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Twat of the week - can anyone topple Naomi? 4 riesler 12.08.10 7:30pm
The All New Jeni B
She's baaack.

Oh, and another thing. That Kastriot rampage had some of my best tags on it. (Like a sheep's bum.) Please tread kindly on my tags the next time you decide to censor or censure or scent her or...

9 rikkor 12.08.10 2:49pm
Brilliant Old Skool Stand-up

This is Alan King. In this clip he's got one joke, just the one, and he kills with it for seven minutes. Love his fierce confidence as well, there's too many stand-ups out there whose stage persona...

3 shitsu_tonka 12.08.10 9:03am
Why aren't you all performing at the Edinburgh Festival?

Seriously, for want of being accused of toadying, there is some immense and diverse talent on here (a statement which excludes myself, I'm still a newbie) and surely some of you should be at the...

8 Sharpehunter 11.08.10 5:13pm
Lovely archive today

I remember toading over this quote at the time, [quote]‘I’ll admit my first response was to throw scalding hot soup in her whorish face.’[/quote] Back in the days when Evans could actually...

3 rickwestwell 11.08.10 1:40pm
The All New Jeni B
Sun-sational, JP.

That is so funny. I was laughing through the whole thing. "Slapped alcoholic emerging from a house fore" is priceless...

1 rikkor 11.08.10 12:26pm
More sport on the FP?

There seems to be a lack of appreciation of sporting subjects on the FP, or is it just me.. although of course being a newbie I probably missed all the classic World Cup stuff, which reminds me, I'm...

16 Sharpehunter 11.08.10 10:27am
Today's FP is a scorcher.

And another [s]sunning[/s] stunning masterpiece from (appropriately enough) Red...

4 The All New Jeni B 11.08.10 8:11am
Google Offices Raided by Korean Police - Nothing Found after Search. 0 El Trev 10.08.10 10:38pm
El Trev
Traffic chaos at Bobs funeral

The town of little happening was bought to a total standstill earlier today as Bob was cremated., Over 3 million people turned up for the ceremony saying that they were his neice / nephew. "Cries of...

3 pagan witch 10.08.10 7:17pm
pagan witch
there's a news link on the BBC news Site "Police chase man killed by train".

Was he stuck to the front of the loco, and they couldn't attract the Driver's attention?...

16 FormerlyAlOPecia 10.08.10 3:39pm
The All New Jeni B
Grrrrrrrr! Someone please explain... The council said its officers can legally park on double yellow lines if it is the "only safe option" If it is a safe option, WHY THE F**K DO THEY...

3 riesler 10.08.10 3:36pm
The All New Jeni B
Breast Milk FP

[quote]a lifetime of people laughing at their bandy legs.[/quote] Ha! Good work - great line that made me laugh out loud, cheers for that...

2 thisisall1word 10.08.10 3:28pm
To Rick - 2

Thank you for your considered response to my posting on the writer's page. I didn't see a 'frank dismissal' of your sub, in what I had to say. The 'willy' sub of mine that you quoted wasn't a willy...

36 PluckyMunky 10.08.10 3:20pm
Truebiscuit - partygoers overdosing on bath salts Symptoms include realy smooth skin and a pleasant smell...

0 riesler 10.08.10 12:44pm
We may as well give up...

This air-rage item is priceless The clincher for me is that he grabs a beer before he jumps. Heheclassic!...

3 pinxit 10.08.10 11:52am
Never mind the FP and NiBs (nice one by the way)

[toady]But well done pinxit for a spiffing Left Alert thingamebob.[/toady]...

5 jp1885 10.08.10 11:01am
Dear Mary

Are you actually ever going to dehisc, or is it just an asymptote? Try speed bumps, worked for us (at 10 mph). Best Al...

1 FormerlyAlOPecia 10.08.10 8:22am
Mary Evans
We have another outbreak of full-blown civil war in NB... - 2

as opposed to our customary low intensity guerrilla warfare...

41 FormerlyAlOPecia 10.08.10 7:52am
What ever happened to "Team Biscuit"? 9 FormerlyAlOPecia 09.08.10 10:56pm
Facebook telepathy

One of my friends on FB just updated their status with "Cnt stop eating". How did she, rather rudely, know I was scoffing chocolate trifle?...

6 QorbeQ 09.08.10 3:45pm
The greatest line Alan Bennett never wrote?

Picture the scene, my mother-in-law, the original dour and humourless working class matriarch from hell, in her kitchen in the West Midlands. Little Miss Oxy has just worked out with some amusement...

1 Oxbridge 09.08.10 2:48pm
Can I just be the first arse-licking toady to say how great today's FP is? 4 Oxbridge 09.08.10 2:44pm
Charlie Snibbs

6 PluckyMunky 09.08.10 9:33am
These Tories have no new material I see... I mean, Thatcher did this gig back in the 70s...

5 The All New Jeni B 09.08.10 9:20am
T A L K T O M E A N Y O N E . . . .

Pretty please...

8 Scroat 08.08.10 9:33pm
Who edited the Mel Gibson piece? Whoever you are, you're brilliant!

Surely you deserve some credit at the end? You wrote all the good bits! Hang on. Who do you think you are,? The Lone Ranger? You come into people's lives, turn them around, and then just move on?...

7 StoopyDeGunt 08.08.10 7:19pm
Do you speak my language?

1 rikkor 08.08.10 7:15pm
The All New Jeni B
"Entering the UK's food chain"

Is it me, or does this sound like some kind of casual whim being acted on by cows in general? "Oh we were really bored and that, so we entered the food chain for a look around"? How about "cloned...

5 FormerlyAlOPecia 08.08.10 10:10am
The All New Jeni B
Does anyone want to work in Fleet Street? This is a genuine advert I saw today

[NAME WITHELD] IS looking for an ambitious trainee reporter to join the busiest news desk on “Fleet Street”. To fill the role you must be keen, sharp, unshockable and hungry for the story. You...

8 StoopyDeGunt 07.08.10 9:27pm