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The Archers

Very worrying. First Nigel, now Roy's job prospects. I blame Elizabeth. Selfish cow...

0 Scroat 01.04.11 6:10pm
Relax - We're All Screwed Anyway

Welcome to Britain in crisis. Most people fail to actually recognise that we're a nation in crisis, but Britain's largest organ, The Daily Male, insists that we are. As we wage yet another war in a...

11 Martin Shuttlecock 01.04.11 3:28pm
Elephant News Ticker

I've noticed the increase in elephant in the room subs over the last few days, but it was really funny to see them all pop up together in the newsticker!...

3 Danny 01.04.11 1:52pm
Assistance required

Hi chums, I've got a headline that's been rattling around in my head for a few days. I think it has 'legs', but for the life of me I can't think what those 'legs' are. Does anyone feel like...

17 jp1885 01.04.11 10:49am
Cameron and Clegg?

0 Scroat 01.04.11 8:39am
The demise of the offie...

Very sadapparently Oddbins have gone into administration today. The supemarket domination of the local offfie is nearly complete following the demise of Threshers and Unwins in recent years, just...

24 riesler 01.04.11 5:25am
Next in the Mail: People who look like Hitler

1 beau-jolly 31.03.11 3:49pm
How does other stuff for NB get submitted? - 2

There must be another way than just the Writers' Room - several times I've seen a ticker headline on the main site before it's cropped up in the Writer's Room. Almost as if they're chucked up after...

45 Qoxiivi 31.03.11 12:46pm
Wonderful FP SuburbanDad

The things I learn from NewsBiscuit...

2 Des Custard 31.03.11 10:35am
Nearly poisoned by a Dutchman

That HP Guiness sauce is just a bit too odd. However Heinz new Ketchup blended with Balsamic Vinegar looks dark and mysterious and is pretty good with a world class pork pie. Road trip to Ripon.,...

2 31.03.11 7:03am
E. Taylor pricelessness from The Daily "Mail"

"Her speedy burial is following the rules of Judaism - which she converted to for her marriage to Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton." Richard Burton was a member of that smallest of minorities, a...

6 rikkor 30.03.11 10:47pm
Come and have a go if you think you're tough enough!

Just came across this article on the Chinese, Animal experimentation and a search for the cure for gayness. Bloody pc minefield. I'm ashamed to say I chickened out. Anyone else tough enough?,...

7 beau-jolly 30.03.11 8:17pm
Next thing they'll be saying he was left handed!

13 Ironduke 30.03.11 7:57pm
Qoxiivi: evidence for your conspiracy theory

The NIB which has just appeared about bin Laden being found by the census form is an expansion of my non-scoring one liner of yesterday. It was written by Borednow who, according to his profile, has...

7 greg various 30.03.11 7:46pm
Referendum: Voters warned that using the TV remote button marked AV won't work. 1 deskpilot3 30.03.11 8:13am
Universities break up for Easter: lecturers fail to notice

(more soon)...

1 dannyboy206 30.03.11 5:53am

Maybe all you fans will appreciate this ..

0 Sinnick 29.03.11 9:42pm
Mahatma Gandhi barred from satirical website...

'we can't have racism here', say editors...

5 be reasonable 29.03.11 8:58pm
Voting Reform - Does Anyone Actually Care At All

Reading through some BBC stuff on the YES campaign launch and it's just enforcing my staunchly held opinion that I just do not care what voting system I use out of the two on offer. I can't help...

4 thisisall1word 29.03.11 3:54pm
Leeds Met University says it will charge £8,500 fees

Initially you may think this is one for the ticker. But it's infinitely funny than that, it's true!...

9 Manifestations of Baboonery 29.03.11 1:29pm
You turn your back for five minutes...

and everyone is still moaning about the scoring system, elitism, the fact they've still failed to nail Jeni B (including Mr B) I love this place. So how the devil is everyone? I can see the need...

20 Mary Evans 28.03.11 9:29pm
Mary Evans
OIL - an extract from Nick Robinson's post budget blog page

Sorry to introduce something a mite serious into the chat room, but I found this more important than the back-door route to the front page. And this is a chat room, so let's chat about this for a...

2 theumpire 28.03.11 8:38am
Evolution proved wrong. If that petroglyph on the left isn't a dinosaur, I just don't know what is. Spooky proof that evolution is all made up...

5 rikkor 27.03.11 11:26pm
Fine FP jp

Red too. This place needs more knockers...

4 Des Custard 27.03.11 8:08pm
Ooops 2 Duncan Biscuit 27.03.11 6:02pm
A classless society is on the cards as the BBC axe My Family

Zoe Wanamaker to replace Pam St Clement and take charge of Pat's Cabs in Eastenders. Robert Lindsay will be brought in to beat up Gail Tilsley in an episode of Corrie scheduled for the Autumn....

2 CupidStunt 26.03.11 5:31pm

0 bonjonelson 25.03.11 4:45pm

The BBC spokesman on R4, who when tackled about the number of repeats being broadcast said: "Ah, no. They are only repeats if you heard them the first time round." So I suppose if you missed the...

1 Scroat 25.03.11 1:51pm
Demand apology for Japan Disaster "Humour". - 2

I stated in another place that I belive this sub is disgusting, and insulting to everyone who reads it or is involved in any way with NB. Please add on to this thread if you think those in charge at...

41 rikkor 25.03.11 1:50pm