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Today's FP pic is one of the funniest yet.

And more convincing than some of the drags I've seen...

5 The All New Jeni B 31.08.11 8:45am
Shocker: Lockerbie bomber not checking in with his parole officer. He's also been coming back late from his afternoon break. This could go badly for him...

9 rikkor 30.08.11 11:07pm
Coolest Summer for Two Decades "Hangover From Labour Government" 3 thisisall1word 30.08.11 6:10pm
what the hell is 'caffeine shampoo' all about?

They've been advertising German 'caffeine shampoo' on telly for a while now. Seems to be aimed at blokes. What is it for? What does it do that other runny soap can't? Do you drink it? Is there an...

9 30.08.11 6:09pm
Let's drink to sobriety!

0 riesler 30.08.11 3:09pm
Tripoli Drag is a classic.

Well done, Gary. First time I've really laughed here in some time. Lazy Ed.: it's Barbra...

3 rikkor 30.08.11 1:13pm
You couldn't make it up

that leg-tagging story would have worked so much better if the amputee had actually got one of his mates to take his leg down the pub while he stayed home...

3 Gerontius 29.08.11 9:42pm
More shockers...

Headlines from DM Cycling is good exercise and can make you live longer Childrens fruit drinks often contain a lot of sugar and have very little or no fruit in them...

1 writinginbsl 29.08.11 6:43pm
Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee! Killer quake in Asswelt, VA.

Jeni B. was the only one who cared enough to check on my welfare. The rest of you know what I think. The only good thing reported is that the soi-disant "National Cathedral" sustained some damage. ...

14 rikkor 27.08.11 6:46pm
The "Steve Jobs was a Legend" posts are flooding my facebook wall..

Good grief, why don't all these Apple devotees just make him a God and worship him?...

5 Dumbnews 27.08.11 6:22pm
Sometimes a reader comment can some up the news better than any article... - second comment down...

2 thisisall1word 27.08.11 8:59am
The All New Jeni B
Do you have a favourite example of graffiti?

Near the top of my list. Seen in a Hertfordshire pub toilet in the 1970s, when on a friend's stag night. I haven't seen it used elsewhere since. Although it no longer makes me chuckle out loud, it...

18 dvo4fun 26.08.11 9:10pm
Comedy Songs

if you're after a laugh, check out my favourite song of the moment [url=]This Party Took a Turn for the Douche[/url]...

2 Mrblacker 26.08.11 2:47pm
Life taking accident?

Do you really use that phraseology in Angleterre? I suppose being pictured with the large gal is supposed to take suspicion away from the roots of his air hose up bum fetish? Just arseking....

7 rikkor 26.08.11 2:11pm
Steady on. Wrong entrance.

Try the other one...

3 DrTurmoil 25.08.11 3:30pm
Gadaffi found in CBB house. Jedward: " We thought he was Maradonna" 0 Doug Sourboyes 25.08.11 3:01pm
Doug Sourboyes
Google eyed

God, I must be bored., It is not true that if you google "Google" you get a message saying that you have broken the Internet. However, if you google "search engines", Google comes 6th. I can't...

1 beau-jolly 25.08.11 1:48pm
Top jokes from the Fringe.

Some good uns (and some crap) [url=]Top Ten Fringe Jokes 2011[/url]...

1 MADJEZ 25.08.11 1:15pm
42 years in power and yet Gaddafi never made it past Colonel

You'd have thought he'd have given himself a promotion before now...

19 wallster 25.08.11 11:52am
Biscuit Beers - 234

Worthy of its own thread, it seems that some of our number are available for some post-work beerage on Weds 17th August in London Town. Only pre-approved members of the clique are welcome, but you...

94 Mary Evans 25.08.11 8:40am
Mary Evans
Colonel Gadaffi has not paid income tax since end of July 0 similce1 24.08.11 7:21pm

So Jacqui Smiths decorating prisoners didnt have anything else on?, This sounds like one of those films...

2 writinginbsl 24.08.11 6:44pm

I knew that Apostrophegate reminded me of something.

7 rikkor 24.08.11 12:44pm
Love the '4th astronaut left behind' archive FP 2 Vertically Challenged Giant 24.08.11 9:19am
Anyone spotted one yet?

1 dammit 23.08.11 8:43pm
The All New Jeni B
Guantanamo is calling.

0 rikkor 23.08.11 5:58pm
RIP John Howard Davies

Producer of sublime British comedy including Python and Fawlty Towers. Life would be a lot more glum were it not for him. [url=]Obitury [/url]...

0 shitsu_tonka 23.08.11 5:57pm
Murdered/drowned schoolchild "Won't be missed" says school.

Speaking on behalf of the school, John Entwhistle, acting Headteacher said "She / He was generally unremarkable, had no particular aptitude for sport, academic study or voluntary work." Speaking...

7 dvo4fun 23.08.11 2:08pm
Are there any recorded UFO sightings before 1905 the first engine powered flight

just wondered...

12 spreademarge 23.08.11 11:32am
Chairman Mao's Little Red Bumhole - 2345

Here's a weekend diversion for you, its a game I used to play in the pub. Not very highbrow I'm afraid but can be quite funny - here are the rules: 1. Take the name of a book, 2. Replace last word...

125 button 23.08.11 10:17am