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How unfair is life?

Tony Blair - starts an illegal war, now earning £7million a year John Prescott - punches a bloke who threw an egg at him, now forced to do crappy adverts with Omid Djalili...

1 Zadok the second 24.02.11 3:03pm
Hoops mon!

0 Scroat 24.02.11 1:26pm
Some lovely NiBs recently.

I am muchly liking Nuke-u-lor and velodrome NiBs. Quality been picking up since I stopped posting. Oh...

0 Zadok the second 24.02.11 12:06pm
Zadok the second
Quality Statistics - 2

I've just tallied up the quality statistics of the current postings on the first page of the writer's room. Based on my highly scientific approach of deciding whether I think they are any good or not...

42 bonjonelson 24.02.11 10:54am
Jeremy Hunt
What next!

No they are stealing the police,

0 riesler 24.02.11 9:47am
Amazon's new 'Kindle Plus' e-reader will include a printer... 2 deskpilot3 24.02.11 12:00am
Message for Tony Blair...

how's the Middle East peace job going?...

4 riesler 23.02.11 2:00pm
Ever felt like you turned up late at a party and everyone had moved on?

There's a cigarette end in this can, too!...

0 ronseal 22.02.11 11:04pm
What's my password?

Hello evilsuperstar here. Please could someone tell me how I get my password? I've tried entering every password I've ever used, I've clicked on the link to get it sent to me (but it hasn't appeared...

18 evilhaslostherpassword 22.02.11 10:40pm
Crossword clue .French activity in French countryside,men women pulling together

exerting themselves, having fun and making a lot of noise. Dogging ?...

8 22.02.11 9:35pm
4ty2 - you're just too long for most of us

Your URL, that is., I know, I've mentioned it before, and I'll probably mention it again. Regards, Mr Nick (call me Sin if we get familiar)...

1 Sinnick 21.02.11 11:51pm
No joke

[url=]Among the comments, the news[/url], mecipsa le 21.02.11 | 09h06, informer et dénoncer, S.V.P.,...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 21.02.11 8:22pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Bob Diamond Protest Comedy Song

1 mark brailsford 21.02.11 4:55pm
Nice FP Nealdo

Good to have you on board., Not at all bad for a newbienow don't let it be your last., We need fresh talent like yours and a few entries like this would be just great., - delete - that last bit...

1 Gerontius 21.02.11 4:51pm
Λορεμ ιπσυμ δολορ

Λορεμ ιπσυμ δολορ σιτ αμετ, χονσεχτετυερ αδιπισχινγ ελιτ, σεδ διαμ νονυμμψ νιβη ευισμοδ τινχιδυντ υτ λαορεετ...

12 Phil the Greek 21.02.11 10:56am
Prince Philip meeting Barack O'Barmy

The comedic scope is quite mind-boggling!!!...

6 Scroat 20.02.11 6:41pm
be reasonable
Diplomats at work and at play

L’Ambassadeur de telle Ministre, S’excuse [url=]à la télé [/url]...

2 Hunter F. Thompson 20.02.11 1:25pm
why are the Americans always to blame?

0 ronseal 19.02.11 11:11pm
This is a laugh They don't give Uni's enough to teach them, let alone follow them around to check they're not planing to blow themselves up...

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 19.02.11 2:28pm
Told you I was right ,the wigged one. - 23

89 melody 19.02.11 12:21pm
"an electric device smaller than an oven"

Nice story but I just really like this small line above all else. Good work oxbridge...

0 thisisall1word 19.02.11 1:52am
Cakes banned as "classes getting bigger"

You couldn't make it up:

0 beau-jolly 18.02.11 4:15pm
Big shoes, big..., Oh, come on! Not feeling inspired at the moment so I'll gift you all this one...

2 beau-jolly 18.02.11 3:52pm
Anna Nicole the opera

Saw on the breakfast programme this morning that a new opera about Anna Nicole thingy had sold out at Covent Garden. Its writen by the guys who did Gerry Springer the Opera and is about the busty...

12 beau-jolly 18.02.11 3:46pm
What did I come in this room for? 5 18.02.11 3:04pm
Zadok the second
TrueBiscuit Made me smile - as I'm not in a queue on the M3...

5 Chip Paper 17.02.11 4:44pm
Excellent Moonpig FP

Just to say that the Churchill card pic is inspired. [i]Very well done[/i], red...

2 pinxit 17.02.11 7:02am
Why would they want to stop children's hearts?

2 riesler 16.02.11 7:37pm
Arrggharry I was right... And sit back and watch them roll in...

1 FormerlyAlOPecia 16.02.11 7:36pm
Doran claims sheldonprice archive item shock

'OK, it was very much in my style and I hoped no one would notice,' said a distraught etc etc...

1 Des Custard 16.02.11 2:08pm