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Roshoman: what a load of rubbish. I thought it might be science fiction, but no

Posting from The Sun Online

8 StoopyDeGunt 27.09.10 1:52pm
more from real iow news

4 fernandomando 27.09.10 8:46am
Help - Admin or Editor

A lot of really unfunny posts appear to be messing up the "HumourUs Index" of the site - can you help?...

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 26.09.10 10:05pm
help - admin or editor

extra long URL in a post seems to be messing up the formatting (for Internet Explorer). You might need to edit the Horatio Fishcrapper post to fix it...

2 Sinnick 26.09.10 6:48pm
Button injured in serious F1 accident

Wish I could claim originality on this

0 bonjonelson 26.09.10 1:28pm
Everything was ready for the arrival of His Holiness ...


0 Horatio Fishcrapper 25.09.10 5:32pm
Horatio Fishcrapper
So, so typical.

Getting towards end of month, everyone making nice-nice in hopes of being recognized...

6 rikkor 24.09.10 11:39pm
Congrats alexc. - 2

Ten items in the top ten. Brilliant!...

33 Stan 24.09.10 7:36pm
Football boots

Just bought my son a new pair of football boots. On the box it says 'average contents - 2'. He'd have been very disappointed if there had only been 1 boot in there...

7 ianslat 24.09.10 6:27pm
2010 French Press Club Political Humour Awards

Former judge Eva Joly wins the top political humour prize Eva Joly has carried off this year’s press club top award for the funniest political quip (voluntary and involuntary classes combined)....

0 Hunter F. Thompson 24.09.10 5:47pm
Hunter F. Thompson

5 Scroat 24.09.10 3:32pm
Genuine fear for NB ticker space

A sometimes peaceful community and then what happens? Powers that be allow a shop to be placed on the ticker bar. Its bad enough having a bar with no booze but whats next? A car park for the...

3 brownpaperreporter 24.09.10 12:59pm
*** NEAT-O, NEAT-o, Because.. NEAT-O ***

Sorry for the delay Biscuiteers. Only just discovered how this works. Let's do this:, Your NEAT-O challenge is Plump I'm off for a week, so you have until Sunday, Sept 19th. And remember: no...

6 dicky37 24.09.10 7:48am
Handyman jailed for planting porn on boss's computer

Wonder what he does with his hand?...

1 riesler 23.09.10 10:55pm
Spot betting scandal - focus shifts to number of comments on a Chat room article

congrats on a new record Jeni...

5 riesler 23.09.10 10:00pm
Knickers to that!

14 The All New Jeni B 23.09.10 4:36pm
Medical Tourism Tops in Thailand

Thailand has become famous for its excellent medical facilities and healthcare for foreigners. One of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world, Thailand’s surgeons and health care...

3 23.09.10 8:37am
JP can take the constructive criticism.

Great, original idea. Then wandered a bit, ended with weak punch line...

2 rikkor 23.09.10 7:03am
G. Stanton

Vy. much liked votre eff-pay. Tres, tres amusant...

5 rikkor 22.09.10 11:17pm
Bramble arrested over rape claim, You dirty old man!...

1 riesler 22.09.10 4:15pm
Antartic Expedition footage

Right at the endwatch their eyes,, Spooky...

1 Gerontius 22.09.10 11:48am
Truebiscuit - could this be the end of civilisation as we know it?

2 riesler 22.09.10 11:17am
Spunky Sailor meets James Bond


5 jp1885 22.09.10 10:11am
Nectarines are not as nice as peaches. 17 The All New Jeni B 22.09.10 9:39am
Why bother making stuff up when real life presents you with this ... 2 Skylarking 22.09.10 9:23am
Pope signs NB missed

[url=]No sects, please: we're British[/url] What's your favorite?...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 21.09.10 6:28pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Ed Milliband

Is there not something slightly Wallace and Grommit about him?...

1 Scroat 21.09.10 5:38pm
Norfolk man to set land speed record on wooden bicycle (BBC)

I wish I'd thought of this story. They're looking for a flat surface - in Norfolk !? Proceeds go to a...

0 Sinnick 21.09.10 3:51pm
Brilliant FP, Wolfie!

Made me guffaw. (High praise indeed.) My favourite passage (oo-er): "The group are said to be in good spirits, apparently blissfully aware of the severity of their plight. ‘It’s sad really,’...

1 Doctor Moptop 21.09.10 12:14pm

[url=]Hampshire police release 'lettuce' e-fit of suspect[/url] The article discounts the possibility that the police are actually looking for...

9 Zadok the second 21.09.10 12:08pm