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Law student's case destroyed in drive-y mooting. 0 Ian Searle 16.03.11 7:48pm
Ian Searle
Dear The Editor

I feel I must complain in the strongest terms about the content of today's front page. Not only are we subjected to a gratuitous image of James Nesbitt, but it seems we must sit by while two people,...

3 wallster 16.03.11 3:33pm
NB- End anonymous tagging now

I've been called a cunt via tag, a number of other have too. Now there are insulting tags pertaining to the Tsunami. I cannot see any good reason to persist with anonymous tagging and I strongly...

7 Ironduke 16.03.11 3:07pm
Zadok the second
Form a queue for these splendid mugs

..isn't she marrying the other one? Did I miss something?, Well worth 9.99...

2 beau-jolly 16.03.11 1:37pm
Like the Daily Mail NIB today

The Tsunami could work both ways on house price headlines. Devastating house prices one day, but with the shortage of housing stock they'd go right up the next...

5 ronseal 16.03.11 12:48pm
The Paper Ostrich
Wrong place 0 bonjonelson 16.03.11 11:38am
Bad day for good news

The controversial leading story almost made me miss my very first(I think) NIB. Can you seasoned writers tell me whether I should be pleased that the idea was taken up or dissapointed that it ended...

2 beau-jolly 16.03.11 9:38am
The Paper Ostrich
re: Tesco Computers for Schools publicity scheme

You know that Tesco Computers for Schools scheme, where Tesco makes a big deal about donating a PC to a school for every million quid it took at the tills? er, isn't that what taxes are for? If...

1 ronseal 16.03.11 12:45am
Japanese people agree: aftershocks and radiation sickness = comedy gold.

The grieving, homeless, radiation sick people of Japan agreed today that they find nothing funnier than their present plight. They fully appreciate the attempts to make light of their situation. To...

0 rikkor 15.03.11 11:16pm
Daily Mail publishes the perfect story

I know it's a soft target and yet I remain a hopeless slave to the madness that is the Daily Mail. Today they published a photo of Eva Braun in blackface. Doubt there was a reason think they just...

4 shitsu_tonka 15.03.11 11:05pm
this is very funny

[url=]olympic countdown clock stops[/url]...

0 andhrimnir 15.03.11 3:48pm
Hehe... well done Team NB on Phil FP

Be wary if you hear a double click when you answer the phones, boys. Do I detect a spot of wizzo PShopping around Phil's eyes? If so, nice one red - but beware - don't forget the last time someone...

4 pinxit 14.03.11 8:40pm
[closed] My ass hurts. - 2

Riesler, I just wanted to use this space to call you a Cnut. You are very nice, and possibly Danish...

30 rikkor 14.03.11 8:07am
be reasonable
Has anyone tried to use one of those new Dyson urinals? They're a bit messy

Not only do they blast air at your willy, the bowl has a serious design flaw, with urine spilling out at both ends. Back to the drawing board I'm afraid, Mr Dyson. Some golden boy you are!...

3 ronseal 13.03.11 11:13pm
Enda "Edna" Kenny

The New York "Times", our self-styled national newspaper of record, posted a correction today. They previously wrote that the new Irish PM is a she. No kidding. I wonder why newspapers are going...

3 rikkor 12.03.11 10:23pm
I almost forgot that you people...

insisted for the longest time that a billion was a million millions. Too funny.

14 rikkor 12.03.11 3:54pm
Japan earthquake/tsunami

I hope that Garry is OK. No stupid comments please...

6 bonjonelson 12.03.11 12:08am
Hey thanks guys...

For all the happy birthday FB stuff. I don't understand how to reply via FB, hence this. Sorry. Had a great day. Still sober enough to type this so hope hangover won't be too bad tomorrow. Thanks...

0 Scroat 12.03.11 12:05am
Read this. You could not make it up. Especially the suicide attempt part...

4 rikkor 11.03.11 9:57pm
BBC Local Radio

Firstly, a declaration of interest. I work in local radio and while my contract is up at the end of next month, the suggested plan to merge the BBC local radio network with 5live, would directly...

0 Mrblacker 11.03.11 8:33pm
Right that's better

A Front Page worthy of the privilege. Great topiciality in the UK and nicely crafted...

0 fun and games 11.03.11 9:38am
fun and games
[closed] This site is about to be...

unless people start submitting something decent...

8 rikkor 11.03.11 7:15am
be reasonable
Nice FP, 'admin'

No, honest. Some great edits...

11 Des and Stan 10.03.11 10:56pm
Tristan Shout
Perceived Wisdom was that Fat Kids were less at risk from 'Pedo's'

as they are usually not lookers., But a recent study by the University of Northumberland (FKA Newcastle Poly) appears to refute that. "Sure, Fat Kids tend to be overlooked by most Pedo's", said...

1 10.03.11 6:53pm
Sorry!1st time. 7 markmypaper 10.03.11 1:12pm
The All New Jeni B
Isn't it quiet around here without garry and doylem?

One almost misses them...

5 be reasonable 10.03.11 12:28pm
be reasonable
Medical slang, I just love the gallows humour of hospitals. Having spent a lot of time in the chemo ward with my partner, there are precious few belly laughs to be had.,...

9 beau-jolly 10.03.11 10:08am
be reasonable
My yog hurts

I think it's the bacteria...

1 markmypaper 10.03.11 12:16am

Is there anybody out there?...

14 Rizzo 09.03.11 9:54pm
Important Planning Notice.

In case you've not heard, it's last orders in the other bar. We've finally lost our fight against the planners and the council has decided to close it down. Seems they're pulling it down to make way...

7 wallster 09.03.11 8:49pm