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Where's Rikkor when you need him?

Come on Rikkor we need you...

5 StoopyDeGunt 19.01.11 11:31am
Nice Ned FP Fin Robertson

More soon please...

6 Ludicity 19.01.11 9:55am
Fin Robertson
Knew you'd get one sooner or later, Textbook.

Congratulations on the Guinea FP. Liked it...

6 Golgo13 19.01.11 8:11am
Good Guinea FP.

Except for bringing in George Bush. Seems a very dated reference now...

1 rikkor 19.01.11 6:17am
Excellent Danny Boyle FP, Matt T!

V pleased to see you hit the Front Page with that one. Congrats...

0 malgor 19.01.11 1:31am
Gawd! Ciggies must be expensive in Scotland. Doesn't our own JB live in Dundee? I hope this isn't indicative of the bargaining skills of...

5 rikkor 18.01.11 7:55pm
NiB and Left Alert gems

NiB continues to produce some lovely stuff, eg This's latest, and I've only just noticed the Wiki left alert which is also v good. Keep it coming...

0 Des Custard 18.01.11 5:33pm
Des Custard
Unfortunate name for such an allegation

2 fernandomando 18.01.11 9:26am
Crippen was innocent, it seems.

[url=] The Mail, sorry[/url], Er, aren't there more pressing current cases...

6 Mr.3374 17.01.11 8:46pm
Middle Eastern humour, and a catchy tune

[url=]..looking ahead..[/url] [i]Rough and hasty translation, cannot be sung to the same tune:[/i], In our world of today we are not...

12 Hunter F. Thompson 16.01.11 10:39pm
"I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks." - Harper Lee,

Oh sorry, wrong forum. To misquote Philip Toynbee.. " a bomb carefully placed under the Newsbiscuit Editorial Team would set back the cause of British fascism by 50 years,"...

2 arflaethel 16.01.11 3:22pm
The Guardian Leads the Way

[url=]Ed Pilkington, Thursday 13 January 2011 20.30 GMT[/url] (….Evgeny Morozov: How...

7 arflaethel 16.01.11 12:26pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Is that really his name??

3 riesler 15.01.11 5:41pm
lucy in the FP with lots of stars

congrats for making it. It had to win as it was pulling all the stops. next on your list should be the cleggeroons and the magic roundabout. Wish I could write like lucy diddi...

2 4ty2 15.01.11 2:32pm
Ludicity's Little Bell NIB

Just wanted to say it made me laugh. I'm going to see that image every time control orders get mentioned on Newsnight...

3 Chip Paper 15.01.11 1:33pm
Desperate UK newspaper resorts to Spam

no more soon, arflaethel, hopefully...

1 Sinnick 15.01.11 12:00pm
Shocked hol brits fleed bloobath

I just saw this headline They're lucky. When we went abroad, we had to make do with a shower...

0 ronseal 15.01.11 10:21am
We're #1! This is why the United States will always be Number 1, and why Florida will always be our go-to state for insanity....

7 rikkor 15.01.11 3:10am
350 Saga cruise passengers ordered below decks ,because of Somelly pirates 0 melody 14.01.11 10:21pm
Ok, what's going on?

Seeing as there is lots of shit happening (Street speak) in the world, I thought i'd post a few things to brighten my day but for some reason there seems to be quite a few negative posters who can't...

5 Iamthestig 14.01.11 6:31pm
That Newsbiscuit reality shift...

Hello and Happy New Year to all Just glanced at a ticker headline and thought, 'Eww, that's a bit sick and I can't see the jo' oh it's the BBC...

15 Chip Paper 13.01.11 5:14pm
I've been an irregular visitor to this site for a few months

and consider myself very much of an outsider. After the blast of flak I've just had for what I thought was a fairly innocuous sub I certainly don't want to be an insider. Calling a sub crap or...

18 greg various 13.01.11 2:26pm
Slow down, you move too fast.

I hate getting this message from the forum just because I'm type quickly. Of course, I get this a lot from women too...

0 bonjonelson 13.01.11 11:56am
@Dicky37 - excellent FP, really made me LOL. 3 malgor 13.01.11 9:43am
Will someone please snuff out Greg Various?

He has not done sufficient time here to attempt to make us all feel guilty about the floods in Australia. As one of the most annoyong NB-ers ever, I can state with assurance that he has gone beyond...

7 rikkor 13.01.11 8:48am
Lars Torders
A Front Page Load of Monkeys

Well done to the prophetically initialled AWOM for popping FP and NIB cherries on the same day. Neat work...

1 wallster 12.01.11 6:24pm
Good article about downgrading the status of Pluto (for nerds). This nerd liked it, at least. Oh, my intergalactic ass hurts...

1 rikkor 12.01.11 9:30am
Zadok the second
Nice FP Oxymoron

I'll give you that one. Good work from the Newsbiscuit Editorial Team too. And Red...

2 fun and games 11.01.11 2:25pm
Comedy Museum - Now Open. - 2345

Which item would you like to put into the NewsBiscuit Comedy Museum? I'll start the ball rolling with [url=]SID JAMES CACKLE[/url] Although the Carry On...

140 Stan 11.01.11 1:17pm
Brilliant FP Skylarking

Make me chuckle on a really shite Monday morning. Thank you for raising the spirits. Excellent stuff! Proust rounded it off nicely too...

5 Scroat 10.01.11 5:12pm