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How was the booze up? I couldn't make it.

Anybody disgrace themselves?...

2 ronseal 07.05.11 9:02am
That was fun.

Thought I'd been stood up, though. Eating a kebab now...

0 Al OPecia 06.05.11 11:16pm
Al OPecia
WWF Announce New Liberal Democrat Breeding Programme 0 mystic 06.05.11 2:24pm
Teenage Hygiene

Sir, I have a teenage son who seldom graces the bathroom with his presence. He carries around with him the true spirit of a soap dodging Englishman. My son is a great Europhile. One of his...

1 Durchfall 06.05.11 1:01pm

Is here. Only Mrs Scroat is invited, we'll have some beer, share a bottle of wine and a pizza, and watch 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.' SO THERE...

1 Scroat 06.05.11 9:28am
greg various
Water boarding doesn't work admits US

Senior CIA staff admitted today that Water boarding would no longer be used as a method of interrogation. It had been thought an effective way of getting information from Al Qaeda until a senior...

1 Speckled_Jim 05.05.11 11:38pm
The Official NewsBiscuit Drinks

Tonight, Bunch of Grapes, St Thomas Street, sevenish. Join the only two Biscuits to have attended all the London gatherings and kept the flag flying. Or don't bother, and we can enjoy a quiet drink...

2 Des Custard 05.05.11 9:49pm
New voters puzzled by unfamiliar voting technology known as 'paper'. 0 deskpilot3 05.05.11 8:21pm
We haven't heard the last of this...

Lots of people on the news at the moment celebrating like Bin Laden's death is the end of terrorism. Might not the fact that the US have flown into a Muslim country without permission to kill an...

18 ianslat 05.05.11 4:00pm
Am I Crazy

or do other people find themselves beginning to believe the growing conspiracy theory that Bin Laden died years ago and that this is a stunt? The story just isn't adding up, something fishy seems to...

9 Textbook 05.05.11 2:42am
What's the difference between Henry Cooper and Osama Bin Laden?

Cooper was still on his feet after 12 rounds...

0 be reasonable 04.05.11 9:26pm
be reasonable
I imagine a few people have heard this one already...

but it made me laugh, so I'm retelling it; Elton John has announced that he will be releasing a tribute song for Osama Bin Laden, he's going to call it "Sandals in the Bin"...

10 The All New Jeni B 04.05.11 3:49pm
Did anyone see Sky News on Monday morning?

There was a reporter there at about 8am who kept getting his Osama's and his Obama's mixed up. It was lovely - the look on his face when he realised he'd got it wrong yet again Should be on HIGNFY,...

3 red 04.05.11 11:06am
Drinkies - 6th May? - 2

Hello boys and the occasional girl. It is high time for some drinkies to dunk the Biscuit in, so may I propose a few heart-starters at the NB pub of choice, Ye Cheshire Cheese, on Friday 6th May? I...

52 Mary Evans 04.05.11 10:32am
Why this site sucks donkey d-cks.

I got a private message today from a relatively new NB-er who is p-ssing off because of all the bad karma evidenced here. Just an FYI...

25 rikkor 02.05.11 11:21pm
Good of George W. Bush and Tony Blair...

to release statements about the death of Osama Bin Laden. After all he was a crazed religious bigot intent on waging war at all costs while they are oh, hang on...

4 shitsu_tonka 02.05.11 11:19pm
US troops accused of killing Mohammed lookalike

Body seized to return to his Saudi Royal Parents...

0 4ty2 02.05.11 7:19am
Osama has Ex-Factor. New series of So You Think You Can Jihad to follow. 0 pushmoocat 02.05.11 7:04am
God Bless Prince William and Kate!

None of you stuck-up baftard cnuts will say it, so let an American do it...

26 rikkor 01.05.11 10:54pm
has it worked - aha!!!

..thank you Nice Admin Man...

2 Al OPecia 01.05.11 11:05am
Downton Abbey.

The good news is that there is to be a second series,due to be shown in winter 2012., I've sent off a few ideas for the script.My main idea is for The Earl Grantham,played by Hugh Bonneville,to give...

0 saltire 01.05.11 9:33am
Bye all, going through a Dr Who moment here, back presently. 2 FormerlyAlOPecia 30.04.11 11:03am
Don't you hate journalistic shorthand?

China's population is ageing rapidly, apparently. So they're getting older quicker than us? I know I'm being a boring old pedant, but I find this really annoying...

13 Scroat 30.04.11 8:21am
Alternative Wills & Kate interview

Love it ! [url][/url]...

0 MADJEZ 29.04.11 1:01pm
Stewart Lee's Royal Wedding Analysis

I thought this brilliant piece of writing by celebrated comedian Stewart Lee would tickle the NB gang's fancy. Originally found in the Guardian. "The selection of Kate Middleton, a lowly commoner...

19 Textbook 29.04.11 8:16am
be reasonable
NewsBiscuit taking ads from the 'No to AV' camp: What am I missing here?

Yes, I know the site costs money to run and I haven't offered any of my own. Yes, I know people are free to make a choice. Yes, I know some Labour politicans to their eternal shame are in that camp...

22 Oxbridge 29.04.11 5:00am
PMQs (Prime Minister's Quotations)

I quite like the fact that Cameron has started quoting adverts in PMQs. I'd like to see him throw at least one in every week. If he could get 'Ah, Bisto', 'Finger-licken' good' or 'Wassup!!!' into...

20 ianslat 28.04.11 8:24pm
be reasonable
Cock : what a rookie mistake ! 1 MADJEZ 28.04.11 7:37pm
AV: Utter bobbins or not?

Tories is bastards, but now LibDems is gits. So which way to vote? Anyone made their minds up?...

13 shitsu_tonka 28.04.11 2:46pm
be reasonable
Manchester Man gives a shit about the royal wedding

Sadly early reports that journalists had managed to track down a Mancunian who gave a toss about the forthcoming noble nuptials have proved somewhat optimistic. Not even the invitation of former Old...

0 areileen 27.04.11 11:34pm