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I don't like Clarkson, Hammond or May, but...

The opening credits set piece pastiche they just did was funny. EDIT: They've started being annoying again. Normalcy restored...

7 ゴルゴ13 25.07.11 8:41am

Alexander Graham Bell Ticker. Posted at 9:30 and yet a ticker this morning despite no reactions or star rating. I must admit I ignored it as simply not funny. OK I haven't contibuted anything...

28 beau-jolly 24.07.11 8:22pm
Joue Avec Garfield

Blimey, here I am in a field in France, listening to the rain attack the thin layer of fabric between me and nature, and enjoying the campsite wide wifi access that truly signals camping has become a...

0 SpankyMonkey 24.07.11 6:48pm
An opportunity for writers living in the North of England...

The Alfred Bradley Bursary Award 2011 for writers based in the North of England BBC Radio Drama North are looking for talented writers based in the North of England, with compelling stories to tell....

18 editor 24.07.11 3:32pm
27: the rock n' roll year of death

Does Amy Winehouse fit this? The rest were more prolific: [url=]all dead at 27[/url] I used to have an unhealthy...

0 23.07.11 8:50pm
Winehouse dead

Not even a lazy sub either [url=]Winehouse found dead at London flat[/url] Too soon?...

2 f0zz 23.07.11 7:22pm
Fake fake china story as NIB

Ok, I know it's not my site, and I shouldn't moan. But I don't actually think the changes to my sub improved it. If an editor takes it upon themselves to rewrite the sub, which is of course their...

6 bonjonelson 23.07.11 5:39pm
Critical comments would be appreciated by new poster

Latest on writers' room Liam Fox/Taliban. Ta...

3 dvo4fun 22.07.11 9:53pm
China is doing fake shops now?

[url=]Fake Apple Store closed down[/url] Blimey. What else is fake? Is this my real house? Are these my feet?...

3 22.07.11 7:59pm
Nicky Campbell says v.v.v.naughty word live on air. Twice.

For those of you who may have missed this gem, it's a peach. Not once, but twice, does Nicky Campbell stumble into the bushes. [url=]Aural ecstasy.[/url]...

8 SpankyMonkey 22.07.11 5:32pm
be reasonable
Hats off to WaylandSmithy!

No explanation...

11 ronseal 22.07.11 2:09pm
And so the thlot plickens...

14 The All New Jeni B 22.07.11 1:29pm
Son of Barnabas

Writing this here to avoid a bump., Although I enjoyed Oxy's recent sub, there were an awful lot of words that I had to read with my lips moving. Evidently it was extraordinarily well researched...

4 beau-jolly 22.07.11 11:19am
Greece, Italy and Spain form a guitar band to busk outside pubs and tube station 0 ronseal 22.07.11 6:31am
Killer nurse

Would it be wrong to post a sub about the killer nurse and include the phrase "I was on the drip?", Only asking...

14 beau-jolly 21.07.11 9:54pm
Murdoch tabloid latest

Coming soon: Cameronmysun on Sunday!...

0 dickiewdean 21.07.11 4:46pm
Patsy Kensit. - 2

Before Emmerdale, before Liam Gallagher, before Lethal Weapon 2, before Absolute Beginners even, Patsy Kensit was in Eighth Wonder. "J'ai pas peur"I'm not scared. It's playing in this hotel bar now...

37 ゴルゴ13 21.07.11 4:33pm
People who breath 'more likely to develop cancer'

Breathing air has been linked to a greater risk of 10 common cancers by University of Cambridge researchers. "Every breath you take", the researchers say "increases cancer risk by 0.0000023%" The...

3 some-randommer 21.07.11 4:20pm
Pup Pimping Update

Just had confirmation that my dog successfully covered his bitch. Pups due on or around the 12th August, aptly as it's the start of the grouse season. Considering giving the pups bird related...

10 The All New Jeni B 21.07.11 3:33pm
The All New Jeni B
A very good day to bury a bad badger

Obviously our MPs are pretty full of themselves now that they have gotten Murdoch to kiss their arses. But going on badger killing spree seems like an odd way to celebrate, no one saw that one...

3 boomboomkitovski 21.07.11 11:50am
Rebekah Brooks appears when Ryan Sidebottom not playing for Yorkshire


0 brownpaperreporter 21.07.11 11:16am
An unreserved apology to Oxbridge, John O'Farrell and anyone else I've upset - 2

Hi, I'm really sorry for getting well above myself and going off on one. In particular, I apologise for the personal abuse, which I feel really bad about. I was frustrated, I was also quite drunk,...

44 20.07.11 10:15pm
Three cheers for Mandela FP.

A lovely piece of work...

6 SpankyMonkey 20.07.11 9:38pm
Writter of moth - new criteria

Further to the announcement in yesterday's News of The World (and also mentioned [url=]here[/url]) the criteria for electing the monthly...

24 Zadok the second 20.07.11 8:59pm
Rupert Murdoch “has no recollection” of shaving foam attack

A confused looking Rupert Murdoch insisted he could not recall being attacked this afternoon by a man in a checked shirt wielding a paper plate with shaving foam on it. “A paper what?" He asked...

12 nickb 20.07.11 7:39pm
Rupert piece needs bit of a butcher from techie

whole piece has tagging issues from looks of things - entire text links to image can someone shift some code around? Cheers!...

0 thisisall1word 20.07.11 3:26pm
"Graveside Pranks"

There was a book titled "Graveside Pranks" on my bookshelf in a dream from last night. Seems like something I would read. Didn't have time to page through it in the dream, as so much else was going...

17 rikkor 20.07.11 1:56pm
edited out

bollocks, wrong place, perils of a mobile phone...

0 pere floza 20.07.11 10:31am
pere floza

Actually, no. Pretty damn funny. This is on the chat page, but I would still like to vote 5 burning tires for this sub...

0 rikkor 19.07.11 11:56pm
Why is my Piers Morgan story a NiB?

I don't mean "why, it should be a FP" I mean - it's dead old that. Are we starved of OK-ish new subs?...

6 thisisall1word 19.07.11 11:28pm