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. 5 Dumbnews 19.10.11 7:14pm
Anne Robinson sues British Museum for revealing true age

TV presenter Anne Robinson has sued the British Museum for revealing her true age. Ms Robinson donated some her "leftover" parts following plastic surgery in 2008 and, following carbon dating, an...

0 apepper 19.10.11 8:34am
Greek tax officials have been on strike for the past 27 years

Unions organising the general strike in Greece have expressed surprise to discover that the Greek Inland Revenue have actually been on strike since 1984. "We asked if the revenue department would...

0 apepper 19.10.11 6:23am
Ecclestone denies that F1 is institutionally racey

I was going to post this as a ticker but thought the following sub might work. Comments appreciated chaps. Speculation has been rife over recent weeks that Grand Prix motor racing might evolve into...

8 dvo4fun 18.10.11 6:21pm
Quality FP, wayland

If I were to be picky, I'd mention that red squirrels are the ones in Scotland, and they're trying to get the grey ones out. But I'm not that picky. It would be easier to remember if they called them...

9 Sinnick 18.10.11 1:41pm
I know the DM does this on purpose - Albert Nobbs

0 rikkor 17.10.11 11:46pm
New iClone to create thousands of Jobs 5 JETFAB 17.10.11 10:23pm
Who's the bloke in Bonjo's WOM picture?

Looks nothing like his gravatar. Whoever it is, I think he needs some new sunglasses that block the light out a bit more effectively, as he appears to be squinting despite wearing them. Give it a...

2 Vertically Challenged Giant 17.10.11 5:47pm
Writer's Challenges

Just had a little idea that will probably tank but might be fun and that is to task everyone to write a sub style story containing a particular line or phrase. I wouldn't actually put them in the sub...

7 Textbook 17.10.11 3:57pm
Anyone else got political fatigue?

The current leadership and opposition are both, to me, entirely mediocre. I love politics and have always been a political junkie but lately the only reaction I can muster to any domestic politician...

25 shitsu_tonka 17.10.11 3:47pm
Well deserved FP, VCG 3 writinginbsl 17.10.11 8:28am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Wot no adverts on here?

This site has up to date news and tickers (if that is the right word) but every worthwhile news site has adverts as well? There must be a wealth of material out there waiting to have the urine...

4 witless 17.10.11 7:10am
Brucie Knighted, Beverly Knight Brucied

Birthday Honours Latest...

1 apepper 16.10.11 2:38pm
Midfield Diamond
You're back

What happened?...

1 Al OPecia 16.10.11 2:09pm
The All New Jeni B
If you could thwack one, but only one, cabinet minister with a baseball bat - - 2

- which one would you choose? hmm maybe it's just me...

31 dvo4fun 16.10.11 10:41am
excellent FP TokyoTomato!

But who's the woman in the picture?...

0 16.10.11 8:00am
Is it Timothy Spall on British Gas AND Wickes tv ad. voiceovers?

Either way. Do you think that on the Wickes ad. he sounds like the sort of chap who, upon arriving and announcing "Hi, I'm the babysitter", would cause you to realise that your evening appointment...

0 dvo4fun 15.10.11 6:34pm
Helen back

Qox, one of the funniest things I have read on NB in ages...

1 rikkor 15.10.11 4:33pm
Hammond in charge of Defence - how hard can it be ?

Must be a sub here for someone to take on. It's a public responsibility !...

1 Sinnick 15.10.11 10:25am
Al OPecia
This is fascinating. And how would you explain this to an extra terrestrial? A "band" makes some "music," brings out an "LP" with them on the "cover" on a "pedestrian crossing" in "London...

19 Scroat 14.10.11 8:54pm
what counts as plagiarism

Having seen a few articles have the comment 'already done' followed by a link, including one of my own , I was wondering what classes as plagiarism. If...

8 writinginbsl 14.10.11 7:51pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
I've enjoyed the archive items this week

Some real classics from days gone by. Could it be that it was all so simple then...

3 Des Custard 14.10.11 5:02pm

wrong room...

10 Scroat 14.10.11 12:42pm
what counts as plagiarism

Having seen a few articles have the comment 'already done' followed by a link, including one of my own , I was wondering what classes as plagiarism. If...

25 Perks 13.10.11 2:47pm
Injured zombies story

I tried to base a sub on the following story but couldn't make it funnier than the real thing so gave up. ...

1 Midfield Diamond 13.10.11 11:04am
John Ffitch-Rucker
POLL - how cheapskate owners of this site should reward us

Instead of taking us for mugs, can I suggest a poll for contributors to decide what we should be rewarded with for our valuable time, wit and wisdom (all except for SaddamHusseinAlTikriti who I...

5 witless 13.10.11 10:52am
Chocolate based musical puns - 2

Listening to Kerrang radio earlier today and they've got a feature this week where they ask listeners to suggest chocolate based puns on artist's names, bands or song titles. Some of the examples...

36 Vertically Challenged Giant 12.10.11 4:44pm
Ed: Ticker should be Knead not Kneed 3 rikkor 12.10.11 4:40pm
My first NiB! Well, sort of.

I'm over the moon, I really am, that my Green Thames Water idea's been picked up. The editors' re-write works well and is probably a lot funnier than my original which is at...

2 Midfield Diamond 12.10.11 3:57pm
Can you have only one pleural plaque? 0 Scroat 12.10.11 11:04am