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HB, NB (4)! 2 malgor 19.09.10 9:07pm
Mary Evans
Is it just me...?

Personally, I was a little surprised to find this yes, it's the [url=]Official Papal Visit Online Store[/url], courtesy the Catholich Trust for England and Wales. I'm...

19 QorbeQ 19.09.10 5:31pm
Speaking of Blessed John Newman

"His works include the hymn Lead Kindly Light and Dream of Gerontius." Never knew where that hallowed name came from prior to today. Lead Kindly Refrigerator Light To Where The Beer Resideth...

0 rikkor 19.09.10 4:50pm
Thogg with SingingHinny FP, bravo and/or brava!

Vy. funny, original and not office humor. Your best bet: post it on "The Onion" and then glory in being stalked here...

2 rikkor 18.09.10 2:08pm
Mr. 3374=Plucky?

I've always been rathered worried about the Jane Austen-ish Mister and Miss salutations. Could be a red herring, though...

7 rikkor 18.09.10 8:11am
"I am Gerontius' Love Child"

Sorry, I was just reading the "Daily Mail" and this came to mind...

3 rikkor 18.09.10 12:25am

Chortled through the Best of Pope page. Lovely stuff...

8 Doctor Moptop 17.09.10 11:57am
Genghis Cohen
Out of the loop... - 2

Dear Life - you leave this place for a while and you completely lose the thread. So could someone please let me know: 1) Who's currently in the clique and who's out?, 2) Who are we all fighting...

31 Mary Evans 17.09.10 10:49am
Son of Barnabas
Wayne rooney 3 some video

0 arrghgarry 17.09.10 6:09am
So long, and thanks for all the fish. - 2

I'd just like to say thank you to the good posters I've enjoyed, and thank you to the people who made nice comments about my efforts and those who voted for them. It was a good feeling to have my...

53 Harry Liddon 17.09.10 12:29am
Guinness book of records announces worlds smallest cow

5 Lightbringer 16.09.10 7:11pm

Should be a new section for "leaked" documents to be posted through newsbiscut - no questions asked...

1 bonjonelson 16.09.10 4:19pm
. 0 bonjonelson 16.09.10 9:42am
Musical FP - brilliant!

Well done chaps...

14 riesler 15.09.10 10:16pm
Cannibal star gobbles neighbour

real and direct from the BBC - surely this gives the wrong message??...

3 wolfie 15.09.10 9:08pm
Banning the Burqa - is it a good idea?

I read today that France is banning the wearing of Burqas for 5m Muslims. Now, for one thing I can't imagine that there are many people, of [i]any religion[/i], who grow that tall. Secondly, assuming...

2 thisisall1word 15.09.10 6:03pm
Badger cull plans for England being unveiled

Shaving brush price collapses...

0 riesler 15.09.10 8:45am
Kermit ! love it

2 MADJEZ 14.09.10 9:40pm
May I commend you GC...

Not only on a lovely FP, but more importantly, on what is obviously a fine record collection...

7 nealdoran 14.09.10 8:40pm
top news from the isle of wight

4 fernandomando 14.09.10 11:55am
That "Date the elite" ad looks rather tempting

Can anyone lend me a fiver?...

4 ramblesnake 14.09.10 10:29am
Absolutely love the latest installment of the Blair diaries.

Just saying...

1 SingingHinny 13.09.10 8:49pm
Doctor Moptop
Whoo-hoo, Genghis!

Blimmin' brilliant FP with a killer final line...

2 Doctor Moptop 13.09.10 10:31am
Genghis Cohen
NB ad thread. F**k-it I'll date wealthy men I have no shame.

I'm poor and need the money so these ads were very well timed. Aparently if you really relax it's just like having your bum tickled...

3 MADJEZ 13.09.10 9:04am
Hi Ed, nothing to see here, please move along.....

.oh apart from a slapping fight between Ramblesnake and Scroat, bit like the Norwegians on the dockside in Monty Python. You might need to take their fish away...

10 FormerlyAlOPecia 12.09.10 10:14pm
From the bloodied fields of civil war arises a t'riffic FP

Well done, Dicky37. You must have some great party tricks...

4 SingingHinny 12.09.10 6:44pm
I've got a new @ 8 riesler 12.09.10 12:33pm
There's something funny about multi-culturalism...

and also an opportunity for literally puerile humour, all thanks to those good people at the BBC: It's a couple...

22 nealdoran 12.09.10 7:18am
Hunter F. Thompson
There is an advert asking 'How smart are you'

And offering me the chance to win an iphone 3GS. I am that smart that I know that there is something called an iphone 4 and have therefore not entered the competition about triangles...

2 fernandomando 12.09.10 12:49am
Superb Blair memoirs extract Doctor Moptop

Lovely writing and very funny - congratulations. Very much looking forward to further installments. And red, the Mills and Boon mock-up is pure brilliance. Never has Cherie looked so haunting. I...

7 Genghis Cohen 11.09.10 1:41pm
Chip Paper