly 400,000 people for crimes

37000 for DUI, should England take a hint,at least when they kill,rape or abuse the system...

11 guffaw 26.07.11 5:59pm
Excellent and brilliant.

Are the two words that I will attach to every sub along with a 5-star vote. I know that the writing is actually crap, but I am hoping to induce others to give me 5 stars and opine that my sub is...

17 rikkor 26.07.11 2:59pm
Is this in bad taste?

2 wallster 26.07.11 8:04am
. 1 Dumbnews 25.07.11 6:14pm
Al OPecia
VCG - The police are looking for you...

2 Dick Everyman 25.07.11 2:06pm
Dick Everyman
Is this in bad taste?

Norwegian gunman denies he was encouraged by News International to knock hacking scandal off front pages...

18 nickb 25.07.11 12:21pm
Shit visit to chemical engineering factory

Nice Nib, but can I just be an annoying smug twat and point out there's no such thing as a chemical engineering factory?...

5 Oxbridge 25.07.11 10:47am
I don't like Clarkson, Hammond or May, but...

The opening credits set piece pastiche they just did was funny. EDIT: They've started being annoying again. Normalcy restored...

7 ゴルゴ13 25.07.11 8:41am

Alexander Graham Bell Ticker. Posted at 9:30 and yet a ticker this morning despite no reactions or star rating. I must admit I ignored it as simply not funny. OK I haven't contibuted anything...

28 beau-jolly 24.07.11 8:22pm
Joue Avec Garfield

Blimey, here I am in a field in France, listening to the rain attack the thin layer of fabric between me and nature, and enjoying the campsite wide wifi access that truly signals camping has become a...

0 SpankyMonkey 24.07.11 6:48pm
An opportunity for writers living in the North of England...

The Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2011 for writers based in the North of England BBC Radio Drama North are looking for talented writers based in the North of England, with compelling stories to tell....

18 editor 24.07.11 3:32pm
27: the rock n' roll year of death

Does Amy Winehouse fit this? The rest were more prolific: [url=]all dead at 27[/url] I used to have an unhealthy...

0 23.07.11 8:50pm
Winehouse dead

Not even a lazy sub either [url=]Winehouse found dead at London flat[/url] Too soon?...

2 f0zz 23.07.11 7:22pm
Fake fake china story as NIB

Ok, I know it's not my site, and I shouldn't moan. But I don't actually think the changes to my sub improved it. If an editor takes it upon themselves to rewrite the sub, which is of course their...

6 bonjonelson 23.07.11 5:39pm
Critical comments would be appreciated by new poster

Latest on writers' room Liam Fox/Taliban. Ta...

3 dvo4fun 22.07.11 9:53pm
China is doing fake shops now?

[url=]Fake Apple Store closed down[/url] Blimey. What else is fake? Is this my real house? Are these my feet?...

3 22.07.11 7:59pm
Nicky Campbell says v.v.v.naughty word live on air. Twice.

For those of you who may have missed this gem, it's a peach. Not once, but twice, does Nicky Campbell stumble into the bushes. [url=]Aural ecstasy.[/url]...

8 SpankyMonkey 22.07.11 5:32pm
be reasonable
Hats off to WaylandSmithy!

No explanation...

11 ronseal 22.07.11 2:09pm