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This is fascinating. And how would you explain this to an extra terrestrial? A "band" makes some "music," brings out an "LP" with them on the "cover" on a "pedestrian crossing" in "London...

19 Scroat 14.10.11 8:54pm
what counts as plagiarism

Having seen a few articles have the comment 'already done' followed by a link, including one of my own , I was wondering what classes as plagiarism. If...

8 writinginbsl 14.10.11 7:51pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
I've enjoyed the archive items this week

Some real classics from days gone by. Could it be that it was all so simple then...

3 Des Custard 14.10.11 5:02pm

wrong room...

10 Scroat 14.10.11 12:42pm
what counts as plagiarism

Having seen a few articles have the comment 'already done' followed by a link, including one of my own , I was wondering what classes as plagiarism. If...

25 Perks 13.10.11 2:47pm
Injured zombies story

I tried to base a sub on the following story but couldn't make it funnier than the real thing so gave up. ...

1 Midfield Diamond 13.10.11 11:04am
John Ffitch-Rucker
POLL - how cheapskate owners of this site should reward us

Instead of taking us for mugs, can I suggest a poll for contributors to decide what we should be rewarded with for our valuable time, wit and wisdom (all except for SaddamHusseinAlTikriti who I...

5 witless 13.10.11 10:52am
Chocolate based musical puns - 2

Listening to Kerrang radio earlier today and they've got a feature this week where they ask listeners to suggest chocolate based puns on artist's names, bands or song titles. Some of the examples...

36 Vertically Challenged Giant 12.10.11 4:44pm
Ed: Ticker should be Knead not Kneed 3 rikkor 12.10.11 4:40pm
My first NiB! Well, sort of.

I'm over the moon, I really am, that my Green Thames Water idea's been picked up. The editors' re-write works well and is probably a lot funnier than my original which is at...

2 Midfield Diamond 12.10.11 3:57pm
Can you have only one pleural plaque? 0 Scroat 12.10.11 11:04am
Anyone catch Lana del Rey on Later tonight? 1 button 12.10.11 8:53am
Saudi Ambassador regrets not offering Iranian delegate a Ferrero Rocher 0 Perks 11.10.11 10:06pm
what counts as plagiarism of a question about plagiarism?

I've just seen a question about plagiarism, and wondered if asking a question about asking a question about plagiarism was plagiarism? It's the sort of question that could run and run...

1 Runestone Cowboy 11.10.11 4:24pm
Wrong Room Comedy Platinum 0 rikkor 11.10.11 4:07pm

wayland, 4 in the top ten?, greedy!...

1 writinginbsl 11.10.11 1:36pm
politics in the UK

Hackneyed dialogue, repressed sexuality, class snobbery WTF...

0 writinginbsl 11.10.11 1:17pm
Love the gag about Bring a friend to Cabinet day 0 ronseal 11.10.11 10:16am
Have we had 2 FPs today or am I going mad?

The Hammer Time one wasn't on there yesterday was it? Or have I slept through a whole day?...

5 Vertically Challenged Giant 11.10.11 9:09am
Gary Stanton
Caligula WTF

Hackneyed dialogue, debauchery, unrestrained and cruel exercise of power. Why does anyone watch this rubbish?...

0 iRonA 11.10.11 8:14am
Rugby player " didn't believe in ferries"

I never thought I would write a rugby joke, and I probably haven't...

0 nickb 10.10.11 8:59pm
shopping centre ice cream terror threat

I love the FB reaction to the original story:,, an unparalleled PR disaster set to run...

4 vertical 10.10.11 8:24pm
The All New Jeni B
Outraged from TW9...

Further to the recent Jeremy Vine NiB, anyone wishing to be thoroughly reasonable about television repeats may speak to yours truly, who will be renting her gob to JV at 12.30 this afternoon. A beer...

16 Mary Evans 10.10.11 11:22am
Downton Abbey WTF

Hackneyed dialogue, repressed sexuality, class snobbery. Why does anyone watch this rubbish?...

6 JohnA 10.10.11 8:23am
how about this anyone..?

much potential for the talented i love the way they remind us what the big issue actually is...

1 writinginbsl 09.10.11 7:57pm
Superb FP Darkie...brought me sunshine, made me smile. 3 Al OPecia 09.10.11 10:17am
Al OPecia
I'm helping those nice market researchers at Ipsos Mori...

by logging what I do every half hour for a week, whether I feel in a good mood or a bad mood, and alert or relaxed. Most of the time it's being on my own, working, doing housework, on the...

8 Scroat 09.10.11 9:47am
McCartney's wedding brings average number of legs in family closer to two

Former Beatle, Paul McCartney has increased the average number of legs in his wives from 1.5 to 1.7 by marrying Nancy Shevell. Rumours of a same sex marriage with "Jake the Peg" have been dismissed...

2 apepper 09.10.11 9:07am
Flowers left outside Apple stores?.... really ? My guess is, when Bill Gates goes, the headline will be that someone has left a turd...

5 charlies_hat 08.10.11 10:40pm
Weathering fix fux Fox

Not really a headline, but three days ago it would have been meaningless...

1 nickb 08.10.11 10:38pm