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I know it's traditional to start saying 'the nights are pulling out'...

as soon as we get past the shortest day, but I'd swear it got dark earlier today than it did on Tuesday. Are the days going to keep on getting shorter? Is this some new phenomenon we should be start...

8 ianslat 24.12.10 12:00am
The All New Jeni B
Worth sharing

[url=]Best to click the 'full screen' button.[/url]...

2 malgor 23.12.10 5:30pm
pagan witch
X 25 bonjonelson 23.12.10 4:08pm
Bah humbug

Right, I'm off till the New Year unless I can find a valid excuse to be on the computer. Have a great Festival of the Unconquered Sun or whatever it is they celebrate in Biscuitdom...

0 Oxbridge 23.12.10 3:22pm
Ed, you've let yourself down with the FP

Surely every member of the Champagne-swilling elite knows that there is a 'c' in Veuve Clicquot!...

2 riesler 23.12.10 3:11pm
Malcum eggs
Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of...

when the previous incarnations of FaG and myself had our first, and for me, last FP. Not that I'm dropping [i]any[/i] hints that it'd be nice to see it again as an archive piece you understand...

12 The All New Jeni B 23.12.10 2:49pm
Saying Cheese at the Cheshire ....

Great evening and really good to see you all guys. Enjoying a pint or two are (left to right) DroleNoel, Golgo13, thisisalloneword, Stoopy, Des and Frodo. I think Ronseal was in the can when this...

14 Stan 23.12.10 2:14pm
Malcum eggs
I cannot think of anything unfunny to say ,Gerontious ,Moylem over to you 8 Malcum eggs 23.12.10 2:08pm
Malcum eggs
One biscuit might walk into a bar...

if anyone's around in London on Wednesday 12 January. Go on, you know you want to. How about the Chandos again? It's the most depressing week of the year apparently...

13 Oxbridge 23.12.10 10:04am
In need of guidance on this

I have noticed that young Polish chaps seem to be the only ones sporting strange, outlandish haircuts, in these days of large layoffs and permanenet unemployment. I have developped a couple of...

3 Hunter F. Thompson 23.12.10 6:30am
Hunter F. Thompson
what time pub tonight?

Cheshire Cheese. I've done my back in, so look for a fat bloke bent over double...

15 ronseal 22.12.10 2:48pm
Malcum eggs
Today's "No Shit, Sherlock" prize, goes to the BBC once again... And guess what? They reckon he wasn't alone when he died...

0 The All New Jeni B 22.12.10 1:59pm
The All New Jeni B
Trains Planes & Long Distance Clara

Very funny FP...

0 Des Custard 22.12.10 1:17pm
Des Custard
Anyone else wonder if a man was given enough Cable

he might do the decent thing.Where does he get the time to run his ministry ,isn't he busy setting off New clear bombs and dancing ?...

2 Malcum eggs 22.12.10 12:50pm
Malcum eggs
Man snorting one liners has MI while forecasting downfall of Hysterical site 0 Malcum eggs 22.12.10 12:47pm
Malcum eggs
More4 are cutting back The Daily Show from 5 to 1 show a week If anyone else feels like complaining there is a form on Ch 4 web site - certainly one of my fav. progs on TV...

2 Ian Searle 22.12.10 12:01pm

Well it had happen sooner or later! A creative bright spark has put the Xbox Kinect device to use where you won't be dancing to the latest...

3 thackaray 21.12.10 4:04pm
s 3 Malcum eggs 21.12.10 12:57pm

How can so many [url=]question[/url] his reign?, He’s...

0 Hunter F. Thompson 21.12.10 7:45am
Hunter F. Thompson
“Declining species critically endangered” say high speed rail campaigners.

Concerns over the Great Crested Newt, Pipistrelle Bat, and Meridian Blue have delayed the proposed high speed rail link from London to Birmingham, but now researchers have identified a new species at...

1 eggbert 20.12.10 9:42pm

[url=]I think there is a yuletide message for us all.[/url]...

0 the coarse whisperer 20.12.10 4:11pm
the coarse whisperer
Guardian now accepting spoof articles

That's the only explanation I can think of for this: [url=]Bit long, worth a glance just for the kids names...

7 shitsu_tonka 20.12.10 4:06pm
Two biscuits walk into a bar

In the absence of any better offers, Stan and I have arranged to meet up at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on the evening of Tuesday 21st for a Christmas pint or two. Any other biscuiteers wishing to come...

20 Des Custard 20.12.10 2:45pm
Nice Sentient Checkout FP Dogwheels

Keep up the good work...

0 Des Custard 20.12.10 11:37am
Des Custard
Do you abuse the tag system on subs to be bitchy

have you ever seen what some bitches say about your excellent subs ? well I was shocked...

2 Malcum eggs 20.12.10 12:16am
Malcum eggs

Happy birthday for tomorrow, I believe. Have a nice day, old fruit...

26 Scroat 19.12.10 5:23pm
The All New Jeni B
Golgo, it's good work that you do!

And you worked in a reference to the Ace of Spades, which is at Hook roundabout. Although, technically speaking, I would say that was more Tolworth than Chessington Still, you're on fire!...

1 ronseal 19.12.10 3:42pm
Rikkor, I was born on December 5th, hence MY name

The next day, December the 6th, is the day of Saint You-Missed-My-Fucking-Birthday...

3 ronseal 18.12.10 8:18pm

"Hello, is that I.T. support?"...

1 riesler 18.12.10 7:57pm
New concerns over male reading skills.

New figures show that 9% of male MPs have poor reading skills and difficulties with comprehension. Researchers showed the male MPs pledges made before the election and found that many could not read...

2 deskpilot3 18.12.10 7:53pm