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Antiques Rogue Show FP...

Just to say gents, this is the best FP I've seen in my entire sojourn on NB. Most excellent! Can't wait to see part 2 on Spring's new series of 'KateHumbleWatch' F'narrrrrrr!...

1 pinxit 07.03.11 8:54am
When people take risks with cutting edge comedy

why do little people get jealous...

2 07.03.11 12:42am
How to add gravy, ta

pass the bisto jug, there's a love...

0 Ironduke 05.03.11 11:33pm
Writer of the Month for February – Stan Laurel!

Finally righting a number of near misses, Stan Laurel collects long-overdue congratulations after sneaking home as Writer of the Month for February with five excellent front page stories and a...

17 editor 05.03.11 6:39pm
Request to NB team/admin

I wonder if you might write some outstanding Front Pages and attribute them to me please. Ta...

2 FormerlyAlOPecia 05.03.11 8:53am
Mrs Brown's Boys

Admittedly I was told to iplayer it by a friend on the grounds it's an absolute car crash so I was expecting mirthless crap, but wow does this chomp the royal prong. Poor Ireland, land of Dave...

8 shitsu_tonka 05.03.11 8:21am
be reasonable
Request to NB team/admin

My ass hurts. Well, that's sort of a statement, not a request. Good enough for here...

4 rikkor 04.03.11 9:27pm
Can't beat a good fart gag

1 riesler 04.03.11 7:59pm
be reasonable
One spectator, a Mr A. Wenger, said "I didn't see anything".

0 riesler 04.03.11 3:36pm
Newsjack - tonight

A sketch about the oscars I've had a tip-off...

11 ianslat 04.03.11 2:13pm
Downing Street?

0 riesler 04.03.11 11:59am
Darkbill you're a star!

Great stuff! Complete with chocolate cocks!...

1 Scroat 04.03.11 9:27am
oh bum 4 Zadok the second 04.03.11 9:26am
Can anyone help with a Latin translation?

Any Biscuits out there done Latin? I need a translation of the phrase: With you forever From what I remember of a G.C.S.E taken fifteen years ago I've got Sempere te cum which doesn't seem right....

14 shitsu_tonka 03.03.11 11:35pm
Wrong room 2 be reasonable 03.03.11 4:45pm
Request to NB team/admin

I was wondering if it might be possible to amend the name tag on the stories of mine which have featured on the front page or in the News In Brief section. It's not a big deal but my name seems to...

10 OllieP 03.03.11 12:06am
How is that really sick Lockerbie terrorist doing?

It must be hard to get proper treatment for his RRBC (really, really bad cancer) in Tripoli right now...

23 rikkor 02.03.11 1:18pm
F.A Charge McCarthy after headbutting Rooneys Elbow 0 fuzzypopidenticals 01.03.11 7:17pm
Lots more space in the Writer's Room

I do like the way the writer's room has been re-arranged - there's so much more space now. Who would think that, just by widening the page, all that space would be created. Clearly an interior...

4 theumpire 01.03.11 1:28pm

3 riesler 01.03.11 1:22pm
Actress noted for playing slack-moralled, drug-addled, alcoholic slapper...

complains about children lacking morals., Wonder where they get their ideas from?

2 riesler 01.03.11 11:20am
Product placement - discuss...

Now that we are going to endure product placement ad-nauseum, what would be the most inappropriate product placement? Personally, I thought the Lotus Elise in 'Lark Rise to Candleford' stood out a...

9 riesler 01.03.11 9:13am
Good role models...

0 riesler 01.03.11 6:31am

My apple has gone pear shaped!...

1 OldThingy 28.02.11 4:43pm
Jeremy Hunt
Guess where. Yup, IOW., Nice to see the Essex facelift hair style has found its way to the IOW too...

1 beau-jolly 28.02.11 10:41am
Pools Panel to sit regards Bahrain Grand Prix

Just a quick one liner folks...

0 Banking Escapee 28.02.11 10:15am
Banking Escapee
Ah, a new outlet for all this talent.

1 beau-jolly 26.02.11 9:42pm
Stan: love the front page.

I was struggling with the whole Tony Blair, peace envoy, Middle East turmoil thing And, as ollie would say: Why don't you do something to help me?...

1 ronseal 26.02.11 2:59pm
COnfession: I secretly enjoy an Arabian royal's misfortune

Is that Shahdenfreude?...

10 ronseal 26.02.11 12:21am
The All New Jeni B
Whatever turns you on

8 Scroat 25.02.11 9:37pm
Tammy Flugh