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Have you ever had a body part injured by someone of the same name?

(As started on another thread) Michael Foot stood on my Foot, Ed Balls kneed me in the balls, Tony Hancock once did something unspeakable involving 4 parts of my anatomy You get the picture any...

10 Son of Barnabas 03.08.11 9:19am
Bad Journalism

My spelling is poor, but at least I am not paid for it. Even the first sentence is factually wrong....

0 Quaz 03.08.11 1:06am
Norway Photoshop Nerd Moratorium 0 rikkor 02.08.11 10:44pm
Norway joke moratorium. 23 rikkor 02.08.11 10:04pm
William Pumpton
Another for the 'too weird to satirise' vault...

7 Qoxiivi 02.08.11 8:13pm
Writers' Room Amnesty - 2

Do you have a favourite story that never made it? Do you think your definite front page or NIB was overlooked? Do you want to speak up for another writers' story that should have been picked up by...

54 editor 02.08.11 8:09pm
Cuntface Marshes rejected as name for new olympic neighbourhood

Can't think why...

2 beau-jolly 02.08.11 3:49pm
anyone been watching 'Show me the funny'?

a very flawed format, but the moments when some of the would-be comedians die on stage are just toe-curlingly priceless...

3 pere floza 02.08.11 2:34pm
pere floza
Guest who?

Just curious, but how many FPs, NiBs etc do you need to stop being ‘guest’? I think I’ve had 5 or 6 FPs and about 3 or 4 NiBs now...

9 Qoxiivi 02.08.11 12:52pm
Getting An FP Goes Both Ways

Newsbiscuit Contributor: Dad, what do you think of me? Dear Old Dad: So far? Pretty disappointing. NC: But look! Look! I've acheived something! This comedy writing site Newsbiscuit is using my...

3 Textbook 01.08.11 11:39pm
Onion Tribute Thread

I suppose this place has a love/hate relationship with The Onion as I bet more than once Newsbiscuit has tried to run something and then found that The Onion has a near identical or highly similar...

19 Textbook 01.08.11 11:37pm
Time For A Newsbiscuit Iphone/Ipad App?

Looking at The Onion's app and other similar programs made to optimise delivery of content to the increasingly omnipresent mobile devices, perhaps it is time to start developing one of these...

5 Textbook 01.08.11 11:25pm
Sod's law - have you any other examples?

Sod's law is getting an FP but being away for the weekend when it appeared and not having a smart phone or smart anything else to see it in all its glory. However I am extrememly grateful to NB....

13 Dick Everyman 01.08.11 10:19pm
Dick Everyman
Do you guys kmow C k lewis

1 guffaw 01.08.11 1:42pm
be reasonable
Waylandsmithy launches bid for entire Home page

Well deserved too. Grrrr...

0 dvo4fun 01.08.11 10:59am
How do I delete messages in my private mail?

I'm sure I'm about to be embarrassed by the simplicity of the solution, but I'm buggered if I can figure it out...

2 The All New Jeni B 31.07.11 6:20pm
The All New Jeni B
Jen, your box is full, apparently.

Just saying...

2 Al OPecia 31.07.11 6:00pm
The All New Jeni B
USA to return to simpler times,God and Famine. More soon. 0 Al OPecia 30.07.11 10:14pm
Al OPecia
Ch. d'Yquem 1811 only £75,000 - Sorry sold out

Such a heart warming story. The bottle was bought by a humble, hard-working sommelier who plans to drink it in 5 years time to celebrate 50 years working in the same restaurant., Just wandered what...

23 beau-jolly 30.07.11 9:16pm
Well done christopher jefferies

Another nail in the tabloid coffin hopefully...

8 ianslat 30.07.11 9:00pm
Harry Potter actor convicted of knocking himself into a cocked hat.


5 wallster 30.07.11 3:45pm
Al OPecia

0 be reasonable 30.07.11 12:29pm
be reasonable
When the NOTW were hacking bereaved families phones can anyone hazard a guess

what info they were trying to get or what stories they were going to run...

7 guffaw 30.07.11 9:23am
Olympic left alert...

What's more ironic is the mascot for the paralympics looks like it's pissed itself.,...

8 30.07.11 1:11am
Robert Rankin

Anyone else a Robert Rankin fan? Brilliant author, who doesn't get enough publicity. Much as I like and admire Terry Pratchet, Robert Rankin makes me laugh a lot more. The Antipope was his first...

8 29.07.11 8:37pm
We get "BBC America" here.

It is so laughably bad. Like something a local TV affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky would have produced in 1978. There was a overly long segment about your Olympics tonight. BBC showed time-lapse...

8 rikkor 29.07.11 3:19pm
Tough luck, Grandma! Gosh. People who don't read the news have been...

4 rikkor 29.07.11 3:17pm

I have a big roll of genuine crime scene tape. Any suggestions as to mischief I could get up to with this? I thought about blocking off the bridge, which is the only river crossing for several miles...

21 Scroat 29.07.11 3:07pm
Is that a magic wand in your pocket... "guilty of performing a sex act under cover of a juggler's hat" - how many balls did he use? The judge also considered a " short...

0 riesler 29.07.11 1:42pm
When you were a child/young person, was there some job you really aspired to?

Until some time last year, I was still waiting to see what I'd be when I grew up. Now I'm retired...

7 dvo4fun 29.07.11 10:51am
Son of Barnabas