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Fine FP on James Bond

but there are 2 spellings of "villain", neither of them correct. Editor !...

4 Sinnick 20.05.11 5:49pm
Harold Camping: 'There is no Plan B.' Plan B: "Err, here I am. 27 on iTunes'.

Bollocks. Put this in the wrong place. Must be having my brain controlled by the mad bloke who believes Jesus is gonna get us all. Can't wait to see his excuses on Sunday...

0 Mr Payne 20.05.11 1:15pm
Mr Payne
Ken Clarke's views on 'surprise sex'

In the style of Socrates, this is excellent:

5 fernandomando 20.05.11 11:50am

I didn't sub in the wrong room...

2 wallster 20.05.11 9:29am
Great FP OllieP, but the editing is a bit wrong!

I loved the original submission on this. But by changing the headline in the edit, and only some of the text, it now doesn't make sense. Or is it just me?...

16 19.05.11 3:02pm
elephant ticker is superb!

I've been chuckling about it all day. Very clever!...

5 19.05.11 11:28am
Ken Clarke stories

They all seem to be being given 1*. Has he joined the site and gone through 1 starring all the stories about him? You'd think he had more important things to do. Or is somebody on here a big fan of...

9 Vertically Challenged Giant 19.05.11 9:56am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Damage in shagging story, mon! (4, 5, 3, 6, 6)

I'm quite proud of this one. Clue: footballer, superinjunction, allegedly...

8 Oxbridge 19.05.11 8:45am
The All New Jeni B
The pony story reminded me of a cracker by Skylarking

1 antharrison 18.05.11 10:53pm
The All New Jeni B
can someone explain the itv beer keg gag please?!

its driving me mad...

10 charlies_hat 18.05.11 5:14pm
Great FP, Wsmithy. 3 rikkor 18.05.11 5:13pm
Lost critics NiB

Good work waylandsmithy, FP and NiB at the same time. I thought this one might have made another FP. And given that it's actually longer than the current FP I'm assuming there is something special...

1 Vertically Challenged Giant 18.05.11 4:58pm
Real or bit o'mirth?

I must be losing my critical faculties I honestly can't tell if this is a gag or not. What say you fellow biscuits? [url=]After the rapture pet care[/url]...

5 shitsu_tonka 18.05.11 2:37pm
Excellent Status Quo ticker, Des!

One of your best, I'd say :-P...

6 rickwestwell 18.05.11 1:16pm
Des Custard
Nice editing, whoever did it

Good editing job on the Gallic shrug thing...

3 ronseal 18.05.11 1:04pm
This is my kind of news story

[url=]BBC: Man tries to board train with pony[/url]...

1 Stan 18.05.11 12:58pm
Sky News make 'history'

Anyone catch Sky News historic attempt on this historic day to get into the historic Guinness Book of Records by using the word historic the most times ever. It was HISTORIC !...

0 MADJEZ 17.05.11 9:03pm
Nice Beckham FP Rick 5 Des Custard 17.05.11 5:17pm
One for Rick

Our local buses have the word 'Countryliner' on the back. I suppose they do need resurfacing occasionally...

2 Des Custard 17.05.11 5:05pm

There goes another riveting [url=]movie opportunity[/url]. The Social Network 2, this time it's even more fucking tedious...

1 wallster 17.05.11 4:19pm
Which front page of Newsbiscuit was ripped off by Julia Hartley Brewer?

On LBC radio, after one pm, Julia Hartley Brewer is going ot be in high dudgeon about hypocritical MPs Talking of which. I seem to remember she ripped of Newsbiscuit, in her column in the Sunday...

4 ronseal 17.05.11 4:15pm
Slow off the mark, aren't you, ed?

0 be reasonable 17.05.11 1:40pm
be reasonable
Is it just me, or...

does anyone else think that this (first picture),, looks like it's been modelled from a hoover bag?...

2 The All New Jeni B 17.05.11 11:41am
The Paper Ostrich
Disappointed electric meter reader says power over rated as an aphrodisiac

That could be a Tim Vine type joke. I slept with the man who came to read our electricity meter. Couldn't stop myself. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac...

1 ronseal 17.05.11 10:30am
Fine FP on Trumping

You pulled together some excellent ideas, there, ed. Scarily not too far from reality...

1 Sinnick 17.05.11 8:45am
News on BBC: Thai couple name son 'Like' after Facebook button

Presumably they considered changing it to 'Unlike' when he's screaming at 2am? Frankly, it's the sort of embarrassing gush of emotion that would be more expected of a German family. Although I've...

0 17.05.11 8:01am
Funny Osama FP concept

Entire sub a bit strained, though...

3 rikkor 17.05.11 12:00am
Phwoarrrr, you don't get many of them to the pound, says foreign exchange dealer

A new British comedy, Carry on Exchange Dealing, looks set to disappoint a new generation of cinema goers with lame toilet humour and innuendo-based gags. Like all British films, the film will enjoy...

2 ronseal 16.05.11 9:04pm
I despair...

I just typed the words "Where is" on google while looking for info for an essay, and the first option that popped up, before I'd finished typing my question, was "Azerbaijan.", A sad indictment of...

13 The All New Jeni B 16.05.11 2:10pm
Cheers Bonjonelson!

ah, that's better...

1 ronseal 16.05.11 12:33pm