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Stir Crazy Redemption Table for four, sir?...

7 IABP 09.11.10 11:39am
Your anorexia makes me so sad I cut myself.

Oh, and I just got low-cost car insurance for my Camry in Phoenix...

9 rikkor 09.11.10 11:29am
Ask Rhod Gilbert

Was inconveniently far away from the remote on Saturday night and had the misfortune to catch five minutes of the above. My first question - why aren't you funny any more? Armstrong and Miller on...

8 Mary Evans 08.11.10 10:27pm
what are the tubers strikin for

no one tells me owt...

7 arrghgarry 08.11.10 5:50pm
Not goodbye, but a normalisation of the existing state of affairs...

Which is that I've not had the time to post very much on here recently, and won't have time for a while due to other writing projects (no, none of them paid - grrr) and because of the cursed job...

6 la maga 08.11.10 5:32pm
NewsBotty doing Isle of Wight stories, is nothing sacred??

2 Oxbridge 08.11.10 2:11pm
The thing about Le Canard Enchainé

Which is sturdily sticking to its report that the president is...

19 Hunter F. Thompson 08.11.10 1:40pm
Here's one for the chaps

13 sauce 07.11.10 10:51pm
Writer of the Month, October 2010 -- ianslat!

Congratulations to ianslat our Writer of the Month for October. Reclaiming the title he first held in November 2008, ianslat scored five excellent FPs including the zeitgeisty news that Middle Class...

24 editor 07.11.10 2:56pm
Hunter F. Thompson
So very disappointed in a BBC News link.

I saw the link titled "Church battles dinosaur image" and thought they must be complaining about this: Turns out they weren't ...

0 bonjonelson 07.11.10 12:36pm
Who would care enough to hack this site?

That's the super-spooky/scary part...

8 rikkor 06.11.10 10:46pm
We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the Daily Star 0 ronseal 06.11.10 7:56am
Health Insurance Rates By State

And a picture of my penis...

7 rikkor 06.11.10 7:44am

We really ought to write "SATIRE FOLLOWS" at the top of our articles and "SATIRE ENDS" at the bottom, you know....

14 The Paper Ostrich 05.11.10 9:41pm
The bloody apprentice

[url=]The bloody apprentice[/url] just in case you missed this under the cushion in the other room...

2 andhrimnir 05.11.10 5:27pm
the coarse whisperer
Excellent FP - that's more like it

a fine return to form and undoubtedly a truebiscuit waiting to happen., Plenty of bite in the tackle...

14 Gerontius 05.11.10 3:10pm
Not for those of a gentle disposition

4 Sinnick 05.11.10 2:12pm
Space for hire.

Actually, that gives me a chance to follow up an idea or two. Seem to recall someone suggesting some spoof magazine covers for the left alert area. It should be possible between us to come up with...

6 Stan 05.11.10 1:34pm
Des Custard

You'd think they would clean themselves up a bit before having their photograph taken.

4 Scroat 05.11.10 11:12am
Why do Americans call themselves Great Satan? Who do they think they are?

I remember reading the words of satirists like PJ O'Rourke (the republican party reptile) and being slightly ashamed of living in a 'country' that calls itself Great Britain. I used to think: Ouch!...

10 StoopyDeGunt 04.11.10 10:49pm
Hands off the BBC

Far too much righteous indignation flying around this morning. Michael Grade is an arrogant tosser...

16 Scroat 04.11.10 9:43pm
Zadok the second
Any resemblance...

Between the USA and pre-war Germany is purely coincidental...

27 Scroat 04.11.10 7:26pm
Come on Sooty - last clue

Neighbour is around missing nothing (4) A _ U _...

2 Scroat 04.11.10 4:41pm
Brilliant FP, The Paper Ostrich

Stuffed full of gags & satire. One of the best...

5 Sinnick 04.11.10 3:49pm
Red Indians Win: Canada to Rename Itself

The Congress of Canadian AmerIndians is suing the federal government for abusing its people through application of defamatory and libellous titles such as Aboriginal Peoples, Native Indians, First...

1 Rushin 04.11.10 1:40pm
Mention tea party...

and I make the immediate association with chimps, I'm afraid...

3 Scroat 04.11.10 7:16am
Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind

Drink it, ya asshole!

1 Pabst Blue Ribbon 03.11.10 5:50pm
Well done Rick great FP

Meteoric Mate, fab job and Bluey and Baz...

3 FormerlyAlOPecia 03.11.10 4:24pm
Fundamentalist muslims: you have to take your hat off to them - 2

Say what you like about muslim fundamentalists, but they have got amazing influencing skills. That lady who stabbed Stephen Timms was, by all accounts, quite a decent sort. She volunteered to teach...

31 StoopyDeGunt 03.11.10 4:05pm
Does the search feature work properly for anyone?

It finds posts that contain my search terms, but as soon as I click on any one them I'm returned to the most recent page of postings, rather than an individual article. Is it just me?...

2 dicky37 03.11.10 12:34pm
Zadok the second