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Napoleon, in Cairo or treachery?

The moment for a man of action: the next 8 hours. But look here, is the 75-y-o man of the moment detained elsewhere? El Baradei is confined to "house arrest". Not good., So it seems...

3 Hunter F. Thompson 07.02.11 8:10pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Why is the VW Darth Vader ad so popular?

If you haven't seen it , here it is. It seems so predictable or am I missing the point? Someone who uses their key remote to surprise a kid seems the...

3 Dumbnews 07.02.11 9:38am
Golgeau Treize
. 2 Doylem 05.02.11 11:02pm
Daily "Mail" wins again! For all you filth-mongers, it turns out that she was burying the hamster in the...

7 rikkor 05.02.11 7:18pm
Dashing FP, Des

Spiffing! Well done old bean...

5 Stan 05.02.11 1:43pm
BBC Malawi story

Has anyone else read the "Farting ban" story on the BBC news website today? Life imitating art! I thought it was a rich seam but reading it I coudn't improve on the BBC's version...

2 beau-jolly 04.02.11 11:15pm
"I now pronounce you man and f*&%#@g wife"

1 riesler 04.02.11 11:12pm
Nice e-book FP Stan

Note to ed: princip[i]al[/i]...

4 Des Custard 04.02.11 11:09pm
They say news parody as a sub-genre has pretty much been done...

Not websites, obviously. Talking telly of course. Anyone who has seen The Day Today will probably tell you that spoof TV news programmes will always exist in Chris Morris' shadow. So anyone...

15 Tristan Shout 04.02.11 11:17am
Golgeau Treize
Top Gear

Top stuff TIAOWreally well written and well observed and well deserved...

2 Gerontius 03.02.11 10:03pm
A Wagonload Of Monkeys
Writer of the Month January 2011 – Ludicity!

Congratulations to Ludicity, who takes the Writer of the Month title for a record fourth time, with an impressive ten front pages, ranging from the hugely popular ‘Royal Wedding to feature 3D...

16 editor 03.02.11 4:55pm
Kiss of Death: Blair anoints Mubarak

..he's probably grinning because Al Jazeera feeds to the US are censored...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 02.02.11 8:19pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Degrees in Rioting to be Introduced in UK Universities.

Following some of the shoddy and poorly orchestrated demonstrations that took place in the capital late last year, the Government are proposing to introduce a range of new academic courses, such as...

3 maxshreck 02.02.11 11:08am
Wot no January "Writer of Month"? 2 FormerlyAlOPecia 02.02.11 10:52am
Boots selling DNA kits over counter - Good article, even better comments....

..especially, the replies to the first comment in the list.

4 thackaray 01.02.11 8:22pm
Two up front

I now have two items on the front page, a more soon and a left column thing. And neither of them had ANY votes or ANY comments. Just goes to show - bribery works!...

0 bonjonelson 01.02.11 7:13pm
Cracking FP, Gromit

aka Ludicity., A delight from start to finish, like caramel Freddos...

2 allmyownstunts 31.01.11 10:41pm
. 0 Dumbnews 31.01.11 9:35pm
Stewart Lee...

I’m reading - and really enjoying - Stewart Lee’s book, How I Escaped my Certain Fate. He annotates - at length - some of his stand-up routines, which, I know, sounds an appallingly...

4 Doylem 31.01.11 9:14am
Novak Djokovic 'dreamt' of Murray final ,because he is shite and would easily 6 melody 30.01.11 7:42pm
Kim n' Dave...fine double act, good to see them at number One

thought Wallster 'Middle aged Ninja' was worthy of an FP too...

4 Gerontius 30.01.11 9:16am
Nice FP, VCG.

Good stuff. You must feel 10 feet tall...

0 Golgeau Treize 29.01.11 8:02am
Golgeau Treize
How TV Ruined Your Life

Anyone watching Charlie Brooker's latest? No, not the dreadfulness unfolding on Channel Four, the BBC show? Well worth a viewing....

6 shitsu_tonka 28.01.11 8:07pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Sexism in satire

Is Newsbiscuit in danger of turning into another ‘lads mag’ or are we already there?, Just wondering if there are any lady contributors posting stuff these days or is it all blokes., The ladies...

18 Gerontius 28.01.11 7:28pm
Not having a go but do you think that Cameron and Clegg maybe even worse than

G.Brown .I thought it would be impossible ...

5 melody 28.01.11 1:04pm
and another one
Anyone had trouble with racism ? from white folk

There was this cockney geezer who worked for telecom in Sheffield and he had a go at me wone day for speaking to him in a cockney accent ., many years later I worked in London and the cockney twats...

12 melody 28.01.11 1:04am
Truebiscuit Are they offended by the idea that any of their customers could consider taking exercise?...

2 riesler 27.01.11 6:51pm
Zadok the second
I have an NB secret admirer.

I am getting very charming billets doux on the Private Message space. I won't say who I believe it is explicitly, but here's a clue. It's D-x-e-. (!!!!)...

13 rikkor 26.01.11 7:49pm
It pays to advertise

[url=]Wall Street Executive Air [/url]advertising spot...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 26.01.11 5:30am
Hunter F. Thompson
It’s not very often you find yourself agreeing with George Osborne

but ‘poor performance and stunted growth can be put down to cold winter weather conditions’ sounds about right , eh guys?, not so sure about him refusing to be ‘blown off course’thoughcan he...

0 Gerontius 25.01.11 5:25pm