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What is Soylent Green made of again? I keep forgetting. 0 rikkor 19.06.11 9:46pm
For Jeni: Scotland in the news For whatever reason, I can't send links through Facebook anymore...

3 rikkor 19.06.11 12:30pm
A lawyer with a sense of humour?- article from Daily Telegraph

Copied and pasted from teh Telegraph online today: Husband cleared of harassing wife's lover on Twitter, A husband who humiliated a millionaire City broker who had an affair with his wife by...

8 Ironduke 19.06.11 9:49am
Al OPecia
Coming to a Mediterranean nation near you - the Middle Ages..

4 Al OPecia 18.06.11 4:25pm
Ed: DFS NIB should not have the word as "discoutn".

I can hook you up with some free spell check software...

4 rikkor 18.06.11 12:29pm
Good to see Canadians keeping things in perspective. What would they have been like if they had actually won?...

3 seymour totti 18.06.11 9:50am
I've just seen the strangest, and most disturbing, advert....

apparently, the 'Happy Egg Company' believes that happy hens produce happy eggs. How can an egg be happy?, It's laid, and then eaten. What's there to be happy about?...

8 The All New Jeni B 17.06.11 10:51pm
Advertising Feature No Fear. No Limits. No Equal. No Brakes...

0 bonjonelson 17.06.11 9:29pm
Dogs and monkey space mission archive today is a cracker

One of the best. Whatever happened to that Genghis Cohen bloke, anyway?...

4 rickwestwell 17.06.11 2:16pm
A. Wiener - just too easy?

I confess to an initial surge of excitement on reading that A. wiener had resigned following the scandal of sending crotch shots to porn stars. I headed straight to Biscuit, ideas churning. However,...

3 Ironduke 17.06.11 11:14am
Just read a biography of Katherine Parr.

It should have been divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, died of boredom...

14 rikkor 17.06.11 10:17am
Wow! You are justifiably proud of the NHS. No matter how bad the US is, no one has to deal with a dirty-looking nurse. We have unions here, but...

7 rikkor 16.06.11 2:31pm
Dear Ed - any chance of a "zero stars" button?

I think that we really need one...

9 Al OPecia 16.06.11 1:56pm
Daily Telegraph....satirical goldmine? enjoy!...

0 Ironduke 15.06.11 10:35pm
Greek strikers hurl yoghurt and stones at Athens police - BBC

Well, of course, I would prefer the yogurt. Especially if it's the fruit on the bottom kind...

2 rikkor 15.06.11 6:54pm
Note to editors about NHS FP sub

4th paragraph, 2nd line - think this should be 'least' and not 'lease'. Just fyi and meant in good nature btw...

6 Qoxiivi 15.06.11 6:31pm
Dear Mr Editor : Suggestion for new feature from a thread by ronseal... - 2

in the writers' room. Full thread [url=]here[/url] Thought it better to bring it to the chat room to throw it open to you (the editor) and you (the...

55 ゴルゴ13 15.06.11 2:13pm
saltire - text in bottom left corner

Dementia has stolen my husband's memories but I will, Get fit for summer like Gary Lineker...

3 bonjonelson 14.06.11 10:46pm

Wrong hole...

4 14.06.11 8:21pm
be reasonable
Did anyone see the Elephant in the Room / Superinjunction cartoon in Private Eye

Boy, that hacks me off...

4 ronseal 14.06.11 3:02pm
Should this sub be banned? Or just quietly ignored? - 23

I'm not saying I agree with the sentiments of the sub below, but if this sub appeared, do you think the correct action would be to remove it immediately? Or should we just look the other way?...

80 SugarTits69 13.06.11 7:41pm
The All New Jeni B
How many FPs/NiBs do you need to no longer be 'guest'?

Just curious. I presume it involves extra work to set up some sort of account to link to them so isn't done straight away in case somebody turns up, posts one thing which gets used and then buggers...

9 Vertically Challenged Giant 13.06.11 5:11pm
That 'Back up your brain but not now' sub - 2 She's got a book published! 400+ pages of her poetry, a bargain at £16.99. I can't believe it's not...

44 Vertically Challenged Giant 12.06.11 7:38pm
Al OPecia
90 not out...

6 thisisall1word 12.06.11 6:08pm
terrorism/virgin algorithm

It looks like security forces are 'upping their game' and have killed quite a few known terrorists lately: Bin Laden, Fazuh Abdullah Muhammed, some other bloke in Pakistan who I haven't googled. The...

0 12.06.11 5:57pm
Don't worry; the US is right behind you. I'll give a job to the first person who makes an excuse for the multi-generational idle...

12 rikkor 12.06.11 4:56pm
be reasonable
Pup Pimping Advice Wanted. - 2

I have an unusual question. I've found a bitch for my dog, and an owner as keen as I am for a litter from the two., The bitch is in season, they've met and really seem to get along, he's shown...

52 The All New Jeni B 12.06.11 7:30am
Al OPecia
Idea - if anybody makes changes to the web site system

A nice feature to add to the system would be to display the number of votes in the star ratings. Not necessarily each vote but just the summary rating (as shown at the moment) and the number of...

8 Deimos 11.06.11 10:34pm
Al OPecia
thanks for running the anti-matter NiB.

I am so very pleased you've run with my anti-matter sub, and I love the gently-worded rework. The reason I'm so pleased is that you have restored my faith in my sense of humour. I was having serious...

9 10.06.11 9:24pm
Thanks, Ludicity, for the Ken Clarke / Nectar points front page

I really enjoyed that one. So much that I wanted to share it with a pal, so I clicked on - Click to send this story to a friend Three hours later and I'm still waiting for something to happen. ...

0 theumpire 10.06.11 8:55pm