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Royal Wedding

I'm so very proud to say that I only found out about this because of the burst of subs on newsbiscuit. It has become my primary news source...

3 bonjonelson 16.11.10 12:46pm
Blimey - front page

Thanks to those who brilliantly augmented my Aung San Suu Kyi sub for the front page, especially as the original was largely padding out the single comic notion of her marrying Jean Claude Van Damme....

2 Fin Robertson 16.11.10 12:31pm
Today's FP good

I'd like to know who she thinks will win X factor...

0 StoopyDeGunt 16.11.10 11:49am
James Blunt saves the day Since this, he's been trying to redeem himself and stir up unrest by playing his music in public!...

4 seymour totti 15.11.10 4:36pm
Discovery of black holes leads to realignment of the Newsbisquit star scale

As black holes for obvious reasons cannot be shown it becomes necessary to change the current scale of five stars to a 3 +/- 2 star scale. By having introduced star fractionations of ¼ star value...

0 4ty2 15.11.10 1:57pm
Master Bates

This is quite pedantic and probably outside my happy-go-lucky remit, but I can't help but notice that the 'school boy protestor' who apparently formed one of the iconic images of the student riots...

8 flim-flam 15.11.10 12:23pm
Spam Lite

Ooh! Now words in posts are hyper-linked...

8 rikkor 15.11.10 12:07pm
Is this satire about the haye fight

Audley slip ruins night – Haye vs. Harrison fight break down By Fantana: Ahead on all three judges’ scorecards an Audley Harrison slip changed the course of heavyweight history and in a stunning...

9 arrghgarry 15.11.10 11:56am
Japanese Emo girlls`online translation result leads her to self farm 0 arrghgarry 15.11.10 8:10am
How much more of what we know won't work

Will that goofy guy in asinine hag drag make us swallow? [url=http://]Neo-Lib poster child [/url]missed the moment to resolve the debt/bank crisis. [i]By absorbing the debts, the [Irish] government...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 14.11.10 6:56am
Hunter F. Thompson
Critics pan Wayne Rooney's Street Walker

TV bosses are said to be concerned about the unfavourable reaction towards the latest series of Wayne Rooney's Street Walker. The programme aims to unearth the most talented working girls in Britain,...

0 singlerider 14.11.10 2:18am
What are you drinking tonight?

Had a couple of cans of Abbot. Now on a bottle of Goliath while the food's cooking. Recommend Combined Harvest from Batemans. It has "Multigrain" on the label, so it must be good for you. Barley,...

16 Scroat 13.11.10 7:46pm
"Yangon a minute" says Aung San Suu Kyi,

"they're delivering a new sofa on Monday morning."...

0 rikkor 13.11.10 3:09pm
Aung San Suu Kyi shocks crowds with announcement of "quiet night in."

Pro-democracy leader insists that recent obsession with BBC's Strictly Come Dancing has no part to play in her decision. More soon...

4 J-Bird 13.11.10 3:07pm

Sir, I wonder if you have noticed the remarkable similarity between this ticker headline published in your esteemed organ some 2 weeks ago:...

2 FormerlyAlOPecia 13.11.10 8:36am
Des Custard
Good, old fashioned honest journalism Did Chris Morris die in vain?...

8 bonjonelson 12.11.10 10:35pm
Silver lininings

[url=]Happy days, 310 views so far.[/url]...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 12.11.10 7:50pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Soon to be unemployed Irish PWC pervs. Have never seen the word "clunge" before. Just in case this isn't allowed in Europe (to be seen, that is)...

17 rikkor 12.11.10 7:18pm
Stoopy, here's the "New Yorker" article. Too bored to figure out "private message"...

0 rikkor 12.11.10 7:12pm
~ 12 IABP 12.11.10 7:02pm
I trod in some Peter Hitchen's blog

I've got it off my shoe, but can't get rid of the smell...

1 Scroat 12.11.10 6:52pm
Dear Mr Pringles

Thank you very much for changing your advertising slogan. My life was, I admit, hell, thanks to being told that 'once I pop, I can't stop'. I can, now, finally, stop. And indeed I have done so, but...

0 Zadok the second 12.11.10 6:47pm
Zadok the second
Is it me, or is it getting boring here? 6 FormerlyAlOPecia 12.11.10 4:37pm
Quality control anybody?

How about a separate little tick box tacked on to the end of the 5* score boxesthat can be used to make the idiotic subs disappear., If enough people tick the box (say 10) then the sub (although...

22 Gerontius 12.11.10 3:26pm
Talking bra Just lowering the tone further since it's Friday. I don't expect anyone to suggest what the message...

1 Sinnick 12.11.10 2:13pm
Love the FP, Oxbridge

'brains of a radiator' and 'I mean, hello! Fossil fuels?', Excellent...

8 Chip Paper 12.11.10 11:45am
Perverts struggle to make ends meet

Susan Lawless from the Sexual Expression Bureau has complained that current economic problems have had a serious effect on threesomes in the Home Counties. She says, ‘Most people don’t understand...

0 Milo Shame 12.11.10 9:53am
Milo Shame

Freemarket rules in the race to the bottom, None can rule over chaos, and no-one can stop 'em:, Champions of nonsense, of vacuum and vanity, Voting for this lot will challenge your sanity...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 12.11.10 6:44am
Hunter F. Thompson
Terrorists 1 – 0 Common Sense

2 Nobby Holder 11.11.10 9:52pm
scenes from todays March/Protest

scenes from todays March/Protest; & can someone let me know how to edit image size in BBcode? etc...

4 thisisall1word 11.11.10 4:25pm