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A week idley spent working on the www

As requested by Golgo13 some weeks back I have added a mysterious message into one of the BBC news items this week. has now been updated to...

4 thisisall1word 13.09.11 7:03pm
website announcement: 2nd chat room for exclusive use by rikkor 1 Sinnick 13.09.11 6:15pm
Hollywood beckons. Better get some head shots done...

Really hope this comes to fruition. and of course I hope they don't fuck it up...

4 ゴルゴ13 13.09.11 11:57am
Ianslat - Great GB FP

I died laughing when I first read it, and the photo is too funny...

1 rikkor 13.09.11 8:33am
The Rules of Comedy

Not mine. I know so much about comedy that after nearly two years of stand up I have yet to do a paid gig. No, the rules are from Jonathan Lynn co-writer and creator of Yes, Minister and well worth...

13 shitsu_tonka 13.09.11 7:11am
Today's "Good" Idea

There are somethings that its often better to do with an other person, or maybe more than one person, such as cutting hair., It doesn't seem to make much sense but cutting the hair at the back of my...

1 thisisall1word 12.09.11 6:55am
Will Ferell "Feral"

Not sure: LAPD investigators confirmed that comedy Actor Will Ferell’s outburst of looting, violence and arson in his home town of Santa Monica was inspired by scenes of British rioting he had...

0 nickb 11.09.11 2:39pm
Platonic Dogging

A Dogging Licence would be like a cross between a dog licence and a driving licence. Issued to people who plan to drive very seldom except to attend dogging events. Learning a basic level of driving...

3 Glib Hemingway 11.09.11 9:59am
Al OPecia
Is it my imagination or is spelling rapidly going downhill here?

Definitely noticed a substantial decline in spelling recently in Writer's Room. Has there been an influx of A* english students? Makes for difficult reading and less laugh time...

7 vertical 11.09.11 4:16am
ED: led, not lead 0 writinginbsl 10.09.11 10:46am
Excellent FP today

Well done Bonjo, I missed the original in the writers room...

1 button 10.09.11 10:02am
Al OPecia
My mother was on TV this evening

On reel histories with Melvyn Bragg. And it was announced that she was from the Isle of Wight...

1 fernandomando 09.09.11 11:17pm
I see the Five Fairy has been sprinkling its yellow dust around again 0 greg various 09.09.11 9:16pm
greg various
Ones That Got Away

Ages ago, Iran had a hissyfit about going to the 2012 Olympics and Cameron told them they wouldn't be missed. Mknths down the line, I finally had a brainwave for a heading: Iran Readies Nuclear...

4 Textbook 09.09.11 3:43pm
What was your favourite childhood joke? - 2

Up until the age of about four most of us only had to hear the word 'poo' to be entirely consumed by mirth. But after that what was the gag that you always found funny? This is mine: What's black,...

42 shitsu_tonka 09.09.11 12:43pm
Note to eds.

Someone might want to update the FB page...

0 Qoxiivi 09.09.11 11:13am
The Ministry of Justice announces it is to ban Go Compare

In an attempt to curb the UK's "F***ing annoying advert culture"...

0 Iamthestig 09.09.11 9:55am
There's got to be a sub in this

Anyone want to give it a crack? I can't flesh my idea out, but I do think that David Cameron wearing some sort of tabard would look good accompanying an FP....

5 shitsu_tonka 09.09.11 9:11am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Did Red do the picture for this?

2 riesler 09.09.11 8:40am
I've been a fool...

I have been messing with another site. I know. It doesn't bear thinking about., *holds back of hand to forehead and leans against doorframe in a kind of tragic way, like something Kiera Knightly...

5 nickb 08.09.11 10:29pm
A few things...

Just wanted to say a few things regarding my clown FP: 1. Thanks for running it – didn't think you would given WS's one on NT. Much appreciated. 2. Thanks for finding somewhere to incorporate a...

5 Qoxiivi 08.09.11 11:32am
Al OPecia
So they DID leave Melvin behind!

5 riesler 08.09.11 8:59am
The All New Jeni B
Izzard's take on computers - if you haven't seen it - sheer brilliance

and we've all done same stuff..

0 vertical 07.09.11 10:52pm
IOW newspaper headline worthy of a ticker

Go to and see that someone came up with the headline 'New hospice boss looks to the future' Has the influence of newsbiscuit gone full circle?...

1 fernandomando 07.09.11 9:53am
*high relevance* What is your go-to Biscuit? - 2

I don't mean which Biscuiteer does it for you, I mean which biscuit makes your world that little bit sadder and more frightening when it isn't in your kitchen cupboard? Tunnocks Teacakes for me...

33 allmyownstunts 06.09.11 7:02pm
Oi, Rikkor. How's LVR?

Has he got bionic hips yet? Are the Canadian squirrels getting their arses kicked once more?...

4 shitsu_tonka 06.09.11 4:37pm
Prince Charles FP photo.

I may be mistaken, but I think I can hear him saying 'How much for a 'teenth?" out of the corner of his mouth...

0 dvo4fun 06.09.11 12:51pm
shameless toadying alert

I was cruising the archives (no, not the ones under London Bridge) and this popped up, so for all you FP wannabes - this is how it's done,...

1 Gerontius 06.09.11 11:22am
Anyone seen Angry Boys?

Best comedy I've seen all year. Just watched a torrent but I think it's on BBC 3. It's from Chris Lilley who also did Summer Heights High which is pretty wonderful too. Apart from Chris Morris I...

4 shitsu_tonka 06.09.11 9:32am
Talk Sport mistake Brian Sewell for Brian Glover in Kez

Got to mention this one as it gave me a big laugh at the time. While driving over to see friends yesterday morning I happened to tune into talk sport on the radio whose presenters at the time were...

0 Basil_B 05.09.11 9:30pm