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Well done dogwheels

Fine FP on Climate Change jollies. Sums it up well...

0 Sinnick 12.12.10 9:44am
Just a thought: What if we get the world cup but then don't win the tournament.

How embarrassing would that be...

5 MADJEZ 11.12.10 11:18am
Is anyone else's Chat Room displaying wrong?

Some of it goes off to the right side. Probably collateral damage in the spam war...

19 rikkor 10.12.10 3:59pm
Zadok the second
The "kidnapped horse" ticker is priceless. 2 rikkor 10.12.10 3:37pm
Can't wait for Taiwanese "Students Bash Royals" cartoon.

I just can't...

0 rikkor 10.12.10 3:21pm
Cats btw, does anyone know how to get vomit off a keyboard ?...

1 Sinnick 10.12.10 2:59pm
Where is the child abuse facebook profile picture sub ?

Can't find it on the FP?...

3 Dumbnews 10.12.10 2:11pm
Nice Christmas Choir 1 IABP 09.12.10 3:14pm
Did she say this just before she got her kit off...again?

3 riesler 09.12.10 2:32pm
Light petrol bomb

Throw said bomb, keep head down and run away, [url=] Mind the lamppost[/url], CCTV footage, not best quality...

1 Mr.3374 09.12.10 11:05am
Cherie Blair lookalike

0 Malcum eggs 09.12.10 9:59am
Malcum eggs
Cliche work out of the FP top drawer this morning

Kudos De-scribe - never before in the congested midfield of cliches have so many been packed into so few sentences. The lad done good...

4 MC One R 08.12.10 2:45pm
MC One R
Assange threatens to kiss and tell on thousands of Heads of State

Assange has threatened to reveal a thousand-strong string of sexual offences he has committed over decades with hundreds senior diplomats and Heads of State. A Press Release from the incarcerated...

1 Alixir 08.12.10 12:20pm
Question for The Umpire

Should we be in 7th heaven alreadyor keep our powder dry for a bit?, If it sounds like it's too good to be trueit usually is...

14 Gerontius 07.12.10 6:56pm
Ever seen an embarrassed pet ?

A friend of mine put a (human) thermal vest on her dog last week. If a dog could look embarrassed, this one did. I managed to withhold the tears of laughter until later. Any more stories ?...

8 Sinnick 07.12.10 6:46pm
Faintly Worrying

Well, it looks like there's a new definition of lying, according to the Press Complaints Commission. [url=]Richard Littlejohn "was...

8 Zadok the second 07.12.10 2:24pm
Brilliant job Red!

I love your book cover for Homeless People Don't get fat. M T Bedd indeed!...

3 ronseal 07.12.10 11:35am
Stories of the year?

Hey Ed In previous years we have been able to vote for the best stories. Is there any chance of doing this again maybe for FP, NIB and one-liners? Cheers...

4 antharrison 07.12.10 11:34am
Aitch 2 Phlegm 07.12.10 10:41am
Is Katy Brand Funny?

Not seen here do anything myself, but was wondering if her sulk at not being put up for the British Comedy Awards is justified. ...

15 shitsu_tonka 06.12.10 11:48pm
Great gaffe

0 Scroat 06.12.10 2:37pm
Any Australians in?

Westwell, you'll do. Care to explain [url=]this?[/url]...

11 wallster 06.12.10 2:27pm
Drinks in Quatar anyone?

In 2022. Let the good times roll...

6 Scroat 06.12.10 11:38am
Writer of the Month for November – it’s Oxbridge! - 2

Congratulations to Oxbridge, NewsBiscuit Writer of the Month for November for his fine contributions including the splendid ‘Tabloids schedule destruction of Gareth Bale for mid-March’ and...

32 editor 05.12.10 10:51pm
Christmas present ideas

Or basically, the stuff someone felt needed inventing, even if no-one in their right mind would buy it., So, for starters. a couple of old classics., ...

12 Mr.3374 05.12.10 7:46pm
We haven't had a caption competition for a while...

17 Zadok the second 04.12.10 6:42pm
Truebiscuit Had to be Chatham....

6 riesler 04.12.10 5:02pm
'Almost half of Britons believe in aliens'... (Daily Telegraph, today)

I wonder if any of them contribute to Newsbiscuit? Mentioning no names, of course...

9 Dexter 04.12.10 3:34pm
Ed, re: spam

I think it is super-easy to add one of those swirly mystery word checks before allowing an new ID set-up and the first post. Should stop your spam iss-shoo...

23 rikkor 04.12.10 2:47pm
Oil West Noel - 2

Isn't anyone going to arrange a Christmas drink then?...

34 Des Custard 04.12.10 12:17pm