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So Jacqui Smiths decorating prisoners didnt have anything else on?, This sounds like one of those films...

2 writinginbsl 24.08.11 6:44pm

I knew that Apostrophegate reminded me of something.

7 rikkor 24.08.11 12:44pm
Love the '4th astronaut left behind' archive FP 2 Vertically Challenged Giant 24.08.11 9:19am
Anyone spotted one yet?

1 dammit 23.08.11 8:43pm
The All New Jeni B
Guantanamo is calling.

0 rikkor 23.08.11 5:58pm
RIP John Howard Davies

Producer of sublime British comedy including Python and Fawlty Towers. Life would be a lot more glum were it not for him. [url=]Obitury [/url]...

0 shitsu_tonka 23.08.11 5:57pm
Murdered/drowned schoolchild "Won't be missed" says school.

Speaking on behalf of the school, John Entwhistle, acting Headteacher said "She / He was generally unremarkable, had no particular aptitude for sport, academic study or voluntary work." Speaking...

7 dvo4fun 23.08.11 2:08pm
Are there any recorded UFO sightings before 1905 the first engine powered flight

just wondered...

12 spreademarge 23.08.11 11:32am
Chairman Mao's Little Red Bumhole - 2345

Here's a weekend diversion for you, its a game I used to play in the pub. Not very highbrow I'm afraid but can be quite funny - here are the rules: 1. Take the name of a book, 2. Replace last word...

125 button 23.08.11 10:17am
Did you change our local accent when you went to University

or did you have strength of character...

10 itsokchaps 23.08.11 8:56am
IOW international news. Where I lived in northern California, there was a prison just up the road on a waterfront setting with the...

0 rikkor 22.08.11 5:55pm
Let it be done to me...

For you George VI, Joe Biden and bad spelling fans: (Joe Biden quoted in your "Telegraph".) I don’t know whether you’ve had an opportunity to see a movie that has gotten worldwide circulation...

3 rikkor 22.08.11 1:28pm
Your Army should go in and start shooting looters. - 2

Just an idea...

46 rikkor 22.08.11 12:54pm
Trubiscuit -Epidemic of 'Pine-Mouth'

[url=]Trading Standards investigate outbreak[/url] “Pine mouth is the name for the bitter aftertaste...

0 MADJEZ 21.08.11 9:26pm
In 1964 MPs abolished hanging... The murder rate has doubled...

Sign our E-petition for greater use of spurious corellations in banner ads...

11 Skylarking 21.08.11 3:37pm
Al OPecia
check out Sky news on Sunday

I should be there talking about abh, gbh and herpes. Three of my favourite things...

2 fernandomando 21.08.11 11:35am

Any chance of getting rid of sorrygillian's posts please? I know people don't generally pay attention to the 'sticky' topics because they don't move, but the top 2 have both been spammed. Along with...

10 Vertically Challenged Giant 20.08.11 11:05pm
Apostrophegate - 2

Can we move the flouncing into here please as my original sub should have disapeared without a trace by now...

48 beau-jolly 20.08.11 3:40pm
A diversion....UK National Book Week

It's National Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence and share it amongst friends. Don't mention the book. "No, we hope Percy will lend her Jumbo...

23 Dick Everyman 19.08.11 7:37pm
Apostrophe misty water colored memories.

I just remembered that I staged a hunger strike/flounce when new "Newbiscuit" was first launched. It was a hard fought battle to wrench the apostrophe into place in "Writers' Room". And to think...

0 rikkor 19.08.11 1:48pm
Sorry to bore the rest of you

But I've got a couple of guys trying to start a witch hunt against me, and no I'm not paranoid nurse. Just because a dick head like Bonjoneslon and Jolly crappy say I'm someone I'm not doesn't make...

5 greg various 19.08.11 1:32pm
Old Bailey transcripts I found this really interesting. Should be helpful to...

0 rikkor 18.08.11 11:20pm
I love the FP pic.

But I think it looks like a really crap 80s New Romantic band...

0 The All New Jeni B 18.08.11 11:07pm
The All New Jeni B
Arghgary watch - 2

So The man of a thousand identities, none of them intelligent or polite, is at it again. Current pseudonyms that I can see: guffaw, als-jazz-era, greg various Any others I've missed? He really...

38 bonjonelson 18.08.11 5:45pm
The All New Jeni B

Hilarious collection of photoshopped riot photos. Not that I would ever laugh about this kind of thing because it's much too serious to make light of....

4 Textbook 18.08.11 2:46pm
Nice McFP, JP. 0 rikkor 18.08.11 1:10pm
Iran refuse to hand over lighter than air technology to the USA

A spokesman for the USA said we cannot allow the Iranian's to have sole control of lighter than Air technology (Magic carpet's)we believe these carpets are made from the local domestic goat wool....

0 pdonkyd 18.08.11 10:21am
Joey Barton Nietzsche NiB

It's good, but using it twice in the space of 10 days is a bit excessive isn't it?

1 Vertically Challenged Giant 17.08.11 5:35pm
Executive summary of News Corp. scandal?

I am clueless on what exactly they did. Any simple explanation available online? It seems every day new info. is found making it get more complicated to understand. I just want to know the bird's eye...

3 Dumbnews 17.08.11 3:53pm
Posting in the wrong room is for idiots

I know my place...

0 greg various 17.08.11 3:24pm
greg various