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Novak Djokovic 'dreamt' of Murray final ,because he is shite and would easily 6 melody 30.01.11 7:42pm
Kim n' Dave...fine double act, good to see them at number One

thought Wallster 'Middle aged Ninja' was worthy of an FP too...

4 Gerontius 30.01.11 9:16am
Nice FP, VCG.

Good stuff. You must feel 10 feet tall...

0 Golgo13 29.01.11 8:02am
How TV Ruined Your Life

Anyone watching Charlie Brooker's latest? No, not the dreadfulness unfolding on Channel Four, the BBC show? Well worth a viewing....

6 shitsu_tonka 28.01.11 8:07pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Sexism in satire

Is Newsbiscuit in danger of turning into another ‘lads mag’ or are we already there?, Just wondering if there are any lady contributors posting stuff these days or is it all blokes., The ladies...

18 Gerontius 28.01.11 7:28pm
Not having a go but do you think that Cameron and Clegg maybe even worse than

G.Brown .I thought it would be impossible ...

5 melody 28.01.11 1:04pm
and another one
Anyone had trouble with racism ? from white folk

There was this cockney geezer who worked for telecom in Sheffield and he had a go at me wone day for speaking to him in a cockney accent ., many years later I worked in London and the cockney twats...

12 melody 28.01.11 1:04am
Truebiscuit Are they offended by the idea that any of their customers could consider taking exercise?...

2 riesler 27.01.11 6:51pm
Zadok the second
I have an NB secret admirer.

I am getting very charming billets doux on the Private Message space. I won't say who I believe it is explicitly, but here's a clue. It's D-x-e-. (!!!!)...

13 rikkor 26.01.11 7:49pm
It pays to advertise

[url=]Wall Street Executive Air [/url]advertising spot...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 26.01.11 5:30am
Hunter F. Thompson
It’s not very often you find yourself agreeing with George Osborne

but ‘poor performance and stunted growth can be put down to cold winter weather conditions’ sounds about right , eh guys?, not so sure about him refusing to be ‘blown off course’thoughcan he...

0 Gerontius 25.01.11 5:25pm
Anyone perpared to be a beta tester for a spec sit-com script?

I've written a spec sit-com script for an existing (UK) show which, at some stage, I would like to send to the producers. Would anyone be prepared to read it, and give me some feedback? Does the...

24 Ian Searle 25.01.11 3:27pm
I'll concede Ed

that your Olympic Stadium effort was a bit better than mine. Nice piece in the Indy on Sat, too on people growing up later. I write this as a 54 year old man still living with his mother and I can't...

1 fun and games 25.01.11 12:59pm
All the 1-liners seem to be 5*

Has someone got upset at the scoring system or something? Overnight, 5* have appeared on just about everything, even including my modest attempt at humour. The world's gone mad...

14 Sinnick 25.01.11 11:55am
A Red Red Rose(Live at Pearl's) by Eva Cassidy

[url=]A Red Red Rose(Live at Pearl's) by Eva Cassidy [/url] I see that Google is honouring Burns today.Eva Cassiday died of melanoma not long after this...

0 arflaethel 25.01.11 9:22am
Come on Rikkor, you lightweights

Heart - Liver - Lungsall wrapped up in a yummy stomach wall, what's not to like?,

10 Gerontius 24.01.11 8:02pm
The All New Jeni B
How to say "sorry"

There is a logjam building up of significant sorries soon to be offered. For those who do not know, this is what sorry looks like:...

11 Hunter F. Thompson 23.01.11 5:08pm
Perugia murder trial looks very dodgy

The prosecution s main witness a tramp ,says he saw Amanda Knox and BF near the house he was also a witness in 2 previous murder trials in Perugia .Looks like when the Italian police want some one...

3 melody 23.01.11 3:18pm
I knew it wasn't just me...

..used "charity" bags that way Ant., Worthy FP, nice one...

1 Mr.3374 23.01.11 10:13am
Here's one for OurGarry..... You can hear the sound of straining spleen from here...

17 FormerlyAlOPecia 22.01.11 11:11pm
Thanks Ed......

for tidying up my NiB!...

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 22.01.11 4:46pm
Good front page today, Golgo

Clever idea...

4 ronseal 22.01.11 12:21pm
Comedy Nightmares?

Probably quite a few of us here have fancied ourselves comedians at one time or another so I wonder if any others have awful stories from the stage. I used to do a lot of theatre sports (would still...

6 Textbook 22.01.11 3:04am
Comedy Writing Workshop Thread

Hi guys. My intention for this thread is for it to be an ongoing thing where someone puts an article up for examination and feedback in order to workshop it a bit. This is different from a normal...

10 Textbook 22.01.11 3:03am
Who the hell is 'guest'?

And why is he stealing my ideas? If that's the way the game is played here, I'm going to flounce off and count my money...

6 victory V 20.01.11 12:34pm
victory V
Good to see some CAC on the front page

Excellent piece and a fine complimentary pic from Red too, 'communion wafer'loved it, well done Sirs...

6 Gerontius 20.01.11 10:47am
We just got "Downtown Abbey" here.

They made a huge deal about it in the papers ahead of time. From what I can see, the whole point is that the valet has a limp and a footman is a cockoholic. Beyond that, I can't get much out of it...

5 rikkor 20.01.11 12:54am
Sarah Palin in pants

Is he Sarah Palin in pants?, The president of France, Dispelled all doubt when an ass, [url=]Mistook...

6 Hunter F. Thompson 19.01.11 8:58pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Where's Rikkor when you need him?

Come on Rikkor we need you...

5 StoopyDeGunt 19.01.11 11:31am
Nice Ned FP Fin Robertson

More soon please...

6 Ludicity 19.01.11 9:55am
Fin Robertson